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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  August 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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hello and good afternoon i'm stefan chase. >> i'm justin quesinberry in for russ bowen. thanks for watching cbs north carolina at noon. we begin rite now and with a bridge collapse in raleigh that caused kate a stir for emergency workers off capital boulevard. >> al ar -- ali warshavsky joins us live at the scene. >> reporter: well, take a look at what caused the commotion earlier. a big -- a very busy morning for first responders. this is right behind the greyhound bus sector on capital boulevard. >> and else say the call came in around 9:19 anticipated team of firefighters searched under this bridge which has been out of service for quite some time to make sure no one was
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was such a tight space and a hard to navigate their way through and around the fallen concrete beams. they also found clothes nearby the bridge which sparked a pretty elaborate search here this morning. >> indicate that somebody lives under there, sends time under there. so that's all the more indicator that we -- you got to be sure. any time there's a structural collapse of any type have to confirm it. >> reporter: luckily crews did not find anyone add now the task remains to clean up the concrete beams from the creek below. they say there's no indication that anyone was walking over or driving over the bridge when it collapsed. a tractor trailer wreck along i-40 in wake county shut down an off ramp this morning. traffic is moving look that stretch, again. >> the trailer overturned
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the ramp from 40-1 south was shut down as crews cleaned up the liquid asphalt. recall e police tell us the driver was taken to the hospital. but had no visible injuries. a 7 alarm fire keeping emergency crews in watauga county busy. the fire started ate billion dollarsing in valley cruise is early this morning. one person was air lifted from the scene. two people were seriously injured in a shining et a.m. several people were involved in a fight in a store parking lot on north eastern boulevard. shots were fired. the two men who were hit were sent to the hospital. the suspect in a shoot that happened in broad daylight and left a young mother of three dead is due in court. christopher lee is charged with the death of angela taylor. she was shown the stomach as she walked by andy and i think
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degree murder. a man presumed to bow lee was captured on surveillance video right here driving away from the scene on a motorcycle. police say lee and the victim had gotten into an argument shortly before the shooting. durham police made three arrests in the murder of a taxi driver. 17-year-old zyon mcneil and a 15-year-old were charged with murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon. a third suspect 21-year-old trayvion lyons was charged with accessory after the fact. death of ameer suliman outside the la quin ta inn. the juvenile suspect at the durham county youth home. a north carolina o man is free after he spent decades locked up in ape wilmington prison for murder. a judge ruled there was not enough evidence to justify 43- year-old joby small's conviction saying he did not get a fairly trial office woman was murdered back in 1988.
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and raleigh for indecent exposure and sexual battery is a facing more charges. the newest charges for christopher vincent sumrell are in three separate incidents that happened on february 4th and june 29 and july 23. he's accused of exposing his private parents the presence of another person in public at mr. mike's used book store and a person reported the crime happening at ac moore arts and crafts store. he's expected in court next month for the newest charges. later this month volunteer teaching assistant at an elementary school in winston- salem will appear uncourt to face child sex crimes.
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arrested. the pictures showed young girls inside of the cafeteria. a high speed chase and crash in wake forest lands one man in the hospital and facing charges. a viewer. so us the cell phone video at the scene on highway 98. it started right around 3:45 thursday morning at the apartments. authorities say they tried to stop a white lexus but lost it. hours later they were calmed to a home nearby. main had come to the door that's when they discovered the crash scene. >> we received a call from someone who had requested help and so our officers responded ems responded, and at the time during the course of the investigation, they realized that this person had been involved in that chase two hours earlier. authorities identified the driver. they say he suffered a broken back and pelvis. he's now charged with felony speeding to elewd arrest.
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another swimmer has died off the north carolina coast after getting caught in a rip current. this happened yesterday off ocracoke. we're told ail 64-year-old woman and her young daughter got caught in the current. the woman died. the girl was taken to the hospital. a new child-care facility on fort bragg has been dedicated to a sergeant who died in the line of duty in 2010 after gng the braves an ied. it will give parents a place to stay while they work out at a nearby fitness center. people are telling fayetteville officials how they feel about the possibility of a baseball stadium come tuning. city leaders have been speak with houston astros, as well as looking at other ball parks. fayetteville is considering bringing a minor league team to downtown. those in favor say it will bring millions of dollars to the area but some people are
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the bill. the mayor says it does not want the residents to pay the cost. >> so if we can do it without raising taxes and i believe the city council has got that forward momentum. if we don't think that we can find other funding sources and have to rely solely on taxes, then i would say it's a dead deal. >> fayetteville leaders have not set audit for when they plan to make an official decision about the stadium. donald trump is statement e. he now says he was just considering here didn't mean that president barack obama founded isis. report e craig boswell has that and more from the white house. >> i call president barack obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. >> reporter: donald trump now says he was being sarcastic when he made that comment. he tweeted, ratings challenged cnn reports so seriously that i called president barack obama and clinton the founder of isis and mvp.
