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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  September 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the latest details as a unc football player is out on bond after allegations of rape. >> ride inspections at the state fairgrounds with less than a monoto go. what officials are doing to keep you safe. >> a pastor in michigan -- >> good morning and north carolina news. in this morning for russ. j gl good morning, >> we're going to get to your big stories in just a home. find out about the forecast from alyssa. good morning. >> good morning o you at home as well. starting off with a live picture from our tower camera over the belt line and waiting anxiously for that sunrise but we have almost an hour to go. that sunrise happens later and later now. be a will be before we star to
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so we'll check in with our radar. we're dry around central north carolina but been what we've been talking about for the past few days. really not a lot of rain moving into the coastal regions. any of the rain that's reaching the ground over land is actually out towards the wilmington area. very little amounts of rain though expected oaf the storm through friday. only about an inch possible. a tremendous or two. 6 # in louisburg. low 7 0z. milder start around the sand hills. 71 in fayetteville. 70 in hienhurst. watch out for some folk especially on the sand hill. 70 at 8 a.m. # 3 at lunchtime and 86 our high. not as warm. it will come with the price of just a few showers. some of us could use the wet
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and more ahead in 10 minutes. >> 6:01 on this thursday morning. athens drive. moving well. dark an quiet start to your morning commute. heads up if you're planning on heading -- we do have traffic lights not working. making it trick yil to navigate this morning. some fog might cause low volleyball for you. extra time needed. this detour. brag boulevard is cloaked markuss road. so a heads up to you there many that's going be closed. bright and early. 540 from u.s. 64 to rtp. just 23 minutes there. if you're heading from 540 to u70 area. >> outside now 6:02 in the morning. not too much to complain about.
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wilmington. an amber alert for a missing 6- year-old little girl. >> you can see her picture right here is 6 years old. she weighs 39 pound. she was wearing a white short sleeve shirt, light pink shorts with a black flip- flops. there's one suspected abductor. again she was last seen in the wilmington area last night. anyone with information is beinged asked to call another student turned himself in and out. he is facing misdemeanor charges. cbs north carolina joins us live from chapel hill and david, he could also face felony charges as well? yeah. the orange county district attorney tells us felony investigation is still underway. meanwhile artist has been suspended and not be playing in the home opener on
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brought forward the case -- on valentine's day. he was released wednesday on a $5,000 bond. 2 is 1-year-old is facing misdemeanor sexual battery. he could soon face felony charges. he says they're waiting for toxicology reports from the state crime lab. she's criticizing the handling of the case. >> i did not realize that rather than receiving support and concern from the univer be further victimized. >> and artist had his first appearance in court on wednesday but not required to appear. rather his attorney appeared on his behalf and he declined to comment after that hearing. reporting live this morning. in chapel hill. cbs north carolina. thank you, david. first the ncaa. now the acc. pulling championship games out of north carolina.
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seven other events being moved from north carolina. >> some business owners worry about the impact these cancellations by the ncaa and acc will have on them. town officials estimate they will lose about $2.5 million in viz spending because of all the events canceled this week. republican state lawmakers criticized both organizations for their decisions. it's more evidence of the need to repeal house culture war is not a pro business thing. >> the ncaa and now the acc following suit using some standards they haven't used in venues in other states. >> cary's mayor sent news yesterday encouraging it em to keep cary in mind for future championships. >> the coverage of the fallout continues right now
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that's where you find reaction from universities and other officials. you can just look for the story on the home page. >> turning now to campaign 2016. hillary clinton will return to the campaign trail for the first time since suffering from neum this past week. >> she will stop in greensbo aring o -- it's the first stop in the triad. and democratic candidate as healthy and fit to serve. the note also disclosed the nominee is on a blood thinner and has a cardiac calcium score of zero. >> if there isn't detected that you're at a very low risk of heart attack or death. >> the campaign calls on donald trump to release his own medical records. during a taping yesterday, the republican nominee revealed he takes medication to
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>> at age 70 the oldest person to ever intrt oval office. why do you think you have the stamina for job? >> u.s. able the same age at ronald reagan and hillary's a year behind me. i feeled a good today as i did when i was 30. >> he's set to deliver the economic policy speech in new york today. his campaign has promised more detailed information by the end of interrupted donald trump's speech wednesday. in a move that's getting a lot of teang. >> hillary fail on the economy. just like she's failed on foreign policy. everything she touched dup work out. >> o.k. >> not give a political speech. >> o.k. that's good.
