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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, everyone. thanks for watching north carolina news. >> taking a look at traffic and storm team meteorologist. last few days of august. hard it believe. >> how did that happen so fast? >> yeah. last few days of august. it's going to be hot for us here. we're talking about the tropics. there's a lot going on there. let start off with first with a
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parts of our coast from cape lookout to oregon inlet. this includes the panaco sound. tropical storm warning conditions are expected within that area within the next 24 hours. so let's switch right over to our satellite radar composite. we're not seeing a lot of for the start of our day. that's good news as you're waking up. getting ready for your morning commute. i want to talk about what's going on off our coast. you can see a more system by any stretch of the imagination. this is tropical depression number 8 and continue to look like it's moving closer to us throughout the morning. and could start to bring us showers as we head throughout the morning into the afternoon. overall, this is not going to be a significant storm but it could strengthen into a tropical storm as we head into the afternoon. now as far as your temperatures are concerned we have 66 in durham. 69 right now in raleigh. also in the upper 60s in clayton.
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84 add lunchtime. near 90 for an afternoon high. 87 for that evening drive home. more on the rest of your workweek and the tropical depression which would impact us later this week. all of -- right now let's check in with allie. what's the late snes >> a water main break that's going to affect traffic. right to it. it's closed from lakewood avenue to cobb street. cobb street is also closed vitkors. it's hill street. a good way to get around this -- south duke street as well. keep you mosted and let you know when crews wrap up. roads look a lot better. hopefully getting ready for your second day of school and looks like if you leave soon you'll be getting there at time. no problems for you to report there. if you're heading on the durham freeway this
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from the st. mary 9 and on 70 about 14. so overall if you're heading into work right now at 6:03 won't have too many problems. more headlights out. there able to go the splilt. >> getting busy for sure. thank you. >> durham police are investigating a suspicious death. >> a body was found around 7:00 last night in the 11 durham police department with what we know about this point . emma? >> reporter: a neighbor tells krb north carolina that that little girl's body was found in a minivan and her death may have been caused bit heat. we're waiting to confirm that information but that same neighbor says she called 9- 1-1 and said that the little girl may have been left in the car.
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street. the call came in as a cardiac arrest incident when officers arrived at the apartment. they found an unconscious person who was pronounced dead a short time later. they were at the complex for much of the night but again, we are still waiting on them to release more information. durham police are asking anyone who knows about those to call crime stoppers. reporting live in durham. emma wright. cbs north carolina. >> thank you. happening right now raleigh police officers are on leave and a man's dead after a shooting in east raleigh. police were called to donald ross drive. several officers ended up chasinged man. shots were fired. the suspect later identified as jaquan terry. he later died at the hospital. the officer shot in the leg is expected to be okay. he and earth officer are both on leave now while
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cary police are investigating a deadly train accident. the amtrak train just left the cary depot when it hit a woman. they're trying to figure out that accident happened though. the silver star train was on its way from new york to miami at the time. more than 150 people on board but no one on the train was hurt. looking ahead to the prosecutor who ended up losing his license over the duke la crosse will. >> he was the lead prosecutor for the daryl howard case and now that howard's attorneys were in a new trial theyen him to testify because he withheld evidence during the trial. he says he's expected to testify today in the case. and here's how we got here. howard was convicted in 1995 of killing a durham woman and her 13-year-old daughter.
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2014. but then the court of appeals reinstated that conviction. now howard's attorneys who are with the innocence project apt new trial. they're accusing him of misconduct in the case. howard's conviction came more than a decade before the duke lacrosse case in which he was disbarred. he declined to address either case saying he's only focused on today's testimony. >> thank you, justin. a accused of raping a young girl. he was arrested earlier this month. he's charged with raping a 16- year-old girl. police believe he knew the victim. a $100,000 bond. a federal court declared the congressional districts unconstitutional. a look at what some say is a fair and equal map.
