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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  August 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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in that case. and 2 u.s. olympic swimmers who say they were with ryan lochte when he was robbed are stuck in rio this morning. what their attorneys say they have to do before they're allowed to come back home. hello and good morning. thanks for watching north carolina news i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase i. look at your morning news and check on traffic. first the forecast. probably going to be a hot one but rain could be also on the way. yes, it is still going to be on the warm side. i expect us to stay in the low 90s later today. we starting off on the dry side for the majority of us. pointing out the isolated showers in the central portions of virginia. some could clip mecklenburg county in virginia including south hill. so that's something that we'll watch closely over the next hour or s. the majority of us in north carolina are on the dry side. so your current temperatures haven't moved much, 77 in raleigh and fayetteville. 76 in lillington. 73 in clayton. we have the low 70s in
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feeling pretty nice in henderson. look at that. currently at 71 degrees. very muggy this morning. 87 by lunchtime. 91 today not as hot as yesterday. better chance for rain add storms later this afternoon. more on how long this rain will hang around for coming up in the storm team forecast here's ali. it's 5:31 at least we're not dealing with the rain for the morning commute. we do have a crash out there in cary. we'll take you right to it. if we take you into durham nothing like that to worry about. 85 durham freeway moving well. fayetteville and local roads, and 95 accident free. look at your eastbound drive times first on 540 from glenwood to u.s. 64, 17 minutes there. on 40 from i-40 to capital boulevard, nine. on 40 u.s. 1 to 264, 10 minutes. nothing out of the ordinary. a live look outside to the
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that are out there going the speed limit this morning. 5:32 is your time. >> we have breaking news this morning at a scene still active. >> knot allen road is blocked off for a shooting investigation. cbs north carolina reporter beairshelle edme is live on the scene this morning. beairshelle, what else have you found out? >> reporter: well, just so you all can see this on the scene are wake forest police and ccbi. and in the last half hour we did speak with the lieutenant for the wake forest police department who tells us that after two calls were made to the department, his officers arrived to find a victim near the hope house with at least one gunshot wound. he tells us that that victim was seriously injured and quickly taken to the hospital. no word at this point on the victim's condition. now, officials do also tell us
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and they really are asking the public to step up and tell anything, whether when they heard the shots fired any type of commotion that was going on in this neighborhood in order to really pinpoint who was responsible for this crime. now, the hope house where this victim was found is actually a community resource where people come to get some food from the food pantry as well as many other services that are offered to the community here. but it's not quite clear whether the shooting is in to be near that location. so investigators are continuing to ask questions and look for more evidence here. they've been on the scene. we've seen photographs taken. we've seen several markings placed on the street. they've also blocked off an entire block area. so we, of course, will continue to monitor this investigation and bring you any new key tails that we learn while we're out here on the scene live. for now reporting in wake forest, beairshelle edme, cbs
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olympic swimmers are not being allowed to leave brazil until they testify about a robbery involving ryan lochte. jack konger and gunner was e were pulled off their flights. lochte said he and his teammates were robbed in a taxi and a gun was placed to his head. but lochte has changed the story and says the robbery happened after the taxi stopped. and then the gun was pointed at him. lochte is in the u.s. and his lawyers say he's cooperating fully with right now, wildfire continues to burn out of control near los angeles. firefighters had the flames just 4% contained. evacuation orders are in effect for 34,000 homes and some 82,000 people. frames burned at least a dozen buildings there. and also down in louisiana, homeland security officials will visit the hardest hit areas of that state after flooding hit there. at least 13 people dead. thousands still are in shelters flooding damage more than
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rescued 30,000 people and 1400 pets. a 51-year-old durham man will be arraigned in a johnston county courtroom today accused of kidnapping three girls. the fbi found juan carlos gutierrez tuesday in selma in johnston county. he abducted three girls, ages 11, 13, and 15. the johnston county sheriff's office says he was also charged with abducting a 14-year-old last summer. authorities in johnston county say their records indicate that but theron sure of his immigration status as of right now. the man accused of killing his girl friend, two of their daughters and another one of her daughters in greenville is expected in a virginia court today. police found dibon jab toone in richmond. they say that he killed 32-year- old garlette howard and the young girls before leaving town. welfare check led police to find the four they're still trying to pinpoint when they died. her family says they're in
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and not how they died. >> loved the family. loved their job and she was had great potentials in life and she was looking for great things. >> i would hate honest truly to see another family what happened to mine. i wouldn't want that to happen to nobody else. >> police expect him to be extradited to north carolina sometime tomorrow. co-work is of raleigh shooting victim rodney thomas are hoping you will come a celebration of his life. he was shot and killed outside of a home in a case that made national headlines. police say a homeowner who claimed to be on a neighborhood watch fired a shotgun at thomas. that man chad copley is now charged with murder. thomas is being remembered fondly by his co-workers at a mcdonald's restaurant. >> customers knew him and loved him. he was quite outstanding in many ways. he had kind of a electric personality.
