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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  August 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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north carolina news at 11:00 starts now. the search is on for a murder suspect who may be leaving clues on facebook. a man was shot an killed investigators are looking for 32-year-old anthony curtis mcneal. >> reporter: income kneel is on the run tonight. he's apparently been posting to facebook throughout the day after he had gunned down his
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the victim, died. the family and neighbors are shocked. >> it was just a shock. >> francis lives just across the road from the victim. she heard the gunshots early in the morning. >> they were boom, boom, like that. >> baseen is the grandfather of of his daughter's 15 month old child. they headed off mcneal before they could get goo into their home. according to a facebook post, he said he was
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he said if i can't make it out of of the state, i'm going to shoot myself. >> i knew him a little bit. he seemed like a friendly guy, a normal person, somebody who wouldn't have done this type of thing. >> if you have any information on mcneal's whereabouts call police > apartment complex on southwood drive. they found two people shot and killed. if you you have any information you're urged to contact police. >> a man accused of kidnapping
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members of the u.s. marshals task force forced their way in to capture him. a high school baseball coach was arrested this morning. he faces assault and breaking and entering charges. according to official n the evening. he was the head coach of heritage high and the owner of factory baseball institute. >> there is unsettled weather in the tropics. >> i've been plotting maps to
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threat. that's going to go the northeast and p stay harm leslie out to sea. the two tropical depressions that formed number 8 west of bermuda and number nine west of cuba. number eight is moving to the west, northwest at ten miles an hour and banks of the cap tuesday night with 45-mile per hour winds. what hah the weather has got from oregon inlet to kate
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storm warning. this will not have an effect on our weather here in central north carolina. tropical depression is number nine and may affect florida sometime on thursday. you're looking at it thinking is it going to come to north ca we'll talk about the cold front that will come in and affect your labor day weekend forecast coming up this weekend marks fifth anniversary of hurricane irene's a land fall as a category one storm. it's the seventh costly
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cost about $15.6 billion in damages across the country. >> carry's lazy day vest value was two days long this year. fans came out to enjoy the music and arts and craft >> i like coming and checking out the loc the new hottest latest thing most of the stuff in our house that people love, it came from here. art work in the kitchen and living room. >> this year marked the 40th year for the festival. >> student of durham academy
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>> click on table. under table is table properties. >> spreadsheets, laptops and bow ties. >> it's a better learning experience. >> it's hard to believe this is fifth grade. >> can i help you log in. >> durham academy school is a school afford private schools. this is the first year they opened their door to a fifth grade class. >> i was inspired by their position by taking kids from local areas that wouldn't be able to go to a private school or college.
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out about durham activity. >> i haven't seen a kid that has no technology at all. soy felt like i could have a greater impact there. >> reporter: this past spring he organized a frisbee tournament to raise money for laptops. they r 21 notebooks. >> there's a lot of buy-in when they see their name attached to a piece of equipment. they grow up with a smart phone. they should know how to create a spreadsheet. they don't, but they need to be taught that. the lessons these laptop brings
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the screen. >> i'm glad the work i did is helping kids somewhere. >> we want these kids to take advantage of their education and use their skills and only in to help other people. >> whoever did that i would like to thank them for doing that for us, raising money, i think it's a very good idea. tournament for duer ram nativity. not only did it add the fifth grade level but they moved into a new renovated place it's back to school across the sand hills tomorrow. students enjoyed one last good
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tomorrow. organizers gave out more than 2000 book bag >> sam: the highway patrol wants to pass on tips to keep everyone safe. drivers urge today watch out for kids at bus stops or driving through neighborhoods and school brake for buses. parents be sure your kids are are aware of being well away from the curb when waiting for the bus and never walk behind a bus. >> we're urging everyone to brake for bus. of course, the cbs north
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complete coverage of the schools starting at 4:30 in the morning. with the tropical depression threatening off the
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gabriel died today. his ballads about love and heartbreak became well known throughout latin
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from 10:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening at crabtree valley mall. well, parts of southern florida are bracing for possible flooding. a tropical storm is threatening several heavy rain. it comes with a high rate of the zika virus >> reporter: the ocean winds are expected to bring in several days of rain including heavy downpours. health officials want to make sure pooling water doesn't turn into a widespread
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property owners face a $1,000 fine for not removing standing water. 38 cases of zika virus has been found in miamidoppler radardade florida we don't know who is going to be ian and who is going to be herline. if nine becomes a tropical storm first, i don't know how they do that. >> i guess we'll wait and see. >> i've been vague about what we call these things. all the latest on the watches from our outer banks and the path of the storm.
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let's get to the weather that matters to you here at home. we had a few clouds to the southeast. it's 88 degrees out there right now. there were a few showers, but most of those have died out. we'll two with mostly cloudy skies overnight. 70s to around 80. temperatures overnight are going to only get down into the lower 70s except around the i-85 corridor they'll see temperatures in the mid 60s. clouds in the morning, and don't forget to brake for buses, but
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around. the sun will try to come out in some spots. with that in mind, the rays of sun shine will be four based on morning clouds and afternoon sun. we talked about the temperature in the morning, we'll see 82 at noon, upper tomorrow with a slight chance of showers and storms. we'll time that out until the early evening hours. most of us will stay dry. the sand hills tomorrow 89. fort bragg 88. rayford.
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triangle. it looks like 8s are wild, 88-degrees along the virginia border. this will be a tropical storm, name to be determinedded. offshore but on tuesday when it flirts with our coast, we'll see mostly sunny skies with that system. there's a cold front and cool us down for our weekend. we'll see about a 20 percent chance. we'll time that out for you. the humidity forecast, it will stay rather humid for the next couple of days with upper 60s for dew points. 91 on news, mostly dry
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or showerers or storms. thursday the cold front comes down with a canadian punch to it so we'll have our best chance of a few storms. labor day weekend is coming up. good for football for friday night, 85 for a high and a low of 69. slight risk on saturday but most of the weekend should be approximate dry and spent in humidity. >> i'm going to ignore the rest of the week and just look at the weekend. three days after seeing the starting quarterback lost for the week, duke has decided on the replacement. we'll let you know about that coming up
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north carolina state will wait till game time to name their starting quarterback. duke be. daniel jones gets to start after their quarterback is lost to a kill lees tear.
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players, including deaver. he hopes to get picked up for a team looking for a pass catching tight end. now can you recollect benkirks will be the cavaliers starting quarterback. they have a new head coach. the former pirate is thrill today have the opportunity. >> hi the goal of that's why i wanted to come here. i wasn't going to walk through the door and say i'm the guy. i wanted to work hard and blend in with everyone and be a part of the new culture. the car car panthers are pretty dismal to the loss to
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cam newton failed to score a touchdown. they'll play thursday night against pittsburgh. the defense could have been better against the patriots. >> we missed two fumbles on the ground, a couple of sacks. there's a lot of things we can get better at. the team the bowl lost again to. the cardinals are now 0 and 3. the linebacker tips is ball to himself, 59 yards for the score. carson palmer has seen this morn.
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also in 39-24. larson wince in the number 42 car at the pure michigan 400. it gives larson a spot in the chase for the cup. >> how about this, the hockey of course they head for the cooler, grab a couple of cases of beer and then the two are off into the night. if they find the guy, he'll have to spend some time in the penalty box. >> you're not supposed to use those as weapons first day of school 70 on the bus, 80 off the bus.
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might run into on your way on.
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