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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  August 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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hello and good afternoon. thank you for watching. we are under a heat advisory right now that is led to the cancellation of all outside athletics and band practices. our meteog more. a good idea for folks to stay indoors? >> certainly. stay on the cool side and drink plenty of water. the heat advisory just started at noon and will continue until 8:30 pm. yesterday we had a heat advisory in effect that was mainly for the 95 corridor. today this advisory includes
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and duhram county are included. let's get straight to those temperatures right now. we are at 91 in raleigh, 91 in durham, 94 and pay a bill, 87 and sanford, but it is the heat index that your body recognizes. it feels 5105 in southfield, 102 and raleigh, lillington and they appeal is 102 it will feel like one of five at times or hotter. actual temperatures should be close to 95. we will be back to 93 x 6 p.m. isolated storms through that drive home. by daybreak tomorrow we should be in the middle 70s. i will have a closer look at the rest of your work three forecasts and where was he a
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the murder case that has captivated not just the triangle, but people around the world for 15 years now is back in the headlines. michael peterson accused of killing his wife is inside of a durham courtroom right now. we have been inside all morning . justin, bring us up to speed. >> this is michael peterson faces a retrial. we want to show you video of michael peterson waited before the court hearing began. it started just about an hour ago. his attorneys file three motions about the care and preservation of evidence and current conditions. among today's witnesses they call archie smith the clerk of superior court here in durham. this is the latest chapter in a 15 year long saga involving the novelist. his wife was 48 years old when her body was found in a back
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nearly 2 weeks later michael peterson who says he found her body was indicted for murder. in october 2003 a jury found him guilty and he was sentenced to life in prison, but in 2011 the conviction was overturned. he was released and put under house arrest which was later lifted. we are told the motions hearing the last up to three days. my colleague inside the courtroom right now will bring you the latest beginning at 5:00 tonight. a teenager accused of killing a woman in raleigh is expected in court today for his first appearance. the 19-year-old is charged with murder. he is currently at the wake county detention center without bond. police tell us officers found a man and woman shot early saturday morning. police say the 22-year-old woman died and the man was treated for his injuries and released. two men accused of killing a man outside of a raleigh
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17 year old are each charged with murder. a 31-year-old was shot in the parking lot of a shopping ctr., friday. he died on saturday. today a woman is expected in a way county courtroom accused of assaulting an assistant principal. police say she went to the school last month upset over a custody matter principal and assistant principal were not involved, according to police body became combative and attack both school officials. she is also accused of attacking an officer responding. today we might be able to hear some of the 911 calls from people at a mall when they thought they heard gunfire. police say after coming -- home through the evidence there is no explanation. police say the interview all of
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if you have any information at all to call them. that incident has some security experts emphasizing the need to have a plan in place for dangerous scenarios. we spoke to the founder of a security firm about homeland security's response plan from run, hide, five. he says nowadays it is important to have a plan of how to respond to a threat no matter where you are. >> whether you are at the olympics or a mall, one thing i will tell you is to make sur you have awareness of what is going on around you. pull your nose out of your phone. >> he also says you should fight back only if it is shown last option and you feel like you are able.>> wisconsin's governor says the state national guard would not be employed in milwaukee unless the police chief decides to do so. one person was shot and wounded
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a gun when he turned toward an officer. deputies were also injury overnight and protesters did not return to duty today. authorities say a man accused of fatally shooting a police officer has been arrested. the nassau county sheriff's office says he was booked in to jail just before 3:00 this morning. investigators say he killed tim smith on saturday. he was on the force since 2011 and was the father of three. hunches of residents woke up sunday to find flyers for my wife a premises organization in the driveways or their yard. this is what it looked like. there is a number on it with an area code from indiana. we did call, but no one answered. we dig in a message to set the group is accepting memberships and explains how to join and donate. police that they have opened an investigation after ryan lochte and three other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint.