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times. he was visiting the area to tour a water treatment facility outside of flinlt, michigan. >> meanwhile a local boy in durham county sheriff met with joe biden -- his friend at 12-year-old battling cancer. lobbied biden for research funding for -- howl was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor in 2012 has been tumor free ever is since. he has been opinion active in the county and joined three mops central. >> seriously injured of a being hit by a car. police responded to a garner road about 8:5. the road was closed to 9 p.m. the person who was hit was taken to wake med with serious injuries am head injury.
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your help identifying an armed robbery suspect. take a look at this here. the robbery happened tuesday night at the cash points atm and the parking lot of food lion. right there on buffalo road. >> all children and the driver on a fayetteville bus that caught fire are expected to be o.k. 15 students on board all got off unhurt. the case is still under investigation. >> amazing they were able to make it out safely. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> time is 6:09. the state fair is still a few weeks away but all eye on a new ride. what's happening on the fairgrounds to make sure you and your family are safe.
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story makes it tbeu as it focuses on north carolina whasm they're focusing on without -- >> let's talk about temperatures. # 4 in smithfield. # 0 in clinton. some foggy conditions around the sand hills. more on your forecast before you head out six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft,
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the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems at the state crime lab that he discovered when he became attorney general. now governor mccrory is attacking mr. cooper, trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families. governor, please stop. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero.
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people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? 90 yesterday. but -- >> close there. >> it could be a while. it could be a while now looking forward. that's the good news. lts take a live picture. we'll get to a live picture. let's start off with the drive time forecast. 68 degrees right now. 67 before you head out the
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74 at 9 a.m. dry, no worries. rain is this morning. that's good news. get ready to head out the door for your morning drive many there's the worry of some fog. look a this latest update. reporting zero visibility in smithfield. please take your time if you're commuting south of triing an this morning. dunn at half a mile and quite some time. visibility hasn't moved either. reporting .3 of a mile. less than a mile in clinton around rocky mount this morning. portions of edgecomb. three miles. temperatures before you head out. 69 in wilmington. fayetteville is up 71. you're reporting 64 along with hemedderson and roanoke rapids. so your forecast, progressing through the day. 70 at 8 a.m. 83 at noon. high of 86. a small chance for a shower or maybe a thundershower
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chances for the rest of the workweek. >> the cool off continues. or begins rather. >> featured on a national crime show next week. office posted this prea view on discovered ids killer instinct. the episode focuses on captain tim horn and the josh bay -- the newest season of american horror -- season six of the fx series is titled my roanoke nightmare and focuses on the lost colony. some new big names like tuwa goog gooding. the lost colony was founded by sir walter raleigh. the 16th century before disappearing during the anglo-spanish war. time right now is 6:15.
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is bringing production to mexico. but they still have a plan to keep jobs here in america. it needs to pass that key test today. wooer going to take a look at you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure.
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just outside. accordin k discovered the safe while trimming bushes and trees. they're looking into whether or not the safe is related to any ongoing case. >> earlier less than a month away from the state fair. today's cbs north carolina will be at the fairgrounds. this is the department of labor inspects a new ride. cbs north carolina's lauren vavlin is there with more. tell us about that ride. >> good morning. well, unfortunately couldn't
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closer look. you want to check out the state fair player. ride it. it's going to give you a birds' eye view of the playground. we will get that closer look at the north carolina department of labor inspects the ride. this is going to be important to many people headed to the fair baud of the incident -- that happened in 2013. you may remember five people were from ride because machine. the operator an his boss did face jail time but company is the same company who owns a ride that sirred three children in tennessee earlier this year. grofn mccrory has signed legislation that strengthens ride. that state fair flier is set to be open for the very
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justless than 30 days. we will be here as the state department of labor inspects that ride later on it afternoon. also in luck the fair's offering a lunch card when the fair comes to town next month. you can get the card at gait number 9 or gate 9 off huls borrow street. only after you deposit it but you get it back. you are free to have all the delicious food. >> the town of wake forest is sponsoring a series of free depression screenings. >> they will will be conducted by mental health professionals. from noon until 6:00 each day from october 3rd flu
6:20 am >> you think you'll have fried twip kis? >> i hope so. >> i never had one. >> me neither. >> i did. wrapped in bacon and then deep fried one year. >> i'm not a bacon fan. >> what? >> all right. let get to weather.
