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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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three people are dead in a horrific crash in raleigh what the driver is facing before a judge. >> when i came outside somebody said here they come again. >> panic grips a neighborhood as a drive by shooting sends three boys to the hospital. we're live in durham as police continue to look for leads >> and it's almost back to school time for thousands of local students. we are live with an expert on how you can get prepared with little time to spare right now on cbs north carolina. good morning everyone it is monday morning. 6:00a.m. thanks for being with us i'm russ bowen. >> bright idea and bushy tailed. >> auto almost said 6:30. >> i'm stefan chase alongside ali warshavsky anderson almeida core. as soon as you step outside you're going to notice the change in the air.
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cooler than right now. so expect the change tuesday keep rolling through central north carolina. 69degrees. beautiful early morning look at beat beginning of the sunrise. the official sunrise doesn't happen until 6:40 this morning. so we have a little ways to go before we see the sun crest the horizon. the early morning peek of color sure is nice. no clouds anywhere in sight on the satellite and radar composite. so if you are starting off early today, just destination safely. you won't need the umbrella at all this week. now, let's get to the temperatures because as we were talking, it's something you notice as soon as you walk outside. much cooler. >> roxboro right now 63 degrees. 64 in henderson and louisburg. we talked about raleigh in the upper 60s. low 70s in lillington, clayton and rocky mount. >> these temperatures can drop a few degrees before the sunshine starts to warm us up. as you're making plans for your
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72 at 8:00 a.m. 82 at lunchtime. 86 the high. cooler than normal. our normal high being 88 for this time of were you. i will let you know how long the 80s hang around for in your complete storm team forecast. i want to send it to ali with a check on the morning commute. good morning so far so good. if you're traveling through the greater raleigh, 540, 40, 440 all the green on the maps means no delays. certainly the time to get out there before the morning rush well. no delays there. and down through fayetteville, still pretty quiet out there. if you are heading through fayetteville today a heads up to you gillespie street will be closed for railroad track work there. >> and it's closed through friday your detour southern avenue, whitfield, eastern boulevard all roads to take around it. a look at drive times heading west to rtp this morning on
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20minutes there. 40 to rtp about 24 minutes. outside at i-40 at i-540 where it looks like a lot of people are up and at 'em. well this morning the man accused causing a horrific crash in raleigh is due to make his first court appearance. >> police tell us three people were killed when he crashed an suv over the weekend. justin quesinberry joins us live from the wake county justice center with more on the raleigh tell us that just one vehicle was involved in this crash. inside there were seven people including that driver. here's a mugshot of him after that crash. we're talking about 22-year-old jaciel espino-montes of goldsboro. police say he was intoxicated and driving on highwoods boulevard in raleigh with six other people when he overcorrected and struck a light pole, street sign and tree, before rolling that suv.
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court near capital boulevard. he faces three counts of aggravated felony death by motor vehicle, three counts of aggravated serious injury, and dwi charges. the victims are 21-year-old nelson darinel velazquez, of dudley, 18-year-old tomas rivera jr. of newton grove and 22-year-old pau bautista of benson. at last check the suspect remains in jail on a $750,000 bond. ahead in our next half hour hear details about the crash and just w was going. live in raleigh, justin quesinberry, cbs north carolina. this morning durham police continue to search for suspects in the shooting that injured a teen and two boys. >> neighbors describe the scene as sheer panic. cbs north carolina's lauren haviland joins us from the police department with more details this morning. >> reporter: neighbors we speck to are calling this a drive by shooting. police say it happened on reservoir street in durham, saturday night. neighbors also say they heard
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looked outside, a car was speeding away. two11-year-old boys and a 16- year-old were hit. one of the 11-year-olds is in serious condition. a neighbor that spoke to us says his car was also hit three times. >> when they came by they started shooting caught me in the back light. as they were of was going round the corner they were still shooting back they caught my car in the front. >> reporter: at this time of the car or the suspects. if you have any information, you're asked to call the durham police department. of course, you can remain anonymous through crimestoppers. the suspect in a deadly hit and run accident is expected to appear in a moore county courtroom today. investigators say jacob green hit steven mcgregor with his truck and drove away from the
