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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 13, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is august 13th, 2016. welcome to "cbs thor state of emergency. deadly floods take out homes and roads down south with a forecast calling for more trouble. if i lose, she cheated. donald trump with new claims about voter fraud in a key swing state. did america's legalization of pot create the current heroin crisis? a dark side of the debate. alex rodriguez's final game includes a flood of cheers,
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we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. this is awful. this is the worst ever. >> torrential rain, flash floods prove deadly in the deep south. >> we have the potential for catastrophic flooding. we have a lot more rain to fall. the system is just kind of stuck here. >> i've never flooded before. >> louisiana governor john emergency in the southeastern section of his state. >> people hurt in a park. >> smoke coming off one of the guys. >> the only way we could lose, in my opinion, i really mean this, pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on. >> major candidate is saying that the election in the united states is rigged. that is dangerous! >> he is saying i'm so confident, i will win, that the only way i could lose is if hillary clinton cheats. >> 60 people are dead after a small plane turned into a
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several trees in northern virginia. >> a federal court overhurns the conviction of brendan dassey in featured in the netflix documentary "making a murderer." >> a high-speed chase and a car gets t-boned. >> sweden called us a bunch offa offaof cowards. >> sweden beat the u.s. >> and a base h rodriguez. it's over. alex rodriguez wraps up his 12-year tenure here in new york. >> on "cbs this morning: saturday." >> more gold for american swimmers at the summer olympics. >> here they come. unbelievable!
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>> a world record again. is he doing it again? you bet he is! ? welcome to the weekend, everyone. anthony mason is off on, so jeff glor is with us. >> good to see you. >> we have a lineup including a trip to one of the darkest ac certify the most spectacular places to see our night's sky. see how they are fighting the problem of light pollution. >> we are going to minneapolis on an update what happened to collection of miniature cars. how one man's passing gift is now transforming the lives of strangers. that is coming up. our top story this morning, first. the weekend is off to a stormy, sweltering and dangerous start for millions of americans. heat warnings and advisories are
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severe thunderstorms are expected from the gulf coast to the great lakes. >> this morning, louisiana remains under a state of emergency as a slow moving and deadly storm has left more than a foot of rain since thursday. not even the governor's mansion was spared. the historic rainfall filled the basement of the baton rouge residence. omar villafranca is in hammond, louisiana. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there is actually a curfew in place in parts of southeastern louisiana after a slow and steady rain fell some areas saw as much as 20 inches of rain in total. flooding streets and shutting down roadways. it was all hands on deck across the gulf coast friday. dozens of people needing rescue as heavy downpours sent rivers spilling over their banks. >> my house is completely flooded and i have never flooded before. >> where is all of this water supposed to go? explain to me!
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coming from the new -- been built and way to drain this out? >> reporter: the rainfall started on thursday catching many people off guard. >> nobody was ready. we didn't think this rain was coming like this. >> we woke up at 5:30 and it was about as it is right now. but within two hours, it was up to the stoop. >> reporter: the weather turned deadly just north of baton rouge. 68-year-old man was killed when he was swept away >> me and my son and another guy tried to get him but too late. >> reporter: nearly 80 roads have been closed and officials are telling drivers to stay off the roads. this driver needed help getting free from his vehicle. a group of people risked their own lives, swimming out to rescue him from his sinking suv. several shelters have been set up around the state to help the dozens of residents who are trying to escape these
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forecast. >> omar villafranca in hammond, louisiana, this morning, thank you. five people were struck by lightning north of new york city yesterday and three remain in critical condition. light this is being blamed for igniting a series of grass fires which damaged buildings in northern texas. for more on the dangerous weather expected throughout the weekend we turn to meteorologist ed curran of our chicago station wbbm-tv. >> goo is triggering off all of the rain, first, down in louisiana. flood watches up. flash flood warning up through the morning as well. the ohio river valley and northeast flash flood watches are up as the system continues. a marginal risk for severe weather in this region, damaging winds the threat there. excessive heat warnings in new york, washington, heat
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feel like 110 and 97 in d.c. will feel like 112 degrees. elsewhere, hot. 105 in phoenix and 94 portland and 101 in sacramento. jeff? >> ed curran from wbbn-tv, thank you. to politics. donald trump's numbers in swing states are dropping and the republican presidential nominee is trading controversy about what he is potentially losing in is leading by an average of nine points over the republican candidate but not trump claiming a loss there would be suspicious. errol barnett is in our washington bureau with more. >> reporter: controversial statements from donald trump, once again, drawing negative attention to his campaign, giving his democratic rival hillary clinton plenty of ammo. trump is losing ground to clinton in key battleground states and is now reacting by expressing concerns about voter
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>> the only way we can lose, in my opinion, i really mean this, pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on. >> reporter: campaigning across pennsylvania yesterday, donald trump called on voters to get to the polls, but not just to vote. >> so i hope you people can sort of not just vote on the 8th. go around and watch and look at other polling places and make sure that it's 100% fine. >> reporter: trump is stickg that the system is rigged against him and if not careful, he could be cheated out of the presidency. >> we have to call up law enforcement and we have to have the sheriffs and the police chiefs and everybody watching. >> reporter: this on the heels of yet another week of controversy for the republican nominee. this time, for attacks against president obama. >> so i said, the founder of isis.
