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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we're also hearing fm a north carolina coach who felt the impact. >> whether we grow up knowing that we can't trust the police officers. >> local group is calling for chan w what they are now demanding and how police are reacting >> . durham families lining up for some much-needed back to school assistance. we are live at the big giveaway right now on cbs north carolina. yep, the start of school almost here. >> it's such a great thing to see right. there good morning, everybody. thanks for watching north carolina news. we're going to get to your big stories in just a moment. first we're going to find out about the forecast. storm team meteorologist is here. good morning.
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in a row. the humidity is going to stay low. plenty of sunshine as well. 65 degrees right now. the official sunrise 40 minutes away from right now and we're starting to see some skies turn a little brighter this morning as we do we can clearly see that we are cloud free in the raleigh area. if you don't believe that picture. look at this. yeah a few clouds. those are drifted out of our area right now. so let's get temperatures. 60 right now in henderson. 64 in durham. low 60s around roxboro, siler city. also towards clinton as well this morning. so here's a look at your forecast throughout the day. it's going be very comfortable as you head out early. 70 at 8 a.m. we make it to 88 for an
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should be. mid-80s for that evening drive home. right around the corner. i'll let you know when they arrive in your neighborhood coming up. right now though, let's send to it allie. >> good morning. it's a nice one to be out there on the roads through raleigh, cary, apex, nightdale. delay-free as well. all of the major highways throughout our area really haven't had any accidents out there. you're able to go to the speed limit. a ok on u.s. 1. 14 minutes there. which is pretty average and north carolina 55 to i-40. 6 minutes there. i-40 to downtown about 3. so out the door not too much to worry about. a live look at i-540 where things are moving pretty well at 6:02. >> thanks a lot. we are continuing to follow breaking news in italy where 37 people are now said to
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strong earthquake. >> the 6.2 quake hit the central part of the country late last night. they could be felt in rome. >> among those who fell the impact and the aftershocks were charlotte smith. she's the women's basketball coach at elon university. it lasted for o 30 second i wept down to the lobby and a lot of people waiting there then and earthquake happened 30 minutes later. smith later tweeted that the team is safe though and they are still on schedule to return back here to north carolina later today. the beau bergdahl case will continue at fort bragg. last fall john mccain said he would hold a hearing in the army sergeant wasn't punished during the trial.
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those comments could have an impact as mccain is the chair of the armed services committee. the prrks quickly said no saying that mccain is not part of the relevant chain of command in this situation. >> some people in raleigh say they are frustrated by stt i response to their concerns about the police. members of the task force have met with city leaders several times in recent months. intervention training. >> all right. it's back to school for kids in halifax. if you're out there way maybe give yourself a little extra time on the roads this morning. don't forget, we want to see your family's back to school photos. share them with us. e-mail them to us at sendit@wncn
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thousands of backpacks are being filled. >> family members are making sure they don't miss out. emma wright is live from the durham rescue mission where it's all taking place. this is a very big operation. >> it really is. and all morning long we've been talking a bility the 3,000 backpacks that are filled with school supplies and given away to kids. thir giving away that's more important for kids to get a good start and that's food. folks here are filling backs with groceries so that kids can get a good healthy meal to start the school year out. this is something that they do every year along with the backpack giveaway program. we are here with rob tart. she's the chief operating officer. tell me, along with the backpacks, how important is the food and how appreciated is
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to massively high. very quickly. and there's a lot of people that are really, really struggling and we just want to do what we can to help. give them a little bit of tbroash ris and some clothing and give the backpacks away and we're already -- really prepared and ready for whoever shows up. hope they come and have a great time. >> if you're watching this right maybe you can easy a -- send your child back to school. what do you need to do? >> just show up. we're going to start here as we feel like we'll be rolling by 9:00. we'll be rolling. just come on down. there's already people showing up. they've been lining up since 4:00. come early. >> all right. thank you. again, the durham rescue mission here off of alston avenue of the the back to school giveaway. we'll continue to be here and bring you another update.
