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tv   North Carolina News at 9.00 am  CBS  August 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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right now a car hits and killings a machine on i-40. we'll tell what you troopers told us overnight about what happened. >> and a local middle schooler dies at football practice. what members of one church are doing to help the family this weekend and how you can also help a special blood drive is coming soon sponsored in part by the team here at cbs north carolina. hear from the family of a little boy who benefits from donations like yours first, let's take a look at where the sun is up at topsville, north carolina. looks like somebody is running there on the beach. getting a nice start to the weekend. >> surfing, too. >> surfing, too. can't beat what you are doing at the beach. if you are at the beach, you are doing all right.
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about 82 degrees. i'm justin quesinberry and i'm beairshelle edme. and meteorologist kristin ketchell will give us a breakdown of how hot it will get. >> a lot of people enjoying time outdoors this week. the good news is that it's' not going to be as hot as it was yesterday because it was brutal in the afternoon. 99 degrees was the temperature in the triangle. this mng at raleigh durham international airport where you can see high thin clouds. the skies looking hazy because the humidity is going to be high once again. now, our satellite and radar picking up on a few very light showers that you see here in halifax county, also northampton county. most of us are dry right now and we're going to stay dry through most of the day with the exception of a full chance of an afternoon shower or storm
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raleigh. 81 in durham. 79 in goldsboro, clinton. not as hot today. we have a cold front to the north. it is weakening and it will bring us a chance of an isolated storm. we'll hit that at about 3:00. temperatures falling to about 90 by 6:00 p.m. again, just a small chance of an isolated shower or storm later in breaking news overnight. state troopers are investigating a pedestrian death along i-40 westbound. >> the 43-year-old man was crossing the street near exit 306. 70 business district for garner and smithfield when a car struck him. the driver of the car stayed on the scene and no charges have been filed. the name of the victim has not been released until his family
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victims at the earthquake in central italy gathered at a community gym. italy is observing a day of national mourning for the 284 victims of wednesday's earthquake. italy's president and prime minister are attending the state funeral. the community is in mourning after a middle schooler died yesterday. fred seymour was a risi grader. he suffered breathing complications due to asthma during practice. he passed away at the hospital on friday morning. the pastor of his church have been with his family throughout the week. >> we have a lot of people who want to be resourceful to the family, be it financial, be it discomfort. >> relatives set up a go fund
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funeral expenses and medical expenses. two unc students will be allowed to use the bathroom that they identify with. >> the ruling today comes after weeks of legal back and ford but friday, judge thomas schroeder ruled that plaintiff joaquin carcano, an employee at unc and two students can use whatever restroom they have. strong chance of proving that hb 2 violates family law. >> carcano says that, today, the tightness that i felt in my chest since hb 2 passed is lifted. but we will not rest until this discriminatory law is defeated. the university says it has no
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cooper says that he believes that hb 2 is discriminatory. and the governor's office says that he will continue to defend hb 2. we want to bring you developments in a breaking news that we brought you last night. a standoff in aberdeen is now over after an hour and a half. the incident started were called to a home on kanaan place. the 27-year-old stated he wanted to die by, quote, suicide by cop. the man came to the front door of the home and was taken into custody without incident or injury to anyone around 11:30 last night he is due in court on september 13th. a lee county man, jailed after being charged for a
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wife is now facing an attempted murder charge stone birch is accused of -- steven birch is accused of shooting his wife. she survived. a mother and son were found deceased in a home. neighbors had not seen them check on things and that's when they found the bodies. looking ahead this afternoon, a rally for justice is taking place in raleigh for two people in lenore county. a teen was shot when he was shot by a state trooper after the investigation says that he pointed the a gun at police.
