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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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right now on cbs north carolina breaking news. reports of gunshots. >> not one but two tropical depressions could impact our coast this week. first day of school for thousands in our good morning, everyone. it's very early and a lot of people already up. it's 4:30 in the morning. thanks for watching north carolina news. >> a look at your morng news and a check on traffic before you hit the bus stop this morning. let's check in with alyssa for the forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you at home. many students heading out doort this morning. fresh for a start of a flu school year. this morning we could start off with some wet conditions. these showers moving in from
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showers say towards halifax county, wake county and some very light rain. a lot of this will taper off before it's time to hit out the door this morning. 68 in henderson and roxboro. we have 73 in raleigh and dur rasm and southward a.m. low 70s. we climb to 84 at lunchtime. we make it to 89 this afternoon. just a little above where we should be. there will be a chance for a stray shower. make sure the kiddos take an umbrella with them. right now let's check in with allie. >> if you are up early and getting ready to head to
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conditions for you if you're driving to school as well. near freedom drivement if you're heading up through durham roads look good. all the green says you're able able to go to the speed limit. a lot of bus stops are going to be slowing down for today fsm you're flying out today looks like good travel conditions in the major airports. a live look outside. not too much to just one car out there right now. we'll have another update on the traffic conditions as kids head back to school. coming up. >> breaking news to get to. hundreds of people ran out of los angeles international airport after they thought they heard gunfire. they did not find a gunman and no shots were fired. airport officials say a person wearing a zorro costume was detained but it's not clear whether that
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a massive man hunt for a killer. investigators are searching for anthony mcneil. he shot and killed 48-year-old eugene racine. he's the father of the grandchild. the next door neighborhood is shocked he's accused of such a crime. >> it's pretty scary. definitely really hit home knowing you never know who your neighbors are. dangerous. all right. the day has come. it's the first day back to school for hundreds of thousands of families. if you're among the moms and dads out there we are here with you. for your team coverage this morning. >> all right. so let's start in raleigh. emma wright is live at a brand
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good morning. , you know, heading off to school is an excited time especially on the first day. it might be more excited when you're headed off to a brand new school here like green maght elementary. the district is adding schools this year. they're adding five new schools because so many people are moving into the area. they say right now about 41,000 students attend wake county schools. they expect that number to double by the year 2024 to address the overcrowding. schools each year. we did ask parents what they think about the rapidly increasing population. they say they think that it speaks to the growth and parking lot of the area and they say they hope it will help increase in the strength of north carolina school systems as a whole. >> you can definitely feel the growth in the town. there's a lot more traffic but i think it's really exciting. i love holly springs. it's a great place to live and raise kids.
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have had to increase the number of teachers and staff. coming up in our next half hour we're going to hear more about that and why they might not have completed all of their hiring. >> thank you. >> it's back to school for them. for everybody. cbs north carolina is live in durham this morning with what's happening there right now. hey, kristen. >> reporter: good morning. good morning, everyone. it is a quiet start to our morning here. at southern high school in during ram as you can see the bus loat behind me here. students will be gearing up to take the buss this morning. durham public schools expected more than 33,000 students to enroll in their schools this year. more than half of which will be taking the bus today. so although things are quiet this morning, we will
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here. it those 33,000 students will be welcomed by about 2300 teachers at 53 different schools throughout the county. all durham public school students are able to get a free breakfast at each school as they start today. again, things quiet here in durham county. at the bus lot here but in just an hour or so, we'll start seeing these buses firing up to pick up we'll have a look at some of the bell changes that some schools in durham county will be experiencing this year. some schools are starting earlier. some schools are starting later. we'll have the details coming up. reporting live in durham. cbs north carolina. >> yeah. quiet for now but like she said in just about an hour or so the whole thick is going to change. we're going to check in with them in a minute, in
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in just 15 minutes two cumberland on class -- to class on time. posting all those back to school picks on facebook. just use the hashtag wncn or e- mail them to us. >> did you send in your pictures? >> did you send yours? >> o.k. >> time right now is 4:37. . >> i'll continue to sit. i'm going to continue to stand people. >> 49ers quarterback says he is sitting to take a stand. >> later on cbs north carolina, hear why he says he's sitting during the national anthem and what it
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stray shower through that morning drive. most of us are dry storm possible in the afternoon. 89 or afternoon high. we'll drop back to 85 by 6 p.m. and it look like once we get through today tomorrow and wednesday going to be drier but hotter. with highs back in the low 90s. just about 10 minutes away. russ? >> for the first time ever mtv honested the music video awards show in madison son conveyor garden.
