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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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100-foot embankment. >> reporter: we are at heritage lake road and highway 98. this is where the driver came to a rest or at the bottom of this steep embankment. it all started about 3:45 this morning. that's when wake forest police were called. they saw a suspect trying to break into cars. when officers arrived, they spotted a white lexus speeding off. they told us officers lost si homeowner called saying a man came to their door who was badly injured. that's when the police realized the two incidents were connected. they said the white lexus was stolen from a local dealership but at this point they're trying to piece together what happened. >> this was 3:45 in the morning
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saw something that didn't seem quite right and they will be willing to come forward and let us know. >> reporter: the driver suffered several broken bones including a broke be back and broken pelvis. he remains at wake med. at this point he is facing a charge of felony speeding to elude arrest. durham police are looking for the suspect who stole a car with two little children inside. it happened in front of this 10:00. this is video obtained by cbs north carolina. it shows a vol spree pull up -- volvo pull up. the family watched helplessly as the car sped away. the acura was found about 20 minutes later. the family of a 20-year-old man shot and killed in raleigh
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in 911 calls the shooter claimed to be a member of the neighborhood watch, nothing we found. >> i'm gk to secure the neighborhood. >> i'm sorry, you're going out to do what? >> i'm going to secure my neighborhood. i'm the neighborhood watch. >> police said chad copley shot kouren thomas early in the neighbored had for a party. david hurst talked to the attorney today and joins us with more. david? >> reporter: he said what happened over the weekend he is comparing it to the george zimmerman and traffic tracker
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>> i don't know how to deal with this. i'm trying to be strong for my family. i don't know how to deal with this. >> reporter: police said the 20- year-old was shot and killed by chad copley, a man who claimed to be a member of the neighborhood watch. copley claims he acted in self- defense shooting through his garage window and hitting thomas. >> mr. copley never left his safety. he was never reasonably in danger of eminent harm. >> reporter: the family provided this picture of thomas the night of the image. >> would this happen if there were caucasian boys skateboarding up and down the street at 1:00 in the morning?
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>> reporter: it has the family's attorney comparing it to the george zimmerman case. zimmerman was found not guilty to the killing of trayvon martin. >> there are similarities but i have in my gut there will be a different outcome. >> reporter: copley is in jail tonight facing a first-degree- murder charge. his attorney said he's asking the public to withhold judgment on his client until more tonight after a raid at a cumberland county business. craig fortune and moses weeks are charged with possession with intend to -- intent to sell. the raid was part of a lengthy undercover investigation. the coal ash controversy continues just one day after head state officials resigned.
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of the governor's office demanding answers. >> reporter: this all comes down to the safety of drinking water. it's dividing the state department and the public. >> i stand before you today with a heavy heart. >> reporter: she backed it with heavy words. >> for the misleading, mistrust, disspecial, deceitful, inreport and mcrory and his administration has done. >> reporter: she is among the residents upset about their drinking water. they were initially told not top drink the water but the warnings was later retracted. >> how can you be too cautious when you're dealing with people's health. >> reporter: testimony from
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wrong health standards and the water is not safe. the governor's office discredited rudo saying he lied under oath. >> we basically have a disagreement among scientists. one group believes the public should get all the information. >> reporter: two then sent an open letter discrediting rud. they said they were using the >> i'm outraged and i'm calling for the resignation of tom reader. >> i ask that he resign or be fired. >> reporter: that letter was the final straw for epidemiologist megan davies. >> i will let the dhhs and deq respond oar when asked about
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questions here. >> reporter: we asked the governor's office and deq specifically about davies resignation and near the would respond. >> what impact will this have on the gubernatorial election in november. beau minnick joins us with how experts are waying in -- weighing in. >> reporter: we spoke to two political experts. consultant carter ren said there's plenty of time, about three months before the election. that also means plenty of time for political adds to be -- ads to be made david mclennan is taking a wait and see approach as well. i asked both how they would advise the mccrory campaign to address this. >> was the water safe and they
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if they did, then i don't see how the democrats can attack him but that's what they've got to do. they have to convince people what we told people was safe and right. >> governor mccrory is the governor for all citizens. for him to go there and be there, help doesn't have to take a -- he doesn't have to take a drink of water like president obama did but he has to be concerned. >> or referring to president obama drinking the water in flint, michigan i got off the phone with a department of quality member, at the heart of this debate is a debate, she said, among scientists. live in raleigh, beau minnick. north carolina districts
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unconstitutional. a panel ruled. the districts will stand for now. they were drawn along racial lines. the districts will have to be predrawn ahead of other elections in the future. >> op hop -- opiod use is on the rise. steve? >> reporter: and a 45-year-old cab driver, a father of three killed in durh some fares to this hotel. >> here's a look at traffic on i-40 near i-440 rather.
