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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  August 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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canceled. we'll continue to follow this developing story and bring you the late os here on cbs north carolina. for now reporting in orange county david hurst cbs north carolina. as soon as frederick went into the hospital the friend of the family set up a gofundme page to pay for medical bills. we have a link to the page on our website the food and drug administration is taking extra steps to protect people from zika infections. they just issued a warning for l for the virus. the blood supply needs to be protected. it was limited to active areas of zika previously. new information on the shutdown of a goldsboro inn. they must find other places to live. cbs north carolina's robert
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families have limited options. >> reporter: about 25 people -- utility crews turned off the electricity and what ef. >> a lot of people don't have cars to get out of here i. don't know what they're going to do. i feel sorry for the women with the babies. >> reporter: firefighters say a meant called them earlier to complain about the conditions. city inspectors found numerous safety problems. >> no fire alarm system no want people to have a tragic end because there's non safety system. a few dozen people were still here. some say they don't know where they're going to sleep tonight after the city added no trespassing signs. >> a lot of them i hate to see being on street. a lot of families on the streets. >> reporter: he does odd jobs and he will find a place to stay. >> this wonderful person that
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me stay with her. [poor audio] >> we're reaching out right now to social services. we've been in contact with the salvation army this morning. self resident have found refuge there. >> reporter: others stayed to the end when police escorted them out unsure of where they'll go tonight. fayetteville police say they did not find any signs of foul play ate home mother and daughter were found dead. neighbors say they hadn't seen the women for weeks. police went to the home on
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poor audio] >> reporter: a man who claims to be a maintenance worker here provide cbs north carolina with video he says shows a mold problem in this hotel. a current employee and a form e employee claim this mold problem is pervasive throughout it's made some sick. >> sinus problems and certain for my daughter. >> reporter: the whistle blower who provided this size a current employee -- is a current employee. the mold is everywhere.
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instances. once i actually got behind one of it walls and saw how infested it was it was a very serious issue. >> reporter: e he also claims management is ignoring the problem. >> i went to the highest manager told her about it. she told her bosses about it. just an issue that's been swept under the rugby ownership. >> reporter: we called about the corporate owners when they didn't get back to us we went directly t available. >> have your name and number so i can assure that he gets that i'll let him know. but he's not here right now. >> reporter: meanwhile the whistle blower said that he filed a complaint worth the state labor board. they can't talk about it until the case is closed. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you about inspections.
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deputies and neighbors shaken up in sampson county. a woman's trip to the atm ended at gunpoint. these photos were taken in knew ton grove on the 19th. the men showed her a gun and demanded money. they man in under to get $20 in cash along wit her wallet. good afternoon i'm meteorologist bill reh. did you think it was holt? did you people the heat today? that's the high. it got up to 99 d far this year. fayetteville, you've been to triple digits earlier this year but still 98 degrees. mott, hot, hot. even a high of 94 in greensboro. the mountains hey, that's where you go to cool down. not so today asheville 90 degrees for a high. heat advisory is still in effect between raleigh and durham. until 7:00. urn of including all the counties south and east of wake
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it's still 95 in raleigh. 97 in fayetteville. and when you combine the humidity, it feels like 103 in fayetteville. there's that 99 in the triangle. chance of storms last friday wean talked to you we were worried about a few lightning strikes. down to the southwest of us around charlotte and upstate south carolina, but can you can almost see it going back up into virginia. so as we zoom into the radar. couple showers trying to form in south hill north of roanoke. the rest of us will be dry. hot and humid. 90degrees at 7:00. for the kickoff of the games of the future cast not picking up any showers over us. mainly to the southwest. so plan on a hot evening.
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to get to 99 tomorrow with your weekend forecast and when there might be a little relief coming up in a few minutes. high school football as the trojans take on the west johnston wildcats. >> the gridiron match up is the game of the week. todd gibson is joining us from the pep rally underway at south having fun out there? >> reporter: it's football season it's supposed to be getting cooler. we are ready for week two. >> it's not going to happen. in a rivalry game.