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map. the group says it's an experiment to see how an independent, bipartisan commission could handle reconsidering. >> launching its moral monday march to the polls. they gatt nerd raleigh. organizers say they're focused on getting more people registered to vote and getting those people to the polls in november. you may remember north carolina's involved in a court battle over the 2013 voter id law. it's something moral time check for you on yowrs tuesday. it's 6:07. election day is only months away. federal authorities are warning about potential hiccups. why the fbi is worried about hacking into voting databases. >> keeping an eye on the atlantic. isn't that right? >> oh, yeah. we're certainly watching those closely as we head throughout the week. more on that plus these temperatures before you head
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this one's -- which one's worse? >> we'll start there. like you said tropical storm warning now in effect for parts of our coast. a live picture from our home here in raleigh. durham international airport and you're seeing pretty cloud free conditions as the sun begins to rise. official sunrise about 35 minutes away this morning. so if you're just getting ready to roll out of bed
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of coffee before the sunrise this morning. let get to the satellite radar composite. no rain. no clouds really. what we're watching closely is tropical depression 8. less than a hundred miles away from cape hadderas. you can see that rotation with this storm. now not a lot of this is impacting our coast just yet. it will move closer to us throughout the next few that's when it could also strengthen into a tropical storm. winds are very weak. we're looking at tropical depression number 9. this is expected to strengthen in the coming days. warmer waters across the gulf of mexico. so let's get back it our temperatures -- to our temperatures. 62 in henderson.
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sanford you're checking in add at -- at 64. 73 in fayetteville. making plans for your day ahead. 71. 84 at lunchtime today and near 90 this afternoon. right around 87. that's where we'll be in the upper 80s for that evening drive home. more on what we can expect for the rest of the week and when a cold front moves >> all right. i want you to take a look at this picture as well. this cloud formation had a lot of folks in eastern europe very concerned over the weekend. the ominous cloud was over siberia. they were flooded with calls from residents. some were worried it was a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion, very dangerous, of course. other people thought explosion at a nearby coal mine.
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it's 6:13. a local teen finally free and now sharing his story.
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our bacteria family's been on this cushion for generations.
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the mattress! new lysol max cover with 2x wider coverage kills bacteria on big, soft surfaces. discover a new way to lysol that. durham, thortds authorities are calling a person's death suspicious. a live report at 6:30. well as north carolina teachers call role they do it knowing they're bringing home a bigger paycheck. for one teacher it's not everything. you just know it when somebody
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them. christina ross was the first person in line. needless to say, she got the gig. >> i just wanted to be there and show that i was dedicated to what i was doing. i'm passionate about what i do. i had a goal in mind to get a job in wake county. >> not only did she land a spot. >> good morning. white oak elementary. brand new school. it's new, it's clean, it's beautiful. >> last week as the boxes waited to be unpacked and tables needed to be assembled. she wasn't just excited about her new students she was excited about the community. >> they have a sense of community and a sense of family. that was something that i looked for. >> a long-coming raise was approved that past legislative session.
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>> it will affect me in some way because my salary's going up a little bit but to be honest with you, it's no the salary that brings me into teaching. i just want to impact kids and i want them to grow up and be productive citizens and that's -- >> that's something she's determined to make happen. >> the pay scale goes into effect in october. principals in wake county say it's making a difference in recruitm 729 are new teachers. 890 are teachers being rehired. >> all right. we ask you to send us your back to school photos and you delivered. let's take a look and see. he isn't happy that he's back to school. >> that's adorable. >> ericka woods tucker sent us this one.