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green charged with felony hit and run resulting in serious injury or death. we will let you know what -- how today's court appearance affects the case. a newly released study shows more and more children are staying in foster care without a permanent home. according to children's home society of north carolina. 10,000 children in our state are in foster care. nearly a 25% increase from a five year low back in 2011. the numbers show children are staying in foster care 15% longer than beford system every year without ever having found a permanent home. now, advocates say that often leads to a higher chance of homelessness, unemployment and incarceration. when the first charlotte pride festival was launched 22 years ago just one church marched in the parade. this year the number climbed past a dozen marking an all- time high. while the festival continues to grow the controversy surrounding house bill 2 helped
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protest they were drowned out by the sheer volume of voices in support. >> this thing is -- this helps unify people and bring people together. >> this is just gay people and straight people of all different races and walks. they're here together in support it's unified. >> festival organizers say they were originally worried about the large police presence involved but that they eased up after meeting with officers. the parade ended up going lots of folks turned out yesterday in car tie get their ears lowered and raise monday four children with brain tumors. 180 people got a haircut raiding $4000 for bob's buddies. they help people with pediatric brain tumors. they plan to host a radiothon on the day before thanksgiving. >> looking good, too. >> yeah, always great to see. schools in miami taking extra precautions amid rising
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they decided against doing after the break. >> well, temperatures, guys, are very comfortable out the door this morning. 63 in roxboro. 65 right now in south hill. these 60s for the morning
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good morning if you're just wake up i'm stefan chase alongside storm steam meteorologist alyssa corfont. yes york eyes are not deceiving you. that's actualla temperature in the 60s. >> i know. it's been quite some time since the entire area was blanket in the 60s. >> we're not seeing that right now but we could in the coming days. right now it's here in recall e at 69. we're looking at pretty nice early morning sunrise. >> official sunshine rise still about a half hour away, yeah, exactly a half hour away. it rises at 6:40 but in the
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drive time forecast. we're in the upper 60s now through 7:00 a.m. this morning. back to 72 by 8:00. and back to 75 by 9:00 a.m. last week there were plenty of days that we were already in the 80s to mid-80 bus nine average. just not the case this week. that is one clear indicator that big changes are coming through central north carolina. and the big changes coming through because we saw a cold front last night. this is where that front is off to the east towards the open atlantic t gradually breaking up this morning. so let's bring you back closer to home. tease temperature in the -- these temperatures in the wake of the front, 66 in durham, 70 in lillington. so planning for your day ahead you may see a few clouds this morning. gradually seeing more sunshine. 82 at lunchtime. 86 our afternoon high today. i'll let you know how long the 80s hang around for coming up in the complete storm team forecast. with fears of the zika
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are taking extra precautions as kids head back to school. 36 cases have been transmitted in two separate areas. schools have been happening out long sleeved shirts and pants to help keep students who need them while the health department has been passing out bug spray and also encouraging kids to spray them self-s right before class. >> i commend their efforts. i think it's fantastic. it's what we should do to protect our children and to protect our will attend schools in the two so-called zika zones. the superintendent had considered relocating the student but decided against it. well speaking of back to school, we are now a week out from the start of class for wake county kids. we're joined by a guest who can help you get your kids on
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z23aoz zi0z
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y23aoy yi0y
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year for most wake county students. don't panic we have the woman the expert who can get you and your children prepared in no time. live in the studio, great to have hershey's the corrector of early education so first things first let's start with the paperwork what do kid need to have. >> paren need to make sure they have registered for school. on the wake county website that of they packet. they need to make sure they register at their base school. so let's move on tour the routine. what's the best way to get your kids back in the things if you will. >> the first thing, go ahead and practice now. you have a week before school starts to practice those bedtime routines and wakeup routines. so that's a good idea. so in bed early, and up to rise. so now let's talk about the bus routes. chair of they're changing for a
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parents need to know to make sure kids don't miss their rides? >> make sure they're out there 10-15 minutes prior to the time the bus is schedule today come. check the routes. rain or shine, you know, they'll be there. all right. wake county public schools thank you so much. for more details go to our website at >> good info there, guys. alabama will go into this football season as the highest ranked team in the leaving clemton at number 2. -- leaving clemson at number 2. florida state number 4. louisville is 19 and unc at 22. it's as expected the sec was the most represented with six teams. >> the pac-12 was second with five. football season is back so you know the cooler temperatures are also headed back. >> i'm a big football fan. we had high school games in
