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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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i think it is a stand. >> right now. unc students are weighing in on a ruling against house bill two. >> we hear campus. >> police need your help from a crook attempting to steal money. this is an atm skimming device. two shootings left civil people injured and what they had to say about the cases. we will get you outside. still waiting for the sun to rise on this sunday. august 28, 2016. we have 72 degrees in the
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>> i am bea edme -- i am beairshelle. temperatures this morning are cooler than we were yesterday. >> still a mugfy feeling. >> 72 in raleigh as we look at the airport. >> getting ahead of sunrise nothing popping up and we did have a few showers moving through the early evening hours. and we will see more of the same across the area today. >> it is 72 in raleigh and durham and in fayetteville and more comfortable here. >> 65 in henderson in south hill and 69 degrees in roxboro and after the warm start to the morning. this is the low 90s.
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the forecast. we will have complete details coming up. >> police are investigating two shootings that left three people hurt. >> they took place early saturday morning. just before 4:00 a.m. a man was shot three times on house avenue. >> meanwhile, 30 minutes later, people were shot and have not said whether they are related in any way. >> they were shot in the legs and all are expected to make ruled that they will be able to use the restroom according to the gender identity rather than what is on the birth
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could use the bathroom of what they identified with. >> they said they are happy with the decision. >> it is a step in the right direction. and they should go further. and. >> it is disgusting. >> she is following hb2 since the beginning and the law has no business on a college campus. >> it is ridiculous that it is supposed to scoos. >> it is detrimental to young people's health and they may be confused and now, it is putting more pressure on them. >> one person said not only are they happy with friday's ruling but their college get to be part of it. >> a stand that someone took and i am glad it is people from my school. >> it applies for the three
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not enforce it on campus. >> aj for south carolina. the statement from the governor's office was released and in it, it is not a final resolution of the case and the governor will continue to defend north carolina law. the chatham county's sheriff's office need your help. this is the magnetic strip on the back of debit and credit minivan is wanted for questioning. they called deputies and they responded and used td before they used the machine. if you have any information call police. we know the name of a man who died friday night. he tried to cross i-40. and hit by a car. >> ford taurus was driving west when the 42-year-old jonathan
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road. no charges are expected. brittany drexel disappeared in 2009. >> now a statement could shed light on her disappearance. >> according to the agent, she was abducted. gang rained and shot to death and thrown in a cal gator infested swamp. the courier of charleston. >> the inmate claims to have witnessed the killing. >> they have been implicated by the inmate since the story was false. well, it goes without saying, it takes a lot of patience to drive a bus with kids every day and cbs has more that love doing it.
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a well. . >> reporter: it is a sound shannon brock has gotten used to. >> i didn't have it. >> after 20 years behind the wheel on the same route she has gotten quite used to the kids on board as well. >> she knows the johnston county roads better than anyone and she is probably right. >> she earned a new title. >> i won bus year. >> she has won so many awards. her husband had to build her a new shelf. >> it is actually in my china cabinet: she will have to build new friendships this year, too. >> new elementary school has opened in the county and different group of students each morning. >> it so happened my route was the route that was affected and i lost 55 children.
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who works as a teacher's aide and she couldn't bring herself to say good-bye on the last day of school. >> she had to stay in class. >> i can't do it. >> she might not have been able to say good-bye last year and she is anxious to say hello to new students this year. >> i just love children. and the little ones. >> some of those have never left mama. and never left daddy or grandma and so, they need somebody that back. >> she does not stop during the summer and they talk a break. she is out on the roads. she is driving for summer school. >> we want to see your back to school photos in the bus stop. and use them. >> at wncn on social media. >> head over to the website. and there is a special back to school guide.
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kids head back this upcoming week. still the impacts and still to come. we will look at the clean up evidents and >> plus. >> not exactly like earth but enough earth-like there we should be excited about it. >> a planet has been discovered close to earth and scientists say life could possibly exist there. >> what they know: and awesome stuff out there. >> interesting stuff out there in space and going on weather wise for us waiting on the sun to rise this morning.
