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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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buildings collapse and people buried. a massive -- and wake county deputies spent hours at the scene of a -- what we know about the victim. >> plus right now in the durham rescue m preparing for its huge back to school event. how volunteers will help get kids ready for a successful school year. >> hard to believe it's that time of year already. good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us. it's 4:30 a.m. >> good morning. a check on traffic. let's find out about the forecast. meteorologist alyssa good morning. >> good morning to you at home as well. as we do start off most of us on the clear side. the sunrises in about two hours
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plenty of sunshine. let's start off with those temperatures. right around 69 degrees in raleigh. 67 in wilmington. 62 in henderson. a cooler start for some many others will be right around 70 at 8 a.m. this morning. mainly sunny skies. 82 at lunchtime and 88 our afternoon high. ov we should be for this time of year. we drop back to 85. a very pleasant evening ahead. a few clouds and some showers over the next few days am look at those changes coming up. good morning. sounds like we're in store for a great day. no accidents to show you there. through durham. roads look just as good. all moving well and all the way
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morning . if you're traveling your flight should arrive on time. always a good idea to check with your carrier first though. i-40 at airport boulevard. a little blurry but there's not much to see out there. delay-free at the moment. expwhrnchts an early morning earthquake that shook central italy caused deaths blackouts. you can see the crews pull a woman out of the debris and a dog. cnn is reporting at least 21 people are killed. residents are bury and the town isn't here anymore. the elon university women's basketball has been playing for the past few days. their coach saying on social media there was an earthquake. we are safe and o.k.
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hotel shaking. the team plans to fight out of roam today. we'll continue to follow and update the story this morning. right here on cbs north carolina. also breaking news right now. crews in clayton are trying to figure out what caused a vehicle to catch fire. crews responded to cobblestone neighborhood around 3:00 this morning. to the people in that house got out safely. the red cross is there and helping them. >>es near zebulon. the call came out around 9:00 last night. the conditions are unknown and we don't know if any deputies have made any arrests. a drive-by shooting. a man was shot in the leg on fayetteville street around 8:45 last night. he's expected to be okay. >> right now raleigh police are trying to determine what a child's parents were not
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the 5-year-old is safe but they're still trying to sort out all of the details. the bus driver tried to drop her off. well right now hundreds of volunteers are planning a huge back to school event for needy families. thousands of students will get a good start to the new year. cbs north carolina reporter is live where it's all kicking off at the durham rescue mission. good morning, emma. >> the durham rescue mission does big events like this every year. this is one way they can kickoff back to school for a lot of families. they're giving away 3,000 backpacks and all is happening right here in the parking lot. it's a little dark now. things don't start until the sun comes up but stuffing over 3,000 backpacks here in the parking lot and patszing them out in kids in need.
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bit easier. things like clothes and shoes. they'll also be giving away groceries to any families who need it and be serving over 10,000 hot dogs. it's a thing they do every year. they say it's very popular with the community f. you are in need of some school supplies you can come out here. they do go frit quickly. things get underway around 7:00 this morning. we're going to continue to be reporting live in durham. cbs north carolina. . >> emma, thank you. we now know a discarded secret is to blame for a fire. it caused the fire. the family wasn't home at the time and neighbors stepped in to save the family dog. a man will spend decades in prison for killing four people 11 years. he sat in court handcuff.
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of second degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and armed robbery in connection to the 2005 case. is several relative had tears in their eyes. the center of one of the victims pled for peace. >> black men, we've got to stop killing each other. if we want to give respect, this is where it starts. >> duncan will spend between 36 and 44 years behind candidate will be back in north carolina today. he will attend a private event before he holds a rally. it's just outside of wilmington. more rain is expected today in parts of louisiana. already hit hard by deaf stating floods. president obama visited baton rouge yesterday. one of the hardest hit areas where the flood waters
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127 million in federal disaster relief. >> sometimes when these kind of things happened it can seem too much to bear but the people i want the -- you're not alone on this. even after the tv cameras leave. >> the president's visit comes after donald trump who tweeted out too little, too la alton sterling. time right now is 4:37 on your wednesday still ahead here on cbs north carolina a woman is in a chicago jail accused of killing her newborn. >> plus look at those big, beautiful eyes and that head full of hair. this little girl is quite the miracle. we'll share her story and why
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start off this wednesday morning are in the low 60s in roanoke rapids and louisburg. right around 6 # in tarboro. those details next. a detour you need to know about. gillespie street is closed until friday. what other detowrs are out
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it was a splendid morning walking out the door. >> nowhere near as hot and humid. >> but still warm. >> certainly. i could use just a little bit of rain. but let's go ahead and take a live picture outside. this is from the top of the hill restaurant. it's pretty quiet as we do start off our morning.
