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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  August 12, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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yes u you made it, it's friday. thank goodness for that. >> it's my monday. just saying i'm here for all of you who are not celebrating friday. >> there you go. good morning everyone i'm stefan chase. thanks for watching cbs north carolina. >> i'm justin quesinberry in for russ bowen who i guess is getting an emma wright is in our studio as she takes a look ate murder case that's set to head to court in fayetteville. >> ali will have a look at your morning commute. first alyssa corfont's here with the forecast. good morning to you at home. take a look at this. this is our satellite and radar composite and it is showing a clear start and a dry start to our friday. or in justin's case his monday. >> as you are getting ready to
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72 in henderson. 73 in louisburg. 73 in rocky mount and clayton. the exceptions in raleigh and lillington, 76 degrees. so a bit warm and muggy here. 75 in clinton and 77 right now in raeford. so let's take a look at that forecast for your day ahead. 78 at 8:00 a.m. rather muggy by then. 88 at lunchtime. most of us on the dry side. 92 our high but get ready for this. it will feel like 103. also keep that possible as we had into the afternoon. more on that weekend ahead but let's check in with ali. how's that commute look snag. looks great if you're starting your friday, your monday whatever day its, if you're get out early, you'll be getting to work on time. overnight construction in cary. walnut street until 8:00 a.m. for some water valve replacement so intermittent lane closures there. no major delays. no delays to report through the
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into fayetteville a nice easy ride to start off which hopefully is your friday morning. here's a look at your drive times, 25 minutes there. heading in from 40, 70, 25, as well. 540, toll road, about 16 minutes. live look outside at i-40 and old erwin road. you can see not too many headlights. well, this mng wanted for the broad daylight killing of a local mother is due una cumberland county courtroom. >> police used eyewitness accounts and surveillance images to help track him down. cbs north carolina reporter emma wright is in the studio right now with what we know. >> reporter: police say christopher lee is charged with the death of angela taylor. police say taylor was shot in the stomach walking down the street in fayetteville on tuesday. police picked lee up yesterday and charged him with first degree murder. fayetteville police say this
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near and a and ike streets on tuesday. aman presumed to be lee was captured on surveillance video driving away from the scene of the shooting on a motorcycle. police say that lee and angela taylor had gotten into an argument short by before he's accused of shooting her. a friend says she was very surprised to hear what happened. >> i've never known her to bother anyone and get in any trouble. she really will be missed because she was a good person. >> reporter: christopher lee is in cumberland county morning. a 15-year-old charged worth murdering his grand father with a hatchet will remain ate juvenile facility. the district attorney tells cbs north carolina they will likely ask for the teen to be tried as an adult. in the next 60 days. a man is in a jail this
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dead. stack steve fired at several people wednesday morning. one bullet hit a clerk and killed her. two others were also injured. from victims of a home invasion to suspects. fuquay-varina arrested two people inside the home charging them with drug possession. george damel young and charita antoinette roberts were charged with trafficking cocaine. they were in the home when two men tried to enter the house yesterday morning. one of the people inside fired suspects got away. protesters marched in front of the governor's office demanding answers about the safety of their drinking water. there's been a lot of anger and confusion for people living near coal ash ponds across the state. they were first -- i'm sorry, they were first told not to drink the walter and then they were told that it was safe. since then the state toxicologist testified that dhhs was misleading the public
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with a heavy heart. for the misleading, distrust, deception, confusing, deceitful inappropriate and unfree professional damage pat mccrory your and his administration has done. >> ate separate event the governor said this was a disagreement between scientists and he stands behind dhhs. with the election coming up in less than three months we a what impact the controversy could have on the election. both political science professors, tell us there's plenty of time beef the election for this situation to develop. they say there is also time for opponents to make political ads. >> coming up with very strong statements against the
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situation like this. >> it seems the media or the democrats want to force the debate, then it's going to happen. because it's an important enough issue. >> they've the happens he says the state should prove that drinking water is safe. an independent test should be done v republican state whether they should appeal. in a decision just reel the judges wrote 28 of the state's house and senate districts were drawn long racial reasons. republican legislators redrought electoral mains 2011. the journalings say it's too late to change the maps for this year's election but have ordered lawmakers to change them for 2018. >> i think the problem is we have republicans out of control
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representative david lewis and senator bob b write this. we are disappointed in the district court's opinion which contradict the preclearance of the maps from the north carolina supreme court upholding them as constitutional. we are still waiting for the trump campaign to comment about a lawsuit surrounding donald trump's former north carolina state corrector. a former staffer clayserly phillip pulled a he said that phillip put his index finger on the trigger then pushed the barrel into his kneecap. also this morning democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine will be back in north carolina next week. the clinton campaign says he has stops scheduled in asheville on monday and fayetteville on tuesday. no other details released just yet. he did campaign in greensboro the week after. democratic national convention. we're coming up on 5:08
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yup olympic highlights. >> and is it really already time for football? you a big fan? >> getting close. >> the carolina panthers hit the field and face the ravens. >> jeff jones will have the highlights or maybe the low lights later in sports. >> i'm ready for football season that's for sure. let's talk temperatures, 73 right now in smithfield. 72 in goldsboro and the mid-70s in clinton. i will walk you through the rest of today and that weekend ahead up next. >> we do have some overnight road work going on in closures until 8:00 a.m.
