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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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he's a father of two. a great man. very kind. very wise, walls helps people around. >> a cab driver murdered in broad daylight. we are live as durham police search for leads. fayetteville police have found the man they believe is responsible for a deadly shooting. happened at all. what they're expecting from his first court appearance today. >> some say it's a dispute between scientists. others a cover up from the governor's office. how the coal ash scandal hit a fever pitch right now on cbs north carolina. hello and good morning thanks for watching cbs north carolina on this friday. i'm stefan chase, it's friday for most of us. monday for this guy right here. >> one guy. >> but do you know what,
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>> oh. >> there you go. i'm justin quesinberry in for russ bowen. we'll get to the big stories of the day, of course. but first we do want to get a check on what's happening with the weather. yeah, well today we're starting with a little bit of fog just like the past few mornings. also starting with mild temperatures. 76degrees right now and that's our temperature here in raleigh. we're taking a live picture from the north raleigh studios. some brighter skies and as we do, you can see there's not a lot of clouds out there. now i did talk a a right now rocky mount visibility improving to 4 miles but look at portions of johnston county right now visibility at about .3 in smithfield. take your time in that direction. 2miles visibility across goldsboro. current temperatures, 74 in durham. 75 in lillington. 76 in raeford and clinton ab round 74. low 70s in rocky mount, goldsboro and roanoke rapids.
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88 there. 92 the high but it will feel like the triple digits once you factor in the humidity. just an isolated storm possible through the afternoon. morning the forecast and weekend ahead in 10 minutes. right now i know ali you've been track a bug accident. good morning, yes. what mess on the roads. >> a tractor trailer that tipped over and it include an oil spill. i-40, marker 293 right have tons of crews clearing it up. also reports of an injury with this crash. we'll keep upupdated all morning long. take you right to where it is on the maps. exit 293, u.s. 1, that westbound side. we do expect this to get pretty busy as crews continue to clean up that mess. otherwise, travel through raleigh doesn't look too bad. we have a crash in garner on timber drive. which is causing some moderate
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good. fayetteville no problems to report to you there. southbound driving heading into raleigh, 16 minutes there. i-540 to downtown about 22 minutes. the wade avenue to downtown stretch just 9 minutes. taking you back outside to the crash on i-40 at 293 exit. we'll have plenty of updates for you throughout the morning. right down a cab driver in the middle of the afternoon. >> ameer suliman was found dead outside of a hotel yesterday. lauren haviland leads the coverage from the police department. lauren, please, get us up to speed. >> reporter: well, i just checked in with durham police and at this point they don't have any updates for us. meaning they don't have anyone in custody at this time. now, the fatal shooting
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identified the victim as durham's best cab company driver ameer suliman. durham police say he was shot multiple times and later died at the hospital. his co-workers say it happened during an attempted robbery. friends and family came together thursday at a nearby mosque to remember him. he leaves behind a wife and kids. >> he's a father of two. he's a great man. very kind. very around. >> reporter: again, at this point, no one arrested or identified as a suspect in this case. if you have any information at all, you need to call durham investigators or you can call crimestoppers and remain anonymous. live in durham, lauren haviland. meanwhile ferguson police have caught the manp accused murdering a mom of three. >> what they have not revealed is exactly why they believe he
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something more about in court today. cbs north carolina's emma wright joins us now live in the studio with an update. >> reporter: police say christopher lee is charged with the death of angela taylor. taylor was shot in the stomach walking down the street on tuesday. police picked up lee yesterday and charged him with first degree murder. police say this happened around 6:30 at night near the intersection of andy and ike streets. a man presumed to be lee was captured on surveillance video driving away from the scene of the police say that christopher lee and angela taylor had gotten into an argument shortly before he's accused of shooting her. a friend says she was very surprised to hear what happened. >> i've never known her to bother anyone she really will be missed because she was a good person. >> reporter: christopher lee is in the cumberland county jail. scheduled to make his first court appearance later this morning. b the coal ash controversy does not appear to be going
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>> what do we want. >> clean water. >> yesterday dozens of people protested outside the governor's mansion demanding answerses as they claim that the state misled the public on the safety of the drinking water. they were initially told not to drink their water but those warnings were later retracted. kenneth rudos says the state mislhe under oath. >> we basically have a disagreement among scientists. one group which i support believe that the public ought to get all the information. >> now, on wednesday, the chief em epidemiologist resigned en disgust and she said she was not work for an administration that misleads the public. she also described the notion that rudos a lone scientist would establish the standards as a false narrative. it's becoming a recurring