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rewards. for the first time since 2007 britney spears performanced. it's 4:4 # a local middle schooler died just before the new school year. how orange county officials will help students deal with the loss of their classmate. plus talk about a wake up call no student wants to get. what some local students need to do to make sure police officers don't bang on their doors.
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cial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit. authorities investigating a reported shooting. >> people heard a loud no >> a massive man hunt is underway. investigators are searching for 32-year-old anthony mcneil. deputies say mckneel shot and killed 48-year-old in his font yard. mcneil is the father for the grandchild. today is the first day of class for thousands of students. as always, cbs north carolina is spreading the word
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yep. the sounds of school. more than 5 # ,000 students will return to school in cumberland county today. >> the superintendent says the district has made great strides to getting kids to class but some work to be done. cbs north carolina joins us live from fayetteville to explain the new plan. hey there, nate. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you as well. so glad to join you in the wee hours cumberland county. they saw a 25% decrease in overall tardies but their theme remains the same. every minute counts. last year the cumberland community school district
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400 doors. this year, they'll visit homes for students with ten unexcused tardies. >> it's the only county in the state of north carolina that's doing this. we're proud of it because so far it has been successful. but we know resources is very critical and vital to expand with anything. >> lo districts within cumberland county. they only visit homes in the douglasburg district. they had the worst record. you'll hear from school bus drivers who say although it's a great time for school and class to begin, it's also for them a very frightening time. we'll tell you why in the next half hour. nate rogers. cbs north carolina. >> we'll be watching for that report. thanks a lot. our back to school coverage
4:48 am >> in orange county a sad start to the school year. grief counselors will be hand for students who lost a classmate. he was a rising 8th grade. during practice, football practice last monday he suffered breathing complications. he died on friday. >> a high school baseball coach is expected accused of breaking into his girlfriend's house and assaulting her. wake forest his girlfriend got into an argument. john is the head baseball coach of heritage high. he also is the owner of factory baseball institute. 49ers quarterback says he plans to continue to sit during the playing of the national anthem even if it cost him his job. kaepernick is protesting unpunished police brutality.
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has to change. when there's significant kang and that flag represents what it's supposed to represent and this country is representing people the way it's suppose to, i'll stand. >> chip kelly says this will not impact his game. that players are encouraged but not required to stand during the national anthem. . >> all right. it's 4:49. time to get you the check on the weather. >> good morning to you at home as well. 4:49 and the current temperur this is a live picture from our studios. looking towards downtown raleigh which we can clearly see. to fog that will exact your morning drive or the morning routine at the bus stop but there are a few showers that are moving across the area. not a lot of this is reachinged ground across southern portions of wake and now eastern portions of chatham county but out here towards halifax extreme eastern portions could see some light rain fall.
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as the kids are heading home from the bus stop we could see another round of a few showers or an isolated storm. let's get right to these temperatures. also 23468 roxboro. we have 73 in durham and rally. 74 in wilmington and clinton. 76 in fayetteville. as you're planning your day ahead. 73 at 8 a.m. 84 and most of us are dry at lunchtime. 89 our afternoon high. it just an isolated storm possible back to 85 for 6:00 this evening. so let me show you what it looks like. we're all dry for the most part at 6 a.m. just that isolated shower that we're seeing right now. now as we head through lunchtime most of us should be dry. then as we head to late this afternoon the isolated shower or two. the best chances really going to be along the triangle and off to the east.