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. it is 65 in south hill and 72 in rocky mount and raleigh and durham and 74 degrees in
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pressure to the north and coastal low pressure center is closer to us here and that may spend a few hours on shore and the closer you are to the coast and chance you have at seeing wet weather. it is a chance of an isolated storm again this afternoon. 75 degrees and 86 degrees at noon. >> high temperature around 91. we have cooler temperatures in the forecast as they gear up to head back to school. >> we will
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. time right now is 6:16. these are the top stories. >> in new orleans. authorities say a woman has been rescued and two men remain missing after a small plane crashed into a lake near a new orleans airport. they responded last night just before ne an aircraft carrying three people had crashed. >> donald trump's vice-presidential running mate will visit winston-salem. >> pence will speak at the millennium center overnight. >> they say a truck struck an
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it caused massive back ups for those to and from france. >> this is the growing number of traffic deaths across the country. >> federal officials are considering a plan to limit how fast trucks and other large vehicles can go by installing a device that would cap the speed at less than 75 miles an hour. >> we have more. >> reporter: police believe this was a factor that killed six 10-year-old child in new york this weekend. it is increasingly common on u.s. roads. more than 19,000 died in the first half alone. >> when it comes to highway fat
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they have been on the decline. this is as they are driving for the economy. >> they are trying to understand. what is behind the sudden change in traffic deaths. including a 13% rise in death among cyclists and for pedestrians and young drivers. >> they are on pace to finish the year up nearly 10 with technology avoidance technology. it may be a learning curve here. >> 40% of consumers have been startled or surprised by
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valley mall and find more information on the website at we are aware that the power had went out and then we heard a brief period of real heavy hail. and after that and the tree was settling on the house. >> indianapolis describes the experience and people continue to clean up the damage left behind. more than 6,000 homes are without power. >> it is years in the making. they have confirmed the existence of a rocky planet or bitting the closest star to our sun. it means liquid water could exist on the surface. it may also be the closest
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of our solar system: they hope it provides explanation for the exploration and just to see this. how far have we come in the last 50 years. >> absolutely. >> i read this. and i am thinking. >> this is exciting. >> we are never going to get an answer. >> it is centuries away before we explore this. >> we will get people out to mars. >> the next step is to mars with humans. >> i have a volunteer. >> they need someone to track weather up there see that movie gravity. >> very interesting stuff. >> scary stuff. >> you never know. >> switch gears and talk about the weather. >> we have warm temperatures. and beautiful sub rise this morning. captured by the camera.
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now. >> sunrise this morning at 6:44 a.m. yesterday, we had isolated showers and storms and today we have the possibility of seeing a few more of those into early this evening. >> it is 72 degrees right now as we start the morning. >> 72 also in durham and along the virginia clayton and 74 degrees in foag. >> these temperatures will be climbing into the low 90s again and low to middle 90s again. this is 91. and after 2:00 this afternoon. we have a chance at seeing an isolated shower or storm pop up. >> they will produce brief periods of lightning and good news. >> dewpoint is not as high as yesterday. in the wake of a cold front that we moved through last
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>> we have upper 60s and put us in the muggy category over the seem my conditions we dealt with yesterday. >> here is the set up for today. >> area of high pressure to the north. >> same time back to our east. >> we have coastal low pressure moving closer here. >> partly cloudy skies with an isolated storm into this evening. >> now, tomorrow and tuesday, the coastal low stays offshore and it is close enough that a few showers could make it offshore as well. >> the better thanks you have to see the pop ups. >> this is for tomorrow and into the daw on tuesday. >> by wednesday, the low starts to pull off to the northeast here and we are watching for the next cold front to inch closer to us. and it will push through on thursday and bring us cooler temperatures as we head to the week and start of next weekend. we are keeping a close eye on
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night. there is no issue with land masses. what may be an issue is the this and it will strengthen as pushes into the gulf of mexico and enters shallow and hotter water. >> we are watching very closely. >> look at things in the pacific. >> these storms don't impact land masses and this is just a giant ocean. >> very few tropical storm madeleine is spinning out there. and lester we are watching. and tropical storm will cause an issue for hawaii as it continues to work its way to the west here. >> you can see by thursday. >> early sunday morning. we are looking at the tropical storm making landfall on the big island of hawaii over the pacific ocean. >> it is a big tropical storm likely. it is 60 miles an hour wind and
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and the terrain is very variable. we could have issues with running water as well. >> 90 degrees. >> this is fort bragg and 89 in wilson and rocky mount today looking at a high of durham and in raleigh. >> today and tuesday. >> around 90 degrees. we will see the trend continue through wednesday as well. and thursday when the cold front comes in. >> slightly better chance of seeing showers and storms and bend temperatures for friday and the start of next weekend. overnight lows back in the 60s and hang in there for a few days. we have more comfortable conditions on the way. >> it gets less and "les miserables." >> seven day had 86. >> today, it is 85. >> 86 and 85. >> reporter: next weekend. we will see. >> thanks, kristen. >> time now is 6:24.
