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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  August 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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counts of child abuse. raleigh police said they discovered the situation when a bus driver tried to drop off her fourth child, a 5-year-old boy. >> pick their child up from the bus stop. >> reporter: bus drivers are trained not to let the student off unless the parent and this driver didn't. staff tried to locate the mother. >> a lot of things happen to parents. what's most important to us is the child is in the care of a responsible adult. we make sure to do that. >> reporter: they called police when it got to be almost 7p officers went to the home and investigators found a baby and other young children but no adult. they arrested flores-lechuga at
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few parents every year who don't pick up their children. >> safety is the number one concern. parents are responsible for making sure their child is at the bus stop when their child is discharged. >> reporter: police told me this afternoon that other relatives as well as the department of child services are currently taking care of the children. a crime alert tonight in durham. police are lng who made their way inside of a residence all inside nccu campus and robbed the students at gunpoint. one of the big questions is how did they get inside. derrick lewis has details. derrick? >> reporter: i want to show you something. every door to this building is locked from the outside but somehow those two men made
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fifth floor. to get inside on north carolina central university's campus you must have a key card but just after midnight wednesday two armed thieves got inside and stole several personal items. >> it's crazy how stuff happens inside your building. >> reporter: he was awake when the robbery happened. >> somebody had had to let them in. if they were already in the building, then they must live he can be seen outside some of the expch -- exits. if there's no footage of the thieves, students believe somebody saw something. >> you have to pass by the ra's at the desk. i mean, if somebody stole from here, they had to plan it. >> reporter: police are still work og top answer questions about the details. for some residents it's clear.
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hard to get in if you're not a resident. >> reporter: police have not said whether the two men are residents. the question is how to keep students safe. i'm derrick lewis. breaking news of an attack on the american university of afghanistan. the university is located in kabul. right now security forces are still combing the campus search of attackers. an associated press press photographer said he heard an explosion. the students barricaded themselves inside the classroom. it's not clear if there was one or two attackers. rescuers are scrambling to pull survivors from the rubble
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for signs of life. >> reporter: the powerful quake flattened the area. rescue teams and volunteers are digging through mountains of debris where homes once stood. emergency workers tried to calm a woman. the earthquake hit just after 3:30 a.m. while many people were sleeping. so far there have been dozens of powerful aftershocks. some residents said the military response has been slow. in illica, large slabs of concrete fell crushing people and cars.
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the destruction. rescuers pulled a man and a young woman from the rubble alive. but as night falls, it's a race against time to save more lives. members of the elon -- elon women's basketball team were planning to leave today for a return flight home when the earth started to shake. we spoke to the head coach a >> you could actually feel the entire hotel shaking and the room moving and the beds rolling. initially i thought -- i was a little delusional but once reality set in, i realized it was an qurgt-- earthquake. >> luckily, no one on the team was hurt.
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in front of a grand jury on kneeingly jept child abuse-- kneeing glip gent child abuse charges. deputies and paramedics said the child suffered from multiple medical issues. later it was determined he was neglected. social workers took custody of three other children. the durham county sheriff's office -- will turn in the two men in this surveillance video who broke into a home on kemp drive in durham. no word on what was taken but as you can see, the homeowner had cameras inside and outside. call the sheriff's office if you recognize these men. a mayor from beaufort county is under investigation accused of paying for vote.
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office complained about violations to election laws. o'neill denied wrong doing and believes this is another ploy by antihospital people in the town. the beaufort county could file charges. mike pence made stops in north carolina today. the indiana governor started his day in the queen city at the charlotte pipe and foundry aisle for the lack of manufacturing. he said he and donald trump would work hard to keep u.s. jobs. the vp hopeful also visited knee and. quick work helped rescue a woman and her son from a burning home. the woman did not realize the house was on fire at first. steve? >> reporter: take a look at
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you can see it's gutted. stock market the house was destroyed. when you look at the home video, you'll be stunned that inbound was able to get out of that house unharmed. a home completely engiewstled i just saw flames everywhere. >> reporter: neighbor princess jefferies wasn't the only one to run toward that burning home. several others tried to a ablaze. >> she thought someone was breaking into the house and she called 911 and 911 said someone just called saying her house was on fire. >> reporter: karla moser awakened her 8-year-old son joel and tried to round up the family's four dogs. that's when the neighbors made their move. >> they rushed in to help her and her son.
