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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  August 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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kills a woman in cary. lots to get to this morning. we're going to begin with morning with the tropics. high surf and dangerous rip currents prompted officials to ban swimming along parts of our coast. >> that's right. the tropical depression is expected to brush our coast today. some wind to the outer banks. all the of those details we need to know, alyssa. >> good morning to you at home. we are watching this tropical coast. it's 95 miles south, southeast. as expected to move north and northwest throughout the day. a tropical storm warning in effect for portions of our coast. between cape look yowtd and the oregon inlet. new this morning it includes the -- that means that tropical storm-like conditions are expected within that area in the next 4 hours. there's already rain offshore. we'll watch for it to make its
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the afternoon. right now though not expecting any of that rain to make it into central north carolina. as a matter of fact we are completely dry. pretty cloud-free skies as well. the official sunrise is an hour and 10 minutes away. we'll wait to see what our day holds when the sunrises. >> 68 right now in durham. 64 in hender so many and louisburg. upper 60s. back to 70. 71 in wilmington and clinton. a.m. a pleasant start to the day. just as hot as yesterday. humid frimentd. we drop back to 87. more on the rest of your week coming up. right now, send it to al lie. >> good morning. it's 5:31 on this tuesday. bright and early. not much to worry about just yet. 540, 440, 40 moving well. a lot of green on the maps.
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the raleigh area. if you're going through fayetteville, no problems there. 95 able to go the speed limit. flying out today, hopefully somewhere cooler than here. good travel conditions. flying through the major airports should arriving on time. outside now the parkway just east of u.s. 1 you can see it's -- we're off to a very quiet start on this tuesday morning. >> all right. thank you so much. right now, police are train hitting and killing a woman. we're told the amtrak was on waits to miami from new york when it hit a woman along maynard. at this point few details are being released about the victim. as for those people on the train we're told about 156 people were on board. none were hurt. we'll continue to bring you updates as more information comes into our
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>> neighbors tell us the victim is a young girl. cbs north carolina reporter live in durham with the very latest. emma? >> reporter: a girl's body was found in a van and that her death may have been caused by heat. we're waiting for confirmation. that same neighbor who said she called 9-1-1 says it appears the little girl was left in the van. they were block at 7:00 last night. police say that that call initially came in as a cardiac arrest incident. they found an unconscious person who was pronounced dead a short time later. officers were at the apartment complex for much of the night but again, we are still releasing -- we are still waiting for durham police to release more information including the name and exact age for the victim. they are asking who may have
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call crimestoppers. reporting live in durham. i'm emma wright. >> we are now learning more about the police-involved shooting that sent one to the hospital. they were first called to donald ross drive. police say officers responded to a report of trespassing. it escalated. they identified to the officers involved as bs -- police say shot in the leg. >> i heard five shots. and this is probably about 300 feet away from me. i heard about five shots. i put my body up against the building and i looked around the building and through the woods in the back of the yard of that residents next to us. i could see at least three kops with their gun
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your weapon down. they shouted that three or four times. he's been interviewed by the police. both officers have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome. back in court today. mike nifong is expected to testify in the second day of the hearing for daryl howard. harold suz convicted of a double hmed in 1995 in which he was the a judge overturned the conviction. in a conviction was quickly reinstated by state court of appeals. >> somebody believes that i have relative testimony to this. i'm going to give it just like anybody else will. i will tell the truth and people can make of it what they wish. >> he is expected to testify today. we will be there to cover it.
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good morning to you as you grab your cup of coffee. still ahead here on cbs north carolina. >> from football fans to law enforcement officers people throughout the country are responding to comments made by colin kaepernick. >> going to be a person that actually goes out and does something about it or be the proverbial monday morning quarterback and criticize and do nothing about it. >> later the statement that sparked this challenge from a deputy. >> tropics. >> we can respond to anything that this storm whether it's a tropical depression or australia storm throws at us. >> preparing our coast for not one but two tropical depressions. >> going to be an active week. 65 in siler city and sanford. more on your forecast and those tropical depressions
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that's going to have some road closures this morning.
