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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  August 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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some of us. other times we had severe thunderstorm warnings, none right there. there's i-95, so kind of on both sides some scattered showers and thunderstorms. today moving off to the east northeast. in franklin, lewisburg is getting ready to get hit. these that help cool us off. a few showers from spring lake to fort bragg to moore county. 93 today in the triangle. it ties our hottest of 99. temperatures all over the place from 96 in fayetteville to 72 in roxboro making it feel like 100. well, tomorrow we start to see changes. rain chances going up,
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several days in a few minutes. police tell cbs north carolina the driver of a motorcycle is dead after pan accident on nc55. what you're seeing is a live look at the scene where the road has been shut down since about 3:30 this afternoon between burlington avenue and dayton street. no word on the condition of the driver of the other vehicle. it's a powerful act of kindness that's making a big her kids. >> zer rick lewis reports how the police officers sprang into action to help a family get on the right track. >> reporter: when this mother and her three children asked for help, the guard called police. that phone call to the police
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sle was asking to give her time. >> reporter: officer hawkins knew she had to do sthi. she made several phone calls to find that person a statement of finally, she found a room at the red roof inn. >> oh, god, somebody sent somebody. >> reporter: officer hawkins said to help was an easy decision. i have kids. >> reporter: officer hawkins spent about $100 on a room, toiletries for the family. >> i within the with cash in hand. we were able to pay for, i think this was another two nights because also another
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>> reporter: i'm derrick lewis. >> the mother tells cbs north carolina she has recent live found a job and has leads on a more permanent home. right now fayetteville city leaders are meeting to discuss the future of minor league baseball. the stadium would be downtown and would be as 2018. counties across the state are scrambling to make sure they comply with decision to overturn north carolina's early voting law. >> cbs north carolina political reporter beau minnick has more. >> we're hoping the supreme court issues a decision soon on the requested stay and uphold the 4th circuit's ruling. >> reporter: right now the
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law is before the supreme court. chief justice john roberts put a hold on the ruling overturning the law. he has given attorneys on the other side until thursday to respond. the aclu of north carolina -- >> the impact is that it will make this more difficult for everybody in north carolina to vote. >> reporter: with the federal appeals court overturning the law it extends 17, up to 10 days. county board of elections are figuring out ways to make this happen. wake site will have one open for the extra time, the main one in raleigh. >> making sure that everybody who wanted to vote are able to do so. >> reporter: a harnett county republican said the decision made by the federal appeals
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creates a disruption. >> imagine if the stay is entered. then the county boards would have to go in and undo work that they just did. >> just creates turmoil and uncertainty and certainly under mines the integrity of the process. >> the durham county board of elections is meeting right now to determine its very very -- believe it's possible to reach a decision in the next few weeks. southern season will be put up for auction this week. a bankruptcy court will hold a hearing friday on whether to approve the sale. the deal could then close boy monday. one of the triangle's largest employers plan to lay off employees worldwide.
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people were laid off. at the time they lost 2200 jobs. could more be done to save the life of a toddler. parents held a silent protest to push the social services department to make changes. michael, you talked to rylan ott's foster parents their concerns. >> reporter: rylan was returned to the custody of his mother and died a few months after that. his face and name on poster after poster. shane and amanda mills are determined to make sure the social services department don't for get him. >> when he first came he was shy, confused. within a few days he was all
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to adopt. >> we were fearful of his return and we did everything that we could as far as going through the proper channels. >> reporter: despite their oxes -- objections he was returned to the custody of his mother. >> we had failed. we didn't do enough to, i guess we didn't sound that horn loud enough. >> reporter: the head of services said they're improving the documentation system. board member katherine graham called for more to be done. >> the one thing i want to accomplish is to assure the public that everything is above board. >> something needs to happen, something needs to change. >> reporter: the board went into closed session. it's not clear if that review
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public. records have been sealed and removed from the building. live in moore county, michael hyland. another tragic story, three kids and their mother found dead late last night in their home in greenville. >> police arrested the father of two of the girls in virginia. >> if you could have gone back three days ago and said you could have saved the young lives would is calling on the community to step up. >> plus, the latest on the devastating flood fling louisiana and we'll catch up with a local volunteer who's headed there to help. >> here's a look over wrightsville beach. beautiful out there.
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across the entire ford lineup, plus specially tagged vehicles get a thousand smart bonus. the death toll in southern louisiana now stands at 11. >> and tens of thousands remain out of their homes. we caught up with a local volunteer from the red cross before she flew out to louisiana. officials said this is the worst flooding disaster since
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up to people's waist, they're in the able -- not able to drive. >> visit our website at coming up next, a mother and her three young children found murdered in their home. what police are saying about a motive. >> we had to deal with the heat again today but also showers and thunderstorms moving across our area. we'll track i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations.
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we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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three young girls
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the father of two of the girls is the killer. >> as lauren haviland reports, some are wondering if this could have been prevented. >> to do anything we can to make sure it never happens again. >> reporter: the greenville community and investigators are trying to figure out how 32- year-old garlette howard and and 6 were killed. 39-year-old dibon toone, the father of the two youngest girls has been charged with murder. >> he killed them. these young children could be here today if someone stepped up and made a difference.
