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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  September 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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because i'm out i need gas. i'm on e. >> now on cbs north carolina it's a problem plaguing millions in the southeast. how long officials say it could take for things to get better. i'm holding up but won't see my daughter walk through that door. >> a durham family in mourning after a young man was murdered by her boyfriend. where federal authorities caught the suspect after a day of searching. plus this. >> it's shocking about somebody to make such bad charges. >> a local mother facing charges after a crash that put her daughter in the hospital. a look at the damage she left behind.
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what's happening with the weather after all of the storms we saw yesterday, alyssa? >> certainly saw a lot of storms around lunch time moving through brought a lot of rain and quickly moved out of the area. this morning most of us on the dry side. good news for your morning drive in. still the chance for a few afternoon showers and most of that is because of what's falling off to the east. elizabeth city waking up to wet weather. those showers going to afternoon. here's a look at temperatures more comfortable not any mid 70s dealing with yesterday at this time. 72 in clayton and lillington, fayetteville at 73. around the virginia border we have 67 in henderson and 69 in south hill. your forecast for the day ahead will be cloudy and cool this morning out the door at 8:00 a.m., 70. 76 at noon. still pretty cloudy.
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3: 00 and after today. 79 our afternoon high and it is going to be damp into the evening hours. we will drop back to 77 by 6:00 p.m. i will have more on the rain chances and the temperatures for the rest of the work week in your complete storm team forecast. breaking news from the philippines this morning officials at an airport there had to isolate a plane this morning but after investigating it turned out the plane's landing. the plane was isolated as a precaution. a massive investigation under way in new york this morning. they captured the bomber but are trying to figure out why. justin? >> ahmad khan rahami is in custody this morning facing five counts of attempted murder
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new jersey yesterday. authorities directly linked him to explosions in new york city and new jersey on saturday and connected him to five more bombs found sunday night near a new jersey train station. there is no indication of an extremist cell in the area and believe he acted alone but looking into whether he had ties to terror groups. the law enforcement ofal traveled to afghanistan three times in the last two years and also visited pakistan. as the investigation continues people who live along the street where the bomb went off are returning to their homes and businesses are open once again. >> all we can do is be vigilent and clean up the mess. >> this is not a block you would i that think of as a target. this is not times square or world trade center or grand central station so it's strange
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used to help track the suspect down and what president obama had to say about the officers involved in capturing him. stefan? >> thank you justin. a man accused of shooting his girlfriend early monday morning is due in court today. we brought this to you as breaking news. 24-year-old dunn shot two women at an apartment complex monday. one of them is expected to be okay but the other who was dunn's girlfriend died. us marshals arrested done governor pat mccrory is fighting to have the man accused of killing a shelby police officer brought back to north carolina. irving finner junior shot officer tim brackeen earlier this month and was captured days later in providence, rhode island but is refusing extradition. on monday he signed papers needed to bring him back to shelby. a four-year-old girl is
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shelby smith crashed into a car in hope mill saturday night. minutes later smith crashed into two homes in fayetteville and then hit a third home just several blocks away. >> she actually made it in between my mailbox and this vehicle over here. if my vehicle here was sitting here it would have been destroyed. this vehicle would have been pushed into the house further. >> police say smith was intoxicated when the crashes happen and i pending. her daughter is in the hospital listed in critical condition. it's getting harder to find gas. now the attorney general is investigating hundreds of complaints over price gouging. cbs north carolina's robert richardson is live in raleigh with details about those complaints. robert? >> stefan there's not a stink amount that is--specific amount that is considered price gouging in north carolina. the state classifies it as
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unreasonably excessive amount. customers at this exxon tell me $2.39 is high but don't see it as unreasonably excessive. the north carolina attorney general's office says over the past few days they have received 600 possible reports of price gouging and reported one station in gillford county as charging $4.50 a gallon, double what many are the convenience mart association says prices are up because trucks have to haul further due to the damage of the pipeline. >> consumers are our eyes and ears on the ground so if they see a price charged excessively we want them to report it to us. we'll take a look at it. >> the attorney general's office says it's best to file a compliant online. the north carolina department
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gouging form front and center on the website or call 877-5 no scam to request a form to be sent to you but online is the best method and helps to provide pictures of the pump prices as well as receipts. live in raleigh, robert richardson, cbs north carolina. >> great advice from robert there. allie if you do have enough gas what's it going to be like on the roads this morning. >> i was one of those people yesterday so i do feel you if you were out if you are out there it looks like you won't be using too much to get into work. you can see we don't have too much traffic to let you know about. heading through raleigh it's time to get out there and fill up the gas tank. moving well if you take into durham delay free in the next few minutes or so take advantage of it now heading through fayetteville no reports of crashes on the local roads or major highways there.
