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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news from overnight as a shooting sends a man to the hospital. we're live on the scene with the latest update from wake forest police. >> plus two american athletes detained in brazil over ryan lochte's claim of an armed robbery. what police are demanding before they will let them go families that come home to nothing. >> the situation only growing more grim for the thousands forced to flee a wildfire in california. the damage it was able to cause in only a matter of hours. those stories and more right now on cbs north carolina. good morning everyone thanks for watching north carolina news it's 6:00 it's thursday. as you said earlier, it's friday eve. >> continuing down. >> i'm stefan chase alongside russ bowen, eel war anderson
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having it rough and also down south, louisiana. with all the flooding. >> really puts things in perspective. we were talk about how hot it was. we will see a break in that today. let's start off with your forecast. >> it's 75 degrees right now. this is a live picture from the raleigh durham international airport. you can see a breakup in the clouds but not a lot to see that beautiful sunrise that we saw yesterday. still don't expect it to be that bad. official sunrise happens after 6:30 this morning. so i want to show you these. we're looking at showers just back to the west of person county. so it looks like portions of person county will see that light shower move through. mecklenburg county can't rule out a shower or two for you over the next, say, half hour or hour. >> we'll watch the changes throughout the rest of the morning. >> let's get to the temperatures. 70 in henderson. feeling pretty nice. 74 in durham. 76 in lillington. also in the mid-70s around
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degrees. so here's a look at what you're planning for your day ahead. 77 out the door at 8:00 a.m. 87 at lunchtime. and then 91 our afternoon high. it will be warm, humid. storms possible, then as we head through 6:00 this evening. i will let you know what day we'll have the best rain chances of the next 78 coming up. but right now back to eel who has a check on the morning commute. good morning. things look pretty good to start your thursday morning. we have one crash out there in ca be aware of that. otherwise not a bad ride through the raleigh area up through durham. take a look at the maps and enjoy the green while it lasts. it means you're able to go the speed limit through the durham area same thing little farther south through fayetteville. southbound drive times on u.s. 1, 540 to downtown, 18 minutes. only going to get slower, unfortunately. a live look now at aviation parkway. on i-40. you can see that it is starting
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the sun starts to come up. we are staying on top of some breaking news we've been break abdul rahman mustafa mohammed bringing you all morning in wake forest. a shooting has seen the a man to hospital. >> cbs north carolina's beairshelle edme following this one tracking updates all morning long beairshelle tell us what else you're seeing on the scene. >> reporter: well, it seems that many of the wake forest police officers are starting to leave now. we're seeing more ccbi taking er who was shot here just around 1:30 on north allen street. and we're also learning that police have made no arrests and they have no suspects and they say that's partly daughter murdered to the fact they've had little cooperation early on in this investigation. authorities say the man was shot and fund near the hope house. which is a community organization here on north allen street. he was immediately taken to the hospital with what officials tell us were serious injuries. at this point lieutenant jay
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targeted or if there's any connection to what happened here outside of the hope house. police say they haven't had any recent issues in this neighborhood. and their last major call was for a shooting last year about a block down. authorities hoping with the public's help they can learn what happened here this morning. >> in the meantime they sent several hours working with ckbi to collect evidence and start piecing together the clues. they are asking if you heard anything or have seen anything contact them immediatel tip line. (919)435-9610. again, (919)435-9610. reporting live beairshelle edme, cbs north carolina. and fayetteville now, police are still in the process of gathering information after a woman was shot at a party. this happened last night at a home on nugget court. police say the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. so far we have not heard of any arrests being made.
