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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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remembering a young man shot and killed by a raleigh homeowner. how the young man is being remembered by friends as the case gets national attention. a car crash sends a young and we have a preview of nc state scrimmage and quarterback selection first in sports. first, it let's get you outside. we are waitings for the sun to arise. we have 78 degrees right now. gosh, that's awful close to 80 for 6:00 in the morning at least for me. saturday, august 13, 2016. i'm justin quesinberry.
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let's go to meteorologist kristin ketchell who will have a look at the weather. >> 78 for everyone. very warm to start the morning. unfortunately, that's a sign of what's to come. first, let's have a live look outside. beautiful weather coming your way from durham international airport. we will see plenty of that sunshine today. nothing popping up on our satellite or radar, so we are all dry and quiet. that's how things throughout this entire weekend. we have a chance of seeing some showers and storms once we start the week when things look dry and hot. 78 degrees right now. outside in raleigh, 76. 27 in fayetteville. 75 in sanford and 76 in siler city. this area of high pressure is just off to our east here pushing in that really hot and how many yesterday air. we can expect high index value
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105. heating up quickly today up to 89 degrees by lunchtime. 94 the feels-like temperature. i'll have a complete breakdown of what you can expect coming up. thanks, kristin. breaking over night in fayetteville, one man is dead after a car crash. >> it happened king, jr. highway. police want to talk to people inside a silver colored cadillac who they believe was around the yair. corn rodney thomas was shot and killed by a home own horse claims he was protecting his neighborhood from, quote,
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to honor the 20-year-old. there were notes, they shared stories and prayed. in the end, they released doves. >> it's been a roller coaster. you get together with him, remember him for who he is. you are laughing and talk about the goof necessary and you are crying because you remember the positive things he did. >> friends are also trying to get the word out about a where he worked. there will be and event august 18th. for more information, head to our website. sad news out of moore county. a southern pines teen who drowned has been identified. 16-year-old mason wagner attenned crest pine and was on the rotc. yesterday around 6:30, first
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a duck and dock and did not resurface. firefighters responded to a whom on waynes lane. the family dog and the family all safe just about a half hour ago, we learned that a man found shot in a raleigh parking lot shopping center yesterday afternoon 31-year-old raheem cummings died. the shooting happened in the 2600 block of capital bull vampletd he was taken to wakemed before he died. a witness on the scene says that a chase turn neighborhood a physical fight before shot were -- turned into a physical fight before shots were fired. officers took iman wild into custody.
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old samood lewis in an apartment complex in durham in march three people are facing charges in connection to the death of a cab driver in durham, two of them teenagers. police said that ameer suliman was found shot. po items that belonged to suliman. >> this gives us a chill all of us. it's a sad thing that this type of sad thing happens in our community >> it suliman was the husband and father of three. he was originally from sudan and according to the family wishes, that's where he will be buried. a teenage girl, a track
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she was one of the top runners in our state. she was a cheerleader at north heck high school. her boyfriend expected to be drafted for football is in icu but is responding. investigators have not said what led to this crash. deputies in lumberton county said they removed 21 animals from a suspected puppy mill. someone purchased a sick animal from a home in lumberton. whff in, quote, deplorable conditions. they are all being treated. charges are pending. police in raleigh and cary charged two suspects in connection to at least isn't
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four in durham. a federal judge did not rule right away on friday's hearing from 13 states challenging the president's directives to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. just last week, the u.s. supreme court ruled that a virginia school bod the boys restroom when school starts back. dozens of soldiers departed for kuwait to join the fight against isis. time now is 6:07 and a horrifying experience for a woman in florida bitten by an alligator. we'll update you on her current
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and dead -- deadly flooding in louisiana. how the governor is reacting to the conditions throughout the state
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sunrises are getting later and later but what a beautiful picture. >> if you step outside in the next few minutes, you will see skies clear. some pink and red. enjoy it right now though it is muggy with temperatures in the 70s. we'll talk about heat index values over 100 degrees. we'll stay dry all day. 78 in raleigh, 76 degrees in durham, 76 in goldsboro and clinton. 76 in rayford and pine hurst. we have a high pressure area building in.