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durham freeway just five minutes and nc 55 a little longer from 8 to u.s. 70 to the split about 4 and from the split about 1. we are going to fix that for you. i-440 at six forks road looks good if you are heading out the door on 440. we'll let you know if anything changes. >> looks good but picking up out there. 6:08 in the a cease fire in syria and the humanitarian effort on the ground. >> the first reaction was to save my life. >> and a crook picked the wrong bank. how a customer stopped the robbery. >> and temperatures this morning in the 60th 70s so a bit cooler than where we were yesterday. 69 in cyler city, 71 in sanford and 70 in chapel hill.
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. hope you have those umbrellas handy yesterday because it was ferocious with the rain. this morning it's dry for now. >> much quieter for now on the dry side. the best chance for rain is going to develop this afternoon so you'll need them just not this morning. 71 degrees a live picture from the airport. all is pretty quiet. look at that one of the first an to taxi down the tarmac. if you are getting ready to head out the door this morning cloudy conditions and no rain to contend with on the roads. we all know that can really slow you down. the big picture on the radar seeing heavy rain across the outer banks towards elizabeth city and all of that moving in a westerly direction so heading our way but not really until the afternoon hours the bulk of it arriving a stray shower or
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as well. currently temperatures 69 in south hill, 67 in henderson, 68 in roxboro. many of you temperatures two to five degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. 71 in sanford dropping to 70 in pinehurst this morning. the bus stop forecast sunrise doesn't happen for a little less than an hour now at 7:22 so getting on the bus at 70 degrees. cloudy and cool there. a few showers later this afternoon. 79 our afternoon high and that where we should be. we have all of the clouds to thank for that. back to near normal tomorrow, 81, chance for wet weather continues. 82 with a few showers around into thursday. a look at the rest of the work week forecast and the week ahead in just a bit. stefan? >> i didn't know if he had a weapon under the rag or not and i was trying to save my life too because bank robbers anything happen to a bank
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quite a surprise for a suspected bank robber in alabama monday. a customer pulled out the gun of his own during the crime and shot at the robber. he missed and the suspect ran out with the money but authorities did watch up with him a little later. 6:13 your time on tuesday morning. next on cbs north carolina local teachers digging into their own wallets for your kids. how local ininstructors are school supplies. an artist flush with cash has people lined up to try when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement. now delivering to your home or office in raleigh.