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free skies. we can see that now. first thing you notice there's no rain. the the second thing you notice there's just an isolated area or two that's seeing a few clouds. the minute of us are seeing clear skies this morning. as the sunrises right around 6:41 this morning. in the meantime we have 70 in rayford. the upper 60 nz clayton. we're also in the upper 60s at 69. seeing clear skies. seeing cooler 62 in henderson. you'll notice that sunshine is here from start to finish. 77 at 10 a.m. this morning. we're back to 82 at lunchtime and those temperatures continue to climb. we should make it to 88 this afternoon which is spot on for where we should be for this time of year. temperatures will continue to climb. we are back to # 0 on our thursday. 92 by friday.
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think a few showers. i'll have those details coming up in the complete storm-team forecast. >> 4:42 exactly. coming up next. >> she's a pioneer. she's definitely on to something here. for sure. >> a second grade teacher is taking a big stance when it comes to homework. she's not going to assign in. what he's hoping families will do at at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life.
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top stories right. now breaking news. at least 21 people are dead after a strong earthquake in central italy. >> the elon university women's basketball team has been playing in italy for the past few days but luckily they are safe. >> more rain is expected today in parts of louisiana. already hit hard by devastating floods. president obama toured effected areas for the first
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promising more help to thousands of people who lost their homes. at least 13 deaths have been attributed to the floods. >> remember vice presidential candidate mike peps will be back here in north carolina today. pence will attend a private event at a manufacturer in charlotte. that's just outside of wilmington am man will face a felony and voluntary manslaughter charge after he hit and killed a man. he ran over justin ad kins earlier after the accident but died at the hospital. >> next month a raleigh man is expected back in court accused of assaulting his 2-year-old daughter with a belt. he's in jail right now after a judge raised his bond to $100,000 both he and the little girl's mother facing felony child abuse charges. the charges stem from an incident back in june. an arrest warrant reveals the toddler had bruises all over.
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after his mother put him in a refrigerator. angela blackwell put the baby in the refrigerator and shut out door for three hours in february. they spent several hours investigating before charging her. the boy's grandfather is devastated. >> i've held him for two and a half hours. singing and humming just too hard. >> the grandfather does not believe blackwell hurt the baby. blackwell has another child. she could face life in prison. three people in san francisco are recovering after the cab crashed into a sidewalk. those two people and the driver are being treated. some schools in texas may be closed today because a power outage. 75,000 nearby customers lost
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making the rounds on social media for her stance on homework. brandi young believes a hands on-in class learning. she sent a letter homing saying she would not assign any homework. >> research has been unable to improve that homework you'ves performance. i ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are preufn to correlate with student success. >> instead of homework young so encouraging families to time together. the school district is behind the move as well. young says the a plan may not work for all just the younger ones. what do you think? good idea? >> i was just standing to here -- >> that's what you thought of it >> yeah. we would talk about current events and even in second grade. it was ford. president ford. >> i like the idea of encouraging people to eat dinner together and spend some
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there. high school and into college when i got home. >> certainly important part of the day. let get stared with our day. a live picture from our tower camera. there's a few cars out there. nothing though that's going to slow you down. it's still early on this wednesday morning. no rain for another day in a row. very quiet as we start off our morning. when the sunrises in about two hours or so a little less than two hours we a lot of clowr just like yesterday. beautiful sunrise ahead. 63 in roxboro. 66 right now in tur ram. also in the low 6 0z around sanford. siler city, good morning to you. mid-60 nz wilmington. upper 60s around fayetteville. hand down the warm spot at 70 degrees. i do expect a lot of us to be around 80. plenty of sunshine. 88 our afternoon high.
