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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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right now on cbs north carolina break overnight raleigh police say now a man found dead behind a home was murdered. find out what his mother says happened to him just days beer someone killed him. >> and once again republican presidential candidate comments made during a political ral in north carolina. >> the right words or you say the wrong thing, i have done that. >> we'll tell you how the clinton campaign responded to this apology. good morning and thanks for watching north carolina news at 4:30 i'm justin quesinberry in for russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. thanks for watching cbs north carolina. we're going to get to your morning news and a check on traffic.
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alyssa corfont knows, good morning. good morning to you at home. well, yes, we could have rain around the area today and into the afternoon. as far as this morning is concerned we're looking at showers back to the west towards the greensboro area. some of those culled make it in t our area for the morning commute. very light in nature if it does arrive. most of us will wake up to extra clouds as we wake up on this finally friday morning. so let's get to those temperatures, 78 in raleigh. 77 in l 74 in raeford. northward towards the virginia border, 71 in held. 72 in south him. 72 in row neck rapids. so here's a looking at the forecast for the day ahead. right around 77 at 8:00 a.m. still mostly cloudy skies. warm and humid with a mix of sun and clouds at lunchtime, 87. we'll make it to 91 this afternoon. normal high is actually right around 88. chance storms this afternoon, continuing into the evening hours, as well. i will let you know how long
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and if it will impact your weekend plans coming zip good morning and happy friday to you. not a bad one to be out on the roads traveling through raleigh roads look good. you can see our map showing only green which is exactly what you want to see. through durham no delays to report to you there. 9:00a.m. chapel hill is going to be getting very busy. unc chapel hill has their move in at 9:00 a.m. today all the way tomorrow. so do expect it to be pretty crowded in that area. fayetteville roads look good. 95 moving well. heading to the airport doing some flying should be arriving at the major airports on time. weather cooperating and no delays today. live look at i-40 at i-540. not too many people this friday morning. raleigh police are on the scene of a homicide
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body was found behind a home. >> cbs north carolina's beairshelle edme is live in raleigh with the new details that we've learned overnight. good morning beairshelle. >> reporter: good morning justin. well, police still have the area blocked off near cross street and fisher street and that was where the body of the man was found. in bake yard. now it is still very early on in this investigation. and police are trying to learn how anderson died. however his loved ones say he was shot tuesday, and they are they described him as a goodup man who leaves behind his young family and they believe whoever did this will face the consequences of the law. >> it's always a price to pay for someone that did a terrible thing like whoever did this. you will reap what you sow one day. you're not going to have nothing good out of this. you took my son away from his two children.
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have any suspects as part of this investigation. we will continue to follow the developments and bring them to you both here on air and online. for now reporting live at the raleigh police department, beairshelle edme, cbs north carolina. right now fayetteville police are investigating an attempted robbery that ended with gunfire and a car hitting a convenience store at the skylight fast mart. two men approached another man sitting in the car and pointed a gun at him. the ended up running his car into the store. that's when investigators say one other suspect shot at the victim. and the victim returned gunfire. the victim was not hurt and the suspects did run away. if you have any information call police. raleigh police continue to insist there is no evidence shots were fired inside crabtree valley mall last saturday. the department says the fbi is now investigating. the mystery sound that sent
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away. police just released 300 911 calls. cbs north carolina has listened to all of them. they're giving us a bertrand piccard cure of what people experienced that afternoon. >> i heard the loud boom and people kind of looked confused by it before everyone started running. >> some people called as they were rushing out of the mall. others as they hid inside stores waiting for police to help them. >> it's total pandemonium. >> did you on? >> i don't. all i know people were just started running. >> clear the mall, let's go. >> it's unclear how long it will take the fbi to analyze the loud sound people thought was a gunshot. police say the results of that will be released to the public. our coverage other crabtree investigation continues right now on there you will find our past stories as well as a more in depth analysis of the 911 calls
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scene. breaking overnight in aster that everyone is still talking b about the third u.s. olympic swim ser involved in a scandal surrounding ryan lochte testified before a judge in brazil. many are using the hashtag lochtegate. officials say the four swimmers is quote not acceptable and punishment is possible when the games come to an end this earlier brazilian officials said lochte and three other american swimmers were not robbed but instead became rowdy at a gas station. the crew vanderbiltlized a bathroom where security guards confronted them. lochte did return tour the u.s. before a judge ordered him back into custody. two other swimmers who were pulled off a plane in brazil are now on the way back to the u.s. republican presidential candidate donald trump is back in north carolina.
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>> yeah, that followed two fundraisers he attended in the area earlier in the day. he told the crowd it's time for a change in america. >> what do you have to lose by trying something new? i will fix it, watch. it's the powerful protecting the powerful. the insiders fighting for the insiders. i am fighting for you. clinton on issues including the economy and immigration reform. trump also told the crowd he regrets some comments he has made during the presidential campaign that have brought people personal pain. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on amulet today of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that.
