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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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right now durham police are trying to find the person who shot a teenager and two 11-year- olds. a man expected to make his first court appearance after he drove donald trumping and caused a crash that killed thre from all this sweltering heat. so what ills the week's forecast hold alyssa is here with the answer. >> it feels good out there right now. good morning thanks for watching. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. look at your morning news and traffic. first the forecast. here's alyssa corfont with more. good morning to you at home. let me just tell you this morning is just the beginning of it. this week actually looks fantastic for this part of august.
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those elements today and for the rest of the week. showing you the satellite and radar composite we're on the dry side. we're quiet this morning. we're just going to be dealing with more and more sunshine throughout the day. you can see some cooler air is filtering into our area starting first around the person county area towards roxboro, 67. 65 in henderson. 69 in durham these temperatures will continue to spread south and east. sop 72 right now in raleigh. 73 temperatures will continue to drop before sunrise this morning. right around 8:00 a.m. we should be at 72. 82 at lunchtime. then 86 our afternoon high. normal for this time of year right around 88 degrees u. auto will let you know how long this sunshine hangs around for in your complete storm team forecast. right now an early check on traffic. forever i hope. if you're heading out the door roads look great. see on the maps all green. no clays, no accidents out
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taking 85, durham freeway the time to get out there. if you are heading through orange county we are going to have quite a big road closure. orange grove road will be closed starting at 9:00 a.m. tier road to dairyland road. it's a 10 mile detour around this with a lot of signs. dairyland road and nc 54 are your route around the orange county. flying out today los like you'll be arriving to the major n airline delays. and n delays on i-40 at u.s. 15, 501. very quiet start to your monday morning. looking ahead, a driver is due in court today after the deaths of three people. >> the wreck on highwoods boulevard was breaking news yesterday morning. justin quesinberry is outside the wake county courthouse with what we learned about the crash and suspect. >> reporter: russ, police say that just one vehicle was
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of the suspect in this case. raleigh police say 22-year-old jaciel espino-montes was ink tox kate and driving on highwoods boulevard when he over corrected and struck a light pole, street sign and a tree before rolling the suv. all that while driving 50 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone. he faces three counts of aggravated felony death by motor vehicle, aggravated serious injury and dwi charges. the victims are 21 yield nelson darinel velazquez, 8-year-old tomas rivera jr. and pau bautista. at last check the suspect remains in jail on a $750,000 bond. live in raleigh, justin quesinberry, cbs north carolina. a fayetteville woman expected to make her first court appearance accused of
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2-year-old nephew. 24-year-old regina durr told police she wanted to kill the child. she now faces attempted first degree murder charges and felony child abuse charges. she was left to baby-sit her 2- year-old nephew while others were away. court documents say she pushed the 2-year-old under walter with the intent to kill him. when the toddler started crying she laid on top of the body and the boy was unconscious. the boy is out of the hospital and doing wellgram durham person who shot three children. the victims are ages 16 and 11. one of the 11-year-olds is still in critical condition. the shooting happened before 11:30 on reservoir street. it was a drive by shooting. the three bull e let holes in his car caused it to not be drivable. >> i just takeful didn't nobody get killed yet.
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now. >> all three gunshot victims were outside when the shooting happened. officers are trying to figure out what led up to the shooting. police have not released any information on suspects. if you have information police want to hear from you. right now the searches on for two suspects accused of shooting a louisiana state trooper in the arm. it happened yesterday afternoon. the third suspect was shot and killed. fayetteville police are questioning a man accused in a shooting that sent one to the hospital. po threatening to drive his jeep into a home on ryan street. it started worth an argument between the driver and the resident. police say eventually another man shot the driver. at last check the driver is in critical condition. fayetteville police are still trying to figure out what happened. if you have information call police. today a military legal hearing is scheduled to take place at fort bragg for bowe bergdahl. earlier this month his
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bergdahl is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy after walking away from his post in afghanistan. last fall mccain implied that if those chans were dismissed he would insure the case was brought before the senate armed services committee. the legal team argues that violates his due process rights. a man is set to peer in court today charged in a deadly hit and run crash in moore county. last month nearly two months after the crime authoriti green. he's charged with felony hit and run resulting in serious injury or death. investigators say he hit and killed steven mcgregor in may. mcgregor died as he walked in front of the west end elementary school. a cary man accused of exposing himself is also due in court today. we first told you about
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and july of this year. he's also facing charges for exposing himself at six different locations throughout wake county. the 25-year-old has similar charges from 2013 and 2014. he has several court dates for the charges next month. right now, traffic is flowing normally on i-40 in wake county after a massive backup last night. take a look at all the flashing lights. this was on the westbound lanes we're waiting for a call back to let us know what happened. >> that's a mess. >> can you imagine being stuck in that. >> and just trying to get home. 4:37. new information about an attack in turkey. the suicide bomber responsible, a child? still to come what else turkey's president revealed about the blast. >> the promise a louisiana leader has for the victims of the deadly flooding. >> well, temperatures this morning are much more comfortable than where they have been.