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their parents who are coming out. so good stuff. >> fantastic to see that. what a great community. new concerns an the zika virus not just in florida but around the south. where experts are now predicting it will spread. >> putting out a call for witnesses to shooting that left a charlotte man dead and also put a trooper on paid leave. what we've learned about the history. are very comfortable. take a look at this. 62 right now in sanford. 64 in siler city and orange county through chapel hill. more on how long they last
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what a beautiful picture outside. >> it's gorgeous. >> it's pleasant for any outdoor activity. a lot of people are spending the week outside. good timing because it's the last week of summer for many students. many people and students heading back to school next week. but right now, it is 65 degrees and look at this. the early morning start to our sunrise. really looking nice here in central north carolina. we're seeing those clear skies on our earlier. that has since moved out of the area no. rain across central north carolina or across the majority of the state for that matter. so let's get to those temperatures. 60 in henderson. we have a low 60s around clayton and rocky mount. goldsboro good morning to you. you're at 61. mid-60s continue around clinton, fayetteville and even into wilmington this morning. now there are still plenty of school on the
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82 at lunchtime and 88 our amp high. sunny scns. very pleasant as that humidity stays low. but let me tell you, things are about to change. not so bad. 92 on friday. the humidity back in the forecast. chance for a few showers and storm over the weekend ahead. more detail on the next seven days in just a little bit. >> thanks. the state bureau of investigations looking for anyone who may have witnessed the chase that ended with a has made headlines. investigators say the chart man was speeding when he led troopers on the 7 mile chase. what happened after that has only been described as an encounter who led to harris being shot and killed. police records showed he had private traffic offenses. >> investigators sate man accused of stabbing two people at a virginia apartment complex had recently traveled to germany and turkey and may have trieded
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warrants sea -- hearing voices and that he left his home to clear his head. soon after he allegedly attack two people nearby. the fbi is pg called in to investigate. can time check for you. it's 6:12. still ahead mike pence continues to fend off questions about his running mate's immigration plan. what he is and isn't saying along with the preview of his visits to north carolina to ??
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the piedmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ] run! ?? ? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? to make the good life ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? it's ours to preserve... because we're only borrowing it from our children. ??
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colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing. colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen. during an interview with cbs news the vice presidential nominee was asked to elaborate on his policy. for the most part pence dodged specifics and said it would be more clear with time. >> use the word people -- >> people who -- >> is that your understand sng people who -- got to leave immediately. >> got leave immediately.
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congress. >> pence said he plans to release his tax returns soon but couldn't say whether trump will do the same before the election. as for his visit today, pence has a couple of stops planned. he'll have a private event at a charlotte manufacturer. an investigation found that dozen of people who spoke with then secretary of state gave to hour foundation. at least 84 of the 154 op donated to the clinton foundation or pledged commitments those meetings do not appear to -- only intensify the claims that clinton ran a pay for play operation. >> it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. >> clinton campaign called it flawed and they left several meetings out and only covered part of her
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come down to a single unidentified person. eight victims testified against the penn state assistant coach. only one described as victim # did not. they don't believe he's the person of being sexually abused. attorneys for sandusky have disagreed. >> what we're saying is the sexual assaults sandusky did not o during. >> counsel -- i forget his name. alleges that this victim number 2 and frankly no reasonable person knowing what i know could believe that. been unreachable by the prrks and defense since taking a payout. it remain unclear when the judge could rule on his appeal. >> five new nontravel related
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the state's govern is not declaring that as a new zika zone testimony would be the third area where it's been transmitted here in the u.s. meanwhile a new projection purts the number of locally transmitted cases at nearly 400 by the end of the summer. those experts also anticipate the virus to be transmitted in a hand full of other states whoo cause for precaution the study expects a number overall cases to be reasonably low. >> the good news first. california's historic hurst castle is safe for the moment. now for the bad news. nearly 2,000 other buildings still in danger. the chimney fire has left 45 home and 20 other structures in ruin. at least one firefighter has been injured in the effort. as of right now it's only 35 pk contained. meanwhile a wild fire burning
