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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: new evidence from the shooting. ( gunfire ) the family of keith scott releases video that captures the sound of a charlotte police officer shooting him to death. >> did you shoot him! he better not be ( bleep ) dead! her monday debate preparations to visit charlotte. we'll look at where the candidates stand on law, order, and race. >> drugs are a very, very big factor in what you're watching on television. >> pelley: from russia with love, for donald trump. the russian politicians pulling for a trump win. >> i'm charles osgood, and this is "sunday morning."
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mornings. to all those people who watched you over a steaming mug of coffee all these years, what do you say to them? >> i love you. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, the family of keith scott released video taken by his wife as he was shot to death by a police officer in the video does not show the shooting, but it captures the sound. >> drop gun! >> keith, don't do it. >> drop the gun! >> keith, get out of the car. keith, keith, don't you do it! don't you do it! keith! keith! keith, don't you do it! ( gunfire ) ( bleep ), did you shoot him! did you shoot him! did you shoot him!
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family said, "we encourage everyone to reserve judgment until all the facts are known." scott was killed tuesday in the parking lot of an apartment complex by an african american officer who was there to arrest someone else. here's david begnaud. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. >> reporter: the cell phone video begins with keith scott's wife, rakeyia scott, recording while moving towards the don't shoot him. >> reporter: police appear not to respond to her while focusing on keith scott. >> he didn't do anything. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a t.b.i. he's not going to do anything to you guys. >> reporter: that is an abbreviation for traumatic brain injury. rakeyia scott says her husband just took some medicine and that he won't harm anyone.
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the wendos. come on out the car. keith! don't do it. keith! >> reporter: in all, police can be heard ordering scott 11 times to drop a gun. then gunshots. >> keith! keith! don't you do it! ( gunfire ) ( bleep ). did you shoot him! did you shoot him! did you shoot him! he better not be ( bleep ) dead! i know that ( bleep ) much! >> reporter: police order rakeyia scott to stay back while they surround and handle her husband's body. she keeps recording. >> i'm not going to come near you. i'm anything to record, though. i'm not coming near you. i'm going to record. he better be alive! >> reporter: there is something on the ground near scott's body. when we slowed down the video, they appeared to be gloves. >> that's okay. did you all call the police-- i mean, did you all call an
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was he armed, or was he holding a book, as witnessed maintain? these are questions being directed at law enforcement who are facing mounting pressure to show their own dash and body-cam footage of the ensdent. charlotte-mecklenburg police chief kerr putney. >> if you were to put it out indiscriminately, and it doesn't give you good context, it can inflame the situation and make it even worse. it will exacerbate the backlash. it will >> reporter: last night, it was a third straight night of protests, although the first without any violence. cbs news has not been able to independently authenticate that video. police say a gun was found at the scene, but witnesses say they never saw it. scott, as you can see behind me, national guard is starting to stage for what will be a fourth night of protests. there is a curfew that goes into effect at midnight. >> pelley: david begnaud for us this evening.
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pittenger who represents charlotte is apologizing for comments he made about the protestprotesters in his city. this is what he told a british interviewer. >> what is their grievance in their minds? >> the grievance in their mind is the animous, the anger. they hate white people because white people are successful and they're not. >> pelley: pittenger said his anguish over the riots led him to an answer that he now regrets. officer betty shelby surrendered overnight to face first degree manslaughter charges in the shooting death of terence crutcher, an unarmed black motorist. shelby was released on $50,000 bond. late today, hillary clinton's campaign announced that she will put her debate preparations on hold to visit charlotte this weekend. the violence there has become an issue in the battle for the white house.