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that just was quite special. >> the benefit event is tonight at the mcdonald's cafe in raleigh. half of all proceeds will be donated to the thomas family. sis co-systems will lay off 5500 employees, 7% of the global work force in the next year. sis co-employs 5200 people at rtp. unclear what, if any layoffs will come from that location. they call the cuts restructuring. more of the corporate customers are new relying on remote data centers not online networks. the move will allow them to reinvoice in other areas and keep their eye on future growth. the city of fayetteville unanimously decided to continue moving forward to bring a minor league baseball team to town. they are trying to bring the houston astros into the city. the ballpark would go up on
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fayetteville plans to keep up, more opportunities are needed downtown. >> it's been a struggle at times definitely. downtown has made a big turn around in the past few years. there's been a lot more businesses coming in. but there are your very slow days. >> now, city leaders have not said how they would pay for the ballpark. however they say they'll have an answer within the next two months. a lot fayetteville. >> oh, yeah. america's favorite pastime. still ahead here on cbs north carolina, republican presidential candidate donald trump is heading back to the tar heel state today. >> still to come, what he'll discuss during his rally that's
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one of the struggles we have the sun says still up 1 we go to bed. everybody got it. >> we were talking. i'm jealous that you guys got it, because i didn't water my garden and it's not looking heap with me right now. >> you better get out there. >> i'm hoping the rain hits my house today. let's take like at today's forecast. >> this is ve the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. as we start our day, it looks pretty quiet on franklin street. not a lot of hustle and bustle on this thursday morning. now most of us on the dry side. i pointed this out we are watching these showers now moving across central portions of virginia. some of those could clip mecklenburg county but other than that, not a lot going on this morning. so if you are getting ready to head out the door you will certainly want to take that
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until this afternoon, 74 in durham. 73 in sanford. right around 77 in fayetteville. so for your day ahead right around 87 at lunchtime today. mix of sun and clouds, majority of us holding off until the afternoon to see a few showers and storms. 91 our high. we drop back to 88 by 6:00. it looks like rain will continue for your friday, as well. i'll have the breakdown on those rain chances coming up intent minutes. kids need your help to do well this school year. what you need to d to help get involved in a school supply drive. >> plus a little girl dead and her mother's boyfriend now charged with her murder. still to come we will hear the 911 call he made
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when i was 11 or 12. maybe my parents just didn't know. right, mom? dad? what will you say? don't wait. talk to your child's doctor today. learn more at 5:44 your time. breaking fuss around 1:30 this morning wake forest police
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hospital no word on the victim's condition. police still on the scene and still looking for the gunman. >> the man accused of killing his girlfriend, two daughters and another one of her daughters is in greenville and expected in virginia court today. they found dibon jab toone in richmond. he killed 32-year-old garlette howard and the young girls before leaving town. police expect toone to be extradited to north carolina tomorrow. >> two olympic swimmers were pulled off their flight. until they testify about their account of being robbed with ryan lochte. lochte is already back here in the united states. republican presidential candidate donald trump plans to discuss his national security plan during a stop sin charlotte. now, the rally will take place at the charlotte convention center in uptown charlotte. doors open at 4:30. beau minnick will be there and have reports on and throughout the evening newscast, as well. trump now has access to
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information. he attended his first intel briefing yesterday at the fbi field office in new york. it's tradition for major nominees to receiver briefings during the campaign. the death of a toddler in moore can't has spurred calls for change tuesday save kids' lives. people stood silently outside the social services office holding signs in remembrance u a little boy who died and drowned in a fear by pond five months after bein one board member calmed for an independent investigation which the board approved. >> i think it will further assure the public that we are covering all bases. which is what we want to do. >> once we know better we're supposed to do betterment and i would feel a lot better if i knew that we were doing better. >> the child's mother is facing involuntary manslaughter and child abuse charges. she is due in court next month.