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can help, you are urged to call police. and breaking news overnight kin brazil. two american swimmers were forced off their flight by police investigating a robbery. >> yeah, all this goes back to ryan lochte's claims that he and three others were held at gunpoint. a story that's gone through some changes since it was first told. hena daniels has the report. >> reporter: u.s. swimmers jack conger and gunnar bentz were taken off their u.s. bound flight home and instead authorities. their brazilian defense lawyer spoke with reporters saying the athletes were confused and shaken with the judge's decision not to let them leave the country. a brazilian judge has ordered the swimmers' passports seized because of discrepancies. and now even more questions over lochte's first account of the robbery sunday night. >> they pulled us over, they pulled out their guns, they told the other swimmers to get
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gun. haycocked it, put it to my forehead he said go down. and i was like i put my hands up, whatever. >> reporter: new surveillance video obtained by daily showed lochte, jimmy feigen returning to the olympic individual in sunday morning. they peered to still have their belongings on them and investigator stays the men don't seem distraught and are seen joking with each other. lochte's back in the. s. his caged, again, last night. he reportly told nbc there were two gunmen and that the gun was just pointed in his direction. he also said their taxi was not pulled over. but was at a gas station. lochte's attorney says brazilian officials are just trying to deflect criticism of problems at the rio games. >> the remaining swimmers involved will be questioned by police today and are not allowed to leave brazil
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moore county deputes investigating after a man's body was found alongside the road at dickerson road in the glen done area. an abandoned car was also discovered in the nearby cemetery. it's unclear if the two scenes are actually connected. >> as of this morning the cause of death not determined. this morning we are helping to get an update from durham police after a deadly crash involving a motorcycle. this happened yesterday on highway 55. the crash appeared to involved a pickup truck and motorcycle. victim's name has not been reel and unknown if charms will be filed. a raleigh man found guilty of killing and dismembering his girlfriend is requesting a new trial. grant hayes was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison in the death of his ex girlfriend. his attorney is now filed a motion that clays hayes' rights were violated by the state during the interception of his legal mail. the motion also accuses the
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last year but was denied. newly released photos appear to show the moments surround ages 11 deadly officer- involved shooting at a north carolina walmart. these were taken from surveillance cameras at the store. you can see the man carrying a weapon. another shows him turning and firing at officers. >> now, police eventually shot and killed the suspect identified as carl nivens. officers had responded to the store after getting reports of a car that was broken into. time check it's 6:08 on your thursday morn them. the dangers they face as a once in a lifetime inferno burns out of control. >> day 12 of the olympics was filled with judges spikes shots and everything you want to see again you'll see at 6:00 sarge temperatures in 70 in oxford and roxboro. 73 in south hill. but some of these areas could
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it was sort of a hit or a miss yesterday. we sought rain or you didn't i. didn't see any rain. russ did. you didn't see an. i know you need it for your garden out there. what's going to happen today? we'll have a better chance for rain today. yesterday about a 20% chance. today 40% chance. so that's going up for us. we're also going to see a little more cloud cover. it i raleigh. more of the clouds towards the horizon. so it may be a little bit past sunrise before we officially see the sangria starting to impact us this morning. here's our satellite and radar composite u. auto want to point out a few things. there's a few showers back to the west, west of person county. just getting ready to enter the western part of the county there. an isolated shower this morning. same situation up towards south hill and mecklenburg county in virginia.
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the viewing area. as far as the temperatures are concerned, 74 in durham, 75 in raleigh. also the mid-70s in lillington. 76 this morning in raeford. so as you're planning your day, should be right around 77 at 8:00 a.m. we climb 10 degrees by lunchtime to 87. 91 today. nowhere near as hot as yesterday. yesterday we had 97 in the triangle. tomorrow the low 90. that's above normal for this time of year. average being 88. we're back to 90 for the weekan upper 80s for early next week. next tuesday and wednesday really comfortable temperatures app arrive. i'll have more on that in your complete storm team forecast. all north carolina counties have until tomorrow to send their updated early vetting plans to the state. last night durham county became latest in our area to come to an agreement. the board decided to have five polling sites for the first week of early voting. 13 sites will open for the last
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north carolina's voter i.d. law was struck down by a federal court. governor pat mccrory and attorney general roy cooper are expected to highlight their differences in a forum today. the event is part of the summer leadership conference at the greater raleigh chamber of commerce at the pinehurst resort. cooper expected to speak at 8:30 this morning. governor pat mccrory will take the podium about half an hour later. time check for redemption for team u.s.a.
