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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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it is very unfortunate. >> reporter: durham police say he was shot multiple times at this la quin ta inn near route 5th 5. it happened around -- route 55. zyon mcneil, a 1-year-old and a 15-year-old are charged with his murder. they arrested also, trayvion lyons charges a an accessory. phone and robbed him at gun point. took his phone, cash and headphones and left in the cab. after the shooting, police found one other suspects outside near the hotel. the other two were ate room at this red roof inn just down the street. police found items belonging to both the victim and the teen who had been rocked intersection auto don't want this to happen any more. especially to any of our community members. >> it's unfortunate but this
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things to worry about. >> reporter: ameer suliman was originally from sudan and planning to go back to visit really soon. now he has some relatives in the process of coming here and trying to determine if he'll be buried here or in sudan. we have breaking news right now out of durham. a man in custody for the april durham police say wilds is win of four people connected with lewis' death. the other three were picked up within days other murder. lewis was independent k the parking lot on hardy street on april 18. more breaking news involving the subject of a netflix documentary making a murderer. a wisconsin is district court overturned brendan dassey's conviction and ordered him freed within 90 days. he was found guilty in 2005 of helping his uncle kill teresa
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being coerced a candelight individual it is planned for the raleigh man shot and killed by a person claiming guy part of a neighborhood crime watch. the vigil will be had at the park in recall e. thomas' friends are hosting. the family is not expected to attend. the 20-year-old was killed last sunday after leaving a crowded house party. 39-year-old chad copley is accused of shooting him after calling police about what he called hoodlums. he inside of his garage killing thomas. he was unand and in an interview his mother said she believed race was a major factor. >> cory you say didn't see color. >> oh, no. >> reporter: but the caller. >> did. my children never, ever lived in the projects u. that always went to the best schools, had the best of everything. >> reporter: nothing about
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your ground state only in limited cases if the person believes it's necessary to defend against imminent danger. he's being held without bond on a first degree murder charge. 85 emergency workers called after a large fire. >> the fire started around 5:45 at the val landing strip mall. the top floors were apartments. six people were living in the building and a family of four escaped. another person was taken to the hospital with burns and lost person it is unclear what started the seven alarm fire. and fayetteville police say a first fight in the parking lot of a business ended with two being slot. both of the victims were seriously hurt. it happened this morning on north eastern boulevard. >> call police if you have any details about that shoot. new charges tonight for the local man accused exposing himself in public places. authorities are new charging christopher vincent sumrell for exposing himself inside of a
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he's reportedly happened on february 4th and june 29 and july 23. he also faces a sexual battery charge for an incident at a different store. a woman is recovering after being stabbed at the days inn on glenwood avenue. police were called to the hotel -- motel just before 2:00 this morning. the attacker got away. police have not released a description of the suspect. the search for a morehead city man who disappeared ended today. they found the international forest near the coast. brian tatsuo matsumoto disappeared on wednesday. at this time investigators are not saying how he died. good afternoon i'm meteorologist bill reh. you know, it felt like the heat was just a little bit hotter. it was. the humidity was cranked up a little bit more. and look at these temperatures. these aren't your highs. >> these art current readings. 93 in raleigh. 90 in wilmington.