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kill another man with a metal pole. 24-year-old jason comings in jail charged with assault with a deadly weapon. he used the pole to stab a man in the stomach. that man was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. 911 calls are shedding more light on the death of a toddler in the death of a toddler. the boyfriend charged with murder is the one who made the recall to report her missing told dispatchers the child was his daughter. >> i'm so worried. i don't know where my daughter is. >> there you hear him. 25-year-old skip mccullen already made his first court appearance facing first degree murder in 3-year-old jordan's death. she was found less than 24 hours after being reported missing. >> law enforcement officer noticed something that did not look correct for the woods. walked over, and saw some
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>> an official cause for the little girl's death has not been released. also in the charlotte area investigators have found a body found during the such for one of three missing co-workers we've been telling you about this story all week. >> police found the body while searching a property for 23- year-old sandy le. last week she disappeared the next week his and girlfriend disappeared. police have not made any arrests at this point. southern pines police say fake 100-dollar bills are being passed around and there could be more. police say 7 bills were discovered at different retailers tuesday night. this is a photo of one of them. police say there have been at least 20 similar cases during just the past several weeks. and they believe there could be more. we do have tips on o how to detect fake money on our website at
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it was 97 for a high here in the triangle. 99 around the sandhills yesterday. now thankfully no where near as hot today but we're still starting off on the muggy side. check that temperature out. 77degrees. this is live picture from the raleigh durham international airport. you look closely you are seeing brighter conditions here and there. clouds are going to be around for the majority of the morning. so here's our satellite and radar composite, most of us dry across the state. i do want to bring you closer look. showers are developing back to the west. we'll have to see if they hold together towards person county. we're also looking at an isolated shower north of mecklenburg county virginia. again, if that changes drops a little further south we could see a few showers towards south hill. keep you up to date if those conditions change. in the meantime let's talk temperatures dropping another degree around henderson to 70. comfortable there. 72 in louisburg. 73 across portions of johnston county.
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lillington, pine must and raeford. fayetteville at 77 degrees. so want to walk you through the day hour by hour. we should be around 83 by 10:00 a.m. most of us on the dry side. we have an isolated shower or chance at noon today then better shower and storm chances heading into the afternoon. 91 our afternoon high. so yes, a big drop from yesterday. but yes, these temperatures are still warmer than where we should be for this time of year. i want to show you the future forecast. >> looking at partly to mostly lunchtime. then more clouds this archives the chance for showers and storms picks up. for some of you we could see better rain chances throughout the evening. most of us should be dry by midnight. tomorrow morning most of us should start off the day dry. scattered showers and storms developing in the afternoon. important to note i am not expecting a washout. today, tomorrow, and saturday, we're all looking at scattered showers and storms. so that means there will certainly be periods of dry weather for you.