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thank you for sharing. we'd like to see more. just use the hashtag on twitter and we'll make sure to find them. >> we love those pictures. a teen who spents month in a detension center -- starts when he was spotted at the u.s. border after fleeing gang violence in honduras. after that he lived with his family in durham and went to riverside high school. in jab he was taken into order was issued. after winning the chance to have his case heard once again he's free on bond. experience has been very difficult but he also says it's been motivating. >> if i can be a strong voice in my community, i'm going to do it. i'm going to be that voice that says the latino community is here. >> this morning acosta has a
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high. back to those back to school photos though. they're so cute, the dog. >> that dog is please don't leave. >> best friend. >> i want to see parents back it school photos. like this. >> a clean house. [ laughter ] >> that's correct. >> a quiet house; right? [ laughter ] >> let's get it our forecast. we have a lot going on in the tropics. this tropical effect for the next 4 hours. tropical storm like conditions are expected in the area highlighted in orange. including the -- if you have interests in the coast certainly a heads up over the next 24 hours and then as we look long term later this week we can see tropical depression number 9. in the meantime here's what's going on. locally, not a lot. we're seeing beautiful sunrise
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coast that we're really starting to focus our interest. still about a hundred miles or less. we're starting to see a little bit more in that circulation. this will slowly make its way closer it our coast. that's what we start to see some more rain. some gusty winds from time to time. although the wind associated with this storm right now are very weak. at about 35 miles weak. tropical storm later today into the evening and it's going to strengthen as it moves out. as it pulls away from our north carolina coast that's when it will really start to strengthen. 45 miles an hour by thursday morning. now we also have tropical depression number 9 later today into a tropical storm in the warmer waters.
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doesn't look like it's going to have a big impact on north carolina whatsoever. 69 degrees. a live picture from our tower camera. just a few clouds this morning. temperatures pretty good too. 6 # in henderson. mid-60s in south hill. 73 in fayetteville. walking you through day. 80s think there by lunchtime. yeah. this is a little hotter where we should be. a little humid as well. cler clearly in the muggy category. these high dewpoints start to taper off as we head to thursday and friday. that's a cold front that will come through bringing big changes for us. we'll talk about your future forecast. we're dry across central north carolina today. some rain from time to time expected with tropical depression 8 along the east coast but again, this is not going to be a significant event for us.
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see a shower storm later today. tropical depression 8 pulling away from the coast. no longer an issue by wednesday afternoon. 90 our high in raleigh. 92 in fayetteville. tonight dropping back into the upper 60s. comfortable. wouldn't crack open the windows. as we head into thursday, that's our next weather maker. a cold front. drops us back to 84 for friday. a great labor day weekend ahead. >> a water main break in durham. could affect your morning commute. roads closed from lakewood avenue to cobb street. also cobb street closed to shepherds street as well. hill street your best way around it. jackson street options for you. if you're heading through raleigh so far so good. one breakdown in leesville area
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is strickland road. local roads no reports of accidents there. look at your drive time if you're heading west to itp. starting to get busy out there. >> as we get closer and closer to election day the fbi is warning state election boards to keep an eye out for hackers. they say databases for systems have been breeched this year. they access the person information for as many as 200,000 people. arizona officials had to take their system offline after the fbi told them about the credible cyber threat. wow. 6:23 almost 6:24. apple film fanatics.
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hey nice game today. thanks. juicy fruit?
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can't help but chew.
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no head phone jack. wireless headphones. >> i think we all will. how this headphone thing is going to work. i'm like you. i need a longer battery power. that's for sure. >> yeah. >> i'm always stealing russ' headphones. coming up hours battling this fire overnight. >> coming up why they believe th ??
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? ba da ba ba ba ? i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases.