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system. time now is 9:07. flash flooding struck mystery last night leading to rest -- struck missouri last night leading to rescues. and cbs north carolina is part of a special blood drive heading to crabtree mall. the story of a local baby's dire need for blood and how you can outside. here is a live picture. the sun is going to heat us up
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. a flood warning continues for the kansas city metro ar flood emergency yesterday. several water rescues were reported all around the area and there were numerous reports of abandoned vehicles due to the rapidly rising water. the national weather service considered it a life threatening situation and although conditions have improved overnight, they are continuing to monitor the high water situation this morning. so unfortunate for folks living in parts of the mid wet. very, very heavy rain yesterday. luckily, those waters have come down a little bit and they are
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>> and back here, we are dealing hot. 99 yesterday. >> so close to 100. >> so close to 100 but it's good summer when we don't get there. >> absolutely. live picture from shaw university. just a few high and thin clouds out there this morning but can you see the sky has that kind of mill milky look to it. we humidity out there. showers across parts of edgecomb county. showers east of i-95. that's generally where they'll stay and they are already starting to fizzle out. 82 in raleigh, 81 degrees in durham clayton and goldsboro. 82 is the current temperature
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into the 90s again. we have this weakening cold front to our north and this is going to drop through the area. it's fizzling out, though. it's not going to do much for us but it will provide us with a chance for an isolated shower or storm and bring us some slightly cooler temperatures for tomorrow, too. but for today, we are looking at mostly sunny skies, a chance at a few showers and storms this afternoon. 94 the high temperature with the feels-like temperature around 99 degrees. there is, as i mentioned, some co i'll have the seven-day coming up. >> thanks, kristin. it's 9:12 now. doctors giving an update on a baby girl born in the united states whose mother has zika.
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we are is a look at today's top store just. authorities have charge add 46- year-old man in connection with the killings of two nuns who night, rodney sanders was charged with two counts of capital murder in the deaths of sister margaret held and sister paula meryl, both 68. a large plume of fire after a fire in teesoro facility teesoro are investigating what caused that explosion the u.s. coast guard says
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were rescued after crews saw an sos on their island on an uninhabited island in micronesia. cbs north carolina is hosting a blood drive next week. we poke to a local family who says that their son is alive because of donations. this is six months old camden born with a life threatening blood he has been needing blood and platelets: he needed that support of blood products and platelets to be able to fight and to be abling to keep going. >> thanks to the blood and platelet donations, camden is expected to go home early next week. the rock and roll up your
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you can find out more information on our website and doctors who treat add little girl whose mother was infected by zika says she does not have microcephaly but they are keeping a close eye. they said that main concern is the signs that the baby's mother had toward the end step ahead from the current c.d.c. recommendation recently coming out. we decided to do the ultrasound of the brain. >> doctors say that baby madayla did have some scarring
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have normal vision. ebola survivor nancy reibold spoke to students. she shared her experiences at the liberiaa hospital where thee returned to volunteer for work. she works with the north kids dental hygiene community fair takes bless this morning at 10:00 at the sand hill farmers market. there will be trained dental care specialists to educate kids on the importance of flushing, flossing and other oral hygiene topics. a teacher in north carolina decided to stop assigning homework and does not start.
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helped. >> everything skyrocketed last year. a huge difference to sorryized learning. robertson teaches at jones intermediate school. the school district spots her decision >> instead of spending classroom time going over incomplete work, she spends time with her students doing more handled on activity duke university research is shows to elementary school aged children does not help. >> i bet you that one likes homework. >> no, i was going to say, where was that study when i was in college. you were studious. >> when i was in elementary scoocialtion i would have loved to play outside. >> if you were to play today, what would you expect? >> a very hot day.
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hottest day of the year. today, again, not as hot but we are still looking at temperatures in the mid-90s. here is a live look outside from pressson wood country club in cary. guys out there enjoying the early morning and that's the way to do it. some showers are fizzling out pushing from the northeast and moving to the southwest but they are not going to be an issue for us dry through most of the day today before we see a small chance of a shower or storm this afternoon. 82 degrees is the current temperature in raleigh. 81 degrees in durham. goldboro, rockingham, south hill, durham and clinton. so it is a very, very warm morning out there for us. we'll continue to see the temperatures continuing to climb here into the mid-90s. we are looking at high of 94. small chance of a shower or storm generally after 3:00 this afternoon.
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going to be south and east of the triangle. again, most of us are staying high dry. dewpoint right around 72, that keeps us in the steamy category on the comfort index stale. so it will feel uncomfortable at times this afternoon. so keep that in mind. >> the head up for today, a weak cold front. we do area, an isolated shower or storm, definite possibility as we head into this afternoon and into this evening. again, that's after about 3:00 a.m. moles of us will stay dry. we are a little bit cooler for to. so instead of high temperatures in the mid-90s, we are back to right around 90 for tomorrow. even into monday, tuesday and wednesday of this week. very small storm chances as we head into your sunday.