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conditions with the heat index value, feels-like temperatures between 102 and 105 this afternoon. temperatures climbing to about 94. we are looking at temperatures already near 90 by noon. 92 degrees our temperatures at 6:00 we will' hit the high of 94 by 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. we'll have the complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> 6:12 right now. christ the redeemer is the number 1 local those visiting the olympic games in rio. but next, we'll tell you how it
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good morning and thanks for stick with us. right now, it is 6:15. here is a look at the top stories jacksonville sheriff's office says that a young teenage girl died after people were shot. authorities are stilar seven people were injured in an explosion and flash fire at a petro chemical plant in jeff county. the sheriff is investigating the cause of the explosion at the seneca logistics plant. new mexico police have three suspects in custody after an officer was shot and killed friday. 45-year-old officer jose shot
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stop friday. the suspects fired on the officer, carjacked another vehicle, shooting that driver, and then crashed the stolen car and eventually surrendered. it was not a community meeting that police had hoped for. they met with citizens friday to discuss the black lives matter movement. one man kept telling the police chief he had signatures from people who say they were racially profiled. he was ushered out of building. no arrests were made. the disruptions were from people who attended and were from topeka. former penn state coach jerry sandusky took to the stand to deny that he molested people.
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properly at his fires trial and was counseled not to go to the stand. >> if we had sufficient time, we could developed things. >> this it can hara case, there were decisions that were made that permitted an innocent man to be prosecuted. >> eight young men testified that sandusky accused them as children. prosecutors say that he recruited his victims from a char christ the redeemer is one of the popular attractions in rio. >> but even the statue of jesus cannot escape mother nature's
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you cannot forget about christ the redeemer. >> nearly 2 million people get up close and take pictures from every angle. it's brazil's national icon and protecting it can be a challenge. >> the statue sits 2000 feet up. it is a prime target for lightning. >> the catholic church has place nice but the finger the right hand of christ the redeemer has already been hit more than ten times. >> christina ventura is an architect saying that it is her privilege to care for christ. copper rods have been placed. >> it goes over the shoulder and there is a crown on the top of the hat.
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light inc. strikes in 2013 and 2014 did major damage to the statue, taking out part of the middle finger and the thumb. the stone is hard find and sometimes can be the wrong color but it's worth it to keep the statue looking like a masterpiece for generations to come. heavy downpours pounded parts of the friday. dozens of people were stranded in homes. louisiana governor declared a state of emergency. the national weather service reported numerous rivers in southeast louisiana and southern mississippi were overflowing their banks andthreatening widespread floodings. very scary stuff to see that. of course, we always advise as
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we certainly hope that those people get the help that they need. >> absolutely. that area of low pressure that brought us showers and storms did bring some issues along the gulf coast. things are improving today. we are seeing dry conditions in our area today. no threats of showers or storms. a dry and a hot weekend on the way. let's start things off with a live picture outside. a live look from the sprinklers are on and that will be needed with temperatures soaring again. satellite and radar not showing any wet weather out there right now. we are dry and quiet. as i mentioned, things will stay dry for us here. no real threat for showers and storms either as we head into the afternoon. 78 degrees right now in raleigh. 74 in help ter son. 76 in rocky mount and goldsboro.
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being fairly quickly today. sunrise about 6:33 this morning and once that sun is up, these temperatures are going to rise, up to 84 degrees at 10:00. 89 degrees at noon. 92 at 2:00. high temperatures topping out right around 94 degrees. so very, very similar to yesterday. as we head through the next several days, we can expect temperatures to stay well above average here. looking at highs through at least the end of the week here in the w average high is 89. we'll be well above that in the next several days. expect humid, hot conditions thanks to this area of high pressure building off shore here. leading to heat index values today between 102 and 105. so be careful if you are going to be outside.
