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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  August 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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start now. >> a taxi driver and a community in mourning right now. we first brought this to you at making news at 5 o'clock. this happened that the la quinta inn. michael is there tonight. michael, people are telling you he is supposed to be out of town. >> he was due to leave in a couple of weeks and was not even supposed to be hotel. leaves behind a wife and kids. as well as many friends. >> reporter: disbelief at what happened outside this hotel durham . >> it is hard to grasp that this happened a little bit before 1 pm.>> reporter: he was
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identify him. he says he was like an uncle to him.>> amir is a father of two. a great man. >> reporter: people came together thursday on fayetteville street to support one another. >> when something like this happens, qc people come and get together. work hard and i guess comfort everybody. >> silverman worked for t was originally from sudan and was going to visit relatives soon. >> he was not even supposed to be here and he was supposed to be in sedan but he found out his passport had expired. >> reporter: back at the hotel, he was waiting for his family to arrive to say that night -- to stay the night. >>
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anyone else to go through what he went through. >> reporter: durham police have not announced any arrests or identified any suspects. in johnson county, and investigation of a domestic shooting leaving a man in serious condition. they responded to a home just a 7:00. also, fayetteville police arrested a man they say killed a mother of three earlier this week. christopher lee is facing first- degree murder charges. police say he shot and killed angela taylor tuesday night just off of bright boulevard. also new tonight, a bizarre twist in a home invasion that resulted in shots fired took
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young and roberts are charged with trafficking cocaine. police say they were in the home when two men tried to enter the home this morning. the family attorney of a raleigh man shot and killed last weekend is comparing the killing to the jordan zimmermann case. police say rodney thomas was shot and killed by chad hopefully, a man who proclaimed to be a member of the neighborhood watch asa was protecting his home. he claims he acted in self- defense. before the shooting, called 911 and said the word a bunch of hoodlums outside his home. we are not thing that mr. coakley, mr. jordan zimmermann was a racist. we are not saying that. what we are saying is, listen to the 911 audiotape. we did not make this about race. mr. coakley did.>> coakley is
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new tonight, the suspect wanted in the troubleshooting that left a woman dead is in custody. stevenson is -- hired at several people in a parking lot. one bullet to the clerk and killed her. two others were also hurt. several states legislative districts are unconstitutional. the judge has road 28 of the house and senate d republican legislators redrew the map >> in 2011 and the judges say it is too late to change the maps for this year's election and have ordered lawmakers change them for 2018. >> i think the problem is, we have republicans out of control trying to control what voters decide. >> david lewis and the senator
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just a -- justice department maps and rulings from the north carolina supreme court upholding them as constitutional . the director at the center of a lawsuit by a former staffer to not accused of pulling a gun on him. the staffer claims girl philip pulled a gun on him while the two of them were driving to south carolina trigger and pushing the barrel into the man's kneecap. the truck campaign has not commented. tim kaine will be back in north carolina this week. the clinton campaign says he has scheduled asheville on monday and play it all on tuesday. the campaign -- he campaigned in greensboro the week after the democratic convention. now to a high-speed chase. we were first alerted to this story by a bureau percent cell
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the story and joins us now in the studio with more. >> reporter: the state highway patrol and police continue to investigate tonight. this is that cell phone video. you can see even several hours after it happened, it remains an active scene.>> this is the 100 foot drop off. highway 98 where the high-speed police chase ended but police did not discover the crashing until three hours after it as surprising as that might seem , it is only one twist to the story. around 3:45, police received a call about someone suspicious at the apartment complex. >> i think we will go looking for easy victims. from car to car to see if there is one month. if it is, they will take whatever is out of there. bill crabtree says when officers arrived, they spotted a white lexus speeding off and
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received a call from a homeowner telling them a man had come to their door and needed help. authorities quickly made the connection identifying the driver as samantha lucas. >> despite having several broken bones, police say lucas somehow managed to get out of the car, across the creek and end up in this neighborhood and that is where police tell us that he actually knocked on the neighbors door and asked them to call for help.>> reporter: police say he may not alone in the car. the cell phone video capturing the scene several hours after the car was found. neighbors telling us authorities searched the area surrounding the crash for several hours. >> someone saw something. it did not seem quite right and they will be willing to come forward and let us know. state highway patrol says lucas broke his pelvis and back. he has been charged with tony