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>> blitz is back. >> yeah, it's excite. yeah, it's feeling cooler this week, as well. not going to last but it's certainly going to feel good for the next few days. 69degrees right now. kind of looks like the airport is glowing. beautiful start to our monday. if you're just getting ready to head out the door enjoy the refreshing start. cooler temperatures, less humidity, all as you walk out the door. now if you were going to bed last evening you may have heard some thunder. that's from a cold front moving through. that front over the atlantic. that front is going to usher in big changes for us as we head throughout the course of today. 66 in durham and siler city. we're at 64 in sanford. still at 70 in lillington. 73 in clayton and clinton. 70 in goldsboro. so hour by hour for you we'll be right around 72 at 8:00 a.m. clouds this morning, it will be this morning that is not in the
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the day. should be at 77 at 10:00 a.m. 82 at noon. we will make it to 86 later this afternoon. then back to 82 by 6:00 this evening. now, in the wake of yesterday's front, we have high pressure building in. that's going to bring us plenty of sunshine. cooler temperatures, we're also going to be less humid. that's the real kicker that's going to make it comfortable outside as we head into the afternoon hours. but not only today. today dewpoints drop into the 50s clearly putting us in stay around 60 for tuesday and wednesday. still great and ideal if you're running outside, if you're going to the pool. i know a lot of kids this is their last full week of summer. so i'm sure they will be spending a lot of time outdoors today and for the rest of work week. here we are this morning no clouds. as we had through lunchtime the same and into the afternoon hours, overnight tonight clear skies are going to continue which means tomorrow
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cover to start off our day tomorrow. so the mid-80s for highs today. 90 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we should fall to right around 62 degrees. many may be able to give the ac a break as temperatures famineto the low 60s. maybe even the upper 50 for some areas right around the virginia border. tuesday and wednesday that sunshine is still around. 88 on thursday. get ready for the 90s. they make a comeback. 92 on friday. 93 saturday. humidity is also back as we approach. upcoming weekend. 6:19 on your monday morning. let's get a check on your commute with ali. not too much to check out. roads look great for this time in the morning. heading through raleigh still seeing a lot of gene. so morning rush really hasn't come into play.
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85, 40, moving well. if we take you down into fayetteville taking 95, no delays to report to you there. local roads moving fine. later today, though, we will see some delays start at 8:00 a.m. gillespie street will be closed because of some work on railroad tracks in the area. some radios to take around it southern avenue, whitfield, robeson street, the mlk freeway, as well. drive times south on there. 3minutes from 540-u.s. 401. and five from 440 to downtown. on 70, i-540 to downtown, 12. live look outside now at i-440 on capital boulevard were you can see all that lights out there. few more than the last time. but all moving the speed limit.
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the man accused of causing a crash that left three dead in raleigh set to make his first court appearance today. police believe he was intoxicated. also the number of homes damaged by flooding in louisiana has received more than 60,000. >> president obama is expected to visit that state tomorrow. >> and the u.s. finished the rio games with more medals than the closest competitors. we'll have a full recap coming up. a man charged with six murder in the death of five derrick dearman is accused of walking into a home and attacking his girlfriend's relatives with firearms and other weapons. he kidnapped his girlfriend and a child. drove lem to his farther's home and set them free. his girlfriend told police see was trying to end an abusive relationsh and had left to stay with her family. further action coming on
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lochte. like the has admit he exaggerated his claims of what happened that night many have argued it's far from clear brazilian police were within their legal rights with how how they handled the situation. so many questions i feel like we're not going to get to the complete bottom of of this. >> perhaps not. 6:00ty your time right now. a weekend meeting leads to speculation that donald trump is going back on a key campaign promise. about it all. >> plus a weekend of new releases mostly met with shrugs. the box office bomb that will
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because we're only borrowing it from our children. ?? a particularly weak cramp new releases left suicide squad
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third week. >> the dc comics adaptation banked the top. sausage party stayed at number 2. war dogs became the only new release to crack the top three with 14 million. >> but listen to this one, the biggest disappoint of all was unquestionably the latest remake of been hur. that cost $100 million to make it only madesy million dollars on is first weekend. wow. well, gas prices are going back up. robo calls are getting blocked and regal has come up with a pretty cool concept to lure customers in. jill wagner joins us live from the floor other new york stocks exchange. >> reporter: good morning stefan. gas prices are inching higher as the price of crude oil rallies. aaa says it takes a couple of weeks to adjust to dude prices.