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several other state's legislative district to be unconstitutional. the decision found that 28 of the state's house and senate districts were drawn along racial k lines in left the journalings say it's too late to change the maps for this year. but have ordered changes to be made by toe 18. republican leaders who were at the advantage say they are still weighing whether to appeal detective session. another swimmer has died off. northcarolina coast after being caught in a rip young daughter got caught in the current. the woman died, the girl was taken to the hospital. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be back in north carolina next week. the virginia senator will stop in asheville on monday. before heading off to fayetteville on tuesday. now, the details haven't been released so far. his visit marks one state month
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a new child-care facility will be dedicated in the memory of a soldier who dined the line of duty. -- died in the line of duty. he was killed in 2010 in afghanistan after being karen the blast of an ied. the la ray dough child development center will be dedicated in his memory later this morning. it will give parents a place for kids to university will become the first division i school in the state to sell beer and wine stadium wide at football games. in the past booze has only been allowed in certain parts of the stadium. the policy also is set to take effect next basketball season fans are required to wear a wristband. and still ahead, the florida police officer who shot and killed a woman during a demonstration, has been in the headlines before. the accusations that have come
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break. >> plus olympian michael phelps' latest victory has put him well past legend bary status. we're going to tell you the details at 6:00 sarge temperatures are in the low 70s as we check in a round siler city and sanford. chapel hill this morning at 74.
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the weekend is here. a lot of you making plans for it. is rain going to ruin the plans? >> yeah, that's the big question. over the weekend it looks mostly on the dry side. that's good news. we are going to be on the hot side temperatures ant low 90s for the weekend ahead. right now, let's talk about what you can expect on your friday. a live picture from shaw. we're look towards downtown raleigh. for the most part dealing with pretty clear skies. remember, sun doesn't rise for
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beginning parts of it. this is our satellite and radar composite showing the clearer conditions and showing the dry conditions for your morning drive in. your friday morning commute shaping up to be a pretty easy one as far as the weather is concerned. 71 in henderson. 72 in louisburg and rocky mount. 73 in clayton. we have 75 in lillington and clinton. also in the mid-60s around portions of hoke county toward raeford. >> plenty of schools on the year round track heading into the school buildings today a little bit of fog. 92 our high, though. hot, humid with just an isolated storm later today. >> how is it mid-august already? i know, but it is. and here's a look at the weekend forecast. 78 is where we start the morning. climbing-93. same on sunday just an isolated storm both afternoons. more on this weekend forecast and when we'll see better rain chances in 10 minutes. florida officer who shot
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during a demonstration, has been under scrutiny interpast. 28-year-old lee cole is on administrative leave. as investigators try to figure out how a leave round ended up in his gun's chamber instead of a blank. >> he had resigned from a different police department two years ago after reportedly failing to complete a field training program. he was later accused of excessive force when his k-9 attacked a man for nearly 2 minutes before it being stopped. that man had been stopped for light. . former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky will testify. he's claim that he deserves a new trial because he says his lawyers failed to represent him well. the first time around. the 72-year-old was convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys and sentenced to at least 30 years in pry s. this will beat first time he's ever taken the stand.
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your friday morning. it's 6:14. hillary clinton has responded to donald trump with an economic address of her own.
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?? from the mountains... to the beaches... the piedmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ] run! ? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? to make the good life ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ?
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?? it's official michael phelps is the greatest olympian of all time. >> we're male not exaggerating we really mean of all time. his god medal finish 13th individual title. that broke the previous title. >> a little while go. it's his 22 gold medal overall. he'll compete for another tomorrow night. so possibly 23. >> phelps was not the only highlight, of course of the night. simone biles proved she is with the hype by winning the all around gold. and back to swimming, and that other simone. >> of course.