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should be a lot of fun and unfortunately the weather will be a little bit hot. jim williams if you know him you're going to love this feature he's very animated. that's coming up. >> for the next few minutes we will look for some shade right now. we will head back to the studios. >> that's all right. feels pretty good. you'll be all right out there. drink lots of water. well, tropical smoothy cafe known for health drinks but now in the midst of a health alert.
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strawberries were making people sick. >> he needed that support of blood products and platelets to be able to fight and be able to keep going. >> plus the importance of giving blood.
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police in mississippi indicate the belied deaths of two nuns may be the result of a botched breakin. police discovered their bodies after they failed to show up for work. horrified neighbors are saddened, shaken and scared. >> we never had nothing like this to happen in our neighborhood before. we never had a brutal murder tear u come like this right at our door. >> state agencies have been called in to help with the investigation. the bishop says the sisters spent years of u dedicated service.
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practicers. still more questions as police investigate st. murder, rape and dismemberment of 10- year-old victoria martens. they say the man arrested for the crime 31-year-old fabian gonzales was supposed to be on supervised probation for a 2015 beating of a woman in a car with a baby inside. detective say he's the boyfriend of the mother. the girl's mo methamphetamine and raped her. her remains were found yesterday wrapped in a blanket and set on fire in an apartment bathroom. rescue dogs are looking for survivors in italy. we have learned dozens of k-9s are involved for a search in different towns and hamlets hit by the quake wednesday. more than 260 ople have been killed. check out this remarkable footage just now being
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magnitude quake rescuers pulled this man from the rubble in amatrice in the moutainous region of central italy. much of the town was leveled bitter earthquake. health officials confirmed more than a dozen people in virginia contracted hepatitis a from frozen true bears. now, the company's ceo is responding. >> i sincerely apologize for any issues that this may have caused for any of our customers. >> the virus from 15-50 days to show symptoms. so officials are not sure when the infections actually began. self slaughter are headed to court. the frozen strawberries were imported from egypt. health officials are working to see if there are any more. rock and roll up your sleeves we're hoping to host a blood drive next week. our own lauren haviland spoke to a local family whose 6-month- old son is alive due to blood
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was born. >> blood product has not only saved his life but it gave him his chance even to start his life. >> reporter: camden's mother thought her pregnancy was going as planned but something seemed wrong. camden had been exposed tough a virus which triggered his hlh. >> reporter: it's a life threatening blood disease had affected his brain, liver and spleen. forcing camden to be delivered system doesn't work properliened when your immune system is turned on instead of attacking a virus or the in forecast shun it attacks yourself. it eats up your healthy cells your blood cells your platelets. >> reporter: instead of getting to hold their newborn camden was whisked away by doctors. >> he got a blood transfusion. then he was put on a platelet drip. >> reporter: he's needed blood products continuously.
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the hospital since that day. >> reporter: every two seconds someone in the u.s. needs blood making it nearly 7000 platelets needed every day. >> it's made a huge difference for us on it and you dent realize the need until you're needy. >> he's gone through this you'rey of fighting this disease and he needed that support to be able to fight and to be able to keep going. >> reporter: an estimated 38% of the u.s. population is eligible to donate blood. actually does each year. you have the opportunity to donate yourself here at crabtree valley mall this coming tuesday. in raleigh, lauren haviland, cbs north carolina. >> that story doesn't want to make you donate i don't know what would. the rock and roll up junior leave is next tuesday from 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. come on out and donate. but all eyes are on south johnston high school.
