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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  August 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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good afternoon everyone i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. thanks for watching cbs north carolina. at noon. we begin with breaking news this afternoon at least one person has been killed in a traffic accident on i'm 40 in durham. at least four vehicles including a pickup truck were near exit 280. the wreck has backs up traffic in the westbound lanes for miles. follow us on line at for more updates. new at noon a federal judge in austin texas has temporarily blocked the obama administration's rules on transgender rules on public bathrooms. they told transgender students could use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their
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department sued north carolina over house bill 2 which requires people to use public bathrooms that correspond with the sex on their birth certificates. while schools were not told explicitly to comply or lose federal funding the obama administration did not rule that out in court documents filed just last month. still no arrest in connection with weekend shooting that hurt a teenager and two young boys on reservoir neighbors called the incident a drive by shooting telling us multiple gunshots rang out from a car saturday night hitting two 11-year-old boys and a 16-year-old. >> when i came outside somebody said here they come again but it wasn't them but everybody still was ducking and running. >> if you have any information to help police with the investigation they want to hear from you call crimestoppers. covering fayetteville a woman accused of attempting to kill her nevada to is set to
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regina durr was babysitting the 2-year-old when see tried to do you understand smother the child on saturday. she pushed the boy under water and began to smother him. the 24-year-old is charged with attempted first degree murder and felony child abuse the boy is recovering. a goldsboro man charged in a deadly dwi accident that killed three people near cap tam boulevard in raleigh is due in court later this afternoon. police say jaciel espino-montes was intoxicated when elost control of his suv near the intersection of highwoods boulevard and popular wood court. seven people were inside the vehicle along with the 22-year- old drive. two young men and a 22-year-old woman all died. he faces a long list of charges including three counts of aggravated felony death by motor vehicle and dwi. and also due in court today a moore county man charged in a deadly hit and run crash. jacob green accused hit steven mcgregor near west en elementary school and leaving
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two months after the interd. green is charged with felony hit and run resulting in serious injury or death. duke and u.s. men's basketball coach mike krzyzewski returned to north carolina. after winning a geld medal in the olympics. jeff jones joins us live from rdu where coach k just landed a couple moments ago. jeff? >> reporter: what it means to him believe me how much he appreciates the hard work of those assistant coaches. >> it looks like we're having a little bit of a technical difficulty there. so many people at the airport probably blocked our signal. after some blistering temperatures we're taking a break from the heat and humidity today. how long will it last? let's check in with alyssa to see. i have some good news. it looks like the beam in the heat and humidity is going to
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live picture from prestonwood country club in cary just a cloud or two. overall if you have stepped outside at all you know that the weather is very comfortable for many kid. this is the last full week of summer before school heads back into session you're going to be able to play ball outside. maybe you're going for same. the weather will cooperate nicely. low 80s right new in raleigh and durham. they continue around lillington and clayton. upper 70s believe it or not in louisburan so really a nice change that we'll continue to see. comparing these temperatures to 24 hours ago we are 6 degrees colder here in raleigh. 7degrees cooler in louisburg. 5degree drop in henderson, roxboro and durham. and towards siler city. so here's your hour by hour forecast. i think we top out right around 8 # degrees. --86 degrees.
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normal am round the 88 degree mark. 82 at 6:00. sun sets and temperatures fall through the 70s into the 60s and look at that by daybreak tomorrow morning i think we're close to 62 degrees. now i will take a closer look at how long the 80s will hang around for and when the 90s come back coming up in the complement storm team forecast. also at noon, marshal duran pleaded guilty to two felony left. scene. it happened near i-40 and two men died as part of a plea arrangement the charges of dwi and position of amphetamine charges were dropped. >> it's been two and a half years of sore re, waiting, and praying.
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i'm able to forgive you today for what you've done to my husband. >> duran was also sentenced earlier this month to life in prison for setting a series of fires at an ocean front condo complex in carolina beach the fire killed two people and was in december of 2014. duran became depressed after the february crash and there's a correlation between the two cases. a fugitive who escaped front green county correction way len flynn slipped out saturday night. 37-year-old was captured around 8:30 this morning just a few miles per hour from the facility. flynn was serving time for obtaining property by false pretenses was due to be released later this year. a care man sparked a town wide police alert for an indecent exposure case had his case push the back to october. christopher sumrell was arrested.
