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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  September 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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firefighters in cary pushing for a pay increase. >> the for profit college closures in u.s. history. in new york. ville more on what this means for more than 40,000 of its students. all right. good morning. thanks for watching cbs north carolina on this wednesday. i'm stephen chase. >> let's go to bill ray who is in for alyssa today am look at what we've got coming up. >> a pretty nice day if you don't mind the heat anteincreasing humidity. don't have to worry about any
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right now. we check out what's going on around the state. we are cbs north carolina. you can see 60s out to the west. 70s in central north carolina. and 70s out to the east and there's your satellite picture. it's going to be a pretty sunrise. mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies this afternoon. 93, raleigh. 92 durham. 94 in fayetteville. guys? >> all right. thanks a lot, bill. >> breaking news right now just befo m apartment complex in cary. that's where cbs north carolina is live with what we know right now at this point . good morning. >> good morning, russ. since midnight things have really shaken up here at this apartment. in fact right now you can still smell that smoke and it's really coming into your lungs. just a bit of picture of where this took place. the apartment building that our
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units were burned through. the other dozen units were still damaged. all of the people who were in that building thankfully were able to escape. that is according to the cary fire department. take a listen. how the fire was in her build glg. people were screaming saying fire get out, get out. we finally opened the doofer. like their door was open. someone was trying to help them out. there was a smoke that's when we noticed it was serious. i just ran. >> she's lived at that complex for two years now and has never experienced anything like what happened here in the early morning hours. like others she was looking for a temporary home until everything was sorted out and firefighters have said it's safe to return. so until that time, until they give the go ahead they won't be able to come back home. the red cross is stepping up.
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are waiting for daylight so they can get inside this building and begin their investigation and again until they have given the clear all no one that lives inside that building will be able to return. we will continue to monitor this situation. bring you live updates and coming up hear districtly from the assistant fire chief. reporting in cary. cbs north carolina. a rough night for those folks. thank you. >> now dobt a it. wow. an orange county judge denied a thrown out -- asked for certain evidence to be surpressed including cell phone records, defense attorneys claim it was not properly attained. there's no word on the status of the other evidence mentioned in the motion. a johnson county police officer accused of tasing a man who later died has been indicted. taseed 27-year-old alexander thompson following a
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they ruled the death a homicide. >> back at the pool where a life guard died after she was shot. an autopsy revealed that 17- year-old rachel rosof was shocked by an electric current in the pool. it appeared to be on the pool's clubhouse. they found out public pools are required to be inspected at least once a year but electrical inspections are only done pools are built or renovated. deputies have not said yet how the accident happened. yesterday a moment of silence was held for the orange county middle school student who collapsed and died after football practice. frederick seymore was a rising 8th grader. grief counselors were available last week. wake county school board members gave us a first look at the reassignment plan.
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open in 2017. board members are looking to address schools that are overcrowd order have low enrollment. existing schools will see the most impact on students. two more graphs made before december. you can stay with cbs north carolina for all of those latest updates. more than 40,000 cluj students are in limbo after itt shut down. >> the for-profit college chain would close all of its campuses nationwide. thatlu hannah daniels is in new york to tell us why it's closing it doors >> . news of itt techs closure is hitting students especially hard. the nursing steuntd in arlington heights, illinois, competed two years of courses under the gi bill and was due to graduate this week. >> if that gets cancel we have a degree. it's not guaranteed we can sit for our national test to become a nurse. whether licenses or registered.