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but not that sarcastic to be honest with us. >> reporter: trump was asked if he was serious when he said the president was the founder of isis. >> he created the vacuum? >> no he is the founder of isis. >> i call hillary clinton and president obama the founders of isis. >> reporter: it is fracturing the gop. many 70 republicans signed an open letter urging the republican national committee to divert funds from trump's campaign towar >> and don't believe the garbage you read. >> reporter: but rnc chairman reince priebus says the party is united and introducing trump at his republican raerls. >> rallies. >> capitaling on republican chaos, hillary clinton released this attack ad on friday. >> we will only know if he is a real deal or a phony if he
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trump's own party questioning why he won't release his tax documents and, simultaneously sharing her own. the documents show hillary and bill earned more than $10 million last year, paying upwards of 34% in federal taxes. hillary earned $3 million for her book "hard choices." while bill accepted more than $5 million in speaking fees, most of what the two donated to charities went to their own clinton family foundation. and weul different from the clinton foundation itself which is under scrutiny after hacked e-mails raised questions about its influence over government policy. now trump responded to the release of clinton's tax returns saying what americans really want to see are the 33,000 e-mails deleted from her private server. >> errol barnett in washington, thank you. for more on this and the rest of campaign 2016, we turn to "the washington post"
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trump. what does he need to do to recover? >> the same thing he and his team always know they need to do which is to reset, to stay on message, to exercise some sort of message discipline to stop sort of mouthing off about whatever pops in his head, no matter how much applause against him at his own rallies. the campaign and we have known this a long time and seems like every other day a declaration of a reset and pivot and the next day he turns off something voters. >> reince priebus says everybody is on the same page. how true is that? >> not true. trump is not going to drop out and others are calling for the rnc to withhold funding from trump during the presidential election and focus the money on candidates. there is a lot of discord within the party. >> the priebus/trump dynamic right now is dicey. i wonder how much dicier it can
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unstable thus far. reportedly, one of the things that really upset priebus recently was when donald trump refused to explicitly endorse paul ryan who has a very close friendship with priebus. so i think that, you know, may have led things come to a head and it seemed at that point donald trump backed down. he did endorse ryan but maybe outrageous remarks that continue to alienate important demographics can't help the relationship. >> i think people are wondering why dump has not released his tax returns. we saw hillary do it recently. do you think is going to do it? >> he is not going to release his tax returns. he basically said he'll release them when the audit is over. >> under an audit you can release your tax returns?
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when the audit is over and he says is under continuous audit. we have this longstanding tradition of releasing tax returns. >> how much they made, how much they were paying, including bill clinton making $17 million not small amounts of money. >> not small amounts of money. that particular consulting source of income that you mentioned about this college, i think somewhat hurts the clinton's case for attacking donald trump on trump university, right? they are both for-profit educational institutions of some kind. that consulting gig has not gotten quite as much attention. >> katherine, thank you so much. >> thank you.
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online. published reports say the breach may be tied to russian intelligence services. the hacker posted the personal cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses of about 200 members of congress, including house minority leader nancy pelosi and democratic whip steny hoyer. they do not seem to be as embarrassing as the release of documents last month but the hacker hint that more leaks are coming. you can tune in tomorrow morning for "face the nation" here on susan collins, a republican from maine. investigators are trying to figure out why a small plane crashed in an airport in virginia, killing all six people on board. as the pilot aborted the flight, the plane struck a tree line at the end of the airport in foreh fredericksburg and the plane went down near a railroad line. a judge has overturned the life sentence of a wisconsin man in a case that was profiled on the netflix series "making a
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freed within 90 days after a federal judge ruled on friday that investigators coerced the confession using deceptive tactics. he confessed to helping his uncle carry out the rape and killing of teresa hallbalk in 2005. no word if the prosecutors intend to appeal. the americans have now won 50 medal in the first week of the olympics. 20 of them golden. jamie yuccas is in rio de janeiro. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. what a performance by team usa, right? katie ledecky continued her dominance in the pool by winning the freestyle and the ole man since 1904 to swim an individual race won gold for team usa. probably the most exciting point of the night, though, is with katie ledecky. it was jaw dropping when she won
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week and destroyed the field and breaking the world record in the 800 meter freestyle last night. the nearest swimmer was nearly ten seconds behind her! if you were on social media, everyone was going crazy! also, a blowout to a very tight race. america's doroto took home her second gold medal stopping hungary's so-called iron lady who had already won four straight gold medals here in rio. now for the n, youth was discovered in the 50-meter freestyle and at the age of 35 -- that's not old in my opinion, but 35, anthony ervin won gold, 16 years after winning his first in the 2000 sydney games and only 19 then. he won but 1/100th of a second last night. michael phelps, he tried two other swims and tied them, rather, for the silver in the
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it is his 27th medal and pretty impressive and his last swim of these games is tonight in the medley relay. disappointment for the u.s. soccer team where they were eliminated by sweden in a shoot-out that was so disappointing. lastly for the first time in 48 years and get back to a positive note. the team usa fencing team bring home a bronze after beating italy. there are other moments we have been talking about. liked on social about katie ledecky but everybody else is talking about the diving pool that was green and it ended up having to be closed yesterday after it started to smell. >> jamie, i agree, 35 is not hold and jeff is nodding as well. >> yes! >> just for the record. this morning, the career of one of baseball's brightest and most controversial stars remains up in the airplane. alex rodriguez's time as a new york yankee is over. he played his final game in
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he would be released. there are still questions about whether he his playing days on done. tony dokoupil is in the bronx with more. >> reporter: good morning. alex rodriguez's final game here as a yankee unfolded much as his career did, with success and some difficulty. memories he has given us! >> reporter: a pregame ceremony featuring a-rod's family and former teammates ended abruptly with dark cloud hovering over yankees stadium opened up. raining on his celebration. but in his first at-bat. >> the designated hitter, alex rodriguez. >> reporter: cheers. then a clutch piece of hitting. >> a base hit for rodriguez.
7:19 am
third on major league baseball's all-time rbi list, added another. a-rod slapping a double to right field. in his last inning as a yankee, rodriguez took the field for the first time this season. after two outs, he was pulled from the game. teammates and fans showing their appreciation. but his time in new york and major league baseball wasn't always so golden. despite winning three mvp awards and making more money than any rodriguez was also one of the most penalized. in 2014, he served 162. game ban for his use of performance-enhancing drugs and use he denied to "60 minutes" in 2007. >> for the record have you used steroid or human growth hormones or any other performance enhancing substance? >> no. >> after his performance sank for a low the yankees decided
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to release rodriguez while still paying him the 27$27 million th owe him through the next season. >> this is one of the greatest moments in baseball and to go out this was has to be a little embarrassing and he has even admitted as much. >> reporter: don't use the retirement just yet, but rodriguez isn't. >> in your heart, do you think you've played your last major league baseball game? >> todd, i got to tell you, it's going to be tough to top that. that's a memory that i forever. >> reporter: alex rodriguez will still, apparently, serve the yankees next season as a special adviser, working with younger players, but he is still able to sign with another team. vinita, his only confirmed plans for the near term were to, quote, maybe have a couple of cocktails. >> that sounds like a good plan. tony, thank you. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" says the ruby tuesday restaurant chain will close 95 of its restaurants by the end of the year.