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the governor's office today demanding answers about the safety of their drinking water. there has been a lot of anger and confusion for people living near coal ash ponds across the state. we were first told not to drink the water and then they were told it was safe. since then, estate toxicologist testified.>> i stand before you today with a heavy heart. for the misleading this trust deception, confusion, deceitful and appropriate and unprofessional damage at the core that this administration has done. >> it has suffered events. the governor said this was a disagreement between scientists and stands behind dhhs. tonight, the public had a chance to weigh in on the baseball team in fayette well. we have been telling you about the discussion for months now
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the council chambers were packed here in fayetteville with people looking to give their vote on the ballpark. the main focus came down to money. it did not look like much but some people are looking forward to what this space could be. >> by april 19, we will have hundred million dollars of investment on this parking lot.>> -- >> reporter: is in the process of refurbishing the press charged hotel. saying it would bring more money into fayette will and he is prepared to lead off. >> we already have our partners lined up. >> however, in the -- many people who spoke to counsel did not seem to be in favor of the stadium. >> it seems that professional sports does not work here >> reporter: one of a dozen people concerned. he has lived in fayetteville
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of them ever stick around too long. he says he tells me he doesn't think the stadium is a good investment and city officials say they are not interested in putting the bulk of the cost on their citizens. >> if we don't think we can find other funding sources and have to rely on taxes, i would say it is a dead deal. >> city officials said they want to keep getting more input from the people who live here however, there is no official date when the ci this ballpark. to energy customers in hillsboro are expected to lose power briefly overnight. saying it is a planned outage between now and 11:30. for the next 20 minutes, another one is scheduled from 4:30 until 5 o'clock in the morning. the midtown beach music series finale. >> celebrating the night season and start celebrating your 10.
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a north carolina university is making major changes for put all fans starting this season. what fans will soon be able to buy in the stadium. first, another tragedy. a three-year-old boy thrown from a wooden roller coaster. the parks response coming up.>> good evening. here are your highs for od
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tonight, we know a propane tank explosion is to blame for a small fire in downtown raleigh. firefighters were able to quickly knock it out and no one was hurt. new tonight, a north carolina man jailed as a teenager for murder 28 years ago was walking ee not enough evidence to justify johnny smalls conviction saying he did not get a fair trial after a woman was murdered act in 1988. another tragedy. this time, a three-year-old boy in the hospital after being thrown off a wooden roller coaster. officials say the boy was riding with his brother when he was ejected and fell roughly 20 feet. he was conscious when crews got to him and taken to a
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his condition is unknown at 6:2 of the three girls are out of the hospital. the 10 and six-year-old are out of the hospital tonight. all three fell roughly 35 feet. researchers are in the process of testing mesquitoes trapped in the miami air is -- area for the zika virus. there are 23 cases. so far, none of the mosquitoes have tested positive for virus. there are two people dead after a four-story apartment building caught on fire. following an explosion overnight in silver spring maryland. more than 30 people including firefighters had to go to the hospital ear >> what i saw were a lot of buildings on fire. i got very scared. people were jumping out of the window and screaming for help and kids screaming because
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>> officials say people were dropping children from balconies. a a auction -- a quicker option to get to the our loop opened today. >> it was just convenient for all of us. we don't have to go all the way downtown to shop in whatever. and easy access to fort drag. >> the next section will be a 3 road. more college students making their way to the triangle. the students at north carolina central. the university saw a 19% increase this year. stargazers are expected to get a treat tonight and tomorrow. this meter is expected to bring even more. forecasters are predicting that
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because jupiters bigger gravitational pull than normal. on the east coast not too long from now, after midnight but will we be able to see it? >> and you write that his 2 you sound like an astronomer and very intelligent and omak >> actually, my producer did. >> did it inspire you to go about in the? >> yes. >> anytime after the moon t it should be after midnight but as you were mentioning, maybe one or 200 and our -- in our. peak times tonight and really tomorrow night. but tonight is the night if you don't want to try too hard. if you get out there, you will see some meteors coming up tonight. so that is some cool news.
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muggy conditions and temperatures will start at 75. and get all the way to 80 by 9:00. high pressure off the coast. and a nontropical low-pressure spinning off the coast bringing up all the showers. this high spins clockwise and brings in a southerly flow so we are humid but not much of a triggering mechanism for any rain showers. temperatures are 80 right now. 78 in clinton. 78 durham making it meteors, here are your temperatures overnight work they will stay in the mid-70s. just try to find a dark part of the sky and tomorrow, the high temperatures our backup to where they were today, about 92 degrees. everyone in the 90s tomorrow on your friday. we have already talked about 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock in the morning but i 10:00, 82.