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believe an outside outlet malfunctioned by the garage which caught the v in the driveway on fire. that in turn, set the house ablaze. neighbors worried about karla. >> she was very calm. she was in shock but very, very brave and held it together for her son. she is blessed that everyone got out okay. >> reporter: but the family did lose everything. however, neighbors in this can. coming up at 6, we'll tell you what they're doing to aid the family. a homeless woman received a big pay back. >> i can't imagine how to handle $100,000. >> coming up, why the government owed her so much money and how she plans to use it. >> we're getting closer and
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we have one tropical system. when is that going to change. and what one of the olympic swimmers caught up in trouble
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police in chicago are questioning a person of interest in an arson. the children were 4 and 6. police believe the fire was deliberately set after a dispute. about 200 firefighters were needed to put out the fire at the three story building. the father of the 19-year- old florida man accused of randomly killing a couple and pieting the -- biting the face,
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harrouff's worsening condition and believes he may have injected chemicals from the victim's garage. tonight we're learning more about the rising cost of the pippen, the life -- epipen, the lifesaving drug. lawmakers are pressing the drug and now martin shkreli is defending the increase even though he has no connection to the company or the drug. >> i think important medicine should be expensive because they're valuable. >> reporter: the former pharmaceutical chief martin shkreli raised the price of a
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>> reporter: for a two pack in 2009 to $600 this year. >> everyone can understand in a free market dollars rule. these are lifesaving drugs. people don't have a choice. >> that's up to insurance to pay for them. it's $300 a pen. my iphone is $700. >> reporter: it 70% of -- >> dave her a cashew. her whole throat closed up. >> reporter: senator amy klobuchar first learned her daughter needed an epipen when she was four. >> i still remember that panicked drive to the really in grand marais, minnesota.
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the laws. >> to do that to a parent. that cost $100 and now it costs $600, that just can't happen. >> reporter: mylan said the price has changed to better reflect product features adding we've made a significant invest not support the device. >> nnection. mylan offers coupons but families with no insurance or high de ductables are still paying hundreds of dollars. the drug company's ceo total compensation is up 600% over the past decade. nearly 90,000 ford cars are
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the company is not aware of problems. car dealerships will do the repairs for free. one of the children of kate plus 8 will receive therapy. she said her son collin is in a program to help him reach his full potential. she said he has special needs. a few years ago she publicly discussed how collin was husband jon. one more "i'm sorry" from the olympic swim are caught up in the robbery. james feigen said he owe meted facts -- omitted facts. he said a gun was pointed at them. feigen was a swimmer who had to pay a near $11,000 fine to get
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a washington, d.c. woman is celebrating a happy anding to a story that be-- ending to a story that began about 20 years ago. she lived on the streets while trying to get government to pay her the social security she was owed. she had an attorney help her get the money. she says she plans to doctor and help with problems from her living outdoors. it was 64 degrees. that is the coolest morning we're going to have all week and going forward as well. we'll start to warm things up as humidity makes a return. by tomorrow morning, thursday morning it will be 65 so not a big difference there. i think you'll notice it friday morning when it's 70 or saturday morning when it's in the low 70s.
