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tv   North Carolina News at 800AM  CBS  August 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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coming up on cbs north carolina news at 8:00. the tune really for thomas was held yesterday. we'll show you how the 20-year- old was honored. and durham police are investigating a shooting overnight. who was injured and how police need your help. and then the carolina panthers battle the we'll have the highlights, but first let's get you outside. the sun is up in raleigh where we have about 76 degrees now on this sunday. glad you could start your sunday with us. i'm justin quesinberry. >> good morning. we're here with meteorologist kristin ketchell. we have been giving you a tough time but really today we should be appreciating you. finally a little bit of a cool down. >> i do what i can, and i put
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this morning, but i haven't been taking it personally because i'm sure that public opinion will be in my favor a little bit later. i do have cooler temperatures in the forecast. >> we love our kristin ketchell. >> outside this morning, 76 degrees a live look. you can see a few high and thin clouds. a great looking morning and the satellite and radar looking great, too. we have high and thin clouds out there. otherwise, we're quiet thing also stay quiet through most of today. we do have a chance of seeing showers an storms developing as a cold front moves in. yes, an actual cold front coming through so get news here. it is 76 once again the rail low and durham. 74 in roxboro. 75 in rayford. it is 76 in fayetteville. we have had this area of high pressure we have been talking about. it is finally starting to slide
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humidity going to break. the oppressive heat, it is out of here for the next few days and that is thanks to a cold front that will come into the area tonight. expect a warm and muggy start to the morning here. it is 76 degrees out there right now. 87 degrees and partly sunny skies at lunchtime. 92 is our high temperature today with that feels like temperature of 96 this afternoon. a few storms likely. after about 4:00 today, and none of them severe, but that is thanks to the cold front the humidity also decreeses. i'll have a complete update on your forecast in just a few minutes. breaking news out of raleigh. the police tell cbs north carolina that two people are dead this morning after a traffic crash. >> it happened near the intersection of high woods boulevard and poplar woods court. no other information is available right now. we will continue to update this story as we learn moraes information. breaking news out of durham this morning, the police are
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children injured, and now they need your help. >> it happened on reservoir street. the call came in to dispatch around 11:20 last night. the officers fund a 16-year-old boy and two 11-year-old boys with gunshot wounds. the police say one of the 11- year-olds seriously injured. this is a depositing story and we'll continue to follow this story and our other breaking story out in raleigh. of course, contact police if you know anything about this shooting out in durham. fayetteville police have charged a woman attempting to kill a 2-year-old relative. the investigators say the 24- year-old regina durr was caring for the toddler and the police say she tried to drown and smother the child. he was taken to the hospital and is said to be okay. she is facing first-degree murder and felony child abuse charges. it has now been one week when people feared a gunman was inside the raleigh shopping center. it led to panic as the shoppers
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they can. >> and we have a story of one woman who says she was badly hurt among that chaos. >> reporter: this is the sound that has been associated with the incident last week at the crabtree valley mall. it sent thousands of mall goers special a frenzy -- into a frenzy. >> and so panic and i'm so squared myself, somebody is going to come and shoot me. >> reporter: the raleigh police said they found no evidence theres with a shooting at mall, but still 12 people were injured due to the chaos an panic. and patel was one of them. [ and some people are running like crazy, and then they knock down. my husband is knocked down on me and my husband get up right away and i cannot get up so people winston cup on my legs. >> she was -- so people walk on my legs. >> she was stuck there, and not before her leg was broken. for the last week, patel has not been able to move from this
