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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. >> all those details will be released. >> breaking news, police make an arrest after finding a woman and three children killed in greenville. >> a drowning of sparks another call for action. plans to get community lead force listen. when we'll see the temperatures finally drop. >> gorge. thanks flood watch watching north carolina news. it's now wednesday. 4:30 a.m. >> good morning to you. happy hump day. we've got a look at the morning news and a check at traffic. let's check in and say forng with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, guys. good morning to you at home as
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hot as monday afternoon where we have that heat advisory. right now on dry side. you can see that on satellite radar. 76 right now in wilmington. 73 in zap ford. fayetteville at 77. you're also right around 74 throughout portions of person county this morning. so a quick look at your full forecast for the day ahead. warm and at noon today we're right around 90. 94 our high just like yesterday. feel like those low triple digits. i'll have a closer look at that forecast and when the rain chances are expected to rise in 10 minutes. >> right now allie is back. >> good morning. you're halfway through the workweek. looks like you should be getting there on time. 440, 540 moving well through the raleigh area. take you into durham.
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durham to fayetteville. if you're flying out. no theys to report to you at the airports. these major airports should be arriving on time. if you're taking the roads this morning to do some traveling a live look outside now at i-440 where things are moving pretty well. we are tracking updates on breaking news this rn mother and three children is now over. >> he's charged with killing the four people at a town home in west point community. this arrest comes after a five- hour search spanning two states. emma wright is in studio with more breaking details. emma if >> boon was picked up just before midnight near richmond, virginia. they have been looking for him
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stolen car when he left greenville. the murders were not random but still working to figure out a potential motive. they say he used to live in the townhouse where he's accused of murdering four people and may have been in a relationship with that female victim. they still haven't released the name of the victims yet because they say they're still waiting to notify family members. investigators are working together to put together a time line when the family was killed. another kerned family member tipped them off that something might be wrong. >> they were called by concern family member earlier in the evening. concerned for the welfare of the mother and children. >> greenville police hope it release more information later this morning. russ? >> thawmg. is such a disturbing story. tomorrow we could learn more about the relationship between a durham man and three young girls he's accused of kidnapping.
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tomorrow 51-year-old juan geut resident. today a man is schedule to make his first court appearance today. accused of killing his girlfriend's toddler. he reported the 3 yeald missing on monday. she was watching jordan at the time. they found the toddler's been determined. >> the johnny toddler is prompting a protest after -- the planner say they're angry that enough was not done prior to the death of rylan ott. he was in the care of his mother when he died. now she had previously lost custody of the little boy. she's now in charge of invom. >> we check in with raleigh police to get an update
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valley mall. they made 300 9-1-1 calls. investigators are pouring through those calls for what happened that afternoon. several people reported hearing a loud bang that sounded like a gunshot. police evacuated the mall but nevada found evidence of a shooting. there have not been any arrests. >> they're supposed to help homeowners manager their properties. they're investigating corner stone community management. come forward saying they have money missing from the accounts. we stopped by the office but no one was there. >> we've opened a new bank account but certain think there's not the resources there for us financially that we expected. >> garner police say the owner
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for the list of full hoa is' if you'res is involved >> . when kids head back to school the schools aren't clean quite as often. they voatded on the budget that includes $17 million worth of cuts among them, cleaning. elementary schools are every other weekday and two days a week for others. that change applies to sweeping and vain to make to all of our parents is you're going to be safe rnlings order ri and clean facilities every single day. >> temperatures in schools will be adjusted by a degree to cut down on energy cost and funding is being cut as well. no playoffs. teachers steecher and employees had had god races. >> help the victims of the deadly flooding there.
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flooding in state history. 24 inches of rain in 48 hour flooded at least 40,000 homes. the threat persists downstream from that baton reunl. taylor swift is donating $1 million to flood relief many they welcomed her when she kicked off the u.s. states of her 1989 world tour. the 26-year-old called the is situation in haw >> good to see she's doing that. >> a missing person's case in charlotte turns into a homicide nfertion. who police are searching for and where they think they are this morning. plus, some people driving on a florida turnpike got quite a jolt. where rocks fell and the damage it caused. a look at your temperatures as you do start off
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ly have a closer look when you'll need the umbrella coming up next. >> we could have delays through today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard.
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a small chance for isolated storms later we drop back to 91. as far as the next few days are concerned i mentioned some changes. more cloud cover as well. that's going lead to some cooler temperatures. right around 90 for a high on thursday. 89 by friday. i'll let you know if they hang around. coming up in the complete storm team forecast. send it back to you, russ.
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he killed the four-year-old and took off in a stolen vehicle. they are calling it domestic in nature and plan to release more information during a news conference. that's today at 11:00 in the morning. >> also, the southern california wild fire that began as a small patch of flames now turned into a 28-square mile inferno. many homes.
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people from their homes. >> city leaders will discuss the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the houston astros. the public meeting is today. that's a 5:00 in the afternoon. if you want to go it's at city hall. accuse of threatening to kill members of a hope county mosque is scheduled to be back in court today. russell language -- making death threats. with his car. he's out on bond with ethnic intimidation. he was ordered to stay away from potential witnesses. >> a 10-year-old boy drowned in a motel swimming pool and his father is still in the hospital this morning. when crews arrived monday night, they attempted cpr on the boy but he died. they believe his father tried to save him.