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very humid air off of the atlantic in triple digit heat index is. no heat advisories but you still want to take it easy and there's not much of a to a but maybe an isolated shower from 3 o'clock to about seven. it's only a one in five shot. rays of sunshine. not a bad number. six tomorrow. mostly to partly sunny. c water temperatures. this is just amazing. 89 inlet. low 90s at the beach. partly cloudy on sunday in the mountains will pull down. scattered showers and storms sunday. and cooler at 79 degrees. your weekend planner for
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temperatures at about 93 on saturday. starting in the mid to upper 70s at 8 am. upper 80s to around 90 at noon. i took that 10% chance and just in case there's a pop-up shower but as you see on the futurecast, we are not going to see much of anything. a few clouds early in the morning. and you can see the little green >> spoke of -- green specks part -- that high continues to come in with more of a southwest flow. west of is, there could be a shower or thundershowers. in the same story on sunday. and its front to the north is going to stay up there and it will move our way but it's going to be delayed a little bit longer so we will stay in this pattern through the middle of next week. 92 degrees tomorrow and a slight chance of a shower or
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sunday will be the best david -- best day. monday, just a 20% chance of showers and this is typical. just an isolated storm. three to 7 o'clock and we have 92 on tuesday with a 30% chance. the same story on wednesday but a few more clouds an finally move toward us that we will see our best chance on thursday with scattered showers and thundershowers and a high of only 88 degrees. but it's going to be hot this weekend so take it easy and drink lots of water. it is august. we're halfway. >> it will be september before we know it.>> yes. >> hopefully. a volunteer teaching
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the 75-year-old was charged with third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor. police say they were tipped off last fall regarding the pictures after a customer printed them at a drugstore showing young girls in the cafeteria. he is due in court later this month. another swimmer has died off the coast getting caught in a rip tide. officials say a 64-year-old woman and a younger girl got caught. them to shore. the older woman could not be revived. the first in the state to sell beer and wine in football stadiums. the school announced the change for the upcoming season. in the past, alcoholic beverages have only been allowed in certain parts of the stadium. fans will have to have a wristband. and speaking of foot tall. the panthers are back in action
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the panthers took the field tonight and one of their biggest stars actually made one of the most boneheaded lays. we had that play and all the highlights and a local team in preseason action today. wait until you hear the ez zvpz if you home is in the lane on the bench or on the range there's only one place to go.
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y23aoy yi0y 186 days, 4187 hours or just under 270,000 minutes. however you want to break it down, it has been a long time since panthers fans got to see their team take the field and
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cam newton started this game hot! he completed each of his first five passes. and later in the first, this one hurts to watch. this should be the play of the game. the panthers linebacker with the interception and he goes all the way. 95 yards to the other in zone. no one is going to catch him. no one except the referee and eight did not actually catch him but the field to several -- to celebrate it as you can tell, that's a big no-no. but minutes later, a touchdown. he goes straight for the camera i'm all for candy but that little snack might offend bad luck. they entered the half down by one. in the second half, they fought back hard but could not does
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it's not all about profit law and carolina. there was some great high school action, as well. the annual high school put all jamboree. in the last before the season starts next week. the king of seasons starting. when the bears kick off their season, they will be doing it with a new but familiar coach. >> did release. >> stelling -- to his players has not been all that hard for adrian jones. spoke it's not very hard because they are one and nine and eager to win so whatever we tell them right now, they are believing in. >> reporter: three years ago, he led southern high school to a foot tall championship. >> our macho with something good playing.
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are down 20 1-0 at the half. and we go into the last whistle. >> it might take time for that attitude to take hold. it's been a while since the last season. but jones has a remedy for all of that.>> like i said, we win football games, who knows. we might get things we don't have right now.>> including a ring like the one he won at southern durham . cbs, north carolina. the in action tonight and they are not just good but great. the third ranked team in the nation great. they took on missouri and this thing was not even close to libby raven. heads in the perfectly placed corner kick. they were up 2 to 0 and they are going to go on to win this one zero to step -- 0-sixpack. it's hard to pick which game you want to go to next season.
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the home opener gets the celtics on october 29 lebron and the cavs new year's eve and a showdown with the workers january 25. so i've already got those dates looked up. >> >> team bonding right there. >> we will get it forth. i don't want to get in trouble here we will be good. all right. >> i like ? ? the ford freedom sales event is on! our biggest event of the year just got better! ? ? announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs. plus, tagged vehicles now get a thousand smart bonus. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ? ? now get 0% financing for 72 months
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