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and all that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here.... ...with power for your life. let's talk about out per see ed. the i remember real quick this morning i looked out my windshield but it was too dirt tie see anything. >> got to get the car washed.
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i think i was still half asleep. >> we have to think about the wishes we have to make. >> there you go. so good thing we didn't see it. 76 degrees right now. live picture from the raleigh and durham airport you. have an opportunity to see it through 5:00 a.m. this morning. so if you are just waking up, the best viewing is actually to lay flat on your back and look straight up. so let us know if you see anything outside this morning. >> here's a look at your satellite and radar composite, a friday. nice mix of partly cloudy conditions and dry weather. no rain on our radar. so current temperatures elsewhere, 75 in durham k. 75 in lillington. we have 72 in sanford. low 70s in henderson, louisburg, south hill. roanoke rapids also right around 73. so here's what you need to know planning your day ahead. 78 at 8:00 a.m. 88 at lunchtime. 92 this afternoon. but that's only half the story.
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will feel more like 103. also the potential for isolated storms and hey, it's almost mid- august already. and take a look at this weekend forecast. 78 tomorrow morning. 93 the high. very similar on sunday. just a isolated storm chance into the afternoon. i'll have a look at when we'll see better rain chances develop coming up in your complete storm team forecast. 5:12 your time right now. the carolina panthers faced off with the baltimore ravens in why did panthers quarterback cam newton make this face?
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now 5:14. breaking news, oversees of shapes the u.s. is advising citizens traveling in thailand to take precautions after a series of deadly bombing attacks. they happened late last night
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four areas including popular beach cities, at least four people are dead. dozens more wounded. authorities say they're not sure who carried out the attacks. durham police are searching for the person who shot and killed a taxi driver. co-workers say someone killed ameer suliman, during an attempted robbery outside a hotel off n republican 55. he leaves behind a woof and two kids. >> and new video coming into our newsroom this morning. look real close, right up to with the perseid meteor shower. theless best chance to see it is at midnight tonight. good news for drivers in fayetteville, it won't take you as long as it used to to get from i-95 few fort bragg. the loop just opened up. the next section of the fayetteville outer loop will be roughly a 3 mile stretch from the all american freeway to cliff dale road.
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north carolina central university students. more than 1500 moved ton campus yesterday with moving day. the university saw a 19% increase in applications this year. changes are coming to wake forest university for this upcoming football season. it will become the first division i school in the state to sell beer and wine stadium wide at football games. in the past alcoholic beverages have been allowed in certain parts of the stadium. this basketball season. another record breaking day for americans competing in the 2016 summer olympics. >> that's right from swimming to gymnastics. we're in rio with a look at the games. >> reporter: another record setting night for michael phelps winning the gold medal in the olympic 200 meter individual med lee and becoming the first swimmer to win the
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consecutive olympic games. animationle phelps lessened to the star spangled banner after being awarded his fourth gold other rio olympics and the 22 gold of his career. >> the ravens and fans watched and celebrated his win during last night's game. another record breaking event. this one by she tied with a canadian swimmer in the hundred meter free style. becoming the first african- american woman to win a gouged swimming. she broke down in tears following her historic achievement and the united states gymnastics team kept rolling. two days after the women won, the team all around title, 19- year-old simone biles took home the gold in the
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competition. her teammate ali took silver. >> oh, man, there's no doubt about it biles now the best gymnasts. so much fun to watch her i. look at the tonight medal count, the u.s.a. continue to dominate. 38 medals, 16 gold. china and japan have 30 and 22 medals respectively. great job. and so much fun. i can't wait, though, track and >> that's what you've been looking forward to. i enjoy the gymnastics and swimming, as well. let's take a live picture from shaw university looking towards downtown raleigh. really, shaping up to be a nice morning commute. keep in mind, sun doesn't rise for about a little over an hour now. but we will start to see brighter conditions shortly. so just rest assured it is coming. right now no rain showing up on the radar. that's some great news as you are getting ready to start another morning commute. so let's get to the