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live in durham where a death investigation is underway. a shooting that left a raleigh police officer
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with what we can expect today and tropical depressions that are affecting the coast. >> we have tropical depression 8 which will impact us first. less than a hundred miles away from cape hadduras. a tropical storm warning in effect. tropical storm conditions are expected in the next 24 hours. these areas are the ones impacted includes this morning. so certainly if you have interest in the outer banks. friends or family vacationing there, pay attention. little impact on us. that's tropical depression 8 but those areas some rain and some win. some dangerous surf conditions but reporting all morning long that swimming is not advised in the outer bank. the rain off the coast but
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in the meantime here in central -- 70 in wilmington and clinton. calls for a temperature right around 84 at lunchtime. 90 our high this afternoon. back to 87. dry from start to finish as we head towards 6:00 this evening. more on your workweek forecast ahead in just a bit. let send it over to allie. >> 6:31 and we've got a detour you need to know about. a water main brea let me get out of the way so you can see here. closed from lakewood avenue to cobb street. also cobb street area road closed though shepherd street as well. south duke street are ways around it. give yourself extra time if you're heading through the durham area especially if you're on your way to the second day of school am breakdown out there. not seeing it slow things down but stalled car at
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day of school, should be getting there on time. a look at your westbound drive times. rtp u.s. 64 to rtp on 540. taking 540 u.s. 1 to rtp. about 16. odd now. i-540. 540 has been quiet all morning long. still looks pretty good on a tuesday morning. we are hoping to learn more this morning about what led up to the shooting that left a man dead and sent a le justin joins us to break down the circumstances. >> among the questions how it escalated to the point of gunfire and who fired first. what we do know is it started when they received a report of trespassing. police say is quickly escalated. a chase followed and then a shooting.
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officers involved. police say an officer was shot in the leg. the suspect was shot and killed. he was the first accused of trespassing in that original report that officer received. both officers have been placed on administrative leave while the fbi and raleigh police investigate. >> this morning durham police are investigating a suspicious death in an apartment complex. a body was block. snrr a neighbor tells cbs north carolina that a little girl's body was found in a mini van and that same neighbor says it may have been caused by the heat. we're still waiting for the durham police to confirm about what happened last night but that same neighbor who says he called -- she called 9-1-1 it
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been reft inside of that minivan. they were called around 7:00 last night. police say that the call initially came in as a cardiac arrest incident when officers arrived at the department. they say they found an unconscious person was pronounced dead a short time later. officers were at the apartment complex for much of the night but we are still waiting on durham police to release more information. they are asking anyone with information about what may have happened last night to reporting live in durham. emma wright cbs north carolina. emma, thank you. new this morning officials in western massachusetts are trying to figure out what or who cased a fire at the warehouse. it used to house a paper company. it's abandoned. it was full of flammable products. that caused the flames to spread quickly and that there were even several explosions. fortunately no one was hurt. they're calling that fire suspicious because the
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philadelphia. fighting a fire at at church. part of the building inned up collapsing because of the blaze. now they're looking to how it started. thankfully though no injuries were reported with this one. >> also in philadelphia, a shooting sends two teens to the hospital. a 13-year-old boy. the other was a 12-year-old girl. they were in a home and that the boy was likely playing with a gun when it went off. he was shot in the left hand. both are expected to >> right now in louisiana, deputies are pulling out all of the stops to track down three escaped inmates. the trio escaped from the cell block and jumped a razor wire fence. one of the inmates was set to be behind bars on an attempted murder conviction. the brock turner case made national headlines and now the young man is just a few days away from being released.