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was pulled over by men who claim to be police and demanded they get on the ground. he says the other three did as they were told, but he refused and then comply when i got was put to his head. in the end, no one was hurt and an olympian later took to twitter to clarify that the gold-medal essay. donald trumps campaign chairman spent several years working for the former ukrainian president. the new york times is now reporting that cash payments to several people including manna for. -- maniford. >>reporter: paul manafort is denying he received sick of money from a ukrainian political party. the new york time reports the designated $12.7 million for him. and anticorruption investigator says a so-called black ledger documents a system of illegal
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paul manafort released a statement saying the suggestion i accepted cash payments is unfounded, and silly. >> the newspaper is going to hell. >>reporter: donald trump unleashed a wave of criticism against the new york times and media in general saying he would be defeating clinton if you receive fair coverage. he will focus on form policy in ohio today while clinton is talking about the economy in pennsylvania with an old friend. his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. clinton is claiming trumps tax policy will hurt working class voters while benefiting the very wealthy. hillary clinton's running mate, tim kaine is visiting asheville today and will be in fayetteville tomorrow. he will go to these the
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supporters will hold a signmaking party that is going to be held at 5:30 pm. also, the late -- lee county board of commissioners will meet to talk about the option to approve or deny a zoning requests allowing constructions. the issue was tabled after the last regular meeting as commissioners requested additional information on the nuclear and pedestrian traffic in the area. wake county schools say they ati today, several new orientations were held and several more are scheduled. wake county says they have an increase in the number of positions thanks to five new schools opening this year. they say a budget deficit of almost $20 million has not slowed the hiring process for full-time staff members. the school system does not have an exact number of open positions because it changes as new hires come in every day. this a way county still remains a desirable place for teachers
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way county, they desire the culture that we create, the city lied that is rally and wake county -- city life that is wryly -- raliegh and wake county. the county says it will continue to recruit and hire teachers all the way through until the first day of school. you have a chance to help stop the bus i had of the new school year today. through friday the transit system will hold the back-to- school supply try. the items will benefit all come early county schools. you can donate new items and donation boxes that will be set up a spot throughout the city. for more information at over to our website at it is new. if you haven't made your lunch plans just yet listen up. today kicks off and was round
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week. this means you can get a three course dinner for 20 or $30. there are also five and $10 lunch specials. more than 35 restaurants are participated. restaurant week runs through sunday. new this year the downtown alliance has partnered with case -- taste carolina. >> ebay and little more for their got into worse. food tours. >> deals and specials like free drinks will be offered. for more information we have a link of what you can do on our website at still ahead, -- >> this remains a very serious event, a historic amount of flooding and it remains agar.
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and deaths are on the rise. we all know that oral health is important.
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i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured.
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e weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. roanoke rapids high school is planning a full scale active shooter drilled this week. it will take place on tuesday and will include student actors. the school district was prompted to host this in response to the 2012 sandy hook massacre. the roadways around the school will be close. the port authority of new york and new jersey says a preliminary investigation indicates there were no shots fired at jfk international sunday night. hundreds of passengers were initially evacuated from terminal eight after reports of
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police determined no shots were fired. they also say there were no injuries, no gun shells or evidence. people upset about the drowning death of a toddler planet protest outside of social services this week. they say they are angry that enough was not done prior to the death of the baby. authorities say he was in the care of s she is now charged with involuntary manslaughter. firefighters in northern california are battling a fast- moving fire 90 mouse of san francisco. the flames have plaque and 5 mi.2. home after home went up in flames. the combination of hot weather and dry brush caused the fire to quickly grow to thousands of acres since saturday. about 15,000 people have been asked to leave their homes. there is more rain in the forecast for southern louisiana were flooding has killed six people and left thousands in
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may. don champion has more for bond rouge. >>reporter: three days after the water started rising there are still homes submerged. the date family lost everything. >> and looks like an island. things are just disappearing, the cars are disappearing under the water. >>reporter: floodwaters overwhelmed thousands in the region. local forecasters compare the storm that dumpeab the day loot coast guard helicopters busy in the air while national guard troops help stranded victims on the ground. and all, crews rescue more than 20,000 people. volunteers in small bowls also did their part. >> i am so glad you guys are doing this. are you firemen or something? just good guys? >> my wife might disagree with that. >>reporter: people say places
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this area is a meeting point where both are carrying victims to join land. -- dry land. the flooding came within 6 inches of flooding this man's home. >> it was very anxiety producing. >>reporter: 10,000 people spent sunday night in shelters concern now grows and communities to the south of the city were voluntary evacuations happen order. -- ordered. will beget any other remnants? >> we have been seeing remnants of that system for the past few days. as we head into today and tomorrow we will see a few isolated showers, nothing like what they are dealing with. let's start off with a life picture from the raleigh-durham airport . beautiful as we start off our lunch hour. very similar size as we head into the rest of the afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds, 91
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care of yourself and your pads. check out your elderly neighbors as well. the heat advisory that we are talking about is in effect until 8 pm this evening. heat index values between 105 and 110. we are already seeing them climb to dangerous levels. we will talk first about the temperature, 87 in henderson, 88 and roanoke rapids, low 90s in reilly, durham, and direct sunlight and this is the temperature that your body recognizes. it feels more like 105 in southfield. 102 in fayetteville, 102 is what it feels like an reilly and smithfield. again, it is going to be dangerous into the afternoon, take care of yourself. listen to your body. if it is overheating seek out air conditioning.