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spot on for where we should be. mid-80s as we head to 6:00 this evening. very pleasant conditions. heading our way. it's because this area of high pressure. the map hasn't changed a lot. still around for us. as we head towards friday that cold front is going to start to move in a little faster. a few clouds ahead of that. but that cold front is going to have the biggest impact on us and that's when we could see the chance again for showers and storms carolina. now in the meantime you'll start to notice the humidity say tomorrow and into friday. still though not quite as oppressive. we'll be in the muggy category. that's dewpoint temperatures right around 60 degrees starting off today. so here's a look at your future forecast. we are dry as we head through the lunch hour. we're dry as we head into the afternoon. plenty of sunshine from start to finish. overnight tonight those clear skies will be around
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nice little sunrise many maybe a cloud or two. we'll start to see those showers approaching the area and stay back to our west though. through roanoke, virginia, through the mountains fsm you're traveling west you may need that umbrella with you. high today of 88 in raleigh. 87 in durham and 90 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we'll drop into the mid-60s. clear skies, plshtd conditions. all hanging around for us. now as we head into the next few days those temperatures steadily climbing to 90 on 92 by friday afternoon. as we head into the upcoming weekend we're talking about that cold front. just a few isolated showers and storms for us. most of us should see drier weather. right around 90 degrees. the start of school for many folks happens next week. here in wake county i know you know that new school -- who's this going to
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there. some students are relocating and others are going to brand new schools. 10 through 12th graders will atepid class at the high school campus and that means about 2,000 students who will now be traveling -- will now be traveling along -- it's adjusted signal lights to ease congestion in the area. >> and we all feel like that these additions to the plan are going to be very helpful in making traffic can get into the area safely and with as little impact to our residents as possible. and in addition to that wake county has four new elementary schools. beaver dam and raleigh. pleasant grove el mep tear to cary and white oak in apex. in green maght elementary
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all elementary school bells ring at 9:15. it's a busy time next week. all of the details to get you through the first day of school. a check on traffic if you're heading through the raleigh area. still very quiet out there. up through durham. no delays to report to you. all the major highways, local roads moving well and same thing traveling through fayetteville. no issues on the 5. gillespie with closed starting at 8 a.m. until friday. this is all for some train track work going on in the area. 540 heading on u.s. 64 to glenwood avenue 18 minutes there. clayton bypass on 40 just 11 minutes. outside now at i-40. not too much going on out there. before we go to break, here's a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning.
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world's most
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my heart for policing and the community. that i truly do love. i've come to love this city. my wife and i both. and i hope we've left just some small improvement that folks will look back and say you know what? he did o.k.
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where they had a chance to take their questions and -- to local officials. en of focus was on the baseball stadium. licted officials say they will use the feedback moving forward. speaking of baseball field in fayetteville the baseball committee will meet begin at 5:00 this evening. members will discuss the master plan including how to finance the plan. last week city council approved a nonbinding agreement with the houston astros to bring in a farm te month old baby girl may finally be able to leave the hospital for the first time thanks to a life-saving transplant. >> she's been in the hospital since she was born. she's born with an underdeveloped heart. doctors said the only way was to have a transplant. after 145 days of waiting she received a heart transplant last week. her family hope it is will change her life. >> beautiful baby girl. i mean, she's a fighter.
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having to deal with her heart issues that she has. >> local communities have raised $52,000 in just three months. their goal is to reach 100,000 in total and you can't go without saying also -- some families loss is another family's gain unfortunately in some way. >> we are pulling for that baby girl. such a precious baby to look at. still ahead breaking news. a strong earthquake strikes south -- buildings collapse trapping people underneath. >> a lot developing right now. coming up we take a closer look at the destruction and what we're learning and the recovery efforts that are taking place right now. in the meantime a live look outside. a wonderful morning. it feels so god. you might need a light little long sleeve. >> no rain just yet.
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on your wednesday i'm stephen chase. >> good to see you. emma wright is live this morning in durham where volunteers are helping area kid prepare for big school year. >> we have allie taking a look at the morning commute before you head out this mornin has the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, guys. good morning to you at home as well. another pleasant start to our day. clear skies as we're looking at the satellite radar composite. they are very comfortable as well. let start off with though loaz latest updates. we're looking at 59 in south hill and roanoke rapids. 62 in henderson. raleigh has dropped.


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