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. he suffered a partial tear of his achilles and his season is done. he worked so hard to get back and looked like he would until thursday. now, they will lead the quarterback position to bane or jones. >> tony romo's season is not over. he could miss and he has a broken bone in his back and some are saying he could be ready to go on week one. >> go figure. >> he has a history of back problems. and he has suffered a back injury in 2014. >> he played in four games after breaking his collarbone. >> they are a dismal. 10-23. and tim press sieve rookie.
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the reins. >> it might be time to retire. >> just saying. >> others will say not. >> coming up in the next half hour. >> i want to get justice for my daughter. >> two families are asking for the attorney general to seek justice for their loved ones involving the legal system. >> hear their message at a weekend rally in raleigh. >> this is the tarheel state
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bea. coming up. they say this has them concerned and the message they have for the attorney general. they are not easing off the campaign trail and we will tell you how they have each of them farring in the race to the white house. >> -- the -- faring. >> we will head outdoors and right now it is 72 degrees. it is 6:31. it will be a hot one this sunday morning. thanks for watching north carolina news at six. meteorologist kristin ketchell is with us. and do you have that beside you
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there it is. it is just beginning to rise and it is a nice day and good news in the forecast this morning. >> satellite and radar not showing clouds and we had showers and storms roll through and it did produce lightning and heavy rain for us. and not everyone experienced the wet weather and we can expect more of the same. it is similar to how we started for saturday. also in durham and 63 in lend sorry -- henderson. and in clayton. and 74 degrees in fayetteville. >> expect the warm and muggy start to give way to partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures again this afternoon. >> not as hot as yesterday. >> storms here and into this evening. we do have cooler temperatures in the forecast as we get the week started here.
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need to know coming up. >> two north carolina families are asking the state attorney for help. they want justice for their family members. >> this is outside of roy cooper's office to ask for help in the. deriamte miller was shot and they say they have not been given a death certificate. >> i want a justice for my done. it has been a year yesterday. and i was waiting for a year. and then since nothing has happened. i am ready to go into another direction. >> we contacted attorney general roy cooper's office for a statement and have not heard back. >> a football player is dismissed from the team after being arrested on a felony. >> and they found a dead shih
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disturbance call. people have not said who she is. necropsy showed the animal died after suffering trauma. they arrested darius who was a defensive lineman for east carolina and he was dismissed from the team following his arrest. taking a turnpike now to campaign 2016. we are 71 days away from the 2016 presidential election. >> cbs news. background poll said he is gaining ground in oh it remains tight between the two candidates and looking to present a new image to voter. >> trump is back on track after a series of controversies. in the latest poll. he is tied with clinton. the in you campaign manager said they are seeing a more focused candidate and they disagreed with the claim. >> he is able to be himself. >> and also, the benefit that
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>> he said this was not a pivot. >> and clinton is far ahead. >> raking in $26 million since 2015. more than twice of what trump has brought in. >> clinton spent the weekend fundraising. and we will hold more finance in california. >> the running made will visit winston-salem and they will speak at the million leb center on tuesday. >> right now. >> researchers are working to better understand earthquakes. >> seismic recording lab is linked to the center for earthquake research and information at the university of memphis. >> a central frof of professory and native of italy is spearheading this. awnd a $5 million grant. this offers the only earth and
6:36 am
safer. >> this is our story that we have been following for a year. >> they received a federal grant for positive brain control or ptc, the technology is designed to help reduce collisions. you can find the full story on the investigates tab under they got a jump start at lion's park community center. >> nate mcmillan spoke back to school jam and book bag give away before coaching in the nba and he grew up in the community hand played at nc state. >> i want my message that i came from a single family home. >> my mother had six kids and she did the best she could. and you can make it. >> you got to do the right thing. and you have to be willing to work and you have to be willing to get yourself involved and do
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fourth year coach mcmillan headed back to raleigh. >> they want to see your back to school photos at the bus stop or in the classroom. share them using the hashtag on social media. >> children at two schools are bonded together through one student's plan and generosity. >> just feels good. >> i am glad the work i was able to do will have a tangible benefit and help kids somewhere. >> that' whole project. and i am glad that is happening. >> they saw a need and used his talent and teammates to help out the kids. this is a nativity school and how they benefited. that is tonight on our evening news. time now is 6:37. coming up later in the show. we will introduce you to the newly crowned air guitar champion and yes. that is a real title. >> you didn't win. >> surprise. >> surprise.