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mountains if you wanted 80s. you can see that map colored in yellow. let's bring in the purples. when you factor in the humidity this of this is what it feels like outside. 104 in raleigh. 103 in fayetteville. stifling hot and humid. not quite any advisories. they have a heat advisory along the coast. we got close to that at 104 today. you can see once, again, it feels pretty good out in the mountains. we're not there. we're here. we're going to deal with the heat and humidity right through the as we look at the satellite and radar composite, partly cloudy skies that's about it. a couple showers trying to develop off the sea breeze. the differential heating between the water and the land but you got to really look close as a matter of fact, you got to really zoom in there you can see a couple showers. and this is exactly what happened yesterday. a 7:00le showers they pop up, right, then they don't really move anywhere. then they die out. so i don't have any in the forecast for tonight. but the immediate as we call it
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shower popping up. 7:00partly cloudy, 89 that's pretty hot. 85 at 8:00. then we'll see low 80s into midnight. and then overnight tonight, it's going to be fair and muggy and warm. little patchy fog overnight possible. >> but look at these lows. only in the mid-70s. it's going to be lot this weekend, too, the hottest day's sunday. >> talk about that in the weekend forecast in a few minutes. a bridge collapsed in raleigh caused quite a stir else was called to the bridge located on capital boulevard after 9:00. a team of firefighters searched under the bridge for an hour and a half to make sure no one was trapped. crews say it was a difficult task because it was a tight space they had to watch out for fallen concrete beams. they had found clothes near the bridge. which sparked a pretty elaborate search. >> this could potentially indicate that somebody lives under there or spends time under there. that's all the more indicator
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any time there's a structural collapse of any type you still got to confirm it. >> fortunately, they did not find anyone. now, the task remains to clean up the beams that fell in creek below. the morning commute took some extra time after a tractor trailer wreck shut down an off ramp along i-40. just on the raleigh cary line here cross roads. the trailer overturned around 7:00 this morning. spilling its load of liquid asphalt. raleigh police say the driver failed to slow down as he came around the the trailer then skidded off the road. and then fell onto the left side. the drive, dean nelson was charged with reckless diving. picture shows the after math of a restaurant after an accident sent a truck crashing through the window. and according to the fayetteville observer one person was injured. the restaurant is now closed but the popular breakfast spot plans to reopen as soon as it can. it's an unusual crime that
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who would want to poison a landmark tree? steve sbraccia went to hills breast cancer to find out. >> reporter: as you can see -- hillsborough to find out. as you can see the street is lined with crepe myrtles. one has been targeted. >> here's the cut. this is the saw blade a under r base of the tree all the way around. >> reporter: of all the trees along this street, only this 25- year-old tree was damaged. not only was the base of the tree too. >> we assume that in those holes some type of herbicide was inserted. >> reporter: an ash orist point out that some of the top leaves are already dying. >> i'm just appalled. i can't imagine why somebody would want to d that. it blows my mind. >> reporter: a police investigation has begun and the folks in this store adjacent to
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on the tree since it was brought to our attention that somebody's been messing with it. >> reporter: the fact that one tree was targeted may help investigators figure out exactly who did it. in hillsborough, i'm steve sbraccia, cbs north carolina. and the roanoke rapids theater is for sale but the city isn't happy about what's being offered for it. recently the facility was auctioned off and the highest bid was just under three and a half million dollars. >> the city found the bid the facility is still for sale and the city helps to get a better offer. back in 2005 they borrowed $21 million to build the complex. but the facility hasn't made any money. welcome back. or welcome to college. students at nc state and william peace university move in day started today at state's campus in raleigh. we caught up with student helping students move in along with a few parents. the scene was the same at william peace university. classes begin there august 17.
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rising flood waters had a man moving quickly to save a life. >> don't panic. i'm here for you i'm going to get you the out. i'm going to rescue you. >> come upping a look at the rescue and the problem in louisiana that new has it under a state of emergency. >> sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting boys but jerry sandusky says sit shouldn't have happened. how he's fighting back ahead. >> here's a look at i-440 and capital boulevard for your friday night commute. no problems to report tonight.
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this is a sad story a 6- year-old boy accused killing his 13 day old sister after dropping her on the floor of a vehicle. investigators say the boy and faint were left alone in a vehicle while their mother was inside of the store. at some point the baby started to cry. it's, then, that police say the boy acted out and the baby's
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vehicle. authorities shared the boy's confession. >> i took the baby and a slammed her like this and i slammed her down. and he pushed her up into the ceiling. he was talk about when he pushed her up he was holding her up and tripping her. flipping her this way and that way. then she'd fall. >> the mother 62-year-old kathleen steele is now charged with aggravated manslaughter and na collect for the infant's death. the boys now in fast care. he his child molestation trial. but jerry sandusky is take the stand to fight his conviction. he was en a courtroom saying he was wrongly convicted sexually abusing 10 boys. >> the 72-year-old says his legal team during the 2012 trial did not properly represent him and it ended worth a 45 count conviction in which he's soggy a 30-60 year sentence. the latest hearing is scheduled for three days.