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83 at lunchti isolated storm later today. closer to the evening drive home. shouldn't be enough to slow you down significantly. high today of only 86. that's a drop of 5 degrees. we have this cold front to thank for that. we are dropping across the area and hanging off to our south as we head towards tomorrow. so both today and tomorrow will have small rain chances in the forecast. so we'll go ahead and show you
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of julia. not expecting any of that to make it into our area. dry for us around lunchtime and as we head into the afternoon a very small chance for a shower or storm. most of you will still stay dry. dry overnigh and dry to start off the friday as we head towards friday afternoon a small chance of a shower or storm. does not look like it will be wash out any high school games. tropical storm ian. we've been watching for quite some time. julia and tropical depression 12 right off the coast of africa. that could strengthen into a tropical storm over the next few days. closer to home. mid-80s. 88 in fayetteville. then tonight we'll drop to near 68. pretty dry. as we head into the next few days. 82 for friday. 83 saturday. those temperatures actually pretty close to where we should be for this time of year. shower, storm continues for weekend ahead. 6:22 right nowsmlet hand is back to allie with a
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85. you can see things are moving well there. through the rl lee area, so far so good. only thing you really need to know about is the crash right here on nc42 on the eastbound side. also a traffic light that's not working on walnut street. very busy intersection. so a heading up if you're traveling through that area. dun through fayetteville. take a look. this is very foggy conditions. # 5 corridor as well. give yourself some extra time. also if you're heading towards fort brag. it's going to be closed. that detour for you on my facebook page. a quick look and a look odd at the durham freeway. no accidents been reported there this morning. maggie? >> thanks. coming up on 6:4. well, your uber has arrived but
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at home. how does that work? well, we'll tell how you how driverless cars are doing. >> also louisiana revolts many disney pulls a recipe after fans stew. when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement. now delivering to your home or office in raleigh.
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when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement. now delivering to your home or office in raleigh. panera. food as it should be. makes moves. while another city moves forward on automated cars. more on these stories. >> good morning. one of the big three american automake seniors moving more production to mexico. ford will shift all of the car -- small car productions. is so it's michigan plant will start making bigger,
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lost. >> and you know what? it was a smooth ride. >> i'm still scratching my head on that one. >> imagine a self driving car picked you up and you -- >> i don't know. o.k. jill let's talk a disney just posted a recipe but then took it back down. what's up with that? >> pulling its healthy gumbo recipe after some backlash. some people in louisiana took a little issue with the fact that the recipe has ingredients like kale and they say that's not authentic. >> not at all. just stick with the okra.
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with these offensive recipes sks right? >> better believe it. don't mes with them. have a great day. >> time check for you at 6:28 you like gum mow right? >> yeah. >> still ahead here on -- a unc football player is out bond amid allegation -- staying on sop of some breaking news. there's a -- what the suspect might be driving plus before we head out -- before you head out a look at your forecast.
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from the state crime lab. >> it is and has been an ongoing investigation. it is simply an investigation they were looking for additional evidence to reach that barf proof beyond a reasonable doubt before thaw draught charges. >> and artist had the first court appearance on wns but he was not required to be there. rather his attorney appeared on his behalf and
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cbs north carolina. turning now to campaign 2016. democratic presidential come knee hillary clinton will return to the campaign trail for the first time since she suffered from pneumonia this weekend. clinton will stop in greensboro today. he's expectedded to speak on the campus this afternoon. it is:ton's first stop in the triad since announcing his vptd issue pick. >> donald trump's daughter-in- law will be in today. she's joining the national committee in opening a victory office. it's a third such office in the state just this week. and students at a local university were encouraged to rock the vote this election by a very special guest. take a look the think like a man and perfect match he was on the campus on wednesday. he spoke at a voter registration drive and he wanted to use any influence that he has to encourage
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count in november. >> i just think this is an important election year. this is the most important election year of our lifetime and i think that it's important that everyone goes out and gets register to vote. today's drive is all about voter registration. >> early voting for the 2016 nct general election starts a little more than a month from now. >> fayetteville has a new interim police chief. the department announced anthony kelly will over. kelly's been the assistant chief since 2015. he'll take on the position at the end of the september. he will retire at the end of october. >> all right. it's now 6:15 -- 6:36. after one school closed its doors to college students another is welcoming them. in just about 4 minutes the offer wake tech. it making to former itt students. >> more and more states are joining the mission to pring your kid getting on and
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just how many drivers are passing stopped buses every year and what's being done to i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general,
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ory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab, and governor mccrory knows that. this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals.