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and louisburg. 73 in clayton. we have more of the mid-70s south of raleigh. 75 in lillington and clinton. 76 in raeford. here in raleigh and durham, right around the mid-70s. so as you're planning your day, looking ahead it's going to be a warm and muggy morning. 78 by 8:00 a.m. 88 at lunchtime. most of us on the dry side. we'll make it to 92 this afternoon but it will feel more like 103 once you factor in direct sunlight and especially if you're outdoors. 90, then, at 6:00. now, can't rule out a stray shower or storm but id think most of the area will stay on the dry side. i was talk about the humidity making it feel significantly hotter. we're in that steamy cat do. dewpoints in the mid-70s today, tomorrow, and sunday. now there is a cold front that could bring us changes. that doesn't happen until next week. in the meantime we're lacking at a few clouds as we start our
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most of us holding offer until this afternoon to see more of that unsettled weather roll through. as we had into overnight, drier conditions return for us. that means we'll be dry to start off our saturday. isolated showers orer storms tomorrow afternoon. all in all, most of us stay on the dry side. so 902000 high in raleigh. 91 in durham today. 94 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we should drop into the mid-70s. still very warm for this time of year. overnight lows right now should 93 for highs tomorrow. and sunday. most of us on the dry side. and as we head into early next week a few isolated storms are back in the forecast. we're looking for a high around 92 monday and tuesday. best rain chances tuesday and next thursday. and by next thursday with that rain around temperatures could actually drop back into the upper 80s. 5:20 right now on your friday morning. finally, right, ali? so good to say.
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if you are heading into work maybe able to get out of work early, looks like you'll be getting to work on time. delay free through raleigh. overnight construction work going on until 8:00 a.m. in cary on wall net street near maynard road. through durham, delay free for you're there. fayetteville, no accidents, local roads, main highways moving well. if you're early on 540. 24minutes there. 40 to get there, 25 minutes. we're degree to leave you with the drive times and when we
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back in action but the first game of the preseason might not have been exactly how you pictured it. >> cbs north carolina's jeff jones is here with the sports wrap. one happened 86 days, 4487 hours or just under 270000 minutes. however you break it down it had been a long time since panther fans sought team take the field.
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game number 1 and cam newton started that game hot. he completed each of the first five passes and led the team to a field goal on his one and only drive of the night. later in the first and this one almost hurts to watch, this should have bent play of the game. panthers linebacker with the interception, then he goes all the way. 95yards to the other end zone. no one's going to cap him except the referee. they actually caught the mvp cam newton ran >> oh, he knows he did something wrong there. that's a no-no. moments later derick anderson connects for a touchdown. that actually counts. the panthers up 10-0. he goes straight to the candy stash. now i love candy, but that looked like some bad luck candy because the panthers gave up and ended the half down by one. in the second half carolina fought back hard but they could
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that's all the time away have for this morning. for more panthers updates and news on your local college football teams tune in tonight to cbs north carolina at 6:00 and 11:00. >> we better leave that bad luck candy alone. >> no more of that. well, the midtown beach music series celebrated the season finale in north hills. >> you know, it was a good time. conget flew all over to celebrate the end of the 9th season of the popular beach music and starts c night starting in april feature state and local bands. time check for you, 5:26. coming up. >> fayetteville police say they've found the man accused of kill a mother of three. coming up, what they say they think led up to the shooting. >> plus, before crew head out the door this morning we have your forecast. we'll break it down for you hour by hour. >> justin do you see an stars out there?
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>> maybe we will. >> maybe not. keep it here on cbs north carolina. on this friday. it's going to be a great day we're glad you're wake up with
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right now on cbs north carolina, after a massive search for a motorcyclist accused indy of a deadly shooting a man is expected in court charged with murder. >> florida police say a 6-year-
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11-year-old sister. and why police are blaming their mom. good morning, and thanks for watching north carolina news i'm justin quesinberry in for russ bowen. >> happy friday to you. good to see you, i'm stefan chase. check on the news and look at traffic before you head out. first let's check in with storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont. i don't think there's a better way to start a friday than this. look at it, dry weather on the satellite and radar and as we see the sunrise in about an hour we'll see pretty clear skies. let's talk about the temperatures, mid-70s in both raleigh and lillington. also near the durham area right now, clayton at 73 along with rocky mount. also 73 in roanoke rapids and towards south hill, virginia. so your forecast for the day ahead we should be right around 78 at 8:00 a.m. warm and muggy for the drive in. 88 by lunchtime. still the majority on the dry


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