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ohio law. the law set to take effect in may targets money the organization gets through ohio's health dep. the money's mostly from the fed rum gum and supports initiatives that provide prevention services. ohio plans to appeal. a young boy is still in the hospital after fall off a rollercoaster in pennsylvania. it happened at the idlewild in soak zone amusement park yesterday. 40miles outside of pittsburgh. this is a third accident this rides. we have more on the raising concerns about safety. >> the rollercoaster will be closed pending the result of the investigation. >> reporter: the accident happened on this ride. the rollercoaster. it was built in 1938 and does not have seatbelts. instead, it uses a lap bar to secure riders. >> child who fell from a role coaster. >> reporter: authorities say the child fell from a height of
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fence. >> bit was conscious, while being treated on site and air lifted to a local hospital. >> reporter: this latest incident comes just days after two other accidents involving amusement park rides. on monday three girls ages, 6, 10 and 16 were hospitalized after falling more than 30 feet from the ferris wheel at a county fair in greenville, tennessee. >> the smallest child fell right be hide me. the other two came right behind her. >> year-old caleb schwab the son of kansas state representative scott schwab died while riding down a 17 story water slide in kansas city, kansas. rules and regulations over rides at fairground, amusement parks and water park vary from state to state. the recent have incidents is rosessing questions of safety and oversight. we spoke to the president and ceo of the national safety
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requirements for oversight or reporting as far as injuries or fatalities for this industry. >> reporter: records show the rollercoaster was inspected by pennsylvania state officials last week. idlewild park officials say the 78-year-old ride is inspected daily. all theory the ride is somewhat down the park is open during the investigation into the incident. a hospital spokesman in pennsylv declined to comment on bit's condition. rising flood water in southwest louisiana. intention rain has fallen for several days in the gulf coast region. you can see how it's affected in these pictures now. the governor has declared a state of emergency due to all the flooding. >> in fact, the risk of high waters will continue through saturday morning. and here's a reminderrive why you don't drive through standing water. a person had to be rescued out of this vehicle. one the rescuers said he
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away and felt like he needed to help. his brother recorded the rescue. >> i horrid up and jumped out and swam to the suburban. told him to roll his windows done. he's got to be in his 70s or 80s. i just told him you know, don't panic i'm here for you i'm going to get you out i'm going to rescue you. >> he says the only thing he was thing about was saving the man. texas they have a lot of roads that go under bridges. they have a lot of low lying roads that flood easily. we're lucky there we d. have anything but we have the heat. nice to have a little cooling shower. 93degrees. it's been a wet year and you know most places the soil is fully moistened even for the farmers for that. happy with a 6. >> six. >> yeah, half a dozen. >> that's very similar to
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if you remember how the sky looked today that's how it will be tomorrow. and this is about the same, too, except we've advanced today. still steamy saturday, sunday and monday with dewpoints in the 70s. so a hot weekend ahead. a mid-august weekend already. 78 at 8:00 a.m. both days. 88 on saturday at noon. 90 on sunday. and 93 on saturday and foamed the high on sunday to 95. sunny to mostly sunny, a 6, the hot weather will continue. the pattern we're stuck. >> you have the high off the coast. the persistent non tropical low worth the results of the flooding in louisiana. unfortunately, that's not moving anywhere. that will merge with a cold front and our flow is just bringing in just a flow out of the south and southwest and not much moisture with it. even though it's very humid,
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to build up the showers and storms. if you like the drier weather, then you've got o it but it's very hot out there. 93 in raleigh. 91 in wilson. >> 91 in rocky mount. >> 91 in south hill, virginia. as we head you the heat indexes were triple digit. we showed that to you. now, all we've got happening, can you see? are squinting? let's zoom in. a come light rain showers in sampson county without movement. die out around garland and clinton. up to the north right north of 264 southeast of wilson just a little shower. it will build up and die out. that's all i got to show you. so toasty at 7:00 tonight. 89degrees. partly cloudy at 9:00. humid at 11:00, 81 degrees. into your saturday, specifically, every other hour, you can plan on what you might be doing at a certain time
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temperature. out at 10:00 a.m., 83 degrees. if you're out at 2:00, 91 but it will feel like 101. 93 at 4:00. that will be the high for the day with the heat index of 102. and really just mostly to partly such skies. that's all i got for you for tomorrow 94 in raleigh. 94 in fort bragg. 97 in fayetteville. 93 pinehurst tomorrow. 93-94 along the coastal plain. 94 in 93 durham, roxboro for tomorrow. so partly cloudy skies tonight. that's it. and then tomorrow little bit of fog maybe early morning clouds but then back to partly sunny skies during the day. no real significant triggering mechanism, again, as this high continues to sit off our coast. we'll do the same story for sunday. this front see how it's stationary. it's slowed down another day. another day. waiting on it. so another day in the 90s. saturday, partly cloudy, to partly sunny, 93 degrees.