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6:00 and into the upper 80s as we head toward 9:00. by 9:00 most of us should be on the dry side. the dewpoint temperature is at 76 degrees, clearly putting us in the steamy category and very uncomfortable as we headed to the afternoon. high pressure for the most part controlling our weather. also bringing in these very hot and humid conditions. we have a stationary f b conditions are not going to change. you see tomorrow it doesn't move a whole lot. we are still very hot and very humid. let's walk through your future forecast, there is a small chance for a shower or store this afternoon. not anticipating any one that is severe. rumbles of lightning and thunder
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cannot rule out an afternoon shower or storm. city by city, 95 in raleigh, 94 in durham, any rain quickly tapers off and tonight most of us would be on the dry side. we will be warm and muggy, that is for sure. 75 degrees is our overnight low. remember, until we see the front really move into our area of big changes. low 90s, isolated storms. those big changes start to come through on thursday and friday. you can see falling back to the upper 80s which is normal for this time of the year. we are also looking at highs in the upper 80s in your 90 or the upcoming weekend i had. it is 12:20 pm.
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we have certainly seen these in a lot of backyards. we are joined by our medical expert to talk about the increase of trampolines and the alarming number of injuries
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dr. campbell, what are we seeing in terms of risk? >> interestingly, in the last three years they have copper about 30 traveling parks nationwide to almost 500. we are seeing the number of injuries skyrocket, although 7000 traveling park related injuries in the past year. if you add in those injuries from home trampolines, almost 100,000. >> what are the most common types of injuries? >> the most common things we see our fractures, about there are strains and other things. interestingly, was more than girls. the most common folks that are injured are those under sixers all because they're bouncing around these things with the big kids and they can not been to one another. there can be some really serious accidents such as paralysis, neck and skull
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want me to do as a parent or a kid getting a want? >> think long and hard before you put a trampoline in your backyard. they are relatively dangerous. if you go to one of these parks, supervisor kids. do not allow flipping or science. if you go and it is absolutely packed with lots of people, that is not the day to go. turn around and go home and come back another day because you are more likely to bump into someone. >> just going to be more safe and keep a better eye on your child? >> exactly. >> dr. campbell, much. if you would like to learn more go on our website at you can find more information there. experts say grinding or clenching your teeth on a regular basis cannot only damage them, but it can also cause other health issues affecting your jaw. to prevent it dentist represent -- recommend avoiding anything
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we have been talking about all these hot temperatures, all soccer activities forecastle has been -- for castle has been canceled. all, county schools during -- outdoor activities have been canceled. drinking plenty of water. heat index values between 105 and 110 today. let's take a last look at your seven day, a high today at 95, it will feel hotter than 100 find once you factor in committee and direct sunlight. a small chance for a shower or storm, but do not count much on that for relief. low 90s through tuesday and wednesday before we see a shift
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rain chances thursday and
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this is how judge mablean sees life. because with everything we do, it involves the law. >> did you come to court to testify about what you heard, what you saw and what you know. >> i don't have a hearing problem. this ear works good. this works even better. >> i'm not responsible for that ticket and i'm not going to pay for it. >> who says you're not going to pay for it? i make that decision, not you. >> she's honest. >> what do you have to say? nothing. >> this is mablean." big foot hunter jack black is suing artmiss bagley in the amount of $642. he says the defendant broke his camera in an attempt to sabotage his investigation. >> court is now in session. the honorable judge mablean presiding. all parties are sworn in, your honor. >> thank you. you may be seated.


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