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than 13,000 acres there. many of the areas -- many that area returned home yesterday happy to have survived but left with little other comfort. >> everything that i own except for what i have on is gone. >> many are stepping to to provide clothes and shelter. i covered many fires in that part of washington and it really, really is tough to contain. >> even in california. flying into california were landing you could smell the smoke inside the plane. the pilot had to tell everyone what was happening >> . certainly thinking of all of those folks. let's turn our sights to our forecast. we're going to be on the dry side through the rest of the workweek. we don't have a chance for rain until the upcoming weekend. it's 65 degrees. this is a live picture from the raleigh durham international airport. yes, we're still a little bit away from the official
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kind of glowing. that time of the morning. time to get the someday started. let's talk about the temperatures. 64 in durham. 62 in roxboro. the low 6 0z around siler city. you're both at 66. clayn is at 63 d hill you've actually dropped another degree to 58 this morning. so hour by hour for you. i think the majority of us will be close to 70. we climb to 77 by 10 a.m. low 80s at lunchtime. still ideal if you want to take it outdoors. we'll take it to 88 this afternoon and back to 85 by 6:00. maybe your spending the afternoon outside. remember the sun block as well. high pressure remains in contl of our forecast today. and tomorrow. and then just as anticipated
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making our way for the next cold front. that's going to bring the small chance for a shower or storm as we head into the upcoming weekend. we should stay dry though. plenty of sunshine through lunchtime today. those sunny skies continue for the-esque -esque evening drive home. tomorrow morning on the cooler side. and on the clearer side. maybe a few clouds redeveloping by on the traffic. it is still a tropical storm but could strengthen into a hurricane and maintain hurricane status as we had through the rest of the workweek and approach the upcoming weekend. saturday is expected to make a more northerly turn. upper 80s in raleigh and durham. near 90 in fayetteville. we should fall to near 65.
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i'm sure your ac units are appreciating this break. 90 then tomorrow. going to feel that heat and humidity on friday. low 90s continue for us over the upcoming weekend. a small chance both saturday and sunday. 6:21 right now on your wednesday morning. let's turn it over to allie. >> we did have the first crash of the morning reported on 440 right by new we'll keep you post on that. travel looks pretty good. 85 durham freeway. 95 through fayetteville in the local road have been crash free all morning long. drive times if you're heading south on u.s. 1 from i-540 to downtown starting to slow down to about 18 minutes now. 4 minutes from 540 to u.s. 401. same thing from 401 to 440.
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ii-540. outside to i-540 at hillsborough street. >> thanks a lot. former duke start brandon engram is big time. louisiana isn't saying exactly how much he's going to get paid but they expect it to be worth $24 million over four seasons. not bad. >> not bad many and the texas rangers have re josh hamilton. the athens drive alumbar and baseball -- hasn't really been himself in the past couple of years. one silver lining is not to mention his agent and his contract calls for him to get paid for next season whether he plays or not. it amounts to $26 million. >> that should payer for the copays of that surgery, wouldn't you think? >> probably. >> i would say so.
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they don't understand the problem that they're trying to fix. >> plus we're continuing to follow breaking news in italy where the death toll is only expected to rise after a powerful earthquake.
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z23aoz zi0z
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y23aoy yi0y appeared in hit films like the firm. he was 94 years old. >> the out rage over the rising cost of epipens has hit wal-mart wall street. a new study reveals those early career struggles can have an impact on your health. cbs joel wagner joins us live from the floor to
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shares fell for -- who are angered by soaring drug prices. the cost of that life-saving drug allergy medicine has jump 50%. they want to know what. hulu will no longer a free version. they're shifting to ad-free subscription only which puts it more in line with netflix. so jill, it's never too late to change career paths; right? the job you have in your early adult life is really important. how so? >> reporter: so new research from ohio state university shows that 20 and 30- somethings who are unhappy make experience mental health impacts by the time they reach their 40s. and mental health issues include everything from depression to sleep problems and excessive worrying.
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folks too. [ laughter ] >> ut oh. >> it's important to like you job. >> yeah. >> i guess no matter what age, right? >> a very good point . >> absolutely. no question about it. 6:27 right now. the situation in italy is only growing more dire by the minute. we'll have another report on the search for survivors of this devastating earthquake. that's in our next half hour. >> before you head out the door we've got a look at your forecast. take a look outside though. a rather nice and pretty start to the day on your
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this morning we are continuing to follow breaking news in italy where an earthquake has reduced building to rubble. dozens of people dead. >> yeah. we'll have the full report on that story?
