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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  August 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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obama. he is the founder of isis. >> trump is now shifting the blame from. good morning, everyone, it is thursday, 5:30 in the morning and thanks for watching north carolina news. good morning, stefan, i'm russ bowen. >> we are going to have a look at your morning news, a check on traffic before you head out and start your day. first, let's find out about the forecast. russ mentioned perhaps storms. let's check in who has the answers. >> we had some earlier good morning, alyssa. >> we had more widespread showers and storms earlier this week. today, very isolated in nature and that's what will hang around for us tomorrow and into the weekend. now just like yesterday, we do have a little bit of fog. i want to show you this. visibility map showing visibility at half a mile. southern portions of moore county, hope county, that's including rayford and when we look at the other side of our viewing area, visibility at a
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3miles in goldsboro. current temperatures, 73 in durham. 76 in raleigh. low 70s in wilmington and your forecast for the day ahead, 75 with that fog hanging around. 86 at lunchtime. it will feel more like 101 with just a stray shower or storm possible. more on that friday forecast in the weekend ahead. right now, let's send it to ali. >> good morning, it's 5:31 on we're almost there. if you're heading into work right now, looks like you're in for a nice ride. no incidents to report there. the overnight construction project is clearing up nicely. through durham, same thing. through fayetteville, if you're heading through the dunn area on 95, we have a shoulder blocked for some roadwork on i- 95 north by exit 70. so, a head's up to you there. still too early for this to be causing delays. heading into rpt, a look at
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u.s. 64 to research triangle park. 25 minutes there. garner u.s. 70 area to rtp and if you're taking the toll road, 540, u.s. 1, about 16 minutes there. we are going to leave you with drive times and we'll have another check on traffic coming up in just a few minutes. russ, stefan. >> thank you, ali. high profile civil rights attorneys now representing the family of the man killed in raleigh over the weekend. >> he is called a news conference outside of the 20-year-old, kouren thomas was was shot chad copley. he was part of a neighborhood watch before the shooting happened. >> cbs north carolina is live outside of the wake county detention center where copley is being held. emma, what else do you know about the story? >> reporter: copley acted in self-defense, shooting through the window of his garage and
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the same attorney that represented the families of walter scott and alton sterling. both who were shot and killed by police. in this situation, copley said he fired that warning shot through the window. the bullet struck thomas. thomas' friends say he was coming from a party in copley's neighborhood. he was running in the street when the bullet hit him. he had his whole life ahead of him and he wants answers justice for what happened. >> and now, we are planning a funeral. >> chad copley said he acted in self-defense when this happened. coming up at 6:00, we're going to hear from the wake county district attorney about the stand your ground law. reporting live in raleigh, i'm emma wright, cbs north carolina. >> thank you. today, the cumberland county district attorney is
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a teen as an adult after he is accused of killing his grandfather. deputies found 63-year-old, joseph dead monday night. investigators have not released the teen's name yet. >> the state epiodemologist. claims dhhs and environmental of -- set health screening levels for those living near coal ash ponds. his testimony. the state says the drinking water around the ponds are safe. rudo disagrees. we spoke to his attorney. >> i represent people who are faced with a bully. and in this case, the bully is high level officials in the state of north carolina and that's what i'm representing in that capacity.
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leadership is fully aware this document misinforms the public. i cannot work for a department and an administration that deliberately misleads the public. the coal ash controversy became the focus of a weekly air horn protest outside of the governor's mansion. people began the event to show their opposition to house bill 2. >> after weeks of uncertainty and confusion, some clarity about who will be on the ballot wa file the necessary paperwork. federal judges recently throughout the districts for school board and commissioner that state legislators created. instead, maps from 2008 will be used. that means school board candidates are now in different districts than they were before and have to decide whether they want to run. >> we have seen two in the past. i think we've had a stable system. both at the school board level
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>> my main concern is, who are we going to have there as far as to represent the kids of wake county and make the decision? >> candidates running in the regional districts are now off the ballot. voters will still choose commissioners in three other districts. the white house is declining to comment this morning on donald trump's latest accusation against president obama. obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis. and i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> the republican presidential nominee in the past has accused hillary clinton of founding the militant group.
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name. barack hussein obama. >> during a campaign event, agents quickly tackled the woman who broke past barricades. chances are, you watched the scene unfold as a man scaled the outside of the trump tower. >> charges are pending against the 19-year-old man. officers had to smash windows, cut holes in the vent lake ducts. officers did reach him on the 21st floor. he said he wanted to talk to the republican presidential candidate, donald trump. trump was not even there. he was on the campaign stop in virginia which is where the suspect is from. the suspect is now undergouge a mental evaluation. >> all right, 5:37. breaking overnight, authorities in canada say they foiled a terror attack. still, the suspect failed to do and why he is no stranger to officials.