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you can see the core of the 90s right over central north carolina. and really, central south carolina. slight risk of a shower, nothing more than a slight risk on monday. i kept of kept that slight republican national convention -- kept that slight r tuesday and wednesday. then that 88. on wednesday that 88 was supposed to be here on wednesday. then yesterday it was supposed to be here on thursday. i keep pushing that 88 down the road because that front is al north it's not going to cool down. >> need that cold air from the north. >> canadian air. >> get that moisture out of here. well, it's no the something that you see every day at that you see every day at she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right
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to learn more about how our centers for advanced oncology treat breast and lung cancer-visit appointments are available now. cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback.
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raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree that a comeback should include everyone. &. well a homeowner in texas got the surprise of a lifetime when woo walked inside his garage and found an alligator. after calling for help he recorded the rescue group, oh, my goodness look at this. they were trying to lasso a rope round alligator's head. the reptile even tried to defend itself by opening its mouth and hissing. the wranglers eventually got it under control. >> i'm glad he wasn't hungry when i walked out. i'm very thankful for that. >> true. well the alligator's now headed to a refuge and the home owner was glad no one was hurt. he was not going without a fight. >> getting close to those legs. well the tsa may see all
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here's surveillance video from the check point at the airport in las vegas. a man brought a service monkey onto a plane. and it caused quite a stir when passengers spotted the animal in his shirt. the frontier airlines says nobody gave them a heads up. the man eventually showed proper documentation. a florida man in court for telling a car was caught on camera doing this. break out some twerking moves. during s even mouths hi mom, to the camera. his reasons are not clear. the judge however took it in stride and simply said, quote, he has problems. >> wow. well, we talked about computers being hacked. cars being hacked and now keyboards. >> coming up a look at what's called cyber sniffing and how
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the mortgage thunder and lightning our lives become, the more we have to worry about security and it turns out criminals they don't have to access your computer to see what you're typing. a cyber security firm says certain wireless keyboards can easily be hacked. it's called cyber sniffing. it let's someone see everything you type including personal messages or even passwords. >> all they need is a usb radio antenna and software downloaded li type into your console here that will get you up and running sniffing for vulnerable devices. >> you can avoid the problem by getting a regular wired keyboard. well a back and for the happening right now between facebook and a popular ad blocker, ad block plus is a program that's supposed to keep your social media sites spam free. earlier this week, facebook said they found a way around ad block but now, the program says
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showing ads. so oreos air classic snack, right? well, how do you feel about swedish fish or yes? here's what they look like. >> they're already swim tong shelves. the new cookie replaces the regular filling with cherry flavored cream. early reaction has been so-so. if you want to try it you'll lav to go to your nearest kroger. >> i'm not so sure about that one. >> . if you don't find that odd this will do the trick. fried twin keys. they started selling them at some of the stores this week. >>ed begin tuesday for the nation. they come in two flavors original golden and chocolate. in case the fair isn't starting soon enough you can start in your house. >> go to your store to get it. the man suspected in a mother's depth is arrested nearly two weeks after the crime. where police say they found the suspect. >> and a local company is
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after a puzzling theft. no secret that governor pat mccrory and attorney general roy cooper are at odds over several key issues. >> they're going head to head in this year's race for governor and today both spoke at the north carolina technology association candidates forum in greensboro. >> political reporter beau minnick shows us why both say they're the right person to lead the state. >> this state is remarkable. >> i will work to make north carolina a welcoming state. >> repoer stage at the same time. but they spoke to the same audience and at times, their messages were very different. >> i believe we do have the best state in the country. that has been tarnished over the last few years, because of discriminatory laws that have been passed. >> reporter: attorney general roy cooper has called for the repeal of house bill 2 saying it is discriminatory. governor pat mccrory your says on the issue that north carolina has been targeted