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north here. this area of high pressure still is the main feature in our weather overt next several days. it does not release its grip on the area until at least the end of next week. hot and humid with isolated storms possible by thursday. this cold front will start to push through the area bringing us a better chance of showers and storms. forecast for today, mostly sunny, hot 94 in smithfield and goldsboro. 93 in wilson, rocky mount and roanoke rapids. 93 in durham and chapel hill. 94 in cary and raleigh. up north, high of 93 in roxboro and henderson. temperatures fall to 75 degrees, partly cloudy, warm and mugy so not much relief from today's heat during those
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day forecast has temperatures continuing to stay in those mid- 90s at least through the start of this week here. 95 degrees tomorrow. 94 on monday. chance of a few showers and storms developing during the afternoon and evening hours. monday, tuesday and wednesday, the best chance of wet weather holds off until the next cold front moves in on thursday getting out of the upper 90s into the upper this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's this, this, this, and this. it is the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that.
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hope solo had a few things to say after one of the most shocking upsets. and we have more from rio and more from scrimmage. >> football season is just around the corper but some teams are still requesting themselves that huge question talking about who is going to be our starting quarterback. that's the position that nc state finds itself in. mcclinton and ryan neely have been battling. the wolf pack will hold their first fall scrimmage.
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expectations. >> i hope they play really well. i don't know how the defense feels about that. it's going to be a competitive environment. you know, i would hike to see them not make -- i would like to see them not make mistakes, first and foremost. manage the game. each one of them will have a bad play or two along the way and how they bounce from that is what we'll be looking for. >> they mary thursday, september 1st. if you can't wait until september for football, don't worry because you don't have to. the high school season begins one week from yesterday. more on the highlights and reaction. every friday night, my friend todd gibson and i will hold the blitz. that's all the time we have for sports this afternoon but don't forget to tune into cbs north
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mod rains don't support the house bill 2 and discrimination into north carolina statute. >> the issue of gender identity is an issue that i never heard of eight months ago. >> candidate for governor taking turns in speaking in greensboro. more on what they had to say as voters decide who will club is working to raise nearly $150,0 there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow.
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north carolina candidates talked. >> thieves took a/c unanimous from a clayton church. now the hear what some freshmen had to say about their new home away from home. at 6:30, it is 78 degrees. beautiful ought there, though. thanks for watching. i'm beairshelle edme. >> and i'm justin quesinberry.
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with us. >> feels like it's the motto here the beautiful -- >> but hot. yes. no relief from the heat overnight either. temperatures in the middle to upper 70s and we are starting off the day with many pictures looking like this. sunrise in just a minute from here. s that live look from raleigh durham international airport. the skies look hazy this morning and that will be the satellite and radar not showing anything in the way of rain fall so we are dry, quiet. things will stay that way through today and tomorrow. we can expect a dry weekend but hot one across the area. 78 degrees in raul lee. 76 in durham, siler city, pine hurst. 73 in lewisburg, 74 in roxboro and henderson. we can expect a hot and humid day today.
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like temperature between 102 and 105. muggy morning will lead to a hot and humid afternoon by 3:00. we'll look at a feels-like at 104 degrees. high temperatures this afternoon. i'll let you know how long the hot weather issticking around and what you can expect for the rest of the weekend coming up. >> we begin with our mp applauding the results of the latest wall street journal maris poll. >> hillary clinton, debbie ross and roy cooper have leads. ross who trailed senator richard burb by seven points last night now leads him by 2. cooper now has a 7-point lead over governor mccrory.
