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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  September 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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carolina news. it's monday morning. >> a brand new workweek. glad to have you along. first, let's find out about the forecast. alyssa, russ says we need some extra layers. >> i don't know if it's that cold. the last week of september. we're going to drop into septembers bit end of the workweek. so then you may want that light jacket but this morning, not so bad as we start off with r there's a few showers back to the west. none of those falling in central north carolina. can't rule out a sprinkle or two. it's going to be one of those days today and over the next few days that you'll want to keep the umbrellas nearby. find them if you misplaced them over the weekend. 66 in durham. siler city and -- we look northward. 63 this morning in henderson. your forecast for the day ahead
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pretty dry out the door. moapsly clow die skies at noon. 71. we'll make it to 78 which is close to normal. an isolated shower back in the forecast as we head. police say scott had a gun and would not drop it. >> every encounter people can make a decision to follow lawful, loud, verbal commands. >> yesterday dozens marched outside of bank of america stadium before the panthers gamement inside
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injustice. they lifted a city-wide curfew put in place last week since the protests have remained peaceful. a ral lie calling for justice and transparency. an investigation is still underway. he and his wife attended tral chuj in charlotte. they did not attend yesterday but hi parents and congregation. he wasted no time. >> the officer involved who did his sworn duty is a member of our church who grew up in our church and you will not find a finer young man. officer vinson and his wife are expecting a baby. officer vinson went to liberty university and played football there. and you can find complete
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charlotte right now on our website at >> the attorney for a suspended fayetteville teacher accused of stomping on the american flag in front of students says they plan to appeal today. >> this is a story that's gotten a lot of attention. live in fayetteville with a look ahead. robert? >> reporter: well russ and stephen some students recently got an unusual lesson about fi speech. history teach lee francis made a demonstration with the american flag and a student took this picture of francis stepping on the flag with students cell phone. the teacher says that he was teaching students about different forms of expression allowed by freedom of speech. francis told us he put the flag on the ground and put two steps on. the superintendent said a discussion with the district attorney determined francis did not violate
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veterans in the area. >> he's teaching our children that it's o.k. to stomp on a flag. and i served a year in vietnam and i just don't agree with his actions. >> francis' attorney allen rojers is also a veteran and he defends the teacher's actions. the community is missing the point . several people protested the ag others sent death threats and even voice mails left on his phone. francis stands by his actions and he's not going to run away from them or the threats. reporting live in fayetteville. robert richardson, cbs north carolina. >> thank you for that this morning police are snfght getting ad assault that happened on nc state's campus saturday night. nc state police sent out a crime alert saying a
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near the bell tower. the student was able to break free and the suspect ran away. they feel safe on campus but the incident is a reminder that you must stay alert. it's definitely a thing that hopefully we can get dressed a little bit more. it's scary for people to not have the option to walk around by themselves at night. >> they have not made any arrest f. you have any information that can help them call the nc state police department. >> a man is due courtroom today charged in connection to a friday morning shooting on middle branch road. 23-year-old was rushed to wake med after police found him with a gunshot wound to the head. authorities charged 25-year-old anthony neil with two assault with a deadly
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18 venomous snakes and they were not kept within the codes. presidential nominees hillary clinton and donald trump are making last-minute preparations today for the very first presidential debate. a lot of people expected to watch this. a washington post abc news poll has the candidates in a the event. just weeks before election day. you can watch that coverage live tonight at 9:00 right here on cbs north carolina. and tomorrow clinton not wasting any time. she will hold a campaign event in north carolina here in raleigh a wake tech community college. allie? >> good morning. it's 5:36. a look at i-540 where things are moving well.
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you won't be dealing with the stress of traffic out. there -- there. >> the southbound side of 401 until about 6 a.m. right near st. patrick's drive. that's because of a crash that happened. should be cleared in the next 20 minutes or. so also the road closure to know about. reduced to one lane starting at 9 today for some road work. construction crews throughout flagging you buy. if you're frafling through durham no problems to report to you there. into raleigh are pretty average on u.s. 1 from 540 to downtown. just 50 minutes. about 20 minutes. back outside to i-40 at lake wheeler road. a lot of headlights but they're going the speed limit. >> 5:37 is your time on your monday morning. a murder mystery unfolding in california. what investigators know and
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spending time in canada.