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it. is an inferno even the likes of vote ran firefighters have never seen before the the blue cut fire has charred 4700 miles, mating homes and forcing tens of thousands to evacuate. this point authorities can't
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destroyed and are warning people to expect the worst. >> i was able to get up this morning and get some eyes on it from the air. in a word, it was devastating. a lot of homes lost yesterday. there will be a lot of families that come home to nothing. >> now, the cause of the fire remains unknown this morning. as of a few hours go it was only 4% contained. well track and field took sent ser stage during >> that's right team u.s.a.'s leaped for 23 feet to take gold in the women's long jump. that left a fellow american in second place. >> usain bolt won. >> bronze will have to do for walsh jennings and april ross. they bounced back to beat the brazilian women's volleyball team. this marks the first time ever
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but they're reaction has been so humble. lastly it looks like team u.s.a. basketball is finally getting its swagger back. >> the americans rebounded from a sloppy first quarter to crush argentina 105-78. they play spain tomorrow in the semis. >> show us what you got. way to go. >> i'm enjoying watching it. >> it's always something on. you turn it on there's always for today. >> it looks like wool see a better chance for rain later today. >> right now, though, most of us on dry side but we are seeing a little extra cloud cover. >> it's 75 degrees right now. this is a live picture from the raleigh durham international airport as we start our day. so let's geehood and take a look at the big picture. a few passing showers through virginia. >> few showers even back west of the mountains here in our state. most of us, though are on the dry side.
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starting to see a few showers develop crossing into person county. we'll see that rain first, then eventually roxboro some light rain. that's going to stay very isolated this morning. still the better chances for rain will develop this afternoon. so let's get to your temperatures before you get read to head out the door. 70 in henderson. 72 in louisburg. 73 in clayton. mid-70 round lillington, pinehurst and raeford and 77 in fayetteville. so hour by hour for you, we should climb to today. 87 at noon. most of us are on the dry side. then we'll see the chance for rain pick up into the afternoon. 89 at 2:00. 91 our high. we drop back to 88 by 6:00 this evening. so a look at your future forecast we'll work on the timing of the showers. most of us on the dry side through the morning. >> can't rule out a stray shower or two around lunchtime. better storm chances developing late this afternoon into the
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i do think decent amount of cloud cover should hang around for friday. another unsettled weather for friday afternoon. yes, these rain chances have increased but i still don't think we'll expect a washout today, tomorrow or saturday. we do have an update in the tropics. we have tropical storm fiona. it did strengthen. it continues to strengthen throughout the overnight hours and this morning right now we're expecting it to have 50 miles per status through friday. possibly start to weaken into the weekend ahead. it's in the open atlantic pose nog threat to us just yet. it rooks like wind sheer could start to pull this apart. 91 our high. 94 in fayetteville. overnight tonight as that rain tapers off early we'll fall to near 74 crazy. cloudy. 91 the high friday.
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sunday an into monday and then tuesday and wednesday are those days that i just can't wait for. 87 for a high tuesday and sunny. 85 and sunny on wednesday. 6:20 let's get a check on the morning commute with ali. we starting to see moderate delays as people head into work on glenwood, as well as u.s. 1. other than that roads look good. ci 40 moving well. 70, durham freeway. as we take you done to fayetteville. 95, all green. which means you're able to go the speed limit. a look at the southbound drive times into the city on u.s. 1 from 540 to downtown, 17 minutes there. heading south into raleigh on 70, i-540 to downtown, 13. outside now to i-40 at jones sausage road where it is starting to get busy out there at 6:20 this morning.