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johnston high school. >> that's where we'll find wes hohenstein, wes, you warm out there? >> reporter: little bit. and for some reason we decided to stand on the blacktop. also known as the really, really, really hot top. but right now we're standing around doing nothing. this is the first time this guy has done it all night. this is brody the athletic director. here with the trojans. i got you to standstill what's it take to pull off a home game at 7:30. >> it different because we have the big top celebration. we kind of want to do something nice gesture for our season pass holders and our boosters. so we feed them before the game starts. it takes a lot. getting the field ready and, you know, i have a nice arm to go with me no. they help me a lot. >> reporter: you've been the one driving the guiltier so you got the cool job. >> it's gate keepers and concession stands it's a lot. >> reporter: you also are in
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right there. my yard does not look like that how do you keep it looking that nice? >> well, it would sure help if we got rain this week that's for sure. >> but we're on a program here with fertilizer and we try to kill the weeds, you know, once a month. but we try to keep equation on it twice ady. so-- keep irrigation on it twice brody good luck tonight the trojans kick off at 7:30. as he's been saying to bill reh, bill, it's essentially your fault that my grass is dead and many others are dead. >> well, if you had as many weeds as i do it still be a little green. you can see the plants stressing a little bit and even your vegetable plants. here's the game of the week where wes is. west johnston and south johnston. the forecast for you 90 degrees
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warm and muggy in the second half. 85. really, really take it easy. now, temperatures boy, oh, boy, 95 in raleigh. 97 in durham. 91 in south hill, virginia. nice to get a little relief earlier this week. >> but boy, has summer come back in full vengeance. 97 in fayetteville. let's clear the temperatures out and just because of the afternoon heating. there's a little shower and storm now. there's some gh we'll kind of zoom in, first of all to the showers around the carr lake reservoir in lake gaston moving toward lawrence you. see another one up there up by vance and carr lake i should say moving toward the south toward vance county. these are bubbling up and dying out. so not much movement there is that drift to the southwest. so we do have a few lightning strikes about five or 10
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harris lake. and this little cell will continue to push towards the southwest if it holds together. bicycle we've got the heat index, too, as we look at this temperatures make it feel with the humidity like it's in triple digits. we still have hat heat advisory we showed you at the top of the newscast until 7:00. but no matter where you are you want to take it easy this evening. actual air temperatures we mentioned in the 90s. and we're going to see that, again tomorrow. but this evening we're going to still see 90 gr 99. 87 at 8:00. still feeling like it's 90. so even though the air temperature will fall into the 80s during the friday night football games. it still feels like the 90s. so athletes, the fans everybody take it easy. rays of sunshine for your saturday. >> six. >> mostly to partly sunny skies. steam u still on saturday. a brief little bit of relief, you know, relief question mark because it's still humid on
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the upper 60s. for your saturday as you plan it out, 70s to start. upper 80s in the morning. nine in the afternoon. heat indexes in the triple digits but hopefully below 105. so as of now no advisory for saturday. and just a slight chance of an afternoon or evening isolated storm. 95 in fayetteville, 95 in fort bragg. 94 in sanford tomorrow. 93 wilson. 94 smithfield. triangle 94 looks pretty good border. >> tropical storm gaston is still moving towards the northwest. and it is not going to even affect ber mew d. we're not worried about this storm. more concerned about this little system. by the way a little system the hurricane center is watching in the gulf of next comb. no real chance to develop. but this little system has a 30% chance of developing and it could develop a little better
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so what could be future hermine is kind of situated there and look at all the tracks. >> this is is by monday. so over the weekend not much to worry about. but later on, things could get interesting for the gulf of mexico next week. we dent have anything interesting tonight in this front. do you know what, we'll get close to us this weekend it will start improving the temperatures a little bit but not by much. 94 tomorrow, 90 on sunday. see what i mean with just a slight chance of a storm. same story on monday. next week in the a little better punch of a cold front late thursday. so i'm looking forward to next friday. when wes is out in the heat. it will be 86 for a high instead of 99. unbelievable. >> it felt hot today. >> 99 red balloons. >> you can sing that for us later. well, we all went crazy for patty pies last year.
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making plans to check out lazy days in cary this weekend you want to be a were of road closures. the arts and crafts festival will run from now to sunday evening. several streets afternoon closed. other roads are closed due to corruption. so if you lifer in the area you will lav to show proof of i.d. before you can drive some closed streets. well, raise your hand if you struggle with impulse purchases every once in a while. >> i have to raise my hand? >> that stops you. it's really interesting. you dent want to miss that story. >> plus major relief for those of you who ride through morrisville.