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we do have a lot to talk about in our forecast. let's dive right into it. a live picture from chapel hill. this is around the -- pretty quiet. maybe a few clouds. no rain though to worry about on your tuesday morning drive in. let's get to those temperatures. pretty nice out there.
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65 in roxboro. still around th 70s. so your official drive-time forecast. 6:46 this morning. sunrise happens. we're at 70 right now. drop into the upper 60ss before we see the sunshine warm us up. 75 by 9:00 this morning. in the 80s again shortly aft here we are on our satellite radar composite. dry conditions around our area. but what the real story is right off of our coast. this is tropical depression 8. it's starting to get more defined. you can see that circumstance late starting to pick up here this morning. still winds remaining well below tropical storm status at 35 miles an hour. this storm could continue to strengthen over the next few hours. could become a tropical storm later this afternoon or into the evening.
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tropical depression number nine. expected to strengthen in the guftion. we also have to hurricane gaston but that's staying into the open atlantic. no threat to us. let's toss it back to russ. >> all right. thanks so much. it does seem like one the candidates is in our area at least once a week. the race for the white house runs through north carolina. once again today indiana governor, republican vice presidential nominee. tickets are required. for complete coverage of campaign 2016 just go to our website. a lot of great stuff for you. 5:41 in the morning. colin kaepernick's comments are getting people talking this morning. >> cops are getting paid leave for killing people.
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>> later how the law enforcement community is responding and the invitation they extended to the 49ers quarterback plus why today is the day one
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durham police are investigating what they call a suspicious death. a body around 7:00 last night in an apartment complex. neighbors tell us a young girl's body was found inside of a mini van. the call came in as a cardiac arrest incident. >> the fbi and raleigh police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting. they responded to a report of a plan with a gun on
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he was shot in the leg. the suspect died. a fort bragg soldier is back in court accused of raping a 16-year-old girl. right now the man accused of stabbing two nuns to death is in jail without bond. huds the two. they work in one of the poorest counties. she will consider the wishes of family before dtdzing whether or not to pursue the death penalty against ronald sanders. >> the story has gripped immigration advocates for months now. we are hearing from acosta. immigration officials took him into custody earlier this year. he had been with his family in durham and went to
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he won the chance to have his case heard again. he spoke yesterday about the difficulties he faced in recent months and what he wants to do now that he's been released. >> if i can be a strong voice in my community i'm going to do it. i'm going to be that voice that says we -- the latino community is here. >> later this morning they have the chance to go back to riversood high school. last year it wasn't clear when he'd be able to resume his continues to push the supreme court to weigh in on the issue. the board formally asked the court -- the board's policy prevents a transgender male from using the bathroom violates federal law. they can temporarily block the student from using the boy's room until the court decides whether to intervene. >> donald trump is praising hillary clinton's top
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husband. anthony weiner amid another secting scandal. sexting scandal. they remain devoted to doing what's best for their young son. >> the 83-year-old comedian died from complications of alzheimer's disease. we warning swimmers to stay out of the water. two tropical depressions are expected to bring rain but that's not stopping vacationers. >> just a little bit of a damper but it's beautiful. i'm not too worried. we'll still enjoy our vacation whether it's on the beach or in the hotel. [ laughter ] >> the dot does not believe the storms will affect the roads but just in case cruise have prepared their road graders.