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stories will be written and the why the change. take a look at this picture in raleigh. setting up across the area. how long the sunshine is sticking around and what you can expect for the week ahead. when cbs carolina comes right
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kevin. i am beairshelle edme. here is kristin ketchell: this is at just like she did this morning. check out the sky from rocky mount. gorgeous out there and this is what the sky looks like as the turn continues to rise. sunrise in a few minutes officially at 6:44 a.m.
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the radar. we may have showers and storms similar to yesterday. >> a few did pop up and move through the area. >> not everywhere has the wet weather. >> it is 72 degrees in raleigh and durham and temperatures in the 60s. little cooler along the virginia border. we can expect an isolated storm or two. and the this is sit off the coast and we are watching for an isolated storm. hot as yesterday and 91 degrees is the high temperature by three. and we will stay right around 90 through most of the week before cooler weather arrives. we will have everything you need to know if the complete storm forecast. >> some local areas are struggling to get the same inter at the time access as others in the region. >> how they are using their tools to change that.
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. good morning, it is 6:45. police in durham are investigating shootings that left two people hurt. one person was shot three times on house avenue and two people were shot on main street a few moments later. >> no arrests have been made
6:46 am
to be okay. >> they are trying to identify a suspect caught on camera skimming an atm, they saw the women installing the device. if you have any information call police. >> republican vice-presidential nominee mike pence will visit our state this week. he will be in winston-salem. it will be at the millennium the digital divide. libraries like the main branch in hillsborough has the hot spot and connects users to the internet. >> you can check it out three weeks. free of charge. >> people in rural communities have trouble with internet access and they will let them borrow hot spots to connect to the internet. >> streaming. there wasn't lags. >> having multiple devices hooked up to it.
6:47 am
periodically. there was too much traffic on it at one time. >> you can connect up to 20 devices to the hot spot and be patient. there is awaiting list to get one. >> human resist out and algorithms are in. >> people will no longer be writing headlines for the popular news top picks. they are turning it over to algorithms and they generate text. >> this is were accused of political bias and they have liberal topics over conservative ones. >> now, it is gone. facebook conducted an internal investigation and no evidence of bias was found and all employees will go through political bias training. >> this is the app with the intention of reducing the violence seen nationwide during stops. >> the goal is to help law
6:48 am
unnecessary violence. >> we have the report. who is familiar with the fourth amendment. >> personalally. i had trouble knowing exactly what my rights were when it came to being pulled over by the police. >> or about the fifth. >> what should i say. >> what should i do. >> both are important to know when you are pulled over. >> doing some research and my found out my rights were quite a bit different. >> that's why native brian developed it into an app called cop wise. >> being wise to your rights. >> first thing that happens when you open up the app. it starts recording audio. >> you use that. and it is in court as evidence for you. >> it has a resource area to reed up on the rights. >> the officer said. do you have any idea how fast you were going. >> if you say yes. i was going a certain speed. then you are ultimately pleading guilty to that. to what you are doing.