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day in a row with temperatures in the 80s. that includes the triangle. as you can see right now, still no rain on the radar with temperatures general lill in the mid--- generally in the mid- 80s. below normal that humidity level. although it did crop up today, the last knew days it was in the mid to upper 50s. it jumped up to 60 today and it's going to go up a little a of the week. that's why your overnight lows won't be as cool and comfortable. 78 by 8:00 with a few clouds. we'll keep it dry tonight as we go hour by hour. by 10:00 we're down to 77, jumping to 74. upper 60s and you're out the door with temperatures around 65. high pressures firmly in control up and down the east
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rain to speak about but we do have changes as we head into the weekend. let's take a look at the weather map. that high pressure slowly starting to slide east, so that's going to turn our winds to the south. we're going to continue to raise those temperatures as we'll move back into the low 90s. then on saturday we expect that to be our hottest day which is 93, 94, maybe an isolated we've been watching this. up until yesterday this looked like if wasn't going to make it through. that has changed. the front now looks like this will dip down into north carolina a little bit but it mr. fall apart -- will fall apart, meaning it will be hard it find rain. technically it will be cooler on sunday but not a lot cooler.
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is wednesday. we still have tropical storm gaston. it remains well out in the atlantic and we still do not have tropical storm hermine. today is the day we thought we would have an idea of where it would go. the hurricane hunter aircraft that closed level of circulation. it still looks a little ragged. despite all of that, the national hurricane center says there's an 80% chance of developing. so i want to revisit the computer model. remember, the two things, we're watching, the trends and where is the cluster going. they are still staying north of
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to the bahamas over the weekend. that's telling us there's uncertainty. part of the reason we have that is there's no circulation. right now there are meandering thunderstorms. that's why the computer models and forecasters have uncertainty. no immediate threat for the east coast. bad news 90s are tomorrow. 90 in the triangle. 92 friday. 93 on saturday. we'll stay in the low 90s as we head into next week. that cold front cools us down takes truss 93 into 90 saturday and sunday. so tomorrow morning another comfortable morning but after that i'm not going to be able to use the word comfortable friday into next week. it was fun while i got to say
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thank you, wes. >> we'll take what we can get. a party with a purpose. how some school kids in durham
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welcome. it's me! the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc. it's extra crispy good. some children who need extra help to go back to school received supplies. inside each bag were school supplies. the organization also gave away clothes, food and toys for the
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every year. parents we spoke with said it's not something they could afford without the help. >> no. so it's been very helpful. >> it takes a lot of help. we have a small staff. to pull off an event like this it takes tons of volunteers and many, many hours to get the backpacks together, the food, the clothing. >> we did say it was there is a new place to get breakfast. the bagel bar opened next door to the bodega market. they served up bagels from 7:00 to 3:00 daily. the bagel bar -- homemade cream cheese.
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>> there are so many spins you can think of. >> well, ahead a judge weighs in on a lawsuit complaining about how much ice is in a starbucks drink. >> at 5:30, steve porter seems >> at 5:30, steve porter seems to enjoy the look i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, ts and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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she's one of the wealthiest women in politics.
