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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  August 19, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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hello and good morning thanks for watching cbs north carolina i'm stefan chase alongside justin quesinberry. we're getting to know each other well this morning u. auto just learned she had a pet iguana at one point. >> at one point. no more, he's gone. >> that's a story she told us right before away went on. i thought how do we go on. we have some news for the people at home. so this morning we do have beairshelle edme live in raleigh with new information that we learned overnight in a case that police are calling a homicide. >> and ali warshavsky will have a look at your morning commute but first let's head over to alyssa corfont in the weather center with a look at your forecast. i think we're going to like what we hear. >> i think you are we're looking at the chance for temperatures falling back to 90 today and over the weekend but the 80s early next week.
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dry side right now. this rain that's back to the west around the greensboro area actually reaping the ground and we'll be tracking that into central north carolina throughout the course of the morning. can't rule out an isolated shower or two for your morning drive. let's get to the current temperatures, though. just updating raleigh at 78. durham at 76. louisburg at 73. henderson, south hill and roanoke rapids at 72. around the sand hills, 76 in fayetteville but 73 in raeford. so here's a look at your 77 at 8:00 a.m. 87 at noon and 91 the high. normal for this time of year imthe upper 0s. still a few degrees above that mark. showers and storms developing this afternoon. more on your forecast in about 10 minutes. right now let's check in with ali with the latest on your commute. not going to be a bad ride in if you're leaving right now. 540, 40, 440 all moving well through raleigh. no accidents to report to you
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through durham roads look good, as well. chapel hill will be very busy later today start at 9:00 a.m. until 7 tonight and same thing, again, tomorrow. we have a bunch of students moving in to school, exciting for them, going to be a traffic nightmare for you. if we take you into fayetteville all the green on our maps indicating no delays there, as well. no delays if you're flying out of rdu this morning to these major airports. we have good flying conditions in the weather department there. if you're herding out the door we first. we're not going to give you a live look. we'll leave you with the airport travel condition, hopefully flying somewhere for one last week of vacation before school starts. breaking news to get to. we just learned new information about a death investigation in raleigh. >> investigators are now calling the case a homicide. cbs north carolina's beairshelle edme is live at the police department with the new information. beairshelle what can you tell
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yesterday in a backyard and now police are out at the scene this morning trying to collect evidence and learn exactly what happened to this 23-year-old. now around 5:45 last night that's when police say they received several calls about a dead man who was found. when they arrived to cross and fisher streets they found anderson which led to the homicide investigation this morning. anderson's mother and sister say they want answers and they believe who ever did this will be held responsible and found only heightened by the loss his children will have for the rest of their lives. police are asking anyone with information to come forward if you know anything call raleigh police. reporting live beairshelle edme, cbs north carolina. breaking overnight, 2 u.s. olympic swimmers detained in brazil are headed back home. this after a total of four swimmers including ryan lochte, claimed that they were robbed in rio.
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quote a lapse in judgment and conduct. >> reporter: american swim ser jimmy feigen testified before a brazilian judge in rio. as teammates gunnar bentz and jack conger made their way back to the u.s. under a cloud of suspicion. bentz and konger were detained wednesday as part of the ongoing investigation in the clays they along with james feigen and ryan were rocked at gunpoint in the city last sunday. >> they pulled us over. they pulled out their guns. they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground. >> reporter: brazilian officials saythy surveillance video proves that's not true. they say it shows the swims being confronted by armed security after vanderbilt liesing a an dallizing -- vandalizing a gas station. security demanded quote the
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allowed to leave. >> lochte's formory coach says they could face serious sanctions that could hurt their careers. >> united states swimming always takes a pretty strict stand if am guys like this are true. so i would suspect that there would be some kind of suspension involved. >> lochte is already back in the. s. is so far sticking to his story. u.s. swimming officials are investigating the matter and will decide if there will be in rio could charge the men for falsely reporting a crime. ryan lochte's attorney said in a statement no matter what happened at the gas station swimmers were robbed by people appearing to be law enforcement. the tar heel state got another visit from presidential candidate donald trump. he attended two fundraisers and spoke at a rally in charlotte. he told the crowd it's time for a change in america.
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immigration reform. he also told the crowd that he regrets some comments that he's made during the presidential campaign that have brought people personal pain. he followed that up by saying he's not politically correct and will always speak the truth. >> is that donald duck? yes, it is. protesters greeted trump in charlotte including a name sake duck held up a sign saying donald duck's releasing his tax returns. >> democrats are pressuring trump to release the returns. trump says that's because the irs is auditing him he cannot release the returns until that audit is complete. well, neck week the trump campaign will release political ads in north carolina. >> we sat down with eric trump, donald trump's son. and asked limb what to expect
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that's become my father's message. we're not winning wars any more. we're getting ripped off by countries all across the world. >> trump's cap pain will spend nearly $5 million during the next 10 days on ads in four battleground states and yes, that includes north carolina. >> we also talked with former democratic state senator about trump's presidential run during his visit to charlotte. >> trump is the single most unqualified person to run for president in divide pair cans, preying on family's fears and prejudice. donald trump is only looking out for himself. >> also on the democratic organize with the clinton foundation will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations if hillary clinton is elected president. former president bill clinton said they would only accept donations from u.s. citizens and independent charities. blue cross customers may
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website of largest health provider. thirst is the message that you'll see on the home page. they experienced technical issues affecting claims processing and customer service systems. the most in popped up around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. a representative is working to fix the issue but it could take up to 48 hours to get everything up and running. 5:08 right now and the state department says the $400 million cash payment that the government made to iran came al ahead we have new reaction to that plan. >> plus, first responders in raleigh begging for a pay raise. but cbs north carolina investigates found some other city workers got a big salary bump. we have [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said,
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it's through the gospel that our
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. time is now 5:10 on this friday morning.