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outside right now. >> look at this sunrise. it's beautiful. nice pink sky as we get the day started. still about 10 minutes away. watch for those images to continue to increase with color and splendor. we have two areas still in the 50s. and that is south hill and roanoke rapids. both in the up upper 50s. 65 mid-50s in wilmington. 65 as we start off in clinton. so let's get straight to your forecast for the day ahead. wall to wall sunshine. 70 pretty comfortable for that morning commute as we head towards lunchtime. 82. remember the humidity stays low. if you want to take that lunch outdoors it will be a prime opportunity to do so. we make it to 88 later today. which is actually normal for this time of year. we drop back to 85 as we head
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we'll stay dry today but there are rain chances in your seven-day forecast. i'll let you know when they arrive in ten minutes. let's check in with allie. what's the latest on the roadways? >> it's going be a beautiful day. we've got a live picture here of i-40 at airport boulevard. you can see these two cars here. that is a crash so it's really not causing any major delays. you're going to see that it is showing up -- it is causing some moderate delays too much. let take you to our drive time. west to rtp on 540. about 23 minutes on 40 to garner u.s. 70. 540 -- about 15. another look outside right now. durham freeway. it is starting to get busy in durham. we'll see you again with your traffic update in just a few minutes. >> thanks, allie. >> a desperate search for survivors is now underway
6:32 am
killed 37 people. >> that number only expected to rise overt next few hours. it struck the central section of the country around 3:30 this morning. most of us would be. survivors described using pillows as their only shield from the ceilings caving in. the elon university basketball team team is in italy right now. their coach says they are safe but described feeling the quake even though they're a hundred miles away. >> a crime investigation on nccu's campus. a robbery was reported on east lawson street just after midnight. campus police have not released a whole lot of information. we do have called into the school and the police department to find out more for you. we'll bring you the new details as soon as we learn them. bond has been set and raised.
6:33 am
jar d. both face felony child abuse charges. bond was raised. the little girl is out of the hospital and staying with other relatives. >> a man will spend at least the next three decades behind before bars. four counts of second-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and armed robbery in connection to 36 to 44 years in prison. >> of a three decades in law enforcement fayetteville police chief is getting ready to call it a career. he announced yesterday that he plans to retire at the end of the year. he serve as the police chief for the last four years and told krb north carolina he hopes the city knows how committed he has been to serving it. i hope they remember my heart for this city.
6:34 am
come to love this city. my wife and i both. i hope we've left just some small improvement that folks will look back and say you know what? he did o.k. >> fayetteville city manager says they will put together a recruitment strategy. a big job there. some quick clarification. we told you halifax would be -- our calendar is off. the right way thanks to a local group. that's hard at work. cbs north carolina has been out at the rescue mission all morning long. emma, huge operation going on here. walk us through how they're making this operation all come together. >> well, it takes a lot of volunteer hours and they start weeks in advance but all morning long we've been talking to you about the 3,000 backpacks the durham rescue mission is giving
6:35 am
this year but this is where the magic happens if you will. this is where all of those backpacks are being put together. you can see there's still a pile here. this is what they've already accomplished this morning. they've been working since 5:00 this morning. they have the good number of backpacks ready to go but they still have a lot of work to do when kids show up here to the rescue mission. this is what they're going to if i could pick one. all of your classic school schie supplies. volunteers have been packing these book bags with all of the school splice supplies all morning. around 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. there's already a few people outside wanting to get, you know, the best backpack that they can possibly get. if you're watching this right
6:36 am
they're also giving away some clothes and some food. you can just show up here to the rescue mission. they say everyone who's sending their schools back to school is welcome. reporting live in durham. i'm emma wright. >> thanks to all of the volunteers and those donated. we want to say thank you to them. >> really, really terrific. so fun. >> time check for you on your wednesday morning. it's 6:36. still ahead, president obama says the u.s. will remain committed to louisiana. >> sometimes once the flood waters pass, people's attention spans pass. >> his message to those who lost everything due to the flooding and what he has to say to critics who say he should have visited sooner. >> ryan locke lochte -- one what investigation turned up about brazilian police when he
6:37 am
for the door. mid-60s in clinton. 63 in johnston county. more on your forecast when the 90s will return and when you may also need [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our whole eternity has been changed. sweet sun ripened strawberries. no artificial flavors. philadelphia? strawberry. rich..., creamy... ...and delicious. nothing else tastes like philadelphia?