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700 restaurants nationwide did not give locations of those closings. a net loss of 27 million in its fourth quarter. thomas gibson has been fired from the cbs drama "criminal minds." the dismissal comes after gibson apparently kicked one of the people on the set two weeks ago. he is appeared to show in episodes of the 12th season this fall and it's not clear how creators will carry out his disappearance from the story line. a first edition of hardback copy of harry potter and the philosopher stone published in the uk is going up in auction in november. the error appears on page 53. it's a repeated list of harry's school supplies. the initial price is to be
7:22 am
books right now. the "los angeles times" talk about the nfl drought of football in los angeles about to come to an end. nearly 90,000 fans are expected at the matchup between the rams and the dallas cowboys at the coliseum and could break the record for an nfl exhibition game in the u.s. the last one in 1994 when the kansas city chiefs beat the raiders at the fun times. nfl football is back. >> good saturday morning i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell off to a sunny start here for our day. temperatures very mild. 78 in raleigh, 76 in durham. all the
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computer keyboard. stealing a car is just a few key strokes away. how marijuana has led to a side effect. a growing heroin epidemic. you're watching "cbs this
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. coming up, let there be dark science. a toast to american politics. a look at how alcohol has played a role in the presidency of the united states. we will be right back. this is "cbs this morning:
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good morning. we start with breaking news out of raleigh. around 4:30 this morning. officers responded to a shooting at mambo 69 sports bar. they discovered two shooting victims. right now, there is no word on any suspect. s that developing story and information comes into our newsroom. more breaking news out of raleigh. police say just before 4:45 this morning, officers arrived at capitol boulevard and i-4 corridor responding to a shooting. a vehicle hit a pole and downed a power line. one man was found insight vehicle suffering a gunshot wound. his condition is unknown at
7:28 am
other stories online and on air for the latest information. now, we turn to weather we have sunny skies outside this morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell. here is a live look from prestonwood country club. nothing is popping up on satellite or radar and the sunshine will stick with us all day. we are looking at highs in the 90s feels-like over 100 degrees. 78 degrees in raleigh, 76 in durham. 75 degrees in rayford. those temperatures will climb to about 94 this afternoon. 95 degrees tomorrow. we are still in the 90s here for monday, tuesday, wednesday. dry all weekend. chan of showers and storms. as we start next week, a better chance holding up until
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? our top story this half hour, 21st century car thieves and how they do it. a recent wave of car thefts in texas is part of a new high-tech trend. little skill with a laptop computer could help the bad guys take off with your vehicle. >> point. click. steal. security camera video outside of a houston home shows this guy getting into a jeep wrangler and breaking out his laptop, apparently using the jeep's on-board diagnostic port to trick it into accepting a generic key he brought with him and just drive off. that jeep belonged to david payne's daughter. >> actually, my daughter was
7:31 am
her dog was sleeping with her. her dog and her slept through it and nobody heard a thing. it's like being invaded. the guy is coming in and stealing stuff in your driveway. >> reporter: typically, thieves target older cars because of the value of their parts but not these two and working always at night, they struck again using a laptop to take this jeep grand cherokee. police arrested michael arand jesse sela and believe the vehicles were smuggled into mexico. somebody has the knowledge and the ability and knows how to utilize that ability to be able to commit the theft, it's a scary situation. >> reporter: police say a similar string of jeep thefts are under investigation in california. the national insurance crime bureau which investigates stolen car claims for the insurance industry, has noticed an uptick in newer, harder to steal vehicles being taken. >> which sort of surprised us because -- because they have all this new technology. >> reporter: spokeswoman carol
7:32 am
wiring. >> yes. in the old days, thieves could hot wire a car, but when the new technology came along, it was no longer possible to hot wire a car. and that is why we saw auto thefts really drop off. but as with any kind of crime, the thieves always find a way to outwit technology. >> reporter: in washington, kris van cleave for "cbs this coming up, a law could force some drivers in one state to give up eating or drinking behind the wheel. could th good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell. off to a sunny start to our day on saturday across north carolina. blue sky, a little haze out there and temperatures well into the 70s right now. we will see all of these
7:33 am
"morning rounds," including the latest on the zika virus in florida which has now spread from the miami hot zone. plus cupping the big trend at the olympics. this is "cbs this morning: saturday." , the big trend at the olympics. this is "cbs this morning: saturday." >> announcer: this weather segment is sponsored by today. houston: news alert... new from the makers of claritin, clarispray. ? ? welcome back. clarispray is a nasal allergy spray that contains the #1 prescribed, clinically proven ingredient. nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion.
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time for "morning rounds" with chief medical correspondent dr. jon lapook and dr. tara narula. the zika virus. two dozen infections are record in south florida and most with ruffle square mile area in northern miami. the cdc issued guidelines for pregnant we will and their partners but still serious questions looming. jon, if we could, let's start with you. obviously, of great concern for
7:37 am
around deet and what sprays you're supposed to use. what is the recommendation now? >> yeah. this is a big area of concern for people. now deet is the active greeting in many of these insecticides. i spoke to the cdc and how do you know it's safe. you say it's safe on your website it's safe during pregnancy. how do you know it's safe, epa that examineses the health of insecticide. she says their recommendation is based on, one, animal research, right? it's shown to be safe there. and then there is also what is called epidemiologic information. that means are there reports of there being problems? it's very hard to actually do experiments, obviously, for ethical reasons on people, on pregnant women, but there is one
7:38 am
on pregnant women who used 20% deet every day during their pregnancy in the second and third trimester and there was no problem with either the baby or the mother. the bottom line what dana vogel said to me, any product that is on the market is not on the market unless it's shown to be safe and effective. >> it seems so overwhelming with you go to buy a can of one thing, so many different numbers. anything in particular aside from the 20% you just machining that people should be mindful of? >> the first thing is, and everybody emphasizes to me who i spok i the directions carefully. you may it's obvious how to use it but it may not be. i learned something new which is you see these percentages of deet, the concentration ranging from 5% to 100%. it turns out that the higher concentration doesn't mean that it works better. it means that it lasts longer. so one industry trade group said that 5% deet, for example, lasts about an hour and 30% can last up to eight hours.