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bruises on her leg where her fer mer was broken. -- femur was broken. >> and she says she wants to know if there wasn't a shooting, then what is the reason she and others were injured at the mall last week? >> and that was our report, and patel has an appointment tomorrow that might let her know when she may be able to walk again. the police say they have no evidence a shooting happened at the mall. the family of a 20-year-old man shot and good-bye saturday. the police say a homeowner who claimed he was part of a neighborhood watch called authorities about, quote, hoodlums outside of his home. he later said he would be going out to protect his neighborhood. the man fired a gun from his grand jury and killed thomas earlier this month. at his funeral yesterday, everyone wore pink, thomas' favorite color according to loved ones. while his family tells us they
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him. no >> i remember how authentic he was, transparent, just a genuine friend. >> and your life was lost to make a difference, not just in north carolina, but all over the world. >> at the end of the funeral, friends and family stepped outside to release pink balloons. funerals are now set for the greenville mother and three children who police say were murdered by the boyfriend. the services for howard and her three daughters will be held on saturday, august 27 at the cedar hill baptist church. her grandmother is inviting everyone to attend. the man accused of the murder also head to court monday. authorities say he used some type of claw ham tore kill his victims. he -- hammer to kill his victims. he was the father of the two youngest children. investigators have not released
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will take place for 16-year-old mason wagner. the moore county teen died last week after drowning. friday night the members of the pine crest high school football team honored their teammate by writing his name and number on their gear. the city of charlotte is hosting the pride festival this weekend and today is the last day. >> the annual lgbt event is a bit different this year. the crowds have appeared to be larger supporting the community in light of house bill 2. the state law requires people to use the bathroom tht corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate. but bus of the debate over the law, the police are now increasing their patrols that is something that charlotte pride is not completely on board with. >> some marginalized people in the community, including transgender people, might have concern. >> it is all about protecting us. they want to make sure we have a good time, you know, and i don't see a problem with it at all. >> today the festival will finish with a large parade.
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monitor their patients. coming up, we'll tell you how smart pills are sending life- saving data to doctors straight from the stomach of kills. >> and there is a new role when it comes to bags inside the carter finley stadium. what the clear bag policy means for wolfpack fans this season. >> and it may start feeling a little more like football season this week as cooler temperatures arrive.
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good morning and welcome back to cbs north carolina. ite justin quesinberry alongside kristin ketchell and she finally has good news. >> finally. it is always nice to come in on a sunday emergency and have news of cooler temperatures. >> it has it is. it is going to be fantastic. >> let's start things off first from the prestonwood country club. sunshine and few high clouds. we have kneeing of note popping -- nothing of note popping up on the satellite and radar. expect some clouds to thicken up this afternoon, possibly even a shower or storm to roll through the area.
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fayetteville. 76 in clinton and rocky mount. 75 in roanoke rapids. we have this high pressure centered right over us that brought us really hot weather. it is now sliding off to the east and a cold front is moving in tonight which will bring big changes as we start this week. so expect temperatures to climb once again into the 90s. 92 this afternoon. it will feel like 96, though, if we factor in that humidity. a few storms likely a little your week. i'll be back with a complete update on your forecast for the week ahead coming up. >> thank you. our medical expert, dr. kevin campbell, has information all parents need as their kids head back to school.