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it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns
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"new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement. panera. food as it should be. earlier this month the u.s. and russia worked together to arrange a cease fire in syria but after a week fighting has resumed in hopes much
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and al-qaeda groups. international officials hoped to allow humanitarian aid to get to some of the towns that have been hardest hit by the fighting and will be a big topic during this united nation's meeting in new york city. it's a battle between wants and needs. many teachers have been putting up their own money to maintain classrooms but are turning to an interesting source to help them get basic classroom supplies. >> the back to school rush for school supplies might be over for students but it's over for teachers. first grade teacher at wild wood forest elementary hopes the public will help her out. >> i wanted to start flexible seating in my classroom and upon researching it i realized how expensive it was going to be. >> flexible seating means letting kids read write and learn standing and sitting on couches, rugs, pretty much
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money to buy a couch. >> the kids work so hard and are so bright and when they come to school they are in school more hours than they are at home. >> 156 other teachers have the same idea in wake county. if you scroll through the website teachers throughout the district ask for help from purchasing anything from books and rugs to tablets and 500 projects funded on so far this year only about a quarter of the projects have been funded. >> i really work hard as a principal to provide the basic necessities of the school that you need in order to teach the curriculum and move the students academically socially and emotionally. >> wild wood forest elementary school principal holly shaw says the budget allows for a certain amount of school supplies for each student and all about dividing money
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websites to choose to enhance in the classroom. >> if you would like to donate to a classroom we have a link on our website to take you to that donor's choose page. she doesn't have any money raised unfortunately so maybe you can help her out and a bunch of projects out there of course. maybe find one close to your heart you want to fund. >> what a great way even if you don't have a son or daughter this is a great way to give certain projects like the inevitable seating and different ways of learning can help other people that's not mainstream so very interesting to check out if you want to. >> great story allie thanks for sharing with us. >> a dryer day for all of us. >> at least a dryer morning. showers won't be as wide spread. rain that we need so yesterday certainly helped out our local
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buildings towards downtown and can see that it is rather cloudy not going to see a lot of sunshine again today. here's our satellite radar composite. the rain heaviest off to our east along the outer banks but you notice heading in a westerly direction so next stop will be us. a shower or two throughout the morning can't be ruled out but better rain chances certainly develop into the afternoon hours. 68 right now in roxboro, 69 in south hill, 70 in own 70s in lillington and fayetteville as we start off our tuesday morning. most of us like i said should be dry this morning. a small chance for a shower around lunch time through 2:00 and rain chances are going to go up for us after 3: 00 this afternoon. you will notice temperatures all day long are going to be in the 70s. 76 at lunch time, 78 at 2 and high of 79 this afternoon.
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around today. chance for rain this afternoon brought to you by the stationary front off to our east. as that hangs close to home it continues to bring us the chance for rain not only today but looks like tomorrow possibly through the rest of the work week as well. in the meantime a look at your future forecast. dry conditions for the most part this morning. isolated lunch time better shower chances towards the evening drive home. won't be a big factor in your evening drive but could be overnight a stray shower or two possible and a rumble of thunder or two towards wednesday. all in all yesterday had the most stormy weather we are going to see this work week. let's get to the latest on the tropics. tropical storm karl looking organized winds still barely at 40 miles per hour so a tropical storm here moving to the west northwest going to take a northerly turn and just before
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weekend a category two hurricane with winds of 105 miles per hour. in the meantime closer to home upper 70s in raleigh and durham later today. 81 in fayetteville. tonight near 70 just a stray shower possible and as we head into the next few days the 80s are back tomorrow and thursday. small chances for rain mainly in the afternoon and fall remember officially begins on thursday. those rain chances tapering off friday and certainly for the weekend ahead where most of us should seven looks to be saturday with a high of 88. 6:21 right now. allie what's the latest on the roadways? >> good morning taking you outside to i-85 and duke street still pretty quiet through durham the raleigh maps no red accident icons exactly what you want to see on your maps this time in the morning. same thing your durham 40, 85 moving well taking you into fayetteville no problems on 95
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the dive now and drive times average 17 minutes there 540 to u.s. 401 about 4 and 5 from i- 440 to downtown. also if you are taking 40, i- 440 to downtown about 21 minutes there. outside at fayetteville street things are moving quite nicely off to a good start on the roads on tuesday morning if you found you have to fill up your >> yup it flushes. a new york museum offering visitors what will likely be a once in a life time opportunity. an italian artist is replacing one of the regular toilets at the gougen i am museum with a fully functional replica cast in 18 chariot gold. visitors are invited to use the toilet just like they would any other. >> i wanted to use it but after
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of talk about gasoline over the past few days and aaa says you could be wasting your money at the pump depending on your car and chevy's vehicle about to hit a low price point. jill wagner tells us about these stories. good morning. >> good morning. premium gas could be a waste of money and does not increase horse power or fuel economy and costs about 50 cents cents more per gallon. and electric cars could be going mainstream and will cost about $30,000 after tax breaks which is less expensive than the average new vehicle in the united states. the volt can go 238 miles on a single charge. >> might have to look into that one. thanks a lot. when drivers finally get to their destination there's some
6:27 am
parking. >> google's traffic app waze is launching a new feature that tells you where to park looks at real-time parking traffic and directs drivers to the best spot and also let's them know the price. very helpful definitely here in manhattan and i'm sure in your area as well. stefan? >> great stuff jill. great information. have a great day jill, see you tomorrow. >> i love that app. i can totally use it in any city that's a fair size. >> what if it points you to >> then you move on. you hit delete and move on. >> 6:27 is your time. coming up in the next half hour. >> we will achieve justice, period. >> a man's car stalled breaks down on tulsa road and he's shot and killed by police.
