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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  September 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. right now on cbs north carolina, pulling seven championships out of north carolina, house bill two became law, why we expect the governor to comment on the move today. the search is on for the people in two separate incident. campaign 2016 coming to north carolina. good morning, thanks for watching north carolina news. good morning, to you as well. a look on traffic first, let's find out at the forecast. good morning. good morning, guys. good morning to you at home as well. no rain on our radar this
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reduced visibility, i want to start off with the visibility math, look at this fayetteville seeing foggy conditions, reducing visibility below 2 miles, 5 miles around portions sampson county, we'll monitor this closely as we head throughout the morning. let's check in temperatures 69 in raleigh. upper 60s in durham. here is the forecast for the day ah 8:00 a.m. 82 by lunch time. 87 our afternoon high. mainly dry through 6:00 this evening. coming up in 10 minutes, back to you guys. the fallout out over house bill continues,. >> it's a major blow to the state and colleges here in the triangle, north carolina david hurst joins us live, david,
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governor about this. >> yeah, the ncaa made the announcement last night. the governor has yet to give a response to this decision. so we may hear from him about it. the ncaa announced they are pulling seven events, the first and second rounds of the mens basketball tournament. the head of the ncaa provide a safe and at their events. nba's decision to pull from charlotte. >> certainly it's not an nba all-star game, we are talking about north carolina, we are talking basketball, and that is huge for this state. >> bed well to soft their political peacocking and care more about the safety and privacy of athletes across the
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profit nine. >> ncaa's decision has democratic leaders calling for a special session to repeal house bill 2. >> david, thank you. our coverage continues of house bill 2 right now on you will find past stories on the couldn't versal law. -- controversial law. more than a hundred people marched around the state capital pushing for social higher ground moral day of action. highlights what they call key state, voting rights, minimum wage and public education. right now highway patrols investigating a deadly crash last night, evans tried to turn on to u.s. 58. motorcycles victor clay died at the scene.
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investigating a homicide on east main street in the downtown area right mere the elm street intersection. police received reporting of a shooting last night, they found a man who had been shot, no word on the victim's name or if anyone is in custody. police searching for the person who pulled the trigger in two separate shootings, patrick parker, police say say he shot three people at call police. a man is in a cumberland county courtroom accused of picking up two women roughly an hour apart on bad boulevard and raped him. police arrested him at his home yesterday afternoon. jury selection continues for the second trial in a high profile garner case, israel
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mendoza, last year the other person charged johnathan was sentenced to life in prison. two construction workers are recovering after getting struck by lightning at a home, both men were on ladders, it was also storming. the men were alert when crews took them to the hospital. wake county pool where a teenager was killed move than week ago, rachel wasoff was found dead on september 3rd. it found several instances in which electrical wiring was not up to code and completed without a permit but it was original wiring from when the pool was built nearly 40 years. the 17-year-old was also a lifeguard. after an extensive investigation into an apartment fire in carry, firefighters
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undetermined. this is update to a store rye from last week. flames forced 20 people out of their apartments. eight units are condemned after flames destroyed the roof and exterior walls. some lost everything. one resident tells neighbors -- tells us neighbors lost two animals in that fire. a $31 million proposal to repair johnston county sc equips with bleachers, it's a safety concern. the superintendent says they are okay for now but need to be demolished and repoliced soon. -- replaced soon. >> leaky roofs, faulty hvac conditions and controls. >> the superintendent says the
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campuses. johnson county is the fastest growing county in the state. turning now for a check on traffic. good morning, it's 4:37 on tuesday, we have two things out there in the raleigh area you need to know about before you go. we have a stalled vehicle, so a heads up to you there, not seeing that cause of delays. rand road at brothers traveling through durham, durham freeway moving well, no accidents to report to you there. from durham into fayetteville 95 corridor. flying this morning looks like you will be arriving on time at these major airports, flying -- airport travel conditions showing you will be arriving on time at major airports.
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>> thank you, alley. time now is 4:37 a little by dies after being left in a hot suv. why it took this long to get the jury selection phase complete glad high in the sky, the u.s. sends a message to north korea the story coming up in 2 minutes. temperatures this morning in the upper 60s. 63 in oxford and roxboro.