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welcome back. time is now 5:40 on this thursday morning. no rain on our radar. that's good news as we start our day. clear conditions as the sunrises. of course, that happens in about 50 minutes. so we'll have to watch for some color early in the next, i would say, 10 to 15 minutes.
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temperatures are concerned, 73 in durham. 72 in roxboro. sanford is at 70. 73 in wilmington and fayetteville. so let's get to your forecast for the day ahead. 75 at 8:00 a.m. 86 at lunchtime. high of 92. it will feel more like the triple digits. also a small chance for an isolated storm. and those 90s, well, they are here to stay. this is a few degrees above where we should be. this yellow line is average for this should be around 89. 92 today and tomorrow. making it to 93 over the weekend ahead. a closer look at your weekend forecast in about ten minutes. russ. >> thanks, 5:41. more questions this morning rounding the accidental shooting death of a former teacher and librarian. hear what her son had to say after a police officer shot and killed his mother. and breaking news in maryland where a fire hurt nearly two
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thursday. top stories right now, today the family of the 20-year-old shot and killed sunday in raleigh will address the media. >> police say chad copley shot and killed kouren thomas. they were being loud and he was going to quote, fire a warning shot. thomas' family hired a south carolina attorney who represented alton sterling. >> also today, the cumberland county d.a. is expected to ask a judge to try a teen as an adu grandfather with a hatchet. joseph dead on monday. >> hillary clinton focused on the economy today in a speech outside detroit. monday, donald trump announced his plan. trump is facing a fire storm for accusing president obama of being the founder of isis. >> breaking overnight, camden national police killed a man that planned to carry out a suicide bombing. driver was under a court order
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authorities will now hold the news conference later today to release additional details. >> breaking news in maryland, dozens of people are hurt and some residents are missing an apartment complex fire in maryland. two firefighters are among those injured. they responded just around midnight and found flames. the firefighters are expected to be okay. right now, there's no word on the extent of the other victim's injuries. no word on what started that fire either. a florida police officer is on administrative leave during accidental shooting death of a 73-year-old woman. mary nolto attended a citizen's acad mu program during a shoot, don't shoot demonstration. lee cole was role-playing. the department did not know there were real bullets in the guns. nolton has two sons who are having trouble referring to their mother in the past tense. >> i never planned for
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but it's devastating. >> the police chief said the department is devastated and said the gun used to shoot nolton is a revolver used with blank rounds for training sessions. they found the children a short time later and they are safe. the incident began around 10:00 last night when authorities say the man stole the car from the kid's mother at a shopping center police found the car on green street. a man is scheduled to charge in a retaliation murder. 20-year-old, jamarcus turned himself into police yesterday. he shot and killed mcclan outside of a tobacco store last month. also today a fayetteville man is set to appear in court accused trying to rape a woman. police say the victim went to
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the 24-year-old tried to rape her. she ran to a neighbor's house, called 911, jackson is down in jail. >> a former airman will spend at least 15 years in prison for down loading child porn on government computers. steven davidson was assigned at the base. hundreds of illegal images were found on his work computers. for more than half a year, 19-year-old from his family in georgia. well tuesday, we told you acosta has been granted bond. the group alerted nc has been fighting for acosta and raised more than $11,000 to free the teen. organizers would not have been able to do this without the community's help. >> i'm really overwelmed, honestly. i knew we were going to get the money. i didn't think it would happen within the few hours. but the support was
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donations, particularly from teachers. >> that will take 2 to 5 days to get the money from go fund me. organizers plan to go to georgia sometime early next week. at least 100 firefighters are battling flames in new york. look at those flames and all that smoke. nobody has been hurt. fire officials are working with the water department to make sure they have enough water to put out the fire. they are also pulling water from the canal. authorities evacuated dozens of homes because of all the smoke. fire. people in phoenix, arizona, are bracing for more storms this week after showers and thunderstorms already dumped rain in the area. lots of it. this weekend, the skies are set to clear. humidity levels are also supposed to drop, but temperatures could reach 105 to 108 saturday and sunday. >> wow. >> talk about heat relief. >> we can't complain here at all, really. >> it is going to feel more like the triple digits later today once you factor in the
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you work outdoors staying hydrated. let's get to that forecast. >> thank you, russ, 76 degrees right now. this is a live picture from our raleigh durham international airport. we're starting to see brighter conditions and you can see we are seeing a little bit of cloud cover. not a lot. we'll see some sunshine as we see that sunrise. official sunrise happening at 6:31. right now, we're checking in with the visibility, just like yesterday, we have some fog developing. areas south and west look at pine hurst, visibility below a mile and look toward rocky mount, both areas looking at visibility less than two miles as we start off our thursday morning. full visibility in raleigh, close to that mark in durham as well. so your current temperature, 73 in durham. we've been talking about how mild and muggy it is in raleigh. 76 here. 73 in wilmington.