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everyone. thanks for watching north carolina news at 6:30. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. robert richardson is live in raleigh where many drivers are scrambling to fill up their tanks. justin quesinberry has new details from new york as authorities investigate a weekend bombing. >> but first alyssa corfont has what we can expect and not quite as much rain today at least right? >> that's exactly right. we start for the morning drive getting rain we need but it won't be until the afternoon hours. our satellite radar composite showing dry conditions around the area this morning and don't be confused with dry and sunny. dry but still pretty cloudy as you head out the door. as far as temperatures are concerned raleigh at 71 pretty steady all morning long. 67 in henderson. upper 60s also continuing in south hill and roxboro and for
6:31 am
they were yesterday. a nice break from that mild and muggy weather we had out the door yesterday. here's the break down on your forecast today cloudy skies at 8:00 a.m., 70. 76 at noon a stray shower possible and better rain chances after 3: 00 this afternoon. i think it will be just that. can't rule out rumbles of thunder. most of us not seeing the storms yesterday. damp evening keep in mind if the kids have football or soccer practice, whatever you have goi a closer look at the rest of your work week forecast. what day will be the warmest and more sunshine coming up in ten minutes. back to you guys. >> thanks alyssa. new overnight the newark street is once again open to traffic. >> a bomb blew up on 23rd street late saturday night hurting 30 people sparking a manhunt for whom ever was
6:32 am
>> justin quesinberry has more about the suspect and how authorities eventually got him. >> ahmad khan rahami was captured three hours after officials sent out a massive alert with the suspect's name and picture to millions of people in new york and new jersey believed to be the first time a nation wireless system was used to send out an electronic wanted poster and directly in new york city and new jersey and connected him to five more bombs found sunday night near a new jersey train station. officials say there is no indication of an extremist cell operating in the area and believe that rahami acted alone but they are looking into whether he had ties to terror groups. a senior law enforcement official tells cbs news he traveled to native afghanistan three times in the last two
6:33 am
in linden, new jersey. two police officers were wounded in a shoot out with him but were not seriously hurt. president obama who was in new york for the un general assembly praised the officers who risked their lives to take him down. >> it's just one more reminder effect the extraordinary skill and sacrifice and courage of our law enforcement officers. >> rahami is facing five counts of attempted murder of police officers and gun charges. we continue to a few years ago his family accused the city of elizabeth, new jersey and its police department of discrimination and harassment and accused a neighboring business owner of telling the rahamis that muslims make too much trouble in this country and don't belong here. all defendants denied the allegations and the case ended in the city's favor. stefan? >> just everyone thank you.