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protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. too much cheddar? that's a problem for dairy farmers. cheese surplus is at a 30-year high. as a result dairy farmers are seeing their revenue drop. the government said it will step in and buy excess cheese and give it to food banks and
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a california judge is throwing out a lawsuit against the company saying the coffee giant put too much ice in the cold drinks which means he got less coffee than he made for but a judge said a reasonable consumer should know when they order an ice drink that some of this will be ice. all right. take a look. that is not a mars rover. it's a mostal robot. they will be testing them in washington, d.c. this fall. sidewalks and designed to avoid obstacles, including pedestrians, animals and cars. during the testing they will deliver dummy packages but the plan is to have them deliver food and medicine. they will be tested in germany, britain and switzerland. a growing vofers in chapel
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>> and when the military expects to retake the terror group's last stronghold. cbs north carolina is still following breaking news from afghanistan. at least one person is dead and dozens hurt after the attack at the american university of afghanistan. they are searching for attackers right now. witnesses said they heard least one explosion. forced into prostitution and the person accused of the crime is only 23. the case shine as bright light on the hidden world of human trafficking. cbs north carolina michael hiland has more on the -- hyland has more on the scope of the problem. michael? >> reporter: this case today
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a man cumberland deputies said promoted the prostitution of four women. we talked to someone who works with the victims to find out why it's so common. the latest in a series of people accused of human trafficking. police arrested her saying she forced a 17-year-old into prostitution and profited from it. >> human trafficking is a very dark but id of the nonprofit five sparrows. his organization works with victims of human trafficking. he says he's already seen 30 this year. >> over the last 30 years we as the city and the county put more emphasis on it. >> reporter: last week they arrested a man at the oasis spa saying he forced the
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shania davis was killed several years ago when her mother sold her off to pay a drug debt. fayetteville's mayor said the city began to more aggressively tackle the issue two years ago. >> it was not only a problem here in fayetteville because of i-95 corridor but also throughout the state. >> reporter: the trafficking resources center has already had 83 cases reported in north carolina this year. >> it's a problem that affects all strata, all different facets of society. >> reporter: during her hearing she asked the judge to lower her bond but the judge denied that. coming up at 6, the challenge for finding the resources for victims once they escape and
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about that. michael hyland reporting. a change at unc chapel hill is being met with reservation. the student bookstores are now run by a private company. beau minnick joins us with what's different and why some are crying foul. >> reporter: their concern is privatizing the student stores that had been under university management for 100 years. >> we kept the name because of the legacy prior to us on campus. >> reporter: the name on student stores may still be the same but -- >> things are different. >> reporter: michelle carter is the general manager of the student stores now run by barnes & noble college. since 1915 the university had managed it but in june that changed. now students are returning to a private company managing the stores. >> we know we have to be more vigilant than ever in
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of state trying it take pieces of our university. >> reporter: he was there in november when the association rallied against the private company. >> we always see a sweetheart deal in the short run where the contractors offer a great price to the state but in the long run in north carolina and everywhere else privatization occurs, we see it cost more than public employees in the supported the move. others opposed it. they have a 10-year, $30 million agreement. the company is offering a 10% discount on new and used text booms. the university says it needed to explore other avenues. >> we're here to service the campus in any capacity that we can. >> reporter: some of the
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inside. contributions to scholarships continue. what unc students have to say about the change. students at this school are starting next week. there was a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of the new facility. it gave parents and kid as sneak peek. >> whoever built this, i hope they get some rest because they took a long time building school and i hope they get blessed because those hands must be hurting really bad. >> and i hope no one dirties up this big school after it just got built. >> a quick reminder. we like to see your pictures on the first day. use -- you can email us at send it at
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nearly 30 projects in nine appalachian states with nearly $39 million. the money is meant to stimulate economic development. the projects are expected to create or keep more than 3400 jobs in agricultural, manufacturing and other industries. the man in this terrorism charges. kurtis russell pointed an assault rifle at the county courthouse. a top army general says no one influenced his decision about the bowe bergdahl defense. he said he was influenced by
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influence his decision. fayetteville police said a fort bragg soldier is getting several new charges about a rape that haddenned years ago -- happened years ago. he was arrested for indecent liberties with a child and now is charged with first he is a sergeant and is being held on a $900,000 bond. downtown goldsboro has gotten quite a face-lift over the past year and it's attracting a lot more traffic and that includes skate borders. >> carleigh griffeth explains why it's such a destination for skaters. >> reporter: downtown goldsboro
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spiffy these days. >> we've done things to really make it a nice pedestrian place. >> reporter: the city manager said they want to keep it that way. so when they started getting complaints about skateboarders on sidewalk, they asked police for help. >> trying to prevent pedestrians from being hurt. >> reporter: although stevens said there have been complaints, i didn't see a single skateboarder when downtown and couldn't find a business owner who was upset. >> there's only been about a half a dozen all year. >> reporter: the city's code of ordinance describe it as pedestrian areas. there's no area banning them but there soon could be. >> we'll likely make a recommendation to council to make this more explicit that
5:39 pm
sidewalks. >> reporter: i found matthew who said the upgrades to downtown do make it a skateboarding destination. he also said skaters wait until late evening when there's less track. stevens said as long as they stick to the bike lanes, skateboarders are welcome. >> there's not a bike in it. why not? >> reporter: in goldsboro, carlei for people in an illinois neighborhood. >> we were woken up about a quarter till 2 to a loud boom. >> after the break what police suspect caused someone's house to explode in the middle of the night. >> while there isn't much going on with our weather, there's a
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: 's good..? trump: ?ll, employ people in ngladesh." letterman: ?es? where are the ties made?" ey have to work, too. ese are beautiful ties. they are eat ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback.
