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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  August 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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same part of italy. >> plus before you hit the roads in raleigh, we have a traffic alert that you need to hear. what area to avoid and how to get around the construction. hello and good morning. thanks for joining us i'm russ bowen. it's friday for all of us. >> well, some people's friday is their work monday. >> okay. there's the explanation. we have a look at your morning news and a look at traffic. first let's get to storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont with the forecast. good morning to you at friday with clear skies. no rain to talk about. so that is good conditions for your morning commute if you're getting ready to head out now or maybe waiting a few hours. now as far as the temperatures are concerned, not the best news to report here. very mild, very muggy, you notice that as soon as you walk outside. you notice that big change from the past few mornings. 72 in durham. 72 in roxboro. 69 in henderson and sanford but remember the past few days we were talking about isolated
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perspective for you. a look at the forecast for the day ahead. 74 at 8:00 a.m. 90 at noon. 95 later this afternoon. hotter, humid, hazy, as well. 92, 6:00. can't rule out a stray shower. the rain cans go up for us over the weekend. i'll have a look at the rain chances in 10 minutes right here. right now, here's ali. get those outdoor chores done this morning. if you're traveling through raleigh this is it. 440, 540 moving well. do have a breakdown to let you know about. stalled vehicle. not seeing it cause any major delays but it is out there. if you're heading through durham nothing like that to worry about. down through fayetteville roads look good. 95 moving well, no accidents there. your southbound times into raleigh pretty average for this time of morning. on u.s. 1 from 540 to downtown, 16 minutes there.
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12. 23 on i-540 to downtown, as well. i-540 where still not too many cars out there just yet at 5:32 this morning. we'll have an update on project fortify traffic that could cause delays this weekend. breaking news a preliminary magnitude of 4.7 earthquake struck near amatrice italy. this is the area already dev stayed by a quake earlier this week. first funerals will be held today. crews have rescued 215 people so far and since that quake, the area has experienced feel 500 aftershocks. >> also breaking overnight belgian authorities are calling a deadly explosion an accident. one person died and at least two others were hurt. officials say the blast may have been cost bid gas. so far, there's no lynn talk terrorism. also overnight chapel hill
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officers responded to the wreck on recally road near the intersection of greenwood road just after 9:30. blowing of investigators belief the driver was going the wrong way. one of the drains died and the other treated for minor injuries. police have not released the drive's names. the wake forest teenager accused of killing a man outside of a community center set to make his first court appearance. 19-year-old mykevian keyshawn massenburg was charged wit killing sebastian smith. we brought this story to you as its was breaking last week outside of the hope house. right now fayetteville police are still trying to figure out what led to the deaths of a woman and her daughter. around 10:00 last night they do not suspect foul play. we also learned that information about 8 hours after officers discovered the bodies in a home off of aberdeen place. neighbors say they had not seen the two for months and noticed a terrible smell.
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they could have done more. >> everybody knows everybody and i mean it. for us too lose somebody in our neighborhood it hurts. you know, like we're going to try to get past it it's going to be hard. >> the bodies will be sent to the medical examiner for autopsy and we're still waiting for police to identify the two women and also to tell us how old they were. the state occupational safety and health administration is investigating a complaint about black mold in a raleigh hotel. a concerned employee sent cbs north carolina video of the courtyard marriott at crabtree. the maintenance worker sewed he's contacted his managers and that meetings have been held. but he tells us the hotel is not fixing the problem. cbs north carolina spoke with another current employee and a former one, they all backed up the claims. saying employees are now getting sick. >> mold is not something that is to be played around with and it's basically been swept under the rug as far as the issues going.
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issue especially when there are multiple employees complaining about heather issues that could be directly related to the mold. >> we stopped by the hotel for a response we also called and e- mailed the gm. when lee wee did not hear back we called and stopped by summit hospitality group. that company owns the hotel. still no word back at this point. some people in goldsboro just hours away from having to find another place to stay. the city is shorting off power and water lines to it unsafe. the city says property managers failed to fix the problem. the property manager declined to comment. he told us his focus is getting everyone out by noon today. right now, work is underway on project fortify. >> yes, ali warned us it could impact your morning commute. here's a live look. the gorman street exit on i-40 east is closed. we join reporter emma wright
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>> reporter: well we're not seeing too many traffic delays just yet but they are expected a little bit later on this morning. we're going to show you were we are. we are on gorman street right now. and all of those flashing lights and orange barrels that you see, that is where the exit is blocked off. you cannot get onto i-40 from gorman street today. what they're doing is they're replacing those orange barrels that you see throughout the actual concrete barriers on the gorman street exit but what that means they essential have to tear up the entire exit and replace everything. it should take throughout the weekend. they're going to have crews working around the clock but it is going to take a couple days. but they say the good news is it should be back open by monday on the first day of school. these blue police lights you're seeing right here, this is where the actual exit is blocked warning people
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this morning, they say the best way to get around all of this is to just drive up an exit, get off and take a left. that should take you where you need to go. we're taking a look at some other construction right here. but, again, we do want to reiterate this may tie up traffic this morning. >> but they're going to continue working on this throughout the weekend and things should be back to normal for the first day of school on monday. reporting live in the mobile cbs north carolina. >> good information. 5:37 in the morning. u.s. yell star ryan lochte b left rio with more than just medals. in five minutes the legal charge he's facing. >> the latest carpool karaoke passenger definitely getting james cords en singing and doing a little dancing, too. >> one of my favorites. brittany spears kicking it with corden.
