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tv   North Carolina News at 9.00 am  CBS  August 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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78 degrees the current temperature in raleigh. last night, we had some strong thunderstorms roll through the area that im football games that began friday night. some of those lingered into the overnight hours but, now, we are looking mostly dry with the exception of a few sprinkles that you can see popping up at the very edge of the screen there. 78 in raleigh and durham. 78 in fayetteville. 76 in goldsboro. clinton, 76 degrees. we have had area of high pressure that's been bringing us the hot and humid conditions over the past several days and
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experienced yesterday. so expect a few storms. 89 degrees the high temperature falling to about 826 degrees at 6:00 p.m. not expecting any severe weather but strong moving storms possible. cooler temperatures are here to follow. i'll have that update coming up. >> we turn now to an update to a story that we have been follow for several days. a man suspected of killing four pe devan tune used ahammer to kill his girlfriend and three children. two of the chirp were his own. members of the community gathered to pray for peace and comfort for the famry. the grandmother of the 11-year-
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>> grief, shock, just some emotions that this greenville community is feeling. now they are hoping that power of prayer is strong enough to help that healing process begin. >> phillies louis carr is 11- year-old brianna's grandmother. she was very sweet, very lovable. >> carr received a call earlier this week that brianna was killed along with her mother and sisters. the medical examiner's report from, quote, traumatic head injury by assault. >> it's hard. it's' very, very hard. it bothers me the day she dies. that's what hurts the most. >> reporter: today, carr came to the crime scene for the first time since her granddaughter was killed. while she is saddened by the loss, she is amazed by the
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and it's beautiful. >> in jesus name i pray, amen. >> reporter: carr was surrounded by police, clergy and community members. >> i know i need prayer. it help as will the. >> greenville p d and local clergy have been coming to homicide scenes to pray for nearly a year and a half. >> tune faces one murder charge right now. police say that case is fog a grand jury for threee man was found dead behind a southeast raleigh home. police say that a young child found 23-year-old laquan anderson's body. police says that he leaves behind two young children. no arrests were made. the director of a private
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sex abuse charges. neighbors are angry to hear about the charges. >> it's surprising to me and it don't surprise me. i won't go into, that but it makes me very mad. >> court records say that stevens abused two victims from 2007 to 2012. the office is encouraging others to come forward and a mother accused of fracturing the skull of her infant had her bond raised to $2 million. the judge agreed with prosecutors that the case is more serious than originally charged. they say that the case could become a murder case.
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yesterday. >> she was fine. she had no bruises. i don't understand why my baby is dying right now. . >> the prosecutor claims that there was evidence that smith tried to get a witness to change her story before they brought the baby to the hospital. >> and a fire brought at a brad boulevard motel was intention fullly set. that's the conclusion of the fire marshal. the fire was easily put t no one was hurt but five people stayinatthe motel were displaced. a funeral was killed for a man shot outside of a home. the public is invited to attend thomas' funeral today srting at 10:30 inside the amiago church. the suspect was charged with the murder for the shooting
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played their first game of the season. >> however, they were without one of their start ares who died a week ago from today. he drowned. he his teammates honored their brother, they say, by writing his name and number on their gear. there was a balk sale in his honor, he and had his mom walk to the 50- yard line for the coin toss. >> we can't forget him. i mean he was a big part of the team and he still is. we're going to be doing this every home game. so just to let people know, like we still car >> the patriots won their first game of the season. another dedication last night as high school football
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principal james kendrick. he died suddenly last month. the team also played in a new stadium the final right now is 9:08. you may note store as the go-to store for gourmet food. and there is a recall of frozen corn in 15 states, including hours. we'll tell you why there is a recall and how you can tell you currently have any of those affected products. outside this morning, we are seeing just a few sprinkles popping up on the radar here. otherwise, we have a dry first half of our day before wet weather arrives once again.
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. i'm justin alongside beairshelle edme and meteorologist kristin ketchell. >> we have been locked under this hot weather for the past weeks. we're going to finally break out of it. happening in there. this is our camera top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. you can see the sky as little blue out there. some cloud in the way.