6:26 am
gallon. >> and some promising news for everyone annoyed by the automated prerecorded telephone calls the more than 30 tech companies including verizon, comcast are joining forces with the government. they're forming a robo call strike force. yeah, put me on that rest whatever they come up with. movie theaters are going high tech as a by to get people off their couch tell one. >> yeah, there's some new technology called 4 dx it uses special effects like motion, sense, and even water to bring movies to life. regal says it's going to expand the number of theaters that are 4 dx after a successful test run in new york and l.a. i don't know about you i don't need water sprayed on me during a mew rye video. >> i was like water, just, you know, watch the hair.
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>> jim, thanks a lot. >> everything else, for that matter. cold wet clothing. >> that sound interesting and fun. >> it does. >> i wonder if you get rain jacket things orb something. >> some type of guard i would need that. still ahead here on cbs north carolina a new report on prince's death leads to more questions. what investigators found while combing through his mansion in our next half hour. >> plus before you led out the door a leave look outside, gorgeous as the sun is coming up. not nearly as been used to. a great break. a great break. we'll let you cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class.
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lude everyone.
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hello and good morning thanks for watching north carolina news. i'm russ bowen. >> a great work week. good morning to you i'm stefan chase. we are live as the man cued of causing a tragic crash prepares to face a judge. >> that's right our crews are in durham were police are
6:30 am
three boys injured. but first let's go street meteorologist alyssa corfont with what to expect today. feeling really good out there right now. >> it certainly is, russ. you notice that as soon as you step outside the door. not only art temperatures cooler but the humidity has dropped significantly, as well. now i have a live picture from the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. we're certainly seeing brighter skies. we're 10 minutes away from the official sunrise. if you're just rolling out of bed, don't you were you won't satellite and radar composite showing us the dry skies also pretty clear for us. you're going to see the most cloud cover you see all day long right now. we'll gradually see any clouds left lingering around slowly move out. temperatures, 66 in durham. 63 in henderson. also 63 in louisburg. clayton still at 73 degrees. we're at 70 in lillington and 75 in fayetteville. sanford right now at 65 degrees. let's go ahead and get to your
6:31 am
72degrees at 8:00 a.m. 82 at lunchtime. plenty of sunshine there. and then we make it to 86 for an afternoon high. remember normal for this time of year is around 88. so we'll be cooler than that for first time in nearly two weeks. yes, that's how long we were in the 90s and that trend has now been broken. we will let you know what's in store for the rest of work week coming up but right now ali is 60s out there this morning. i know i couldn't believe it when i stepped out the door. feelea raleigh 44540 moving well. no accident out there this morning. same thing with durham, delay free. bright and early, time to get out there before that morning rush really starts to play a part in our commute here. if you are heading through orange county orange grove road closed. tier road to dairyland road brocked off. a detour in place.