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more than 1,000 people die medicine. >> working across agencies is key. many people who abuse precipitation -- prescription drugs turn to heroin. >> with the rise, they rotate their way into heroin. about 80% of the people that we arrested when i was in the state bureau of investigation would tell you that they
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narcotics. >> and cbs north carolina investigates takes a look at opiod as well as heroin use in our state. heroin deaths have skyrocketed more than 584% in north carolina you can watch offer full report right now on well, a father of three is dead after a shooting outside a durham hotel. >> clouds out there in the triangle but not much rain. take a look at the radar and
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a father of three tonight
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>> reporter: durham police looking for who killed that cab driver. about 1:00 this afternoon this place became a crime scene. let's show you video from earlier. we're told a 45-year-old man, a cab driver for durham's best cab company brought a fare or more than one fare to the la quinta inn and was shot to death inside his of the hotel. he was rushed to the hospital. he died shortly thereafter. according to a cab official, the 4345 man was a father of three. we're also told by that cab company official that although he is a u.s. citizen, he has relatives in sudan and was two weeks away from visiting those relatives. the cab company official
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least one fare, perhaps more than one fare inside of that cab and they shot him. police are being very close to the vest about the search for the suspect or suspects. they have not released that and have not released the out -- identity of the victim. this is move-in day for students at north carolina central university. our cameras were there to catch increase. classes start on monday. a new stretch of the fayetteville outer loop is open. planning for the outer loop began in the 1980s. today 6 hal hal miles from -- 6 1/2 miles.
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fayetteville will be a 3-mile stretch to cliffdale road. that's a pretty shot in cumberland county. that's the lonnie poole club. we'll show you some spots picking up showers. we'll look for mostly to partly let's get you right into the weekend. outdoor plans, you should get them in and checked. it will hot, both days 93 degrees, no chance of precipitation. more details on that coming up. let's get right to the radar temperature composite. we dropped into the 80s after a high of 92 in the triangle and 94 in fayetteville.
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and southeast of the triangle, one has popped up. they pop up and then they go down and they're done. down in fayetteville this is new in the last 15 minutes, hours in hope mills. will it get to the heart of fayetteville? maybe, maybe not. just know you might get a little wet in cumberland county. as you head toward wayne county, there are a couple spotty showers north of mt. olive and we've got that slight chance until about 8:00. otherwise, we fall through the 80s, then we're down to 80 at mid-night. skies will be partly cloudy. we've got a moon in the evening. the moon will set and then the perseid meteor shower. you just might see and you might be tired 100 to 200
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you might see meteors the size of grape-nuts. then when you get up in the morning, there might be patchy fog. then we'll see temperatures climb through the 80s and we're back in the low 90s and an isolated shower or thunderstorm possible. so highs tomorrow. 94 today. you'll be there tomorrow. 93 dunn. 92 raleigh and carry. this will be a hot day. so overnight partly cloudy. a few meteor showers. a little bit of fog early in the morning. as we take a look at the map tomorrow afternoon little bits of green again. it will be hard pressed, a 20% chance of a storm. partly sunny. hot and humid with the high protecting us from the storms. the front to the west will take
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tomorrow 92 degrees. we talked about the weekend but the heat will be strong on sunday when we'll see the core of 90s right over the central part of our state. not much chance of precipitation there, slight risk to work or school on monday. i've got a cold front coming through on thursday and we might actually be in the upper 80s with a few scattered showers and storms. 90s th dog days of august and a chance of precipitation. >> we're thinking of football, jeff. we want that weather. >> i'm jeff jones. coming up next, it's game day fort panthers. we have a preview of preseason game number one. plus, a local pro athlete found
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well today is the day fans have been waiting for. they will see cam newton. or how about this guy calvin benjamin who we haven't seen since january twuf -- of 2015. earlier this week coach ron rivera made it clear he knows what his it's about finding more play makers on d. >> obviously, some guys specifically i'm excited to watch them plashings's specially the -- play, especially the corners. get their head in the books and know what they have to do. >> the panthers and ravens will
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>> some hurricane players are already hard at work. today we caught up with carolina defenseman jaccob slavin where he played the role of big brother to 250 kids. >> i know i looked up to a lot of professional athletes when i was a kid. so to be out here and show them we're normal people, that means >> they will open in two months against winnipeg. >> last night the undefeated record of the u.s. men's basketball found itself in jeopardy. the u.s. was losing to australia. this australian team have four players who won nba championships. in the second half the u.s.
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then kyrie irving. it was touch and did for awhile but coach k and the americans found out a way to pull out a win 98 to 88. michael phelps owns virtually every olympic record out there except one. with a gold medal finish in tonight as 200-meter individual he would earn his remember a story we did last month about a soccer theme that was left out of the soccer tournament because of a coin flip. well, this year no coin flip needed. they made the tournament and, guys, check this out. they won it. they can now call themselves national champions, so definitely big news. that's the third time this
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team win a championship. i had more big news break. the hornets schedule was released. they're opening at the bucks. the home opener is against the celtics october 29th. >> that will be awesome. >> i love how the u.s. men's basketball team is good. >> this will take them to >> we'll see you back here at
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: high hopes up in smoke. the obama administration refuses to lift restrictions on marijuana, keeping the federal government at odds with half the states. also tonight, allegations that u.s. on isis was manipulated. >> the facts on the ground didn't match what the intelligence was saying out of the uned states central command. >> there it goes. >> pelley: road hazards drivers rarely see coming until it's too late. >> i got severely lucky on the highway that no one ran me over or hit me. >> pelley: and fast friends. lochte and phelps. >> win or lose, we're still going to be friends, and that


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