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good morning. thank you for sticking with us on sunday. it is 8:15 and here are some of the top stories. the police are fraternity house at texas a&m. the police say the preliminary cause of death is believed to be an overdose of an unknown substance. four other people were arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. at least 50 people were killed in a blast at a wedding saturday in turkey. earlier numbers said 30 were dead and 94 others wounded. the wedding took place on a street, which is a common
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responsibility for that attack. turkey's president blamed isis. so far the wildfire in california is burning more than 14,000 acres and is just 5% contained. if you plan on heading to any wolfpack football games this year, there are some new rules that you should know. there's new a clear bag policy at carter finley stadium. that mea bring, they have to be in a clear plastic bag and meet size requirements. the officials say they will make exceptions for people that need medication after proper inspection. traditional school year is starting up while year-round students have been hitting the books for several weeks now. you're required to get them the
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whatever school they go -- matter what school they go to. >> reporter: back-to-school time means it is time for parents to make sure the kids have the proper vaccinations to protect them from all types of serious and potentially life- threatening diseases. dr. campbell, great to see you. >> thank you. >> reporter: let's talk about what immunations are and how they work? >> they are injections we give to young children that contain actually a live virus in order to stimulate their immune system so they become protected or immune from a particular disease such as measles, such as mumps and many of the other things you hear about commonly in the news. >> a lot of schools, they want their kids to get vaccinated. in fact, it is a requirement for many. so tell us what are the requirements for immunations? -- immunizations? >> reporter: in the constituent
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immunized from preschool up to high school. >> this does not mean you can necessarily opt out. there are cases for exceptions, certain medical conditions, and there are some exemptions you can aploy for on the basis of belief. you can't just opt out because you don't want your child to have it. most schools, make sure they check your immunization record before they let you >> and aren't immunizations dangerous? don't they cause autism? we have heard that rumor. >> immunizations are not associated with autism. there is absolutely no robust day to to connect autism to vaccines. it is a myth. you may see soreness, fever, maybe joint pain, headache, fa field goal, but the benefits of
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risks. >> in the grand scheme of things, it is to protect children and all children. >> exactly. we hear about these outbreaks in cities like l.a. and new york and even in north carolina we have seen outbreaks. almost all of the outbreaks are traced back to situations where there is a large group of people who chose not to get their children immunizationed. so, -- immunized. >> please, protect your kids. [ you heard it from the good doctor. >> t y >> if you want to get more information, go to our web site at turning now the other news, a possible tornado has been reported in ohio. damage to farm buildings and an overturned truck has been reported in bradford county and damage also reported in miami county. that is a lot of, you know, severe weather to be dealing with just in a weekend, and that region is not the only one
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and in louisiana, they is been dealing with the flooding for quite some time. [ and we have rain in areas of texas. so depending bonn where you -- upon where you are, the cold front is going to have a different impact. it is an elongated front and it is going to impact a large pof the area here. but the good news is behind it, we have cooler temperatures in the forecast. outside this morning, we're starting off on a similar note to the it is 76 degrees at raleigh durham international right now. seeing some blue sky out there as we kick off our sunday. just a few high and thin clouds as we start the morning here. we're looking good on the satellite and radar. you can see the clouds. you can see them moving there. other than that, things are quiet here. no wet weather to talk about this morning, but that won't be the case automatic day. we do have -- all day.
8:21 am
73 in henderson. 76 in rocky mount. 76 also in fayetteville and rayford. the temperatures today will be warming into the low 90s. we're looking very similar to that this afternoon climbing to about 87 degrees at lunchtime. 90 at 2:00. our high temperature right around 92 this afternoon and our best chance for showers and storms holding off until after 3:00 or 4:00 today so right around dinnertime, we may have a few of the storms popping up little bit later this evening. our dew point is still at 71 degrees. it keeps us in the steamy category on our comfort index scale. not only will it lower our temperature, it will make it more comfortable. so, again, the cold front arrives tonight a few storms are likely right along that front this evening. behind it it clears out
8:22 am
sunny, cooler, dry and less humid conditions. so monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we're looking at high temperatures in the 80s. overnight lows fall ing into the 60s. after only five day this is month of temperatures below 90 degrees, that is going to be a very nice change that area of high pressure slides offshore friday into saturday. we're still mostly sunny. the temperatures climb back into the 90s. a quick look at the tropics. tropical storm fiona is still spinning out over atlantic. it is expected to weaken the next couple of days. the winds gusting to 60. it is not expected to make a u.s. landfall. it will stay spinning out over the open atlantic. the temperatures today in the sand hills around 93 at fort bragg. 92 in littlington. 92 also in wilson, rocky hunt and smithfield. 93 in goldsboro. 90 today in rocks beforeo. 92 is our high in raleigh. tonight the temperatures fall
8:23 am
in the forecast during those overnight hours. our seven-day forecast has temperatures feeling great this week. 87 degrees tomorrow after a start in the 60s. 85 degrees on tuesday and wednesday. tuesday morning we're starting off the day at 63 degrees. you may even be able to give those air conditioner as little bit of a break here as we start this week. we'll stay in the 80s through thursday before temperatures climb back into the low 90s as we head into friday and saturday. after we get through showers and storm this is afternoon, the rest of your seven-day is looking dry and pretty nice. definitely a nice change here. >> i think the 60s are temperatures where people will open up the windows at night. >> i definitely will. tuesday morning, falling to 60 degrees. it is going to be nice just to get some air circulating in the house. >> so different temperatures and just a little bit of a dip in the electricity bills. >> yes. let's hope so. >> all right. the time now is 8:23.