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the truth. >> after the speech we asked people in the crowd for their reaction. >> everybody makes mistakes and i make mistakes so it means a lot to me that he can stand up to that and own up to that. and apologize for it and move on. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton's campaign released a statement following the address saying his apology is just a well written phrase until he changes his tune. >> on your check, it's 4:38. >> i like that although it's my monday. >> i remember that. when you're on our show. okay. still to come here on cbs north carolina. disturbing new details of a woman and three daughters in greenville. >> friends come together to honor a man shot and killed in raleigh. how they remembered kouren-
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. times now 4:41 on this friday morning. it is 78 degrees as we do start off a new day. we're looking at pretty quiet conditions at the raleigh durham international airport. certainly, though, looking at more clouds. just like yesterday right around sunrise. so let's start first with the big picture on the satellite and radar composite. we are tracking showers moving across the greensboro area. you can see morning. so won't be long before some of us start to see some rain here around central north carolina. not all of us are going to see the rain. a lot of this should fizzle out into our area. but the rain just west of person and orange counties. >> maybe an isolated shower extreme southern portions of sampson county. other than that we are on the dry side. so let's get to the temperatures, 76 in durham. 75 in roxboro. 71 in henderson. low 70s in south hill and roanoke rapids.
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74 in raeford. 75 in pinehurst. your forecast for the remainder of today, mostly cloudy at 8:00 a.m., 77. we climb about 10 degrees at lunchtime, 87. and then 91 our afternoon high. still the chance for showers and storms throughout the afternoon. more on the weekend ahead in just a little bit. justin? 4:42 right now. still ahead, lead is found at a local school prompting a call for action from cumberland county health officials. still to come we'll tell you who this impacts and where you can take get tested. >> plus three kittens, dirty and wet they had quite a week. an unprecedented natural outburst
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delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days. welcome b. 4:45 your time. top stories breaking from overnight. raleigh police say they are now investigating a body found on
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the body in a backyard. family members say anderson was shot tuesday. they say he was a good man. >> meanwhile two american swims are now headed back to the u.s. the two men claimed to have been robbed at gun point at a gas station with ryan lochte. brazilian authorities say surveillance video shows what really happened. security confronting the swimmers after they vandalized a gas station. valley mall is being investigated by the pike. raleigh police say despite reports of what sound the like gunfire they cannot find any evidence to prove that shots were fired. 300 calls went into the 911 center saturday. the man accused of killing his girlfriend, their two kid and her daughter in greenville is expected back in north carolina later today. law enforcement sources tell our cbs affiliate in richmond
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police took him into custody in richmond, virginia where he made his first court appearance yesterday. his extradition is later today. >> wake forest police are still searching for the person who killed a man in front of a community service organization. this is an update to a story that we first brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. someone shot sebastian smith around 1:30 yesterday morning he died at a hospital. if you have information call take place to remember a man shot and killed outside of a raleigh home. a homeowner shot and killed 20- year-old kouren-rodney thomas earlier this month. last night his former co- workers held a fundraiser for his family at the mcdonald's where he worked in north raleigh. >> co-workers say he was agy to be around and always happy. >> just like a bright little spark. just kind of miss him. it was hard to come back.
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and it's still hard to find replacements. but to kind of fill in those shifts where he was. you know? it's hard. it's hard. we miss him. >> the public is invited to attend his funeral tomorrow. it begins at 12:30 at the church on wake forest road. 39-year-old chad copley was charged with murder for the shooting and tell parents to get children screened for lead. testing will take place at the school when students return to class but if parents want to get the test done beforehand they can do s at the health department. we have more information on our website at well customers spoke up and target is listening. the chain's now spending $20 million to add private bathrooms to hundreds of stores within the year. the company's finance chief says it's a response to
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policy which allowed customers to use the bathroom of the gender they identify. traffic back to normal in raleigh after a crash on wade avenue. yesterday evening a concrete barrier fell from a truck on wade avenue at blue ridge road backing up traffic for several miles. there are no reports of any injuries. right now investigators in illinois are trying to figure out how a 75-year-old man fell into a silo and died. >> 9:30. four crews a live line helicopter sheriff deputies and technical rescue team all responded. first responders say storms moving through the area hampered their res cute efforts. louisiana floods are being called some of the west since hurricane katrina struck. more than a decade ago. the rising waters affected more than 40,000 homes force the crews to rescue 30,000 people. the nation's homeland secretary toured the hardest hit areas
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saying officials would be on the ground as soon as it takes for -- as long as it takes. 900 personnel are on the ground. hundreds more expected. >> 13 people have died. republican presidential candidate donald trump is expected to tour flooded areas later today. firefighters say they are making progress against a massive wildfire raging in southern california. the blue cut fire which erupted tuesday really fast has scoreched more than 35,000 acres forcing thousands some of the mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted. a water spout caught people off guard in the outer banks. these are some pictures from the nags head and oregon inlet areas. no severe thunderstorm warnings or tornado warnings were issued. and no damages are reported but water spouts can have wind strong enough to throw around lawn furniture. they do often fall apart when they make landfall. but if they cross over land they can officially become