6:49 am
say. the app can say it for you. >> i wish to invoke the fourth and fifth amendment rights. >> sometimes people getting aggravated or nervous and they just have trouble talking to police. >> so, this just kind of helps people with an alternative. >> they believe it is a positive tool for both civilians and law enforcement. >> if we understand what our rights are. and then it helps both sides and helps available for apple and android devices for $2.99. >> check out the time lapse video of storms moving across miami. >> it is not something you see every day. >> it is reported across the area yesterday. >> it is an unbelievable site the and it is flooding and tropical downpours in the coming weeks. we saw a little bit of rain in
6:50 am
>> i was saying earlier. it rained at my house for maybe 20 minute as then five minutes after it was done raining, it was done again. >> it is in and out and i can continue with my day. >> water my plants. we had a good downpour. >> we had some lightning. >> thunder. few isolated storms and we have a chance of seeing a few more of those. >> we will watch out for those this afternoon. this is a live picture from shaw university around and we will see the sunshine today. few clouds popping up on the satellite. they are moving from east to west. >> this is all thanks to an area of low pressure sitting offshore. >> that is the general flow of those storms that we could see this afternoon. moving in from the east and pushing toward the west. >> very similar to what we had yesterday. >> this is an isolated shower or storm after 2:00 this afternoon. >> looking at temperatures right now.
6:51 am
henderson and get closer to the virginia border. this is the current temperature in fayetteville. and they will be climbing into the low 90s this afternoon. >> instead of mid-and upper 90s. >> looking at 91 degrees. >> mix of sun and clouds. and little bit later today. >> humid is not high. >> it is an improvement over yesterday. and dewpoint at 68 degrees. >> it puts us in the muggy category in the past few days. >> we have area of high pressure sitting to the north. >> also, this system sitting off show. >> coastal low over the next couple of days and expect partly cloudy skies. and storms possible. >> little bit later on and head into tomorrow and tuesday, the low continues to push closer and it stays offshore for the start of this week. >> high moves off to the northeast and with the low
6:52 am
and into tomorrow and tuesday. >> the next cold front nears and it pulls out to the northeast and cooler temperatures in the way for the upcoming week. >> as far as the tropics go. >> we aring the tropical wave and that has a 60% chance. and will not intensify today and as it moves into the gulf of mexico. the water there is shallow. and warm and could strengthen here over the next so. >> hurricane gaston strengthened into it overnight and open atlantic. >> it is not going to stay over the atlantic. >> in the pacific we have madeleine. and storms in the pacific don't matter to us in the contip endal u.s. and this storm is going to impact the high land of hawaii and the big island of hawaii is a tropical storm and works its way to the west and making a landfall near the big island of hawaii.
6:53 am
and gusty wind there. >> that will be the high back home. >> this is fort bragg and nine in wilson. rocky mount and roanoke rapids. >> 89 degrees today in roxboro and henderson. and nine is this afternoon in raleigh. >> right around raleigh. and same story for tuesday. afternoon shower or storm. and looks mostly dry. >> watch for isolated shower off to the east on tuesday. >> chance of afternoon shower or storm and high temperatures near 90 with partly cloudy skies. >> had is the warm ets day of the week with a high of 92 and as the cold front moves in. we have cooler weather behind it and 85 on saturday. >> you will be welcoming the cold. >> absolutely. >> cooler temperatures. >> lower humid. it is a -- lower humidity it is a nice treat.
6:54 am
we are crawling. >> thanks, countries continue. >> time -- kristin. >> time now is 6:53: what is so special about a place at the table. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, and we leave out corn, wheat and soy.
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durham. this was a charm. and burns at the air guitar championships. >> yes, that is a real thing. after three year of second place finishes, he won in finland. he said it was extra special win. >> i am just pretty stoked, this is an electric ye it is really special. >> well, he beat out 14 other competitors from around the world including the competition's first ever married couple. >> wow. >> it was not me and my wife. if you are wondering. >> i was thinking back. >> he will mention this in his bio and we will try it for next year. >> they are trying out a new concept allowing people to pay
6:57 am
>> this is the first. pay what you can cafe. >> five ways to pay for your meal and including buying someone else's and today they partnered with the restaurant relish to raise money and awareness for the restaurants. >> 80% of the people are paying the suggested donation and 20% of people are paying less or by volunteering for a meal. it balances out. >> a place at the table is hoping to find location in downtown raleigh. they are hoping to do pop up meals and i know a couple of city it is that have implemented this plan and hopefully it works well for them. >> wunl of my favorite restaurants in raleigh. >> there we go. >> now, you will be taking people there, treating them and paying what you can. which is nothing. well, the weather is a little bit of a treat. in the next few dayswe are looking at lows in the high
6:58 am
storm asen we are going to be cooling off.
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. anyone wanting to soak up the last days of summer.


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