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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  August 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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particular location, as well. and investigation is ongoing. >> reporter: anybody hit by a gunshot? >> no. >> reporter: are you actively looking for suspects. >> we are actively investigate the case that would include the possibility of suspects. whether there's gunshots or any other incident that caused what happened today at the mall. >> we don't know at this time. >> reporter: this ills a massive to work this out? >> well, you answered your own question. and when you got a number of people on this date mall was quite cool. but we have practiced and we have trained in regards to situations like this. so we respond with the resources, thus knowing what other resources are available on both the federal, state, and local levels.
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table to find -- able to find -- >> no. by when will the mall be clear and how do you determine if you clear the mall, go back in, shop, reop the stores. >> that's a lengthy process and the safety of all as i mention the in the very gee beginning who were at the mall today is the most important piece of all of this. so until we can render everything safe, no one goes back into the mall. >> reporter: any idea when it might be open? >> until the mall. >> reporter: is there a possibility it might have been fire or fire crashes instead of a gun. >> we're looking at all possibilities. we're not sewer at this tomb. people heard the popping sound, some thought it was a gunshot. and we have to evaluate all possibilities. look at any potential leads. evaluate the 911 calls that were made and follow up with that investigation with a number of law enforcement resources.
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couple outlets report -- >> some have but no one has reported that we had a gun fired. so we are looking at all possibilities at this point in time. have all the stores been cleared. >> the mall is empty at this time. >> reporter: the mall is empty. hand over their keys so are you going through the process right now. >> i'm not sure what you got in that regard. there's reports that there was an argument prior to. >> that's all that i have to share at this particular point in time. thank you get folk back to their cars. the investigation is ongoing. i'm sure that there will be another opportunity by which we'll be able to hopefully answer your questions in greater detail at a later time. at this time, there may be some questions for ems, and they're able to provide any questions that you've got in that regard. thank you. >> as chief said, what we
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all seem to be injuries from the chaos that ensued after what exact event took place. we don't find anything to be life threatening so we're pretty encouraged about that. a matter of getting people taken care of and injuries treated but we don't expect any life threatening problems at this time. the other issue with the hot day is as we have people out here waiting for instructions is just simply the heat and people to get ill with that. got a lot of setup to keep people cool, keep conditions out here so that that doesn't get any more severe. >> injuries to first responders? no, there haven't. we've all been safe thank goodness. an elaborate part of the response mechanism includes preparing for contingencies like that.
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your thoughts? >> quite frankly, it can be an emotional thing but at the same time we do train for this. we are prepared for massive event and number 2, convenience that involve active shooters. we work very hard with the police and fire to be prepared and train for that. the good thing for us is that you go into very much business mind frame. you're thinking about objectives and what to take care of and what your tactical approach is to taking care of people and emotional side of what's happening at our own place here in town. >> reporter: what were the nature of the injuries? >> mostly having to do with maybe a fall or leg and limb injuries that kind of thing. nothing, again, that appears to be life threatening or penetrating injury. >> reporter: so as people were a-okayey vac waiting they may have been pushed. >> that appears to be the case certainly we don't know for sure. that seems to be the type of thing.
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evacuated. through the middle of the afternoon it was a little bit more severe so people were nor susceptible to that, then. listening to a press conference from the police chief of the raleigh police and ems workers. after a report came in earlier this afternoon of shots fired at crabtre right now, is that there is no confirmation that any shots were actually fired. though they did receive reports to that effect. right now, they tell us that no one is in custody. the investigation is underway and the mall right now is empty. after those calls about possible shots coming in, police had to surrounded the mall. cleared the mall. one by one. they went through all the stores. they got everyone who was inside the mall, out of the
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they say at this point they have also not taken anyone into custody or found any type of a suspect, again, at this point. >> eight people however were taken to local hospitals. we're told all of those people who ranged from 10 to age 70 had sustained injuries when they were trying to get out of the mall. there was kay york panic, people were running so some fall injuries injuries to limbs. none life threatening. let's get out to amy cutler what are you seeing and hear out there. >> reporter: well, maggie, this is remains a very active scene. raleigh police along with the sheriff's office, sbi, and number of other agencies are out here. i want to give you a live look ought crabtree valley mall. you can see several ambulances are out here along with command centers now. authorities have been out here all afternoon long following a report of shots fired at the mall.