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wake forest leads it's big stories we are watching for you. we're told a man was sent tour the hospital his condition is unknown. also, the greenville man accused killing a mother and her three children is set to be arraigned in virginia today. he's expected stew be extradited back to north carolina tomorrow. and donald trump will hold a rally in charlotte. that's tonight. we'll have full details and we will be there as we visit in our next half hour. >> and speaking of donald trump. northcarolina's one of the places he's channeling his financial resources in order the trump campaign will begin rolling out the first tv ads of the general election season in these states. all the usual suspects are here, north carolina, florida, ohio and pennsylvania. >> recent polls show hillary clinton leading in all of those states by margins as small as three points and as large as nine. dr. jill stein is hoping donald trump and hillary clinton's historic unpopularity will sway voters toward the green party. >> i will have trouble sleeping
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i will also have trouble sleeping at night if hillary clinton is elected. >> casting the green party is the only group not corrupted by money, stein repeatedly went after clinton. he questioned her trust byirthyness and judgment and called her pro war and justed that made her less of a feminist when it came to policy stein said she would go on a peace offensive. she would also substantially down bays around the world. >> would you close all of them? >> that would be our presumption. there may be certain bases for certain circumstances that need to remain open. but our presumption is to close the bases. >> right now stein is polling at 5% nationwide. help you keep track of your morning, 6:23. an incredible show of support in the atm math of a north carolina toddler's murder the
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together in just hours. >> thousands of layoffs in a company with a deep connection.
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at&t makes a big change in stab gram has cool new feature and coffee. jill wagner joins us live from the floor of the new york stock exchange wither more jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning stefan. at&t's doing away with overage fees starting sunday. new cell plans offer more data but at a higher price. the cheapest plan $30. that's $10 more expensive. but it comes with about three times as much data. >> instagram has launched a new live video streaming feature. will show user generated videos
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user based on the photos and videos that they like and who they follow. >> a lot of folks waking up brewing their first cups of coffee but we hear there's something else that they could see on the menu soon tell us. >> yes, soon they'll be able to brew up a lot more than coffee and soup. cvs is selling pods. they make hot medicine for people with colds or flu. daytime angh coming in menthol and green tea. >> you should see the newsroom right now. we all just kind of woke up, like really? we need to get in on this. good stuff. >> reporter: i feel like it's a good wide. >> i do, too. anything to fight the common cold. we appreciate it have a great day. >> sons your coffee doesn't taste like menthol. >> yeah, we got to work on that make sure that doesn't happen. >> i'm thinking you probably
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>> two different machines. >> warmness on your throat i think it's fantastic. not that i have a sore throat today. 6:27, coming up next an investigation under way in wake forest after an overnight shooting. we're live on the scene coming up. >> plus before you head out the door this morning, a look at your forecast, and a look at how the morning's shaping up. take a look. kind of pretty u.a little clouds a few clouds, rain on the way. alyssa corfont has the forecast
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hello and good morning great to have you with us. thanks for watching north carolina news i'm russ bowen. >> good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us i'm stefan chase. we are following breaking news in wake forest where a overnight shooting sent a person to the hospital. >> first we feed thank you talk about this weather and finally a break alyssa.
