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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 6, 2016 7:00am-8:36am EDT

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? 20 morning., welcome "cbthis morning." hillary clinton and donald trump
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client deserener," your wod in seconds. this great plane, that donald trumactually invited on his plane. >> candidates battl swing states. >> we're going to bring jobs eve time think about trump -- t >> president obamail n in tte hurled r it'y. >> o t e h is churningphe
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have you h a chance at all nj urse? >> i aten oreo. majorarrethfa in major, enjoy h 308arhet men
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toyota, les go places. captioning funded bybs > lcto "cbs this tion day ie wee f to camigns e binning their final push. donald trump and hillary clinton sp labor day working and looking fo votes in the
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b havgeveral helinton employees whoeem to go back andor the twno, i don't, ncy. look, everything i dthe e ment in no evidence ine.
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the to be
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itinty 'vwn bdiha authat nton rerd that
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impression? both othedite nd a st hommaer in chief. co vers as someone they
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discsures from theseawsu nst hlary clinton. he i whee' h thn more
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ilaryresptfre than ns fm a >>eporter:ak tagalog,hihia people esidt tee told t that he wouldall preside wn resnd president oba or refuy.
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the that howlin winds andie tt mis parts oap cod bac0 mir
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it's very dangerous. >> reporter: still, the brunt of hermine has mostly spared the region, a relieve for tom labar. c movinld stay east ich ise with me.ter: h i expectd to come to a near stopr
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you'atching "cbs this morning." > od moing, thank you for watchi. we have been following "breaking news" this morning ofayteville. it is a fatal hoe re. cbs north carolina justin quesinberrlive athe scene more. >>reporter:what we can tell you righw is ione person dead, inhis fire, one rson was treated on thscene e for sme lation and t founinside the home dead, as u see firefighterstill ma hy arrid at iss on mcneil cile. he
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are that do pop up. the home.significant damageo theyontinue to investigate where exactly the starand it started. the investigation righnow kind of pause because they a waiting for the next shift to come on board before the really ramp up that inio i talked to a firefighter out usments ago, trying to getense owhen we might fi torrow, us are eariat could be no immediate id on that person, just yet. live in fayettevil, justin quesinberry, cbs north carolina. l the weatr tcll rning everyone, we
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y23lgyy upon the professionou faith and t law of jesus christ i now bze in the namef e?-fath and of the son -- >> >> 6-year-old rdan. he couldn't wait to be baptized pas you see. >> jordan decided to do it. the pastor wasaking too long. he decided i'm going to baptize myself. he held his nose and dked himself in the water. that's the power sign, the victory sign. >> that's adorable. you knowh h ith knowi thase that, right?
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welcome back to all of zblup i ow. >> we saying how long it's been. wead the convention. was off two weeks. eks, charlie >> you guys were off we tell th? >> a gentlem nev tells. we're all glad to be toge >> those whodo, . public opinion oy ois victim rtlypoout.are to respond plus, the fightol t zikairusew safetyconcerns. the cmical has some florida s worried about exposure. ahead, the controversial secret insecticide band in europe is now being used.
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between hillary clinton and the boston college who hired her husband. for a state department function in 2009, nine months later, the company signed bill clinton to a five-year consulting deal worth nearly $18 million. there is no evidence that the state department favored t school tg them. usday" reports ot ama defending ntheprotest. quarterbacwa?: to stand durinhe national fusing them. kaeperni s he bring attention to racial injustices. president obama add the protest was a touch thing for accept. and the pladelpa inquirer reports that the bill cosby trial could beet he accus
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prep school student convied of sexual ass a ring ctim spoke out in chessy prout came forward last week to tell her side of the ha generated national may 2014. it tk place on the project a empowered and just song enough to be able to say i havenbodyi . >> reporter: aer exchanging o l partf a ritual called the senior
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forced her t have sex after she reptedly said no. >> i was raped. as violent raped. >> reporter: labrie admits there was physical contact but deniedu i tug to myse, maybe we eporr: in august o year, a jury convicted le o three counts of >> guilty or not guilty? ilty. 6f ep convicted of endangering child and usi comr services to a mor acquitted he s felony sex assault charges. labrie has to serve a year in jail and has to rister as a se offenror life. he curly baienng
7:26 am
brie did this willingly. >> our response is owencoicted . the jury acquitted, thatea they found him innocent.