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welcome. it's me! the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc. it's extra crispy good. newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted.
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demanding 37% raises. at issue how much they make. their base pays $6000 is much less than their competitors. the airline pilots association is resuming mediated talked with management. the union says their wages have yet to catch up. >> they're upset about their pay but others have seen big raises. american airlines got 23% pay hike last year. united airlines pilot pay hike. 30,000 ground workers will receive raises. they're coming after employees at all the major u.s. carriers endured years of the pay cuts, layoffs and bankruptcies. and for those of you who travelly rand. vice president joe biden ab announced new funding to improve infrastructure and efficiency along the northeast corridor. more thansy million people rode
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and beyond. finally some high tech fashion that could stop impulse shopping. it's designed to stop you from spending money. you can set it to lock when the gps senses you're in places were you spend the most monday and in during times when you tend to shop the most. >> it even flashes and vibrates. the bag is a prototype by personal finance. >> i see a lot of women cutting open that bag. vibrate. >> we'll see what happens. well, iphone users may get a strange text message. >> coming up the problem discovered by some nc state researchers that could put you at risk. and it's friday night which means blitz time. >> you're watching cbs north
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led shows gaps in security on your iphone and ipad. >> carleigh griffeth explains how they are leaving room for attacks on your privacy. >> reporter: these days our phones have an in cred able amount of data. mostly private information about our lives. that's why computer science researchers at nc state started digging into just how secure that information is. what they found is concerning. upwards of a dozen different vulnerabilities that allow the >> reporter: attackers that hack information from your pictures, location and even conversations how did these researchers find these weak spots? they built and automated framework to exam in the policies of operating systems. and they found trouble. they say the ios policy is lacking in the control of third party apps. >> there are lot of applications that are taking this information reporting it back to analytic firms. >> reporter: so what does this
5:31 pm
going to go back to the basics of when you first download an app onto your phone. >> the only prompt that you really get when you're downloading an app and setting it up is at the very beginning. >> reporter: those prompts to access your contacts or camera, you should pay close attention to. >> every time that you allow access to those things on your phone, it becomes more vulnerable. >> reporter: with the ios vulnerabilities once crew give some apps access to your data, you cannot cuem settings. >> their miniature computes and they have storage and the ability to get viruses and malware. >> reporter: but the weak spots with ios may be fortified soon. >> we're working hard to fix these vulnerabilities. >> reporter: most security gaps should be fixed with ios 10 expected out next month. in raleigh, carleigh griffeth. the for profit college itt educational services will not
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students with federal financial aid. that's an alert looking into the school's accounting and recruiting practices. they're taking action to protect students ants taxpayers after they made some quote troubling findings about the company. the school has campuses across the country unclueding one in durham. the catholic student center at unc says a former business manager embezzled close to $1,507,000. he faces multiple felony the center reported the loss back in july. the diocese insurance will cover loss. a raleigh man with a lengthy criminal record accused of robbing several people in wake county. willie spears appeared before a judge this afternoon. spears is a convicted felon allegedly robbed five people in some cases while threatening to use an air soft gun. bond was reduce today $750,000. he was back in court in mid- september.