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competitor for gold in the women's 100 meter free style. they hugged it out afterwards. as for today expect women's soccer to be the big talker. team u.s.a. takes on sweden this afternoon. >> go team u.s.a. inches auto love watching. simone biles masts. she smiles from ear to ear. >> the support that she's getting the final five, all right girls on the team during such a terrific job in supporting the other two. >> when i was young the magnificent really cool to see you know young ladies. let's get to the forecast for today. it's our friday or justin's mound. it's starting off gorgeous. 76degrees absolutely beautiful. just a few clouds, no fog here in raleigh. so if you are getting ready to head out the door you dent have to worry about that. here's another beautiful view. this is live picture from our airport where, again, it is the
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look at the satellite and radar composite. no rain showing up. like i said we had some fog from time to time generally speak east of where we are here in wake county. so76 in raleigh. 74 in durham. mid-70s in lillington and clinton. 72 at goldsboro. 72 in rocky mount. roanoke rapids at 73. also 73 in south hill, virginia. so hour by hour for you today in the low 80s by 10:00 a.m. noon. >> won't be long after before we see an isolated shower or storm develop for us. 92 our afternoon high. now just like yesterday, some of you may see the dark clouds and never see any rain. some of you may see a few isolated showers. those should move in and out quickly. now, something that's knots going anywhere any -- that's not going anywhere any time soon is the humidity. dewpoints low to mid-70s.
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finally come through next week that will bring us some changes and some relief. in the meantime an isolated shower or storm this afternoon. most of us dry through about lunchtime. keep that in mind. overnight tonight drier weather returns as we head into our saturday, the majority of us will be on the dry side. just a small chance of an afternoon storm. i don't think many of us will have to worry about it. city by city for you, 92 in raleigh. 91 in durham and 94 in fa into the mid-70s. it is still warm for this time of year. overnight lows should actually be dropping into the upper 60s. none of that in the 7-day forecast. 93 the high for saturday and sunday. as we had into early next week we'll be in the low 90s monday and tuesday. chance for scattered showers and storms. the best chance for rain still holding off until next thursday where temperatures are in the upper 80s. that's your latest forecast. let's check in with ali now.
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on the roads. overturned tractser trailer is leaking tar out there on i-40 westbound side. it does have u.s. 1 ramp closed here u. you can see first responders on the ramp. that's where the tanker is. you san see people are getting by but you cannot take the i-40 westbound side, the u.s. 1 ramp. pinpoint the exactly where this is. exit 293 you can see so far maps not showing any major delays but prepare for. also have a crash on timber drive in garner at nc 50, benson road. causing moderate delays. looking like it's moving past that a lot easier. durham roads look good. same with fayetteville. no accidents there. main concern on i-40 west. a look at drive times heading to rtp bright and early 540
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there. and on 540 about 16. taking you back out to the crash, possible defour for you head through cary but we k have some road work going on on walnut street which is one of the detours you would want to take. that goes on until 8:00 a.m. either way a slow ride in for you there. much more details coming up. hillary clinton and donald trump both not so coincidentally used detroit michigan as their stage to sell similarities. trump's speech featured a revised plan called for cutting taxes for all not quite as much as previously stated. clinton's address was different namely for the fact that her policies have not changed that much over the last few years. >> instead she, again, spoke about her intentions to expand social security, make public college tuition free and create jobs all while attacking trump.
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plan. he would give trillions in tax cuts to big corporations, millionaires and wall street money managers. that would explode our national debt and eventually lead to massive cuts in priorities like education, health care, and environmental protection. >> the same shadow has hung over both candidates when it comes to their plans. neither has done very much to explain how their policies will work in the we'll world or how they increasingly fractured house and senate. a former staffer for donald trump's campaign claims the camp's former state director pulled a gun on limb. campaign officials failed to interven. the lawsuit was filed en charlotte this week. in it he claims the state director stuck a pistol into his kneecap. the man claims he kid not go to the police but in stepped
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eventually speaking directly to then campaign manager cory lewandowski. >> i told them what happened and he said i take it very seriously. and then he had his people handle it. >> he claims phillip did the same thing to another person on at least one occasion. phillip resigned from the trump campaign entirely yesterday. time now is 6:23 and still ahead a new concern for volkswagen owners and it has nothing to do with emissions. why your car could especially be vulnerable to thieves. >> . >> the case being called george zimmerman 2.0.