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he was found guilty of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman last year. they is sentenced him to six months in jail and three years of probation. they called it too lenient. after serving just half he's scheduled for release this friday. a community torn apart by one of the worst mass shootings the country has ever seen has seen a big step to healing old wounds. class began at the sandy elementary school. >> a memorial to the 26 victims is still in the works. a health alert we're watching for you this morning. multiple cases of the zika virus have been confirmed in nash county. the health department tells us all the cases involved a group that recently traveled to the caribbean and says that no nobody in that group is preghtd. more than 2500 zika cases have
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including at least 35 here in north carolina. remember to limit mosquito breeding areas and avoid mosquito bites. moving ahead now. cumberland county leaders plan to meet today. they spent the last several months putting together a strategy. another is to better educate the people who prescribed the drugs in the first place. a news conference is set for this afternoon. we will be there morning. protests in the streets of brazil. as they push back against a political scandal. we'll explain what led to the chaos. >> the word is watching as president obama plans to sit down with an embattled leader. >> 64 in louisburg and roanoke rapids. more on your forecast for the
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66 in durham. also 70 goldsboro is reporting the mid- 60s. pretty comfortable. near 90 as they're heading home. you won't have to worry about the umbrella today though. some better chances for rain here in central north carolina coming up if your storm team forecast. russ? that's new this morning as police in brazil had
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president. she's involved in an impeachment trial. as you can see she still has her supporters. social group are calling for similar protests throughout the country of brazil including the capitol. 6:42 in the morning right now. new rules in place for drones this morning. what you want to know before putting one in the sky
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president obama plans to meet with turkey's president this week. it will happen in china . u.s. and turkey have been been at odds. this will be the first meeting since the failed coup. they're expected to discuss the failed overthrow of
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hospital. they start building it in 2010. the old building has faced several problems over the years. the psychiatric facility serves patients in north carolina. if you're looking for a part-time job, pnc arena may be the place to be today. the home of the carolina hurricanes and nc state men's basketball team are looking for event workers. jo 4:00 until 7:00 inside the arena. it's on 1400 edwards mill road in raleigh. >> and today is also a great chance for you to help save lives and meet the cbs north carolina team at the same time. the rock and roll up your sleeve blood drive kicks off at 10:00 this morning at crabtree valley mall. iheart radio is a partner. >> we have them in studio for a live interview last
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is happening. summer months is when it tends to dry up. not enough people giving blood. >> everyone's on vacation. they don't think to head to the blood bank. >> more people on the road which is could be more dangerous. >> let's get to our forecast. a lot of going on -- a lot going on. an active week for us. a tropical storm warning for portions of our coast. pay attention here. including it's been upgraded to a warning. we'll get straight it our satellite radar. the great news for us. we are starting off completely dry. the unfortunately news is we still have that tropical depression to talk about. a little better in circulation here. we also have the hurricane hunters investigating this storm as we speak and they're continuing to detect very week winds with
6:47 am
miles an hour. it could industrial strength intoon intoo -- into a tropical storm. looks like the storm will quickly start to pull away from the north carolina coast and it will continue to strengtden. winds at about 45 miles an hour by about thursday morning. really not impacting anyone along the east coast at that point in time. let's bring you back here closer to home. bright skies a the airport. us. 65 in goldsboro. 63 in henderson. enjoy these morning hours because later this afternoon, it's going to get hot and humid once again. right around 84 at lunchtime. near 90 for an afternoon high before we drop back to 87 by 6:00 this evening. again, no rain in our forecast. certainly though going to feel a bit muggy. dewpoint temperatures in the upper 60s today and
6:48 am
temperatures drop off by thursday am completely different forecast. going to feel comfortable outside. it's going to be much cooler outside. that's the rest of the workweek. today is the heat and part whri cloudy skies no. rain in our forecast. the rain though could start to move in to the outer banks. right around lunchtime. continuing to fall as we head into the afternoon and evening. overall along the coast 1 to 3 inches expected with this tropical depression. most of that starting to pu there's a very small chance we could see a shower or storm. most of us though staying dry today and tomorrow. 90 our high in raleigh today. 92 in fayetteville. fall to near 69. i wouldn't crack open those windows just yet. 90 again on our wednesday. a cold front coming through. 84 on friday.