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the sarcasm was also lost on conservative radio hosts. >> he meant that he created the vacuum. >> i meant he's the founder of isis. >> he's not sympathetic to them he hates them e. he was it founder. >> reporter: trump hits the campaign trail in pennsylvania a state that has the child of blue collar workers who strongly support trump. >> thank you so much zer that was the demographic clinton was focused on during an economic speech in michigan. >> my message to every worker in michigan is this: i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages including the transpacific partnership. >> reporter: but trump points out she was for the trade deal before she was against it. >> all of a sudden she went from it's the gold standard to she won't approve it. >> this tpp sets the gold stan darned trade agreements. >> reporter: clinton changed
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was a stanch opponent of tpp. clinton says she won't change her mind, again. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. democratic vice presidential nominee, tim kaine will be back in north carolina next week. the virginia senator will stop in asheville on monday before heading off to fayetteville on tuesday. kaine's visit marks one straight month of visits from presidential candidates and their running mates. keep it here on cbs north carolina. still ahead. >> the starting to cry. then the guys behind us had hit the over compartment. >> my, my, my, tour leanings aboard a jet blue plane sends crew and passengers to the hospital. >> plus researchers in florida are testing for the zika virus as authorities say control efforts are working. coming up we'll tell you hut
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hillsborough police are trying to find out who's responsible for the vandalism of a decades old ornamental street treatment take like. >> the 25 foot tall crepe myrtle low is valued at $25,000. someone tried to cut through the bark, and drilled holes, then ab plied an herbside. across country jet blue flight from sacramento to boston finally reached the destination this morning following a scare in the air. 22 passengers were hurt, when the aircraft hit some turbulence. we havey report from new york. >> reporter: spas of passengers arrived safely in sacramento.
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and suddenly dropped. >> it went flying way up in the air. and my laptop flew way up in the air. there were stuff flying. >> i was buckled in but the lady next to me was starting to fly. the guys behind us hit the over compartment. it cracked you can see where it cracks zer jet blue flight left boston round 5:30 thursday evening. the turbulence, crew members diverted the plane to rapid city >> this is an airbus 320 coming in. they said they have numerous injuries on the flight due to turbulence. >> reporter: this woman is a emergency room nurse. >> we won't both went to the back of the plane and the three steward'ses were injured. another young child was injured. several people hit their heads. >> reporter: 22 passengers and
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hospital with minor injuries. soldiers will say good-bye to their families today as they leave fort bragg for kuwait. the troops are among the 450 fort bragg soldiers taking part in the optation auto defeat isis. what you're looking at is video from last month when defense secretary ash carter visited the base and updated them on their mission. we'll be there for their going away ceremony and show you more tonight on our news at 5:00. 25 locally transmitted that's up three from wednesday. to make matters worse, school starts monday in the miami neighborhood. it's become known as the zika zone. children will be allowed to wear pants and long sleeved shirts that do not match their uniforms, but they still cannot bring mosquito spray to class. the miami h reald reports that's because some could be allergic to the spray. so if you missed show the
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chance tonight to see the perseid meteor shower. but this one's expected to be a better show. forecasts are predicting the number higher three per minute because of jupiter having more gravitational push than normal. someone who knows what i'm talking about, is this gal right here. so hopefully we continue have a lot of cloud cover. >> we will have a little bit of cloud cover but just like last night some of you were able to see it last night, early this mog. speeding bullet and last night was the peak. early this morning we're expecting between one and 200 meteors per hour. >> certainly still going to put on a show tonight. let's take live picture from outside. right now the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. where we are seeing a mix of sun and clouds. as we had through our lunch hour on this friday. mat jet of us are on the dry side. i say the majority because we
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so this is a big picture. >> you can see really just developing from the coast and pushing inland. let's stop this bringing you into a closer look you. have to look close. these showers aren't all that widespread. they're not impacting a lot of you. very isolated in nature we're looking at eastern portions of sampson county heavier rain. south of clinton south of i-40 over north of garland. some isolated showers from time to time. a shower or two around portions of wayne county. other than that, the majority of us will start to see tha wehood through the rest of the afternoon. not expecting anything severe. but it is certainly going to make it unpleasant as you factor in the heat and humidity. 92 our afternoon high. we will drop back to 90 at 6:00. 81 at midnight tonight. then we're eventually dropping into the 70s for the start of our saturday morning. so lets go ahead and check in with where those temperatures are right now.