7:27 am
misdemr sexual assault but for her age consel derenc o or w underage.
7:28 am
thedealou think he's learn >> t lisholeoro encounter with girl heaid h innocence all along that they d note sex. >> he washysical contac w tmean >> there was kissg,rubb atertontact but not sexual intercourse course. that was his testimony. this last week, she said w had been prepared to just receive an apology letter and just move lives. and just mor are you wear of just having owe live ace altogether? >> i'm very new with the case. i believe attorney rancourt concurs we were not that.
7:29 am
never any tter? eaid there was a lette wher som owen? >> to the best of my knowledge, it was offered as a plea bargain. just to write a letter. >> are you aware there was sueson of a er >> whether or not that was listed part of say larger plea bargain with o consequences, we're not prepared hicounsel at that time. not it was never present to us. she was testifying at the time, a w cou h ise. we did not see wrongdoing in this case? so much has been put that she es he admit is what the testimony is at this point. but is this not -- this is not a done deal. weav two tcks going forward. i've ce in to litigate a
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co anth rnsppl wit? >> there are a numberf different i motion for a new trial and then attorney rancourt continue to handle the appeal with the new hampshire supreme court. >> owen labrie has to register as a sex offender? >> a sex offender for life which will keep him away from playgrounds for the rest of his life. it will affect his future was soliciting her via that. that's what you're trying to overturnright? >> yeah. and the motion for new trial has argued various points. one of those points being that the computer charge was not challenged effectively. that's raised in the motion for the new trial of ineffective. and also appeal. it's also pending in the new hampshire supreme court. >> so we understand this, are you saying that she was lying in her interview? >> i don't think we can comment
7:31 am
case, this is not done. >> what did you think? you both watched it, what did you think? >> we were doubled the statements that she made went unchallenged. we were troubled when she's interviewed and she makes states purporting to know what the jury is thinking. that statement goes unchallenged in the media. and then it's picked up that he's a rapist and predator and this horrible person, when the facts are he was found innocent of when you're innocent, you're innocent, bottom line. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> jaye rancourt and robin melone. could the fight against zika compromise safety? others calling it dangerous. if you're heading out the door you can watch us live from the cbs "all-access" app. we're thinking you don't want to miss oprah revealing her next book club section.
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? a contversy growing over
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trucks this mor fit time told t mosquos that carry the virus. they're spraying what is called environmental friendly bacteria called critics say it's not strong enough. david begnauds at miamieach botanil garden. david good morning. >> reporter:ar morng, the locked the facility here at the garden. say it's ready for people to come back in. mewhe,here are new cases of zika on miami deep. and this morning, a new round of intense zbroundz spray. early this morning, buffalo turbine trucks w used
7:37 am
bacter bacteria. they're hoping it will keep off the aids aegpti mosquito. >> reporter: back in august, miami-dade began spraying in wynnewood. alternating between bti and the powerful neurotoxin called nal ed. >> naled can kill anything. >> reporter: a graduate research. >> and the it will kill the mosquito pretty much instantaneously. >> reporter: it's efftive but controversial. it was banned in puerto rico and one of the hardest hit areas in the world. officials say it's dangerous for pregnant women and could result in their babies developing behavorial issues the cdc and
7:38 am
the cdc is recommending miami deep use helicopters to spray. >> they definitely don't want it here. >> reporter: miami beach executive michael greco said the city does not want the spraying. >> governors has a job to do. at the same time, he's not here at miami beach. we know what the people of miami beach want. >>eporter: so the commissioner is calling on the county to stop using naled we reached out to the cdc. they told cbs news it's up to miami beach city, if they don't want to use naled, they don't have to. scientists finally discover a space probe thought to be gone forever.