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dressed as a construction worker walked into a charlotte bank and robbed it. you can see he was wearing a hard hat and orange vest. no one was hurt and emanaged to get away. a district attorney believes police were justified in shooting a suspect after a multicounty chase. >> it started august 10 with a carjacking in charlotte. police say they then chased the get away truck of armed men several miles until the truck crashed into a pole. one of the suspects jumped out and he pointed that's when police started shooting. the d.a. says the decision that the shooting was justified was based on body camera video, as well as evidence from the shoot. the judge who gave a stamford student six months in jail for rape will no longer hear criminal cases. aaron persky has asked to hear civil cases. he sentenced turn tire six month in jail after the former
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felony counts of sexual assault. prosecutors had asked for six years. the decision cautioned outrage across the nation. and race is still dominating the headlines in the presidential campaign and hillary clinton is talking for the first time about meetings she took with clinton foundation donors while secretary of state. >> reporter: donald trump will meet with hispanic business owners in las vegas friday as part of his week long outreach to minority te abandoned. >> the policies are bigeted because she knows they're not going to work. >> do you think she's personally bigoted. >> she is of course, she is. >> clinton hit back. he believes white identity is under attack and establishment conservatism isn't strong much. clinton is also defending her ties to the clinton foundation while she was secretary of state. >> neither my husband, my daughter nor i have ever taken
5:35 pm
foundation. >> reporter: the health oversight committee is looking into reports that more than half of the non government people who melt with then secretary of state clinton donated. in a letter to the state department congressman jason said tease reports give rise to a perception that access to our state departments official resources were for sale. >> my work as secretary of state was not influence bid any outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to our interests abroad. >> they want to know if clinton aides violated ethics rules while working at the state department. and donald trump introduced a new a.m. today it rewards you for doing things like checking in at event and calling undecide voters and donating to the campaign. after 7 months moorsville
5:36 pm
the special ribbon cutting was held today. d.o.t. says this is one of many projects to improve rail service from recall tie charlotte. >> the safety focus is one of the main things because removing the opportunity f the rail service because they're not dealing with collisions. >> the two outside lanes are expected to open by sunday night. and many air yar residents hope it will reduce the detoured traffic. one neighbor put out a sign that said drive like your kids live here. they appreciate neighbors dealing with the construction and the challenges and they expect they will see a traffic decrease. superintendent for durham public schools received a one year extension on his contract.
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district since 2014. his extension will allow him to stay through june 2020: school board wet the decision was unanimous. and in form e college coach will no longer volunteer with unc football team. tim beckman had been working as a volunteer assistant with the tar heel defense. he was withdrawn from the position is he says it's the right thing to do. he's a former illinois coach fired last year amid allegations of lawer mistreatment. he sewed quote, i do not wish to be a further distraction for the team or university. an volunteer at unc. i wish larry and the program nothing but the success going forward. well, it's time to have some fun now. wncn blitz is taking us out to south johnston high school. >> todd gibson joins us now with a preview of the game of the week. hi, there gibby. >> reporter: hey, guys a couple years ago retired coach fouler was very animated on the sidelines.
5:38 pm
replacement for coach fouler i. think we found one in west johnston jimmy williams. >> we have to have a draw. let's go. let's go. >> reporter: west johnston head coach has a passion for friday night. >> i get excited. when the time comes i can't get excited it's time for me to step down and let somebody else take it. >> reporter: williams has no thoughts of giving up the job he loves. 14 years here and working four years leading the wildcats. his infectious coaching style spreads like wildfire. >> when i'm jacked up and fired up. they feed off of it. >> reporter: williams must have been a hoot in school, class clown? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: really? >> i was not the class clown but i got after it. on friday night they might have thought i was. >> but during the day i did what i was supposed to do.
5:39 pm
to return the favor. >> i got a lot left in me. going to be a long ball game. >> reporter: coach fouler or was it him and he said it was coach fouler because he used to take his hat off and throw it. >> he got me fired up. that's great. remember those doll cakes from the '80s. a baker has recreated them with a >> a minister accused of passing along drugs in jail how he was doing it. >> she's so dedicated to her job her husband built a several to house all of her awards. i'm introduce you to shannon
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible
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we have breaking news the aclu of nor is reporting a federal court ruled that unc bathroom of their choice. appeal dismissed for prosecutors who wanted a harsher sentence for oscar pistorius. he's spending six years in prison for a 2013 murder of his girlfriend. prosecutors in south africa appeals say that the sent sense should be a minimum of 15 years. but a judge today turned down that request. muslim women will be allowed to wear bur key knee swim suits in france.
