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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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north carolina news at 4:30 starts now. >> right now on cbs north carolina, today the family of the man shot and killed in a raleigh neighborhood will reveal new details about the case. and republican presidential candidate, donald trump is making new accusations against obama. he is the founder of isis. >> who trump is now shifting the blame from. good morning, everyone, it is 4:30 in the morning. it is an early, early thursday. thanks for watching cbs north carolina news. >> good morning to you, i'm stefan chase. your check on traffic in a moment. let's say good morning to alyssa. >> good morning to you at home as well. i want to start you off with
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fog in the area and we are starting off with foggy conditions this morning. check out rocky mount along the i-95 corridor. visibility below 2 miles. i want to check out stanford, less than 2 miles in reford. so, let's go ahead and check in with some of those temperatures. 77 73 in durham. sanford, you're at 71. and it will be close to the mid 70s at 8:00 a.m. mix with sun and clouds at noon and for the most part, see an isolated storm or two this afternoon as highs reach the low 90s. you factor in the humidity and it could easily feel like it's hotter than 100 degrees. i'll have a look at your friday forecast and the weekend ahead in ten minutes. >> good morning, happy friday to you. we're almost there. heading out the door, beware of
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also have a disabled vehicle being cleaned up near sunny brook road. too early to see that disabled car seeing any delays. restricted flow on u.s. 1 southbound side. one lane is closed near exit 101. not really seeing many delays from that. travel through durham looks good. no problems to report there. and from durham, we'll take you to fayetteville. where a nice, easy e much better travel conditions today if you're flying into any of these major airports, you should be arriving on time. no delays. a look outside to i-40 and u.s. 70, the clayton bypass. this is the time to get out there. very quiet start. russ, stefan. >> high profile civil rights attorney is now representing the family of a man killed in raleigh over the weekend. >> he called a news conference
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coren thomas was shot by chad copely. he was part of a neighborhood watch before the shooting happened. cbs north carolina is live outside the wake county detention center where cokely is being held. >> copely claims he was acting in self-defense when he shot a warning shot through the window of his garage and ended up hitting kouren thomas. now the thomas family wants answers. attorney that was hired by alton sterling's family. he was shot and killed by a police officer earlier this year. in this situation with chad copley, he fired the warning shot and the bullet struck thomas. thomas friends say he was coming from a party in the neighborhood and running through the streets when he was hit by that bullet. he had his whole life ahead of him and they are looking for
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>> he was just a good, friendly guy that everybody, everybody loved to be around him. >> i lost somebody that i can't put in words how much they have taken from us. >> reporter: chad copley did call 911 several times before firing that shot. we're going to hear some of those 911 calls. reporting live emma wright. today the cumberland county d.a. is expected to ask a judge to try a teen as an adult after being accused of killing his own grandfather with a hatchet. investigators have not released the name of the teen.
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to set screening levels. toxicologist has recently come under fire for his testimony. the state says the drinking water around ponds are safe, but rudo disagrees. we spoke to his attorney. >> i represent people who are essentially faced with a bully and in this case, the bully is high level officials in the state of north carolina and that's what i'm repres >> daveys said this document misinforms the public. i cannot work for a department that deliberately misleads the public. we have reached out for the governor's office for comment, but have not heard back. the coal ash controversy has become a weekly air horn protest. people began the event to show their opposition to house bill 2. after weeks of uncertainty
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in wake county. later today, people who want to run for school board will be able to file the necessary paperwork. federal judges recently threw out the districts for commission. instead, maps from 2011 will be used. that means school board candidates are in different districts than they were before and they have to decide whether they want to ru past. >> who are we going to have there to represent the kids of wake county and make the decision? >> as for county commissioner, candidates who were running in the new regional districts found unconstitutional are now off the ballot. voters will still choose commissioners in three other districts. >> the white house is declining to comment on the latest
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obama. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis. and i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> the republican presidential nominee in the past accused hillary clinton of founding the milint florida, even referred to the president by his full legal name. during a campaign rally in iowa. a protester broke past the barricades. agents quickly tackled the woman. well, chances are you watched this scene unfold as a man scaled the outside of the trump tower for hours in new york. >> now charges are pending against that 19-year-old man.