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south of the triangle seeing a little bit more cloud cover. northward we have 86 in south hill. 84 in helping. mid-80s, as well, in durham, roxboro and in siler city. you need to fact or in the humidity and some you've are seeing direct sunlight. that heat index in the trip triple digits. lillington, smithfield, goldsboro, it feels more like 98 right now in raleigh. so if you're work outside, just taking a broke gh please stay hydrated and continue to take the breaks. if the kids are going outside to play drink plenty of water. >> here's like the the future forecast the isolated shower or two will continue to develop over the next few hours. be round for the eve nick drive home. then a. the sun sets a lot of these lose their energy. we're looking at dry weather to start our saturday. most of us stay dry on our saturday. just cannot rule out a stray showerrer two. again, though, don't less this cancel your outdoor plans.
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let's talk about the beech forecast. we have highs right around 90 degree mark for saturday and sunday. slightly better chance for a shower or storm saturday but overall you can see the rain chances, 20, 10%. really negligible if you're herding out and about. so 92 in raleigh today. 91 in durham and 94 in fayetteville. then overnight tonight we'll drop into the mid-70s. still on the warm side but again, partly cloudy skies. not so bad if you're then 93 for a high saturday and sunday. most of us on the dry side. we head into early next week those rain chances will start to climb a little bit for us. still not ole impressive until we get about to next thursday. that's where we're starting to see slightly better rain chances. thursday better rain chances arrive, and temperatures start to fall back to where they should be. for this time of year we should be around 89 degrees.
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above normal. >> i'm like ig that. -- >> i'm liking that. a little boy in the hospital after fall off the rollercoaster in pennsylvania. the third incident in a week
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a young boyne the hospital this afternoon i should say after falling of of a roller coast in >> this happened at idlewood yesterday about 40 miles outside of pittsburgh. the third incident this week involving children hurt on musement park rides. more on the rising concerns. >> reporter: the rollercoaster will be closed pending the results of the investigation. >> the accident happened on this ride. the rollercoaster. it was built in 1938 and does not have seatbelts.
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secure riders. >> an underage child fell from a rollercoaster. >> reporter: the child fell from 12 feet. land on the tracks near a fence. >> the boy was conscious. while being treated on site and air lifted to a local hospital. >> reporter: this latest incident comes just days after two other accidents involving amusement park rides. on monday three girls, ages six, 10, and 16 were hospitalized after falling more than 30 wheel at a county fair in greenville, tennessee. >> the smallest child fell right beside me. the other two came right behind her. >> reporter: and on sunday, 10- year-old caleb schwab died while riding down a 17 story water slide in kansas. rules and regulations over rides at fairgrounds, amusement parks and water parks vary from state stew of to state.
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incidents is raising questions of safety and oversight. we speck to the president and ceo of the national safety council. earlier this week. >> there are no federal requirements forger sight or reporting as far as injuries or fatalities. >> reporter: records show the role coaster was inspected by pennsylvania state officials last week. the 78-year-old ride is inspected by the workers daily. although the ride is shut down the park the incident. talking a little baseball. yankees player al rodriguez will suit up to take the field for the last time. >> auto love this game. and i love this team. and today i'm saying good-bye to both. >> rodriguez made the announcement sunday.
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all star sat out 2014 suspended for performance enhancing drug use. he's 41 years old and showed serious signs of aging before the yankees decided to bench him. he will serve is a special advisor and instructor mentoring the team's young players through december 2017. this season wake forest university will become the first division i school in the state to sell beer and wine. stadium wide allowed in certain parts of the stadium. the policy also is set to take effect next back bull season which is also coming up around the corner. fans will be required to wear a wristband to take part. as we head to break here's
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well there's a
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see yosemite nagle park. there's a bird's eyesight park from 10,000 feet in the air. the small plane at the small airport is giving people a bigger than life experience. >> the owner of airborne aviation services was approved bit faa to give scenic tours. >> the yosemite flyover operates year round depending on weather, of course, and it does last one hour. >> yeah, quite a shot, especially with perfect view. >> yeah, weather dependents for sure. now, as we head into the afternoon for us, a hot and humid one. 92degrees our high but it will feel like 103 at tiles. the heat index could get dangerous over the weekend, as well. actual highs close to 93 saturday and sunday. chance for a few storms is back with us monday and tuesday of next week. the best chance for rain over the next 7 days will hold off
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>> thanks for watching. >> we'll see you back here on
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in everything we do, it involves the law. >> you came to testify about what you heard, what you saw and what you know. >> i don't have a hearing problem. this ear works good. this one works even better. >> she's fifirm. >> i'm not responsible for that ticket and i'm not going to pay for it. >> who says you're not going to pay for it? i make that decision, not you. >> she's honest. mablean." kindergarten teacher mchalea young is suing henderson in the amount of $1,000. she says the defendant is responsible for her being trapped in a port-a-potty at a going away party. >> all parties are sworn in, your honor. >> thank you. you may be seated. this is the matter of mchale la young versus jennifer henderson.


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