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tuesday. well for this tuesday we are actually expecting pretty warm temperatures, temperatures climbing again into the upper 80s. right now comfortable if you are heading out the door 69 degrees. not a lot going on outside. i showed you earlier visibility maps showing fog across the sand hills no, rain out there this morning. majority of you are going to stay dry all day long, as far concerned with at 68 right now in durham, 69 in raleigh, 70 in milling ton. upper 60s in fayetteville. gold borrow checking in at 65 -- golds borrow checking in at 65. 76 at 10:00 a.m. nice mix of sun and clouds. dry at lunch time at 82. 87 degrees this afternoon, not very humid but a small chance
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sand hills. alyssa, thank you. the winners of the $487 million power ball from earlier this summer are choosing to stay anonymous, they announced the winners accepted a lump sum of $256 million and the money has been placed in a trust that will help local nonprofits. time right questions remaining, is the questions remaining, is the arson the governor takes aim at a state toxicologist today in another political dustup over coal ash.
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if it's gotta be clean, it's gotta be tide. welcome back, 4:44 is the time. today we expect governor pat
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on house bill 2. five states have banned official travel to north carolina. okay, also right now there is a $25,000 reward being offered for information that leads to the arrest of this person, irving finner, the 23- year-old shot and killed a k-9 officer with the shelby police department. durham police are investigating a homicide in the east main street of the downtown area. police received report of when police arrived they found a man had been shot. two people expected back in a county courtroom, about hard is accused of assaulting his two-year-old daughter with a belt, he and little girl's mom are facing felony charges. 23-year-old baits is charged with aiding and i can't betting child fell even abuse due in court today. stemming back in an incident
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staying with family. today jury selection continues in the trial of a georgia man charged with the murder of his son. justin harris is accused of killing cooper. a judge moved the trial more than 275 miles away from the crime after not being able to seat and impartial jury in may. the local florida islamic community damaged mosque that omar mateen attended. you see a bright light and then someone running away from the building. investigators believe that person intentionally set fire to the force pierce's islamic center. omar mateen killed 49 people in orlando in june. he attended the mosque up until the deadly shootings, trying to determine if this is a hate time, no one was hurt. the race for the white
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yesterday vice president joe biden campaigned for hillary clinton in raleigh. our cameras captured him leaving a home downtown. attendees tell us that roy cooper was there. house bill 2 was a topic of discussion. earlier yesterday the vice president spoke at central piedmont community college where he stressed the importance of higher education and hillary's plan for education. chelsea clinton will be durham after making a stop at wake forest university in winston-salem. tomorrow she alley campaign -- she'll campaign in raleigh. hillary clinton said she is feeling better after falling ill sunday in new york city. told anderson cooper 360 she did not think her having pneumonia would be that big of a deal.
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north carolina. >> less than two mondays from election day donald trump took to asheville. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> inside the arena trump and supporters addressed hillary clinton's remarks during a fundraiser she said half of trump supporters are a basket of deplorables. >> what she can't understand or accept is the great this country sees right through these lies and desenses of a failed political establishment. >> he says he is the candidate to bring change ending the affordable care ability, immigration form and jobs back to u.s. soil. >> new factories will come rushing back to north carolina. >> he vows to help veterans. >> that includes giving veterans the card to give the
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the building voters, saying he will bring jobs and improved the safety of inner cities. >> and i say to the african american people, i say again and again, i will fix it and really what do you have to lose? it can't get any worse. outside the arena protesters held signs calling trump a racist. >> i think trump is a dangerous candidate i divisiveness. >> and that was mikele smith. >> a trump supporter trump never stopped talking during incident. north carolina is your campaign 2016 headquarters for complete coverage head over to our website and now we take a turn to stefan and the weather center. hope everyone is wake up
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yesterday was a great day, you got in a like today, too. similar temperatures, highs around 87 degrees. as we head outside right now 69 at the raleigh, durham international airport. there is a little bit of fog impacting areas that are south of the triangle, keep that in mind, maybe you are starting off around the fayetteville area and can you see dense fog. 71 clinton. also in the 60s around siler city. a touch cooler than yesterday morning but comfortable if you are getting ready to head out. 60 in south hill. 63 in henderson and roxboro. we'll call it 69 out the door. 82 the lunch time. normal high for this time of year is right around 83. we'll be close to 87 so a little warmer than that mark,