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offense was long gone by the time lightning hit the nashville area. but they provided their own bit of electricity. cam newton was finding his wide outs. he will take it 61 yards for the score and just like that it is 7-0 panthers with the lead. the first team defense had its moments as well. check out this stop by the former north carolina star trey boston. the tale and then he puts an end to a titans drive. picking off marcus mariota deep in panthers territory. they get it right moments later. the former heisman trophy winner finding harry douglas. 13-7 panthers at the break. the back-ups making noise. derek anderson. he can start for so many teams. 19-10, carolina.
8:28 am
the fans for shelter. the game was delayed for 30 minutes in the third quarter. when the game resumes, the panthers would go on with the win over the titans that is a look at your sunday morning sports. now back to you. >> all right. it sounds good. coming up in our next half hour, bothenings candidates are hitting -- both presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail nonstop. and thousands are working to help the victims of the louisiana flooding and here at me,we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging?
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a woman is behind bar this is morning. how the police say she tried to kill her own nephew. and more progress to tell you about the i-40 fortify project. hear when the project is preponderated to be completed. a local alumni chapter of lsu not forgetting their roots. who they're teaming up with to help the flooding victims in louisian wow, what a beautiful picture we have been seeing over our beaches king us exsteamly jealous this sunday morning, august 21, 2016. good morning to you and thank you for watching north carolina news at 8:00. glad you can start your day with us. we will let you know what we can expect here today. >> we have a hot forecast heading our way once again. the temperatures today climb ing into the 90s, but today is
8:31 am
drier weather and more comfortable condition pes the forecast for this week here. let's start things off with a live look from top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. the skies over chapel hill carolina blue this morning, locking pretty get as we kick off our sunday. our satellite and radar is looking quiet. just a few clouds being picked up by the satellite. we'll see a few more clouds moving in today out ahead of next cold front which will push into the area raleigh, durham, sanford, lillington, fayetteville and rayford. 76 also in goldsboro and rocky mount. 77 degrees in lewisburg and clayton. we are going to see big changes along this cold front that moves in tonight. some showers and storms possible around dinner and then cooler temperatures to follow. so for planning your day today, expect temperatures to climb to 87 degrees at noon. 92 is our high today falling to 88 degrees at 6:00.