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the governor takes aim at a state toxicologist today in another political dustup over coal ash. n: governor pat mccrory's office is refuting claims he misled the homeowners about the safety of their well water. dr. megan davies was the state epidemiologist, but she resigned theek, saying she cannot work for a department and an administration that deliberately misleads the public. she claims the state never should have told people good morning, here is what is making headlines right now. one inorth colina when it busy comes campaign 2016. today, former president bill
7:48 am
vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be in wilmington and chapel hill. donald trump will be in greenville. his democratic rival, hiary clinton will campaign in charlotte, on thursday. we will have team coverage of all of the events on and during our evening n ewscasts. around 3:30 a.m. firefighters and fayetteville announce i found one person that inside a burning home. flames tore through the house on mcneil circleun fayetteville technical community college off ford rag road. one person was found inside, dead, inside the home, another person did make it out. workers treated a person for smoke inhalation, at the scene. we will continue to update you on the situation throughout your morning and afternoon. let's turn it over to meteorologist, kristen ketchell for a look at the forecast. >> good morning everyone, we are off to a quiet start to our
7:49 am
beautiful sunshine out there already this morning. with a dry satellite picture and a clear satellite picture here we will see clear conditions throughout the day today. 65degrees in raleigh, 66 durham, and also in siler city, 68 degrees in fayetteville. about 90 this afternoon, we are backdown into the 60s tonight. 92 tomorrow, 94 on thursday, we will stay in the '90s through the start of this upcoming weekend. rain will cool us off into the eventually. good morning, we have a bunch of crashes out there in the raleigh area causing heavy delays, if you are heading west th morning. one on 440 at exit 14, us 64, another one on the eastbound side, not causing as many delays and we do have one farther south -- excuse me farther west on 440.
7:50 am
workweek on this tuesday. if you are traveling through durham, rhodes look a lot better, some delays because of the morning rush and an accident we had on nc 54, ansi 55 has been cleared. outside i 40 and ansi 42, if you take a look, things look pretty well out there. another update on your traffic conditions coming up. i'm hillary clinton and i he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't belve the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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? it is tuesday, september 6, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morng." theris me r ahead, including the final strch of the presidential campaign ask cbs news director anthony salvanto what could change it. but first, the news at 8:00. >> she ripped the band aid fast. >> donald trump and mike pence found a huge crowd very enthusiastic. >> they said a lot of people are really going to drill down now. what do they need to convince
7:52 am
said you never get a second chance to make a first impression? >> yeah. >> both candidates need a second chance. >> there has been no direct apology from the philippines president. just an expression of regret that president obama took offense at this anti-american rant. >> are you saying that she was lying? on her statement. >> what did yhink of the interview? >> we were troubled that the statementshe made went unchallenged. >> there are new cases of morning, a new intense ground . how long it has been since we've been all together. >> you guys were off together. >> should we tell them? >> those that do, dot talk. >> there you go. ? but we're happy to be together. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. >> yeah. >> back to the fall politics and so much more. >> yes. a nice break. fired up, ready to go.
7:53 am
>> we are. all right. let's turn to politics -- >> tv. >> it's all fun. donald trump and hillary clinton will continue more campaigning today after a busy labor day in ohio. both in cleveland invited rerters on their plane. neither could escape the issues facing their campaign. >> for the first time hillary clinton answered questions about the fbi notes about interview with the fbi about theva e-mail rvers. she told reporters she could not recall any briefing or training by sectary reling to information. >> i with the classification of the armed services committee revealed to the secretary of state.
7:54 am
not the that i position, with the treatment of that. >> reporters on trump's plane asked him to clarify his immigration plan. and explained again what he would do with nonviolent undocumented immigrants. >> to become a citizen, you're going to have to go out and come back in. go through the process. you're going to have to get online. this isn't touchback -- you go and come back in to be a citizen. >> we're confused. a lot of republican plans have talked about letting people have a legal status just to be able to live here and work here. people who have lived here for a long time and part of society. >> we're going to make that decision. good question. i'm glad you asked that. >> trump said in another interview that it's possible some undocumented immigrants would be allowed to stay.