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have outdoor plans. city by city for you today, 91 in raleigh. 90 in durham. and 94 in fayetteville. overnight tonight, we should drop to 74 degrees. there will be that chance for isolated shower or storm early and most of us should be drier. >> as we head into friday and saturday. 90 on saturday. sunday we start to see the rain chances back off. 90 there. 89 for the week. a small chance for shower or storm. honestly looks like the majority of the area will be dry on monday. dry weather expected tuesday and wednesday. look at all that sunshine with highs believe it or not in the mid- to upper 80s. sounds really nice. 5:51right now. let's send it to ali. i'm looking forward to it. easier to run outside when it's a little bit cooler. if you're heading out the door and driving to work, bright and
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area. in cary we have a crash harrison avenue at chapel hill road. not seeing that cause any major delays. through durham, roads look great. 40, 85, durham freeway moving well. through fayetteville, no delays to report to you there. your northbound drive times into raleigh, on u.s. 1, nc 55 to downtown, 14 minutes. nothing out of the ordinary there and if you're head on 40 from 42 downtown about 15 minutes. minutes. take you outside, a live look at i-40 and old erwin road where things are moving pretty well. before we go to break here's a look at what's coming up later on cbs north carolina. wildfires destroying entire neighborhoods in california. and forcing tens of thousands of people from their homes. carter evans reports from the front lines. donald trump reshapes his
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major garrett with the latest on the presidential candidates. >> southern louisiana residents are be bing to salvage what they can after a catastrophic flooding. we have the latest as volunteers descend upon the stricken state. all those stories is she after our liquid gold? oh, she better not be. our claim runs straight down to the glut'n free stuffin'. thar shells.
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burn center. >> i'm take , too nan shall boost to help educate lower income people about fire safety and train first responders in fire treatment. the grant is worth nearly 300 how'd. part of a larger -- $300,000. two weeks from today a new policy on fort bragg. anyone caught speeding, texting or practicing quote unsafe driving on post will automatically be enrolled in the unsafe driver's program.
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post. also happening today. fort bragg is hosting a job fair for veterans or members of the military getting ready to leave. or retire. the event runs from 9:30 this morning until 12:30 p.m. there's also a seminar that begins at 83:07 that aims to help -- 8:30 this morning that hamilton to help you transition to civilian life. chapel hill based southern season will be put up for auction this week. the gourmet retailer filed for bankruptcy earlier this summer. if a deal is reached in bankruptcy court tomorrow a deal on a sale could be approved as early as monday. wake county heatedders are running out of room to expand and build more facilities at high schools. it a challenge the commissioners are address with more high schools expected to be built in the next few years. new they're looking at the potential to share athletic facilities so they can save space. another option includes schools
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parking lots with students. the helping hand mission is answering a call for help but it needs you in order to be successful. they held a school supply give away last week. >> since then the executive director says they received an overwhelming amount of phone calls from parents whose kids did not have the supplies. they did not hesitate on holding another school supply give away. it starts 11:00 this morning on rock quarry road. drop off there. >> got to make sure we send our kids back to school with everything they need to learn. i know those alarm clocks are ringing this morning. good morning to you. >> we have breaking news to get to. authorities an or in scene of a shooting in wake forest. a live report coming up. >> after unbearably hot days, relief finally in the forecast but don't get too excite. still hot today. in 2 minutes alyssa will tell us when we'll finally feel the coolun. we'll be right back, stay with
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breaking news from overnight as a shooting sends a man to the hospital. we're live on the scene with the latest update from wake forest police. >> plus two american athletes detained in brazil over ryan lochte's claim of an armed robbery. what police are demanding before they will let them go families that come home to nothing. >> the situation only growing more grim for the thousands forced to flee a wildfire in california. the damage it was able to cause in only a matter of hours. those stories and more right now on cbs north carolina. good morning everyone thanks for watching north carolina news it's 6:00 it's thursday. as you said earlier, it's friday eve. >> continuing down. >> i'm stefan chase alongside russ bowen, eel war anderson


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