8:32 am
the temperature also fall into the 8 -- temperature also fall off into the 807s tomorrow -- temperatures will fall off into the 80s tomorrow. i'll have the details ahead. >> thank you. the police tell cbs income tcu that two people are dead -- cbs north carolina that two people are dead this morning. >> no other information is available right now. we will continue to update this story as we learn more about police custody this morning accused of trying to kill her 2- year-old nephew. the police say 24-year-old regina durr was caring for the toddler at a relative's home and the police say she tried to drown and smother the child. he was taken to a hospital to be checked out and is doing fine now. she is facing attempted first- degree murder and felony
8:33 am
your help after a woman said she was raped. she said she was walking in the plantation apartment complex when a man approached her from behind and assaulted her in the parking lot. it is not known who that man was. call police if you can help with this investigation. it is a case that has left many people wanting answers about what took place on a charlotte road. the officials say state trooper followed daniel harris into a neighborhood after the 29-year- old failed to pull over. when the hearing and speech police say there was, quote, an encounter. a single shot was fired and harris died at the scene. there are questions about whether harris was aware of the sirens or could communicate with the trooper. the residents say harris was gunned down just door doors from their home. >> i saw him out in the neighborhood one time. it seemed like a very peaceful family. these things are always heartbreaking. >> i ask everybody to keep them
8:34 am
>> the trooper involved in the shooting, jermaine saunders, is on administrative leave which is standard procedure after an officer involved shooting room the body of a missing 5-year- old girl in minnesota has been found the call to report her missing came into police around 10:00 a.m. yesterday. the police say the suspect, zach anderson, was a friend of the family. her body was found a short time later and the suspect was taken into custody. the sheriff's department says information on anderson -- offender information on anderson so far. the police are not releasing a motive. in louisiana more than 100,000 people are asking for federal assistance. this comes as crews are still assessing damage to homes. right now it is estimated that 60,000 homes are damaged. some members of the louisiana state alumni turned their event to a fundraiser. >> i am from baton rouge
8:35 am
spirit of everybody here and everybody pitching in to help out. it is wonderful. >> all of the proceeding from yesterday's event will go to the red cross. breaking news overnight. at least 10 people have been killed after a suicide car bombing in somalia. the victims include security forces and civilians. the witnesses say they heard two loud blasts followed by heavy gun fire. the terror group has claimed responsibility. this is a developing story and information as it comes into our news room. egypt's state news agency says gunshots have killed two police officers at check point north of cairo. three other officers and two civilians were also wounded in the attack. no group has claimed responsibility. this is another developing story that we'll bring you more on as we get it. another round of lane shifts takes place today ton i-
8:36 am
they will split to rock quarry road. this will affect anyone driving westbound. the crews are working to have three new inside lanes in both directions open this fall. in campaign 2016, last night the republican presidential nominee donald trump said he wants the republican party to be the home of african-american voters. he was speaking at a rally in african-american community is in an area wherthe republican party must do better, and it will do better. >> recent polls show trump lags behind rival hillary clinton. the republican also spent part of yesterday with his new hispanic advisory board. clinton spent the day at a
8:37 am
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thank you for sticking with us this sunday morning. we are back in the weather center to take a look at what we can expect not only the rest of our day but the work week. >> sunny skies this morning. we have warm temperatures, too, already in the 70s, but cooler weather arriving tomorrow a live look from the golf c you can see that we have got sunny skies. just a few high and thin clouds. that's what most of us will see through most of today. the radar is clear and the satellite is showing a few high and thin clouds like many of us are dealing with. we'll see a few clds thickening uhere and a chance of showers and storms later this evening. currently sitting at 76 displease the raleigh and durham.
8:41 am
fayetteville. it is 77 in clayton, lewisburg and in south hill, virginia. our temperatures today will be climb ing into the 90s, but a cold front will swing through the area tonight. this is going to cool us off into the 80s for highs for the next several days. today is going to be the hottest day of the week so far. temperatures climbing to 82 at lunchtime. with that humidity it will feel like it is 96 degrees a few storms likely after 4:00 p.m. the temperatures falling to 86 the cool weather will arrive and what you can expect for n. your week ahead h.h. in your week ahead -- in your week ahead. >> we'll introduce you to a young lady using a different form after therapy to bring happy tons sick children that story is next, plus --- >> so would you really move to
8:42 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: 's good..? trump: ?ll, employ people in ngladesh." letterman: ?es? where are the ties made?" ey have to work, too. ese are beautiful ties. they are eat ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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8:44 now. here is a look at some of today's top stories. the police are investigating a shooting that left two children and one teenager injured. it happened on reservoir street. authorities say one of the 11- year-old boys has serious injuries. no suspects are in custody. if you have any information, please call police. funeral arrangement also be
8:45 am
seven lakes in moore county last week. friday night he was honored by the pine crest football team by writing his name and number on their gear. a fayetteville woman is in custody after being accused of trying to kill her 2-year-old nephew. the police say the 24-year-old regina durr was caring for the toddler at a relative's home and that she tried to drown and smother the child. he was taken to a hospital to be checked out. the chill is expected to -- the city of raleigh is being sued by the anti-abortion group who wanted to move next door to an abortion clinic. the city is violating its first amendment rights by voting against a zoning change that would allowed the ministry's clinic to move next to a preferred women's health center. the nd is not zoned for commercial use. ity officials deh.h. city officials -- city
8:46 am
took away from the character oh the rest of the neighborhood. last week the north carolina supreme court decided against reviewing an appeals court ruling. that ruling favored the builders of the house which is located in the neighborhood. we have a traffic alert to tell you about. beginning tomorrow at 9:00 in the morning, a section of orangeburg road the both directions between dairy land road will be closed. the crews will begin roadway. the road will open a week later on august 29. motorists traveling through the area will use dodson crossroad and n.c.-5 54 as the 10-mile detour judgement accusations of racism, and unequal treatment. they say they were wrongfully terminated for the color of their skin and retaliated against for voicing those issues to management.
