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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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everybody has to be prepared. everybody at the state and the county is going to be ready but you have to do it on your own. >> right now on cbs north carolina dropping -- the impact the storm's already having on >> and for the first time 9-1-1 calls are now giving us an inside look into the deadly mass shooting that unfolded inside an orlando nightclub. >> so beautiful. >> today the parents of a toddler who died after being left in a van in durham is expected to el us exactly what happened. >> hello and good morning,
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stephen chase. we begin right nowed with tropics. tropical depression 8 moved further off the coast but rip currents are a threat. life guards are warning people to be careful and stay out of war. >> tropical depression 9 is expected to strengthen today. that prompted forecast forecasters to issue a hurricane watch for parts of florida. an area east let's go straight to what we can expect as well. >> yeah. it continues to be active in the tropics. tropical depression 8 no longer an impact tor. it was dry as we do start off our wednesday morning. dry around our area. the coast looking pretty good as well. just a few isolated showers through the wilmington area.
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know who it is does. i want to talk about our temperatures here at home. 73 in raleigh. 72 in durham. 73 in wilmington. 74 in fayetteville. he head northward. not so bad there. 68 in henderson and louisburg. a look at your full day forecast. a mix of sun and clouds am little bit of patchy fog at 8 a.m. 84 at lunchtime. 90 our afternoon high. just a stray shower or storm later today. more on rest of your workweek forecast in just a little bit. let's check in with >> good morning. travel through raleigh looks pretty good. a stalled car out there on 40. right to it and show you where you might be slowing down the westbound side. project fortify construction causing a moderate slowdown as you head on 40 west. things look pretty good. no problems to tell you about there and if you're heading down through fay yetville. 95. local roads moving well. if you're flying out, maybe celebrating labor day weekend somewhere else, your
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arriving on time. at 4:# 2 we take you outside. it looks like a nice ride on i- 40 and harrison avenue. not too many delays to tell you about. bright and early on this wednesday morning. all right. thanks so much. we're expecting to learn more about a tragic incident in durham that left a young girl dead. >> the family is still coming to terms with their loss. the toddler was nownd a hot car on monday. cbs north carolina's emma emma? >> reporter: well family members fowndz that little girl's body in a mini van outside of the apartment. witnesses sate little girl's father and several neighborrings tried to break in but it was too late. neighbors tell cbs north carolina that the #-year-old's father came home from work around 7:00 on monday, noticing the lights in the mini van were
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inside. sam neighbors called 9-1-1 as they watched family members trying to rescue the little girl. >> you think they locked her in the car? >> yeah. trying to break the windows of the car. yeah. i think she's dead. >> durham police say they are girl's death suspicious. they say homicide investigate tors are working on the case but so far no charges have been filed yet. they say an autopsy will be performed to determine the little girl's exact cause of death. family members say they plan on holding a news conference later this morning. reporting live in durham. i'm emma wright. cbs north carolina. >> usda officers will reopen this morning with enhanced security. this comes after e-mail threats
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that includes north carolina, colorado, west virginia and connecticut. it impacted 80 employees. a usda spokesperson say it is conducts plant and food science search. the agricultural services building also closed yesterday. people at that sight do soil and water conservation work. officials aren't saying much about the nature of the threats only to say they were serious enough to >> the department of agricultural is working closely with the ext of homeland security to ensure the safety of their offices and the personnel that work there. >> nc state sent out an alert as well. they received a similar threat that dozen of people at virginia tech also received.
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a surprise move from donald trump. trump plans to travel to mexico city today to meet with mexico's president. it will come hours before he gives his address on how he would handle immigration should he win the presidency. yesterday, trump's running mate the indiana governor talked up his plan to boost the economy and boost jobs and allow the american people to fulfill their potential. >> the time honored principals of less -- starter
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tomorrow as he pays a visit it her home towp of wilmington. >> that's gunfire erupting inside an orlando nightclub. >> 9-1-1 calls are revealing the phone call fls fr insided building. hear some of those calls for help and find out which calls are still not released. >> and later how you help make cbs north carolina
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this is what's left of the tropical depression 8. it's still pulling away from the north carolina coast which means good news for us. the weather look the coast improving today. now let's go ahead and check with our visibility. fog has not been an issue this week. right around that # 5 corridor fog is developing. visibility now less than a half a mile in rocky mount. it's at two and a half miles in roanoke rap wilson county. oui looking at edgecomb county as well. we'll let you know if things get worse before they get better. as you're making plans for your day ahead, 73. 84 at lunchtime. we make it to 90 this afternoon. a small chance for a shower or storm late this afternoon. most of us stay dry. tomorrow though a cold front approaches the state. i'll let you know what that
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up near storm team forecast. russ? >> thanks so much. 9-1-1 calls reveal new details from the morning. shot and killed in an orlando nightclub. >> gunshots were going like crazy. >> dead people everywhere. they're shooting. >> other calls included loved ones from outside of the club. they released this batch of calls. orlando released the ones they received. those include some from the gunman who pledged his alliance and allegiance to isis. the time is now 4:41. an out of control tractor trailer ran into a dozen vehicle. traps a woman inside. plus -- >> we all agree that we're not horse in this. we just did what we thought we needed to do. >> how they finally reached the woman and what investigators say caused that
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meet with the company's president before reaching -- meanwhiled fbi is expected to release documents as early as today. its investigate into hillary clinton of a private e-mail server. >> people in florida are keeping a close eye on tropical depression number 9. heavy rein and flooding to the
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brought -- still a threat for the next several days. now asking for anyone who may have seen the deadly officer-involved shooting to come forward. that happened on monday on donald ross drive. they responded to reports of a man with a gun trespassing testimony escalated to a chase and a shooting. one officer was shot in the leg. the suspect died. police say they were called at the same home on july >> he come downstairs. kicking and screaming. barking at her. with the baby. i took the baby. he runs after me screaming. he backs in the house and goes and gets a knife and chases me up the road. >> now following that he was charged with assault on a female and assault with a deadly weapon. during a vigil yesterday they said there was another side.