7:39 am
comfortable with deet at all, are there other option that are recommended? >> there are. actually a wonderful tool that is available on the environment protection agency website. it's an interactive website that could help you sort out your choice. what you do is you plug in how long you want protection and whether it's from mosquitoes, ticks or both. it gives you a list of product to choose from. >> moving on. the rio olympics are in full swing and michael phelps is again in the spotlight and not only for his winning ways probably noticed and wondered about those circular bruises all over phelps' body and they come from something called cupping, an ancient treatment for sore muscles. this is the best commercial anybody could have, everybody is talking about it. >> cupping is a technique around for hundreds of years and a part of cheinese medicine. you take cups and place them on different parts of the body for five to 20 minutes and you apply
7:40 am
that creates a vacuum. the vacuum pulls the skin away from the muscle and it expand or dilate the capillaries which are the small blood vessels and even causes them to rupture and causes the bruising. by doing this you are creating inflammation and stimulate the immune system and nervous system and increasing localized blood flow which can clear away toxins and help tissue repair and flow. there is also the potential for a placebo effect which can be very powerful. the idea is promotes healing and reduces pain. >> i did not realize people swear by it for back pain, lower back pain in some case. the bruises look painful. >> i think it depends on your pain threshold. some people actually say that this technique is pleasurable. it feels good.
7:41 am
it does feel like kind of a warm pulling sensation on your body similar to getting a hickey is how it's been described. and the thinking is that it's relatively safe. for the most part, it does cause localized edema or swelling or the bruising you mentioned. in addition there have been case reports of it causing skin infection and skin blistering and skin burning. even though can you buy a kit from amazon for $15 it's probably best done by a licensed acupuncturist that have to be trained in cupping to get their certification. >> i wonder how far this is going to spread spread. the guy pumping gas or the guy behind the checkout counter? >> you mention the back. a complaint so many people have. >> everybody wants an inexpensive and natural way to heal their bodies and we have seen celebrities doing this but i think michael phelps is one of the biggest endorsements that cupping has gotten. when you see an elite athlete of
7:42 am
doing this, you wonder this must be credible and there must be something to this. no question this will probably increase this trend. >> he makes it look cool. >> he does. health concerns about big music festivals when you combine hordes of people in close spaces and britain's public health agency says music may not be the only thing you catch. this year measles has been linked to festivals and large public events compared to 54 the british people are warning people to get vaccinated. >> this is really easy. get vaccinated. >> coming up, how the legalization of marijuana in some states might be to blame for the exploding heroin epidemic. you are watching "cbs this
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the hopes of marijuana legalization advocates which it chose to keep pot on its list of most dangerous drugs and marijuana remains classified with heroin and cocaine and more and more states are legalizing or decriminalizing pot use. >> few americans recognize a significant downside to the pot legalization movement. it's addressed in an article in this month's "esquire" magazine ti " apocalypse." the author is done winslow and he is here to tell us more. this is a well-written article and so easy to understand. >> thank you very much. great editors. >> given your background also, it's easy to understand why you're so well-versed in all of this. start off with the thesis. how do you link the legalization to the heroin epidemic? >> first of all, can i address the dea's decision yesterday? this is good news for the
7:47 am
their money by selling schedule one drugs. keeping it illegal and felonious and all that you raise the price of marijuana and you create billions of dollars for psychopathic killers. so it's a bad decision. to answer the question you asked me, though, the thesis is that when two states, and then a third legalized marijuana, marijuana imports from the mexican drug cartels dropped by almost 38% and those are the dea so they looked around to replace that income. now what are we going to do? they found a ready-made marketplace with opioids. big american pharmaceutical companies are created a whole population of addicts that were paying $30 basically a dose for these drugs. so the cartel, guzman's outfit
7:48 am
production and potency, we can get in that market and undercut the american pharmaceutical companies and sell this product at 10th a dose. >> instead of groig wwing a marijuana in fields they have fields where they can produce this heroin laced with fen ta-- >> you can make about $217,000 a profit on that kilo here york city. fentonyl you make a million three and you don't need massive fields or the infrastructure you need with heroin. it could be made in a lab and easier product to ship. >> prince among the big names that we have seen in recent years. you mentioned el chapo.
7:49 am
successful escapes. the myth surrounding that recent escape. his capture has changed the cartel structure in mexico in dangerous ways in some ways. how is that? >> it has. you know, there is almost an iraq analogy available to us. you know, when we took out saddam hussein, definitely an evil man, no question about it, as is mr. guzman, but it created chaos and it created opportunity. the same thing has happened in mexi. outfit was the dominant drug trafficking organization in mexico. there was what we call the sinolow peace after ten years of hideous violence. with chapo away and the sar car fracturing and other groups are now rising again and creating another round of violence. >> the portrait you paint of el chapo is interesting.
7:50 am
he is selling cocaine by the time he is 15 and building things within the city spp what was it about his violent nature that allowed this sort of culture to exist? >> listen. any of these organized crime figures, particularly in mexico, are simultaneously criminals and benefactors to the community. not organized crime anywhere. so guzman and others would build churches, in give away refrigerators and washing machines and all kind of things and providing the services that the government failed to. in that sense, he is revered. let's look at the dark side of that. you know, he has the fist inside that velvet glove. if he didn't do what he wanted, if he were going to be betrayed, he would kill you and kill your entire family. there is a combination of fear and reverence that goes with that imagine.
