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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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right now in cbs north carolina, after a massive search for a mostly cloudyist apologizing accusedy awe deadly shooting fayetteville found their man. how he's expected -- when he's expected to appear in court for murder per. >> plus, florida police say a 6- year-old boy told them how we'll tell you why authorities blame their mom and why her name might sound familiar. >> a high speed chase ends wither a crashish wake forest. how investigators tracked down the suspects. >> good morning and thanks for watching cbs north carolina i'm justin quesinberry in for russ bowen. >> good morning i'm stefan chase a look at morning news and check on traffic but first the forecast from storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont. good morning. good morning to you at
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all across central north carolina. no rain, not even a lot of cloud cover. there is a little bit of fog from time to time. but i dental think that -- don't think that will have as big of an impact. temperatures at 75 in durham k. 77 in raleigh. mid-70s in lillington and clinton. we have goldsboro at 73 with clayton, also 73 in henderson. low 70s in henderson right now. here's a look at 8:00 a.m. 88 at lunchtime. 99 the high. but it will feel hotter than 100 degrees. stray shower or storm later to the evidence today a. another look at the forecast in about 10 minutes here's ali. happy friday to you. no problems to report to you through the raleigh area. we do have some overnight work
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near walnut street and this is for some pipe work repair there. so near southeast maynard road. luckily not too many people out there to see that cassandras. your commute through durham. fayetteville roads look pretty good. flying out today, looks the boast it's looked all week. so longer seeing any delays with dell t. always check with your carrier first but we do have good weather conditions. a wade avenue where you can see a couple people out there. not enough to cause any delays at 4:43 in the morning. we begin this morning with breaking news overseas. police in thailand are trying to figure out who's responsible for a wave of deadly bomb blasts. multiple explosions killed at least four and wounded dozens
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careful. more breaking news out fayetteville where two people were injured in a shooting. police say just before 1:00 several people were involved in a fight on north eastern boulevard. shots were fired. the two men that were struck are at the hospital. also right now we don't know if anyone's 1 arrested. this morning we may learn more about the shooting in braid daylight that killed behind bars. emma wright is in the studio right now with what we know. >> reporter: police say christopher lee is charged with the death of angela taylor. she was shot in the stomach as she walked down the street on tuesday. fayetteville police say this happened around 6:30 in the evening near andy and ike streets and a man presumed to be lee was coward on
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on a motorcycle. police say that christopher lee and angela taylor had gotten into an argument before he shot her. >> she had been involved in some type of disturbance. verbal altercation with someone prior to that. but they're still trying to putt all those pieces together to find out what occurred prior to her being shot and why this person ended up shooting her. >> he's in jail and schedule today make his first court appearance this morning. friends and grieving after a taxi driver was shot in durham. the shooting happened after 1:00 outside the la quinta inn on west park drive. friends and co-workers identified the victim as ameer suliman. durham police say he was shot multiple times and died at a hospital. his co-workers say et happened during an attempted robbery. friends and family came together thursday at a nearby mosque to remember him who leaves behind ail wife and kids.
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he was a great m. very kind. very wise, always helps people around. >> durham police have not announced any arrests or publicly identified any suspects in the shooting. right now johnston county deputies are investigating a shooting that sent one tonight hospital. they respond today a domestic related shooting around 7:00 las night. one man in custody at last check the victim was in serious condition. there's no word on if the w to are related but deputies say there is no thr of a 20-year-old recally man shot and killed last weekend is comparing the killing to the george zimmerman case in florida. police say chad copley shot and killed kouren-rodney thomas. he claimed he was a member other neighborhood watch and was protect his home. he acted in self-defense. before the shooting he called 911 and said there are a bunch of hoodlums outside of his home.
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cop leigh was a racist. wear not saying that. what we're saying is listen to the 911 audiotape. we didn't make this about race. mr.copely did. >> he is unjail charged with first degree murder. his attorney is asking the public to hold off making judgments until all the facts come out. he's scheduled back in court on august 29. now, to hat high speed chase and crash in wake forest. a vier phone view of this scene alerting us to the incident. they tried to stop pay white lexus but lost it. hours later they were called to a home nearby b, and neighbors say a man had come to the door and needed medical attention. that's when they discovered the crash scene. >> we received a call from someone who had requested help and so our officers responded,
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course of the investigation, they realized that this person had been involved in that chase two hours earlier. >> authorities identified the driver as 20-year-old samad shaheem lucas. he suffered a broken back and pelvis and was charged with felony speeding to elewd arrest. people in fayetteville told city official how they feel about a baseball stadium coming to ton. city leaders have been speaking with the houston astros. a meanor league team to downtown. those in favor say it will bring millions of dollars. some are concerned how much it will cost taxpayers to front the bill. >> the mayor does not want the residents to pay the cost song if we can do it without raising taxes, then i believe the city innocent col has got that forward momentum. if we don't think that we can find other funding sources and have to rely solely on taxes, then i would say
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not set audit for when they plan to make an official decision about that stadium. >> time right now, five -- 4:38. >> trying to get out of here? >> coming up on cbs north carolina, this week at least three accidents involving children have taken place at amusement parks all across the country. >> later we'll tell you where the latest accident happened that sent a 3-year-old to a hospital. >> and temperatures as we start off our friday morning in the low 70s. that's 72 in south hill. a closer look at weekend coming up. >> take a look at the raleigh maps and enjoy it. delay free on 40, 440, 540 right now.