7:55 am
anthony salvanto is with us at the table to break it down. how are you? >> i'm good. really good. >> 63 days and counting what do the numbers tell you as we sit here today? >> clinton is leading. she is leading where it counts. we've seen the national polls bounce around. state by state the story of the summer has been with all of the states we h seen her take a lead. sometimes in single digits. sometimes in double digits. donald trump's role a little higher. we'll hear about ohio, of course. we'll hear in florida. he's got to win those states. he's got a narrow path, he can do it, but he's got to start picking them up. >> anthony, likely 341 electoral votes for hillary clinton. only needing 270 to win. that suggests a blowout. >> it does at this point. it's not over but it does. it's even the case where we're
7:56 am
georgia and arizona that just don't vote democratic are starting to get close. and clinton is within striking distance. >> what's the indication? >> in poll after poll, senate races, people say that they think their republican senate candidate is a different kind of republican from donald trump. so right now, we don't see trump being that much of a drag on a lot of these senate candidates. >> we've seen donald trump spend the last two weeks just again saying some undocumented immigrants may be able to stay. where do you see his polling among hispanic voters? how does that affect him in some of these battleground states? >> what it's done, he's not doing well with hispanic voters. what that's done, it's cutting off that math we're talking about in places like nevada and colorado. >> and i was surised arizona is one of the highest hispanic populations in the entire
7:57 am
vote in this election than they have in the past and that's hurting them because they're voting for clinton. having said that, if they're going to immigration, his base likes his policies on it. if you look at the folks that aren't with him, they don't like his politics. >> explain what he has to do. >> well, it's not immigration. people who don't like his policies are already against him. where he does do a little better. in fact, manyases better than hillary clinton is on the economy. i wo n probably looking at the same numbers we are if he starts because he's got a little bit of an edge there fixing the economy over hillary clinton which is good news for clinton. >> and wha the paid media strategy is, the paid ads are about the economy which is what he's doing interviews on. >> he steps on his message. >> yeah. >> and they both have high negatives, too, anthony. have you ever seen anything like this, both have high negatives?
7:58 am
that introduces certainly into this race, gayle. you look at this big lead but it's fragile. it's fragile because you have a front-runner who is unpopular. 38% of her voters say they're voting for hillary clinton just to oppose donald trump. and people say hey, who are you voting against -- >> i know we'll see you before november. thank you very much. libertarian gary johnson and his running mate william weld will be here tomorrow. and oprah with the new book club selection. >> hi, everyone. it's that time again, uh-huh. i've been readingnd i found something really deliciously delightfully fantastic that i think you're going to love. coming up, i'm going to tell you what it is.
7:59 am
good tuesday morning, i am meteorologist, kristen ketchell, a sunny start to our day. lots of blue sky out there this morning, it is 65
8:00 am
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? police in oregon are tryin
8:05 am
>> i thought, they're not going push down how much tsee in tha just toppled the rockover. the iconic sandstone was known as the duck bill about seven feet tallnd seven to ten feet wide on top. though fenced off it's long been a destination for nature lovers and nature photographers. >> it just made me sick because everybody kno that rock. it breaks my heart because so many peo >> reporter: state officials first thought it had collapsed due to erosion late last week. >> it will be up to the state police to decide how to deal with it. >> reporter: two men were given fines and ordered to pay restitution fostrong 2015.
8:06 am
into a red rock wall in arizona. the sand stone stood in a dangerous park of the nature area. lea six people, including three teenagers fell to their dethere. >> the first concern is making su people are safe. second, what do we need to do to be clear about what's apprope havior in a park. >> reporter: the photographer confront t vandals who on safety hazd but he't b ckingver rocke theti for the sole purpose of being vandals, you know, just makes me up >> rorter: f "cbs is inn tracy, angeles. >> knuckleheads. if you recognize t people i the video,'t somebody there tn in. they're old enough guys to know better >> it's a prank. you'rold enough to know
8:07 am
dra off the fid. 're goi t loo ahe for e col kaepernick controversy. and the big matchup in week one. who better to do that than james brown of the "nfl today." i love this pan. 's i oreen rm with his analysis and edics. we're watc "cbthis moing."
8:08 am
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? wakefield. florida state takes the lead. ole miss suffered a meltdown st night. and florida state took advantag the seminoles beat the rebels as the first week of college football wraps this week's kickoff of the nfl regular season. >> the nfl season kicks off for reals. >> ready to go. >> the games are ready. >> time too to los angeles. >> you don't know what the possibilities are, but everybody starts in the same spot. >> definitely a heightened sense of urgency. >> it's week one of the nfl season. you're so football hungry that you'll watch anything.