7:51 am
heroin. >> his article is worth checking out. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. texting is one thing but an imposed law could force drivers to give up eating and drinking behind the wheel. details on the law that one state is considering. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." every day my challenge is to be in sync with my body, with myself, with my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. that's why i'm taking the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics every day. because when my routine is in sync, i can face any challenge. so take the activia probiotic challenge! visit to learn more. take the activia probiotic challenge now. it works or it's free! i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
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7:55 am
spoils your dinner? >> reporter: it also increases the likelihood of a crash by 80% according to the national highway traffic administration and something new jersey lawmakers are trying to stop. >> it's a matter of public safety. >> reporter: a new bill is targeting distracted driving. while it doesn't specifically mention food or drink, the proposal would give police officers broad discretion in deciding whether or not a driver's behavior is distracting enough, even to warrant a traffic stop. >> can i ask you, is this a sandwich? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: leading many to believe they could be pulled over for grabbing a bite or taking a sip while driving. >> i would think it's ridiculous. i mean, we are always at waawaa and quiktrip getting drinks. >> i might fall asleep at the wheel and that might distract me more so than drinking my coffee. >> reporter: that is not necessarily the case according to the assemblyman who
7:56 am
anybody who believes driving with a cup of coffee in your hand is dangerous. i think that if you are putting cream and sugar and stirring it, that might be a little distracting. >> a similar measure was put forward, like three years ago, and it did not pass. i only drink. i've never eaten while driving because i'm a bad driver. >> there is a question you can't have any food or drink in the car at all or only if you're actually drinking or eating? this bill is based on a maine law that was a broad ban of distracted driving. if it happened, which it may very well not, a ticket would be $300 to $400. >> that is high. >> on the subject of vehicles, it is one of the biggest miniature car collections in the world, plus a full-sized classics. we will tell you when a man left all of it to his church and how he is helping the next
7:57 am
morning: saturday." good morning. i'm beairshelle edme. here is a look at breaking news. fayetteville police have identified two shooting victims and are asking for the public's help to identified them. they are said to be in good condition at the local hospital. the brothers got into a the altercation spilled outside and they were shot by unknown individuals. here is surveillance video of the suspects. the suspects were described as leaving in a white sedan and silver challenger. and we are also following breaking news out of chapel hill. police are investigating a car crash. the driver struck a pore pole
7:58 am
right now, the street will be closed until further notice. we want to take a turn and take a look at weather. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. we have 75 degrees the current temperature in raleigh already as we take a live lok from the tower camera here in north raleigh, looking towards the skyline there. you can see the skies look a little hazy this morning and that's because humidity is very high. but we are not going to see any wet weather today. that's how things will look through today and tomorrow as well. next chance for a few afternoon storms going to hold off until monday. 79 degrees outside in raleigh. 76 in durham. 77 in roxboro. lewisburg. goldsboro, 79 degrees in fayetteville. expect temperatures to climb all the way up to 95 this afternoon. 95 degrees to. 94 on monday. chance of a few showers and storms as we start the week
7:59 am
8:00 am
? welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeff glor. a big sendoff for one of baseball's most controversial stars. alex rodriguez played his final future for this polarizing player. when they see the light they hunt it down. meet the group trying to stop light pollution and save our night's sky. under the fluinfluence. we will examine withe role of alcohol.
8:01 am
emergency as a slow moving and deadly storm has left more than a foot of rain since thursday. omar villafranca has more from hammond. >> reporter: good morning. there is a curfew in place in parts of louisiana because of a steady overnight rain, and residents are waking up to this. in some place, more than a foot of water in their neighborhood streets. dozens of people needed to be rescued after heavy rain sent river spilling over their banks. a 68-year-old man was killed as he was swept away trying to escape the risie iing waters. some parts of the state have seen up to 20 inches of rain. jeff, there is more rain in the forecast. >> omar villa fe fran ka, thank you. five people were struck by
8:02 am
in critical condition in p poughkee poughkeepsie. north of new york city. they tried to revive the victims left unconscious. the strike happened as they were gathered around a park bench. three people were killed a few days ago from lightning strikes. hillary clinton releases her 2016 tax returns. she and bill clinton filing jointly last year speaking fees. for a federal tax rate of just over 34%. speaking in detroit friday, she, again, called on donald trump to release his tax returns. >> because he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release his tax returns. >> the term campaign maintains that trump is under an irs audit and cannot release his returns until the audit is complete.
8:03 am
suggesting that the november election could well be rigged. speaker to voters in the crucial swing state of pennsylvania on friday, trump said one likely scenario preventing his possible victory in the keystone state. a system favoring challenger hillary clinton. >> the only way we could lose, in my opinion, i really mean this, pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on. so i hope you people can sort of not just vote go around and look and watch other polling place and make sure that it's 100% fine. >> the latest quinnipiac poll has clinton ahead of trump 9 points among likelily voy voter pennsylvania. thousands gathered in havana at the stroke of midnight to
8:04 am
fidel castro. fidel castro was not scheduled to appear in public. >> a woman in florida came close to losing her hand after she was attacked by an alligator while fishing in the everglades on friday. she dropped a can from a dock and trying to retrieve it when the alligator tore into her right hand. she is in critical today. 19-year-old katie ledecky broke her own world record for her gold medal in the 800-meter freestyle and mike phelps settled for a three-way tie. that is his 27th olympic medal. phelps said he is retiring after his final event tonight. >> baseball's lightning rod alex rodriguez got what could be his final hit in his final game as a new york yankee last night at
8:05 am
after a very warm pregame reception, number 13 was given a standing ovation by the sellout crowd and even grabbed himself some infield dirt while going to the clubhouse. he was suspended for the 2014 season for the use of performance-enhancing drugs and expected to serve as an adviser to the yankees next year. for more on the twists and turns of a-rod's turns, radio network. damon, thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> what a nutty night. alex rodriguez brings drama to whatever he does and the weather brought drama from the very ving. >> it's perfect he wears the number 13, right? bad luck always seems to follow alex rodriguez but most of his own doing. the perfect drama played last night because the yankees have
8:06 am
scandal and having to paper him. he is hitting home runs last year they are winning but they don't really want him on the team any more and they sit him this past week and have to give him last night and the ovation from the crowd that booed joe girardi when he took him out. such an a-rod night last night. >> what do you think his legacy will be? i realize you'll make fans and enemies as you answer this qu we have seen and numbers wise one of the greatest we have ever seen but he is attached as to steroid and lying and cheating. down the road i think the world will soften on steroid so alex rodriguez and barry bonds, people are soften on their stance but not happen for a long time, 20, 25 years. >> what was his response when he was asked if this is his final game and last at-bat and he really didn't answer.