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this is called diversion. the meaty mood yeah loves it the political pundits love it. i have to deal with it and i will deal with it and stick with my values and deal with it. >> reporter: mccrory and cooper also focused on other policy items key to north carolina. including their take on the state's economy. >> we have more revenue coming into the state than we had when we had higher taxes. northcarolina is a $275 million surplus >> the work that i do, i want to make sure that more money goes into the pockets of overday working people and that everybody participates in a recovering economy. >> reporter: ahead at 16 some other topics including education funding and what both candidates say they'd d to bridge urban and rural communities. in greensboro, beau minnick, cbs north carolina. and in the race for the white house hillary clinton is
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and new she's challenging her republican opponent to do the same but donald trump, he's a little busy. craig boswell explains how he's trying to explain reeseectomy comments about clinton and president obama. >> reporter: hillary clinton is stepping up pressure on donald trump to release liz tax returns by publicly releasing her own. clinton's 2015 returns reveal a $3.6 million tax bill, on 10 and a half million of income. that's roughly a 34% tax rate. to charity. the vales majority of which went to her husband's foundation. clinton's campaign issued a video. >> he does want to do it because presumably there's something in there that is bad. every major candidate has made their tax forms public. >> trump says he can't until an audit is completed. >> thank you. >> reporter: donald trump is
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is democratic. you are going to win erie in a landslide. trump blamed the media for not understanding that his reference to clinton and president obama as the founders of isis was sarcasm. >> obviously i'm being sarcastic. then, then, but not that sarcastic to be honest wit you. >> reporter: enamels show a tight race in florida where trump trails clinton by five points. clinton leads in virginia by 13 and a nine point advantage in north carolina. we're now hearing from the former donald trump staffer who says a campaign superior pulled a gun on him. he also says campaign officials failed to intervene. in a newly filed lawsuit vincent claims, then state director earl pill lip drove the barrel of a pistol into his kneecap. he claims he did not go to the police. instead he reported it to several officials.
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directly to then campaign manager corey lewandowski. >> i told him what would happen. what happened. and he said i take it very seriously. and then he had his underling handle it. he claims phillip did the same thing at least once. phillip resigned from the trump campaign this week. . a police chief is thanking nearby law enforcement agencies for helping them catch a murder suspect. during a news conference this morning officials said s last week allegedly. three died including a mother of three. the police say he will be brought back to north carolina on murder and attempted murder charms. authorities in robeson county are working to end a violent crimes. a vigil was held in lumberton last night to honor people who died in violent crimes. family and friends have been holding the event every year since 2007. the county sheriff says remembering the victims is
5:35 pm
prevent future crimes is also key. >> we do everything in our power to prevent homicide, we have everything we got to try to solve them and try to help the families and keep the families notified of what's going on, the robeson county sheriff's office says they investigated 34 homicides in 2014 2014. last year there were 27. a new warning from clinton police. coupons like this one are going around on n real. the people making them are probably trying to access your if nation through social media. so if you see this coupon do not click the link. a meeting for a proposed hotel is canceled. county leaders are considering the construction of a 100 room hotel in pittsboro. they were going to hold a public meeting next week to discuss tax incentives. however officials tell us the developer is worth drawing the request for that hearing. . this is just a wonderful story.