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stores and was linked to similar crimes in 2013 and 2014. attorneys for army sergeant bowe bergdahl returned to fort bragg courtroom today. lawyers demanded charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy be dropped because of commence made by u. s. senator john mccain. bergdahl phase a court martial after being accused of walking away from his post in afghanistan. last fall john mccain implied that if charms were dismissed before the armed services committee. covering the race for the white house a new cbs poll shows hillary clinton six points ahead of donald trump in ohio. this comes as the republican nominee insists he is not flip flopping on immigration. we have the latest. >> reporter: donald trump tried to clarify his position on immigration monday morning. >> we have to be very, very strong wither of when people come in illegally. >> reporter: the comments on
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weekend meeting with hispanic advisors that seemed to indicate he may be change hugs mind about deporting 11 million people living illegally. >> we want oakum up with a ir but firm answer. >> reporter: on sunday his newly appointed campaign manager kellyanne conway added to the speculation of a possible shift in his key poretation stance. >> will that plan include a die pore station force? >> to be determined. >> reporter: the latest cbs battleground tracker sur six point lead in ohio. clinton and trump are tied in iowa. >> the private e-mail server trouble continues to follow hillary clinton. a result of comments made by former secretary of state colin powell. >> he her people have been trying to pin it on me. she was using the private e- mail server beer i sent her a memo telling her what i did.
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tens of thousands of previously undisclosed documents from clinton's private server. the justice department will october. easing them in clinton is fund raising on the west coast this week avs a weekend of raising money in new england. coming up on cbs north carolina, food allergies and your children. our medical expert explains what you should be looking out for and how to be safe as head back to school. >> crocodiles seen scrambling
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cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree
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include everyone. as we mentioned moments ago duke and u.s. men's basketball coach, coach k is returning back home after a very successful performance at the olympics in rio. cbs north carolina's jeff jones joins us live from rdu with
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>> reporter: well, guys away had some technical issues we're back and better than ever. round two will beat western e. like i was saying we were live from rdu we heard from coach 7:00 following his third and final trip to the olympics to win a gold med a. replica gold medals, marvin gaye music and a group of guys he calls his boat friends. nothing was discussed with more passion than the lessons he's learned. >> you think a that, you know, a lot. you do. just like all the coaches do. but when you're around these players, they're the best. and so you see how they prepare. you learn about their techniques. the language that they use in explaining things and their interpretations of how they would want to do something offensively and
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years with mike dan tony, nate mcmillan, morningy williams it gives no one has an opportunity to d that. >> reporter: well, guys that was just a little taste of what coach k had to say. for more on the current duke coach and the former u.s. men's national team coach just tune in at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00 we'll catch you up on everything. president obama travels to louisiana tomorrow to get a first hand look at devastation left by the deadly flooding there. with the water finally receding the cleanup and recovery effort is getting underway thanks to a network of relief. thousands of homeowners are getting help from volunteers and thousand of national guardsmen are there, as well. >> some people don't have words they break down and start crying. when i see that, that motivates us to keep going.
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killed at least 13 people, 60,000 homes were dam grinned thousands of students returning back to scene miami amid growing concerns about the zika virus. this comes after five new cases of the mosquito borne illness were linked to miami beaches bringing the total number of infections to 36. educators and the health department spent the weekend handing out protective clothing and free bug repellant to children going back to class in miami. >> better safe than sorry u. auto know on the way to school may be a little bit uncomfortable. >> the cdc is advising women who plan to get pregnant, ex b pect ant mothers and their partners postpone travel. a group of people who unlearned three salt water crocodiles in a college administration office. the incident was captured by security cameras early sunday morning. the video shows four people pushing the animals through a hole then entering themselves and ransacking the office.
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rescue the crocodiles. >> police attended and managed to get them in custody if you like. we're still looking for the four males responsible. >> now no one was hurt. however, police say the animals' mouths were taped up and they were undernourished, as well. hello, people. don't you know there are cameras everywhere? >> that's n laughing matter at all. s taking a look picture perfect another came commerce day. >> it's beautiful. bl skies as we look out live from the raleigh durham international airport. the temperatures are cooperating nicely, as well. they've dropped siificantly from where we were yesterday. yesterday we hit 94 for an afternoon high. and if you were keeping track, yesterday was also our 13th 90 degree day in a re. now that trend is going to break this afternoon. we're at 82 right now. i don't see those 90s in sight for us in the triangle. possibly around the sandhills
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but not nearly as widespread. straight to the temperatures as we're feeling them, right now,s many of you on your lunch hour. 84 in fayetteville. 83 in clinton. 83 in rocky mount. the low 80s in goldsboro. still a handful of you in the 70s across portions of vanville and vance county. 79 in louisburg. and roxboro. forecast for the rest of today n where near as hot. less humid. very comfortable. t maybe firing up the grill, you will not have to dodge any thunderstorms. back to 73 as we head towards 9:00 this evening. that's the owning thing that could pa 10 sale be a problem this week is we're expecting very dry weather. water your grass, garden make sure everything is staying hydrated. i have to show you the big picture to show you really up and down the east coast it's on
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few lingering showers through maine and showers falling apart. now, in the wake of that cold front high pressure has built in bringing plenty of sunshine and we've been talk about this alldy long. much cooler, less humid and keep in mind it is dry. not only today but for the rest of the work week. what's also what we've been talking about is the drop in humidity. dewpoint temperatures intermid- 50s today. that clearly puts us comfy categories. dewpoints right around the 60 degree range for tuesday and wednesday. so very comfortable as we had into the next few days. whatever you have planned to go on outdoors the weather is going to cooperate nicely. here is your future forecast. 1:00 this afternoon, most of other seeing the blue skies. those continue through 6:30 this evening. not a lot changes overnight. which means tomorrow morning as you wake up, these could be the coolest temperatures say, since
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not many will drop into the 50s but there will be that potential. tropical depression fiona not a lot has changed. wind at 35 miles per hour. that's only one system that we're watching in the open atlantic. we're actually watching three. look at this. this ay in the middle -- area in the middle has a chance of developing. but look at this closer to the coast of africa, but new has a 100% chance of formation. into a tropical depression this afternoon, later this evening. i'm sure our chief meteorologist wes hohenstein will be keeping you up to date through the afternoon and evening. let's bring you closer to home to talk about the temperatures. right around 90 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we were talk about much cooler temperatures. how does 62 sunday for an overnight low. -- sound for an overnight low.