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a new warning for
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and a new cookie flavor. hena daniels joins us lye from new york to tell us more. >> reporter: hello, happy friday. tens of mill volkswagen vehicles may be vulnerable to theft. in a new report security experts say hackers can copy the signal that opens some volkswagens remotely, then, duplicate the keyless signals to unlock cars and start ignitions. vehicles vulnerable are audy, gulf and jetta from 2015-2016. volkswagen says some models are not at risk. >> ariana huffington is parting ways with the huffington post. huffington will focus on thrive global. a new venture aimed at making work less stressful. >> so hen na a new flavored
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weekments nabisco is releasing swedish fish flavored oreos. the candy expired cookie is -- candy inspired cook is made with a candy cherry flavored courtroom swedish fish or yes will only be sold at kroger across the country. >> if it ain't broke, don't fix it. >> reporter: i love oreos and i love swedish fish but the combination, not so much. we'll see
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good morning thanks for watching north carolina news at 6:30 i'm justin quesinberry in for russ bowen. >> good to have you justin. i'm stefan chase. we are watching this morning an accident that could cause a big problem for your morning commute. ali warshavsky will take a look
6:30 am
to see today. hey, guys, good morning to you and good morning to you at home. here's a live picture from our tower camera this morning. we are anxiously awaiting the sunrise. a few minutes away from it. we are at 7 # degrees right now. --76 degrees right now. plenty of early morning light. stars the temperatures are concerned, it's 74 in durham. 72 in louisburg and rocky mount. also towards roanoke rapids. 71 in sanford. mid- and clinton. let's get straight to your forecast for the day ahead. warm and muggy, 78 at 8:00 a.m. mostly on the dry side, noon temperature today, 88. we'll make it to 92 this afternoon but it will feel more like 103. a small chance for a storm or two. most of you should stay dry through about 6:00 p.m. were we should be back to 90. the weekend ahead the heat and humidity aren't going anywhere. just how hot it will be and
6:31 am
complete forecast. but ali you've been tracking this accident what's the late zest we have a tipped over tractor trailer and it is leaking tar onto the highway. so this is on i-40 westbound side at u.s. 1. that ramp is closed. you can see people are not able to get off that ramp and a lot of first responders out there, as well. luckily not seeing it cause any major delays yet. but let's pinpoint exactly where this crash is for you. we yellow. so moderate delays, i-40 westbound at exit 293. that u.s. 1 ramp. so the d.o.t. sent us over some ways to get around this. i believe we're going to take it right there. they advise you to get off at i- 40 west and get back on i-40 east. now, this area is undergoing overnight construction to fix water mains there until 8:00 a.m.
6:32 am
so big heads up through the cary area this morning. also have a crash on timber drive in garner not seeing that cause any more delays. up through durham roads look a lot better and down through fayetteville n accidents to report to you there just yet. if we take you to the drive times heading to rdp, i 540 to the research triangle park, 22 minutes there. 25mut that crash. again, i-40 westbound at u.s. 1. that ramp blocked off while crews clear up an overturned tanker and a tar spill, as well. more details throughout the morning. police have caught the man accused of murdering a fayetteville woman walking along the street. >> what they haven't revealed is what they suspect as the motive. emma wright joins us live in the studio with an update now.