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feel like 103 today. >> can you see the tears flowing? very hot, very humid later today. very shim through yesterday. so not a lot is going to change in that respect. so 77 right now like we just talked about. this is a live picture from the red international airport as we start off our morning. it's all quiet from this view. i will tell you when the sun rises just after 6:30 we'll be able to see i would say partly cloudy skies. should see pretty ns about the visibility. the past few mornings this has been a concern for us. look at this. full visibility. id have to point out right along the 95 corridor, we are now visibility at less than 2 miles in rocky mount. so we'll keep you up to date. right now, though, fog isn't going to slow you don. temperatures around the area 72
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so hour by hour for you today, 78, out the door at 8:00 a.m. 10:00a.m. we should be in the low 80s. 88 by lunchtime. most of us on the dry side. isolated storms developing into the afternoon as we reach a high of 92. the weekend going to be just as hot. i'll break down the changes for you coming up in 10 minutes. coming up later. >> the mistake is with the adult kathleen steel. not with the 6-year-old boy. >> a boy confens we'll tell you what we'll tell you what investigators say happened we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging?
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unch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! light & fit crunch. on your friday morning, top stories right now. breaking news the u.s. is add vying travel tires take precautions in thailand. >> explosions went off overnight in four areas
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least four people have died. authorities say they're not sure who carried out the attacks. >> also, a man is expected in the cumberland county courtroom today accused of shooting and killing a woman. police say christopher lee killed angela taylor. >> durham police are searching for the person who shot and killed a taxi driver. co-workers say someone killed ameer suliman during an attempted robbery outside a hotel off nc 55. a 70-year-old man is in the a commuter train ran into his pickup truck pushing it down the tracks. investigators say the man maneuvered around the gates and ignored the signals. he has serious injuries. no one on the train was hurt. a 13 day old baby girl is dead and authorities in florida say the person who killed her was her own 6-year-old brother. we want to warn you some of you
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old moat kathleen steele left the two in a store for 30 minutes. the boy confessed while she was in the store the baby started crying and that's when the boy snapped. >> took the baby and i slammed her like this and i slammed her down and he pushed her up into the ceiling. when epushed her uninto the ceiling, then he said he was flying her flipping -- flipping her this way and that way. >> the sheriff believes the newborn dined the vehicle but ys home even though the boy told the woman the baby was hurt. authorities stand steele with aggravated manslaughter and neglect. in 2010 she appeared on the reality show 55 and pregnant. steele was already under investigation after the newborn fell from her car carrier down the stairs of a hotel about 10 days prior. she suffered brain bleeding at that point. today a man is expected in awe cumberland county courtroom.
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forced her into his car put a gun to her head and raped her. later this month a volunteer teaching assistant at an elementary school will appear in court facing child extremes. walter shore is charged with third degree sexual exploitation of a minor. he took pictures of children in the school. investigators say they were tipped off last fall regarding the pictures after somebody printed them at a in the cafeteria. a north carolina man is free after he spent decades in a wilmington prison for murder. a judge rhymed there was not enough evidence saying he did not get a fair trial i. woman murdered back in 1988. no one was hurt after a propane tank exploded causing a small fire at a high rise in downtown raleigh. it happened on fayetteville street. firefighters were able to
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still trying to account for everyone after a deadly apartment fire in maryland. at least two are dead after a four story apartment bumming caught fire after an explosion in sill rear spring. more than 30 people including firefighters all had to go to the hospital. a 3-year-old boy is in the hospital this morning after he fell from a wooden rollercoaster in pennsylvania. officialks at the idlewild near pittsburgh say the boy was ride with his rollercoaster and fell 12 feet. he was conscious and talking when crews air lifted him tour the hospital. two the three girls injured after falling from a ferris wheel are recovering at home. the 10-year-old and 16-year-old were released from the hospital last night. the 6-year-old girl is still in critical condition. all three fell roughly 35 feet. if you missed the show going on in the sky last night
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the perseid meteor shower. it averages 100 per hour. this one is expected to bring more. forecasts are predicting that the number will be higher roughly three per minute. and here's brand new video into our newsroom of the meteor shower over spain. the scattered specs of dust, flash as they enter the atmosphere at 132,000 miles per hour. >> you know, i was stefan and i we're driving into work and i forgot to look. >> keep your eyes on the road. you can see them, again, tonight. they are fast as a speeding bullet. 50miles per hour above the earth and the best time will be after midnight because of the moon setting that's when the sky is the darkest. i will tell you that we are expecting partly cloudy skies. so some of you will be able to
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a live picture this morning. 77degrees. not a lot going on locally. most of us on the dry side. not a lot of fog, either. take a look at this. furl visibility around the triangle. visibility 2 miles in rocky mount. 5miles per hour in roanoke rapids. seven towards south hill and henderson. so certainly not going to cause as many problems as yesterday. so let's get to the temperatures. 77, again, in raleigh. 73 in clayton. rapids. we have 74 in rocky mount and 75 in clinton. raeford, good morning you're also at 77. just like us in the triangle. so as you're planning your day, you'll be in the upper 70s. 88 at lunchtime. most of us still on the dry side. 92 this afternoon but it will feel like 103. certainly uncomfortable for people working outside.