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lake ducts to grab the climber. he kept going. officers did reach him on the 24th floor. he wanted to talk to the republican presidential candidate, donald trump. trump was not there. he was in virginia, which is where the suspect is from. >> wow. >> could have been much worse. 4:38 in the morning. authorities in canada say they foiled add terror attack. still to come, what they say the suspect planned to do why he is no stranger to officials. >> y and yes, it's breakfast time. >> caramel delights? >> that one right there with coconut on the top. >> i love them, too. later, we'll tell you about a
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carolina. time is now 4:40 on this thursday morning. we are almost to the weekend. it's 77 degrees as we start off our day. that is very warm for this time of year. no real fog in our area. you'll notice no rain showing up on our satellite radar composite. if you are getting ready to head out the door, not a lot that will slow you down. there is a little fog out there and we'll keep you up to date if that changes. so let's get to the temperatures elsewhere. hands down, raleigh is the warmest temperature right no 74 in fayetteville and clinton. also 72 towards lewisburg, henderson, and roxboro. just a degree cooler at 71. here's what you need to know if you're making plans today. some fog out there. 86 at lunchtime with a mix of sun and clouds. 92 our high today. but look at that. it will feel more like 101 once you factor in the humidity. small chance for a shower or storm later today. more on the weekend ahead in
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to it, thanks, alyssa. 4:41. more questions this morning surrounding the accidental shooting death of a former teacher and librarian. later, hear what her son had to say after a police officer shot and killed his mother. and breaking news in maryland where a fire hurt two dozen people in an which you are you? be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara? just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara? may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis.
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grandfather with a hatchet. hillary clinton focuses on the economy today in a speech outside of detroit. monday, donald trump announced his own economic plan. trump is facing a fire storm for accusing president obama of being the founder of isis. >> breaking overnight, canada's national police killed a man they say planned to carry out a suicide bombing. terror suspect, aaron driver was under a court order to not organization. authorities will hold a news conference today to release additional details. >> breaking overnight, 20 people, including two firefighters are hurt after a fire broke out in an apartment complex. crews responded just before midnight and found flames shooting from two or three buildings. no word on the extent of the other victim's injuries and no word on what started that fire. right now, a florida police officer is on administrative leave during an investigation
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mary nolton attended a citizen's academy program. officer lee cole was role- playing and shot and killed nolton. the police chief said the department did not know there were real bullets in the guns. they are having a hard time referring to her in the past tense. >> i just wish i had one more day with her, and just never planned for something like this. i know it's a flu >> incredibly sad. the police chief said the department is devastated and said the gun used to shoot nolton is a revolver that has been used with blank rounds for the last two years. durham police are searching for a man who stole a car with children inside. investigators say they found the kids a short time later and they are okay. the incident began around 10:00 last night when authorities say the man stole the car from the kid's mother at a shopping center. police found the car and the children on green street.
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cumberland county courtroom today charged in what police are calling a retaliation murder. 20-year-old, jamarcus hurley turned himself into police yesterday. he shot and killed mcclan outside of a tobacco store on riley road last month. today, a fayetteville man set to appear in court to rape a woman that he met through a social media website. the victim went to jackson's home. while she was there, she said the 24-year-old tried to rape her. she then ran to a neighbor's house and called 911. jackson is now in jail. a former airman will spend 15 years in prison for down loading child porn. steven davidson was a assigned as an air traffic controller. hundreds of images were found on his work computers. more than 11,000 was raised to get a durham high school student on bond for more than
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from his family. he was being granted a bond. yesterday, the group has been fighting for him raised more than there are 11,000 to free the teenager. organizers say they wouldn't have been able to raise that money without the community's help. >> i'm overwelmed, honestly. i knew we were going to get the money. i didn't think it would happen within a few hours. the support was overwelming. we got really, really large donations from teaer go fund me. organizers plan to go to georgia sometime next week. at least 100 firefighters are battling flames at a tire plant in new york. no one has been hurt. fire officials are working with the water department to make sure they have enough water to put out that fire. >> they are also pulling water from the canal. late last night, authorities evacuated dozens of homes because of all the smoke.