6:33 am
is charges with the death of angela taylor. she was shot in the stomach on tuesday. lee was picked up yesterday and charged with first degree murder. fayetteville police say this happened around 6:30 at night near andy and ike streets. a man presumed to be lee was captured on surveillance video driving away from the scene on a motorcycle. police say they had gotten into some sort of argument short by before he's accused shooting her. a friend says this was all very surprising. >> we know involved in some type of disturbance with someone but they're still trying teapot the pieces together to find out what occurred prior to her being shot and why this person ended up shooting her. >> christopher lee is in the cumberland county jail scheduled to make his first court appearance this morning. a man is in custody another seriously injured in what johnston county deputies are calling a domestic related shooting at a home on
6:34 am
relationship between the two is but insisted the public is not in any danger. a high speed chase leads to a 100 foot drop and in search for more suspects in wake forest. police had been chasing a speeding lexus but lost it. hours later they found it at the bottom of an embankment. somehow a badly injured man was able to climb out of the vehicle, and ask a neighbor for help. ems showed up to the home but so did police. charging the 20-year-old worth felony speeding to elewd arrest. officers say more people could have been in the car. if you have any information contact police. if there's one thing that stood out loud and clear at fayetteville's public forum it's that people are not against the baseball team coming to ton. >> what they are concerned is the possibility that they will beat ones who end up paying for it. the city has been negotiating with houston astros to bring in a minor league team. those in favor say it will boost the local economy but
6:35 am
a good investment. the mayor says they only want the deal to work if it does not involve raising taxes. >> if we can do it without raising taxes i believe the city council has got that forward momentum. if we don't think that we can find other funding showers and have to rely solely on taxes, then i would say it's a dead deal. >> i just don't want to see fayetteville throw money away. >> city leaders have not set a date for when they make an that decision to come down. time check for you on your friday, 6:35. still ahead another roller coaster accident sends another child to the hospital. >> plus, did the secret service talk to donald trump's campaign about his recent comments. depends on who you ask. we'll explain at 6:00 haven't temperatures as you get ready to head out the door. 73 in smithfield. mid-70s in clinton. but 71 in goldsboro.
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z23aoz zi0z
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there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. welcome back i'm justin quesinberry. and check out that sunrise. >> isn't it beautiful? >> it is beautiful rt bringing the heat today, huh? >> yes, heinz the low 90s but factory the humidity, triple digits. so yes, stay hydrated, take care of yourself and certainly your pets. check on your neighbors, too, as we head into the afternoon. right now the sangria may slow you down. sop take the sunglasses. it's76 as we start off our friday. here's a look at your drive time forecast in the mid-70s through 7:00 a.m. then we'll start to climb slowly at first. 78 by 8:00 a.m. back to 80 by 9:00 a.m.
6:39 am
afternoon hours. the one thing you went have to worry about on the morning drive in, any rain. look at this. we are dry all across central north carolina. and as we just saw, pretty clear skies, as well. so no real complaints right now. 71 in henderson. 71 in goldsboro and sanford. mid-70s in lillington, clinton and raeford. 72 right now in louisburg and roanoke rapids. as you're making plans for your day head, right around 88 at lunchtime today. we'll make tight 92 this afternoon but it's back to 90 by 6:00 p.m. really feeling for folks who work outside. >> drink plenty of water. into the weekend just as hot and humid. tomorrow morning right around the upper 70s at 8:00 a.m. 88 at noon. 93 a high. can't rule out a stray shower or storm. most of you stay dry. repeat the forecast towards sunday. >> again, an afternoon high of 93. looks like next week we'll see
6:40 am
yet another amusement park accident to report this morning after a boy apparently fell off a roller coaster in pennsylvania. it happened at idlewild and soak zone in pennsylvania. very few details are available. a spokesperson said it happened on an old style wooden ride. the roller coast was built in 1938 and does not include seatbelts. the boy's condition has not been give zen meanwhile in tennessee the the center of a ferris wheel accident has agreed to end the contract with family attraction amuse mention. that's the same company that injured five people three years ago in raleigh. three girls were hurt in the tennessee accident. after they fell 35 feet to the ground. >> one girl remains in the hospital this morning. time now is 6:00 hoe and still ahead another setback for hillary clinton's campaign as
6:41 am
the new evidence they say
6:42 am
6:43 am
two people are dead, several others still unaccounted for after an explosion and fire at a maryland apartment complex. we first brought this story to you as breaking news yesterday morning. dozens of people including three firefighters had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. investigators are not speculating as to what caused the explosion. 25 locally transmitted cases of zika have now been reported in florida t. 3 up from wednesday. to make matters worse, school starts monday. children will be allowed to wear pan and slid shirts that do not match their uniforms but still can't bring mosquito spray stew class. some students could be allergic to the spray.