6:30 am
low 90s later this afternoon. yesterday we hit 97 here in raleigh. a hot and humid one for us. today we're looking at at satellite and radar composite, most of us on the dry side but look at this a showerrer two moving across the northern portions of person county. watching closely towards mecklenburg county in virginia, south hill you could get in on rain shortly for that morning drive in. the rest of us, on the dry side. no weather worries there. so let's get to the temperatures. 75 in raleigh. mid-70s around lillington, raeford and clinton and pinehurst. so here's a look at your full day forecast. 77 at 8:00 a.m. 87 at noon. a mix of sun and clouds. >> nowhere near as holt but yes, a price to pay, that's a better chance for rain. >> but let's be honest we could use rain at this time. showers and storms possible 88 at 6:00 this evening. won't be a washout so some of you will stay dry. i'll let you know the rain chances for tomorrow and the
6:31 am
minutes. good morning it's 6:30 your friday eve commute is off to a pretty good start. 40, 440, 540 moving well. delay free no accidents to report to you here. you can see all the green on the maps means you're able to go the speed limit. if we take you from durham all watt done through fayetteville, again, no problems to report to you there. nice easy drive in. if you're heading to r 540, u.s. 6424 minutes there. . s. 64, 24 minutes. 540, 15. live look to i-440 at lake boone trail. you're going to have company with you but, again, no accidents out there to report to you. we are continuing to follow breaking news this morning that happened from overnight. >> yeah, shooting in wake forest put a man in the hospital. beairshelle edme has been there
6:32 am
this morning. beairshelle what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, it's actually changing the picture of what we can see. that includes some of the officers and what tear doing. now this man was shot just around 1:30 and we're told that happened outside of hope house which is actually a community organization and just a few moments ago we actually saw several officers going into that house. , as well, we're getting a look at the markings on the floor. perhaps marking the place of where bullet casings are. now, to give yo lieutenant earlier with the wake forest police department who told us at this point there's been no arrests. that's mostly due to the fact there hasn't been much cooperation. they haven't been able to talk to many of the neighbors and residents here. s they are still trying to exactly learn what took place here. now, authorities did say when they arrived after two calls were made to the department that they found one man shot
6:33 am
hospital where we're told he is suffering from serious injuries but no word on his condition. of course, we're continuing to follow this and monitor the situation and try and learn exactly what took place. we will bring you updates throughout the morning and on line. reporting live in wake forest beairshelle edme, cbs north carolina. >> beairshelle, thank you. the moore county department of social services approved an independent investigation into toddler wanteddered a away from his home and drowned in a pond in april. at time he was in the custody of his mother previously charged worth child abuse. a group that included ryan's foster parents stood silently outside the social services office in his memory. their goal to make sure something like this never happens again. >> we felt -- we didn't do
6:34 am
know sound that horn loud enough. >> durham county's department of e social services conducted a private investigation into the moore county office. the mother is charged with involuntary manslaughter. a hoke county man behind bars accused of trying to kill another man with a metal pole. 24-year-old jason comings is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. the victim was hospital where ewas treated for serious injuries. hundreds of people turned out in gaston county to honor the life of a murdered young girl. the individual imwitch you can see was arranged in just a matter of hours. police believe the 3-year-old was murdered by her brother's boyfriend then dumped in the woods. many said they felt compelled to show that the toddler would not be forgotten. >> i don't understand the
6:35 am
hurt that little girl. >> it brings tears to my eyes to see the support. it's amazing. >> now, the alleged killer, skip mccullen was arraigned on murder charges yesterday. he was not given a bond. police are warning folks of fake money being passed around in southern pines. what you're looking at right here is a photo of one of the fake 100-dollar billsments there have been at least a dozen passed successfully at so for the last couple weeks there are several ways to tell if it's fake. we posted the tips on the website at well lightening things up fayetteville is moving forward with plans to bring a mainor league baseball team to town. they approved a non binding agreement with the houston astros to bring a farm team by 20719. as for the ballpark -- 2019. it would be located downtown. >> it's been a struggle at
6:36 am
around in the past few years. there's been a lot more businesses coming in. but there are very slow days. >> city leaders have still not given specifics on how they would pay for the potentially $35 million stadium. they are expected to unveil that plane the next couple months. wake county is running out of room to expand facilities. say athletic facilities. that way the county can save space when they build new schools. another option includes schools partnering with cities and businesses to share parking lots for students. time check, 6:36 on your thursday. we are getting a preview of what donald trump will be talking about during his stop in charlotte tonight. the message he intends to send a day after attending a very big meeting. >> really it has in hit me in the sense of how long it's
6:37 am
trouble in louisiana in returning to their homes to find them in ruin. >> the grim circumstances that are making the recovery process even tougher at 6:00 haven't temperatures before you get ready to head out on this thursday, low to mid-70s as we look around smithfield, goldsboro
6:38 am
i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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it is a broke that we want and a little bit of rain that we need, right? >> yeah, we certainly do but the past few mornings we've seen the spectacular sunrise. >> this morning more clouds than anything else as we start our day. so here's a live picture from the tower camera here in north raleigh. if you look closely in the middle of the screen you can
