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tv   North Carolina News at 9.00 am  CBS  August 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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breaking news this morning. this is video into our newsroom of a shooting in a raleigh bar. we'll tell you about the number of victims. and police ask yourhelp in identifying a ti and a durham teenage er facing deportation has been released. we'll tell you what we have learned within the last hour. the sun is up and we are already at about 82 degrees, depending upon where you might be on this saturday. what is -- august -- >> august 13th. >> we made it to almost the halfway point i lost the date there for a moment. glad you are starting the day
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>> good morning. i'm beairshelle edme along with meteorologist kristin ketchell. >> i was trying to mouth 82 to him. he was trying to figure out the temperatures. >> and then i missed the date. >> we'll miss the relief from yesterday's heat. today will be similar to what we experienced. it is 82 degrees right now. as we have officially confirmed we are seeing blue skies out there. so not bad. all clear right now. nothing to worry about as far as written. hardly a cloud in the sky this afternoon. we are looking good with the exception of the hot temperature. 80 degrees in lillington and sanford. 78 in rayford. all of these temperatures, pretty close to 80 degrees this morning and we'll see temperatures rising into the
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have the humidity. if we factor in the humidity, heat index values between 102 and 105 thanks to the area of high pressure that began to build in yesterday. 94 the high this afternoon. mostly sunny skies kicking into your sunday as well. i'll be back with the complete update coming up in your forecast. >> thanks a lot, kristin. we start this 9:00 a.m. with breaking news out of 69 sports bar this morning. investigators say there was a shooting and that there were victims. no word on any suspect. s that developing story and we'll bring you updates as more information comes into our newsroom. and staying in raleigh, more breaking news, just about 15 minutes after the shooting on new hope. police responded to capital boulevard and i-444.
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the power lines to go down. one man was found inside the vehicle suffering from gunshot wounds. his condition is unknown at this. capital boulevard is shut down in that area right now. we'll update the story on air and online. police are investigating a car crash on north estes drive. the driver struck a pole with his car. fayetteville police have identified two shooting victims and are asking for the public as help in identifying suspect. the victims for brothers jaquan and steven bronson. the brothers got into a tied at junk horse pub on eastern boulevard. the fight spilled outside when they were shot. it's not known who fired the
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from the pub. if you can i'd -- if you can identify the suspects or help police in this case, you are asked to call police. annual a road as closed after a crash involving a motorcycle. this happened between robertson and gillespie street on martin luther people who were inside a silver color cadillac that they believe were in the area at the time of the crash we have been following this breaking news for a few months now. for more than a year, a 19-year- old student has been health in immigration custody in georgia. we just learned he has now just been released. he was granted bond on tuesday and released on tuesday.
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to get the teen released on bond from immigration custody. we'll continue to bring you that story. and now more on the young man whose death is bringing a lot of national attention. >> he was shot and killed by a homeowner who claims he was protecting his neighborhood from, quote, hoodlums. >> friends and family gathered to honor t 2 the end, they released doves. >> it's been a roller coaster. you get together and you are telling stories about him annual you remember him for who he really is and it's like you are talking and laughing about the goodyness and crying because you remember the positive things that he did. friend are trying to get the word out about a fundraiser at the mcdonald's where he
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a southern pines county who drowned in seven lakes friday has now been identify. 16-year-old mason wagner attended pipe crest high and was on the rotc as well as the football and wrestling team. first responder were called to a possible drowning. wagner reportedly dived off a dock and did not resurface. his body was sonar a man found shot in a raleigh parking lot yesterday afternoon has died. raheem cummings died. the shooting happened on the 4600 block of capital boulevard in raleigh before 5:00 p.m. he was taken to wakemed before he died. a witness on the scene says that the chase turned into a physical fight before shots were fired two people are facing charges in connection with the death of a cab driver in
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killed outside of the la quinta inn on west park drive. one of the suspects was found outside the hotel. the other two were found in a room at a nearby red roof inn. police say that's when they found items belonging to suliman and another teen who was robbed earlier in the day. >> this gives us chills. it's a terrible thing things like that happened in our community. >> suliman was originally from sudan and according to the family's wishes, that's where he will be buried. a cheerleader and track star was killed in a crash. her boy friend is in the hospital, a football star. she was one of the top runners in state, her father said.