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highway 12 gets affected. in this case probably just a little washover at the most it sounds like. >> not a big deal for the outer banks but on a typical deal it can be a little rough. those vacationers, the road crews have the right idea here. let's start off with what's in effect for our coast. it's a tropical storm warning. yesterday at this point it was a watch. it's been updwraided to a warning because tropical storm conditions are expected pay attention to those areas highlighted in orange. including the sound. those areas under that tropical storm warning as we head throughout today. so here's our satellite radar composite. not showing you this to talk about central north carolina. i'm showing you to talk about tropical depression 8. it's 95 miles away. you can see if you look closely a little bit more
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depression. winds still weak at 35 miles an hour but the track is very important. it looks like it's going to stay right off shore of the outer banks. strengtsen strengthen into a tropical storm later this afternoon. it's quickly going to raise to our north and a northeasterly turn. that's where it will strengthen more. eventually becoming an extra tropical system meaning it will lose characteristics quickly. that's not the only tropical depression. tropical depression number 9. strengthening in the gulf of mexico. a tropical storm later today into tonight and continue to make a northeasterly turn as well. it would make land fall on the gulf coast of florida. hop across florida and enter the open atlantic. not expecting this to have an impact on us whatsoever. if that track wobbles a little to right or left it
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little differently. as we head towards later this week. in the meantime a live picture at the raleigh durham international airport. all is quiet around raleigh as we start off our tuesday morning. the second day back it school for many of you students. have a safe drive in if you're just getting ready to head out the door. if you're just waking up, take your time it morning. 62 in henderson. 65 in roxboro. 64 in sanford. not too shabby of lunchtime. 90 our afternoon high. we'll be a bit humid from time to time. we drop back to 87. 87 is where we should. just a few degrees above that mark. let's go ahead and talk about your forecast. dry out there this morning for us. expecting that dry weather to continue through lunchtime. we're keeping a close eye on the coast. a few showers associated with this tropical depression. some more as we head into the
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not expecting any of that to make it into central north carolina. i'm expecting a dry day for us and a dry start to our wednesday. most of this rain pulling out of the east coast coast of north carolina. by tomorrow, and as we head into 6:00 tomorrow evening for us, next system starting to approach. a small chance for a late day shower or storm. most of us stay dry today and tomorrow. >> a high near 90 in rally partly cloudy. not open the windows comfortable but not as mild and muggy as last week. 90 again wednesday. then we drop to 89 thursday. a good chance for rain. that's our next cold front and you'll notice that big time with the temperatures as we head to friday and the upcoming weekend. 83 saturday. 82 sunday. low humidity. plenty of sunshine and who's
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monday with a high of 84. that's your latest forecast. just about 5:52 right now. here's allie. >> good morning. unfortunately we do have a detour you're going to need to take because of a water main break. road close from lake avenue to cobb street. cobb street closed near shepherd street. the route around is hill street. this is a water main break. we'll let you know when it you're heading through the durham area. if you're heading through raleigh, roads look good. nothing like that to worry about. another area where we're not seeing any problems. flying out this morning, that is to these -- to these major airports out of our rdu. looks like you do have good conditions. just east of u.s. 1. u.s. 64. roads are still pretty quiet at
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look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> how early learning apps can help preschool education. the founder of newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted.
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health officials say none was transmitted locally. a group traveled to the caribbean. nobody in that group is pregnant. at least 35 confirmed zika cases in our state. lots of people talking about the controversial
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quarterback. kaepernick chose to sit during the national anthem during the preseason game. he says he's doing it to take a stand and challenge authority when it comes to race relations and police brutality. but he got the attention of law enforcement officers recently nationwide with some of the comments that he made to media. >> you can become a cop in six months and don't have to have the same amount of training as a -- thas others invited kaepernick on ride alongs. they also extended the invitation it their training exercises. our next story is just more proof that stars really are just plain ordinary people. >> o.k. pop star taylor swift got summoned for jury duty. she had to report for duty and national judge dmissed her as a potential juror. in an aggravated rape and kidnapping case. she was concerned because of an
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denver. swift missed the vmas because she had to fulfill her civic duties. >> i love this guy. getting kids safely from one side of the road to the other is keeping one local crossing guard on his toes. he just ep dancing at the intersection not sure what he's singing there. it's the second year on the job. his favorite part is meeting new people. >> i want to know what that guy has for breakfast. whatever it is, i need some of that. >> we all do. >> all of that energy. >> i bet a lot of parents do now that they're having to get up earlier. >> durham police are investigating after neighbors say a child died inside of a mini van.
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we have a live report at the
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good morning, everyone. thanks for watching north carolina news. >> taking a look at traffic and storm team meteorologist. last few days of august. hard it believe. >> how did that happen so fast? >> yeah. last few days of august. it's going to be hot for us here. we're talking about the tropics. there's a lot going on there. let start off with first with a


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