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getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree that a comeback should include everyone. donald trumple is still going after a group of voters. >> and weijia jiang has accusations about the clinton foundation. >> reporter: donald trump walked through the rain to meet with volunteers registering new voters. once inside trump explained why minorities should vote for him. >> to the african-american
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city without having your child or yourself shot and that's what's happening right now. >> reporter: hillary clinton hams spent this week out of the public eye, raising money in california but she's in the middle of a controversy. the associated press reports more than half the people outside the u.s. government who spoke with her when she was secretary of >> the clintons do not personally draw a salary or profit from the foundation. >> reporter: they said the ap's data is flawed because it omits 1700 meetings were world lead ares. trump will hold a meeting in mississippi where he will meet with the gop nominee.
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referendum. we're learning about the u.s. serviceman who was killed in afghanistan. another u.s. service member was also hurt along with six afghan troops. a major milestone for iraq's military as they get ready to retake mosul. it has been under isis control for two years but area near the city. they expect to use it as a launching pad for attacks. shocking video from atlanta capture as dangerous shootout. you can see a man leaving a gas station sunday night with a second man walking closely behind him. one of the men walks to his car, grabs a gun and points it at the other man who dives
5:45 pm
moments later the two shoot at each other. police said there was actually a woman inside the car who was hit in the shoulder. she is expected to be okay. police are looking for one of the men involved. the nation's growing opioid problem manifested itself in a major way. according to police each overdose victim was revived with the treatment treatmentfar-- narcan. one of the overdoses happened in the parking lot of a gas station and a 6-year-old boy was in the car with his father when he passed out. >> i pretty much knew. it was over-- everywhere. looked like he overdosed with drugs, poured water on him. the child was hysterical. >> ohio state police said 11
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near cincinnati. investigators are looking into whether the overdoses are connected. investigators in illinois believe a gas leak may have caused an explosion that leveled a couple's home. it happened just before 2:00 this morning. the home was still on fire when firefighters got there. the blast literally had thrown them from the house but amazingly officials said they will be okay. the explosion also damaged last summer, he became the first child to ever get a double hand transplant and now 12 months later zion harvey is doing great. the 9-year-old from maryland lost both his hands and feet when he was a baby because of a severe infection. now he can go playing and fishing and get dressed by
5:47 pm
the hands. he says he's already planning his next move. >> what's your next goal? >> convince mom to let me play football. >> that's a good goal. earlier this month zion threw out the first pitch for his hometown baltimore orioleses and -- orioles and hopes to write a letter to the of the boy. tomorrow is the first day of fall. that doesn't mean summer is over. right now it's 84 degrees. the coolest spot is northeastern part of montana, glass go, 58 degrees. one of the hottest spots is las
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degrees. we will bring 90s back. it comes back starting tomorrow. across the tar heel state it's 80s. 80s along the coast. 80s in our neck of the wood and triad. 70s in the mountains. we'll have 70s by the time we get to 8:00. we'll keep it partly cloudy. 74 your out the door tomorrow morning with 65 degrees. that's probably the last morning you'll walk out and say it feels nice. with humidity coming back later this week, i think by friday morning you're going to wok outside and -- walk outside and want to say something else. we had that comfy zone for the humidity. it got up there close to the muggy zone today and it will continue to go up as we go into friday.