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election. yesterday, the two candidate for governor spoke. >> more from greensboro. >> in this race for governor, it's about leadership. >> you do live in the best state in the united states of america. don't take it for granted. let's prepare for the future. >> governor mccrory and attorney general roycooper each believe they are the right candidate to lead north carolina into the future. they were not on stage at the same time but each spoke ab governor at the form yum for the north carolina technology association. both talked about education funding. >> we have seen stats in other states that spend a lot of money on education but there is no return on investments. so the money we put in education has to be extremely strategic. for example, we have a lot of people who need to go into
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it increases the economy. >> they spoke about bridging rule in urban communities. >> you don't tear down the urban areas in order to try to improve the rural areas. you don't put them in competition fighting over splitting up taxes. >> every one of us, whether you live in a big city or small town in north carolina or anywhere in the nation, you have to infrastructure of roads, rail. >> though they did not appear at the same time, they will did
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but donald trump is beginning in florida. >> obviously, i was sarcastic but not that sarcastic. >> hillary clinton released her 2015 tax returns showing that she and bill clinton made more than $10 million and donated one to charity. she called on donald trump to do the jaquan wright is charged with intimidating a witness. he is charged for several other crimes. anyone with information should call crime storms. outrage and frustration in hillsboro this morning after vandals aimed at the town's ornamental trees. this is one of only dozens to be targeted. the base of its trunk cut deeply all the bay around and a
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in the face. a poisonous chemical was drilled into it which will kill the tree. >> these trees are government property. police investigations are following up trying to see what they can learn. >> the town's mayor is calling for anyone with information to come forward and contact police. the body of a missing man in the crowattan national forest was found. authorities found the 66-year-old brian matsumoto, not far from where his car was found. authorities have not released a cause of death. the durham boys and girls club is asking for yourhelp. it need to raise $150,000 by the end of the year or be forced to clear its doors. officials say that a donations has dwindled do you through the the years but it's important to keep the club open for the more than 100 kids it serves.
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them here, to know the fellowship that's offered to them, to know there is an environment to know, oh, we are in a safe place. >> the organization will host a glow charity next friday night. more details on our website. finally, some relief from the heat for johnson county church after their air conditioner was stolen last month. yesterday, installed the new air conditioning for the church. >> i wish there were more peel like that, companies and others that would reach out to help others because it's been a big blessing. >> they have been really good for us and that's our way to extending our love to the community that's been so good to us. >> police believe that the
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copper inside of them the pastor says that they took two older units that have more copper and left the newer units. and freshmen are moving into their new places. and two deaths in a fire. the sun is up. high temperatures climbing well into the values over 100 degrees.
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. i'm meteorologist kristin we are seeing some sunshine already as we start the day. this is a live picture. sunny skies already this morning and we're going to see plenty of that sunshine today satellite and radar not showing anything in the way of rain. we are quiet and things will be similar to that for today and tomorrow before we see a chance of wet weather returning as we start the week. 78 degrees in raleigh, 76 in durham and siler city. 76 degrees in lillington,
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temperatures will climb into the 90s this afternoon. this area of high pressure begins to build. now that will lead to hot and humid conditions between 102 and 105. some potentially dangerous. now our muggy morning is going to lead to temperatures rising pretty quickly today. 89 degrees at noon. 92 degrees the high temperature at about 3:00 this afternoon. fa skies at 6:00. sunshine stick around but so will the heat and humidity.
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good morning. 6:45. here is a look at some of today's top stories. this morning, 31-year-old raheem cummings died injuries. the shooting in the 26 up block of raleigh boulevard. 16-year-old pine crest high student mason wagner drowned friday in isn't leagues. he reportedly dived off a dock and did not resurface. his body was located by sonar. there were 21 animals from a suspected puppy mill.