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her boy friend who has been drafted into several colleges is in the hospital but he is reupon siev. investigators were tipped off to a puppy mill after someone bought a dog from who is wick. dozens of soldiers left r isis. they will join with other american soldiers working with 60 other nations in operation inherent resolve. time now is 9:08. a horrifying experience for a woman in florida bitten by an alligator. and deadly flooding in louisiana. how the governor has responded to the severe weather's devastating effects across the state. we have severe weather of a different kind today.
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell. we are seeing plenty of sunshine.
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raleigh. sunshine sticking around today all day. satellite and radar not showing any cloud, no wet weather to worry about. we are sunny, we are dry and we're going to be hot this afternoon. already warming up across the area right now. 82 in durham, and durham. 83 is the current temperature in fayetteville. we can expect these temperatures to rise into the 90s this afternoon. 89 degrees at the hot weather continues over the next several days. the next several days. a complete update and the light & fit greek crunch yogurt the next several days. a complete update and the is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit!
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thanks for stick with us. the time right now is 9:15. a young teenage girl in jacksonville were died. four people were shot in brentwood frida authority are still searching for the suspects at this time seven people were injured in an explosion and flash fire at a petro chemical plant in texas. officials are investigating the fire at the sunoco plant and new mexico police have three suspects? custody after an officer was shot and killed.
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surgery. the officer was shot after a traffic stop on thursday. the suspects carjacked a car, crashed it and shot at officers. organizers canceled a meeting with police after several interruptions. one man, we're told, kept the police chief saying that he had signatures from people who say they were racially he was rushed out of the building. no arrests were made florida officials say that an aggressive effort to clamp down on zika is working. in florida, 28 non-travel related cases have been reported. in texas, one infant died from the zika virus.
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eating the mediterranean diet can slow down mental decline. it include fresh fruits, beans and nuts, leafy greens. the diet improved memory, attention and language. staying physically fit can be a challenge for many of us but what if you could stay active and healthy using only a pair of drum sticks and exercise ball? >> that is the drums alive, a growing trend in gyms around the country. we have more from bel air, maryland. >> using pulsing music and bursts of movement the people in this exercise studio in bel air, maryland, are taking a drums alive class.
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bodies and mind. >> it is a combination of working your body through the movement and the fitness part of it and the music and rhythm is really the brain connection. >> a woman with a hip injury created the workout which has been shown to boost fitness and concentration. this video bartkowsky just turned 80 years old. she goes to the class once a week. >> if i can do it, everybody can do it >> reporter: kathy epic has been taking this class since october. >> this class is owe innovative and so fun i can't stop >> reporter: the instructor provide the drum sticks and everyone has a ball a florida woman is in
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bitten by an gator. she was in the northwest broward area in an area only accessible by boat. and heavy rains pounded louisiana. numerous rivers in southeast louisiana mississippi were overflowing their banks. we discussed this a little bit earlier. there seems to be floating there, i believe. illinois as well. so you are seeing a severe weather sweeping many parts of the nation. >> we have some storms actually roll through the area a few days ago all caused by that gulf coast low pressure system that brought all that flooding rain to louisiana and parts of mississippi as well. unfortunately, it is still going to be raining there.