6:44 am
all right, we know that the perseid meteor shower did you see any of that. >> i didn't see it. >> i was in bed before it got dark. >> so was i. >> right as we were driving in would have been ideal. the best way to see it is lay flat on your back and look to the sky. >> every time that happens i fall sleep. you can see it tonight, as well. so here's a live now from the raleigh and durham international airport. it's76 degrees. looks like we're seeing one of the planes take off. but we are looking at, again, plenty of sunshine that sun rose 10 or 20 minutes ago. now as we head through the day the sunshine is really going to warm us up. here's a look at satellite and radar composite, not a lot going on this morning. that's something to be thankful for. no rain as we start off our friday morning commute. here's a look at those temperatures before you head
6:45 am
morning long. here in raleigh. also 75 in lillington and clinton. 76 in raeford. henderson at 71. low 70s in south hill, roanoke rapids, louisburg, rocky mount. all in all, these temperatures are still a bit warm from where we should be for this time of the year. your forecast for the day ahead, 78 at 8:00 a.m. 88 at lunchtime. most of us on the dry side at lunchtime. could see an early shower or two sneak in around lunchtime. chance for shower or storm this afternoon. it's going to feel more like 103 this afternoon once you fact or in the humidity, direct sunlight. we drop back to 90 by 6:00 p.m. stray shower or storm still in the forecast. so at 8:00 a.m. this morning most of us on the dry side. lunchtime u auto said an isolated shower could start to sneak in. i think this would happen south of the triangle. heading into this evening an isolated shower or storm, most of us dry overnight. staying on the dry side for the
6:46 am
can't be ruled out. most of you will be completely okay with any outdoor plans saturday or sunday. if those outdoor plans take you to the beach, take a look at this forecast. right around 91 saturday. 90 sunday. most of the area should stay dry. so remember that sunscreen. maybe you're hitting the pool or beach over the weekend just protect yourself. 92 the high today in raleigh. 91 in durham and 94 in fayetteville. overnight tonight, on the warm side. partly cloudy, ac units ran all night and will do so as we head into the upcoming nights. most of us on the dry side. then we'll head into early next week. that's where we'll see slightly better rain and storm chances. 92 high monday and tuesday by thursday when we'll see the best rain chance. that temperature dropping back
6:47 am
seasonal. almost 6:47 on this friday morning. but ali you've been a busy woman this morning. we have a mess on i-40 westbound side. if you're trying to get onto u.s. 1 ramp blocked off because of a tractor trailer overturned and hazmat situation. >> i-40 westbound at exit 293 and this is the detour to go. get off boulevard reaccess i-40 east. now, heads up, southeast maynard road is an area that overnight construction walnut street, as well in cary has been going on and b expected to go on until 8:00 a.m. hopefully they'll wrap that up sooner. raleigh area does not look too bad otherwise. a crash in began e at timber drive. roads through durham and fayetteville, still looking
6:48 am
outside now at that crash. we're going to give you some video of that. take a look. >> walls got to wonder how exactly they ended up this way. but you can see we do have that spill of tar out on the roadway. first responders clearly figuring out exactly how they're going to deal with this mess. we will have details for you on this crash, let you know the delays it's causing all morning long. a federal official speak with donald trump's campaign about his second amendment comments conflicting an earlier report from cnn. what we're hearing is that it spoke with an official close tour the matter who claimed there had been no formal conversations between the secret service and the campaign. cnn reported the opposite and appears to be stick by the story. for his part trump also denied that it ever took place. investigation shows that then secretary of state hillary
6:49 am
clinton foundation at least once raising more concerns of a conflict of interest. sources tell cnn that cheryl mills traveled to new york to interview candidates for a high ranking job at the clinton foundation. those candidates were top check tiffs at walmart and pfizer. both donated to the foundation. >> the state department has been vague in recording to questions about the actions. something that's infuriated one conservative watchdog group. >> congress has a from the executive branch of government. and the government should be turning that information over and when you have a breakdown in that system we have a breakdown in the democracy. >> millets' relationship goes back decade. her attorney claims she was just doing volunteer work for the nonprofit and it had nothing to do with her role in the state kept. it turns out alex rodriguez will not be playing the field in his final major league game
6:50 am
third base to be denied by his manager. he'll stale in the lineup as a designated hitter. >> lot of folks will be watching tonight. time rate now 6:50. stay with us as we run through all of the big stories we're following for you right now. >> first we'll check in with gayle king to see what they're working on. >> reporter: ahead on morning severe turbulence injured self people on a jet blue flight. the founding editor of politifact joins us. the news is back in the morning. morning. we'll see
6:51 am
so is the field where i played football and the school where my mom was a teacher. and she was a good one. what we've lost is harder to see. i'm roy cooper, and this election is not just about one bad law. it's about bringing back our teachers, our jobs, and the companies that have left.