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to rush to judgment. >> durham police are searching for a man who shot a man. cruise took the man too the hospital. >> testimony will continue for the man who spent 21 years in prison for a double homicide. they focused on dna evidence that was not available during the first trial. former prosecutor is expected to testify this week. >> right now fayetteville is in a new york city jail. they arrested warren in manhattan. he attacked a woman that he knew back in january. >> the governor's race has far and away become the most expensive of its kind when it comes to ad spending. they released figures that show $7.7 million has been spent.
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and 6100 for republicans. now while house bill 2 a talking point a lot from other groups. the candidates have recently directed a whole lot of their attention to exas well. all of that comes as north carolina students and teachers head back it school. >> public education has been at the forefront for the past four years. governor mccrory has a record now that he has to stand on and defend. >> of course he's going to talk voter's behinds and he has a good story to tell if you look at just from the perspective of what has happened while he's been governor the last three and a half years. >> now both campaigns have argued about teacher pay raises in education funding in the past. and sticking with education, dualing events today over the state of north carolina schools. first governor mccrory will hold a round table discussion in johnson county. that's happening this morning at riverwood middle school and then this afternoon,
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association of educators will hold an event to clear up misinformation throughout the campaign season. we'll be at both of these tefnghts and bring you coverage later this evening. >> yes, today is the last day of august but guess what? it's also the last day in the 90s? >> we have much cooler temperatures by friday. the transition day for us. cold front coming through. in the upper 80s but let's take a look at what we're expecting this morning. it is 73 degrees ri raleigh-durham international airport. a quiet morning here. no fog, no rain. some of you are reporting a little bit of fog. i'll get to that in a moment. i want to start with those temperatures. they're a little warmer and a little muggier. 70 in clayton. we have 73 in wilmington and rayford. 72 in durham.
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not around the triangle or the sand hills. it's off to our east. it will be warm there but i think tolerable if you want to there's a very small chance for a shower or storm later this afternoon into early this evening. other than that, most of us are going to stay dry. now we've been talking about temperatures falling out of the 90s. we're looking at dewpoint dropping off. dewpoint in the upper 60s today and tomorrow. cold front comes through on thursday. look what happens for friday. dewpoint temperatures drop to the upper 50s. making it very comfortable for
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things have started to change with a tropics. we'll imd and see how that's going to impact us first and get to the tropics in a moment. butlet talk about the future forecast. 6 a.m. this morning. we are dry. we're dry through lunchtime. just an isolated shower or two as we head through the afternoon hours. you can seat majority of us expecting to stay drai. tomorrow the big headlines is cold front. that cold front approaching our state as we head into the after c widespread showers and storms. not expecting any of this to be severe. but it's going to have a bigger impact on the entire viewing area. tropical depression 8 almost a thing of the past. it's about 7 o miles southeast. moving continuously through the north and east. again it's heading into the open atlantic. very little impact as far as rain and wind is concerned along our coast. still some stronger surf from time to time. stronger rip currents.
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head into later this week possibly the holiday weekend. that's when this will come into play. wind close to 70 miles an hour. as it's making land fall right along the gulf coast of florida. then it drops into the open atlantic. much closer to the coastline this morning. that could potentially mean more rain for our coast friday into early saturday. but once we get beyond that, looks like the rest of considerably drier. high of 90 in raleigh. 91 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we should drop to near 70. partly cloudy. mild temperatures continuing for us. tomorrow that cold front comes around and that's going to bridge us those showers and storm in the afternoon but also going to drop temperatures considerably. back to 84 on friday. as we head into the holiday weekend ahead, i mentioned those showers with that tropical depression 9 on friday.
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sunday. labor day, still looking perfect. sunny skies around 84 degrees. but switching gears here. stoplights and highways tell me it's not see. >> we are going to see it soon here in the raleigh area. the state dpot has chosen raleigh for ramp meters. popular if other large cities. the goal is to manage congestion. it shows exactly what happens. only one vehicle goes at each turn of a green light and the plan is to put four on i-40 westbound ramps. the ramp signal system responds to real-time traffic
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adjusted almost immediately. but for now, we've just got regular onramps and we do have a disabled vehicle near one. that we're going to tell you about on 40. ty-40 westbound. not too many people out there at 4:53 this morning. not quite 5:00 yesterday. travel through durham looks good. into raleigh pretty average. u.s. 1, i-540 to downtown. 72 minutes there on 70. we'll get to that in a second. here's a better breakdown for you. just 4 minutes from 540 to 401. just 4 minutes as well. 440 to downtown is fine and here's that number. that stalled vehicle is. clearly not effecting traffic. too badly out there. still very quiet on this
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up later on cbs this morning. coming up after pedro pascal on narcos.
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just minutes ago chris brown bailed out of a jail. they say a woman called for help there. she sound brown .ed a gun at her face. brown claims he's innocent though. >> hundreds of lives will be saved thanks to you. red cross collected 126 pints during our blood drive. that includes 62 first-time donors. thank you. do you remember baby camden. here's his picture. he introduced you to him last week. the 6-month old needed blood transfusion to help save his life. we are happy to let you know he's out of the hospital and back home with a smile on his face. while he gets to be home he still has a long road ahead of him for recovery. wishing him well. still thinking of him.
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strong rip currents and windy conditions. they want folks to stay away


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