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pressure system. it stays offshore. we may see a few isolated storms working their way inland, especially the closer east you are to the coast. i-95 and points to the east, we'll watch for a few showers and storms there as we head into monday. tropical storm gaston sill churning something definitely worth catching to see fit does become a stronger tropical system. high temperatures around the sand hills, 94 degrees at fort bragg and fayetteville. 93 in dunn and lillington. rocky mount. 94 in smithfield. 93 in chapel hill and durham. 94 the high temperature this afternoon in raleigh. tomorrow, temperatures only 90 degrees. that's still hot but definitely cooler. 90 degrees for monday as well
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tuesday with a high of 91. low 9:00s as we head into monday and thursday and after we get a cold front to slide through on thursday, temperatures fall into the 80s for the end of the week. >> i know monday back to school for a lot of kids around the area so we are looking at temperatures around 90 for back to school finchts know you like i know you. i bet you you had a beauty and the beast trap. >> i i was color coordinated. high school football action kicked off for second week last night. coming up in sports, a recap of the game of the week. there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do.
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high week 2 in the books. >> hard to believe. jeff jones has highlights in this morning's sports wrap as todd gibson recaps the game of the week. well, it's not actually friday night anymore but as you can tell, our cameras were all over town last night for week two of high school football.
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johnston county show down between west johnson and south johnson. the west side came out on top. our todd gibb some was there now he is here to break it all down. >> south johnston runs into a buzz saw a week after scoring 65 points. the west johnston d pitch add shutout. they swarmed to the ball all night long. when they got there, they arrived with a bit of attitude. south job stop helped the cause including this pick 6 by senior tamari rob gin son. josh long, another senior recovered a fumble in the end zone. it was that kind of a night for them. offense was stellar. they had a great effort. i'm really excited about the
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cleave linked in two weeks. todd gibb some, cbs north carolina. >> that will actually do it for us this morning. to check out our play of the week nominees and even vote, visit and for even more local sport update, tune in right here. >> we'll be watching >> absolutely. coming up in the next half hour. >> if i had a car, would i stay in my car. a lot of people don't have cars to get out of here. so i don't know what inn that they call home.
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we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! the race for the white house is getting heated with attack ads and blunt language. a new indictment for a wayne county judge accused of bribery. hear what defe prosecutors are requesting now. and a stretch of the morrisville parkway is set to reopen. when drivers can expect detours to end. >> before we get to those major head lines. we want to head outdoors. look at that. wrightsville beach. last week, they did this and now they did it again. it is 82 degrees this saturday morning. good morning to you. thanks for watching north carolina news at 9:00. i'm beairshelle edme.
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>> zooming that camera in. >> that's where we should be. >> yeah. >> but we are glad to be with you. it was pretty brutal yesterday afternoon with temperatures near 100 degrees. we just saw a picture from wrightsville beach. i'm sure a lot of folks from around central north carolina at the beach because that's the last weekend before traditional school starts. at least most of them in central north carolina. i think the beach definitely the place to be. a live look off the saturday. top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. you can see the beautiful carolina blue skies but hazy this morning. humidity will be high so that haze is going to stick around for us. light showers popping up on radar across parts of hally faction and edgecomb county. they are weakening.
9:32 am
raiford. 81 degrees in durham. temperatures will not be as cold as yesterday. it is weakening and washing out a bit but it will try to slide through the area today bringing us a chance of an isolated storm this afternoon with temperatures in the mid-90s. looking at a hive 94 this afternoon. suddenly cooler weather heading our way for tomorrow. the complete forecast coming up. >> kristin, thank you. turning trump held a fund ryser in nevada. >> he spent the day walking back from some his earlier statements. he spent the day talking to hispanic leaders yesterday. clinton stayed out of the public eye yesterday. meanwhile, trump ales vice- presidential candidate,
9:33 am
visit saying that pence will speak at the millenium center at 8:00 tuesday night dozens of people until goldsboro or looking for new places to stay after being forced from their home. the city turned off power. the managers failed to fix fire hazards after a warning earlier this month. the people who live there had three dues' in the to leave. many say they cannot afford anything else. some told us they'll sleep others don't even have that option. >> if hi a car, i would stay in my car. >> a lot of people don't have cars to get out. so i don't know what they're going to do. the women with baby is what i'm worry i had about. >> firefighters say they'll work with social services to arrange short term shelters. the city manager says that it
9:34 am
hazard. and a hotel worker says that a hotel has mold making some people sick. the health department cannot comment on the core yard by marriott at crabtree mall. there were several reports which mentioned no mold except in an ice machine on the floor. >> we can't do things like peel wallpaper back because that would be defacing a hotel room. and we certainly don't turn over ceiling tiles or anything like that. >> cbs north carolina e-mailed, called and even visited the hotel owner's corporate offices but did not get a response. surveillance cameras captured this bold armed robbery in newton grove at the
9:35 am
her a gun and got away with cash and her wallet and $20. leader the north carolina republican party urged a wake county board of election to appoint his cousin as chairman of the board. rods show that dallas woodhouse sent a private e-mail urging him to appoint his cousin eddy woodhouse. woodhouse also asked boil to delay expand early voting as he acquired under a court ruling that apply statewide. we reached out to woodhouse for a response but did not hear back. federal prosecutors were in court filing a new indictment against a wayne county judge in a bribee case.