6:34 am
one of the tires blew out just after take off. the malfunction prompted the plane to turn back around and make an emergency landing. none of the planes 142 passengers were hurt. a manhunt is happening right now in las vegas after an overnight shooting that sent two people to the hospital in the parking garage of an airport. according to investigators the two victims had just gotten off a flight and were walking into the shot at them. police believe the suspect has been in a relationship with one of the victims. >> new overnight dozens attended a vigil in tulsa, oklahoma to honor a man officials say was killed by police last week and now is opening a civil rights investigation into the shooting. officials say terrence crutcher stopped his car in the road after it stalled. several officers responded to calls about the vehicle. they say he didn't comply when
6:35 am
authorities say one of the officers then shot crutcher who later died. his twin sister is asking for people that plan to protest to please do it peacefully. >> just know that our voices will be heard. the video will speak for itself. let's protest and do what we have to do but let's just make sure that we do it peacefully to respect the culture of our family. thank you. >> police say they did not find a weapon on crutcher or in his vehicle. the officer that shot him is on paid administrative leave. >> looking ahead the fight over house bill 2 is back to where it all started hinting at the possibility of a repeal if charlotte city leaders reverse the ordinance that led to the passage of hb2 but charlotte's mayor says the city has no plans to repeal the non discrimination ordinance. cbs north carolina david hearst is in charlotte where the governor is scheduled to speak later today. >> the governor is expected to
6:36 am
city one day after charlotte city council decided not to address the ordinance. >> we are not going to consider repeal of the charlotte ordinance on non discrimination at this evening's meeting. [applause] >> a crowd inside the city council chambers cheered as the mayor put an end to talks over house bill 2. >> one thing i want to make clear is the city does not legally need to take any action for the state to do something it knows it needs to that is to repeal hb2. >> they announced a special session would be possible but only if charlotte city council repealed the non discrimination ordinance passed in february. >> charlotte made this an issue. there would not have been a house bill 2 but for what charlotte did. >> law makers continue to place the blame solely in the hands of those who ushered in the bill. >> i saw speaker moore laying the blame once again at
6:37 am
this is like siblings. tim moore broke the cookie jar and pointed at jennifer roberts and said why did you break the cookie jar. you need to apologize. >> the mayor made it clear that its fate will not lie in the hands of charlotte city council. >> we hope that the state continues with the intention to repeal house bill 2 and remove the clouds hanging over our state's head. >> they pulled out of north carolina because of house bill 2 not ec ordinance and speaker moore says negotiations will continue. reporting live in charlotte cbs north carolina. good morning. it's 6:37 on tuesday and getting busy out there i-440 at u.s. 64 new burn avenue a lot more headlights than the last time you saw me up here now. if you take a look at the maps accident free through the raleigh area. same thing through durham
6:38 am
no accidents to report to you there. if you are heading west on 540, u.s. 64 to rtp just about 23 minutes on 40 from garner u.s. 70 area to rtp about 25 and 540 toll road about 15 so pretty average for this time of the morning but unfortunately i-40 at lake wheeler road starting to see the bumper to bumper traffic build. i-85 to the orange county line things are looking nicer through that area at 6:38 morning. russ, stefan? >> thank you allie. >> 6:38, 6:39. lines getting longer, more gas stations running out of fuel. coming up at 6:30 what's being done to make sure drivers are not getting ripped off at the pump. >> and feds for driverless cars. see what's being done today to make sure the future of transportation is safe. and temperatures before you head out the door in the 60s and 70s.
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we got a new family member and she got a nutritious meal of purina cat chow complete with the four cornerstones of nutrition including high quality protein. now our family is complete. purina cat chow complete. for many of you getting gas for the past few days may have been a nightmare and now there may be a new concern, filed complaints. robert richardson joins us live with how state officials are working to protect drivers. robert? >> for us first of all let me be clear we are not accusing this exxon of price gouging. the current price is $2.39 which is pretty high but the attorney general's office says they are investigating complaints of nearly double that price. some drivers filed complaints reporting gas as high as $4.50
6:42 am
and the attorney general's office says drivers are eyes and ears for investigators and people need to report those high gas prices. there's no set amount that constitutes price gouging. the state says it's anything unreasonably excessive. >> from my yesterday one place was $5 and that was outrageous so compared to that $2.40 is all right. >> if you see go to the attorney general's website. they have a form that allows you to file a complaint online and also call 877-5-no scam. attorney general roy cooper says he expects to send more subpoenas to more gas stations later this week and the fines for price gouging are up to $5,000 for each violation. reporting live in raleigh, robert richardson cbs north carolina. >> robert out there on gas duty two days in a row.
