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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  August 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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c1 north carolina news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon. i'm stefan chase. thanks for watching at noon. we begin with an update. the shooting death of a 20-year- old man in a raleigh neighborhood sunday resulted in the family's attorney is calling the suspect george zimmerman 2. 0. it has gained worldwide attention and david hurst joins us live in front of the family's home with more details. david. >> reporter: yes, stefan, the family and their attorney held a news conference here and they are drawing parallels. police say the 20-year-old was shot and killed by chad copley, a man who was a member of the
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he was protecting his home. he claims he acted in self- defense and he hit him standing in the street. before the shooting copley called 911 and said there were a bunch of hoodlums outside his home. he thought they had guns and he was going to secure his neighborhood. none of the men were armed and claimed her son was not dressed like a hood lum. >> if there was caucasian boys te street, 1:00 in the morning, would they be called hoodlums? these boys were invited to a party, didn't feel comfortable and they were on their way home. >> reporter: copley is currently in jail on no bond charged with first-degree murder. we heard from his attorney this morning. he asked the public to withhold
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more facts are made available. police call it a retaliation murder. today the man they believe pulled the trigger will be in a courtroom to face charges. jamarcus hurley turned himself into police yesterday. he shot and killed the 20-year- old outside of a tobacco store last month. firefighters responded to a house fire around 7:00 this morning at a two-story home. heavy smoke could coming from the roof. no injuries reported, however, the extent of the damage to the home is unknown at this time. right now police are searching for a man who stole a car with children inside. investigators say they found the kids a short time later and they are safe. the incident began around 10:00 last night when authorities say the man stole the car from a mom at a shopping center. police found the abandoned car
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>> a former airmen at the air force base will spend at least 15 years in prison for downloading child porn nog fi on government computers. hundreds of illegal images were found on his work computers. a man is due in court accused of trying to rape a woman he met through a social services website. the victim wept to the home. while she was there she said jackson tried to ra and called 911. new at noon, governor pat mcrory joins the state and officials to celebrate the next phase. the $146,000,000.06 1/2 mile project will improve mobility around the city and those traveling to fort bragg, it should provide a boost for the economy for fayetteville as well. >> this will have a tremendous
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destinations they need to especially in case es of emergency. this has been a debate going on for 20 years and we made it happen. i'm very pleased that we made it happen for the right reasons and based upon data and based upon national security. the next section of the fayetteville outer loop will be a stretch. ali warshavsky will have more on the je the controversy continues this afternoon. one day after the epidemiologist resigned. jonathan rodriguez is live outside the governor's mansion, and people who live there and other groups are now demanding answers. jonathan. >> reporter: yes. good afternoon. just a lot of confusion and anger for the people who live next to the pond. this is their drinking water. they are confused and they want to know if it is truly safe to drink.
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they were protesting with signs and bolt the water they have been drinking for months now. they were told by the state it was not safe and then the state retracts those warnings saying it was safe to drink so there has been confusion not only on the state level but the public as well. since then testimony from a toxicologist was released and he said the dhhs purposefully misleading the public or knowingly misleading the public. they dis credited him and said they have been testing it correctly. that brings us to yesterday when she said she could not work for a department or an ad minvation that misleading the public and she resigned. >> i'm outraged and today i am calling for the resignation of tom reader. >> i made this last night and i
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this has got to stop. >> reporter: and tom reader and randa williams there the two who sent the letter and the reason for her resignation. they are calling for their resignation as well. they will deliver that message. they released a comment saying this is a disagreement between scientists and they are protecting the water and the governor in fayetteville said they are not withholding any information from he is letting dhhs handle this. he said roy cooper is saying this is very concerning for him and he wants to make sure people know what is going on when it comes to the safety of their drinking water. we'll gather more and have more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. back to you. >> thank you, jonathan. with only a few months left until election day, donald trump and hillary clinton are trying to get nary messages
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with the same problems. craig boswell has the latest now from the white house. >> isis is honoring president barack obama. >> reporter: donald trump is trying to shift the focus back to national security. he says the president's policies created a vam i'm that allowed isis to grow. >> he founded isis and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: the movies attempt for trump to get back on track after his controversial remarks about second amendment advocates can take matters into their own hands. he said he was talking about rallying voters. his opponents say it was inciting violence. >> words matter my friends and if you're running to be president or you are president of the united states, words can have tremendous consequences. >> reporter: hillary clinton will fry to shift the focus to