9:36 am
agent money and beer to look at records. police executed multiple search warrants in weighing and johnston counties into a property management linked to nearly a half million dollars mission. police seized the filing cabinets, boxes and computers from the office of cornerstone community management and the home of the company's owner. police say they are not sure how many of the impacted. at this point in the investigation, no charges have been filed. wake county will have almost 200 fewer bus drivers and buses than they did in 2013. county officials say it's hard to keep drivers on staff. this year, they will be making 32,000 fewer stops adding more students on buses and senting some drives on several routes. school officials however have tested the man and are
9:37 am
students will be comfortable riding the bus this time and will get there on time. the only variable they can't do anything about is the first day of school. >> moms tend to hug kids longer, trashing gets to be more congested. >> wake county is expected 2000 more students in their classrooms this year than last year. in all, about 80,000 students were at the school bus. and as continues our mission to keep kids safe when boarding and getting off school buses by braking for buses. you can join our efforts by using the hashtag brake 4 buses on social media. 9:37 right now. a popular tourist activity off the hawaiian islands. swimming with spinner dolphins. coming up, we'll tell you why federal regulators are now proposing a ban. and heading to the lone star state.
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. and take a look at this video. it is the scene of a water rescue at a park in garland texas. an adult, a juvenile and a dog were stranded by rising waters on a bank. it is incredible video and shows you how powerful and quickly water is too many of those instances here in our region but we are dealing with warmer temperatures. low humidity, temperatures in the low 80s. this is a live look from raleigh durham international airport. you can see that we do have just a few high and thin clouds ouere mperatures in the 80s already this morning.
9:42 am
our satellite or radar with the exception of a few showers. there is a small chance of an isolated shower this afternoon. temperatures in the 80s. 82 in clayton. it will bring us a chance of an isolated shower or storm. expect highs once again in the 90s. 94 today with the we'll let you know what the weather are be like tracking what goes on during an nfl game is getting
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here is a look at some of today's top stories. breaking news ov investigating a pedestrian death along i-40 westbound in wake county. it happened around 10:00 last night. state troopers tell us that a had 3-year-old man was crossing the street near exit 306 when a car struck him. no charges have been filed. the name of the victim will not be released until his family is notified. >> an orange county community is mourning the death of a
9:46 am
to asthma. he passed away at the hospital. >> a rally of justice is happening today for two people who died in lenore county. one lenore teenager was shot and killed by a state trooper after the investigation shows he point add gun a in a correctional institution. the ios policy is lacking in its control of third party apps. without permission. read call of your contacts or go through all your photos or all of your music or get access
9:47 am
a result in the and should have security update with ios 10 expected out next month. the inaugural veterans event will happen today. they will include brewery, games and music for the entire family the area near 1021 morrisvi to relocate. a special ribbon cutting was held to mark the occasion. this is one of many projects going on to improve rail service from raleigh to charlotte and to reduce the amount of crashes. >> the safety focus is one of the main things because removing the opportunity for cars and trains to collide is a very important factor. beyond the safety, it also does increase reliability for the
9:48 am
>> the two outside lanes are expected to open by tomorrow night. now, this is a pretty awesome story here. the nfl going high-tech with tracking the stats of teens. >> it is a micro chip that goes right opt shoulder pads. >> these two little chips tucked under the pads of every nfl players is changing the game. the league partnered with zero technologies to t e monitored in real time at the company's command center in san jose. during games, broadcasters get the data almost instantly. and for the first time this season, all of the stats are delivered to the teams the very next day. >> they are able to see really three important things. one is how to better train players, their health and safety on the field. the second is coaching. you know, how can you coach the players that hit their routes
9:49 am
football is tagged with the same sensors. >> so the fun thing about the football this year, you can know things like the distance of the throw and the speed at which it not only left the quarterback's hand but landed in the receiver's. the realtime stats on players don't just help out the team but enhance the fan experience. sometimes, game broadcasters will announce them in the stadium or you can access the tomorrow some teams including the 49ers are using the technology during the practice >> the 49ers are very progressive in what they do. they get that data, analyze it in ways that they think will improve their players' performance overtime. >> i know people who will be tracking that to see how that impacts flares --players as well as the games.