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make sure a clayton church has air conditioning. police say someone stole 2 ac units from mt. pleasant athens chris han church last month. it's on highway 42 in clayton. >> since the thefts leaders have been working hard to keep everybody cool. but thanks to allen kelly and company they don't have to any more. the company provided the church with two new units. they went out and in stalled them this morning. >> it's really been a big blessing for us. >> we're so glad that there's still a lot of people just wish we had more of them. >> the community's been very good to us. and it's just our way of extending some grace and love back to the community that's been so good to us. >> good job. police bleat thieves wanted the copper signed the ac units. >> the church's pastor says they took two older units which have more copper in them and left the newer ones behind. well, for many it's where the seeds of hopes and dreams take root. >> but now it's facing a big money isis.
5:37 pm
and girls club of durham may be forced to close. >> cbs north carolina's lauren haviland found out how you can help keep the doors open. >> there's some success stories happening here every day. >> reporter: 11-year-old matthew thompson is one of them. >> i like about the boys and girls club that we do things that we never done before. >> reporter: he's one of about 100 children in the durham area that come to this boys and girls club daily. >> it takes a lot of funding to run an operation, you kn organization picks up the kids ages 6-18. >> they're given a meal and menning for. >> the funding landscape has changed over the years. so we're in a p session now where we need to really get creative. >> reporter: years ago a major donor would give as much as $200,000 to this site. but as time has gone on the all of the dollars coming in continues to lessen. >> i don't like to think of the
5:38 pm
and the hours and days of operation the same, the durham organization needs to raise $150,000 by the end of the year. >> we really feel the community is going to step up. >> reporter: for each and every child and their future, whether it's a 5-dollar donation through their website or hundreds at their first gala later this year. >> to know what is offered to them here to know the fellowship that they have amongst each other. to know that they're in an viral where th place. we need more of that not less than that. >> we definitely doll need more of that. we have more information how crew can donate. it's on our website just go to we are following breaking news right now in northeast raleigh. >> police are on scene of a reported shooting near the intersection of capital boulevard and millbrook road. we dent have any information about a victim or suspects at
5:39 pm
questions. >> again, this is at the intersection of capital boulevard and millbrook road. there's still much more to come right here on cbs north carolina news at 5:30 including a jet blue flight that ended with dozens of in jars. why officials say the plane made an emergency landing. beef we head to break here's a live look at i-540 and glenwood avenue. significant backups.
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she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible
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news from texas tonight. a sheriff deputy found dead in his home killed him assessment. just minutes go officials worth the travis county sheriff's office say the 54-year-old was suffering from depression. he had been in law enforcement for 32 years. more than 20 jet blue passengers are recovering tonight after a recover ride. it happened last night during a flight from massachusetts to california. but the pilot hit a line of thunderstorms along the way. here's what's happenedex passengers arrived safely in sacramento friday morning following a mid-air scare. the plane hit severe turbulence over the midwest and suddenly dropped. >> it went flying way up in the air and my laptop flew up. there were stuff flying. >> i was buckled in but the lady next to me was starting to fly. and then the guys behind us hit the over compartment and it cracked. you can see where it cracks.