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forecast for us i. was talk about the humidity making it feel significantly hotter. dewpoint temperatures in the low 70s. that's the steamy category. not a lot will change today or throughout the weekend. i do expect some changes next week. is a cold front approaches. in the meantime, just an isolated shower or storm but for some of you this could start a bit earlier than the past few days. lunchtime an isolated shower or storm most of us into the overnight hours, we'll stay dry. saturday starts dry. just a stray shower or some in the afternoon. 92 our high in recall e. 91 in durham. 94 in fayetteville. overnight we'll fall to the mid- 70s. still very warm. mix of partly to mostly cloudy conditions. on the weekend low 90s both saturday and sunday.
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still hold onto 92 for monday and tuesday. 90 on wednesday. the boast chance for rain looks to hold off until next thursday. that's going to drop us back into the upper 80s. 4:52 let's send it to ali. good morning, early zika virus the time thank you get -- early is the time to get out there. take a look at the green on the maps. 440, 540 moving well. in cary overnight construction going on until 8:00 a.m. on valve replacement work near southeast maynard road. not seeing those lane closures causing any delays right now. durham roads look good. same thing with fayetteville. nice easy ride as we head a little farther south. eastbound drive times head on 540 from glenwood to 64, 17 minutes there on fur 40 from i- 40 to capital boulevard, 10. u.s. 1 to 264 head on 40 about
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durham freeway and briggs avenue we're very quiet start to your commute. more news, traffic and weather coming up after the break. l. but before we go to break here's a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> coming up a new reason to look above the grand canyon.
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a 10-month-old dog that had its mouth taped shut and was left to dies recovering and looking for a new hem. the dog was found with deep gashes around his mouth and his body was just skin and bones e. the woman took him to a veterinarian. they believe someone tamed his mouth shut and in the process of getting it off himself. they performed emergency surgery. >> they of i teared up. how could anybody do anything? and the thing is this dog is the sweetest dog e. he hasn't shown any aggression. he hasn't -- he's soupary folk shunt. >> right now the woman who found the dog is fostering him until a rescue group can find a permanent home for him. a suspected shoplifter led police through a chase in dallas, texas.
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ground police also chased the man from a helicopter. he was arrested without incident. some people and business owners in canada have had enough and are filing a class action lawsuit against pokimon go's creator. players kept visiting her home. she r moved her home as a stop but there are other people complaining saying that hundreds of people go to their homes yards and not obeying traffic laws. >> i think the lawsuit was an attempt to get attention to something that is at peril. that's the peace and enjoyment of a home of our neighborhoods. >> most cases they've gone to the company on sometimes more than one occasion and asked them to remove their
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>> now this is the first lawsuit of its kind in canada. but there are similar ones pending here in the u.s. all right. well yankees player alex rodriguez will suit up to take the field for the last time today. >> i love this game. and i love this team. and today i'm saying good-bye to both. >> rodriguez made t he sat out all of 2014. suspended for performance enhancing drug use. he showed serious signs of aging before the yankees decided to bench him in recent weeks. he will serve as a special advisor mentoring young players. 41 is so young, though. >> it is. >> maybe not in baseball.
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yes u you made it, it's friday. thank goodness for that. >> it's my monday. just saying i'm here for all of you who are not celebrating friday. >> there you go. good morning everyone i'm stefan chase. thanks for watching cbs north carolina. >> i'm justin quesinberry in for russ bowen who i guess is getting an emma wright is in our studio as she takes a look ate murder case that's set to head to court in fayetteville. >> ali will have a look at your morning commute. first alyssa corfont's here with the forecast. good morning to you at home. take a look at this. this is our satellite and radar composite and it is showing a clear start and a dry start to our friday. or in justin's case his monday. >> as you are getting ready to


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