5:43 pm
towns. the mayors claim the ban was put in place out of concern after several extremist attacks in the country. women were required to remove the full body swim suit and fined. during a hearing yesterday opponents said it violate basic human rights. you're looking at video posted on youtube of fighters evacuating. the rebels are leaving after a cease fire agreement with the government. it marks the appare surrounded since 2012. cutting off supplies to rebels and civilians alike. this comes as secretary of state john kerry meet in geneva. they are finalizing an agreement. >> he's supposed to lead people to a better path in life. instead investigators say a kentucky minister was helping
5:44 pm
gary is just one person investigators say was conspiring to sneak methamphetamine and marijuana into a jail. smitty's daughter-in-law and wife were charged. he was taking part in a jail ministry program when eused a guitar case spew of to smuggle in drugs and pass to his son. >> all we can say is that m r. smitty says he had no part of that. i have not been given evidence to show he's part of it. i'm phone conversations and see the video. >> investigators say his wife and daughter-in-law were charged because there are phone conversations recorded that implicate them. well, remember those doll cake use may have had as a child where the skirt was made of frosting? now, a cake decorator made the design, again, with pub of positive and negative reviews. the doll is wearing a pink dress and jewelry. the bakery first started making the cake earlier this month. it was an unintended statement
5:45 pm
we're told is in high demand. well a fourth grade teacher says she has stopped assigning homework and doesn't plan to restart. she says it wasn't helping her students but hurting. >> their preefficiency scores and growth scores, everything just kind of skyrocketed last year. it's been a huge difference to individualize their learning. >> she teaches at jones intermediate school. the school district supports her see also says instead of spending classroom time going over incomplete work see spends time doing more hands on activities. by the way, at duke university study found assigning homework to elementary age school kids does not improve academic performance. my kids would love to hear that. a ribbon cutting was held today. oak view elementary school will open this fall for the kids in the holly springs area.
5:46 pm
but all eyes are on south johnston high school. that's where the football team is taking on rival west johnston high school. that's where wes hohenstein is located. you look like you're cool and comfortable out there, right? >> reporter: right. so the tower that holds the lights is like the only bit of shade out here on the football field. we're still, you know, about two hours away from kickoff. people are still filtering in. the cheerleading squad from west johnston is over there this is week two of high school football: i want to talk softball because the girl's softball team las year conference champions so i have the star of the show nolan. but the softball coach mere man da smith. so i know a little bit about johnston high school softball. you guys seem to always have great teams no matter what school. so my question is what do you feed these girls you always play well. >> i don't feed them anything.
5:47 pm
something about their work ethic. i don't know. i guess watching them grow up, watched a lot of these young ladies grow over the years. i've been in work camps and they just work hard. there's just something about them all the time. >> reporter: you as a cope are a conference champion do you get to razz the other coaches. >> i'm grateful south johnston football team. nolan call us in like 20 years. >> you got the looks of a tv star. that's in -- not now. not ready to talk yet. but we will try to find some cool air. and for that we will turn to the forecast tonight that is bill reh's job back in the cool studio. >> you think when nolan gets to be 29 he can take your job you'll be ready to retire, right? >> reporter: i'll be ready. 95 degrees at the raleigh durham international airport
5:48 pm
wes is and nolan, it's 95degrees, too. we have it in smithfield, dunn has 95. it is hot. it is hot. and it's even hotter in durham at 97. 97 in fayetteville. rocky mount, 95. anybody playing a high school football game this evening take it easy. it's just going to be hot. i know it's hard to say. >> the coach goes egg to go, go, go, go. you got to make sure you're hydrated. please take it easy. that triple digits. and it's going to feel like it's in the 90s all through the game tonight with that heat index staying in the 90. radar no really relief from any rain showers. there were a couple right up here in mecklenburg county virginia and into warren county. a little shower activity over carr lake and lake gaston. but they're kind of not much movement. they kind of develop and go away. same story for this little area
5:49 pm