5:43 pm
flight left boston around 5:30 en route to sacramento. because of the tour lens, crew members diverted the plane to rapid city, south dakota. >> coming in, eta less than 10 minutes now. they said they have numerous injuries on the flight due to turbulence. >> i felt like i was in a tower of terror. >> reporter: this passenger is an emergency room nurse. he and a doctor on board helped passengers. >> we both went to the back other plane and the another young child was injured. several people hit their heads. >> reporter: at least 22 passengers and two crew members were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. two passengers -- 22 passengers and crew members were taken to the hospital but they were altered and released. authorities in maryland are still on the scene of a deadly apartment fire looking for self people who are still mission. local state and federal officials are also trying to
5:44 pm
there are reports that residents smelled gas before the blast. firefighters say two people died. at least 30 others were hurt. several others are still miss graying minnesota judge says prince's estate is allowed to sell some of the late singer's property. it includes homes, vacant lots. one of those buildings is worth $22 million. and a piece of land is up for sale, and that's worth $14 million. but prince's home paisley park is not on that list. he was 57. unit dream may be sut short because the water in rio made her sick. >> the highly polluted bay use ford some of the events has been a big concern for months. we have the story from flamingo beach in rio de janeiro. >> approaching the final turning mark. >> reporter: if you're watching the olympics on tv, rio's bay looks like one of the most beautiful places on earth.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: will is head coach of the belgian sailing team. his star sailor, has been diagnosed with a severe intestinal infection. the team's doctor believes she got it from polluted water in the bay. her coach says she's so weak, he doesn't know if she can be competitive did you expect her to win a medal here in rio? >> i was almost certain. >> reporter: what color? >> she would have been really capable of winning the gold. >> reporter: extreme water pollution louisana bn black eye on the rio games. 1400 athletes are now competing in water based events and some will have to swim in it. >> would you ever swim sentenced the water? >> no. >> reporter: never? >> never. >> reporter: this woman is a microbiologist who took us too parts of the bay near the olympic events. her scientific tests show alarming levels of super bacteria the result of both sewage and medical waste from hospitals. >> almost half of what we
5:46 pm
water bodies and definitely goes to the bay and then to the beaches. >> reporter: in order to get the olympics rio promise today install eight treatment plants on the polluted rivers entering the bay. it built one. it promise today trt 80% of the sewage entering the water and is treating just about half. those broken promises might cost this woman her olympic medal. he had fears. she was emotional because she worked >> reporter: the state environmental department here in rome is testing the water quality every day. they'll us that it's good and safe enough to swim in but when we asked for results of the tests they would not show us any from since the games began. and an maying story from the olympics tonight. a small country in the pacific ocean is celebrating first olympic medal.
5:47 pm
and the rugby team just won a gold medal against britain. as you can imagine people across the country are celebrating hard tonight. a newspaper in fiji says the celebrations will definitely continue into the weekend and next week. and here's a look at how team u.s.a. is doing in the games so far. right now we have 39 total medals. 16 are gold. >> but china is not far behind. with 31 total medals. >> japan is in 22 medals. fiji's one and climbing. congratulations to fiji. that's cool. 93 degrees, skies are partly cloudy. as we look over the city of raleigh, this is a gorgeous picture from the comfort of somewhere cool. because it is so hot outside. 91 in raleigh. 91 in wilson. 89 in roxboro. can you combine humidity it feels like it's triple digits
5:48 pm
100 in durham. 103 in fayetteville. so even though there's this 109 that's dangerous down there in dunn because any time we get above 105 that's when you can lead to heat exhaustion. there's non advisories for us. you have my advisory to tell you to take it easy if you're going outside during the evening hours. >> let's jump right into the weekend forecast. 78 to start you out. up around 8:00 on saturday or sunday. 88 at noon on saturday. 90degrees by noontime on su saturday. 95 on sunday. and when you factor in the humidity, once, again, it will feel like triple digit heat both saturday and sunday. >> so the pattern sets up. they have a mess down in louisiana. we have a high blocking any storm systems from coming our way. we just sometimes get a little of that atlantic moisture and it's differential meet heathing between the ocean and land pop up a couple showers that move
5:49 pm