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rushed to their campuses looking for answers. >> we haven't got any answers. no answers, no warnings, nothing. >> where's my dreams now, man? they're gone now. >> yesterday, the for-profit college chain announced it would be closing all of its campuses after the department of education recently barred the school from enrolling new students who use federal aid. the development came amid a federal crackdown on the >> . the degrees that they're getting are oftentimes under accredited or unaccredited leaving a person with n the position that they now have tens of thousands in debt and ultimately a worthless degree that doesn't get them a job. >> the school is the victim of a regulatory assault and never had the chance to defend itself. federal officials say students currently enrolled or who withdrew from the disool in the last 120 days can apply to have their debt
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part by taxpayers. hannah daniels for cbs north carolina. officials are also urging current students to reach out to community colleges to see if their credits will transfer. in addition to the students, an estimated 8,000itt employees are now out of a job. >> the during ram rescue mission fell short in the push to be excluded. he because it would make it more difficult to develop in the area. >> good morning. i'm bill ray. giving you a little traffic here. allie's a little under the weather this morning and green which is pretty good as we are looking at traffic this seems to be moving at speed. earlier this morning, 40 westbound there near -- but that sped up. a little road closure up here.
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trawnt and main street in wake forest. a check at aif vacation parkway. looky, looky, look ki. let's hope we can keep it going. time right now is 5:08. >> pushing if for a pay increase. discover card. i'm not a customer,
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progress from this. >> no action was takeen in the meeting. officials say they are willing to reconsider pay before passing the next budget in the spring. all right. get a check on the weather now. here's bill ray. >> we've got temperatures in the 70s and 60s. the last couple of morngs we were in the 60s. a little more humid out there. a little milder but still pretty pleasant. and when you think about a typical summer and still summer even though we passed labor 69 right now. 66 in smithfield. 63. that's not bad. siler city and 6 6 in roanoke rapids. mainly clear. and we'll call it pleasant. nearly calm. not much wind. coming up here it's 6:00. it will be 72. 71 at 7 a.m. 73 at 8:00 and 77 at 9:00 this morning.
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partly cloudy this afternoon. hot and a little more humid. see 93 degrees and guess what? thursday and friday, a little hotter still. 94 degrees. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast coming up in 10 minutes. >> i'll take it from here. thanks a lot. coming up a wanted fugitive in las vegas and a standoff with police coming up. the surprising way he got away the first time. plus this. >> roughly 3,000 children lost and the year since have been filled with heart ache
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presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump are in new york today for back-to-back appearances. clinton accused trump of dangerous plans. the country is going to hell because of clinton's policy. a nationally. >> police were finally able to apprehend perez. the 25-year-old was able to get out of his handcuffs while he was being questioned and stole a work truck. police and the fbi surrounded the home where the suspect was located for about three hours before taking perez into kus ki.
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close to finding the remains. >> it's taking place in a remote area below the p sign on the hill overlooking the hill. she accident happened after a pert. the last person to see her alive former student paul flores. he said he left her outside of her dorm building. flores living i remains a person of interest in the case. >> # ,000 children lost their parents on 9/11 and the trauma of that day has followed them. >> 15 years later we caught up with one of those children. >> before matt moved to portland, oregon from nnl, he finally did what he long avoided. he visited his father's name at the world trade center memorial. >> i just stood there for a while. and let it come out.
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>> the visit that finally helped he him make peace was 12 years after 9/11. we first talked to madd matt as the first anniversary approached. >> i had hi dream of being a doctor. my dad wanted me to succeed so he would have been happy to see me grow up and go through medical school just make a lot of money and be happy. >> so how out? >> it turned out. >> today he's in his final year of medical residency. he decided to become a family doctor. >> the moments of healing after my father's passing were in the people who approached me and said, machine man, this sucks and sat with me. >> you want to do that for someone else?
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through daily meditation and yoga and annual letters to his dad. >> and then i light the letter on fire and let it fly away. >> he wrote about his marriage to jamie. they're expecting a baby. >> i'm going to proud to them them what kind of person his grandfather was. i'm going to proud to tell them what he taught me. the foundation that together now. how our world changed. it's been 15 years. it's hard to believe. >> it really is, yeah. >> i read a fact on facebook that said that this is year's freshman class will now learn of 9/11 as a history because they weren't alive. freshman of high school. that's how time flies. isn't that interesting? >> talking about the weather now. we're off to a nice start. 60s to begin with. >> in some areas, yeah. it's not bad.