and now seems to be cuing out right in the southern parts of chatam county. maybe toward lee county. that's about it. most of the activity down upstate south carolina in this area that i'm circling and that's moving toward the west southwest. so mostly clear skies on tap for us tonight. and overnight. and overnight lows are only going to get into the middle to lower 70s. and it's going to be humid with those mostly clear skies. so your weekend planner, how tomorrow. 89 at noon. 94. but still hot and humid. a chance from 2:00-6:00 tomorrow an isolated shower or thunderstorm. then sunday, 75 degrees at 8:00. 86 at noon. and 90 degrees, not as extreme as tomorrow or today. but still above our normal high of 87. so to sum it up on your weekend planner it's going to be hot. s going to be humid and
5:50 pm
of an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening hours. maybe a little better chance in fayetteville tomorrow afternoon. look at these highs. 94 raleigh and durham. and 95 in fayetteville. here's how it sets up. this cold front is to the north tomorrow. and in advance it will pop up an isolated shower or thunderstorm. little better concentration in the sandhills. this front is going to lollygag, then and really kind of forth east flow. 90 on sunday. then there could be that isolated shower or thunderstorm. so your forecast, then, look for 94 tomorrow. with that 20% chance between 2:00 and 7:00 and heat index forecast into the triple digits, again, but hopefully no heat advisory.
5:51 pm
and by the way, the steamy cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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well, it goes without saying that it takes a lot of patience to drive a bus filled with children. >> a out. ali warshavsky in the introduces us to a johnston county driver. >> reporter: even though she's been doing the same thing for 20 years, hasn't missed one day, shannon brock says driving this bus this year is going to feel a little different. it's a sound shannon brock has gotten quite used to. >> before i got my el men route
5:55 pm
to the kids on board, as well. shannon says she knows the johnston county roads better than anyone. and she's probably right. she just earned a new title this year. >> i won johnston county bus driver >> reporter: she has won so many awards, her husband had to build her a new shelf. >> it's actually in my china cabinet. >> reporter: she will have to build new friendships this year, too. a new elementary school has opened in the county and that means a different group of students each morning. >> it's of it so happened that my route was the route that was affected. i lost 55 children. >> reporter: a moment so sad for shannon who also works as a teacher's aide she said she couldn't bring herself to say good-bye on the last day of school. >> miss shannon had to stay in the class i. couldn't do it. >> reporter: she might not
5:56 pm
students this year. >> i just love children. i love children. and the little ones, some of those have never left mama and never left daddy or grandma and so they just need somebody that loves them. >> reporter: shannon doesn't stop in the summer. she spends most of the months driving the routes for summer school. ali warshavsky, cbs north carolina. we continue our mission to keep kids safe on bo getting off school buses by braking for buses. >> go ahead. >> so important to remember. the bus will be out monday morning. >> exactly they'll be out in full force. thanks for watching cbs north carolina at 5:00. we'll leave you now with the west johnston cheerleaders.
5:58 pm
to the beaches... the piedmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ] run!
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? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? to make the good life ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? it's ours to preserve... because we're only borrowing it from our children. ?? an orange county eighth grader dies after football practice. what were longer about the boy and what led up to his death. >> good evening i'm sharon tazewell. >> i'm maggie newland school officials say frederick seymour was taken to the hospital after he had breathing
6:00 pm
grader at gravelly hill middle school in efland. he waif details from the school -- we have details from the school. >> it was the first football practice of the year. when the 14-year-old collapsed during the middle of practice. he was taken to the hospital after having breathing issues. they say he had some health complications on the way to the hospital. then this morning he passed away at unc hospital. classes earshot to begin on monday and he was about to start the eighth grilled. news humidity e was funny. always playing around and stuff. and he was nice. he seemed like a good friend. >> reporter: grief counselors were on site for some of the staff members at the school and extracurricular activities have been caps old for tonight and this weekend. we're staying on top of the developing story and will bring you the latest on the web and for the later newscast at 11:00.


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