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there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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we all know what august could bring in central north carolina. today we're starting off pretty comfortable for our third day in a row now. it's wednesday. here's a live picture from our tower camera as we look out live over raleigh and over north raleigh.
6:40 am
crossing the horizon right on time as we do start off our dayment if you're getting ready this sun glare is going to be bright. just a included or two out there. you'll certainly need sunglasses. as far as your drive time forecast is concerned we should be close to 68 at 7 a.m. and then 74 by 9:00 this morning. last week by 9 a.m. we were well into the 80s. this is a big change for us. and one that i want you to enjoy every minute of. as humidity will eventually make a comeback. in the meantime, it's 64 in durham. 62 in stanford. mid-60s in -- you started off at 70. you're at 67. as you're making plans for your day. wall to wall sunshine. 88 our afternoon high. still holding on to the mid- 80s. if you're spending time outside remember the sun block as well.
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well people across the triangle are rallying around a garner family. she's been in the hospital since she was born with an underdeveloped heart. after 145 days of waiting she's received the hard transplant needed for her to survive. they hope it will change her life. why some say
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one student applauded the school for trying to change the culture but blaming it on booze is a big part of the take the emphasis off of personal -- diminishing the responsibility of people who do terrible things while they're drunk. >> the rules still allow for individuals students over the age of 21 to keep liquor in the dorms but only in certain bottle sizes. stanford believes that since buying liquor in bulk quantities is cheaper the
6:45 am
>> there's no doubt he exaggerate ed what went down. the other side wasn't telling the full story either. they vandalized a bathroom before they were confronted. there is not one shred of evidence that poin s to the swimmers going near the restrooms. the evidence actually backs up lochte's later claims that he believed he was being robbed when armed men to louisiana to promise continuing support and helping flood victims rebuild their lives. >> sometimes once the flood waters pass, people's attention spans pass. this is not a one off. this is not a photo op issue. this is how do you make sure that a month from now, three months from now, six months from now people still have getting the help
6:46 am
criticize wide some republicans for not cutting his vacation short and visiting vkds earlier. president obama said he came away with a notion that politics weren't their main concern right now. >> i guarantee you, nobody on this block, none of those first responders, nobody gives a hoot whether you're a democrat or republican. what they care about is making sure they're getting the dry wall out and the carpet out and not applying for federal assistance has now climbed past 115,000. if you would like to help out you can text the word red cross for a $10 donation. it's very easy to do. >> it is. it's hard to put your head around 110,000 people. >> that's a lot of people. certainly now that they're seeing the drier conditions hopefully they can get those things -- >> it's all about that.
6:47 am
out. >> there's a lot of work ahead for them. >> certainly. let's get to our forecast. we have lots of sunshine in our forecast. and that sunshine is already up. it is 65 degrees right now. some a beautiful shot from our tower camera. not a lot going on out for our forecast. it's going to be a very tranquil day ahead. that's thanks to some high pressure. in the meantime those clear skies paving the way for a cool start today. south hill and roan oak roanoke rapids. roxboro at 62. durham good morning. 64 there. 66 around wilmington and in fayetteville. rayford down to 67 degrees after starting the morning right around 70. most of lus be close to 70 by 8 a.m. 77 at 10 a.m. 82 at lunchtime. maybe you want to take the lunch outdoors. maybe a quick run in. the weather will be cooperating nicely. low humidity. temperatures not too hot just
6:48 am
for seasonal for this time of year. now we had mentioned high pressure. it will start to shift off to our east as we head towards friday. and that's kind of opening the door if this cold front to come through. that cold front will bring us the small chance for a few showers or storms but not until the upcoming weekend. humidity will start to climb for us. today, still going to be pretty comfortable. that's dewpoint temperatures arou they climb through the mid-60s tomorrow and into the upper 60s. by friday some more moisture in the air. going to be muggy for you. your future forecast. dry this morning. dry through lunchtime. wall to wall sunshine continues into the afternoon. and then overnight tonight those clear skies hang around. by tomorrow morning, we're going to be in a similar spot to where we are right now. 60s here in the morning. very clear. very comfortable for those morning drives. so let's go ahead and talk
6:49 am
an active week so far. about a 50% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone. after that, as it encounters some warmer water and then, of course, we have tropical storm gaston. it will take a more northerly turn t. does not threaten land at this point in time. high of 88 today in raleigh. 87 in durham. 90 another pleasant one for us. # 0 thursday. 92 friday. heading into the upcoming weekend those low 90s are still around. small chances for showers and storms will develop for the afternoon hours. 6:49 right now. let me send it over to allie. >> one crash out. there and it's a minor fender bender. right to it though.