6:49 am
lack at the weekend ahead. sunshine all day long. saturday and sunday. highs inned low 80s. morning lows in the low 60s. we're still tracking sunshine, dry conditions for our labor day on monday. 6:49 right now. that's your latest serve-day forecast. let's head it over to allie. >> good morning. we have a water main break in durham that could complicate your morning commute. get you right to it and show you which roads are closed. lakewood avenue to cobb street also cobb near shepherd street is closed off. hill street, south duke street your best way around on this. otherwise your commute on your second day of school does not look too bad. a stalled car out there. been out there for quite some time. not affected traffic. major highways through the raleigh area is moving fine. same thing if you're taking 95 through fayetteville area. local roads there no -- we haven't had any issues out there. if you're heading north into
6:50 am
downtown. slowing down on 40. longest part of your commute is 42 to the split. about 15 minutes there. no delays there. you're moving the speed limit. russ? >> good to see that traffic moving. hollywood mourning the death of a famed actor. gene wilder guyed a the age 83. the film that he's best known for is willy wonka and the chocolate factory. >> when and where people can use drones. the agency introduced new rules for the commercial use of drones monday. under the new rules drones cannot fly higher than 400 feet or at nighttime. they have been -- have to be under 55 pounds and
6:51 am
operator. they do have to pass an exam. listen to this bizarre story. fricials investigating the fact of more than 500 kows. they've never heard of cow wrestling on such a large scale. it's an expensive loss too. it's worth about $1100. wow. a lot of money. they will have a pretty difficult time reselling them. they have an electronic id ta any respectable buyer will notice they have an owner. >> i'm trying it figure out that whole story there. a record-breaking catch for a mississippi woman. they managed to hook a huge alligator. look at that thing. the animal measured more than 13 feet 7 inches. that's the biggest gator they've ever caught in mississippi.
6:52 am
can you imagine how many boots and shoes and pocketbooks you can make out of that thing? >> my mouth is just wide open. >> we'll be right back with the news you need to know before you start your day. >> oh, boy. first we want to check with our cbs good morning team. >> ahead the newest fallout in the sexting scandal and how it impacts the clinton campaign. we'll talk -- interviewing weiner preventing panic in airports. after two recent scares. a closer look at amazon's experiment with the 30-hour workweek.
6:53 am
newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted.
6:54 am
looking into what they're calling a suspicious death.
6:55 am
that person was young girl who may have been left in a hot car. we're working to find out more details. >> a man is dead after shooting an east raleigh. they were called monday morning with reports of a gun. several officers chased that manment the suspect later identified was killed. the officer is expected to be o.k. th investigate. >> it's still not clear why a woman was in the train tracks. she was struck and killed. an amtrak train was traveling from new york to miami. that had just left the cary depot who when it happened. they were 160 people on board that train. no one was injured. >> expected to testify in the
6:56 am
hearing. howard was convicted in a double hppedz in 1995. in 2014 a judge overturned the conviction saying he made false and misleading arguments to the jury. that conviction was quickly reinstated with at condition that howard be given a hearing to determine whether there should be a new trial. >> another visit to tar heel state today for donald trump' running mate indiana governor mike pence is holding a campaign rally. he will address the -- pence also spent a day in north caro and wilmington. today's visit comes one day before a big speech from donald trump. his campaign says it will clarify his view on immigration. >> durham team has spent months at the detention center. 19-year-old william akansas that fled his native country over gang violence.
6:57 am
he can reenroll although it remains unclear when he can resume classes there. >> only a few days left in the august. the month ended so quickly. >> it did. summer went by so fast. >> that's a good point . >> certainly with summer we talk about tropical systems and watching a lot of that this week. let's just start it off with a sunrise shot. the rain with tropical depression 8 will start to impact the outer banks this aften afternoon. winds though still left than tropical storm strength and that's why this continues to be a tropical depression this morning. 70 in wilmington and our high 90. >> all right. a look at the clayton bypass. u.s. 70 and i-40. you can see it's very crowded as you head into work. pretty lucky in terms of accidents out. there water main break that could implicate things.
6:58 am
minutes. >> thanks. thanks for being with us. we're back here at noon today.
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good morning, it is tuesday, august 30th, 2016, welcome to "cbs this morning." new details about the separation of hillary clinton's top aid from her husband, anthony congressman's new sexting scandal. donald trump tries to make it a campaign issue. and the fbi warns that hackers could target the election after reported cyber breaches in two states. top senate leader says the threat of russia manipulating results is real. also this morning, unlikely match creates an unbreakable bond. wisconsin judge receives a life-saving kidney transplant. but we begin this morning


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