8:07 am
people think that he is going to play next year, possibly somewhere in florida. >> that was a strategic no answer. i think he feels he can play again and the yankees don't want him around. but they had he is free to do whatever he wants. it could happen as early as september if roster expand if somebody is interested in bringing him in. he can't play the field so only a american league tea a dh. >> do you think michael phelps will retire? he has admitted slower getting out of the pool when he wins the medal these days. >> but he is stacking gold medals still and hard to believe he wouldn't come back for tokyo in 2020 did phelps want to go through another rigorous
8:08 am
there? is he willing to commit to another four years of this type of training to get there? >> i think great athletes live for these moments. >> no question. >> i would not be surprised if we see him in tokyo. thank you. >> no problem. good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell. we are off to a sunny start to our day right now. here is a look at the durham 78 in up next, they show you what you can't see in a light. meet the organization trying to curb light pollution and see the latest location to be certified spectacular.
8:09 am
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8:12 am
? ? flashing light light light ? for the fast two days the annual perseid meteor shower lit up the sky overnight. the international dark sky natural sky from man-made glare a rigorous process leads to an official designation of dark sky. this summer, as we saw up close, the grand canyon became the most recent park to earn this distinction. with its red rocks and roaming colorado river, the grand canyon is stunning enough by day but seeing the park this way is only
8:13 am
as we watch, astronomers gather for a star party. high-powered telescopes set up. deep into outer space. it's an event historic this summer because the grand canyon was just named the newest park to be certified as dark sky. >> i didn't realize that this was an issue. >> john barrentine is with the dark 'association. it took two years to locate every single light in this park? >> yes. in this park. many of which the people didn't know it existed here. >> reporter: it is a big deal? >> it is a big deal. in the world and now to have added something like this is a huge accomplishment for this park. we are very excited. >> reporter: as evening faded over the park, we began to see, firsthand, why the project was so important. >> now you're really starting to get the full effect of what it's like to be out here at night. >> reporter: as the last clouds cleared, the full scope of a clear night sky emerged. the moon, mars, jupiter, beyond
8:14 am
>> the fraction is on order of probably twoir-thirds of people live that cannot see the mickey way. >> reporter: two-thirds? two-thirds of the people are not able to see the milky way and two-thirds of the people have never seen the milky way. >> reporter: why is it so important to protect these guys? >> this connects us to something in our past that we are rapidly losing touch with and that is the sense of common humanity that we had in the era before internet and before radio and told our stories. >> reporter: living in or near a city, you will never see skies like this. it is both inspiring and humbling, and we can show you what it looks like on camera, but it's worth seeing in person. >> wow! awesome! >> you want to see a red star? >> reporter: amateur astronomer marina. she knows the feeling well. what is it about looking up? >> reminds us how small we are.
8:15 am
preserving these skies is one that resonates with you? >> definitely. i'm from the phoenix area, so we have extreme light pollution there. it's a big city. there is lights everywhere. you can't really see much out, even in the suburbs, and when you come out here and you can just look up and see the milky way and these incredible dark skies, we should turn off our lights more often. >> reporter: getting named dark sky is a long process that will take a park this big more than five years in total to complete. somebody had to go and locate every single light in the park? >> yes. >> reporter: ranger raider lane be replaced. these new lights are good. they only shine light where needed, but the majority of lights cast too big a glare. this is a quintessential example of a bad light? >> terrible light right here. so first of all, you might notice the milky way is gone. it's not above us right now. >> reporter: you don't see anything. you see a couple of stars. >> one, two, that is probably a plane. it's all gone. we are within the sky glow right now.
8:16 am
and making more night sky friendly. >> reporter: at the star party, we learned that even the smallest amount of light can ruin your view of the night's sky. at star parties, there are no white lights allowed. it's just these red ones. that is because if you see a white light, your eyes will reset and it takes then another 20 minutes at least to get used to the night skies again. that means no looking at your phone and certainly no camera flashes. astronomers and tourists took in views that are timels john ballentine hopes the grand canyon's historic dark sky certification serves as an inspiration around the world. >> there is something so intimately connects us to the nature and universe by being out under a starry sky. if i have to have a personal work in this mission is every kid in america or even around the world would be able to experience that. somebody that comes from a place
8:17 am
>> there is nothing like it. the difference between living, you know, in the city here and never getting a chance to really see what the true night sky is and going to a place where you do see it, i was lucky enough to grow up in an area sometimes i on would see a little bit more. and it's beyond the beauty of it. it saves money and it saves energy. it saves animals. many of them are nocturnal and they depend on the true sort of darkness and not light pout it's just a fascinating sight. >> i think it encourages a lot of people to look up tonight and that is important. up next, one man collected tens of thousands of toy cars, as well as some full-sized classics and left them all to his church. an incredible update to this remarkable story is next. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
8:18 am
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8:21 am
? we have an update now on a story we brought you back in may about the amazing bequest a church received from one of its parishioners and a gift revealed only upon his death. here is mark albert. >> reporter: on a sunday morning past spring, the pastor derek ross delivered a sermon about the generosity. >> it will enlarge your minneapolis often through the years. no one, though, had any idea how closely one of their flock had been listening. >> dennis left more than a gift of money. he truly left his life to us. >> reporter: dennis ericsson served as an usher here for 15 years. the church really was his family. he had no spouse, no kid, no brothers or sisters. instead, he devoted himself to his church and his collection, a
8:22 am
december, dennis left his historic automobiles and his modest two-story home in egan, minnesota, to celebration church. and, boy, are they celebrating. so you walk into the house for the first time and what went through your mind? >> a lot went through my mind. not much came out of my mouth. >> reporter: you were speechless? >> for a guy who talks a lot, not often i'm found in a lack of yet, it was in that moment that i became overwhelmed with his generosity. >> reporter: oh, my gosh! it was hard not to be overwhelmed. >> it's breath taking. >> reporter: seeing for the first time all of the model cars, trucks, tractors, and buses dennis collected for six decade, ever since he was 9 years old. they are stacked one on top of the other on the other.
8:23 am
>> reporter: fire engines. some no bigger than an inch long but together they were quite the treasure. this one container holds 38 cars. there were more than 32,000 believed to be one of the largest private collections in the world. >> this was originally his bedroom. >> reporter: the 69-year-old engineer designed cabinets and cases to showcase the collection which he parked in the living room, bathroom, laundry room, closets, baseme the bedrooms! oh, my goodness. this is the bed! >> reporter: yes. >> they are on the bed! >> reporter: he parked them on the bed too. they are all the way under the bed! this is the kitchen? for lisa, a member of the church board and executor of the estate, it was a real revelation. >> awe and wonder was beginning through my medicine. >> reporter: you said you experienced wonder. >> yes. >> reporter: why did you choose that word?