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>> i'm grad i'm not the only one that sings that song that loud in my car. 70degrees in smithfield and goldsboro. 71 in clinton. as you get ready to head out the door it's very warm and muggy. more on your afternoon highs coming up next. >> you might be hot out there but you won't be in your car for long through the fayetteville area. look at all this green on the maps. no delays to tell you about the drive times look good. an update on the raleigh and durham driving conditi [music] through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our
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?? ? ba da ba ba ba ? good morning to you it's 5:40 on this friday. we are at a current temperature of 73 degrees in raleigh. a live picture from the raleigh durham international airport
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hour away. about an hour and 3 minutes i should say. so 73 right now. we drop to 72 at 7:00 a.m. then start to warm slowly at first. 74 at 8:00 this morning. 78 by 9:00 a.m. no rain anticipated for your morning commute. and most of you will stay dry into the afternoon hours, as well. so let's get a current check on the temperatures. remember yesterday, all of us were in the 60s maybe an isolated area in the 50s. today we are all in the 70s. a few isolated areas in 60s. 73 lillington. 70 in clayton and goldsboro. friday ahead, 90 at lunchtime. 95 the afternoon high. can't rule out a stray shower around 6:00. most of you will be dry. we fall back to 92. chance for a few showers and storms over the weekend ahead. i'll have a look at rain percentages in 10 minutes in your storm team forecast. police in brazil charged ryan lochte with filing a false robbery report. lochte claimed he was robbed in
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lie. the indictment will be sent to lochte and the international olympic committee's ethics commission. >> the spokesperson says lochte has no comment. currently 5:42 in the morning up next. >> it's just sad. >> gut wrenching, just gut wrenching sorrow. >> in a murder called unspeakable by new mexico's governor police say a little girl was drugged, raped and killed. killed. in 3 minutes find [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ bell rings ] buy online. ready in an hour. weren't you just...? got it. staples. make more happen. ?? americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there.
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thanks for watching this morning rescue operations continue in central italy aftershocks are make b the affected area even more unstable. >> . u.s. geological society says another earthquake struck just before sunrise today. u.s.a., the wake forest teenager charged with killing a man outside of a community
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mykevian keyshawn massenburg with killing 20 11-year-old sebastian smith. he remains en jail without bond. >> ady after donald trump labelled hillary clinton a bigot, clinton thursday said trump is has unleashed the radical fringe including antisemmitis and white supremacist. clinton is pandering tour the worst instincts in our society and she sunday be ashamed of herself. >> did you have anything to do with the death of three people accused in the murder of a 10-year-old girl in new mexico. police say the girl's mother, her boyfriend and another woman, boyfriend's cousin are responsible for her death. investigators say they injected the girl with methamphetamine. the boyfriend and cousin raped her and strangled ler while her mother watched. neighbors called 911 after hearing something. police found the little girl's dismembered body under a burning blanket. newmexico's governor called the
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who killed two nuns. neighbors say the nuns worked as nurses and helped the less fortunate. authorities believe the step sister margaret and sister paula both 68 years old may have been the victims of a breakin and car theft. >> we never had nothing like this to happen in our neighborhood before. we never had a brutal murder tire come like this right at our door. >> the bodies were found stabbed yesterday morning. and authorities also found their car. autopsies th later today and investigators have not dead if their religion had anything to do with their killings. illinois state police shot two people after a confrontation after a traffic stop. investigators say a taxi driver pulled up alongside the troopers and told them he was being robbed by two people in his cab. witnesses say one of the suspects was armed and the two got into a fight with troopers. >> the suspects are expected to survive. the troopers were not hurt. tomorrow afternoon are
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a state trooper after investigators say he pointed a gun at the trooper. 18-year-old miller died in kinston. local activists rallied in goldsboro. they called on the district attorney to prosecute the trooper who shot him. he said he needed more information before die deer siding if charges should be filed. governor pat mccrory just received an the state's largest law enforcement association. the north carolina police benevolent association interviewed both the governor and his opponent attorney general roy cooper, several first responder groups have now maiden coarsement in the -- made endorsements in the race. the north carolina fraternal order of police and state troopers association sided with mccrory.