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the area. >> exactly. very surprising there. certainly as we head throughout the day but they did see some strong storms there so can't say i'm all that surprised. let's go ahead and take a leave picture from outside the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. and you can see all is quiet as we look over franklin street. ali was talking about students moving into unc. a lot of hustle and bustle there later this morning into the afternoon. let's get started with your satellite and radar composite. looks like that rain making a bee line for that area. very light rain. what you're seeing the green showing up, that's not rain falling what we're looking for are darker shades of green pushing into the western portions of person and orange county. down across southern portions of sampson county maybe an isolated shower or two. other than that the majority on the dry side right now. we will track the rain progressing to the east. i'll let you know if you need
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and roxboro. 72 in henderson, south hill and roanoke rapids. 73 in louisburg. south, we have 76 across harnett county towards lillington. also76 in fayetteville. let's walk through your day, 82 by 10:00 a.m. this morning. 87 at lunchtime. most of us on the dry side. we'll make it eventually to 91 this afternoon, very similar to yesterday. there will also be a chance for showers and storms, not expecting any to be severe, so let's work on the timing. still pretty cloudy this b morning. mostly cloudy skies. some peeks of sun around lunchtime. not a lot. as we head into the afternoon showers and storms not everyone is going to see this wet weather. so keep that in mind. most of this should wind down overnight tonight. a dry start to our saturday button fortunately if you have outdoor plans for your weekend, more chances for showers and storms tomorrow afternoon. keep in mind it's been a dry
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point in time. an update on tropical storm fiona winds at 45 miles per hour expected to maintain that status into the afternoon hours today. it will eventually weaken into a tropical depression over the weekend and stay that way towards tuesday. it's eventually going to take a more northerly turn could restrengthen into a tropical storm but overall expected to stay in the open atlantic. 91 the high in raleigh. 90 in durham. 93 in fayetteville. overnate ton pretty cloudy skies. just an isolated shower or storm early. in the next few days right around 90 for a high on saturday. 92 on sunday. smaller chances for rain as we had towards sunday. i now have us dry on monday. die all the way through next thursday as really pleasant temperatures return to central north carolina. next week it looks like the theme will be the mid- to upper 80s. that's your latest forecast. here's ali with a check on traffic.
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morning. congratulations you made it to friday and you shouldn't be encountering any delays on your way in if you're traveling through the raleigh area. 540 moving well. if we take you into durham no delays just yet. chapel hill, though, is going to be crowded a bunch of unc students between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. manning drive expected to be pretty crowded with a lot of parents and students. fayetteville, roads look pretty good. look at your eastbound drive times if you're heading on 540 bright and early glenwood have to to u.s. 64, 19 minutes there. on 40 from u.s. 1 to 264, about 11 min the. outside now give you a look at i-40 at the durham freeway. where we do have a few people out there. but they're all able to go the speed limit at 4:53 this morning. before away go to break here's a rook at what's coming up later on cbs this morning.
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travelers art rdu will soon have more food options in terminal two. the airport authority approved
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restaurants including starbucks, popeye's and tap room and that starbucks i mentioned will open this fall. the other restaurants are set to open next year. the salamanders in holly springs have a big event for next summer. the 2017 coastal plan league all star game is coming to town. the game along with the home run derby taking place july 9 and 10. this is the second season of the complex for the team. high school football officially kicks off tonight. and cbs north carolina is your post game coverage. the police returns will beep live at 5:00 and 6:00 for the game of the week that's clayton at cleveland and jeff jones and todd gibson will have full highlights and exclusive look at the game of the week breakdown all starts right here on cbs north carolina and that's tonight at 11:15. a public utilities crew in raleigh is used to fixing water main breaks in the city. but earlier this week they answered a didn't kind call.
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>> meow. a worker heard three kittens and discovered them in the judges carriage of the excavate ser. the mama cat hid the kittens in the piece of equipment at their shop off the beltline. they didn't hear the kittens in of until they started trying to work near cameron village. the kittens are doing well. they're at a shelter waiting for you to pick them up and adopt them. >> and ali is already wanting them together. she's thinking about it, justin. >> they are cute. and the weekend is finally here, i'm told. >> the weekend, yes. >> and. >> it's friday, saturday, sunday. >> if that wasn't good enough news it also means that we will finally see lower temperatures. >> very nice what we can expect and when weatherwise. alyssa is going to break it down and have the answer in just about 2 minutes.
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hello and good morning thanks for watching cbs north carolina i'm stefan chase alongside justin quesinberry. we're getting to know each other well this morning u. auto just learned she had a pet iguana at one point. >> at one point. no more, he's gone. >> that's a story she told us right before away went on. i thought how do we go on. we have some news for the people at home. so this morning we do have beairshelle edme live in raleigh with new information that we learned overnight in a case that police are calling a homicide. >> and ali warshavsky will have a look at your morning commute but first let's head over to alyssa corfont in the weather center with a look at your forecast. i think we're going to like what we hear. >> i think you are we're looking at the chance for temperatures falling back to 90 today and over the weekend but the 80s early next week.


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