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authorities responding in force, evacuating the mall. this is a busy saturday afternoon, thousands of people were inside at the time. i spoke with one young man who said he heard at least one gunshot ring out. people started running. it became chaotic. security later told us the mall was on hillary clintondown and that it would be for -- was on lockdown and that it would be for hours. they are trying to determine what led up to this call of shots fired. >> you heard m that she could not substantiate that call for shots fired. take a listen to shoppers describing it. >> my friends and i were in the dressing room trying on dresses and one of the employees came running in and was like get out. there's a shooter. so here we are. >> all of a sudden i hear the floor start shake and hear people screaming. and so the people working there
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back of the store. >> reporter: now, police say no arrests have been made. again, they are continuing to go through the mall, they're continuing to investigate. i also want to mention traffic here on glenwood, as well as creedmoor it remains closed off. it's kind of a traffic nightmare if you are headed to the area. you certainly want to avoid that exit off of the beltline and this section of glenwood. we're going to continue to be out here. i also spoke with a woman who mall during that chaotic scene. you will hear from her a little bit later in the newscast. for now, i'm live imraleigh, amy cutler, cbs north carolina. moments after that call went out to police several of our employees were on the scene. here's some video from the back parking deck near the macy's and blue ridge road. you can see a very active scene there. we spoke with one employee who heard the chaos as it unfolded.
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demonstrating a bluetooth speaker. and we heard loudest noise i've ever heard in there. i thought someone broke into one of the other glass kiosks. we got down watched for a minute to peek. we got as many children and their parents as we could. my co-worker and i ran out here. i was talking to the cops who started directing people. they set up this barricade to and away from it. coverage continues with one family who was inside the mall when it was placed on lockdown. lauren joins us live. >> reporter: yes, that family that i spoke to is just one of still hundreds that remain over across the street from crabtree valley mall. they're still strand here because this is still a very active crime scene. they can't get to their car. >> all these emotions that they're talking about is a lot
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events that have unfolded here at crabtree valley mall and, of course, this heat is not helping anything. not everyone that i did speak to today including that one family said they didn't hear those actual shots being fired. but they said, they saw people running so they decided to start running. they set was pure panic inside the mall. people were forced into the stores. this one family that i did speak to they were inside a faith based family store and they believe god was telling th t they said they were doing one thing in particular that they said helped them stay calm. >> we were visibly shaken. we were trembling. we were slashing but the first thing we did was we prayed. and i reminded the kid of which store we were in in the mall. and i don't know if you know the store altered state but it is a faith based store and we were surrounded by bible verses on shirts and coffee mugs. so i reminded them of all
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the mall which store that we were in. and that we were going to be okay. >> reporter: now off in it distance you can see several people walking back onto the crabtree valley ground. we're assuming that's just one of many groups that police have allowed to get back to their car. they're doing this en groups. they've also gotten go raleigh buses thanks to the city to allow people to sit in there they're also bringing water out here. >> bought again like amy mentioned earlier glenwood is shut down for new. police not saying when any of this will reopen. and we're going to go ahead and take a live look now mat blue ridge road and glenwood avenue. this road has been shut down for several hours. >> you don't see many cars out there right now. the nc d.o.t. does tell cbs north carolina
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and we'll go ahead and head back out to crabtree mall a little bit later in the newscast. full come online including more from witnesses and photos from the scene. hold to and be sure
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>> lots of sunshine and once, again, no storms at all to cool you down today. temperatures at this hour, 92 as we mentioned in raleigh. 91 en durham. 96 sin fayetteville. 90 in will s. 91 en south hill, virginia combine the humidity and you get the heat index. this is triple digit heat index reaching 106 for the peak there in dunn. these are current. this is not the high heat indexes for the day. this is what you've beeli century mark. you do need to take it easy. technically we're not under a heat advisory except for northampton and mecklenburg, virginia. these go until 8:00 today. that doesn't mean you have to go out and do a run when you're outside. you need to take it easy. lose a lot of moisture real quickly. high pressure continuing to be camped out off the east blocking anything from coming our way. so everything is kind of
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producing showers and storms up there and we're just sitting very, very tranquil with no real chance of rain. sop your hourly evening forecast is we'll get it going. i decided to add the heat index. 7:00 coming up, 90 but it will still feel like 100. it will feel mid-90s at 8:00 if you're out and about. 90-10:00 after the sun goes down it will still feel like it's in the low 90s. temperatures in the mid-80s. we join you again at 11:00 tonight it will be 82 degrees. wi not much cooler than that 81. the rays of sunshine for your sunday. >> seven. >> yeah, another mostly sun tie u partly sunny day. i can't put this any higher. it's in the steamy category. for the next three days. that is your uncomfort comfort index. as we look at your hour by hour tomorrow. remember i took you to 81 at midnight. by the time you get up in the morning up at 6:00 a .m., 76 degrees. 79 at 8:00.