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this afternoon before we see some showers and storms developing later today. current satellite and radar looking dry. a few sprinkles popping up here at the very, very edge of our viewing area here southwest of moore county. we look to stay dry again through this morning into early this afternoon. it is 78 degrees in raleigh and durham. 78 degrees also in fayetteville. with this area of high pressure that's remaining in control of our weather today, we can expect conditions today to be similar to yesterday. so we are showers and storms will be likely as we head into the afternoon, evening, very spotty to scattered at best later today. temperatures warming up to 85 degrees at noon. 85 the high temperature. a few scattered storms likely. i'll let you know when the cooler weather will arrive and what you can expect for the next seven days. kristin, you'll like this next story.
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no. it's a kite. this can be deceiving.
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the time right now is 9:15. here is a look at today's top stories. the c.d.c. says that local mosquitoes have infected at least five people in miami beach including the
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avoid travel in those neighborhoods. police have found a two- year-old girl in the back of a car with a dog when it was stolen friday the car was stake en from a neighborhood in florida. both the girls and the dog are okay but it's unclear if the car thief has been arrested. hundreds of passengers were stranded at the long beach airport after blew its back tires while landing blocking the only two commercial runways for five hours. 17 flights into long beach airport and 17 outbound flights were either canceled or delayed. frozen corn is being recalled or delayed after possible possible listeria. the images that you see here are the brand affected, lawyer ya lynn at key food and better
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reported. symptoms associated with the listeria are fever, head aches. insurance provider blue cross blue shield continues to have technical issues with its website. you can see the message at the top of the screen that has been there since thursday. the company experienced technical issues including claims processing and customer service systems. these issues are not connected from the issue last year that prevented people from signing up cha pill hill based was sold to a new owner. southern season was sold for $3.5 million. they filed for bankruptcy last year. the new owner hopes to turn things around. >> where am i going to go to shop for out of the ordinary things? i love it.
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item in every store type of thing. >> the new owner plans to make no changes. the southern season stores in raleigh, ashville and charleston will closed. >> we were just whispering first hand, you were recommending that i go to these spots and, now, they are closing. hopefully i get a chance to check the one out in chapel hill. >> hopefully they'll stick around a strange sight in the skies of california for people who were used to seeing high- tech device in the air. google was flying a kite but this is a higher tech. >> it's loud, big and, believe it or not, it is believed to be a kite. a kite that is supposed to be making electricity. >> the idea is sponsored by
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tethered, it gets the woundsaloft. the goal us to produce enough energy to power 300 hopes per kied. what goes up, yes, must come down. >> sometimes, they are practicing docking maneuvers which i think is probably the trickiest part. >> reporter: when the win dies, it will return itself tower. >> just beyond the security fence, dave lopez runs his roofing business. he says that google kite flies almost every afternoon but google does not say much about it. >> they are pretty secretive on what they are doing out here. but, yeah, they're here. they are paying rent. yeah. i don't mind them. they're here. we're here. yeah. >> in alameda, doneford, kpix 5.
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i would not be surprised if a couple of nine-year-olds came up with this. but few professionals came up with. >> kids are so smart. she called high school football kid earlier. >> they are still kids. >> they are calling me ma'am so they are kids. >> if they are calling me mis, we, that's right okay. but ma'am? they are kids. >> speakg now. >> it's very muggy and uncomfortable. we had some storms but not spots. this morning, we are starting out on a dry note. now, our satellite and radar
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southwest of our vowing area here. we had a few little light showers rolling through the morning and the wet weather that moved through yesterday not an issue for us anymore today. we will, however, see a chance of more showers and storms later on. it is 78 degrees right now in raleigh and also in durham. 78 in roxboro. 75 in lewisburg. 76 in pine hurst and lillington. we can expect the temperatures to climb into the upper 80s to we have have a chance of showers and storms developing. spotty and scattered at best so like yesterday, not everywhere are we going to see the wet weather but it is possible that we will see a few slow moving thunderstorms. after about 2:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. is the window for the showers and storms. steamy category on the index scale.