8:24 am
not only the wonder of seeing cars, just the wonder of this man's life. >> reporter: look up. wow! >> yeah, look up. >> reporter: in all, they totaled more than one a day for his entire 69 years on god's great earth! wow! >> this is a '66 rambler. >> reporter: and dennis' devotion run neth filling his two garages. five preserved classics, including a 1959 edsel. odometer? >> exactly. >> reporter: and henry ford's second mechanical marvel. >> this is a 1931 ford model a. >> reporter: for lisa, her surprise quickly gave way to something else. a feeling of devine responsibility. >> i feel that, one day, i will be seeing my mom and dad and dennis in heaven and i know probably one of the first things i'm going to have to answer to dennis for is what happened to all of his cars.
8:25 am
they went, but how his gifts was used to help so many people. >> reporter: since may, dennis' gift has raised around $400,000. this family of five put down $14,000 for the edsel. the model a fetched $8,000 and the caprice another $2,500 and this woman pitched in for a pedal car. dennis house was also sold and volunteers for the church helped clean all of those shelves full of ca, were transported to an auction house in cincinnati. the estate's price tag which includes a newly discovered 48,000 dollar annuity could total $750,000. it will make it possible to build more classrooms at the church and expand its school and the church has doubled its size in the past year. the church is still hoping to
8:26 am
will be visible from the road. >> reporter: a collection that has turned into a vehicle for generosity and topped off this church's faith. for "cbs this morning: saturday," mark albert, ian, minnesota. >> the auction house, everything but the house now has to process all 30,000 plus items which take ltake a few weeks and up to ten separate sales so they can get the most value for the cars. they say in about the nex days, everything will be on the website so people outside of minneapolis can take part. >> amazing you see them in one room, the bedroom, more cars. the kitchen, more cars. really cool stuff. >> a good story to tell if you actually own one of those things after that. >> absolutely. coming up here, presidents very wildly in their skills and popularity but most of them have one thing in common. they like a drink or two. meet the author of books on the happy hour habits of democrats and republicans in the white
8:27 am
you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." breaking news out of raleigh. police say around 4:30 this afternoon, officers responded to a shooting on mambo 69 on new hope road. there were two shooting victims. no word on any suspect. we'll bring you update as more information comes in to tell you about also out of raleigh. just before 4:45 this morning, officers arrived at capital boulevard and i-440 responding to a reported shooting. investigators say that officers discovered a vehicle that had hit a pole which knocked down power lines. one man was found inside the vehicle suffering gunshot wounds. we don't know his condition. the boulevard was shut down in that area. we'll update the story online
8:28 am
first, let's get you caught up on weather. sound like a hot one today. >> definitely a hot one outside this afternoon. we started out and a really mild note at 79 degrees. s that live picture. the skies look a little bit hazy because the humidity is high. temperatures in the 90s. it will feel like it's over 100 degrees. satellite and radar not showing any type do think that tomorrow may even be dry as well. temperatures right now, most of us, around 79 degrees here. so it's 79 in raleigh, 78 degrees in durham, 80 degrees is the current temperature in fayetteville and these temperatures continue to decline. a high of 94 degrees. 95 degrees for our sunday and still in the 90s through most of the week ahead with the best chance of showers and
8:29 am
8:30 am
? it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the presidency, but alcohol plays a long running role at the top of this country's political pyramid. president obama held beer summits at the white house and george washington il promise to make drinking legal again helped his win the 1932 election. >> two new books examine booze and american politics and titled drinking with politics and incorrect history of conservative concoctions and drinking with the democrats, the party animals history of liberal l libations. mark will weber is with us.
8:31 am
>> presidential drinking biographies is a different category entirely. how did you become interested? >> well, the incident that kicked it off is during prohibition, warren g. harding is often ranked as one of our worst presidents, by the way. he used to go golfing and telling everybody else not to drink or transport alcohol. harding would habitually stash a fifth of whiskey in his golf bag. he would have a shot before he teed off and have a was all over the place and almost never broke a hundred. but a friend of mine read that in a golf book and said that is fascinating! what if you write a book about what all of the presidents drank and he said you're a writer, you do it. so it took me about two years, but i finally got around to it. >> some of the drinks offer a snapshot where we were like hot cider by william henry harrison.
8:32 am
and hard cider campaign. interesting thing about that they flipped it on the opposition. they wanted to make him sound like a bumpkin and a newspaper article came out for van buren came out if you give him hot cider and he'll sit out the last days. they ran with it and portrayed william harry harrison as the common man's presint van buren souped like the aristocrat, the champagne sipping rich guy. the class war fare we see in politics today was certainly going on even back in 1840. >> andrew johnson, who did not go down as one of our finest presidents. >> oh, another one. >> almost got the hook during his vice presidential inauguration because he was drining his fuzzy navels or whatever it was?
8:33 am
vice president at the second inauguration for lincoln. they said lincoln was so embarrassed by this incident that he was trying to sink down his tall frame in his seat so he wouldn't be visible. johnson showed up in intoxicated and was supposed to speak for three or four minutes and rambled on for like 20 minutes and they almost had to give him the vaudeville hook to get him off the stage. >> drinking? >> he is one of my favorite drinking presidentses. he is a sort of a lightweight' and after two or three glasses he is already intoxicated. he has that in common with u.s. grant. to get back to nixon, when he went to china, the chinese had this very powerful alcohol called miotai.