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police. at that time investigators said there was no indication howard and her three children were in danger. similarly, when officers responded in late july when toone tried to kill himself. >> there was no indication during the july incident there was any harm or potential harm for the mother and the children. >> reporter: despite that as investigators continued to create a timeline, they said there violence. >> certainly, i think it would have taken a different direction. the outcome may still be the same. >> reporter: a memorial of flowers and toys have been set up for her and her three children. if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, call your local police department. >> police said toone is still
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woman was found dead in a hotel. ashley mclean was pregnant. tevin vann is being held without bond. rocky mount police are calling the death of a woman over the weekend suspicious. they tell cbs north carolina 25- year-old jasmine graham garner police are holding an informational meeting next month after nearly half a million dollars within the missing from 30 homeowners associations. garner police said the owner could face fraud or
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he said his work with "black lives matter" is taking up too much of his time. wake county schools may soon have to start sharing athletic fields, one of the options the county is exploring due to land becoming more and more scarce. >> vibrant area. we have a high quality of life and that attracts people from pay for the facilities with the money from today's population. >> another option includes schools partnering with cities and maybe businesses to share parking lots for students. >> here with wes hohenstein. the rain cooled us down. some of the showers were strong but as we head into the
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here's what the radar looks like. heavy downpours with dangerous lightning. we start along i-95. most of the lightning has crossed over into virginia. coming back into franklin county around lewisburg heavy downpours. spotty as you go back toward vance and persons county. heavy downpours over the fort fayetteville. the big picture shows many of us are dry. yes, there's rain but most of us are still dry. the showers and storms back to the west. if you watch them they're moving northeast. some of this will get here but most of it will not and some of it will dissipate. some isolated showers but very warm. lots of 90s and plenty of humidity.
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and fayetteville. so even if you do get the shower to cool you off, it could be a steam bath. we'll keep scattered showers around for the next few hours and drying as usual as we get toward midnight. temperatures literally all over the place, mid-80s, temperature around 90. then we'll drop to the 80s and out the door tomorrow morning 75 degrees. as we look at the surface map, you can see high we still have that frontal boundary off to the southwest. things start to change tomorrow. that includes this scooting off to the east. that allows the next system to make its way into north carolina. it will not be as hot tomorrow. we'll have slightly better rain chances. that boundary dissipates a little. we're left with typical summer like activity friday, saturday and sunday with a few isolated
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yesterday. we have a cold front coming next week. this is not like our normal cold front. i'm saying the word cold front but it doesn't get colder. monday, as it approaches, we have better rain chances. tuesday we dry outed you're going to be able to feel it by wednesday. out in the tropics, tropical storm 3,000 miles away from us. this is one of those systems that has a lot of uncertainty with it. most of the times systems turn out to the north but this is not a slam dunk to do that. i think we know where it's going to go this weekend. even into next week this will be 1,000 miles. several days before we figure out where it will be.
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highs stay around 90 until mex monday but next tuesday and wednesday, that's when we drop the highs to the 80s. look at that overnight low wednesday morning, 60. our overnight lows go below 70. it's coming. >> it's going to feel nice. not so nice out if you're playing sports, jeff jones. >> i'm glad we're not doing that. we're here in the ac. guys, when e not the only ones battles the heat. the coach tells us why they love it so much. plus, we stop by the raleighs sports club where the coach said, quote, he's in i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made??
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? trump: ?ll, 's good. employ people in ngladesh." letterman: ?es? where are the ties made?" ey have to work, too. ese are beautiful ties. they are eat ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china." [ audience laughter ] z23aoz zi0z
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you felt it. july was the hot peaches month
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the rest of 2016 is shaping up to be the same. they have several hot afternoon games scheduled this season. the only way you can guarantee to play well in the heat is to practice in it. >> we'll be playing north carolina central by design. it will be interesting to see what the temperature will be friday night. you can see it on my face. it has been brutal. >> t brutal and he's right. duke opens september 3rd in the brutal heat against north carolina central. >> look who met with the raleigh sports club. he talked about every aspect of hack head football coach including the two questions he gets asked all the time. >> everybody asks me about different players when i pump
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-- when i pull around the state. who's your quarterback going to be? i will tell you when i know. i'm not that kind of guy. >> he said he would consider running a two quarterback system this year if needed. >> if you've been counting down the days, it's time to start cutting down the hours. we had a new local team to track of. friendship high school opened and only had a jv team. we were at practice with the patriots and they are not at all intimidated about playing with the big boys. they will hope friday and guys, when we were out there, they didn't shy away from telling us everything it takes to build a program from scratch.
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tomorrow at 6. >> sounds exciting. >> they will be playing for the first time in some heat. >> where did you get the information about the hottest july? >> some guy i know. >> that was the morning meteorologist. >> he gave me credit. >> so it was hot again toot, hur 90s. we're watching a few showers and thunderstorms. so kee instead of upper 90s, how ? ? these patients could have received their cancer care at many hospitals. but they came to cancer treatment centers of
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>> pelley: mass evacuation. a rapidly spreading california wildfire is now the size of san francisco. >> in my 40 years of fightingan fire i have never seen a fire beor top. donald trump goes through three campaign managers in eight weeks. the robbery mystery. >> they pulled out their gun. >> pelley: brazil orders u.s. olympian ryan lochte not to leave the country, but his family says he's already home. and turning the beauty of sport into an art form


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