6:32 am
good down 95. westbound dive times nothing out of the ordinary if you're taking 540 from 64 to glenwood avenue, 16 minutes there t. new bern to wade avenue, 8 on 440. live look outside at i-85 and duke street. son is coming up. not too much to see out there. things are moving well. this morning we are hoping to learn more details about the man being blamed for causing a deadly crash >> police say 22-year-old jaciel espino-montes of goldsboro is responsible for the accident that left three people dead over the weekend. cbs north carolina's justin quesinberry joins us live from the wake county justice center. >> reporter: russ at last check that suspect remains in jail this morning in a $750,000 bond. he's due before a judge later today. we want to show you video now e scene shortly after that crash. raleigh police say he was driving on highwoods boulevard
6:33 am
when he overcorrected and struck a light pole, street sign, and a tree before rolling that suv. all of that while driving 50 miles r hour in a 35 miles per hour zone. jaciel espino-montes faces three counts of aggravated felony death by motor vehicle, three counts of aggravated serious injury by motor vehicle and dwi charges. the victims are 21-year-old nelson darinel velazquez, of dudley, 18-year-old tomas rivera jr. of newton gr benson. two teenage girls and a 21-year- old woman were also in that vehicle. they survived the crash. live in raleigh, justin quesinberry, cbs north carolina. >> on that story all morning thank you. we are also keeping an eye on a case of a man linked to self indecent exposure. records also show he was arrested for similar crimes back in 2013 and 2014. he is set to pine court today
6:34 am
charges. we will continue to follow this investigation and let you know of any new developments. still no arrests after a shooting in durham sends tree boys to the hospital. >> lauren haviland joins us live from the police department with what neighbors are tell her. >> reporter: -- telling her. >> reporter: these neighbors are calling this a drive by shooting on reservoir street here in durham on saturday night. neighbors say they heard ip speeding away. two11-year-old boys and a 16- year-old boy were hit. one of the 11-year-old boys is in serious condition at this time. a neighbor that spoke to us said his car was hit three times. >> first of all, thankful didn't nobody get killed but we praying for the homey that's in the hospital now. you know, all our prayers going
6:35 am
>> reporter: at this time police haven't released if they have any details about a description of that car or suspects at this time. of course, if you have any information call the durham police department. you can always remain anonymous through crimestoppers. live in durham, lauren haviland, cbs north carolina. a shooting in fayetteville has left one man seriously injured and another in police custody. this all happened yesterday at a home on ryan street. police say two men got into an argument leading one to the other person's house. now that drive was then shot by another man at the scene. now, last check was listed as being in critical condition. as of right now no names have been released and unclear what charges will be filed. bowe bergdahl scheduled to be back at fort bragg as his attorneys attempt to get his case thrown out. earlier this month his legal team demand his charges be dropped saying statement made by john mccain violates
6:36 am
when min cane implied that if charges were dismissed he would make sure that the case was brought before the senate armed services committee. bergdahl's charged worth desertion and misbehavior before the enemy after walking away from his post in afghanistan. hundreds of people filled pine crest high school over the weekend to remember mason wagner, a teen who drowned earlier this month. >> the 16-year-old played several sports for the school and was remembered as a standout on the football team, the community started a gofundme page to help with funeral costs and so raised nearly $24,000. >> coming together. a stunning finale as the olympics say so long. the highlights from the closing ceremony and how many medals team u.s.a. ended up with. >> as one wildfire comes to a close another is burning dangerously control. the landmark it's threatening. >> this morning as we do get a new work week started we're not
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back to 86 this afternoon. i'll let you know how long these comfortable temperatures hang around for coming up [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our
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beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient,
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at and soy. for your pet, we go beyond. feels so good. lack of humidity which is really nice. >> feels amazing. look at the sunrise in chapel hill. look how pretty. so if you're getting ready to head outside you're seeing a scene like this please take a picture send it to us. official sunrise happening as we speak. so take a peek out the window. of course, after you less tine this. but let's go ahead an get your monday started. drive time forecast looking like this 69 at 7:00 a.m. 72 at 8:00 a.m.
6:40 am
morning. more and more sunshine as we had into the afternoon. so here's a look at your satellite and radar composite, not a lot going on across north carolina, south carolina, virginia, all dry. this is going to be a game changer of a week for the east coast. we had a cold front move through last night. that's what this band of rain is as it progresses out through the open atlantic. in the wake of the cold front these temperatures are feeling fantastic. 66 in durham. 70 in goldsboro. clinton add clayton are both at 73 degrees. making your plans for the day ahead 82 at lunchtime. 86 our afternoon high. overall nowhere near as hot and less humid than where we have been for the past 13 days. we had 13 days in the 90s. back to 87 tomorrow. we'll stay in the mid-80s on wednesday the eventually bake of make it back to the 90 by
6:41 am
little bit. a boy as young as 12 years old is believed to beat suicide bomber who killed dozens at a wedding party in turkey. at least 51 people died in the blast saturday. what you're looking at right now is a funeral ceremony. turkish authorities found a suicide vest at the scene. turkey's president has said isis is the prime suspect in that attack. louisiana state police continue to search for two suspects in a gun fight injured a trooper. neworleans police say troopers were trying toston a car that had been reported stolen. when three men jumped out and opened fire. a chase ensued. the trooper is expected to be okay. donald trump's campaign fending off rumors it's about to back down from a key promise. why a weekend speech is leading
6:42 am
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o. speculation ramping up that donald trump might bow ready to shift one of liz biggest campaign promises. as you likely know he has repeated lay vowed to track down and report every immigrant living in the country illegally. sources told buzz feed trump told allies panic advisory council he was work on a humane and efficient way to solve the those americans who are looking for well paying jobs. and that we are fair and humane for those who live among us in this country. as the weeks unfold, as the weeks unfold he will lay out the specifics of that plan that he would implement as president of the united states. >> will that include a deportation for us, the kind that he -- you just heard in that sound byte.