6:52 am
we are continue to follow breaking news. a tractor trail accident's caused a mess on i-40 at u.s. 1 right here in wake county. >> lauren haviland joins us now
6:53 am
what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, it's start to death male cause traffic issues. y you are heading out this way you probably want to take another route buzz of because it will not be cleaned up any time soon. this is on 40 westbound, onto opt s. 1 south. now this ramp is blocked due to this 18-wheeler that is overturned. right now the driver of this tractor trailer has been transported just is a a precon any signs of injuries. but as you can see there is some type of tar looking out you. can see a lot of people including the hazardous materials regional response team, a lot of firefighters out herech but again it does not look like it's going to be cleaned up within the next hour or s. so if you are headed from 40 westbound onto u.s. 1, south, that ramp is closed. there are several different
6:54 am
the driver has been traps ported but thankfully no -- transported. but thank flee no serious injuries. causing a lot of traffic headaches this morning. live in wake county lauren haviland, cbs north carolina. breaking news overnight, at least four people are dead, many hurt after a series of bombings in thailand. five provinces have been hit by 11 bombs. no one has claimed responsibility connection, if anything they have to one another. two men in the hospital with serious injuries after a shooting in fayetteville. this happened in the parking lot at the advance the auto parts store on north eastern boulevard. it appears several people got into a fight before shots broke out. police did not have any suspects. george zimmerman 2.0. that's how a high profile
6:55 am
in a raleigh murder case. investigator stays chad copley shot and killed kouren-rodney thomas. the self-proclaimed neighborhood watch member can be heard on 911 calls complaining of hoodlums and telling dispappers that he's going to secure his neighborhood. he later said he fired a warning shot inside his garage. >> . shot struck and killed thomas. >> mr. copley never left his house. he never left his position of safety. danger of imminent harm. he shot through a closed garage door into a street full of young innocent people. >> would this happen if there was caucasian boys state boarding up and down the street? 1:00in the morning? would they be called hoodlums? >> family attorney justin bamberg is phone mr. his work in at sterling and walter scott
6:56 am
trayvon martin. >> they're urging people not to rush to conclusions flynn fayetteville a man accused murdering of a woman will make his first court appearance giving us some insight. investigators say christopher david lee shot angela taylor. police have not said if they knew one another. lee is charged with first degree murder. . this morning we still don't know if any arrests have bern made in the murder of a durham taxi driver. ameer suliman was shot several times yesterday oue la quin ta inn on west park drive the result of what his co-workers called an attempted robbery. >> friends and family gathered last night at a nearby mosque still in shock that the husband and father would be killed en broad daylight. >> now, at a time we live in you can expect to get shot in the morning, night, whenever. you never know when you get shot. he's a father of two. a great man. very kind, very wise, always helps people around. >> durham police have not
6:57 am
identified any suspects. we'll, of course, update you if more information comes in. soldiers will say good-bye to their families today as they leave fort bragg for kuwait. the troops are among 450 fort bragg soldiers taking part in operation defeat isis. what you're looking at right now is video from last month when the defense secretary ash cart e vivid the base and updated them on their mission. we'll be there for their going away ceremony and also show you more this afternoon on your cbs north carolina news at noon. final check of the forecast. >> yes, we are seeing plenty of sunshine outside. >> this is live picture from shaw university. if you're getting ready to head out the door there's been a little bit of fog reported along the 95 corridor. so take your time. far the temperatures mid-70s. highs today in the 90s. here's a look at a detour you want to take if you're head on 40 westbound, cary town boulevard to i-40
6:58 am
with a fuel spill
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, august 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? two dozen people are hurt when a cross-country flight gets rocked by turbulence. free-fall. >> donald trump tries to dismiss his incorrect claim that president obama founded isis by sarcasm. plus, scientists find a shark living in greenland that may have been born before george washington. what it could teach us about healthy aging. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. some very rapid shaking.


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