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85 still dry as we head toward 6:00 this evening. if anyone will see wet weather it will be sound around the sand hills. we are dry for lunch time. now that front we've been talking about we've been tracking over the past few days still hanging off to our south and that means that's where we could see a stray shower or storm, most of this south of our viewing area, down toward south li expecting a dry day. partly cloudy skies from start to finish. will you notice this model indicating a shower or two down by the sand hills. now speaking of changes let's get the latest on tropical storm ian, moving to the north, northwest at 9 miles per hour, so certainly has slowed down significantly through the
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wednesday. as it heads toward thursday not as much shear so warmer temperatures. it starts to strengthen with winds at 60 miles per hour thursday and friday. you will notice in the open atlantic not causing any issues for us along the east coast. to our temperatures 87 for a high in raleigh. 86 in durham. 89 in fayetteville. dropping to 67, partly cloudy, calling it pleasant for this time of year. so as you are h degrees cooler than right now. tomorrow afternoon looks to be the warmest day of the work week and driest, looking at a chance for showers and storms with our next cold front as we head towards thursday and friday. friday we're right around 80 degrees. heading into the upcoming weekend there is the small chance for showers and thunderstorms, temperatures close to seasonal 83 saturday afternoon. 84 on sunday,. 4:52, check in with alley
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minutes ago, an accident has already been cleared, nothing to worry about on 540, 440 moving well through durham. you can see a lot of green on the maps. down through fayetteville, local roads, major highway 85 moving well. eastbound drive times first on 540 from glenn avenue just 17 minutes there. of the morning. outside now in the carrie parkway and u.s. 1, not enough to slow you down just yet. >> thanks a lot. time right now 4:53, still ahead. an early morning house fire kills nine people including six children. children. what officials say caused indulge moisture-deprived hair with nourishing care.
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in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. an electrical malfunction in an air conditioning unit caused a dead low fire in memphis, tennessee. nine people were killed and six children. another child in critical condition. officials say the ac's power cord malfunctioned age started the fire. the house did have a working smoke alarm. chicago firefighters are battling a massive fire in a strip mall.
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a popular fayetteville car wash is back open after the owner was killed last week. after an argument at a near by bar and grill on september had had 9th. mansfield was known for hiring criminal backgrounds to allow them to get back on feet. also several prayer services are held behind the car wash each week. >> he is wonderful and amg the way he treated all these people around here, he is a great guy and he will be truly missed. >> the car wash will continue to operate under normal business hours. mansfield efforts to have weekly prayer services and meals for the homeless will also continue. the fayetteville police department will unveil its website, one agency, one community, started with officers nearly four years ago, the agency is working on a new
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twister, the puppet and super soaker squirt gun, what toys will go down in history this year? the national toy hall of fame will reveal the finalists for 2016, other items include checker, the easy bake oven and the frisbee. i used to love the easy bake oven. >> to this day not a huge fan, it shows, i'm a horrible bicker. >> you continue have my cakes with the os >> when that list comes out parents are cringing a little bit because they get more expensive every year and high tech. time right now 4:57 on tuesday morning. the fallout from house bill continues this morning. coming up in our next half- hour the latest events to leave our state and how some are responding, but before we get to stories let's take a live look outdoors, we'll be back with more news for you starting
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right now on cbs north carolina, the ncaa pulling championships out of our state over hb2. cbs north carolina's david will have the details. a vigil was held for shelby officer who died in the line of duty. we'll have reaction from his family and friends. an update o story we brought you yesterday. we'll tell you if charges have been filed for a man who shot a home intruder. thanks for waking up with us and watching cbs north carolina. allie will have a look at your morning commute, but first, storm team meteorologist alyssa here with a look at that weather. >> good morning, guys. we're starting off our morning dry, but for some of you, you are starting off quite foggy. let's take a look at our latest visibility map. now in durham, visibility at


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