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order, and race. >> drugs are a very, very big factor. >> reporter: donald trump argued this week that drugs and hillary clinton are both fueling the charlotte protests. >> those pedaling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society-- and this is a narrative that is supported with a nod by my opponent. you see what she's saying, and it's not good. shared directly in the responsibility for the unrest >> he certainly doesn't have any solutions to take on the reality of systemic racism. >> reporter: clinton insists trump is ignoring discrimination in policing and the economy. she's made a point of campaigning with the mothers of police shooting victims. >> he was killed. >> reporter: but she has also called for more investments in community policing and a set of national standards to help train officers on the proper use of
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respect the police and police respect communities. ( applause ) >> reporter: trump called this week for more random weapons searches in high-crime areas. >> and stop and frisk is something they should absolutely be doing and doing it quickly. >> reporter: clinton's running mate, senator tim kaine, a former mayor of richmond argued stop and frisk just create more tension. >> if you make the relationship between the police and the community more adversarial, you're going to widen the gap. >> reporter: and he says that gap is dangerous for the community and for the police. but this afternoon, former new york ordinarily rudy giuliani, who is supporting trump, insisted that stop and frisk reduced crime in his city and as a result, scott, saved african american lives. >> pelley: nancy cordes for us. nancy, thank you. trump picked up another supporter. they had once called each other liars when they were rivals for
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cruz aeyewitn announced he willr trump. cruz said he is keeping his pledge to endorse the republican nominee. trump is under fire over reports that he used money from his charitable foundation to pay business expenses. donors are told the contributions go to medical charities, but julianna goldman found that some of it has gone to care for trump's legal ills. >> reporter: at a 2010 charity lf westchester golf course martin greenberg thought he had won $1 million when he had a hole in one, but the insurance company that was supposed to pay out balked, saying the "t" was set up wrong. greenburg siewnd n.b.a. player alonzo mourning and trump's club. trump's campaign said to help pay for the settlement, trump donated lifetime memberships at his golf courses. they were auctioned saying it
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trump foundation and the charity. the winner was required to pay $1500 monthly dues. florida doctor steven shapiro had the winning bed. he is listed as donating $157,250 to the trump foundation on the tax forms. longs matter the trump foundation cut a check for $158,000 to the martin greenberg foundation. raising money for another could be problematic. >> that is a misrepresentation. >> reporter: the trump campaign said the charity web site made a mistake and the listing should not have included the trump foundation. the web site told us they were engaged by the donald j. trump foundation. owens said the arrangement raises more questions about what might be in the trump tax returns. >> it could be a broader, more tangled web here of the
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the personal business interests, potentially the personal interests of donald trump. >> a campaign official said trump did not write off the value of the lifetime membership but without his tax returns there is no way to know. under a final version of the settlement, trump had no financial obligation, but according to the campaign he contributed out out of the goodness of his heart. >> pelley: julianna goldman, reporting, thank you, julianna presidential debate, john dickerson's guests on "face the nation" will include vice presidential candidates mike pence and tim kaine. john, major garrett, nancy cordes, bob schieffer will join us right here for cbs news live coverage of the debate. that is monday evening at 9:00 eastern time. chicago is suffering through a murderous year. more than 500 people gunned down so far.
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likely to be shot in the hope of saving them. >> reporter: about 8:45 on the the night of june 15, 28-year-old antonio perkins was filming himself, and wairlly watching his block on the city's west side. a documented gang member with a long arrest record, perkins knew there were rival gangs in his neighborhood, so he was cautious but not cautious enough. ( gunfire ) about 22 minutes later, peins died, a death the police say was entirely predictable because perkins was on the department's strategic subjects list. >> suspect, suspect. >> reporter: 1400 individuals at high risk in the city's epidemic of violence. 85% of chicago's victims are victimizers are on that list. data culled from the 600 gang factions and 100,000 documented gang members in this city.
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faction. >> reporter: jonathan louin is deputy chief of technology. >> at the end of the day, the goal of this entire program is to save lives. >> reporter: the list helps police make arrests but it all pinpoints high-risk individuals for what are known as custom notifications. police superintendent eddie johnson. >> we try to let them know if you done tb down that path of behavior you're eventually going to shoot somebody or be a victim of a shooting yourself. such warnings in the last six years, and 87% have not gone on to commit another violent offense. chicago mayor rahm emanuel acknowledges while manpower and technology are sprnt, scott, restoring mutual trust between the police and the people who live here is vital. >> pelley: dean reynolds covering the violence in chicago. dean, thanks. well, the sound of failed diplomacy thundered across
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cease-fire, russian and syrian warplanes pounded aleppo, killing nearly 100. elizabeth palmer is in damascus. >> reporter: in the rubble of one of aleppo's shattered buildings..., syrian rescue workers scrape away debris to uncover-up a little girl's ponytail. then a sign of life. ( crying ) five-year-old girl survived the attack that smashed her help. but the rest of her family was killed. since monday night, shel shellsd bombs have pounded eastern aleppo, home to 250,000 people. it's the start of the syrian army's new offensive, backed by russia, to retake the opposition-controlled neighborhoods. after the air assault, says the military, ground troops will move in.
