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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  August 31, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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in the united states history in an orlando nightclub. >> so beautiful. >> memories of a little girl. today the parents of a toddler who died of a being left in a van in durham is expected to tell us what happened. >> hello, everybody. it's 5:0 in the morning. thanks for watching north carolina news. >> he's in a really good mood because it's his birthday. >> you're giving out all my secrets >> . we begin right now with the tropicsful tropical aggression 8 ve coast but high surf and daims rip currents are still a threat for the next several days. life guards are warning folks to be extra careful and to say out of the water. >> and tropical depression 9 is in the gulf coast and expected to -- a hurricane watch for parts of physical and that stretches from northwest of tampa to an area east of panama city. what we can expect here. >> well, good morning, guys.
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tropical depression 8 not going to have an impact on the north carolina coast other than what we were talking about with rip currents and a strong surf. make sure you're paying attention if you're heading that way to what the life guards are issuing whether it's safe to be in the water but here's that cluster of showers. here locally we're on the dry side. fayetteville, raleigh included tbh that. a stray shower or storm developing late this afternoon. as far as your current temperatures are concerned, pretty comfortable. 72 in ralgh 70 in clayton. more 60s news , weather , and sports of triangle. 67 in henderson. 64 right now in south hill. nowhere near though as cool as the past few mornings. certainly keep that in mind. heading out doort. a little bit of fog this morning at 8 a.m. mainly around the 95 corridor. climb to 90 this afternoon and just a stray shower or storm after 3:00. more on a cold front heading our way that could impact tomorrow and the rest of the workweek. here's allie.
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play a fak forin our morning commute. if you're heading out door right now you should get to work on time. no theys through the raleigh area. gardner, cary, apeks. apex. >> traffic shift. 9 p.m. starts tonight to 5 p.m. tomorrow morning. open sections are here. rock quarry road. south sawnder tr durham area right and early no problems to report to you there. durham down through fayetteville. the third day of school. a nice, easy ride if you head out there soon. 540 from u.s. 64 to rtp. 3 minutes there. 25 from the gardner area and to road u.s. 1 to rtp about 16 minutes fnlt outside to i-40 at airport boulevard. if you are heading to rdu.
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hump day. >> we are expecting to learn more this morning about a tragic incident. >> the family of a #-year-old leslie ramirez is still coming to terms with their loss. the child was found inside of a hot car on monday. cbs north carolina east emma wright is live in durham with more on this story. emma? >> family members say that little girl was found inside of a mini van parked outside of the family's apartment. witnesses say the litt the van to save her but it was too late. police said that father came from around 7:00 monday night and noticed a light in the van and saw that little girl inside. they say he and several neighbors tried to break into the family. by the time she was pulled out she was pronounced
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durham police think it's suspicious. homicide investigators are looking into the case but no charges have been filed. they say an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death n. the meantime family membof will be holding a news conference later this morning to talk more about what happened. cbs north carolina will be there. we will bring you upstates on our website and news beginning at noon. reporting live in durham. cbs north carolina. usda offices will reopen. this comes after e-mail threats led to the agency to close offices in five states including north carolina, colorado, west virginia, maryland and
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the closure about 80 employees. a spokesperson says that office conducts plant and food science research and the agricultural services building in the wake county office park off full road closed yesterday. people primarily do soil conservation work. they're not saying much about the threats only they were serious enough to warrant closing those offices. the department of agricultural is working closely with the department of homeland security to ensure the safety offices and the personnel that work there. >> nc state send out an alert say twog faculty members received a threat. however offices remain open. >> surprise move from donald trump as he prepared to clarify his stance on immigration. trump plans to travel to mexico city today to meet with mexico's president. the visit will come just hours before trump gets his
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>> and yesterday, trump's running mate paid another visit here to the tar heel state. with a rally in winston salem. the indiana governor talked up the plan to boost the economy and create jobs and claimed it will lout the american people to fulfill their potential. >> the time hoarnd principals of less government, less regulation, more low-cost energy and smarter trade deals has always set loose the boundless energy and is going to set it it's going to do it faster than you could possibly imagine. >> o.k. so the trump campaign will continue is pursuit of north carolina's 15 lengthor votes tomorrow as trump easy daughter-in-law pays a visit to her hometown of wilmington. gunfire erupts inside an orlando nightclub killing dozens people. >> 9-1-1 calls are revealing the chaos unfolding from inside building coming up