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will. from shaw university in our neighborhood network. a nice, mostly clear start to today. nice city lights give way to a pretty sunrise. here's what you need to know as we head into the weekend. temperatures still above normal. cold front is coming sunday. just a small chance of per se. as we look at the satellite radar composite skies are mostly clear. we've got that low pressure system. the old remnants off the coast of new york. a couple of showers i've got my eye on in pennsylvania an west virginia. they're going to rotate through but they should stay to the north of us today. emphasizing the fact that i don't have any rain in the forecast for today or right through saturday. 66 right now.
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68 in sanford. 68 smithfield. 9 clinton. unlike the last couple of days some 70s on the map. so you're planning your day. 73 at 8:00. 88 at noontime. i put the heat index in pink to show you it will feel like the mid-90s. 90 at 2:00. 92 at 4:00. 89 at 6:00 and fair skies at 8:00. we'll be back into the mid-80s. that's close to no it was 85. so in the sand hills 90s. 93 sanford and wilmington. 94 fayetteville. maybe 95 and along the coastal plain from a relatively cool 91 in roan oak rapids. 93 smithfield, benson. 93 in clinton and 92 in goldsboro. speaking of 92. got is it from siler city. that the trough of low pressure with that low and see that little thing swing
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maybe around elizabeth city but just go partly cloudy for us. tomorrow, a little hotter. a little more humid and that high pressure continues to keep that front at bay. that's the cold front. a cold front is coming sunday. this is not part of it. there's a warm front attached to it. and another front out there. that's going to swing through on sunday. things are going to remain dry and hot. 93 degrees today. 94 friday, 94. and it's never too early to talk about high school football. friday night blitz. 88. it's going to be a hot game. at least a warm game. warm and humid. 88. 76. so not much relief there and into the weekend #-d 2 on saturday. mostly sunny. there's your small chance of a storm on sunday. 90 degrees and then -- and then we get into the 80s monday and tuesday with just a small chance of a shower or thundershower.
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allie's a little under the weather today. hopefully she'll feel better but this is good news. the roads are green so we're looking o.k. there. a little closure. see that blue up there? closed between north carolina 86 and old highway 10 but all in all things looking good and we'll leave you now with i-40 and wade avenue. that can get cloudy t so far so good. >> we like it, bill. >> thank you. >> 5:# right now the panthers begin the regular season tomorrow. a super bowl rematch. what coaches are staying before the big game. >> oh, can't wait to see. also coming up cbs north carolina will have the laitdest from the an apartment fire that's displaced
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the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up. adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet.
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our guys are trying to go forward but you keep bringing us back. that doesn't do us any good. we want to go forward. we want to use this as a board into 2016. >> we got your answer. the they kick off the 2016 season tomorrow night in denver. that's all the time we have this morning for sports but this evening, we'll prview our high school game of the week and take a look at this weekend's biggest college football game. for all of that and much more tune in at 6:00 and >> . the pan thers back in action. >> going to be great.
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hour. >> a fire tears through a cary apartment leaving hundreds without home. >> plus before you head out the door the full forecast. a live look outside if you're headed back to work today. what's it going to be like for the kiddo on bus? bill ray's in the house. how it's going to be going and coming from school. we'll be right back. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy.
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breaking news on cbs north carolina. flames tear through an apartment complex in cary forcing two dozen people out of their homes. >> i love my wife but she deserved what he had coming. >> local authorities say that is a man taking to social media to admit to shooting his ex-wife.
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it is great to be back in north carolina. believe me. >> the presidential nominees are battling for a win in the tar heel state where the two nominees will appear later today. >> hello and good morning. thanks for watching north carolina news. >> glad to have you along. we're going to begin with storm team meteorologist who's in for alyssa this morning. a look at the forecast. >> a pleasant morning for yo skies mostly clear. as we take a look across our great state of north carolina it's 57 in boone. that's some nice weather but 70s from raleigh and fayetteville. satellite, it's o.k. so what does that mean? here's your forecast at the bus stop for today. this morning, on the bus 70 degrees. sun up at 6:52 and then off the bus though hot and more humid. the high temperature 9 # degrees. we'll take a look at and see


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