8:12 am
action this sunday. james brown, the host of nfl today is here. with a preview of the season, j.b., you're looking so smart. >> thank you. >> the tie. >> you guys are back from vacation giving together, giving norah a break. >> she's wonder woman. >> is that what it is? >> yes. have you seen hereg she's wonder woman. >> i'm too dark to blush. >> you're turning maroon. >> good comeback, gayle. anyway, what was your question, charlie? >> so, what's the first big game? is it the game -- the game that the panthers have revisited of the super bowl? >> you know, you would say that that's a thursday night game of denver hosting the carolina panthers. john madden always says until
8:13 am
knock off. even with peyton manning gone, the defense is flat out awesome. cam newton has a big chip on their shoulder. carolina is a very legitimate threat so it ought to be a good matchup. >> what else. >> before we talk about nuts and bolts can we talk colin kaepernick. i would love to get your thoughts, president obama has weighein. more and more people seem to be supporting him. >> most peoplere saying the rit g as colin kaepeick number two, people might a i it the right venue. wld defer to what roger goodell, the nfl commissioner said, the young man can d what he's doing, even the venue. godell may not agree wit that but has the right to do it. >> are you surprised he said that? >> no, really i'm not. havehat conversation one day about roger
8:14 am
serious one? absoluly, it . he's taking a ri i would like t think tha speaks to the depth of his what i hope there will be e. meaningful conversation from is notrom homogeneous groups but diverse groups. >> did you know he had this sensitivity? >> absolutely did not. you know what he's not a warm and fuzzy guy. but you love him a a football player -- i'm with the conversation, gayle has influenced norah. >> there's nothing wrong with muscles. nothing wrong. a number of athletes are arting to flex their muscles if you will, in the vein of jim brown who is one of the forerunners in terms of athletes who have the social responsibility to speak what sociy.hink about ills in >> one of the things that we
8:15 am
sold out in six hours. >> 90,000. that is key to sustaining that is go to be win on the field. the folks are excited about that returning to l.a. >> are you expecting any surprises? just name a team. >> you know what, the baltimore ravens, john harbaugh, people nt to focus on those guys who want to be in thick of best coaching job, that is a major accomplishment. >> four games. >> tom i out four games. nobody handl adversity than the new england patriots. yoask the best questions in television, arlie. >> i know that, too. nfl on cbs kicks with "the nfl today" at no starting septemb 15th, the bills take on the jets right
8:16 am
ahead, julie chen and good morning everyone, here is what is making headlines today. an overnight fire in fayetteville will is lefone person dead as another made it out just in time. justin quesinberry is live at the same, you have been there all morning, what are you learning now? >>reporter:just within the last couple of mites weearned that those unto people that you just mentioned we the ly 2 home at the . the e un, inside the home, as well. we have learned those are the house. we are on mcneil circle, that is near fayetteville technical community college. -- community college. they found the remains of a
8:17 am
as you mentioned there was another person here trted, on scene, by ems for smoke inhalation. firefighters still remain here, they actually just did a shift change so that they could respond to any hotspots around here, but also start up the investigation in full. it will be a wild before we know the identit the person who died, in this fire. we have to wait for the medical examiner to take a look at that body, according to he will continue to stay out here and update you, as we get more information from lice and firefighters on the scene. live in fayetteville, justin quesinberry, gulf. >> thank you. the naacp heads to harne county. they will hold a vigil and they are namingt,rayefor justice. the vigil will focus on three coversiacases cluding e deatof john livingston. he was shot and killed by deputy
8:18 am
>>re in for a really nice day, quite warm though? >> a warm but a very ce day this afternoon. outside we are seeing the sunshine, a live picture from theill restaurant in chapel hill. carolina blue sky over chapel llhimorning. temperatures, for most of us in the 60s still. 65degrees outside ineigh, as you just saw, the rate allowed -- the radar and satellite completely c here 68degrees in fayetteville, the warm spots pinehurst right now coming in at 70 degrees. it will fiomfortle as we have through this afternoon, even though those temperatures will be imbing to near 90 degrees. no humidity toda but the heat and humidity increase for tomorrow. he will still start tomorrow morning in the 60s, 66n the afternoon, 92 wednesday, 94 on thuray. that is when we will really start feeling that heat and humidity. it will stay that way through the start of the weekend before that next cold front arrives
8:19 am
'80s return sunday into monday. good morning, showing you rock quarry road at i , you can see very busy, this is because of a lot of attacks -- a lot of accidents earlier. but show you what is still going on out there, ifyou are heading on 440 tmo accident at the poold, south on accident at exit 14 a well. if you ang throu the raleigh area, a lot of people heinbackschoolfor the first time, and work thiwe woul were not causing any major delays. take a look at the drive time on 54s 64 going to take you about 38 minutes there. on 40 fr packour pati as yohead
8:20 am
i'm hiarclton and i approve this message. tside now on i 40 at there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the e of my ompetion and eateh jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs rire iera.