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today. for the start of the tuesday we should be on the dry side. a nice break in the cloud cover but a lot happened in the tropics over the weekend. let's catch you up. here's tropical depression right off the coast of north carolina. could strengthen into a tropical storm. wind around 35 miles an hour. now here's the good news. it's really going to take a northerly turn. we could see some gusty wind i don't think this will be a big rain e. but the forecast track of this could change drasly. with that being said we have a tropical storm watch. tropical storm conditions are expected within the next 48 hours. this is for the areas in pink. certainly something we'll be monitoring closely. we have another tropical depression in the gulf of mexico. this could strengthen making land fall in the gulf
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however we could see some rain associated with this system as we head towards later this week as well. of course, we'll let you know if any of this changes. 89 today in raleigh. 9 # in fayetteville. tonight right around 70. drier weather for monday and tuesday -- tuesday and wednesday rather. chance for a few storms by thursday. that's your latest forecast. 4:52 right now. >> good morning. a lot of kids are heading i believe we're going to show you some tips to keep them safe as they head out to the bus stop. with more than a million students across the state this week the highway patrol wants to pass on the following tips. drivers be aware of children walking to school when backing out of your driveway or driving through neighborhoods in school zones. be sure to brake for buses. parents, make sure your kids know to stay well away from the curb until loading on
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walk behind the bus. as always, cbs north carolina is doing our part to keep your kids safe. we are continuing to push our mission of brake for buses. definitely use that hashtag on social media as well. share it. if you are heading out the door bright and early, if you need to get to school at early. no problem doing that. especially traveling through the raleigh area. maps showing green the only red is in construction areas and that should be a nice, easy ride for you to school. no accidents to report to you 95 local roads. from glenwood aive u.s. 64. average of 17 minutes there. overall not bad. 440, i-40 at 10 minutes. very dark out there because not too many people out there just yet.
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this morning. by continue to follow your first day back to school commute. let you know if it gets busy out there. a look at -- actually going to go break. more news, weather and traffic coming up on cbs what makes a lipton meal? first you start with this. then add this. and this face. wait, we can do better. yeah... that's the one. and fresh brewed lipton iced tea. a lipton meal is what you bring to it.
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we want to make sure you understand the law. it can be complicated all drivers in both directions have to stop. now, this includes a two-lane road that has has a center turning lane. just stop. now when you're on a four-lane roadway without a median separating the different lanes of traffic, all drivers must stop again. this is where it us and confusing. here's the only times they do not have to stop for the flashing red lights. if you're on a divided highway, a median or turn lane that separates four or more lanes, drivers behind the bus have got to stop. you can get more in-depth look at these scenarios. look at these charts. they're right on our website. everything you need it know. everything you're drivers in your house need to know. right there under our break for buses sections. >> thanks for breaking that
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>> today governor pat mckory is heading to the western part to welcome students and staff back to school. mckory -- he'll hold a discussion about teacher pay. the 22.3 billion dollar state budget he signed last month calls to increase average teacher salaries above 50,000. around 10:00 governor pat mccrory will be carolina today at noon for complete details. keep it locked. time check for you. back to school day. it's now 4:57. still ahead, thousands of students are picking out their first day of class outfits. >> awe. coming up from wake county down to cumberland county and everywhere in between. stay with us. we'll be right back in the meantime. this is what the buss are going to be driving
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will there be any rain though? we'll answer that question in just a few minutes.
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summer's over, baby. >> we have team coverage as we head back to school this morning. feals rush to get those kiddos out the door today. >> that's right. storm team meteorologist also forecast and she's also tracking a tropical depression that may have an impact on your coast. >> yeah. we've got a lot going on in our forecast. it happened a lot over the weekend. not one but two developing. now this morning none of that -- none of the rain that we're seeing is tropical related. just a few sprinkles across southern portion of the wake county. a lot of that won't reach the ground. a shower from time to time. all in all, most of us will have a dry morning commute but can't say the


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