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anywhere today. so here is the setup for today. we have this area of high pressure that has been controlling our weather over the past several days. we have been stuck in this pattern where we had temperatures in the 90s, high humidity value. today is no exception. a few storms lukely. tomorrow, that's when things really start to change for us. out of the next cold front tomorrow, we will low 90s. showers and storms as the front arrives. behind it, that's when front really changes here. we get a new area of high pressure building in and this is going to usher in drier, cooler and less humid air. instead of high temperatures in the 90s, we are hooking at the highs in the 80s. temperatures will drop. showers and storms likely a little bit later this afternoon
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tomorrow, we start off the day dry once again. as the cold front moves in, a chance of a few more showers and storms. 90 degrees will be the high temperature at fort bragg. 87 today roxboro. 88 degrees in chapel hill and durham. 89 degrees the high in raleigh. temperatures fall to 74 cloudy skies and check out the seven-day here. we are up to 92 tomorrow. that had been the hottest day of the next isn't days here because behind that cold front, temperatures fall into the 80s. we are sunny, dry, looking fantastic for sunday, monday, tuesday wednesday and even thursday. no threat for wet weather and the temperatures will fall into
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we are getting rid of the humidity. it will start a feel so great. >> for people, that's only window kind of night. >> yes. my air conditioner has been working overtime. i'm sure a lot of other people. once we get the overnight lows to fall into the 60s, you can give the air conditioning a break and you can spend time outside without exerting ourselve
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it's not friday night anynor but if you missed the debut last night, well, you have a treat because this is the highlight. huge rivalry down in johnson county. some of them went to middle school together but on the field, they are not friend.
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passes on each other. they just would not do it. the clayton guys were not okay with the game being tied. a few series later, this 60- yard bomb puts the comets up by 6 but remember that caden norman guy, he is at it again. another touchdown pass for the senior quarterback. rams up and go on to win after the game watts called due to weather in the first quarter. every week, we love to changing plays. last night, we were lucky enough to have our cameras on the field to catch a few of them. devon lawrence broke out a 48- yard run and mate it look easy. he had two other scores in the first quarter alone. nominee number 2 is from all will hillside defensive backs. check out the hit. the helmet pops off.
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did not get hurt. number 3 is amayor wright, this was just a thing of beauty for scottland. expect to see amir on a division 1 campus very, very soon. you guys can vote for your favorite play of the week on our website. now that's going to do it for news sports and updates just for you. >> thanks a lot. jeff. can you believe it? high school football season is here. >> i know and the kids are playing. >> they are. [ laughter ]. >> coming up in the next half hour, another major shake up in donald trump's presidential campaign. paul manafort, the campaign manager steps down and the investigation into a shooting involving a state
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suspect and the violent
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trump is releasing commercials in battleground states, including hours. booze it and lose it. the campaign is in full swing. we'll tell you how they are looking to keep you safe from
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wants to help kids in need. when and where their back pack ghaith ways takes place. and look at that ocean island beach in north carolina. pretty nice out there in raleigh. 78 degrees this saturday morning, august 20th, 2016. good morning to you and thank you for watching. >> i'm in mind after seeing that picture. meteorologist kristin ketchell has more. >> always nice to look at the beach. here is a live view. we have this big puffy cumulus cloud out there and some breaks in some of the cloud allowing for some peeks of sunshine. overall, things are looking good as we start the morning
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showers and storms that rolled through, will not affect us today. but we'll have some showers into the evening. 78 degrees in roxboro. 81 in clayton. 78 degrees outside in fayetteville. thanks to this area of usual that's been fant force in our weather, we can expect muggy conditions again. expect temperatures to climb to 85 degrees by lunchtime. temperatures climbing. friday turned into a busy one for the donald trump
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television ads launched. >> it's his first ad in the general election. >> the borders secured. our families safe. change that makes america safe again, donald trump for president. >> yesterday, trump and his running made, governor mike pence visited flood-ravaged louisiana which is now considered the worst natural disaster since super storm criticized for continuing his vacation in martha's vineyard will visit baton rouge on tuesday. hillary clinton has no plans to visit but she has been in talks with louisiana's governor. the am booze it and lose it campaign is in full effect. means highway patrol and local law enforcement will be taking extra steps to keep people off the road who are driving while
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behind the wheel and that's what we are trying to prevent. we want everybody to stay away from the vehicle and getting behind the wheel if they had anything to drink or any other impairing substance. >> these campaigns are normally tied to the holidays when the number of impaired driver increases. these campaigns are working since the numbers are down compared to last year, they believe. new information this morning about the shooting death of a man by a charlotte highway patrol trooper. this happened thursday night in a neighborhood following a car chase the police now say that map who was shot and killed, 29- year-old dap yell harris, had a hearing and speech impairment. troopers say that he got out of the car and there was some kind of interaction that led to the shooting. the trooper is on leave and the fbi is investigating. the city of high point is under a boil water advisory after tests found high levels
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the water. the city believes that problems should be resolved for at least two days. the centers for disease control says that health officials will not be able to spray the tourist heavy south beach area. at least five people have contracted the disease. planes will not be able to fly low enough to spray the pest cytes. it's official. the nba decided to move the all- star game to nears. the game was set to be played in charlotte next spring but the nba made the decision to pull the game in reaction to house bill 2. a heads up for the thousands of drivers who use interstate 40. crews are going to shift traffic on part of the highway this weekend.