6:45 am
said he didn't get any sense that trump was considering changing his stance on immigration. new questions are being raced about prince's death as it's revealed the pills found inside his home were mislabeled. the minnesota start tribune reports that the pills marked as hydrocodone actually contained fentanyl. a substance described as being far more powerful than morphine. use may recall an autopsy found that he died of an accidental dr how he obtained the painkillers which he did not have a prescription for. and in ohio, police are weighing charges against an elderly woman who crashed into a crowd and outdoor concert. officers say people were injured when the 74-year-old drove into a packed dance floor. the woman was also hurt. police say she was confused and she may have confused the brake with the gas pedal. police say most of the victims were elderly as the event
6:46 am
by flooding has reached more than 60,000. far more than reported last week. fema says as many as 102,000 people have reaming steered for federal help and that the red cross had called it the worst natural disaster since hurricane sandy. president obama set to visit tomorrow. despite criticism from some for not visiting sooner the governor says he asked the white house to wait. in california one p firefighters battle a growing number of wildfires. evacuation orders have been lifted for the blue cut fire in san bernardino, crews are battling an all new danger near the coast. >> the so-called chimney fire scorched 24,000 acres and threatening the historic hearst castle. a total of six wildfires are burning en california. this morning we're hearing more news of fires burning out
6:47 am
we may see some moisture. >> not until say, i don't think we have rain in the next several days. >> you didn't say that earlier? i'm hear thingsged i couldn't think. >> was that yesterday, maybe. >> we had some yesterday intersection auto confused myself. [laughter] >> that's what happens when you get up this early. look at this, absolutely gorgeous as we start off our monday. taking a live picture from the tower camera this morni let's go ahead and show you the satellite and radar composite. if you're going to see any cloud cover it's first thing this morning. skies will clear quickly throughout the morning. later this afternoon, blue skies but all of these changes due a cold front that came through last night. we did have some rain last night but that has moved out to the open atlantic. no rain now in our forecast for the next several days.
6:48 am
days. so if in -- so 66 in durham right now. also let 60s in henderson and louisburg. 73 in portions of johnston county towards clayton. 73 in clinton. 75 right now in fayetteville. so hour by hour for you, on this monday, 10:00 a.m. temperature, 77 degrees. 82 at lunchtime. then blue skies this afternoon. we'll make it to 86. that's actually a few degrees cooler than we sunday be. thank -- back to 62 by 6:00 this evening. cooler temperatures, also the big kicker, less humidity. so it is going to be comfortable to spend time outdoors whatever you have going on. yard work, maybe you're exercising the kids ash out at the pool. the weather is going to cooperate this week. so pretty clear skies arou at 8:00 a.m. we'll continue to see more and more sunshine through lunchtime. heading into the afternoon, maybe you're firing up the grill, you certainly won't have
6:49 am
thunderstorms tonight. heading into overnight tonight the dry weather still hangs around. and for the start of our tuesday. i want to update you on the tropics. we've been tracking fiona. it's weakened to a tropical depression. wind at 35 miles per hour. here's the catch that's only one of three areas of unsettled weather that we're watching in the open atlantic. this one the next one behind fiona has a very small chance of strengthening but this one, really just off the coast of africa has about a of forming over the next 48 hours. we'll let you know if that strengthens into the next few days. 86 our high today in raleigh. 85 in durham and 90 in fayetteville. overnight tonight then look at this. 62degrees here in raleigh. those ac units will get a well- deserved break as we head into the overnight hours tonight. 87 on our tuesday. 86 wednesday. still in the 80s on thursday. >> we will make it back to the 90 for friday and the weekend
6:50 am
so probably feel a little bit hotter than the actual temperatures. just about 6:50 right now on this monday morning. the temperatures look great. how about the roads? don't look too bad through the raleigh area, garner, cary the green means you're able to go the speed limit. durham roads look pretty good. 40, 85, and down into fayetteville, if you're taking 95, no problems there. local roads haven't had this is -- don't worry about that. drive times if you're heading west to research triangle park, 540, 13 minutes there. on 40 from garner to rtp, 25 minutes. longest stretch is u.s. 1 to durham freeway going to take you about 10 minutes there. wife take you outside now, we're going to leigh you with a look -- leave you with a look at these drive times.
