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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  August 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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coming up now we are live across the triangle as tradition school starts today. a very big day indeed. hello, everyone. >> thanks for watching cbs north carolina today at noon. >> breaking news out of chapel hill right now. an early dismiss a on first day steuntds home. >> what we know right now as duke energy is there on sietd. they're working to find out what happened. due to the high heat they dismiss classes at 11:00 this morning. we'll keep you posted on what we find out. well, some very strong weather may be hitting the outer banks am live look right now at kill devil hills. alyssa looks like trouble could be headed our way.
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depression. about 80 miles we're looking at a tropical storm watch. this hasn't changed since we last spoke this morning. the oregon inlet. this in effect as tropical storm-like conditions are expected over the next 36 hours along the outer banks. let's go et let's get to the latest track. looking very week off the north ro until later this afternoon into the evening and that's when it could strengthen into a tropical storm. it gets close to the outer banks and approximate t makes a turn. that's when it gets the stronger. thursday morning. winds about 50 miles an hour. but as it nears the north carolina coast, we could see a few showers along the outer banks and have winds, say 35 to 40 miles an hour. now bringing you closer to home am live picture
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look out live. those current temperatures if you're getting trod head out right around 81 here. 81 rather in raleigh. 80 in goldsboro. more on the rest of your forecast for today and who could possibly need a few umbrellas. coming up. >> thanks. u.s. -- after a pedestrian was struck and kill. durham police say it happened on 70 east. here's east was blocked off while police investigated. it did reopen just before 8:00 this morning. we don't know if film maker charges with are going to be filed against the driver. we will let you know once we find out more details. a double murder will once again try to prove his innocence today. they were overturned two years ago. in april an appeals court
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clear him of the crimes. >> seven workers from a meat packing plant are in the hospital after a chemical reaction. it happened when clean kal chemicals interacted in tar heel just after 3:30 this morning. we know the chemicals involved include acid and sodium hyperchloride. employees were allowed back into that plant around >> well the 016-17 school year is now underway for the traditional calendars. tens of thousands of kids hit the pavement running here in the triangle. the sand hills area and throughout our state. we begin our team coverage with afternoon with cbs north carolina's 'em emma wright. an extra special welcome from a group of volunteers. hey, emma. >> reporter: hey there. the first day of school can be pretty nerve wracking
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elementary school. the pto here wanted to give all of the students here an extra special welcome when they came through the door on the first day. they organized something called the million father march. basically encourages fathers or men to walk their kids to school on the first day. members of the schools and volunteers from some local churches and members of the police and fire department were there at the front door greeting the buses. they know that never every student had a parent that could walk them to school on the first day. they wanted to be there to give the kids high fives, thumbs up and let them know that they were thinking about them. they wanted to give everyone some extra encouragement on the first day of school. >> we're concerned about the community. we want this scal to be a school of excellence. a lot of us stay in the community. so we just want to give these kids a good start and again, make this is a school of
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to the kids to see the welcoming committee? >> just standing over here already now watching the smile means a lot because the first day brings naturally some common nerves and anxiety so a lot of kids being a little unsure and get a cheer and some high fives and quickly it's melted away. >> reporter: the million father march has been around since 2004 but the first time a local h has participated. >> thank you. wake county school are seeing some big changes. the school system is advicing parents to make sure they're ready and waiting 10 minutes before the arrival time. >> school bells also rang for thousands of kids returning to durham public schools today. that's where we find cbs north
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all throughout the day. kristen, how it's going so far? shoot start? >> so far a good start to the school year. most of the high schools had a bell change schedule. so here's a look at some of the changes here. we are right now. the new start time for school is 9 a.m. and the new a.m. is 4 p.m. durham public schools across the country kicked off the school year with a new bell schedule. the board of requested a change in school start times to better account for sleep habits of students at different ages. the hope is that by allowing high school students to sleep a little bit more they'll be more attentive and capable of learning t. affects most but not all and although parents were still trying to adjust to the new schedule, most agreed that this change would benefit their ching. >> i think it's better for the children because they're able to rest a little