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that system. at home, we are dry and sunny. taking a live look from top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. blue skies over chapel hill. looks pretty nice. no clouds to worry about. things are looking good outside here but we will see temperatures rising pretty quickly under the sunny skies this afternoon. 82 in durham. 81 degrees in lillington. clayton, 83 the current temperature in fayetteville. these temperatures will be climbing all the way up to 94 this afternoon. so a hot day for us. normal high is 89 degrees. we'll be well above that today. mostly sunny skies, though, all day, just a few clouds kind of here and there through the morning and afternoon. as far as temperatures go for
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well above age here through at least the middle of this week. by wednesday and tuesday and webs, we are up to 92 degrees. so we havely cooler here if you consider 92 cooler but we are still well above average for the nextseveral days. area of high pressure beginning toned the week here and that will stay put for today and tomorrow leading to heed innext values between 102 and 105. heat index values over 100 for today and tomorrow. monday and tuesday, a cold front scoots by to the north here so we'll still be hot and humid. that cold front not pushing into the area but we have a cold front pushing n wednesday, that high pressure is still in control of our watered but we are keeping a close eye on the next cold front which will finally push that high out of
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wednesday, we're still looking at a fall channels of an isolated shower or storm. toyed, temperatures will be well into the 90s. 95 degrees in fort bragg and fayetteville. 93 in wilson and rocky mount. 93 in henderson and south hill. tonight, temperatures fall to 75 degrees. partly cloudy, really warm and really muggy. wind staying light out of the south at 6 to 8 miles per hour. temperatures staying hot here for the next several days. we started the month of august with below normal temperatures and now we are back to being well above that here as we head through the week ahead. we go from 94 today to 95 degrees tomorrow. 94 on monday. again, a small channels of showers and storms monday afternoon. and then again tuesday and wednesday afternoon. but the best chance holds off
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going to cool us off into the upper 80s by friday. so friday still a chance of showers and storms. that 89 degrees is going to sound definitely much cooler than temperatures in the mid- 90s here over the next several days.
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cbs north carolina sports anchors will soon be highlighting football action in our yair and when you can catch all the action. >> and a preview of nc state's upcoming scrimmage. jeff jones is here with this morning's sports wrap. >> reporter: well, as you know, we'll have more on who is going to be the starting quarterback. that's the position that nc state has been in. dead healthwatch ed dorran
9:27 am
>> i don't know how the defense feels about. going to be a competitive environment. each one of them will have a bad play or two. it's how they bounce back after that play that we'll take a look at. >> if you can't wait until september for football, don't worry because you don't have to. the high just one week from yesterday. best place to catch highlight will be right here. we will hold the little bit on cbs north carolina every friday. that's all the time that we have this afternoon. pretty exciting to watch gibby, and jeff, our newest sports anchor highlight all the
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moderates don't support house bill 2 and laws that write discrimination into north carolina statute. >> there is the issue of gender identity which is an issue that i never heard of, never was brought up until eight months ago. >> we'll have more on will decide and one organization is
9:29 am
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north carolina candidates speak out as nears. and several college students moving back to the drink will for the fall semester. here is what some had to say. >> first, heading outdoors. at 9:30, it is 82 degrees out there as we take a live look over raleigh. guess what day it is? >> the 13th day it is. >> of what? >> august. 2016. >> got it. >> i have the date rate.
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carolina news at 9:00. i'm mercedes beairshelle edme and i'm justin quesinberry. let's head over meteorologist kristin ketchell. i don't want to steal her thunder but it is going to be dry, and it's going to going to be hot and it's going to be very, very humid. >> i have nothing else to say. >> yes, you do. you can tell us how long. >> well, things are hot and hazy. things will stay that way not only today but through tomorrow as well. temperatures well into the 80s across the area. 82 in durham. 82 in clayton and goldsboro. 81 in pine hurst, siler city
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we are looking at highs this afternoon. around 94 degrees. by lunch type, temperatures topping out just shy of 90. 94 will be the actual temperature. factoring in the humidity, heat and index value between 102 and 105. we'll let you know how long the hot weather will last and what you can expect for the week ahead coming up. breaking news to tell you about out police say around 3:30 this morning, they responded to a shooting. police responded to mumpo bar and found two shooting victims. and more breaking news to tell you out of raleigh.