9:50 am
north carolina yet for high school players. >> does not feel like fall yet. >> no, not yet. hot one across the entire area. still hot but not as who had as yesterday. taking a live look from the shaw university sky cam. hazy outside this morning. going to be the case all day today because of the high humidity. satellite and radar picking up to the southeast of rocky mount. those of us are dry and will stay dry through most of the day today. now these temperatures are going to rise fairly quickly. we are already into the 80s this morning. it is 82 degrees in hawley. 81 degrees in durham. 82 in henderson. we can expect temperatures to rise into the mid-90s this
9:51 am
very small chance of an isolated storm. the guess chance will be the further south and east you are of the triangle. that's the best chance of seeing showers and storms pop up later today. dew point at 72 puts us in the steamy category on the comfort index scale so very humid again making temperatures feel hotter. we did have this weak cold front coming through here and that is going to continue to kind of wash out over the area but it will bring us a cha into this afternoon and this evening. now, as i had slides south tomorrow, temperatures actually are a little bit cooler. we'll have the high temperature around 90 this afternoon but still a small storm chance. by monday, we are still under the in nuance of this area of high pressure to our north here but we have a coastal low in
9:52 am
will have better chance of seeing an isolated storm as well. tropics, things are still kind of active here. we have tropical storm gastop out over the open atlantic -- gaston out over the open atlantic. it is expected to pass over warm water so it will intensify in the next few days. it is not expected to pass norv any land mass. but it will bring some rain in the care beans. there is a disturbance here here. the national hurricane center has lowered the chances but still something to watch. 94 in radar this rayford. 92 in roanoke rapid. 94 in lewisburg. 93 in durham and 94 in raleigh. this afternoon. temperatures climb, still hot
9:53 am
degrees. normal high is 87. so we are above that through most of this week. looking at temperatures staying in the 90s through thursday. afternoons will bring us a small chance of a shower or storm but after a cold front slides in on thursday, we have cooler temperatures in the forecast to end the week on friday. 8 of degrees the high temperature on friday morning. we'll start in the upper 60s. >> the really hot stretch here comes to 80s by the end of the week. >> if we don't see 90s for a year, i'm okay. >> you know, you say that, but there is another day that will come and you will say, hey, remember when it was warmer? >> we are going to mark our day. >> be sure to download the cbs north carolina weather app to your digital device.
9:54 am
and live radar whenever or wherever you are. 9:54 right now. lazy days in cary this weekend. if you are heading to that festival, we have some traffic information you might need to
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9:56 am
lynn done little river park yesterday afternoon. ground was broken on the 38- acre park in august of last year. friday's ribbon cutting dedicated the first phase of the park including walking trails, playground a basketball court, picnic shelter and more looking ahead to lavelle mon tape. head coach of the basketball team and t. j. tucker hosting the annual event. it start at noon. all youth attendees with a brand -- will receive a brand new back pack compliment -- compliments of school supplies and other prizes. now if you are making plans to
9:57 am
aware of some road closures. the arts and craft festival will run between now and sunday evening. other roads are closed due to construction. if you live in the area, vul to show proof of id before you can drive down some closed routes. one of hawaii's most popular tourist activities could be coming to an end. federal regulators are proposing a ban on swimming with spinner dolphins. the national marine fishery service part of deprived of rest during the day and getting stressed out. the ban would extend two miles off the hawaiian island. it could keep boats and swirls 50 yards away from the mammals. the final decision is expected next year. people will watch that closely. >> absolutely. >> great day to be in the water by the beach.
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>> thank you for watching cbs north carolina. north carolina. mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black.
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