6:40 am
but it looks like it's hidden behind the clouds. official sunrise happened around 6:37. just a few minutes into it. right now at 75 degrees. 74 by 7:00 a.m. 77 at 8:00 a.m. back to 80 by 9:00 a.m. mix of sun and clouds throughout. so it won't be all doom and gloom this morning. >> you will see some sunshine but take a look at the satellite and radar composite, it's been something we've been watching over the past half hour. the showers ng county. most of you in mecklenburg county on the dry side. that could change. so we're watching for those showers to approach your area. let's get to the temperatures. 70 in henderson. 74 in durham. 73 in sanford in the mid-70s in lillington and fayetteville. 77 i should say in fayetteville. so as you're planning your day we should be at 87 at lunchtime today. nowhere near as hot. yesterday we hit 97. today around 91. >> chance for showers and
6:41 am
tomorrow and into portions of the weekend. i'll have the details in about 10 minutes. police in charlotte found a body while investigating a suspicious disappearance. 23-year-old sandy le and two co- workers disappeared. in the past they believed her co-workers are in mexico. the case is being investigated as a homicide. 6:41. friends and former co-workers come together tonight to man. >> how you can help mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. ?? from the mountains... to the beaches...
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north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ] run! ?? ? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? it's ours to preserve... because we're only borrowing it from our children. ??
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. a celebration of life for murdered raleigh man. kouren-rodney thomas was killed earlier this month after a homeowner fired at him through his garage. his former co-workers remember him fondly and are trying to raise money for his family at an event tonight. >> he kind of lit up the store.
6:44 am
people he worked with. and they treated each other like brothers and sisters. >> he's just going to really be missed. >> now, the benefit is tonight at the mcdonald's cafe on falls of neuse road in raleigh. half of all money made fromtive- 9:00. as for his alleged killer cad copely he remains behind bars without bond. donald trump is expected to talk about national security during his rally in charlotte he was gi en -- gave his first classified -- given his first classified security briefing. a practice that's common among major party nominees although top republicans and democratics alike have argued the rivals cannot be trusted with such sensitive information. one former cia officer admitted this has been different to say the least. >> on the one hand you have a candidate to seems to say what
6:45 am
director louisana called careless. we've never had a situation like this beef. >> the briefings include classified information on threats like isis but not the key details presented before the commander in chief. here's you the need to know. doors open up at the convention center at 4:30. he takes the stage at 7:30. political reporter beau minnick will be covering at campaign as walls and we'll have live reports starting at 5: impact cisco system's decision to lay off 5500 globally will have to our area. it's7% of the work force. they employ 5200 people at research triangle park. unknown how many if any will come from that locationch the company says the layoffs will take effect in the first quarter of the next fiscal year. death toll in south louisiana's flooding has gone up to 13. this as the state faces what
6:46 am
hurricane katrina. 40,000 homes have been damaged and those lucky enough to have a home still to come back to will still be left with thousands of dollars to make in repairs. >> really they haven't hit me in the sense of hangings to take to get back together. >> i know it's material things and you can always get them back, but it crushes you because you feel like you're violated. >> many other neighborhoods have never experienced such mass flooding before beca only a small fraction of the homes hit in baton rouge and la fay oat were covered by insurance. can you imagine to repair a home without insurance. no, it just is a reminder about flood insurance because a lot of people don't know that your homeowners insurance does not cover flooding. >> heartbreaking situation. >> those aerial views really put it into perspective when you can just see the tops of the homes. let e let's get to our
6:47 am
up for us. a live picture from prestonwood country club in cary. the glow around the trees which means the sunshine is getting a bit brighter but no, pretty much across board we are seeing more clouds than what we've seen in the past few days. here's a look at the satellite and radar composite. the majority of us on the dry side but you can see we're kind of in that unsettled weather pattern. some rain spotting through central portions of virginia back to really seen just one or so isolated showers develop across person county. looks like some of that could hold together and approach mecklenburg, virginia. the majority of us on the dry side as we head throughout the morning. best rain chances holding off to develop until later this afternoon. so let's check the temperatures. 76 in lillington. 76 in clinton and goldsboro. 73 in clayton. 72 in louisburg and raleigh
6:48 am
majority of us should be close to 77 by 8:00 a.m. 83 at 10:00 a.m. 87 at noon. we'll make it to 91 later today. there will be the chance for a few showers and storms. those continue to increase in coverage for us as we head towards 6:00 this evening, 88 around 6:00. let me show you what this looks like. majority of us dry this morning. lunchtime same situation, mix of sun and clouds there. and storms this afternoon. you'll notice this model keeping the best rain chances after 6:00, 6:30. majority of us on the dry side tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers and storms once, again, in our forecast. so let's kind of categorize the rain chances. yes, those rain percentages are going up. still not a washout. if anything scattered showers and storms today, tomorrow, and saturday keep in mind not really anything severe.