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from a home in lumberton. charges are pending. additional deaths are expected in an apartment fire and explosion in silver spring, maryland. at least two people are dead but several are unaccounted for. they are assume to be dead but the remains have not been discovered. went's night explosion was felt more than a dozen miles away we may have more answers regarding cargo shil al farro. none of the 33 crew members on board survived. officials with the national transportation safety board say that black box found in april is largely intact and could provide key information. >> we didn't want to joestle
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we waited to open it up. family the of the victims filed lawsuits against the ship's owner. they say that company did not do proper maintenance on the 40- year-old ship and put crew members in danger. >> five people were struck by lightning. it happened in the afternoon as a large storm cell moved through the area and lightning struck. the victims were bench under a tree when severe weather struck. hackers don't have to get into your computer to actually see what you are typing. >> a cyber security firm says that key strokes from certain wireless keyboards can be intercepted. kenneth craig sports. >> this may be convenient but cyber security company bastille
6:48 am
keyboard is intercepted and shows up on a laptop across the room. >> that represents millions of people out in the world. >> in this demonstration, the use the big wide antenna to pick you the signal from across the room but can also be done at close range with a small off the she software found on line. >> a couple of lines to type into the con-sol here. >> a hacker can get everything you type including personal messages and credit card information and it's not just wireless keyboards that are vulnerable. >> earlier this year, bastille
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>> you can avoid the problem by getting an old fashioned wild keyboard or mouse or devices that use secure bluetooth connection severe weather and flooding forced the illinois state fair in springfield to close early friday night. a slow-moving storm attendees to find higher ground that downpour looked like it was not fun to be a part off. we have soon that in parts of louisiana and mississippi. >> 'tis the season. it's rough to have a state fair in the summer when we have all this activity weather going on. ours is in october so we have a
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was at the state fair last year. we are looking forward to that type of weather. >> me, too. >> 78? >> 78 degrees outside. we are looking at highs climbing into the 90s this afternoon. we have some beautiful sunshine here from our prestonwood country club camera. shaping up to be a sunny day but a hot day across for us in the area. we are dry, and things will stay that way through this morning and into the afternoon as well. 78 degrees in raleigh. 76 in lillington and durham. clinton, 77 is the current temperature in fayetteville. all of these temperatures will be rising into the 90s this afternoon. by lunchtime, we are already talking about high temperatures close to 90 degrees.
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heat index value, feels like is going to be over 100 degrees through a large portion of today. unfortunately the heat and humidity sticking around here for the several days. going to 94 to 95 degrees: falling back into the low 90s here and the next cold front moves in on thursday. that will bring us cooler temperatures for through the end of the ek conditions. we are going to see that high staying put here through the start of next week as well. you can expect stifling heat coming. for monday and tuesday, a cold front scoots by to the north here. we are still hot and humid with a few storms likely as we head
6:52 am
dominating factor. we are hot and humid again ahead of the next cold front which will push into the area bring us a better rain chance on thursday. for today, we have mostly sunny skies. again, hazy, hot and humid. temperatures in the 90s. heat index value in the triple digits. 94 in dunn, lillington and pine hurst this afternoon. 94 degrees in pe 92 today in durham and chapel hill. 94 in raleigh and cary. temperatures fall into the mid- 70s. not a whole lot of relief from the heat today. partly cloudy, warm and muggy. the seven-day forecast has temperatures staying in the 90s. 94 today to 95 degrees tomorrow. chance of a few afternoon stops on monday with a high of 94.
6:53 am
tuesday and wednesday. thursday and friday, we are looking at a high temperature around 90 degrees and we will see a better chance of showers and storms here as we head into the end of this upcoming week as that cold front moves in on thursday. so 89 on friday. actually a huge improvement over temperatures that we'll be experiencing for the week and the start of the week as well. hang in there. summer is not over just yet. >> i never thought i forward to 89. >> 89. we start the month on a cool note and now we are back in the way. >> you know what else i'm looking forward to? >> what? >> a new cookie. we'll tell you about it coming up. the girl scouts announced a new
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>> classes are both nc state start. we wish them all the good luck. >> cbs morning saturday is coming up right after niles at 6:00. >> here is a preview of the stories they will be covering. we will have the day's headline and inadvertently create the heroin business. and meet the organization trying to fight pollution. and the personal collection of miniature cars. >> and the eye opener, the dish and music from amos lee just
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>> this one is what everyone is waiting for. the. >> the girl scouts are adding a cookie. the group is introducing two member commemorative cookies. in our state, you can get the one with chocolate. man, those sound good. look good. we were already talking about what we ship us un. >> i was a girl scout. >> i'm sure you were. >> my mom was cookie mom. >> is that a thing? hot today. be careful. highs in the 90s. and we have more news coming up at 9:00. we'll tell you all about the sale of some historic homes.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is august 13th, 2016. welcome to "cbs thor state of emergency. deadly floods take out homes and roads down south with a forecast calling for more trouble. if i lose, she cheated. donald trump with new claims about voter fraud in a key swing state. did america's legalization of pot create the current heroin crisis? a dark side of the debate. alex rodriguez's final game includes a flood of cheers,


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