8:21 am
gravity so the pilot gav a fast maneuver. the boy quickly recovered with a smile onis face. >> i have actually done 7 gs before. >> did you pass out? >> no, i had a full mask on in a jet. you go through breathing exercises so you don't passout. >> did that look like fun?
8:22 am
out. >> he needed assist. >> have you done that? >> no. >> he's okay and said it was fun. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in ts hour, jie chen aisha tyler. we'll see wha season seven has in store for us. lucky seven. how they're planning on
8:23 am
atrn??y who hulk age hkerlawsuit. the attorney did not iiately respond to request f comment. > rbes repornhers warning of a tax refund delay next year. the refund ce weeks later than usual. a new tax law requires the irs to hold certain refunds. and a rise in idey theft is causing th agency mor te to vi "the wall street journa reports on apple'phone is expected to be unveiledor featu as significant in previous years. nemols arrive as iphone shri for the first time. consumers are waiting longer to upgrade eirphones features for t n a thinner sign. no heahone jack. and irod water resistance.
8:24 am
being talked about for taming a crocodile. it's been ten years since the death of her dad steve irvin. >> i thinkhen itomeso animal, bindi irwin knows what she's doing. and "rolling stone" reports that barbra streisand's latest record breaks a ? >> that, of course, is barbra streisand andie foxx. encore to top the billboard 200. sheeeps her lead over second place madonna as female artist. madonna, by the way, has eight number ones. the laeldies of "the talk" e getting people talking.
8:25 am
sharon osbourne and aisha tyler and cheryl underwood take a look at the topic of the day. julie and aisha are here. >> what does it feel like? >> great. >> yeah, it's great. >> we've been off for five wes. >> it was nice. it was nice to sleep in a little bit. >> we weren't off completely. julie was shooting "the governor" and i was shooting "crinal minds." directing a film. five weeks is an opportunity to get all of the stuff you can't get done when you're on tv every day. >> and i usually got to bed at 4:00 in the morning. >> i love new york city.
8:26 am
o, i bm th me. >> julie is making signs of you drinking. you seem very coherent this morning. >> i'm hydrating with a variety of liquids. i love new york city. it is a city that never sleeps. it's an opportunity to do stuff that you can't do anywhere else? >> like what? >> like staying out all night and cocktails wi your friends. >> what happens in new york city is in new york. what about the new season? >> well you know, everyone, we've always gotten positive feed when we launcd season of secrets when you think you know everything aboutne another. the viewers feel like we let i all hang out. bu we reserve some stuff to reveal when we preview our new season. the biggest news i would say,
8:27 am
a year ago when we each launch d she was going to explain why she took an emergency leave of absee for five weeks the previous season. and she just -- she's ready to talk about it. >> yeah. >> she's ready to reveal it now a year later. it's like i say, what else are you lying about? what else do i nd clean about? >> new secrets. >> julie, what secrets will be you be sharing about about les? >> only you can share. i wi tellyou. he's like this tough guy at work. mr. corporate, youknow, captain of industry. he is a pushover at home. with the ks.