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we'll hear those calls for help and which calls are not being released. >> and later how you help make the cbs north carolina and iheart [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our
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hey nice game today. thanks. juicy fruit? sure i'll try a piec.... juicy fruit. so sweet you can't help but chew. we're halfway through the workweek. this is a live picture from shaw university. clearly making out the buildings this morning. no rain in raleigh. we're in the triangle. however you travel just off to our east and that's where we're seeing some pretty dense fog. i'll get to that in one moment. i want to talk about the temperatures. pretty mild as we start off our day. right around 72 in wilmington
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also 67 in henderson. now to that fog. visibility dropping close to a quarter of a mile in roanoke rapids. this includes both nash and edgecomb counties. even the northern portion of wayne county. right now goldsboro your visibility has temporarily improved to about 4 miles. i will let you know if this spreads further west. let's get straight to your forecast. low 70s add 8 should be dry there. 90 our afternoon high. now after about 3:00 we could see a shower or storm develop very isolated in nature. we'll drop back to 87 by 6 p.m. more on the rest of your workweek forecast. an update on the tropics in about 10 minutes. >> 9-1-1 calls reveal new details from the morning a man shot and killed 49 people inside an orlando nightclub. >> leavinged club and then gunshots were just going
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everywhere. they're shooting. >> now other calls included loved ones from outside the club. the orange county sheriff's office released this new batch of call. oarbled police have not released the onings they receive. those include some from the the gunman who pledged his aleenls from siss is. they shot and killed the gunman. out of control tractor trailer ram with a nearly as dozen vehicles. one catches fire and traps a woman inside of it. >> we're not heroes in thought we needed to do. >> some might think otherwise. what caused that horrific crash plus the family of a man who died after a shootout with raleigh police has that message.
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newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools
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the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted. pat mccrory: stop taking north carolina backwards. top stories right now. today we expect to hear more from the family aft 3-year-old girl found dead inside of a fan in
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cause of death. no charges have been filed. >> also happening republican presidential candidate donald trump travels to mexico today. he'll meet with the country's president before delivering a major speech about immigration in arizona. meanwhile the fbi's expected to release documents as early as today related to its investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. during her time as secretary of state. >> people in florida are keeping a close eye on first another tropic -- high surf and dangerous rip currents are still a threat. >> the -- police say it quickly escalated to a chase and then a shooting. one officer was shot in the
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terry died. >> screaming. barging at her. with the baby. i take the baby so he runs after me. he comes back in the house and goes get a knife and chases me up the road. >> now following that he was charged with assault on a female and assault with a during a vigil family and friends say there was another side. he said he was a good person, father and urged people not to rush to judgment. >> durham police are searching for the person who shot a man. it happened around 7:00 last night. crews took the man to the hospital. he's in critical condition. >> this morning, testimony will continue for the man who spend 21 years in prison for a double homicide. defense attorneys focused on
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trial. the man accused of rape and assault is in a new york city jail. they arrested wash in manhattan. police say the 45-year-old attacked a woman that he knew back in january. >> the governor's race man the most -- has been most expensive. they released figures that show 7.7 million dollars has been spent. the next closest state is indiana with just under 5 million. and while house bill 2 is a talking point we see a lot of groups. candidates directed a lot of the attention to education. all of that comes as north carolina students and their teachers head back to school. public education has been at the forefront for the past four years. governor mccrory has a record now that he has to
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>> of course, pat mccrory is going to talk about immigration. that's a big things on voter's mind. he has a good story to tell from the perspective of what has happened while he's been governor the last three and a half years. >> both campaigns have argued about teacher pay raises and education funding in the past. and sticking with education, dualing events today over the state of north carolina schools. first governor mccrory will hold a round table discussion on you may notice a difference but a cool down is -- >> it's on the way. >> yeah. >> we just have to wait through today and tomorrow as well before you're going to notice a big change. friday, the weekend ahead
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live picture. starting to see a little hustle and bustle out there on the tarmac. all end well here. 72. clear skies. if you are getting started along the 95 corridor, that's where we're tracking some dense fog this morning. you're at 67. 71 in roan oak rapids. rayford riar wednesday. halfway through workweek. it's another hot and humid one. 80 by 10 a.m. 84 at lunchtime 90 for an afternoon high. a small chance for a shower or storm. most of you stay dry. it's tomorrow that big things are going to start to change and it's a cold front that's on way. the setup for today. tropical depression 8 just off our coast. right now it's located about 75