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40, i-440 split. westbound traffic will be moved on to three new inside lanes. work is expected to begin late tonight the wake county public school system has released bus routes for the traditional school year, calendar year, rather. students return a week from monday on august 29th. the school system is urging parents to make sure that kids are at the bus stop at least ten minutes before the expected arrival time. we ao brake for buses. you can learn more about the safely campaign and learn more on a back pack giveaway will be held starting at 10:00. there will be a chance to fill bags with clothing and shoes for $5 in a special parking lot sale. buy one, get one sale inside the mission store all day and
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vendors and a special appearance by muddy the mud cat by noon to 1:00 this afternoon. time now is 9:38. robo calls beware. some of the biggest tech, cable and telecom companies are trying to stopped stopped -- stop the practice. and it's that time of the year for kristin, is it going to rain? >> i don't think we'll see rain for the first part of this afternoon. right now, we are dry with temperatures across part of the state in the upper 70s.
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good morning and welcome back. i'm beairshelle edme here with meteorologist kristin ketchell. finally some relief. the cooldown is here. everyone is waiting for it. >> very much anticipated. it's hard to forget that we we had a really owe pros siev july. and then three days where
9:42 am
but things are going to change after tomorrow. so hang in there. we start with a live look from lonnie pool. we'll have a chance for showers and storms as we head into this afternoon and evening. radar showing nothing so we are dry. showers and some that moved yesterday will be out of the pictures but we'll have a chance to 78 degrees. 73 in henderson, 77 in rocky mount and clinton. thanks to that area of high pressure, we can expect the muginess to continue and a chance of showers and storms today and tomorrow. then a cold front comes in and that changes all of that for this upcoming week. partly sunny skies through the rest the area through this afternoon. a few storms likely after 2:00.
9:43 am
temperature. i'll let you know when the cooler air arrives and what to expect. >> thank you. the time right now is 9:43. a teen killer from the 80s dubbed the preppy killer by the media is back.
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this morning, police are still looking for leads after a man was found dead behind a southeast raleigh home. police say a young child found 23-year-old laquan anderson's body. no arrests have been made. police in wake forest are searching for a killer who was murdered outside of a community organization hope house. 26-year-old spassian submit was shot around 1:30 thursday morning and later wakemed where he was taken. all police if you have any information information concerning this case. >> the fire at the boulevard motel on bragg boulevard was intention fullly set. that's the call from the fire department. no one was hurt but five people staying in the hotel were displaced. the schipt e-mail aga is not over -- the hillary clinton e-mail saga is not over.
9:47 am
presidential candidate will not have to take the stand but she will have to answerin questions by judicial watch under oath. a clinton spokesman says that this is just another lawsuit intended to hurt the claim pain. >> apple, google, microsoft, comcast and verizon are among dozens of companies working with the strike. some break the law by ignoring the do not call registry or engaging in identity theft attempt. others like lls from krey marketers are perfectly legal but on times unwanted. >> jennifer level and robert chambers med on a bar on new york's upper east side. they took a walk in the park but she did not make it out
9:48 am
>> he he spoke about the case just once and that was to cb robert chambers made headlines for killing his friend, jennifer eleven in new levin in new york's central park. >> he was hand some and privileged and plays, he was just a 19-year- old kid who an unlikely story that seemed to blame the vick victim for her own killing. he always said he struck her to make her stop. police never believed that story and chambers was charged with murder. he pled guilty to first degree manslaughter.