8:28 am
>>e's psycatt home. >> he is not a pussycat on the job. >> no. >>ut y aed that you were getting a voe. i always wonder when this pps publiple,ut ceo now you have to talk about stuff when people come on your show. is it difficult for to you share at inrmation? were youhig don't really wanto tal abo it? >> oh, i mean,solute. i think it's really painful to go through it. whether you're in th public eye or not. it's incrediy i thin kepty beuse wa't ready to talk abt because there was anothe person involved. it's theirlife, too. a lost tv is so exploited. not everybody gets to know everything about you, you know what i ? i felt like when iid talk about, i was ready. and i also wante to hopelly show people it did not have t be a bloodbath.
8:29 am
iand to know about other people. yes. no one wants to do that publicly. seriously. one good thing about time his, t is very healing. >> i doesn't have to be a bloodbath. >> yeah, it esn't. >> in the beginning it could be a bloodbath. >> but i survived. >> yes. >> you don't necessarily have to stop loving the person. you just have to stop loving em have to stop wanting to be with them. >> i think that happens before the divorce. you make sure of that. i will say this, when somebody has your best friend for years, you will always go back to them. that's how i feel about my relationship, i want to be in on every aspect of his life. >> what about the new guy?
8:30 am
the single ladies now. >> they're a big group, the single ladies group. >> hpy new sea >> thankou. >> thank you. >> great to see you back. >> we' back. >> all right. season seven of ta started right here on cbs 2:00 p.m. eastern, 1:00. pacifi and oprah will reveal her next book club selection. th good tuesday mornii am meteorologist, kristen ketchell, we are off to a sunny start right now. a live picture from prestonwood
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. the ratio teachers to stentss worse. funds for textbookd ppes are scce. teaching assistants have been depleted.
8:34 am
books on the map with her signature stamp of approval and only on "cbs this morning" opr is ready to revl her next book club selection. >> hello, "cbs this morning." wow, i excited to be able to announce another book club selection. it is "love warrior." wow. so, i ow a lot of you are familiar with glennon because of
8:35 am
and connections in connection to women who are looking for a way to find themselves and redefine themselves. and that's what this book does. i've fallen in love with glennon because she is a warrior who is growing into herselfn such a powerful way. with all of the flaws wide open for us to see and read about. alcoholism. going through tough times in the marriage. figuring outhat to do with having kids. flawed families. and yet, loving all on and in the s, helping us sersferently a be stroer love warr. so, that's why wanted to choose thibook because here is a woman fiercelyining and defining herlf and her life, in a way that makes a want he same for our own lives.
8:36 am
here we come. >> here we come again. get ready to read oprah's book club pick by glennon doyle melton. she joins us at the table. it's so rock owe candid. she talks about sex. talks about being bulimic, talks about her husband who cheated and being an alcoholic. you put i out in there candid you say it's easier than to speak it. >> writi get to all the scaryf inside and put itside and everybody goes me,to i'm less afraid. >>nd how did you use the title "love warrior"? >> for the first half of my life i was an addict.
8:37 am
does,ns o hiding just rushes straight towards it. the here's the pain inside the pain. right. we have to sit inside of our pain and rush towards it. and just to find all of our healing there and not skip around it. because that's the difference. >> follong up with gayle said, and oprah, the power of vulnerability. what is the power of vulnerability? >> i think we have two options in life. we can be mired. or real, honest and loved. but we actually do have to choose. i keep choosing this real and vulnerable place not because you don't get hurt there, because i do. this is the pain that grows us. nothing hurts as much as not being known. >> what was the turning point to you, certainly, finding out about your husband's infidelity. >> it wasn't just one, you said
8:38 am
a lot like me. i had turned pain on food and he turned his pain in respect. and i have a lot in common with hi i also respect the heck out of him. i think he's a love warrior. he's my favorite kind of hero. he screwed up, she dealt with it. our marriage is ending now. >> it's ironic, that it's ending. you guys worked so hard in the book to get it together. now that you're out promoting a book about going stuff and making it through. you all decided to split. >> yeah. >> did you think, maybe we won't announce it yet? >> i did. everyone on earth told me not to announce it. that would be like the kiss of death. i don't believe that. i never promised to be perfect or have a perfect marriage. but i did promise to stand in front of people and be completely honest. >> is there a mome at which you know you're at rock bottom?