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triple digit heat indexes will be back any time after noon tomorrow. all wait into the early evening hours. and we'll see partly sunny to mostly sunny skies and high temperatures tomorrow hot and humid. 97 in fayetteville. 96 in raeford. 95 in sanford. coastal plain, 95 rocky mount, smithfield and benson. 94 in goldsboro. 95 durham, cary, chapel hill, raleigh. 94 in roxboro. 94 in south hill, >> not much going on today of tonight. >> mid-60s. there's the high not moving much so no rain tomorrow. we'll see mostly to partly sunny skies. you say this scold front is coming our way but it's stuck as a stationary front so the pattern is going to continue. so for tomorrow, 95 degrees and what the most important thing is it will feel these are some of your heat indexes forecasted for sunday 101-106. you need to take et easy out there. a slight chance of a shower storm on monday and tuesday.
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chance as we head to thursday. into next weekend we'll actually get into the upper 80s. speaking of temperatures. forecasted 93. we had hey high of 94. so another $100. american cancer society is up to $1100. so we're doing well. and we continue now to follow the breaking news out of raleigh. police are responding this afternoon to reports of shots fired at crabtree valley mall. this sent hundreds of people at the mall into a panic. cbs north carolina's amy cutler arrived on the scene shortly after the call. >> reporter: well, maggie, authorities are now allowing some folk back across glenwood to get to their cars to leave the area. authorities clear in saying this remains an active investigation. that air continuing to go through the mall. this all started with a report
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conference just before 6:00, the police chief said that they had not been able to substantiate that call. that they had found non evidence of shots being fired or anyone injured. the call coming in around 2:30 this afternoon. authorities responding in force. evacuating the mall. this was a busy saturday. thousands of people were inside at the time. and we spoke with one shopper who told us about her ordeal take a listen. >> we jumped behind a cash the workers came and showed us like the back storeroom. and then there was an exit door so we were able to come out. but my teenage son is still stuck inside the mall in one of the stores. and they haven't seen or heard police or anything and he actually said someone was just knocking on the exit door and nobody knows who it is so they don't want to answer
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they all kind of are there. >> reporter: you can imagine how terrifying that must have been. authorities confirming that 8 people were injured either as part of the evacuation or the heat. the mall remains closed at this hour and police have not said when it will reopen. they say, again, that this is an active investigation and they're continuing to pursue it. for now live in raleigh, amy cutler, cbs north carolina. and we have multiple crews at the mall. we have the full coverage online including more from witnesses, as also be sure to follow our
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drowned in a moore county lake last night. cbs north carolina's jonathan rodriguez spoke with his teammates from pine crest high trying to cope with the loss. >> reporter: this is big juniper lake a private subdivision here in more county. where mason wagner was swimming with friend he jumped off this dock and never resurfaced. emergency crews got the call around 6:30 friday. they searched the lake for team finally found him. >> he's really hard wicker. really strong. even on the toughest days he'd pick you up. motivated. motivated kept me going sometimes. >> reporter: he's a long time friend and played football with mason. >> dedicated. he'd walk to practice. he'd ride his bike to practice. he'd come to practice so early that heated sometimes beat the coaches there.
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football, wrestling and track. excelled in all three. he has, you know, had his blanket in his locker he would lay on the floor and get a quick cat nap and be ready to go. he was a kidal widener idea and ready to go. >> reporter: the team huddled together to remember their teammate and friend. >> they would describe him as a hard work blue car guy, no nonsense. when it was time to laugh he'd laugh. love is the word that was used the most in today. >> reporter: it's that love that inspired his team to immediately get to work. >> i was coming over to mow their yard and do some yard work, then we started raking. i had the idea that we should make a garden. >> reporter: motivated by the hard work and bright spear they hope this guard earn would bring his mother and brother some peace. >> i hope it brings joy to them. they're like family to me. >> reporter: in moore county jonathan rodriguez cbs north
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in raleigh. you're look live outside crabtree valley mall where police responded to a shots fired call that came in earlier this afternoon. panic followed, people ran from the mall. shoppers said employees took shelter inside the mall. police tell us the investigation is ongoing but at this point police have not found any evidence of a shooting that happened. they found no victims, they found no shooter but they are continuing to investigate. eight people were transported to none of them have life-
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: severe weather threatens millions. deadly floods in the deep south, more than 1,000 rescued. extreme heat in 14 states. ( cheers ) also tonight, the surge in immigrant applying f year's presidential election. >> i think urgency is real, and this election is a game changer. >> ninan: katy ledecky swimming in gold as michael phelps prepares for his last lap. and the rio landmark attracting not only tourists but nature's wrath. >> the statue sits 2,000 feet up and because it sits between the mountains and the atlantic ocean, it's a prime target for lightning.


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