9:49 am
when he was released, he gave his only interview to troy roberts of 48 hours. >> i am responsible for her death, there is no question about that. >> you admitted guilt but you did not intend to kill her. >> i don't believe i intended to kill her at all. >> everything he said about how she died is absolutely untrue. she was frantically fighting for her life. >> am no. if i was a mon text i would not care but i do. >> robert chambers hoped he could put his life back together but life did not work out as he planned. >> you can watch two accept sold tonight starting at 9:00
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the preppy killer at 10:00. the storms that devastated louisiana have hurt many people, but they were not the only ones needing help. an animal shelter has been homeless. this may be an opportunity to take in a doing or any other pet from huesian ya who needs a hope. >> absolutely. we were talking earlier, people were not the only ones affected by the bloods. they have been affecting these animals, too displaced and in an area they are not familiar with. if you have the means to do it,
9:51 am
>> a stuff situation but does not sound like we have anywhere near that moisture. no, we'll be drying out over the next several day, not just here but across the country. louisiana with have a chance to dry out as well. let's take a live look right now. cloud out there, breaks in some of the cloud, some sunshine here and we'll see more of the same. over all, we are looking for a mix of sun and clouds here as the radar which is dry right now with start to fill in with some more showers and storm. yesterday into the evening hours, we did have some of those showers and thunderstorms that rolled through. some football games were called because of lightning, unfortunately. something it is 78 degrees in raleigh and durham right now.
9:52 am
mount. 80 is the current temperature in rayford. temperatures will be climbing this afternoon. by lunchtime, we warm up to 85 degrees, 87 degrees at 2. 89 the high today. and then we'll have a chance of showers and storms developing. very similar to yesterday, not every where will experience the wet watered but some slow moving storms will be a possibility today. steamy as we head into in the teamy category. so unfortunate lit humidity is not going anywhere and that's the case for tomorrow, too before things really change dramatically here as we start the week. the set upfor the day, this area of high pressure has been persist tent. it had stay put today leading to muggy conditions. as we head into tomorrow, that high starts to slide offshore. the cold front moves into tomorrow night and we will see
9:53 am
cold front. behind that front, we have a new area of high pressure that bids in. drier, cooler and less huge yesterday air, wednesday, tuesday, and even friday of next week. a beautiful week shaping up across the area. spotty showers likely. we dry out overnight tonight and tomorrow, more of the same. a dry start to the day before we see more showers and storms roll through as the cold front around 90 degrees across the sand hills. 90 in fort bragg. 88 degrees in wilson and rocky mount. 89 degrees in benson and smith field. 88 in durham and chapel hill. 89 in raleigh and cary. we keep an eye on the next cold front as we head into the day tomorrow. chance showers. 87 degrees on monday.
9:54 am
also on wednesday. overall night low temperatures falling into the 60s. a nice break from the hot and humid air we have been dealing with. drier and cooler through this week ahead. so enjoy that. temperatures in the 80s, ernight lows in the 60s. >> really looking forward to that. >> that's going to be a nice change. >> still ahead, it will be everything honey bee today at the state farmer's market. we'll tell you how our daughter, libby, is convinced that the washing machine will eat her buddy antonio. so when it's time for his much needed bath... ...antonio hides from me. but, when i do find antonio, i wash him with tide and downy. we only trust tide to get rid of the week-old stains and downy to protect him from damage.
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travelers at rdu will have more option in terminal 2. this will be several restaurants including star burks pop ice and dale, jr. starbucks and popp eyings will open this fall. the rest will open next year quite a buzz at the at farmer's market. national honey bee market. the bee keepers association will be on hand and exhibits and activities for the kids. and, of course, honey will be on sale. it's going on right now and ends at 5:00 this evening. >> today, you can get ready for packa-palooza, an all day party, packing off wolf pack welcome week and the start of the academic year.
9:57 am
about blick. it start at 2:00 and goes into 10:00. there will be everything for nc state. lots of things happening this weekend and finally, it's actually not too bad, i feel, to be outdoors and enjoying various activities. last two week, in and south. >> les mis rabble. that's what i'm going to go with now until we transition to the fall t cool but muggy. we could not get rid of the case for today and tomorrow. a good chaps for showers and storms this afternoon and again to. the afternoon -- and again tomorrow. >> instead of high temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s with dewpoints in the 70s, temperatures will fall into the 60s overnight. >> absolutely.
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