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conditions in rebel-held aleppo look set to get even worse now. and for every survivor, like this tiny baby, the violence will leave scores more lifeless bodies, shattered homes, and broken hearts. in spite of the aleppo offensive, the russians are saying that they are, along with the americans, still committed to resurrecting the the cease-fire which, to be frank, >> pelley: elizabeth palmer inside syria. liz, thanks. coming up next on the cbs evening news, the view from russia on the the u.s. presidential election. and the man of the rising sun. made it big in textiles. my great-grandfather bernard wrote existential poetry. and uncle john was an explorer. i inherited their can-do spirit. and their double chin.
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>> reporter: meet the man they call "the donald trump of russia" vladimir zhirinovsky. he just won big in recent elections. he told us he hopes to be celebrating again in november. >> mr. trump say president of the united states will be holiday for russia. >> reporter: the ultranationalist leader is one of trump's most vocal supporters in russia, even his opinion of hillary clinton matches the more radical fringe of trump supporters. >> madam clinton has all signs of parkinson's illness, parkinson's. it's a very bad illness. >> reporter: trump has lavished praise on russian leader and said he'd cut back on u.s. involvement in nato. putin has made claim he'd prefer a trump white house. but russia's meddling in the american election is more than just talk. russia is accused of hacking the democratic party's server. are you going to be watching the
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know what putin is thinking, you talk to this man, sergei markov. his political know think tank has a direct line to the kremlin, which sort of keinize the hacking allegations. >> reporter: putin has said hacking the d.n.c. was a good hacking. >> reporter: what if his own united russia party had been hacked into? how would he react then? during the elections here, opponents of president putin have actually been banned from appearing on state-controlled television. but, scott, images of donald trump and the american election have been getting plenty of air
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>> pelley: earlier, we showed you the ruins of aleppo and millions of refugees have fled syria. almost 1.5 million have crossed into the neighboring kingdom of jordan, a country with no oil wealth and precious little water. in an interview for "60 minutes," we spoke to king abdullah ii. why did you million syrians to come into your country? >> well, we really didn't have much choice. i mean, they were flooding across the border, being shot by the syrian regime. and, you know, jordan has always been a place that opened its arms to refugees from many countries, unfortunately. but then it got to a point where, you know, we're now at 20% increase of our population,
6:53 pm
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somebody whose probably still in his pajamas and bedroom slippers and maybe getting successive cups of cove as the broadcast goes on. >> pelley: what are you trying to communicate to the audience? what do you hope that they get from it? >> if you look and listen to a newscast can and come away thinking,"boy, this is a terrible time to be alive," that's not the whole story. there is a whole story about people who are doing wonderful things. when we do interviews with people who are a singers or actors or playwrights or poets, this is part of humanity, too. >> pelley: you've been a broadcaster all your life, but to you the most important thing is the written word, and a lot of people don't think the written word is important in broadcasting. >> i don't want them to think of what i'm saying to them as writing. i want them to think that i'm just a person and talking to them. i can tell you the name of the person i'm talking to.
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irish twins, they used to call us. i find myself speaking to her. up the audience to be with you, and so that's the person i'm talking to. >> pelley: to all those people who watched you over a steaming mug of coffee all these years, what do you say to them? >> i love you. >> pelley: "sunday morning" "su" we'll and as he likes to say, you'll continue to see him on the radio. that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley, i'll see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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>> judge judy: you bought a car with no title. why? >> because he said he could get the title in my name for me. >> announcer: a mechanic-client relationship in need of repair. >> he never fixed it. and he has the title. so what can i do with a car with no title? >> announcer: but her story's running on fumes. >> i have text messages telling him i'm on my way to get the car. i have the money and everything. he's avoided me for months. >> judge judy: did you do any work on the car? >> yes, ma'am. >> judge judy: oh, you did? glad you kept on talking. you are about to enter you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the courtroom captions paid for by cbs television distribution jamaica miller is suing her former friend, deandre walton, for the value of a car and the return of money she paid him to fix it. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case


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