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wants to support law enforcement officers that have to make those critical decisions out in the field, arced get them the resources they need. >> we don't get into social issues or all the other things that go into a votary's mind be they go into the bale lunchtime box. we spoke strictly on what's best for your job and career. >> that group says what stood out about cooper was his plan for workers comp and protecting their retirement benefits. governor presented fayetteville's police chief medlock with the order of the long leaf pine. he will retire at the end of the year. he served since 2013 and has been credited with improving community policing and bringing body cams to all officers. another day of cleanup after a tornado hit ohio. a twister damaged homes and covered roads with debris. no reports of serious injuries or deaths there, though. alyssa, that is a lot to clean
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super lucky on this end. >> yeah, we are certainly lucky. that's going to weaken considerably as it approaches us. in the meantime here's a look at what to expect very hot days ahead. that will start with today. hotter and humid and once you combine those two conditions we're degree to be talk about heat index values in the triple digits. later today it will feel like 102 in raleigh and durham. up towards oxford, as well. upper 90s across sampson co. storms into the upcoming weekend. actually developing saturday afternoon and then what everyone is talking about, back to school next monday. >> near 90 and in the morning hours kids have temperatures in the 70s. the reason for the changes, well, we've been talking about high pressure all week long. it's finally sliding to the east and that kind of opens the door to the cold front back to the west. that approaches us temperatures
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a perfect storm tore very hot and humid conditions. again, most of us stay dry. towards tomorrow that cold front drops closer. the heat is going to continue but there will be a better chance for afternoon storms tomorrow, not a washout you just need to keep the umbrella nearby. let's walk through your day hour by hour. 82 at 10:00 a.m. 90 at noon. we'll eventually make it to 95. so this is several degrees hotter than were we were yesterday. humidity back in full shower later today. don't you worry, the high school games most of you are dry tonight. here we are at 7:00 a.m. on the dry side. mix of sun and clouds, throughout the day. and that's what we'll have into the afternoon with just an isolated shower or two possible. heading into overnight tonight, most of us will see drier weather return. >> and we'll continue for saturday morning. now we head towards saturday afternoon, after about 2:00 in the afternoon, scattered showers and storms developing for us.
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the evening after sunset. most of this should taper off. so an update on tropical storm gaston. winds at 65 miles per hour. get this it could now strengthen into a category 1 hurricane. restrengthen, remember it was a category 1 just a day or s ago. category2 storm by early next week as it takes a northerly turn and stays away from land. that's the important part to note. 72 in durham k. 73 in raleigh and durham. 97 in fayetteville. overnight tonight, warm and muggy. ac units certainly going to be running overnight. 74 our low. we'll talk about the weekend ahead. 93 saturday. 90 on sunday. just a slightly better chance for a shower or storm saturday afternoon. and as we had into early next week can't rule out a few storms monday afternoon with a high near 90.
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let's check in with ali. one more day to get through before you enjoy pretty hot weekend. >> through raleigh, again, no accidents. a stalled car in zebulon. if you're heading otherwise through durham, fayetteville, roads look good. take a look at all the green on our maps enjoy it while it lasts. this means you're able to go the speed limit and n accidents out there. look at your westbound drive times before you head out the door. cup of coffee in hand. minutes there. new bern avenue to wade avenue. eight. clayton bypass u.s. 40, 11 minutes there. from the split to saunders street three, as well. saunders to u.s. 1, just 5 minutes. so overall not a bad way to start your friday.
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you.
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not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. northcarolina will now buy equipment few make the railways safer. this is an update to a story for nearly a year. six states received a federal grant to help implement positive train control or ptc as it's known. the technology is designed to help reduce collisions. you can find our full story under the now, to a story that everyof every parent needs to hear. orbit baby continues to deny the car seats contain a toxic flame retardant but the company is providing refund on a case by case basis. the center for environmental health says it is moving forward with legal action against the company calling on the company to notify all affected curls and also recall the product. well remember seeing this guy on the news four years ago? the brown bear was spotted raiding a garage freezer full
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well he was named meatball after that and sent to a wild animal sanctuary. officials believed he had grown too reliant on humans and could not be left in the wild. the 500-pound brown bear is celebrating his 11th birthday with all of his animal friends. as you can see he looks great, doing well and it looks like he loves his new home. >> chomping down on something delicious. >> something much healthier than the trash he was eating case, again. >> this time trying to uncover what brittany spears was singing about. >> you know, your song oops, i did it, again? >> yes. >> what is that about? what's it really about? >> i really don't know. >> you don't know what it's about? >> i think it's just a song. >> because i think every time i
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again. >> yeah, me, too. last night spears became the latest guest to ride shotgun on carpool karaoke. as expected they ran through several of her hits complete with a full blown wardrobe change. >> hit me baby one more time. >> i can't tell if they have little plaid skirts. her new album hits the stores. >> i want to know if the exact songs they are going to sing. they always act surprised. i'd forget all the lyrics. so much fun. >> coming up in the next half hour our back to school coverage continues. >> i just love children. i love children. >> new at 6:00 we'll introduce you to a school bus driver who made an impact on an entire generation of johnston county students.
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but alyssa assures us ther
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a hard deadline for the u.s. state department and hillary clinton's continuing e- mail issues. what a judge says the department has to start releasing her e-mails. >> plus house bill 2 continues to affect athletes in our state. what school is canceling a scheduled game with a local college hoops team, and a year have a new park to enjoy. when you'll be able to enjoy it. >> oh, love it. good morning everyone it is friday. thanks for watching north carolina news i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase alongside ali warshavsky anderson almeida core. let's talk to you about the forecast -- and alyssa corfont. >> it was a great three days.


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