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boulevard and i-440 responding to a shooting. a car hit a power pole which resulted in downed power lines. one man was found in the vehicle suffering from gunshot wounds. capital boulevard is shut down in that area right now. we'll keep you updated as more information comes in about the story now taking a turn to our campaign 2016 coverage. north carolina democrats are applauding the latest wall street journal maris poll. hillary clinton, ross, and roy cooper are all leading. ross who trailed last month now leads by 2 points cooper now has a 7 point lead over governor mccrory. but republicans will point out there's plenty of time before
9:34 am
forum. >> in this, it's about the best leadership. >> you do live in the best state in the united states. let's not take it for granted. let's prepare for the future. >> reporter: both believe that they are the best candidates to lead the state into the future. both did not speak at the time but both appeared: we have seen stats on states spending a lot of money on education but there is no return on investment. so the money that we put in has to be extremely strategic. >> i believe that in vest. in education increases tax revenue because it improves our economy and puts more money into the pockets of every daye
9:35 am
communities. >> you don't tear down the urban areas in order to try to improve the rural areas. you don't put them in competition fighting over splitting over taxes. >> every one of us, whether you live in a big city or small town in north carolina, you have to be infrastructure of roads be a others. nationally, hillary clinton's lead is widening, but donald trump is closing in on florida. he discussed his comments about
9:36 am
not that sar cast 'tis, to be honest with you. >> tax returns. >> hillary clinton released her tax returns showing that she and bill clinton made more than $10 million but donated 1 million-dollar to charity. she called on donald trump to release his. the boys and girls club need your help to raise $100,000 by the end the year or be forced dwindling. >> to know what is offered to them here, to know the fellowship that they have amongst each other, to know that they are in an environment where they can look at adults and say, we are in a good place, we need more of that and not less. good news to bring you.
9:37 am
johnson county church after their air conditioner was stolen last month. yesterday, our 3-degree partner, alan kelly and company installed a new air conditioner for them. at least we have people like that, people and company willing to reach out and help others because it would have been a big blessing. >> the community has been very good to us. it's our way to extending some grace and love back to the community that's opinion so good to us. wanted the copper inside the a krment unit. the church's pastor says they took the two old units which tend to have more copper than newer ones the state closed on the sales of the ashley how the on east sales street and -- the sale two of the houses means $7
9:38 am
heck andrews and cambridge houses are expected to get final approval for the sales in the coming weeks many eight other homes are awaiting approval from the governor students coming to the triangle now. we'll tell you what some incoming freshmen had to say about their experiences. at least two deaths after an apartment fire and the death toll could rise. more on what temperatures are well into the axe across the tar heel state. we are warming into the 90s
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cial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit. welcome back to cbs north carolina. i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell. we are seeing plenty of blue skies. here is the top of the restaurant camera. in chapel hill. dry and quiet. we start off the saturday here. that's going to be the case all day today in tomorrow as well. it is 82 it degrees.
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81 in pine hurst, siler city and roxboro. this area of high pressure began building. hot and humid conditions. expect high temperature of 94 this afternoon. by lunch time, temperatures are already topping out shy of 90
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good morning. i'm is now 9:45. raleigh police identify a man shot at a shopping center yesterday afternoon. we learned this morning that 31- year-old raheem cummings died from his injuries. the shooting happened on the 4600 block of capital boulevard in raleigh before 5:00 p.m. and crest high student mason wagner drowned friday. wagner had reportedly dived off a dock and did not resurface. his body was located by sonar and dives around 11:00 last night robinson county deputies removed 21 animals from a suspected puppy mill. officers were tipped off after someone purchased a sick animal
9:46 am
additional deaths are expected in an explosion and fire in an apartment billing in maryland. their remains have not been found yet five people were struck by lightning and two of them suffered a life threatening poughkeepsie, new york. the people were sitting under a tree on a bench when the lightning struck. an update this morning on a murder case in wisconsin followed by millions of americans in the making of murder netflix series. a judge overturned a conviction of brandon nasse.