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the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. not a lot going on early this morning. of course, ali has been telling you that move in day for unc around the corner. >> pretty busy downtown here shortly. as far as your drive time forecast is concerned, sunrise happens at 6:37 this morning. so we have a while to go there. but as far as the temperatures are concerned, 78 right now we drop to 76 by 7:00 a.m. then slowly climb initially. 77 at 8:00 this morning. finall at more clouds than anything else this morning. a small chance for rain. keep that in mind take the umbrella with you. look at this, that rain starting to move into the western most communities. this won't impact the entire viewing area but for some of you it could make the commute a bit slower. central and western portions of person county towards roxboro seeing some of that light rain. temperatures,76 in durham and roxboro. 77 in siler city.
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pinehurst. so as you're making plans for your day we'll be around 87 at lunchtime today. we make it to 91 this afternoon but again, just like yesterday we will have the threat for showers and storms so keep that umbrella nearby. more on your weekend ahead in just a little bit. right now send it back to you stefan. 5:12 on your friday morning. donald trump is making more headlines during a campaign stop in north carolina. >> it was flown to iran, $400 million in cash. >> new this morning, what he had to american hostages. >> and new details on the breaking news that we brought you throughout the morning yesterday as police in wake forest continue to search for a murder suspect.
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?? ?? ? ba da ba ba ba ? top stories right now. wake forest police are looking for the gunman who killed a man in front of a community service organization.
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1:30 yesterday morning. police do not have a description of the suspect. the man accused killing his girlfriend and three children is expected back in north carolina today. dibon jab toone reportedly used a claw hammer to kill all four victims earlier this week. police took him into custody in richmond and he will be extradited today. >> donald trump is scheduled to tour flooded areas in louisiana today. 13 people have died in the flooding. the rising wate police officers are fighting for pay raises. but city council says they're waiting on a pay study before making a decision. however, a cbs north carolina investigation reveals several city executives received pay raises without a pay study. council approved an 11% pay raise for the city attorney andsy% pay raise for the police chief and a 9% raises for the city clerk.
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city leaders were given raises ahead of them. >> there's no accountability they're making the rank and file police officers, firefighters to wait two or three years for any substantial raises. >> we went to get answers but the city declined to comment. we were also told that the mayor was on vacation and unable to comment. none of the council members responded to our request to comment. for the first time the state department admitting there was a-ing between a $400 million cash payment to iran and the same day release u 4 americans imprisoned there. we have details from new york. >> reporter: the state department says the $400 million cash payment. government made to iran came along with a catch. iran wouldn't get the money until the prisoner were freed. >> we, of course, sought to retain maximum leverage until after american citizens were released.
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the four freed americans were released. republicans and their presidential nominee donald trump have been critical of the obama administration secret plan. >> heside we don't pay ransom but we did. he lied about the hostages, openly and blatantly. >> u.s. officials insist the money was not ransom. they say it was owed deal 35 years ago. >> reporter: state department officials say they waited until the americans had left iran on january 17 beforehanding over the money. >> in new york, kenneth craig, cbs north carolina. the state department says the money was from a military equipment deal made with iran in the 1970s. >> so alyssas i was sharing with justin the fact that i used to have an iguana. justin you have pets.
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>> what his name, lexi. >> cute. >> i have bella. a spoiled puppy. >> you love bella. >> she naps with me on a regular basis. >> the pictures that you post on twitter are fantastic. >> i have to remind her occasionally that she is a dog because i'm pretty sure she thinks she's a human. >> does she like all this heat? >> no. >> these dog days of summer. [laughter] >> actually, guys, no, because it's too hot to walk outside. >> it is. >> next week it's supposed to be beautiful. really l right now, 78 degrees and this is a live picture from our tower camera over the beltline this morning as we do start off our day. and hey, it's pretty quiet. no rain here in raleigh. but there is rain starting to move into portions of central north carolina. so i want to start you with the big picture. watching the showers around the greensboro area reaping the ground. as you can clearly see they're moving to the east. so next stop is our area. and for some of us, that rain is already here.