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to the north and east. it's the cold front to north. watch what happens tomorrow. closer to our area. increasing our rain chances in the afternoon. now cooler temperatures are bottled up behind this front. however, this front isn't going to move a lot as we head towards friday. we've been talking about tropical depression 9. this front is going to help steer that and into our coast as we heads towards friday and the upcoming weekend. 'l our rain chances and you can see we're going to doctor dry this morning. dry through lunchtime. even the coast pretty much on the dry side. as that tropical depression 8 drifts further out to
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this cluster of rain is what's left. not looking very organized but still strengthen into a tropical storm. that's what it's expected to do. strengthen into a tropical storm. continue out into the open atlantic where it would lose its shark -- we have to turn our attention to tropical depression 9. conditions are just right. this could strengthen and could strengthen pretty fast. 65 miles an there at thursday afternoonful could make land fall thursday evening into friday. the latest track has changed a lot over the past 4 hours. keeps it over land through georgia, south carolina, even possibly over land around our coast. and that means a better rain chance friday afternoon and evening into saturday morning. this quickly moves out to sea. and then the rest of our labor day weekend should be able to be salvaged. 90 our high today.
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the coming days that cold front comes through tomorrow. 8 with that front. 84 behind it. 20% chance of rain on friday. because we're watching tropical depression #. the nice weather returns for us. staying locally around central north carolina. weather should cooperate. speaking of labor day, 84 and is sunny. really liking the look of the labor day weekend. >> i ow those. but let's get to traffic. you were talking about stoplights on highways. what's the laitdest with this? >> sounds odd but a pilot program for ramp meters. it will pop up this spring. popular in other large cities. the goal is to manage freeway congestion. this video shows what happens. only one vehicle will go at each turn of a green
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westbound ramps. >> instead of five or six cars and all trying it merge and stopping the traffic that's been slowed down one car, sometimes two cars at time will come down and spaced o out a little bit. >> it responds to real-time traffic conditions fsm they start to back up the signal will be adjusted almost immediately. woo l look for that this spring. >> all right. morning. not too much out there. nothing slowing you down on 40, 540. cary, apex, holly springs. we have no delays like yesterday. looking a lot better and down through fayetteville. same thing. the time to get out there if you have that cup of
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a live view shows no delays just yet. again, get out there if you can. now on this hump day at 5:53. things are moving pretty well. before we go to break a look at what's coming up later. >> coming up after pedro pascal. how he trained for the role of a dea agent.
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. >> one of those car catching fire. it trapped a woman inside her car. that's when flea men answered
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we did what most people in the world should do. unfortunately there was a lot of more bistand tharys just stood around and took picture thans helped somebody. it was very unfortunate. >> you can see they use a fire extinguisher. one of those cars -- the car window broke open and they pulled that woman to safety. she only suferred minor cuts and bruises. it's incredible. ten people were involved in they grave the tractor trailer a ticket. about an hour ago chris wrown bailed out of an l.a. county jail. they responded after a many who called for help. he said brown poin ed a gun at her face. brown claims he's innocent. >> hundreds of lives were l be saved thanks to you. the red cross collected 126 pints during our blood
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to three lives and do you remember beak ka dem. we introduced you last week. the six-month old needed a blood transfusion to help save his life. we are happy to report that he's out of the hospital and finally back home. while he gets to be home for mow, he still has a long road to recovery ahead. >> what a smile he had face tblvment time roight now is 5:57. still ahead, we are tracking the tropics. >> and for the cbs north carolina coast. we have you covered. hey, kristen. >> the latest on the impacts of tropical depression 8 and what people here are preparing for. later this week. gh plus before you head out the door back here in central north carolina.
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passionate of a durham toddler speaking out about what happened. >> plus several kayakers are hurt after a bizarre collision. what they're looking at as a possible cause. >> keeping a close eye several weather systems in the atlantic. look at those choppy waves. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for watching north carolina news. >> one of those systems is moving away from the coast right now but another could cause issues for us later this week. cbs north carolina is there right now. we're going to check in with her in just a minute. >> we'll go to storm team meteorologist with a look the a the forecast today in our area and -- good


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