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michigan where she will layout appoint by point contrast from her and trumps. >> we're going to make the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes for a change. >> reporter: she is dealing with new e-mails when she was secretary of state. one was sent to her state department aides on behalf of a job seeker. the clinton campaign said it w clinton tornado and nothing to do with it. after weeks of uncertainty and confusion, some clarity about who will be on the ballot in wade county. right now people who want to run for school board will be able to file the necessary paperwork. federal judges recently throughout the districts that were created. instead maps of 2011 will be
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and have to seaside if they still want to run. candidates who were running that were found unconstitutional are now off the ballot. voters will still choose commissioners in three other districts. tonight the durham board of elections is expected to add provisional ballots to the votes for the primary. this will take place because after that primary, election officials found they counted 200 to get vote totals to match. 899 voters were offered the chance to vote again so tonight members of the board of elections will announce an amended vote total. the state board of elections will work out early voting rules for this november. the reason for this, when the voter i.d. law was struck down, it restored an extra 7 days of early voting. the court didn't say how many or where those sites should be. all counties much approve early
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this month. today state leaders met to discuss how to combat the opioid abuse problem. the department of justice sponsored the conference frustrate bass head. according to the division of public health, more than 1,000 people die from prescription drug overdoses each year. many who a boss prescription ug quicker, cleaner high. they attended the conference. organizers say the problem is not an easy fix but working together across many agencies is key. >> i don't think people realize that heroin has now slid its way back into the mainstream drug world. heroin was a problem we saw in law enforcement in the '60s and '70s and some in the '80s and
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abuse and addiction. they also say that they have created several programs in middle and high schools to combat the problem before it starts but they say more work still needs to be done. happening tonight, people in fayetteville will be able to share their opinions about a minor league baseball stadium. they have been in negotiations with the astros. they took a trip to south carolina to get operation there to get involved it planning process, head to city hall for the meeting that begins at 7:00 tonight. take a look at this video here. no, this car is not floating. the car ended up stuck on a utility pole wire around 8:30 this morning at the grove street and eastern boulevard interseconds. how did the car end up on the wire? that is exactly what investigators are now looking
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injured. still ahead, a huge apartment fire overnight displaces dozens of people in a maryland suburb. the details just ahead. >> a also, some new concerns about chemotherapy and pregnant women coming up in our health watch.
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several people are still missing following an explosion overnight at an apartment complex in maryland. right outside of washington, d.c. fire officials say five to seven people are missing and 30 others were hurt including three firefighters. >> reporter: the massive explosion and fire lit up the night sky in silver spring. the blast so powerful
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>> i was sleeping and then i heard a boom and my mom said wake up, because there is a fire. the full apartment shook. >> reporter: it happened shortly before midnight causing parts of the buildings to collapse and sending debris across the street. >> people are trapped on second and third floor. >> reporter: they used ladders to help get residents out of windows. they began rescuing people before firefighters arrived. rescue dogs hospital and their injuries minor to serious, none life- threatening. those are lacerations, smoke inhalations, burns, and orthopedic injuries. >> reporter: crews worked through the morning to put to put out the flames. there are natural gas furnace as in each of the units but they don't know what caused the
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rides in the aftermath of an accident that injured three girls. the decision came between the fair and company that provides the rides. family amusement attractions is the same one cited for the vortex accident that happened three years ago right here in rally. they plummeted from a ferris wheel leaving one in critical condition. macy's announced they plan to close about 100 department their second quarter sales fell. we don't know how many stores or how many employees will be affected. the closings will take place sometime next year. in health watch this afternoon chemotherapy during pregnancy may affect the future fur till ty of the unborn baby girl. uk researchers exposed the mice to the drug. and they found it damaged the
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women in their second and also their third trimesters. taking a look outside now. i can't tell if this is a postcard or a picture yeah have behind you, but it is pretty. >> certainly. we're looking at pleasant weather outside right now, but i want to talk about what noah released earlier this morning. they updated their 2016 atlantic hurricane season outlook. it is expected to be the most active season forecasters expect a 70% chance of 12 to 17 named storms, five to eight of those will become hurricanes and 2-4 could become major hurricanes. this is an increase from their initial forecast a few short month as go. to date there have been five named storms including two hurricanes alex and earl. four made landfall including bonnie, colin and danielle. yes, certainly and of course