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forecast, we should be around 81. 86 at lunchtime. dry through the morning hour h's, it's the afternoon, after about 2:00 that we could see a stray shower or storm. we're looking at an afternoon high near 92. we're back to 90 by 6:00 p.m. this evening. and the reason it's going to feel just so hot outside, is because that dew point temperature is very high. it's in the low 70s. putting us in the steamy category today, tomorrow, saturday, no big changes in sight until early next week. cold front come through and bring us relief. in the meantime, a dry start to our thursday. in @ afternoon, a small chance for a shower or storm. as we head towards tomorrow, very similar setup. we're dry in the morning and then as we head into the afternoon, that isolated shower or storm could develop for us. so, let's go ahead and talk about our city by city highs today. 92 in raleigh. 91 in durham and 94 in fayetteville. overnight tonight t will be partly cloudy.
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74 for an overnight low. those ac units will continue. back in the low 90s tomorrow, saturday we're bumping it up to 93, along with sunday. the majority of you are going to be dry friday and saturday. it's an isolated storm or two as we head towards sunday afternoon. also the chance for scattered showers and storms as we head into early next week. as rain chances go up for us next week, the temperatures will start to fall. we're back to 90 for of year is at 89. 5:51 right now. let me send it to ali. >> certainly a time to get out there, if you're up and atem. all moving well through the raleigh area. no incidents to report on local roads there. if you're heading through durham, the time to get out there, all the green means you're able to go the speed limit. same thing as you head down through fayetteville. dunn area of 95 north, we do
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but because it's going on so early, it's not backing things up on that northbound side. the shoulder is closed by glenn eagle road, exit 70. if you're flying out today for the most part, delta back on track. we are still seeing about an hour to 20 minute delays in some places if you are flying using delta, the rest of the airlines looking good. if you're flying into major airports, los angeles, fort worth, chicago, you should be arriving on time. hopefully you're flying somewhere a little co. to i-40 and the durham freeway. where things are just starting to pick up out there. before we go to break, here's a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> hello, i'm gayle king. jeff bridges and chris pine with something in common. that's our new series that
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set for former unc football coach. he spent 11 seasons with the tarheels making him the longest serving football coach in the school's history. he later spent nine years with virginia tech before coming back to north carolina to coach at wake forest. a visitation and mass will take place saturday morning in wilmington. he is survived by his wife, four sons, and two granddaughters. he-82 years old. today, people in opinions about a proposed minor league baseball stadium. last month, fayetteville leaders went to get a feel for the operation down there. to get involved in the planning process, head to city hall at 7:00. they would love to hear your ideas. a history making day will go down in the record books. just named's ballpark of the year.
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built baseball stadium. they watched the miami marlins beat the atlanta braves. it was the first time a professional regular season game has been played on an active military base and the first time our state hosted a regular season major league baseball game. after the game, the stadium was converted into a softball field for soldiers. durham police officers are making headlines for doing a really good deed. >> it gives me chills. officer m.p. hawkins responded to a call about a homeless family. it was a woman with young children. she was scheduled to do her job. officer hawkins paid for a motel room and bought them dinner. she ask her colleague for help, several of them did, including investigator, john rodriguez who you see in the picture. the story has taken off on social media. >> stepping in to help, got to love that. >> it's wonderful.
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their tasty list of treats. >> i am very excited. the group is introducing two smores cookies in our state. you'll be able to buy the gram cracker one delivered in chocolate. the new cookies are to celebrate 100 years. this is perfect, because national smores day was yesterday. >> oh, and you didn't bring us any. >> i'm here today. we have to >> all right, if you're not hungry enough, time is 5:57. we expect to learn new details about a deadly shooting that happened in lee. >> coming up, who is expected to discuss the case and the high profile attorney representing the victim's family. in the meantime, let's take a live look outside. alyssa has your full forecast. what is this? friday eve? >> yeah. it's still thursday, but friday eve, yes.
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north carolina news at 6:00 starts now. outrage continues to grow around a deadly shooting that happenedded in raleigh. we are live as a family prepares to speak to media alongside their now high profile attorney. we are hoping to learn more about what led a 15 grandfather. >> and gunfire after two suspects led police on a 40- mile chase through north carolina. how this all got started and what finally brought it to an end. those stories and more right here on cbs north carolina. >> good morning, everyone, thanks for watching north carolina news. it's 6:30 in the morning. no, it's 6:00 a.m. >> don't worry. >> you're not late for work, i promise. >> way to get people a heart


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