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people in phoenix, arizona, are bracing for more showers. this weekend, the skies are set to clear and humidity levels are supposed to drop. but temperatures could reach 105 to 108 saturday and sunday. certainly that heat, not going to help the situation there on the west coast in phoenix, arizona, that's going to be tough for them. what about here at home, alyssa? >> back here at home, it's going to be hotter over the next seven days, russ, yo to be prepared for that. temperatures in the low 90s. we're starting off around 77. his is extremely warm for this time of year. this is a live picture from the raleigh-durham international airport. by the time the majority of you roll out of bed and get ready for your morning commute, it will be a little cooler out there to start off your day. so let's go ahead and check in with the visibility map. here it is s the foggy conditions in hope county, have
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below 2 miles in siler city and off to our east. look at rocky mount. wilson county could be looking at visibility of less than a mile this morning. and that's going to slow you down in your morning commute. something we had to deal with yesterday. certainly plan ahead. we want you to get to your destination safely on this thursday morning. temperatures around the area, we said it earlier, that 77 here in raleigh is the warmest temperature on our map. elsewhere, 73 in durham siler city. 71 in sanford. clinton, fayetteville, wilmington, you're around 74 degrees. so here's a look at your hour by hour forecast. 81 at 10:00 a.m. this morning. most of us are dry through lunchtime. we'll make it to 92 later this afternoon. it's going to feel more like the triple digits. an isolated storm or two possible. temperatures around 90 by that 6:00 drive home. i mentioned it will feel more like the triple digits. that's because the dew point
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follow this arrow, not a lot is going to change today, tomorrow, or into the weekend. certainly, if you're working outside, stay hydrated, take some breaks. especially throughout the humidity of the afternoon. so we are dry this morning and we'll stay dry through lunchtime. an isolated storm later today and it looks like best chances are going to gravitate if you are south or east of the triangle today. now as we head overnight, dry isolated day throughout the afternoon. just have the umbrella nearby just in case. those showers and storms shouldn't be around long if you see the wet weather. so your high today, 92 in raleigh. 91 in durham. and 94 in fayetteville. we should drop to 74. partly cloudy, still on the warm side, and as we head into the next if u days, low 90s here on friday. that small chance for a shower or storm, most of us staying dry. same situation for saturday.
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the low 90s. 92 on monday. overall slightly better. we should be near 90 next tuesday and wednesday. 4:52 on your thursday. let's hand it over to ali. >> if you're traveling through the raleigh area. two things you need to know about first. we have a disabled car being cleaned up out of the way. not seeing it cause any major delays. also have the southbound side periods where we do have one lane closed near u.s. 64. just checked out our traffic cameras. not seeing any delays. if you're heading through durham, nothing to worry about there. roads are moving fine. same thing through the fayetteville area. looks like an easy ride for you. taking you to your westbound drive times heading out the door on 5:40 bright and early from u.s. 64 to glenn wood
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avenue. and clayton bypass. u.s. 1, 11 minutes on 40. we'll take you outside now and give you a live look at i-540 and glenn wood avenue at 4:53. luckily, haven't seen any incidents out there just yet. before we go to break, here's a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> hello, i'm gayle king. jeff bridges and chris pine with something in common. takes a look introducing new olay eyes. a collection for the look of every eye concern. lift depuff brighten smooth or ultimately all of it. eyes express every emotion, not your age. new olay eyes. ageless. this pimple's gonna last forever. aw com'on. clearasil ultra works fast to begin visibly clearing up skin
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today, people in fayetteville will share their opinions about a baseball stadium. for months, city leaders have been in negotiations with the houston astros. last month, fayetteville leaders took a there, which people love in that area. to get involved in the planning process, just head on over to city hall. it's at 7:00 tonight. they would like to hear from me. a history making day will go down in the record books again. fort bragg field was named's ball park of the year. on july 3, more than 12,500 servicemen, women, and families packed the stands in the newly built baseball stadium.
4:56 am
game in any sport has been played on an active military base. and was the first time our state hosted a regular season major league baseball game. after the game, the stadium was converted into softball field for soldiers, which is super cool. it was great to see all those folks turn out for that. what a treat. >> i didn't see one umbrella in the crowd. good weather. >> hopefully it will be something to do all the time. >> get excited, the girl scouts are adding a new cookie to their tasty list. >> thiis about. the group is introducing two commemorative smores cookies. this is happening in north carolina. you're going to be able to buy the gram cracker one covered in chocolate. the new cookies are to celebrate 100 years of girl scouts selling cookies. >> we need a taste test. >> i can make that happen. >> we have a little taste test here. i will take one box, thank you. >> some durham police officers are making headlines this
4:57 am
>> you see them pictured here. you see on the left responded to a call about a homeless family. it was a woman with three young children. she was scheduled to start a job that is new, but spending the night in the car. officer hawkins bought them dinner and asked for colleagues to help. several of them did, and investigator rodriguez, who you see pictured there, this story has taken off on social media as you can imagine. >> oh >> it warms my heart. >> 4:57 is your time now. today, we expect to learn new details about a deadly shooting that happened in raleigh. >> coming up, who is expected to discuss this case in high profile attorney who is representing family now?
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north carolina news at 5:00 starts now. good morning, everyone, thanks for watching cbs news, north carolina. >> good morning, hope you're having a great morning. i'm stefan chase. we have emma wright where a murder suspect is still in jail. >> and alli will have a look at your morning commute. first, let's che alyssa and see what our forecast looks for today. almost friday, which means almost saturday. >> and the weekend, yes, just around the corner. so here's a look at your visibility map as we start off our day. yesterday we had some fog, same situation today. visibility less than a mile across portions of gnash, edgecomb, wilson counties. visibility about .8 of a mile. less than a half a mile, 7 miles in pine hurst. looks like the southern portions of the county


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