6:51 am
no accidents. from fireworks to dancing to a pretty cool appearance the olympic ceremony had it all. >> yeah, fittingly rio chose to go with a carnival theme for the final night of the games. not too be outdone, new host country japan accepted the passing of the torch with a full blown mario sequence with the primeminister dressed as the over but we have to brag. the kevin dur rant and company dominated serbia in a 30 point win to claim the gold medal. the match marked coach k's final appearance as the leader. >> so here's where the final medal count comes out to. th 121 overall medals and 46 fold the u.s. was far away the
6:52 am
medals and great britain with 67 in third. it's been great. >> yes, it has been. 6:52 intermorning we'll be right back with some news to snow beef you go. >> checking in ith the cbs team. >> we're in miami with what students are dog to protect themselves as they head back to school from zika. plus the donald trump you didn't know with the strongest influence on his life. the washington post journalist and authors of the new book trump revealed join us. >> and basketball legend kareem abdul jabbar right here in
6:53 am
6:54 am
the man accused causing a crash that killed three people in raleigh is set to be arraigned later this morning.
6:55 am
overcorrected and smashed an suv into a light pole, the impact sent the car spiraling into a street sign and tree. he faces a count of aggravated felony death by motor vehicle for each of the three passengers who did not survive. we will be in court for his appearance today and let you know what happens. >> as of this morning durham police have not announced any arrests in the drive by shooting that injured a teen and two children. the 16-year-old and two 11-year- old boys were shot on reservoir street. as of last year-olds was still listed in serious condition. neighbors tell us that it was -- that as bad as it was they're thankful that the children were okay. >> thankful that noody got killed yet. we're praying for the homey that's in the hospital now. >> again,s police have not released animing on suspects. if you know anything at all to help you are urge today come forward. a fayetteville woman will appear in court today on accusations that see tried to drown ansmother her
6:56 am
happen saturday as 24-year- old regina durr was babysitting the toddler. documents go on say she pushed the boy under water. she tried to smother the crying child by lying on top of him. she's charged with attempted first degree murder and felony child abuse. thankfully the boysaid to be recovering. bowe bergdahl is schedule today be at fort bragg. earlier this month his legal team d mccain violate his due process asons. those comments came last fall when eimplied that if charges were dismissed he would make sure the case was brought before the senate armed services committee. if you haven't taken a look outside you are in for a treat. what a gorgeous way to start the day. >> absolutely. lets take a look at this from the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill.
6:57 am
many of you have seen beautiful sun ses so far this morning. if you taka picture go ahead and send it to us. tweet me, send it to me on facebook. we love to share yourget. 68 in raleigh. 66 in durham. dropping into the upper 60s in lillington. 64 in sanford. fayetteville at 74. forecast for the day ahead, take a look at this. it will feel fantastic. 82 at lunchtime. 86 our afternoon high. through the rest her work week. 87 tomorrow. still in the 80 it's through thursday. this weather is a runner's dream you probably could run faster than traffic at i-40 and clayton bass: the time where it all slows done but no crashes out there this morning. couple of detours in orange county. fayetteville we have that information on facebook and twter. we'll see you again in a few minutes for more traffic
6:58 am
we're back here at noon.
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded bybs good morning. it is monday, august 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? is donald trump wavering on his promise to undocumented immigrants? plus the journalist who went back to trump's childhood is here is a revealing look at the candidate. >> back to school for thousands of students at the epi center of the florida zika scare. many are dressed for protection. >> the rye owe olympics come to a record close with a record haul of medals for the team usa. we look ahead to when the games could return to the states. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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