9:47 am
investigators saying that his rights were violated a woman was found beaten to death and strangled in her apartment in queens, new york. the prime suspect is her boyfriend, an attorney. will the jury believe the unusual defense? >> reporter: police found the battered body of a young woman 27-year-old danielle thomas was a successful executive with weight watchers. investigators arrested daniel bond, a successful attorney. he admitted to killing her but he is not a cold blooded killer. >> there is no doubt that is
9:48 am
the age of nine. that leaves a scar. >> he says that his childle childhood caused him to snap, lose control and kill the woman he loves. >> based on mental illness, i believe that jason bond should not be responsible for murder. >> it's ridiculous that because his mommy didn't treat him as well as she should have that, somehow, 15 years later, he is not responsibl girlfriend. >> reporter: what's more, prosecutor say they had startling evidence proving that jason was not in the throes of mental illness when he beat her to death. he was caught red handed. we have the tape of him killing her. >> you need to answer quickly or else, you die. >> you can catch two episodes
9:49 am
millionaire, the model, hitman followed by the raging son at 10:00. severe weather forced the illinois state fair in spring field to close early friday night. a close-moving storm forced attend des to seek shelter on higher ground. a cancellation of the fair ground concert was canceled featuring melissa etheridge and the weather. in august, state fair versus october where we typically have our state fair. >> we have ours in october. where the weather is cooler. when you have a lot of these state fairs like we have been seeing during the summer months, so unpredictable as far as where these storms will pop up like that thunderstorm that popped up. over the fair ground. back here, we are still feeling summary, not dealing with the
9:50 am
here. taking a live look from prestonwood country club in cary. lots of sunshine as we start off the day here. that sunshine will stick around over the next couple of days. satellite and radar not showing any wet weather out there right now the so things are looking good here this morning. we'll stay dry through today into tomorrow before we see a chance of a few showers and storms as we start the week. it is 82 right now. 83 in stanford and lillington. 85 already this morning in fayetteville. these temperatures are going to continue to rise today by lunchtime, we're up to 89 degrees, 92 at 2:00. high temperature today right around 94 this afternoon. we are looking at mostly sunny skies all day. temperatures eventually falling back into the 80s by about 8:00 this evening.
9:51 am
degrees. but we are looking at highs well into the 90s through most of the week ahead. not going to be up this upcoming friday all things to that area of usual that began building in by the end of last week. heat index value also range between 102 and 105 this afternoon. so although temperatures will only be in what it will feel like today and tomorrow as well. monday and tuesday, that high still controlling our weather. a cold front slides by to the north here leading to a few afternoon showers and storms but we are so hot and humid with temperatures in the nineties. that high still the dominating weather feature here. isolated storms possible during
9:52 am
the area on thursday bringing us the best chance of rain. 95 degrees at fort bragg and fayetteville. 94 in lillington, sanford and pine hurst. 94 degrees in benson and smith field. 94 in goldsboro. 93 in roxboro, henderson and dewpoint today. 94 in raleigh and cary. temperatures fall to 75 degrees tonight. partly cloudy, warm and muggy outside. not much relief from heat during the overnight hours with the temperatures still in the mid-70s. tomorrow will be warmer than today. shower and storm threat return. tuesday and wednesday, looking at a high of 92 both days. we are at least a bit cooler on friday except for high
9:53 am
80s. so our string of 90-plus degree day will come to and end on thursday, but, still, it will be tough to get through for the next few days. >> break out the winter coats. 89 is coming. >> going to feel so great with temperatures in the nineties. 89 will be such a relief. and we have the humidity here. even though temperatures are in th 100 degrees. if you have to be outside for a long period of time, take the necessary precautions. >> stay hydrated still ahead, my favorite story of the whole morning, the girl scouts with some there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers.
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cheese dippers by the laughing cow.
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we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit. for some students at u.n. k and state. >> between like moving in for the first time and moving home and good-byes, like, i don't know leaving the place you have always known and stuff, it's exciting to start fresh it's just my new home. it's so crazy. yesterday, i slept in my bed
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>> monday or tuesday, you get to class. nc state and pc university starts next week. pretty big donations for dozens of students. >> dozens of families now have new computers. the students with new desk top computers were awarded. a teacher nominated the students who participated in sulker enrichment programs and because each of the families have more than one student, benefiting from the donation. >> not only to assist the kids but their families, their parents, when they are job searching. they have the technology to help them, help educate the kids and have employment for themselves. >> the computer has more than 60 programs installed. there will be tech support for
9:57 am
school. to all you cookie lovers out, there the girl scouts are adding a new cookie to their already tasty list. two commemorative smores cookies will be added to the list. >> the new cookies are to celebrate 100 years of the girl scouts selling cookies. >> and we learned that meteorologist kristin ketchell was a girl scout. >> yes, i was. i was a browny. my mom was a cookie mom. she got in charge of distributing and buying them. we ended up buying a lot of cookies. we would walk past them and picked a box and ate it and we have to pay them. >> dry for today and tomorrow, chance for afternoon showers and storms returning by monday.
9:58 am
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