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that forecast track holds true as we head into the rest of the season, but right now, let's go ahead and take a live picture from the raleigh durham international airport. it is 88 degrees. like stefan said like a postcard. 88 already in raleigh and going to be a warm afternoon and feeling like it is in the triple look at southern portions of the county. that is where we're supposed to see the rain. best chances south and east of the triangle. we're seeing that and rumbles of thunder and lightning being detected. you're likely hearing that thunder if you're in the southern portions of the county there. 88 right now in clayton and in clinton. 89 ray field. 85 in sanford. you need to factor in the
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feels outside. 95 here in raleigh. feels like the upper 80s in henderson. let me walk you through the rest of the day. we'll hit 92 for an afternoon high. small chances of storms through 6:00. 90 at 6:00 and then drier conditions expected as early as 9:00 p.m. this evening. 84 there. most of us on the dry side by midnight. 80. we'll drop to 74 as we start of future forecast. isolated showers over the next few hours continuing through the evening drive home. after the sunsets most of us should taper off. as we head into friday, we'll start with partly cloudy skies and seeing the stray shower and storm chance into the afternoon. just deep the umbrella nearby. this is this is not going to be enough to cancel plans. 92 in raleigh the high
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partly cloudy, still on the warm side. a low around 74 degrees, muggy as well. don't forget the meteor shower could peek with 100 to 200 per hour. that will be after midnight because the moon sets early overnight and leaves you a dark sky. the meteors are the size of grape nuts and moving as fast as a sp watch for those. some have seen them, but again, the peak is expected to be tonight. as we head into the rest of the workweek, 92 the high on friday. then towards our saturday, 93. most of us on the dry side. the rest of the weekend just a stray shower or storm sunday. better shower and storm chances into early next week. so waking up at 2:00 a.m. is never any fun, but we have a reason. >> exactly. you know, partly cloudy skies. i think we have a decent shot
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outside. >> pay attention when you've driving in. >> yes. >> thanks for the head's up. ahead, a new report by aaa reveals the growing dangerous
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and a new report out from aaa is highlighting the dangers of road debris. according to the new study debris on the road contributed to more than 200,000 crashes just four years. many of them with deadly consequences. chris martinez reports now from los angeles. >> reporter: heidi will never forget the moment she learned her husband was gone. >> the state patrolman there told me that he hadn't made it. he hadn't survived. >> reporter: gavin was killed in a highway crash after swerving to avoid a shelving unit that fell off the back of a truck onto the road. >> just taking a few more
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a different situations today. >> reporter: a new study finds stories are all too common. between 2011 and 2014 debris on u.s. roads caused more than 200,000 crashes resulting in 200,000 injuries and some deaths. the majority of the debris came from other vehicles. >> the driver did not debris related crashes are more common on interstates because driving at higher speeds increases the risk for parts or cargo to fall. >> experts say it is critical drivers maintain their vehicles and properly secure items they are carrying. they also say you should be ready to react if you're behind the wheel. >> maintain space around your vehicle so if you are in the position where you have to swerve, it is safe to to so so
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lives of others. things to keep in mind for sure. >> >> well, the carolina panthers will hit the field tonight for the first preseason game of the year. the panthers will be in baltimore to take on the ravens. newton will play although panthers' fans will focus on how the team fairs without josh norman who is with the redskins. the game starts at 7:00 tonight. >> as we head to break, let's of the show, it is a smooth flow. nothing out of the ordinary. keep we have some great news. with at&t, the bundle price you sign up for is guaranteed to stay the same for two years. call at&t now and bundle directv, home phone and high speed internet for just $89.99 a month for two years. guaranteed. with directv, take your entertainment to a whole new level. watch shows you forgot to dvr from the last 72 hours
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welcome back. here is one last look at your seven-day forecast. high today of 92. stray shower or storm possible. then most of us staying dry for friday and saturday. as far as the weekend is concerned, we should be right around 93 for afternoon highs. those rain chances bump up a
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week. we should be back to near 90
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believes that life in everything we do it involves the law. >> you're going to testify about what you heard, what you saw and what you knew. >> she said -- >> i don't have a hearing problem. this looks good. >> she's firm. >> i'm not responsible for their ticket and not going to pay for it. >> i make that decision, not you. >> she's honest. >> what do you have to >> i have -- >> nothing. >> this is justice with judge mabeline. brittany is suing in the amount of $2,850. she says the defendant broke her glasses and caused her public humiliation while attending a sporting event. >> this is the matter of whitney lee versus bobby remember naelds


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