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school at later -- a little bit later. >> as i mentioned not all schools have been impacted by the change. a whris of the new school start times with can be found on the school's website. we posted a link to that on our website. cbs north carolina. >> glad to see all of those smile. thanks a lot. a reminder for you. that mean school buses are back area roadways. cbs north carolina on a mission to keep kids safe when boarding and getting off those school buses. our break for buses messages has reached millions of people worldwide. >> more than 25,000 students returned to class in cumberland county today much cbs north carolina nate roger has been live with us all day. he joins us live from brentwood
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>> i'll tell you i've got nothing smiles because my photographer and i have seen nothing but smiles from parents, students, teachers and even bus drivers. the bell rang here at 7:15 this morning. we saw dozens of parents walking children into the building. the school principal said she's ready for the year to begin. the school will welcome at least five >> i love the school. it's a family atmosphere for the last three years i haven't even lived in the district. i've transported in because i love the school. spharyt is awesome. the teachers are awesome. >> my brother are in front of me. [ laughter ] >> superintendent frank till
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decrease in tardyness last year also test scores are up. the school district is continuing its theme this year. every minute counts. they'll, of course, make sure that there are various policies in place to make sure kids get to school on time. cbs north carolina. and don't forget to share all of your exciting back to school pictures. also use the hashtash wncn twitter. investigators say a domestic dispute led up to the shooting death of eugene racine. it happened yesterday morning. deputies have been scrambling to find anthony mcneil ever since. he's considered armed and dangerous. he appeared to post on social media admitting to killing someone and then posting he'd shoot himself before being caught.
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racine's death. >> he seemed like a friendly guy. just wave at him and he wave at me back. >> cbs north carolina talked with his father off camera. he told us the 48-year-old saved his family by keeping the suspect away from his home. >> fay yetville police are trying to find the gunman responsible for killing two people over the weekend. officers found the victim's bodies at an apartment complex on southwood drive. they have not released they're trying to notify the next of kin. they're noot sure about a motive. if you have any information contact crime stoppers. keep it here coming up italian officials asking some tough questions after a recent deadly quake. coming up, claims of negligence surfacing as damage structures supposedly earthquake proof did not stand up to the tremors.
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allegations of negligence surrounding the deadly earthquake. a number of damaged structures. 290 people are confirmed did but that apartment complex in greenville, south carolina. sheriff deputies are beefing up patrols. a clown was seening attempting to lure kids from a baseball court. they sent out fliers urging people it take precautions. >> i was, you know, seeing things. the next day i had about 30 kids said did you see the clowns in the woods? >> deputies are conducting daily patrols because of the reportings but so far
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confessed to killing two nones in mississippi. officers discovered the women's bodies thursday after they failed to show up for work. they arrested rodney sanders who admitting to the stabbing. they are still shaken by what happened. >> these were people and they treated everybody with dignity, they treated everybody with that care and compassion. >> mourners attended st. st. thomas respects. as for the suspect, police say it's still unclear why he targeted the two nones. >> bit of craziness overnight. authorities evacuated the los angeles international airport as they rushed into investigate a shooting. there was no gunman. police say travelers mistook loud noises for gunshots. the incident still caused some major delays. chicago police say the
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suspects arrested were two brothers. both were charged with first- degree murder. she was caught in the cross fire of the shootout friday while pushing a baby stroller. the baby inside of that stroller was not injured. and with a tropical depression threatening to turn into a full blown storm. at the same time health officials want water pooling from the rain doesn't turn into widespread breeding grounds for mosquitoes. property owners face a $1,000 fine for not getting rid of pools of standing water. more than 40 people have contracted the virus in miami-dade county alone. certainly something we're watching down there. >> for sure. >> a lot going on in the tropics. >> if i were down in there and rented a house for a
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one. >> you know what, it isn't. i went earlier this year. we had tropical storms this year. it's beginning to come in and out the first one very quickliment let's get to it. i don't think it's going to rain out your empire week. this is a life picture from the rally-durham international airport. some peaks of blue sky there and more clouds as we look out live on our lunch hour. most of us on the dry siesmed look at portions of person county. just within thla seeing a few isolated showers develop for you. other than that we're on the dry side but we will see a few showers or storms this afternoon. will not be a washout. if you want my best advice take the umbrella with you. 76 is in henderson. 87 in fayetteville. 85 in wilmington. so here's your hour-by-hour forecast. a small chance of a shower this