6:49 am
fayetteville. overnight tonight we should fall to 74 degrees. it will be mostly cloudy as any of those lingering showers taper off. we've talked about the rain chances for the next few days. here's a look at the temperatures. 91 friday. 90 on saturday. then the rain chance starts to back off for sunday. 90 there. just an isolated shower or storm in the forecast. next tuesday and wednesday, a plus in my book. pl the mid and upper 80s. let's get a check of the drive time. does not look bad. maps showing all green. no accidents out there as you travel through the raleigh area. same thing if you're starting your commute in durham or heading through durham this morning. 40, 85 moving well. down through fayetteville, roads look pretty good to start off your thursday morning commute. heading north into raleigh, look at your drive times first
6:50 am
a little slower on 40, going to take you 22 minutes and 401, nc 55 to downtown, 22. outside to i-40 at i 540 you can see that it is starring to pick up but again, we've got pretty much accident free. we'll see how long that can continue. a warning for anyone driving on post at fort bragg starting september 1st anyone caught quote unsafe driving will automatically be enrolled in unsafe driver's program. anyone who doesn't attend the program will lose the ability to dive on post. >> just follow the rules other road. 6:50 in the morning. update just in on a shooting investigation this one in holly
6:51 am
z23aoz zi0z
6:52 am
we have some breaking news
6:53 am
accidental shooting that puts a woman in the hospital. >> yeah, we're told the victim was found in a parking lot on village walk drive. her condition not known. a man was also found at the scene but have not said if he is facing any charges. we'll continues to update this story as we learn more and, of course, at noon today. also breaking overnight wake forest is investigating a shooting at 1:30 on north allen road. the victim's name and condition not >> in fayetteville police are in the process of gathering information after a woman was shot at a party last night at a home on nugget court. the victim was taken to the hospital expected to be okay. no arrests being made. if you know anything that cap can help -- that can help call the police. >> two american swimmers ordered not to leave brazil. ryan lochte made headlines
6:54 am
and three others had been robbed at gun point in rio. lochte has already returned home to the u.s. but swimmers jack conger and gunner went were pulled off their flights. lochte's story has come under fire with many noting it became more inconsistent he blamed that on stress from the incident. the greenville man accused killing his girlfriend an three little girls, two his own dibon jab toone murdered garlette howard and her six, 7, and 11-year-old girls. 2000 youngest were his biological daughters. officers have not said when they died. they have also stopped short of
6:55 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, august 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? firefighters battling a raging california wildfire say they have never seen this. 80-foot walls of fire put tens of thousands of homes at risk. will donald trump's new campaign managers be able to build a ground game to turn around his eroding support? campaign manager kellyanne conway is here in studio 57. >> ryan lochte his teammates were removed from their flight home by brazilian authorities. we begin this morning with a


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