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in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. now and it looks like yesterday. and even cooler tomorrow? >> yeah. i like the sounds of that you ho about you? >> absolutely. it's been so hot this summer. >> it has been. 90s just yesterday. we deserve this break for sure. taiks a look at this. 8 degrees right now. the raleigh durham international airport. yes, some of us could certainly use some rain and we will have a small chance of that as we head into the afternoon hours today. in the meantime i want to talk about fog right now.
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visibility has improved. yes this is appear improvement to .3 of a mile. you are going to need to slow down there. visibility quickly deteruating there. all morning long below a mile. please plan according toly. take your time as you're heading in in a direction. now as far as your temperatures are concerned, feeling pretty good in sanford. 61 but nearby pinehurst at . and clinton. raleigh at 68. durham 67. henderson anne roanoke rapids right around 64. so the bus stop forecast. 67 degrees. kids are getting on bus. remember that patchy fog could make visibility a concern. watch for the kids at the bus stop. 86 our afternoon high. just a small chance for a shower or thundershower. nothing severe anticipated and then maggie and i were talked about cooler days ahead.
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83 saturday. and we're back into the mid--- rain chances over the next few days am look at that coming up in your complete storm team forecast. >> all right. not too bad. thanks so much. >> they are now equipped with a drug to reverse the effects. temporarily blocks the effects long enough to restore breathing in a person who's experiencing are es pri toir failure. they joined more than 15 other agencies in with access. wake tech is reaching out to students afnlgted bid sudden closure of itt. just last week they closed all sites across the country without warning including one in the triangle. wake tech is reaching out it sew students at wake tech. school lawfned much a special site to answer questions. 6:41. well the food, the game, the rides, north carolina
6:42 am
are doing to do to make shu owe and your family are safe. tropical depression julia is causing problems. how much rain is dutched on the area and what we can expect it see here. >> a live look over new era field ahead of tonight's big nfl game. thursday night football is back. right here on cbs. be sure to tune in to catch the bill and jets at 8 right after i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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equips buss with cameras to record drivers with with spotlights. austin texas is is the latest city to make a event at stopping the problem. in just the past two weeks. seventh grade every and a high
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>> what do you remember about that day? you got off the bus. >> i'm just walking and i expect him to stop. but he doesn't and everything just goes into a blur. >> yeah. scary situation. by one estimate american drivers illegally passed school buses more than 13 million times last year. on average, roughly 8 kids a year are killed by drivers who ignore those stop signs. 15 states including north carolina allow cameras to be mounted outside school buss to record motorists. krb north carolina is on a mission to keep children safe when boarding and getting off the school buses. our brake for buses message has reached millions and you can help. jop line and using your social media. just use the hashtag. >> first responders from other areas are stepping in to help after a private
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of business. first responders in northeastern -- stepping in to help. sampson county is negotiating contracts with new professional provide glers. well, we're less than a month away from the state fair an today cbs north carolina will be at the fairgrounds as the state's department of labor and -- a new ride to be featured this year. at the fairground this morning to explain. lauren? >> unfortunately we can't see it for it's that new ride. if you get tun to ride it, it will give you a birds' eye few. we will get that closer look at the north carolina department of labor inspects the ride. this is important to many people headed to the fair because of the incident that happened here back in 2013. you may remember five people were thrown from the vortex because according to
6:47 am
machine. both the oarp tor and his bounce did fail jail time but the company who owned the vor tex is is the same company who owns a ride that injured three children in tennessee just earlier this year. but since the incident hear noo north carolina in 013 tbrorch mccrory has line -- strekenned law the against ride tampering. we will be back here at the fairgrounds around inspects that new road. live in raleigh. cbs north carolina. >> a young boy was hurt on a malfunctioning ride in indiana. the ride another the beach grove falls malfunctioned about 30 is second boos ride. a melgt bar broke free. police did not release these images and it's unclear how they are.
6:48 am
just off the coast of the carolinas -- here's a live look from riceville beach on coast. the storm is just offshore. a little bit of rough water there. the storm swept over charleston last night with winds gusting about 30 miles an hour and dumping inches of rain. the national hurricane center says julia will remain a tropical depression for at least the next two to three day and could strengthen. >> oh. >> julia made it again? feel the and that's where we're expecting it to stay over the next few days. some of that rain is making its way into north carolina. not expecting anything but we could use some rain. the tropical storm conditions certainly not ideal. here is the latest on tropical depression you'll ya. wind at 35 miles an hour. it is currently located 60 miles southeast of charleston south carolina. and reiterate.