6:43 am
>> i'm happy i filled up on sunday and hoping it lasts me as long as possible. >> i was thinking of a trip this weekend but i think i better just wait. >> maybe you could walk. >> not as far as i was going to go. [laughter] >> maybe next week. >> next week hopefully we'll be out of this. let's get to our forecast 71 degrees right now. it is pretty cloudy to start off our morning. sunrise at 7:22 so not to that point yet but look at those clouds starting off our morning af belt line from our tower camera in raleigh. the drive time forecast at 71 right now dropping another degree or so by 7:00 a.m., staying at 70 through 8:00 this morning. cloudy can't rule out a are you not showers but better chances developing this afternoon. temperatures at 9:00 a.m. close to 72 degrees. the reason rain chances are better this afternoon the rain this morning off toll our east coast going to spread gradually
6:44 am
starting to reach the ground. other than that most of us starting off pretty quiet which is good news heading out the door this morning. we could use the rain and will get more this afternoon. 68 in roxboro, 70 in durham louisburg and goldsboro. 71 in clinton and 73 in fayetteville. planning your day ahead 70 at 8:00 a.m., morning drive lunch time can't rule out a shower there. afternoon showers the best bet for us. high of 79 degrees. the 80s later this week. i'll have the details on that in your storm team forecast. russ? >> 6:44 in the morning. go pro's drone is finally here. see what it can do. gorgeous video out of this and how much it will cost you. plus the rules packed with flavor, one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue.
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combination that caused a lot of anger in one local community. cbs north carolina amy cutler went digging to find out who is making sure your tax dollars are being properly spent. >> it's been nearly three months since the result of that audit of the town of spring lake first came out. it found that in the last five years there were $366,000 in purchases that violated the town's policies $122,000 in questionable purchases. the report shining a spotlight on 63 town employees including the mayor and another three board members. >> the bags that were bought, the gift cards that were given away. i mean that's not how citizens in a town expect their dollars to be spent. >> by now you might expect the cumberland county district attorney or sbi would be investigating. instead a committee set-up by the town is reviewing 1400
6:48 am
much more on this coming up tonight at 6:00 on cbs north carolina including how this situation is not unique to the town of spring lake. in the news room amy cutler cbs north carolina. >> we look forward to that report thank you. looking ahead federal officials are expected to make a big step today for regulating self driving cars and see great potential and also risks. they are unveiling new federal policies aimed at regulating au would be updated each year to keep up with changing technology. >> relaying simultaneously allowing innovation to happen and introducing and raising the level of safety on these vehicles. >> and if you would like to hear more from secretary anthony fox who is also the former mayor of charlotte he's going to be on cbs this morning coming up in just a few minutes. go pro's new foldable drone camera is ready for take off.
6:49 am
be available next month built for capturing aerial footage coming with a hand held controller along with touch screen and joy sticks. the cost about $800 and i bet you it will sell a lot. >> looks like it. >> people love the go pros. >> i have one but not on a drone. that's not on my budget. >> oh yeah. [laughter] >> so we are dronin not a very good-- >> nice try. >> drone on. >> a for effort. let's get to our forecast for today tracking several things over the next few days but just like yesterday we saw wet weather and the chance for wet weather today. i do not expect the storms we had yesterday so that's certainly some good news as we head into the day today but those gray skies, wet conditions not only here today but really going to be here through wednesday and the best
6:50 am
head into the next few days we are going to be looking at rain chances tapering off by thursday or friday. more sun friday into the weekend ahead and overall going to be much cooler as we head towards next monday. so let's go ahead and get a check on our satellite radar composite most of us on the dry side to start off our tuesday morning. the heaviest rain this morning right out towards the outer banks. a little bit of rain falling towards north hampton counties. other than that we are d safely. we will see rain this afternoon. 70 in durham and cyler city right now. also 70 in pinehurst. 71 in sanford and 72 in lillington and clayton. hour by hour for you today 73 at 10:00 a.m., 76 at lunch time and eventually at 79 this afternoon so we do not make it out of the 70s today. there will be better rain chances after 3: 00 this afternoon not anticipated
6:51 am
you. a cold front coming through yesterday that front has now pretty much stalled off to the eastern portions of our state. with that nearby we will be looking at the chance for rain this afternoon into the evening hours. won't be a wash out. some of you could easily get through the day with pretty overcast conditions and that's what will impact pretty much all of the area. overcast skies this morning, an isolated shower or two this afternoon around lunch time. better rain chances for the evening drive home and could continue into the evening. i do think tomorrow morning morning hours and in the afternoon. again keep that umbrella nearby today, tomorrow really for the rest of the work week. how much rain are we talking? close to a half an inch possible in raleigh and durham, a quarter of an inch the furthers west you go. upper 70s highs in raleigh and durham and low 80s in fayetteville tonight. tonight overcast skies continue, 70 for overnight low, 80s return tomorrow.