this is your radar. you have to really squint. there were a couple more showers a half hour ago. they develop and wash out really quick. they don't have much movement. there was a little shower by eureka. now it appears there's one right east of wilson. that's all i have for you and i don't have that lasting much longer. just a toastky evening 89 degrees. 9:00 k partly cloudy and 83 degrees. here's how the few curse cast might just a few clouds no real precipitation chances at all. 11:00, 81 degrees. then the low is just going to be 75 degrees or so. i have 76 at 6:00 a.m. before the sun rises at 6:32. a little bit of patchy fog possible. few morning clouds and sunshine. partly sunny skies tomorrow. triple digit heat indexes any time really after 1:00, two, three, four, five, six into 7:00 hour tomorrow
5:50 pm
advisory category. so specifically it will be 93 in raleigh and durham and 94 in fayetteville with the partly sunny skies. so partly cloudy overnight tonight. and that high pressure system just sits off the coast. and doesn't change much. i mean, tomorrow's a partly sunny day, no real chance of showers popping up. maybe a little sea breeze shower briefly. same story on sunday. we'll have a southwesterly flow. that might act as a fan for you. that might help matters. the best ce mountains. as we head into monday back to work or school this front is stationary and it's going to take a little high from canada to push it down a little change in the upper level pattern. >> that's dade another day. it's not going to be until thursday or friday. so 93 tomorrow. 95 on sunday. monday back to work or school. is it a crime to talk about back to work or school when it's friday and we're just starting the weekend. just this way you don't have to think about it. fair and humid there could be
5:51 pm
day monday. look how hot it's going to be. 93-95 right through monday. small chance on tuesday and wednesday so i tweaked that down a little bit because the front is delayed. i've also pushed that 88 back to friday. few scattered showers and storms. so today's high was 94. i forecast 92 yesterday. that's within 3 degrees. so the american chance very site takes to allen kelly bringing it to a nice $1000. half the way through the month. we can do better. we're going to get to 25 or a hundred. >> we still have time. we'll get more. >> it's a long month with 31 days. new before we head to break we are going thank you take you back to that breaking news in northeast raleigh. >> police are on the scene of a reported shooting ant the intersection of capital boulevard. we continue have information about a victim or suspects.
5:52 pm
to answer those questions. again, this is at the intersection of capital boulevard and millbrook road.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
new research shows that some greenland sharks like this one may be older than the
5:55 pm
scientists say the sharks can live up to 400 years old. >> how this could help scientists learn more about aging in humans. >> they've been lurking in the depths for centuries. looking more like half blind weather bean rocks than killer sharks. in the ice cold waters of the arctic and north atlantic they prey mostly on smaller fish. their only bred ter is other greenland sharks. >> the scientists say they sharks by looking deep into their eyes. the lens is made "up" of proteins that bowe bergdahl made up of proteins -- made up of proteins. the largest shark was most likely 392 years old give or take 120 years. this doctor said they found one important time stamp. >> they could see carbon initially going to the 1960
5:56 pm
when nuclear bombs were being test the. we can go deeper and estimate that it's 3-400 years when these sharks were actually born. >> reporter: that's before georgia washington was but a twinkle in his father's eye. in fact, around the same time the actual galileo started staring up at the stars. and understanding that greenland's shark secret to a long life might help with our own longevity. >> these sharks are still funk shining into their hu attack their prey, eating it and living to them it's a normal life. we lav to learn from them. if we can learn, hopefully each of us can live better. >> maybe a varied diet is the key. they'll gobble up just about anything that slides off the ice. that is fascinating. >> i like the looking at the diet.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
?? from the mountains... to the beaches... the piedmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] run! ?? ? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? to make the good life ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ?
5:59 pm
because we're only borrowing it from our children. ?? breaking news right now in raleigh police on the scene of a shooting in a shopping center off cap pal boulevard near millbrook road. >> this is a live look ought the scene. witnesses tell our crew on scene that two people were shot. and sources tell cbs north carolina one person was shot in
6:00 pm
breaking news. good evening i'm sharon tazewell. >> i'm sean mar. three men including a 15 and 17- year-old. are charged with the murder and robbery of a cab driver in durham. >> it happened yesterday. today cbs north carolina's michael hyland talk today more of those who knew the victim the he joins us now from a local mosque. >>po other things that people here kept reiterating how many lives were changed. tear trying to help the man's family. >> reporter: throughout the day people came to this mosquito talk pray. many still struggling to make sense of thursday's death of ameer suliman. >> he's very nice man. a good straight really great citizen. >> reporter: durham police say he was shot in his cab outside


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