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rapids and tarboro. these comfortable temperatures will be a trend. >> if you're in orange county a big detour you need to know about if you plan on traveling on orange grove road closed portions of it. i'll have at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life.
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it was wonderful walking outside this morning s early. but the humidity was really dealable. >> yeah. >> is that a word? >> doable, maybe? >> i could deal with it. >> i'm game with that. you can make it a word. >> i make up words all the time. >> this is true. let's go ahead and get to the forecast. yes, it is tolerable as we head into the day today and the humidity drops significantly. the temperatures are going to be dropping. it is going to be a week that
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minute outdoors. right now, we are at 72 degrees. this is quiet start as we start off looking live at the raleigh and durham international airport this morning. the big picture on the satellite and radar composite. nothing's going on. you see this band of showers extending from boston out through the atlantic. curving back ever sop slightly towards our coast. see that faint line of showers. that's a cold front. that moved through yesterday throughout the evening into the overnight and thats much cooler temperatures not only today but really for the work week ahead. so we'll start off with what you're feeling right now. green shades building into the northwest corner of our area. still yellow south and east. 73 in clayton, lillington. 76 in fayetteville. northward, 67 in roxboro. 69 in durham. 67 in siler city. so taking you hour by hour, you may wake up to an extra cloud or two this morning it will quickly move out.
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this morning. noon, 82. and then 86 our afternoon high. less humid from start to finish, as well. i will let you know when the 90s will return for your highs. coming up in your complete storm team forecast. five days after a wildfire tore through southern california, people are finally able to return home. still to come a look at the devastation. after that a look at the battle for win that wish you could nourish your hair without it falling flat? dove oxygen moisture with oxygen fused moisture... for the nourishment you need... with 95% more volume.
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welcome back. top stories this morning, the man accused killing his two daughters their mother and her other daughter in greenville will led to court today. >> dibon jab toone used a ham tear u kill the family. investigators have not released any specific information about a possible motive. >> also, thousands of students
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miami, florida today. growing concerns about the zika virus. health officials handed out protective clothing and free bug repellant to kids going back to class. at least 36 people in the area have been infected with zika by mosquitoes there. >> has epps is expected in court after he drove donald trumping and caused a deadly crash. he ran off highwoods boulevard early yesterday morning. his suv overturned three of his passengers died. >> a child's being blamed causing the deadliest attack in turkey this year. a suicide bomber between the ages of 12 and 14 killed at least 50 people attending a wording saturday. 70 other people were injured. >> turkey's president says isis is behind the attack. the bombing happened after an attempted military coup. shooting happened this weekend at a mansion in california just right outside
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9:00 p.m. emergency workers found a 30- year-old man shot and killed in the backyard. neighbors say a couple and their adult son lived at the home. right now no suspects have been arrested. an 81-year-old man who was injured in a multicar crash on new york's long island has died. he's the fifth victim. his wife remains in critical condition. >> the crash killed four others including an aide to andrew cuomo and a 10-year-old boy. a woman leaving a continues earth in ohio confused the brake with the gas and hit a group of people dancing on a platform. flee people were treed and reel. -- treated and released. police are investigating but so far no charges have been filed. part of a highway in texas is blocked after a train derailed there. 25 train cars came off the tracks and plummeted from a bridge. some earnedded up in the creek but miraculously no one was
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with the water reseeding in louisiana you can really see the impact flooding has had on the area. all of that debris and trash left over. homes are damaged, radios are lined with debris. but in most neighborhoods people are finding hope and healing at their churches. the state's lieutenant governor says the relief efforts cannot slow down until everyone is safe and on their feet. >> we're going to have to really stay the course, stay focused until every house is rebuilt and put back together. >> take a long time. national guard soldiers have given out more than 4000 meals. volunteers have turned a parking lot into a massive donation site. people lined up to get food, walter, cleaning supplies. the salvation army and the red cross teamed up with tyson chicken and the army and lsu.
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south carolina arrived. they helped 10,000 people. you can donate $10 by text la floods to 90999. in california more tan 10,000 firefighters spent the weekend putting out six wildfires. >> fire officials are still assessing the damage from a fire that torched 300 buildings and 100 b houses. >> the blue cut fire scorched many pagers people under evacuation orders. they're working to reestablish power as people trickle back home. it's a welcome sight to return to some say. >> this ills the first time it's been significantly extended evacuation so it's really nice to come home. and know that everything's standing and all of our friends' homes and that they're safe and their homes are all still standing. >> thank you, firefighters. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> along the coast the chimney
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historic hearst castle. it burned through a combined 31,000 acres. in just one week five fires strong winds and years of drought destroyed nearly 100,000 acres. a dust storm in arizona caused problems for drivers. dust blew along the interstate knocking visibility down to a quarter mile andlessly. wind gusts 30-40 miles per a haboob. ing but back here at home a decent weekend very hot. yeah, it was pretty hot. humid. we had a few storms mixed in all of that goes away. starting today. >> you notice it as soon as you step out the door. you're going to notice it throughout the week, as well. 72degrees and this is a live picture from our tower camera. if you are getting up bright and early with us right now it's 72 degrees over the beltline as we do start off
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with you. again, cooler temperatures, and that is a direct result of a cold front moving through. the cold front is actually sitting off to the east of the united states this morning. >> you can see that line of showers extending up towards the boston area. that's that cold front and that will continue to impact us today, tomorrow, the next few days. just because all of the cool air filtering in behind it. high pressure controlling the weather. a really nice week for this time of year. 69 right now 68 in south him. expecting the 60s to continue to spread throughout the morning. 72 in raleigh. 73 in lillington clayton and rocky mount. here's what you need to know overall it's a cooler morning. temperatures in the mid-70s around 8:00 a.m. then we'll eventually climb into the mid-80s. not actually going to see the 90s later today. we'll get to the forecast in a few minutes. let's talk about the setup for today.