6:52 am
and warmest day on saturday with a high of 88. just about 6:52 right now. let's check in with aly. >> good morning. looks like a lot of traffic out there at i-40 and lake wheeler road because of people heading into work at the same time. haven't had reports of accidents in area. just extremely crowded conditions out there. let's get ate live look at new burn avenue and yonkers road on a local ro through durham 70 and 40 moving well and fayetteville still pretty quiet on 95 or the local roads heading near fort bragg. a look at drive times heading north into raleigh u.s. 1, nc 55 to downtown 14 minutes there from nc 40 to downtown 25 and 401 going to take you 22 minutes. back outside to i-540 and south saunders street where it is getting busy out there.
6:53 am
russ, stefan. >> 6:52. almost 6:53 in the morning. we'll be right back with news to know today. >> plus the latest developments out of new york following the arrest of a bombing suspect. what investigators are now focusing on. >> good morning stefan andrus. the nypd police commissioner is were the latest of the new york and new jersey bombings. also finding wasting tons of
6:54 am
m hillary clinton and i i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
6:55 am
there's a quick look at news to know before you head out the door. working hard to figure out what motivated a man to carry out several weekend bombings in new york and new jersey. ahmad rahami was arrested monday after a shoot out with police and faces several charges for shooting at officers. officials connected him to a bombing in new york that hurt 29 people and other bombs found
6:56 am
half a dozen states including north carolina and raising concerns about the possibility of price gouging. the state attorney general's office received hundreds of reports from across the state since last friday. state officials say if you see a price that seems especially high contact the ag's office. and the race for the white house is making its way back to north carolina today. donald trump is holding a rally at high point university a political reporter beau minnick in high point and amy cutler in dopplerland county. >> and hilary clinton had have an appearance in chapel hill but that's been canceled and doesn't have any other scheduled stops in north carolina this week. so far former president hw bush is planning to vote for hilary clinton this monday. >> certainly clogging up the
6:57 am
is clogging up the twitter feed as well. >> absolutely. go triangle reminds you too to always jump on the bus. >> that's a good point. >> let's get to the forecast. heading out this morning the destination on the dry side. can't say the same for the afternoon hours. rather cloudy as we do start off our morning and downtown. here we isolated showers falling across north hampton county into hall fax county. other than that pretty clo 71 in raleigh and rocky mount, 70 in louisburg. upper 60s in south hill, virginia. forecast for today 79. the best chance for rain this afternoon. fall officially begins thursday at 10:21 in the morning. allie. >> i can't believe 77 degrees up there on the seven day. i haven't seen that in a while. you see this every morning i-40 at clayton bypass extremely crowded. we haven't had any crashes effecting traffic but do have a lot of congestion out there
6:58 am
you for watching.
7:00 am
? good morning. it is tuesday, september 20th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." new detai captured in new jersey. surveillance video shows him before the moments in new york. the city's new police commissioner is in studio 57. and americans are wasting billions on gas they don't need. new studies whether you need to pay for premium at the pump. plus, charlie as in rose, with rock legend bono. find out what he feels about the presidential election.


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