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family members say the boy was from new york and was there visiting his family. >> right now a charlotte missing person's case that included three people is now being treated as a homicide. police say the three coworkers 17-year-old alex castillo and sandy lee and 19- year-old feester disappeared. mark becker has a look at the investigation. expwhrnchts we hope for the best but plan for the worst. >> with for search. it's been a week now since her family reported her missing. they found her toyota in phoenix, arizona and they believe had her former boyfriend and his girlfriend drove it there and have since gone to mexico. >> we are very interested in bringing them back here to ask them any questions. >> over the weekend families of all three had worked together to find them. distributing fliers around east
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is devastated. and the o'familys are reeling as well. >> yesterday alex castillo's mother made a plea for him to come home from the hospital where she's been since passing out on sunday. now police are working with the fbi to find him in mexico. and they're intensifying their search for sandy lee focusing in the area around harrisburg in east charlotte where they believe she disappeared. hopefully ideally to reunite her with her family. again that was mark becker reporting. a california highway patrol officer faces misdemeanor peeping tom charges 306789-year-old jose ignocia. he turned himself into officers. the alleged victim notified
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veteran. . >> a bus crash send four people to the hospital. investigators say a man driving a stolen car ran a red light, slammed into the bus after hitting the bus, authorities say the driver took off. but they quickly found him and arrested him. police say the suspect actually stole the car from his friend who was getting treated at a clinic. >> in florida, a truck dumped lime rock from an overpass on to vehicles the truck driver took the curve way too fest. it left marks and damage to many cars. . >> put this story in the what category. she says one actually attacked her son. it latched on to her 2-year- old's head. he's o.k. this morning. she said a park ranger mentioned that they had
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abby of the united states tripped over new diseeland's hamland. she helped her up and hammland stayed behind to make sure she was o.k. she finished in 29th place one ahead of dagastino. an injured knee and was takeen in a wheelchair but it's always so good to see, you know, someone stepping up to help out. this is a dream for both of them. >> . so awesome to see that sportsmanship. they had a lot of run. running in the rain. >> i certainly have. the cycling there a few days ago was dangerous. let's get to our forecast because we could see a shower or two later today. overall the best rain chances. right now a electric picture. we're at 77 degrees right now as we start off our
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early. no rain showing up on our radar. most of you will stay on the dry side not only this afternoon but into the afternoon as well. i don't expect those increase rain chances until tomorrow and into friday. as though rain chances increase you'll need your umbrella. let's talk about the current temperatures. 76 right now in wilmington. mid-70s in rayford. 7 is the number to beat in louisburg, clayton so hour by hour for you in the mid-8 #s quickly by 10 a.m. this morning. noon today should be at 90. most of us on the dry side. isolated storms later this afternoon. but they'll be very similar to the past few days. very isolated, hit or miss. it'll be hard to pin . where they will be. here's a look at your futureforecast. dry this morning. maybe a few extra clouds around line up much time
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later today. you'll notice our model today keeping us completely dry. a chance back to our west. as we head to overnight can't rule out a lingering shower through midnight. we should be dry for the first start of our thursday. swlieghtly better chance for storms for you. even better chances for rain as we head towards friday. we have tropical depression 6. wind at 35 miles gusts as strong as 45 miles per hour. it's moving to the northwest at 15 miles an hour and on the track you can see crews there the open atlantic. could strengthen. it would be -- in the meantime. right now, highs for today. -9d 4 in raleigh.
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as we head into the coming days we drop to 90 for thursday. 89 on friday. rain chances increasing there. still a good chance for a few showers on saturday. then those rain showers start to taper off. 90 on sunday. 91 monday. look at that. sunshine. a completely dry day and 87 des. >> take a look at our map. all this green green -- means no clais. no accidents to report to you there and down through fayetteville right now roads look pretty good but some details on some slowdowns that could occur later. get to that in just a minute. if you're headingest on i-40 to
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about 9. 264 about 10 minutes. taking you outside to the durham freeway. not too much to see out there. just yet. but at 4:53 an update on some things happening in fayetteville today. heavy traffic on bragg boulevard. they will close add at 10:00 nearly 60,000 travel every day. before we go to break here's a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> coming up, comedian amy schumer shows the funny
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disguised as superheroes. batman, captain america, superman repelled down the side of penn state children's hospital. how fun. >> it does really brighten the days. they don't talk about this today. we'll be hearing about this from weeks. and just, you know, the reactions are so great t. makes such a special day for everybody here at the hospital. >> this is the third year they've visited the hospital. >> how cool. final preparations underway the biggest concerts ever to eastern north carolina. eric church is performing at ecu saturday night. crews starting transforming the stadium on monday. they are expecting at least 30,000 people in the stadium there. a one guest got paid $1,000 for her ticket. why? well, she was the three millionth customer. pretty luckily lady.
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it opened up eight years ago. she's a durham native but lives in burlington. it was the first time ever. she met the cast after the performance. >> how fun is that? good for her. ma madonna celebrated her birthday in cuba. climbing on top of a table and friend and family and fans joined in. they arrived in cuba on monday and seem like almost yesterday whene arrived on the scene. i remember it very well. of course, you were way too young. >> not even born. >> yeah, right. >> she still got it. >> she's got that money too. >> time roight now is 4:57. a man accused of killing a woman and three children in greenville. >> what we have learned about the suspect and how that story continues to develop
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good morning, guys. gorpg to you at home as well. another warm and muggy morning. as we start off our wednesday. right now though good news is no rain to speak of. that morning drive in should be on the dry side. it's the drive home just like the past few days that we could see a few isolated storms. keep that in mind.


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