6:50 am
stoplight but no major delays. just a fender bender there. heading up through durham. nothing to complain about there. we're off to a great start for a wednesday morning. not too much affecting your commute. in you're taking 540 from u.s. 64 to r it, p about 23 minutes there. at longer from your longest stretch is the durham freeway. let take you outside now to i- 40. at airport boulevard. where it is starting to get extremely crowded out there. well for many wake county students new school year will mean new roots as well. 10 through 12th graders will attend class at the brand new south garner high school campus. that's about 2,000 students will now be traveling.
6:51 am
by adjusts signal lights and added lanes at intersections. >> and we all feel like that these additions to the plan are going to be very helpful in making sure that traffic can get into the area safely. and with as little impact our residents in the area as possible. >> another reminder for you before the bell rings next week wake county has four new elementary schools. green maght return to their six forks road campus and brooks maght campus will be at a modular campus on spring forest road. going to be very busy and we'll be here for you. >> big changes. >> i was at the new white oak school yesterday. it's really fantastic. lots of boxes to still unpack. >> they can't wait. >> nothing like a brand new school. >> yeah. >> nothing like it. 6:51. almost 6:52. we'll be right back with another update on the
6:52 am
people dead. >> the cbs -- we're going to check in with them to see what they're working on as well. >> staying on the major breaking news. the italian earthquake that killed dozen. the man who became infamous for raising drug prices. the huge hike in the cost of epipen. the news, it's back in the morning. we'll see you back
6:53 am
?? ??
6:54 am
it could be felt 100 miles away in rome. rescuers continue to dig through ton and tons of rubble in search for survivors. others are focused on clearing the roads and making
6:55 am
communities. you can look for another update at 7:00 on cbs this morning. we're following more breaking news from overnight in clayton. a fire broke out around 3:00 this morning at a home in the cobblestone subdivision. a car caught fire. the flames then spread to the home. a pregnant woman and her young son were inside but managed to make it out safely. we're told the red cross is helping them find a place to sty. we first brought you this story at 11:00. deputies tell us a man was shot near zeb lab zebulon. and just minutes before that shooting a similar crime happen on fayetteville street in durham. police tell us a man was shot in the leg. he's expected to be o.k. no arrests have been announced. republican vice presidential candidate will be
6:56 am
carolina today. he plans to attend a private event before a rally at a plant just outside of wilmington. right now volunteers are hard at work to make sure local kids have everything they need to start the school year. >> cbs's emma wright has been there all morning. tell us what's going on there. >> they've got quite a line for folks waiting to get the backpacks. this line started around 4 a.m. and now it's pr people long. it stretches down the block here. they're giving away over 3,000 back backpacks. they're also giving away some clothes and some groceries for anyone who may need it. just by talking to some folks real quickly they say that the cost of the school supplies and getting them for free really is a big help with their back to school budget. they're looking forward to. the kids are very excited.
6:57 am
too, all you need to do is come down to the rescue mission is off of austin avenue in durham. reporting live in durham. i'm emma wright. cbs north carolina. >> sending kids back with everything they need. >> i'm blown away by that line already. >> only been there for a few hours. >> lots of folks need the help. >> let's talk about the weather. look at this sunrise. it's gorgeous. this is the view from the top of the hill restaurant in chapel so make sure you take the sunglasses. 67 in fayetteville. 64 in durham. upper 50s in south hill. a high today of 88. that's near normal for this time of year. >> taking you outside to the clayton bypass. we have some nice weather as you're sitting in that traffic on u.s. 70. delays there only one minor crash this morning. hasn't been too bad of a commute for this morning.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, august 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a are. italy overnight. a mayor says his town isn't here any more. >> how donors had access to hillary clinton's foundation while she was secretary of state. and donald trump's running mate asks for a clear of their deportation plans. a remarkable boy after a hand transplant. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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