8:39 am
times, i'm filiar with it. i'm a rock bottom expert. rock bottom is the best place on earth. it's the beginning of everything. life w to hold us down until weay uncle. unl we s he. >> it's the best placen ea >> it's the beginning. i' ually in the bathroom floor. >> chrkris kristofferson said >> it's called "love warrio it's such a good read. it's going to help many people. >> i'm going to freak out right now. >> did you get invited to the wedding? >> one of the best things about this book i learned things about oprah. >> she's nuts about you. have you given your blessing about the wedding? >> i'll give my blessing to anything. >> she is nuts about you.
8:40 am
go to cbs this for an excerpt. oprah would be here but she's shooting a movie. >> i know. i know. >> a cafeteria lunch datess internet sensation to the end zone. a college football star's unrgettae experience with a adelle: at first, i was so happy to teachnorth na buwe'vfalleno 41st teacher pay ipestudent spending, and a lot of us even have to buy scho s governor mccrory talks about inraisour pay, but he tried to cut education funding
8:41 am
i'm havi to anoth state so i can do what i love and make ends meet. someone needs to fix this. donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don'want to sound too much like a chauvinist."
8:42 am
i like people that weren't captured."
8:43 am
? and i can't believe i get to et the whole team. go 'noles. >> that iso paske and son liam.
8:44 am
the game.
8:45 am
good morning everyone, here is what we are working on for our news today. one person is that after an early morning house fire in fayetteville. multiple people called 911 and told emergency responders there was still a pers iidthe house. another person did make o the home is oncncircle. the cause ofe fire is under investigation. raleigh firefighters and police plan to protest and speak during today's council meeting. they are upset with her lack of payraises. council approved a roughly 3.5% raise earlier this summer. police and firefighters have pushed for 7%. we are learning more about what led to a teenager in a local community pool.
8:46 am
lifeguard, at that poll, this happened saturday at the heritage point subdivision ral autopsy results a the pool had an electric charge, and sheay have been knocked unconscious. >> she must havegot in russia god hereo clean up aer the stor maybe the pool go ruck by lightning of the electricity hadn't fully dissated >>en paid tribute to her on facebook saying this is so s paradise. rachel was an azing about weather today. >> it is clear outside this morning, plenty of sunshine, a live pictu from shaw university showing the raleigh skyline there. a beautiful start of the day, hardly seeing anything in the way of cloud cover. showers sitting way off the ast of north carolina here,
8:47 am
and the upper 50s and low 60s for most of us here. 71degrees and raleigh, 68 degrees in durm, 73 degrees is our c temperature in fayetteville. as we continue through the rest of the day we will see temperatures climbing to up to near 90 this afternoon. 66 tonight, another night with temperatures in the 60s. up to 92 for your wednesday, the hottest day of the week will be on thursday. we will also feel that humidity making a comeback as well. hot and humid for friday and saturday, our next cold fron showers. temperatures falling into the 80s as we head into the end of the weekend the start of next week. here is your traffic. good morning, i 40 at rock quarry road isrowded as you head into work. remember, it is back to school this weekend, back to working for a lot of people on this tuesday morning.
8:48 am
delays also on the eastbound side on exit 15 pool road. us one exit 16 a center street. another one that has been cleared, us 70 glenwood avenue no longer an issue. outside i 40 at six forks road, you can see very busy out there today. your drivetime show at 540 us 60 for to glenwood avenue heading west 25 minutes on 440 from new bern avenue to wade avenue about 11, clayton bypass to us one on 40 taking you about 17. i believe we will take you back outside to i 40 at wade avenue, wheryou can see it is bumper- to-bumper. a lot of people returning to work after the holiday weekend. we have a loof people heading in for their second week bk to school. weill have more news, traffic, and weather coming up on cbs north carolina news at
8:50 am
llary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come fromhina, his because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
8:51 am
you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindl. the op are real. the cases are real. the op are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution >> terri sherrell is suing motorist 24-year-old derek muller for rear-ending her car while her boyfriend was borrowing it. >> byrd: order!


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