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here's the spur fast map. it hasn't changed much. high pressure firmly in control pressing those clouds down keeping them from turning into thunderstorms, keeping them dry. eventually this will start to move. by thursday and friday it shift has littled to the east. our winds come out of the south. that will lead to more humidity. then you'll feel the humidity. you're going to watch front approaching. so saturday ahead of the cold front it's going to be our hottest day. it looks like the cold front will come through, but it's going to come through and fall apart. that means any thoughts of cooler air aren't going to happen. it might be a chum degrees cooler on saturday but nothing you're going to really notice. so that's what your weekend is shaping up to be. this weekend we'll finally have answers to what's going on.
5:50 pm
another day or two. gaston is out there, 2500 miles away, no concerns there but it's still a tropical storm. it has not increased to a hurricane strength. this, just outside the care beerntion has not been upgraded to hermine. let's start with gaston. it could become a hurricane early next week but have to worry b here closer to home, the hurricane hunter flew out to investigate this system. they did not find a center of circulation. if it does get that center of circulation, winds are 45 miles per hour and that's tropical storm strength. now without a center of circulation, it's also very
5:51 pm
computer models to grasp hold of where the system is and what it's doing and it's hard to get a forecast that way. over the next 48 hours there is a lot of uncertainty that it will stay just north of the caribbean. as it gets into the bahamas, you see the line starts to go in different directions. that's telling us there's uncertainty. that's why i'm saying we might have to wait another day or two to figure out where this going. for us no impacts through the weekend. meanwhile, your seven-day forecast, as i mentioned, has us back into the 90s. 93 on saturday. that's our hottest day. the cold front drops us to 90 sunday and monday and on into next week. so summer is not over. our 3-degree guarantee is back up to 90. we forecast 88. so we're within three degrees,
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kelly heating an and -- and air. the amount is $2200. everybody in 2016 knows that smoking leads to lung cancer. we didn't used to know that. that study came from the american cancer society. 22,000 volunteers helped prove that years ago. they're teaching us so we can ith donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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?? from the mountains... to the beaches... the piedmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ] run! ?? 'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? to make the good life ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? it's ours to preserve... because we're only borrowing it from our children.
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hundreds of volunteers in durham spent their day giving back. >> i think all kids need to be able to play and have a i'm happy i'm doing this today. >> reporter: the more than 250 volunteers felt the same as they worked to construct a new playground for the community. >> nips community has work -- this community has worked so hard to do things for the young community and get them involved. >> reporter: it's funded by blue blue blue and the organization -- blue cross and
5:56 pm
organization kaboom. >> a playground where kids can play and grow up. that's what blue cross is about. we're giving back to our community. it squares with our mission. >> reporter: local residents were quick to rally around the project. >> it gives them a chance to get outside more. it gives them a chance to meet one another and keep their kids safe and active. >> reporter: and to work benefits durham area children. with the number of volunteers on side, the entire playground build will take four to five hours and will be finished by the end of the day. >> to be able to -- to be able to create something in one day is absolutely amazing. >> i think it's very great and a very good experience for everyone involved. >> great stuff out there.
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this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. do you see the vehicle? >> a frantic rush caught on a 911 call as a pregnant mother gets her children out of a burning house. >> plus, the latest attack on
6:00 pm
afghanistan. >>a mother faces several charges of child neglect after she never picked up her child at a bus stop. i'm sharon tazewell. >> and i'm beairshelle edme, in for sean maroney, who has the week off. we continue to follow the story in afghanistan where militants are attacking american university of afghanistan in kabul. >> witnes explosions and automatic gunfire. >> we checked in with several tribe bam universities. unc, duke and meredith said they had no connection with american university there. a raleigh mother faces four


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