8:34 am
and nixon's aides were terrified that he was going to have too much of this miotai which they offer in toasts. he did have of it and brought it back to the white house and they showed him how to set it on fire and how volatile this is. even cbs' dan rather said like drinking liquid house and almost put something on fire but thankfully it did not. >> the books are out. mark weber, thank you very mu good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell. we are off to a sunny start to our day but warm start already. here is a live look looking
8:35 am
getting pretty close to 80 this up next, jeff march aumauro us in "the dish." you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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8:38 am
of celebrity chef as host of two emmy nominated cooking shows and "sandwich king" and talk of the kitchen. he had a natural gift of entertaining as growing up and keeping the family laughing and exploring his love for food. he never looked back and taking the stage is tony in the chicago production of the hit comedy >> he was named as one of the sexiest chefs in america and is owner of "pork and mindy's" restaurant. we have been drooling since we sat down. what is on the table? >> this is exciting for us. we have some of our pork and mindy's standard best sellers here for you. we got our sweet potato potato salad and made with sweet
8:39 am
three beans and everything. we got our famous golden to thes and ranch made with homemade buttermilk dill ranch and dip that in there and the best fries. now famous pig candy which is a slow smoked bacon candy. >> pig? >> pig candy. >> our debut, hand-cut pastrami sandwich you'll ever have on a beautiful rye bun that we butter and griddle, right? it's toasty we put some of our mustard sauce and pickles on there. you bite it and your mouth wants to sit there and literally hug your tongue! for a your drink, a cocktail i maid made you here. >> this is relatively new restaurant? >> my son lorenzo is my first
8:40 am
i'm there. when i'm not traveling or shooting, i'm there and hand-on all the time at pork & mindy's. i'm loving it. >> i think people seeing you here, so many recognize you from the food network. i would have been made if you did not bring a sandwich. >> that would have been bad news. >> where did your love of cooking start? a lot of people are chefs in the family? >> very true. i think it stems from my mom and her three sists, and we all grew up with this sense of big italian american family with the sense that food is used in any celebration, no matter how big or small, right? every graduation party, tons of food and every birthday, layers and layers and trays of food. my mom is a great cook. it's funny now that i've gone to culinary school and a professional, we often butt-head now in the kitchen.
8:41 am
to tell me how she has been doing it for years, we learn from each other. >> moms are always right. >> they are always right. >> you are very big on the sandwich. >> i am. >> this is a very good one, by the way. we just tried it. that this sort of gets you? >> you know what? i think it's just the most familiar vehicle for in the world. it was invented in the 1800s want to use two hand at once. playing cards needed to eat with one and looking at his card with another. he came from simplicity and necessity and i think the best part about it. no matter where are you in the world, what culture, they all have their own version of the sandwich and no longer a turkey club sandwich that is built out of necessity and you stuff it in a brown bag for lunch. this is now a composed culinary experience. >> like the most simplistic
8:42 am
to execute correctly. >> it's very true. and this is affordable. you have 8, 9 bucks and you could still have a culinary adventure without having to spend 40th on a prefixed meal. this is for everybody and i'm the kind of kind that is for everybody. i grew up for everybody and i kind of look like a sandwich. >> i need to go to break so i can take a proper bite of this sandwich. as we hand you this dish, if you could t with past or present who would it be? >> i have a lot of family and it was chris farley. i was an "snl" aficionado and still in. he was like the chubby fat kid in class that i always was and had to get by by making people laugh. to me the most funniest person and midwestern guy and a genius. i'm sure the guy with you would be a heck of a drinking partner
8:43 am
>> he was in one of our pieces. >> i'm poaching on your material there. i'm all original. >> for more on jeff and "the dish" head to cbsthisthis >> up next, philly soul, amos lee. he'll perform straight ahead. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose
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willie nelson who knows one when he hears one kauls amos leah great story teller and soul singer from philadelphia he got a break a dozen years ago when he was invited to open for norah jones. then five successful albums and tours with the likes of dave matthews band and more. >> next up is the new album that is called "spirit." here is amos lee with a single
8:47 am
? should have let you walk away the first time instead of letting you walk back to my door ? ? as if i needed any more whoa i'v so long and sleeping so long out in the rain ? ? rain powering down i've been stressing all that time and i can't seem to find little peace of mind ? ? i guess i just vaporize everything that's in tight i'm just going to vapor
8:48 am
? i'm going to just vaporize everything that is inside i'm going to be high high high high high high ? ? now you want to talk about the hard times all of the joy that you bring ? ? are you even listening to the strain i've been waiting up so long and sleeping out so long in the rain rain falling down ? ? i've been stressing all that time and can't seem to find peace of mind ? ? i guess i just vaporize everything that's inside i'm going to just vaporize i i i i'm going to just vaporize
8:49 am
? i'm going to get high high high high ? ? ain't no truth when the lies are all any way i ain't used to the truth you say ? ? i ain't used to truth when lies are all any way you say ? ? i guess i just vaporize everything that is inside i'm just going to vaporize i i i i i'm going to just vaporize everything that's inside
8:50 am
? we will be right back with more music from amos lee. >> announcer: saturday sessions
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have a great weekend. >> we leave with you more music from amos leave. this is "until you come back through." ? darling i've been waiting my whole life for you and i'll be waiting until
8:55 am
you say you are always be there i should find a way
8:56 am
? honey you say that you're going to leave now forever ? i have no choice but to back through until you come back through
8:57 am
good morning. i'm justin quesinberry. >> and i'm beairshelle edme. >> we are following several breaking stories, but, first, >> we have a sunny start right now with our restaurant on chapel hill. we are seeing temperatures rising pretty quickly around the entire area. nothing popping up as far as wet weather goes. we are dry and quiet. satellite showing clear skies. this will be the case throughout the day as well. these temperatures are climbing fast. 82 degrees right now in raleigh, 78 degrees in durham, 82 in fayetteville. temperatures pretty close to 80
8:58 am
into the mid-90s this afternoon. up to 89 degrees at lunchtime. 94 the high temperature by about 3:00 this afternoon, falling to 92 degrees. we are hot and humid. heat index values over 100 degrees this afternoon. unfortunately, no cooler weather in the forecast for the next four days. a complete breakdown of your forecast for the week ahead and a complete update on what you can expect for the weekend coming up the a 9:00 taking a look at some stories that you can watch in a few months here. troops bid their fell -- farewell to their families in fort bragg as they deploy to kuwait. hope you stay with us.
8:59 am
9:00 am
breaking news this morning. this is video into our newsroom of a shooting in a raleigh bar. we'll tell you about the number of victims. and police ask yourhelp in identifying a ti and a durham teenage er facing deportation has been released. we'll tell you what we have learned within the last hour. the sun is up and we are already at about 82 degrees, depending upon where you might be on this saturday. what is -- august -- >> august 13th. >> we made it to almost the halfway point i lost the date there for a moment. glad you are starting the day


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