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85 at 6:00. upper 70s after the sunsets this evening. and then we're eventually dropping to northeasterly 70 for the start of the day tomorrow. for some of you a little bit warmer than where we were this morning. we dropped into the upper 60s. so as far as the rain chances are concerned they'll be very ice isolated in nature. the drier weather returns rather quickly. our tuesday here in central amount of sunshine. we will be watching for tropical depression 8. very little rain expected along the coast. with what happens over the next 4 hours. let's talk about everything that's going on in the tropics. we were just talk with russ. it's been very active. we have hurricane gaston. it's in the open atlantic. not threatening land
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strengtsen into a tropical storm and tropical depression number 9 which is expected to strengthen as it moves through the warmer waters. this is tropical depression 8. just 180 miles soit south and east of cape -- right along the outer banks but it's going ak that's when this storm gets the strongest. winds at 50 miles an hour. now let's also talk about what's going on in the gulf of mexico. strengthen into a tropical storm within the next few days and then it looks like land fall along the gulf coast of florida. it's going to cross the state of florida and where it will enter the open atlantic. it's going to scoot this storm
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storm, this could change the -- we'll be keeping an eye out for it. and into the weekend ahead. so 89 our high today in raleigh. 88 in durham and 91 in fayetteville. we should drop to near 70. partly cloudy. as we head into the next few days i'm expecting us to stay dry here in central north carolina. 91 tomorrow. 9 o 0 on end zone with. that cold front t. looks like behind the front though man, does this make me happy. look at that high on friday. 84. 83 saturday. 82 sunday. it's labor day weekend. i'm sure a lot of people are going to be out and about. this forecast looks great right now. >> what a dip. my goodness.
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i'm hillary clinton and i he wears it like a crown. "make america great again".
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let us take you through this. this is according to an eyewitness. she and her husband did not want to go on camera. this is what they told me. take a look over there. see that blue house? we understand earlier this morning according to witnesses a li house apparently trying to talk to somebody. a couple of gunshots. when they came out of their house they saw a man running up a street and a lone police officer chasing him. if you look up the road you can see there's a large police presence up there. a second set of police tape and officers by a street sign. we understand from the witness that was where the shooting happened. now we have unconfirmed reports that a police officer has been shot.
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hospital. they had to be at least 50 police cruisers there. some from the raleigh police department. all of their lights flashing. they had inundated that situation right there. they're trying to check on an officer. a toss what started all of this, we don't know at this point but we did have a shooting involving a police officer here on donald ross. if we get additional infoat steve, thank you. obviously a very fluid situation. we'll get you updated as soon as we get more information. right now you may be pouring your kid's morning cereal and probably want to hear about this story. the american heart association. dr. kevin campbell is here on the medical perspective.
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does it do to a child's body. >>, you know, right now the average american child takes in about 19 teaspoons of sugar which is an enormous amount. it should be closer to six. it puts you at risk ffer diabetes -- we're an obese nation and one in three kids are overweight. >> we don't want any of those childrens. tell us about these new recommendations >> . this is a has never said anything about kid health and now they've come out and said we want kids have no more than six teaspoons. so fruits and that sort of natural sugars, no problem. if you read the labels and you see high fructose corn syrup that's a no-no. >> talking about from 19
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how do you recommend thood? >> one of the best things is mimic good bhaifers. they watch what we do. make healthy scene of that accident and healthy meals a part of the day. and a part of the family culture. make sure that you avoid all of these, you know, really calorie-dense, knew tri yent foods. they're just terrible and putt extra weight on you and on your kids. >> if we don't change our habits almost 50% of americans will be considered obese in the year 2030. >> thanks fsm you'd like to reach out and find more great health stories go to our website. all right. thanks. thanks. here's a live look at i-40 donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability.
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few isolated storms. >> thanks for being with us. we're ba i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits
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is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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this is judge maybelline because is in everything we do, it involves. >> what you saw and what you know. >> she said. >> i don't have a hearing problem. this one works better. >> she's firm. >> i'm not responsible for that ticket and i'm not going to pay for. . >> i make that decision, not you. >> she's honest. >> this is justice with judge maybelline. she is suing family planning expert caroline strong in the amount of $850. she says the defendant had her daughter arrested during a classroom presentation. miss strong claims her program teaches real life consequences and the plaintiff's daughter needed to learn.


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