8:47 am
residence inn marriott from5:30:00 p.m. to 7:30:00 p.m. a ribbon ceremony will be held at green magnet. the rest of our area schools will begin on august 29 for the traditional calendar year. you can count on cbs north carolina on air and online for all you need to know close, so that does mean the start of the school year, as you just mentioned, and it is just around the corner, teachers hard at work planning for thier ahead, but the teachers have to buy their own supplies because of budget cuts. >> the supply store will open to nearly 600 teachers and staff of the chapel hill schools. each teacher will receive a $75 voucher and can shop for supplies needed for their classrooms an students, the
8:48 am
2:00 on wednesday at the american legion hall. the event is sponsored by auto east chapel hill rotely club. as the school year nears, cbs north carolina continues our mission to keep kids safe when boarding and getting off of school buses. our breast cancer for -- brake for buses campaign has reached millions already and you can help spread the message online social media. just hash tag brake for buses. the storms blew through south central kansas many roads under water. areas south of wichita were hit the hardest. there were numerous reports of stalled vehicles an a building collapse . a hartford, connecticut girl is giving hope to sick children. >> it is called chalk the walk. >> it get on the outside, but it is on the inside that she is fighting every day.
8:49 am
her age. the difference? her body doesn't produce antibodies to fight infection, so getting sick happens all too easily. back in 2012 she became severely ill. i had pnemonia, the flu, anything you name. >> reporter: she needs plasma transfusions each month. as her treatment continued, she learned about a national movement to inspire children in hospitals. it is called chalk the walks and children's if it could be done here. >> i wanted for everyone to think inspirational messages, so kids like me would be happy inside. >>eporter: the idea from this came from her time being treated on one of the upper floors here another the hospital. she'd look outside of the window and see this on the sidewalkment she -- sidewalk. she wasn't pleased with it. >> i thought it was plain and boring and i thought of sad things and i thought i was
8:50 am
think that, so i just wanted to write inspirational messages. >> reporter: last year she and her friends gathered 5,000 pieces of chalk through donations. >> stars can't shine without darkness. >> reporter: this year they're raising money that will be donated to the immunology department where she is being treated as well as a nonprofit called the joy team whose mission is spreading joy and inspiration. and it doesn't to see how much strength and courage she has, even being sick and having the empathy for other children like her and it is alslettinthese kids see a bright spot. >> and it spreads that spirit. >> absolutely. and it is a beautiful day, too, if you're planning on maybe spending time with the kids and chaing outside or just spending time outdoors in general. it looks pretty great. sheer a live picre from top of the hill restaurant.