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wednesday we're right around 86. thursday we're still in the 80s. now, of course all things must come to an end and it won't be bad friday and into the weekend. it will be a bit hotter for us. 92 on frizz of friday. 93 saturday. humidity will also be back as we head into the upcoming weekend. but hey, for august we're talking four straight days in the 80s, i am not complaining one day. >> i was going to say too good to be true it's fantastic. >> typically august very hot
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with many students returning to class next week concerns about food allergies are certainly on the rise. in the last decade we've seen a spike in the number of cases. one in two students in every classroom is at risk for a severe allergic reactions from food ingestion or in text stings.
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interesting allergies have increased almost 50% over the last decade. we really don't know why yet. but this really affects a great number of the folks that afternoon attending schools right now. you know, what happens when you have common food allergies is the body rereese's all of these chemicals that calls -- can cars the throat to close up, cause you to have trouble breathing also have trouble with just rapid heartbeat and even you can shock. it's a really severe reaction in some cases. now, we were just talking about the cost the rising cost in the epipen. i almost called it the wrong name. >> epipen is an emergency treatment for allergic reactions. if your child has an allergic realso you need an epipen because these people can have trouble breathe,
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blood pressure. epy pens are costing parents $500 a pop. that's a really high ex pension. >> cbs news did a big piece on that last week. what art policies for epy pens in our school systems? >> very fortunately, our legislature in 2014 vetted for all schools to put epipens in the school. i think it's important that you talk wit your school and teachers you. develop a plan for an allergic reaction. you have a your chilled's backpack and also talk to your doctor or allergist so you have all of your ducks in a row prior to going to the classroom. very good advice you can go to our website for lots more. at dr.campbell, thanks for coming in. to the story it's officially the end of the road for internet media site
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operations today after univision bought the other companies. gawker lost an invasion of privacy lawsuit to hulk hoe gand filed bankruptcy. we have a winner for being an all time summer loser. ben hur earned a little more than $11 million. but the problem is the epic remake cost paramount pictures and mgm studios $100 million to produce. so working against it, panned the film and according to variety magazine almost nobody under the age of 25 came out to check the movie out. stay with us as you take a live look outside at traffic in raleigh on i-40 where traffic is still backed
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that's former chicago bears
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takes to be a member other u.s. army's elite parachute team the golden knights. >> he went skydiving. tillman is the son of an army sergeant. >> he took the leap to owner the armed forces. so doing a great thing and having a little fun, as well. look at that smile. >> very cool that he's honoring the armed forces i. don't think i could jump out of a plane. >> me either. but today's a pretty day to do it. yeah, it's a perfect day to do it. 87 as we head towards tomorrow i. want to point out tomorrow morning's low, though. 62degrees. the last time we were this cool, was actually in the middle of june. so it's been quite some time. that sunshine is around all week long. the pleasant temperatures really through about thursday. then the heat and humidity start to make a comeback. we'll be back into the low 90s for friday and upcoming weekend ahead. 86 today. we were 94 yesterday.
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>> that's
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this is judge mablean, because in everything we do, it involves the law. you can testify about what your heard, saw and what you know. >> she says -- >> i don't have a hearing problem. this earar is good. >> she's firm. >> i'm not responsible for that ticket and i'm not going to pay for it. >> i make that decision, not you. >> she's st >> this is justice with judge mablean. brandy wilson is suing fashion blogger jazzy simmons for $1600. she says poor reviews on the defendant's website soiled her reputation and ruined her business. she says it's the truth. >> i understand you're suing miss simmons for $1600 for


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