6:49 am
a bhoal lot fsm you lack long term winds at 0 miles an hour. that's around 2 in the morning. this system still close enough to home as we saw right around wilmington. bringing you closer to home. a live picture from jaw university and certainly looking like we're starting to see that fog even built into the triing an this morning. i want you tow slow down as you're getting ared to head to the destinn. less than that in fayetteville through john son county. also less than a mile. three miles in rocky mown. temperatures -- visibility is less than a mile. the temperatures pretty mind compared to where we were yesterday. we have lowe 70s around fayetteville, clinton and pinehurst. 68 in raleigh and 67 in durham.
6:50 am
the fog is going to slow some of you down. right around 70 at 8 a.m. 8 # at lunchtime today. still pretty dry there and nowhere near as warm 5 degrees cooler. a high of 86. a small chance of a shower or thunderstorm later today. i'm not expecting anything severe. we just have a cold front moving through testimony should be south of the triangle as we head to later today. very small chance for a shower or storm. we not a report of ce person -- we need the rain. grie we you. we need the rain here as well. # a.m. this morning. dry side. any showers will stay towards the will manying area. even -- that spotty sure or thunderstorm and overnight tonight we should be on the dry side. 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. we're dry but tomorrow afternoon we could another round of a shower or storm.
6:51 am
games. our high today 85. durham joseph night. 48 tomorrow many a we head into the next few theys that's system. we'll stay tissue small chance of a shower or thunderstorm and that chance for some unelgt -- see what's the latest on the roadways. >> it's busy as well fsm you're heading out the door extra time needed. a lot of people out there and, of course, visibility is low because of that fog. taking tow a breakdown on i-40 eastbound. slow now you see your map shaded in yellow. in a means extremely as well whosm knows if visibility played a took to in that frash.
6:52 am
eastbound drive time so far not too. u.s. 64. 16 minutes there. if you're travel on 440 from -- to capitol boulevard about 9. let take you back outside to i-40 at airport boulevard. three years ago. evidence is going to be presented against israel vasquez this morning. he killing ohio say and maria mendez. he has already been stop signed. they will not be speaking the death penalty against him because he was under the age of 18 at the time of the crime. >> a 19-year-old fissing murder charges today. >> police arrested -- a shoot
6:53 am
front of hope house. >> all right. 6:5 # right now many news you need to know boyfriend you go. >> here's a look at chaferly rose and the rest of the team are working on plus. >> takes a closer look at the health roforts on hon and donald trump. an inside look at the beach boys. lead singer reveals a band struggles.
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a quick look at some news. an amber alert for 6-year-old girl out of bloomington. stephanie lo pez castro is 6 years old. 4' tall l she has black hair and brown eyesful she was last seen with light pink shorts and also black tblip flops. there's one suspected abductor believed to be on a motorcycle but she was last
6:56 am
anyone who may have information is asked to call 9-1-1. >> hillary clinton will return to the campaign trail for the first time since suffering pneumonia this past weekend. clinton will stop in greensboro today. she's expected to speak on unc campus this afternoon. it is clinton's first stop in the triad since announcing her pick. >> the unc football player accused of raping another studt attorney say there's a felony investigation ongoing right now. allen artist has been suspended from the team and not be plague in the opener on saturday. sophomore delaney robinson brought it forward on tuesday. now we're talking about weather and we're talking about nice weather. >> yes. more comfortable. mid-80s today and finally back into the low 80s
6:57 am
mostly the weekend. 67 degrees right now. waiting for that sunrise. it's starting to look nice out there. some of you with pretty foggy conditions. take a look. really looking at the denses fog there. even reduced vbility around roanoke rapids and rocky mount. take it easy. current temperature 6 in rl lee and in durham. 70 though in fayetteville. more comfortable conditions stay towards louisburg 63. our high today of 86 is comfortable. 82. small chance of -- workweek tomorrow. >> all right. you mentioned that fog is going to play a factor. lowe visible in some areas. also a few crashes out. there right on i-40. busy as usual. but again, fog starting to creep in. we've seep it in fayetteville as well. so give yourself some extra time. >> all right. thanks a lot.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, september 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a new cbs news/"the new york times" poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump statistically . both candidates released new information about their health histories. children visit the dentist and leave with a potentially life-threatening infection. this morning, doctors fear hundreds could be at risk. and the wife of late apple found steve jobs takes us inside owner mission to reimagine education. how a meeting with gang leaders helped one principal revolutionize her school. we begin this morning with a


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