8:51 am
clouds. overall a pretty nice start to the morning here. that is going to be the case through most of the day today. we will see that sunshine sticking around. the temperatures are going to be hot once again. we're looking at highs back in the 90s. our current sat lit and radar not showing any type of wet weather. we are seeing a few clouds popping up on the satellite. we'll see clouds thicking up and possibly even a few thunderstorms as a cold front finally breaks the heat and humidity across raleigh and durham. 77 in lewisburg, clayton and goldsboro. 76 degrees in fayetteville. 77 in rayford. temperatures today will be climbing into the low 90s this afternoon. yesterday we hit 91. today we're looking at a high of about 92 degrees. our best chance for seeing any showers and storms along that cold front really going to hold off until about 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon with the window
8:52 am
holding off until between about 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. this evening. 8:00 p.m. this evening, the temperature falls to about 808 degrees. overnight the temperatures drop all the way into the 60s. our dew point is up around 71 degrees. that keeps us in the steamy category on our comfort index scale. so still humid out there, although temperature also be right around 92 -- temperatures will be right around 92, it will feel like it is 96. we're finally brea just watch for a few storms across the area. nothing severe, but definitely slow moving storms across the front. by tomorrow it clears the area a new system of high pressure builds in and that ushers in cooler air, some drier air, also some sunny conditions an less humid conditions return to the forecast for tomorrow. for tuesday, wednesday and thursday even. so a really nice week shaping up across the area here with the highs in the 80s and overnight lows in the 60s.
8:53 am
we're back to temperatures in the 90s. we're not dealing with as much humidity as we have been seeing over the past several days a quick peek at the tropics. tropical storm fiona still spinning out over the open atlantic, weakening sick can'tly. it doesn't -- significantly. it doesn't look too impressive, but things will aken for fiona, so not a big issue. things are heating up in the tropics. we're watching two more tropical become tropical depressions or tropical storms this week. today the temperatures warming acrossthe sand hills. 92 in smithfield, wilson and rocky mount. 91 in roanoke rapids. 91 in durham. 92 in raleigh. tonight the temperatures fall to 67 degrees a few storms possible early and then clearing skies overnight. our seven-day forecast has temperatures taking a dive here
8:54 am
and we'll start tuesday morning in the low 60s. 85 degrees on wednesday. 87 on thursday. near 90 for friday and saturday. but we are still dry, so after we get through, just a chance of a few storms here tonight. the forecast looks dry and really nice for the rest of this week. >> when there's only a 40% chance on the entire seven-day forecast, that is not too bad. >> and most of those will hold off until this evening, so our day time evenings will be >> you can't even complain about this. >> i like it. love it! >> we're coming back, but first here is a look at what is coming up on "60 minutes" tonight... tonight... >> evidently he we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging?
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we have new information on the suicide bombing in turkey that killed 50 people. the ap is reporting that the turkish president said the no group has claimed responsibility, although turkey's president believes isis is to blame. this afternoon from 2:00 to 5:00, the off road cyclists plan to hold a rally. it will discuss how it will impact the trails. and the off-road cycle itself group believes that public involvement is key for helping
8:57 am
the rally will be held at rally point sport grill on north harrison avenue. people got the chance to meet beekeepers at the state farmers' market yesterday to learn more about what they do to increase bee populations as part of national honey bee day. >> i went out there to see what all of the buzz was about. >> have you tried this yet? >> it tastes like roasted marshmallows. >> i was intrigued by >> hay think all demonstrations, honey -- they offer demonstrations and they say bee populations are declining in part due to the use of pesticided. cbs nows reports about a quarter of our diet comes from plants pollinated from honey bees. >> it is important to keep our bees around. >> absolutely. i'm sure we will still see more of them. 92 is still your high with
8:58 am
stho. thank you. thank you for watching (playing harmonica) get your own liquid gold.
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light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit!
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning, i'm charles osgood this is "sunday morning." 79 days now until election day. already some voters are saying that they would consider moving out of the country if they don't like the outcome. not too far, though, canada maybe? weighing on their minds, thoughs whether the grass is any greener north of the border.


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