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today. bricking us sunshine, cooler temperatures, less humid is the real kicker here. as we head into the afternoon hours. that's what's going to make it comfortable to be spending time outdoors. the dewpoint temperatures dropping the we'll way into the 50s today. putting us in the comfy category. we stay with dewpoints around the 60 degree mark tomorrow into wednesday. still not crossing over into the muggy category until later this week. make plans to be outdoors. we'll be very cry. walter your flowers and plants throughout the rest of the week. here we are as far as the rain chances are concerned not only no rain around north carolina, south carolina stays dry. virginia stays dry. a game changer for the folk up and down the east coast over the next few days. now tomorrow morning we should start on the dry side and see the clear skies, again. so86 in raleigh today. 85 in durham. 90 around the fayetteville area
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the 90s. so this break in heat certainly going to be well received. 62degrees the overnight low. much cooler than where we have been for quite some time. as we head into the coming days the sunshine is still around. 87 our high on tuesday. mid-80s on wednesday. 88 on thursday. the next time it looks like raleigh will reach the 90s will be friday with a high of 92 and those low 90s and dry conditions will weekend. let's turn it over to yale with a check of the commute. i can't beat that forecast withmy traffic report i. do have good news if you're heading out the door through the raleigh area no accidents or delays. 452 very light traffic out there. into durham same thing. on the durham freeway, 85, 40 moving well. if you're heading through orange county today heads up. we have a road closure starting today.
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around the dairyland road. so a big heads up to you a little extra time needed as they do road work. here's a look at your eastbound drive times. 540 glenwood to u.s. 64, 17 minutes there. 440-i-40 to capital boulevard, 10. a live look outside at i-40 at lake wheeler road where things are moving pretty well. before we go to on cbs this morning. >> hello to you, coming up the authors of the new book trump revealed, why donald trump is much more complex much more complex today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a
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want a different way to cleanse? try micellar water from garnier skinactive. the micelles attract dirt like a magnet to: 1. remove makeup 2. cleanse and 3. soothe. no harsh rubbing, no rinsing. micellar water from garnier skinactive. basketball coach is headed back home to north carolina. coach k is the first head coach to leader the americans to three cub sective gold medals in men's basketball. his team in 2008 and 2012 won gold. me wrapped up his run with an 88-1 record. u.s.a. beat serbia in addition to coach k carmelo anthony won his
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planor league baseball team to fayetteville are on the agenda. last week city council approved a non bipedding agreement to bring in a farm team by 2019. city leaders have not yet given any specifics on how they would pay for the stadium. they are expected to unveil that plan within the next two months. the ballpark could be located downtown. city council will meet tonight at 7:00. summer vacation is slowly coming to an end for many children in our area and re your kids to start back to school? don't worry cbs north carolina is here to help you get ready. at 6:15 the director of early elementary education will inus live. and from bus routes to vaccinations she'll talk about what you can do today to get your kids back into the school schedule a. again that's at 6:15 this morning right here on cbs north carolina. well, there is good and bad news this morning when it comes to gas prices. the average price of gasoline in the u.s. is up by more than
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being $2.17. the higher crude oil prices are causing refineries and retailers to bump up their prices but the average price is $.54 lower than a year ago. >> so keep that in mind before you complain. well some people will go to great lengths to bring a souvenir from a baseball game u.a cardinals player hit a ball into the stands. >> a cardinals fan and philly fan went after the ball. the cardinals fan grabbed it over the seats. the only thing hurt was the guy's pride. the cardinals won this game, 920. >> that's funny. >> isn't that hilarious. >> we saw that video last week with the na close all over his shirt. raleigh police say a man that caused a crash and killed three in his suv now faces a list of charges. >> coming up in our next half hour what investigators say happened before the crash. and what the suspect is expected to do today.
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22 dade of day of august you're
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hello and good morning thanks for watching cbs north carolina i'm stefan chase. >> good morning stefan happy monday. happy monday to everyone else i'm russ bowen. justin quesinberry is live in raleigh where a man will answer to charges in a terrible deadly crash. good morning, guys, good morning to you at home, as well. we are looking at clear skies this morning that is just the first change that you are going to notice as you're waking up. the big change will beat lower humidity, the lower temperatures, as well. so as you're getting ready for this monday morning the weather, man, looks fantastic. so here we are satellite and radar composite, no rain in sight. >> let's get straight to the temperatures, we have dropped another degree here in raleigh now at 71.


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