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of green. that's where the rain is actually hitting the ground. >> this is not actually rain this is ground clutter. few isolated showers across sampson county. other than that quiet but this rain, again, is moving in our direction. won't be surpriseddive chatam, orange, durham county see rain throughout the morning. recall ate 78. clayton fear by at 77. 73 in louisburg. also 73 in roanoke rapids e. woo have let 70s through south ll hills. 76 in fayetteville. raeford around 73 degrees. so hour by hour for you. 10:00a.m. temperature 82. we're at 87 at lunchtime today. we got a bit hotter than that. 91. now normal for this time of year is actually yes to 88 degrees. we're going to be above that mark, again, this afternoon. showers and storms possible for us. a lot of us actually stayed dry yesterday. there will be a better chance to see wet conditions today.
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coast. still filtering in some southerly breeze to bring us warmer temperatures. still looking at more clouds afternoon storms. i do want to point out this front. yes, it's way back to the west. that comes through sunday into monday and that will be the thing that ushers in very comfortable temperatures as we head into the start of next week. so as far as the timing of any rain today you can see that isolated shower through 6 :00, 7:00 a.m. most of us dry at lunchtime. seeing showers and storms develop this afternoon. not everyone is going to see increased chance from earlier this week. tomorrow morning start off on the dry side. then as we head into the afternoon, showers and storms developing again. it will be one of those days that not everyone sees wet weather. 91 the high today in raleigh. 90 in durham and 93 in fayetteville. overnight tonight, isolated showers early, then fall into the low 70s. i don't think there's any threat to turn severe today or tomorrow, for that matter.
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week. we keep talking about the tranquil conditions. mid and upper 80s and plenty of sunshine. i know one person that's really excited about this weather and that's ali our resident runner will be ideal to be outside. >> i keep reminding myself you can run through humidity. you can't run through snow. just to keep going forward. if you're herding outdoor you have a lot to look forward to. no traffic through the raleigh area. 540, 440, 40, moving well. through durham no delays to 85, durham freeway able to go the speed limit there. chapel hill, is were we're taking you to because we are going to say of see delays there. 9:00a.m.-7:00 p.m. today and tomorrow, we have got a lot of students moving in for the first time to college. how exciting. manning drive will be very crowded. so heads up if you're planning a rut through chapel hill. avoid manning drive. fayetteville, roads look pretty good. all the green on the maps means no delays. we'll take you outside to i-40
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can see things are moving pretty well through the construction zone there. more news, weather and traffic more news, weather and traffic coming up later on today, we can connect more.... play more... do more. and all that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, efore they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here....
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welcome b. 5:24 your time. high school athletic is more than just winning on the field
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>> that's very deep stuff. jeff jones is here to explain in today's sports wrap. well, earlier this week we introduced you to the kids at friendship high school. kicking off their first varsity football season today. if you ask them the sport isn't about making good players but making good people. our todd gibson has the story. >> get to eight and start to round it get flat at 10. >> reer instruct his players at wednesday's practice. >> one our sayings is we're trying to make better husbands fathers and better citizens. that's the foundation. >> reporter: building that foundation will not be easy. the patriots playing the first varsity season will have no seniors. leadership will have to come from sophomores and juniors fully invested in an infant program. >> it feels good. it's a great transition to come over here and come to a school
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participation is certainly not a problem. 116 players have taken on the challenge of being the first friendship football team. they'll pave a path for future squads. >> it's going to be very fight exciting coming back 20 years from now to see how we started this program and how it's going to be going. >> get up field. >> reporter: he's confident his players will be proud of what they accomplish. >> building a long-term foundation and a long term success here for 30, 40 years that's what we're all about. >> reporter: there will be bumps, friendship face minor the home field isn't quite ready they will open on saturday night playing on arch rile holly springs home field. in apex, todd gibson, cbs north carolina. >> that's all the time we have more morning sports but don't forget to join us at 6:00 and the season premiere of the blitz on cbs north carolina, tonight at 11:00. i'm jeff jones, we'll see you this evening. >> we're already talking about high school football but we're still talk about olympics, too. here's a story from the
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are talking about. midway through their ak bat zika virus routine the chinese team used one of their teammates is a jump rope. >> yes, just when crew think you've seen it all some creative coach pulls out a trick that you probably have never seen before. witch would you prefer? to be the actual rope or the person jumping over the human jump rope. >> because the human body should not do that. i think the jumper. >> you have to be very nimble for all of that. >> look carolina we're back with more
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there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers.
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reinvent snacking. right now t break overnight raleigh police now say a man found dead behind a home was murdered. find out what his mother said happened to him just days before somebody killed him. and once again republican presidential candidate donald trump is getting attention for
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political rally in north carolina. >> you don't choose the right words, or you say the wrong thing, i have done that. >> we'll tell you how the clinton campaign responded to this apology. good morning and thanks for watching north carolina news at 5:30 i'm justin quesinberry in for russ bowen. >> good morning to you, as well, i'm stefan chase i. look at morning news and check on traffic. as always first let's find out about the forecast. good morning to you at home. as we clouds. we're also looking at showers back to the west. starting to move in. now not all of this is actually reaching the ground across portions of franklin and granville county. rain is reaching the ground in person, orange and durham counties this morning. we'll continue to watch this. some on and off again showers throughout the morning drive. overall better rain and storm chances as we head into the afternoon hours today. so let's get to the temperatures. if you're just waking up it's


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