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i'm roy cooper...and my mom used to teach in this school. she was so proud to be a north carolina teacher. she wouldn't have liked how we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay... 44th in per-student spending... or that governor mccrory tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. it's why thousands of teachers are moving out of state.
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63 in henderson. still at 62 in roanoke rapids. nearby clinton at 67. planning for your day ahead. 8 a.m. temperatures. 71 at noon and 78 our afternoon high. we will get to a closer look in just a little bit. russ? >> 5:41. up next. >> such a weird vibe and just
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>> accused of shooting and killing five people in washington state. what she says she did to
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super bowl ratings literal l. we'll have clinton will hold a campaign event here in raleigh at wake tech community college. >> protesters filled the streets of charlotte once again but demonstrations remaintain largely peaceful. the state of emergency remains intact. since last tuesday. >> golfing great arnold palmer has died. he died sunday in pittsburgh.
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he was 87 years old. >> some breaking news we need to get to right now. right now raleigh police are investigating a shooting. that's the scene there. the shooting happened at the valero mart. investigators have not released the victim's name or condition at this point no. word on any arrest. if you know anything, call 9-1- 1. a fayetteville couple is talking wi murder of their sob. he was shot on january 4th last year on north duke street in durham. durham police say he was inside an impala. he was shot in the head. he underwent rehab but did die september 17th following surgery. if anybody know anything, you know, the streets talk. if anybody know anything, go forward to the police.
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he deserved that much. >> hopefully someone can help this family have some piece. a second was inside but was not hurt. grayer was a student at fayetteville tech. durham police are offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. you can call crimestoppers if you wish to remain anonymous. >> suspected of killing five people with a rifle at the macy's makeup counter. including charges that he ul a neighbor says he was so creepy, rude and obnoxious that she kept a taser. she knew immediately that she shouldn't have. >> so when he came he was really awkward and he was weird and he had weird interactions. he grunted or he would just not say anything or he was just -- just really socially awkward. >> he was captured 24 hours
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the victim's range in age from a teenager to a senior citizen. >> major league baseball is mourning the loss of one of its brightest young stars. miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez was killed in a boatding accident early yesterday morning. brooks silva braga has more. >> he was remembered sunday as an all-star pitcher but even more so, for the spirit he broughted to little league or something like that, that's the joy that jose played with. >> the 24-year-old and two friends dayed early sunday morning after their 32- foot boat crashed into a miami jett glirks. speed was involved due to the impact. and the severity of it. >> the miami marlins ace was named rookie of the year in 2013. just five years after defecting from cuba. fernandez failed to reach the florida coast three
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to rescue his mother from the scene after she fell overboard. they made it to mexico and eventually the u.s. last year, he became a u.s. citizen. >> it's just a dream. all of south florida and all of cuban americans his story is representative of a story of hope. and of love and of faith. and no one will ever let that story die. >> a moment of silence was held before each major league baseball game sunday fans left tribtd tribtds outside. >> investigators did not find any evidence of drugs or alcohol at the scene of the accident. >> several thousand of people in cedar rapids, iowa are out of their homes. the cedar river continues to flow. it'll be days boyfriend they return. the river crested saturday night. the national weather service predicts the river will crest add 23 feet in cedar
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pat mccrory will tour flood devastated areas. last week the governor declared the area a state of emergency. that allowed more resources. they helped withed flooding situation there. they've helped more than a dozen people get out of their flooded homes and vehicles. governor mccrory will meet with first responders today and that happens in windsor. the damaged crops as there. agricultural a huge thing in the eastern part of north carolina. >> it certainly is. hopefully some can be salvaged. let's get to our forecast. 67 degrees right now. a new workweek. last workweek in the month of is september. the time went that fast. we are looking at a pretty clear start to our raleigh-durham international airport. heading out in that direction -- no fog. no rain in that direction.
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head throughout the day. look at this. first this warm front will be off to north by later this afternoon. has to travel through our area to get there. we could -- then as it cold front approaches our rain chances are really going to increase for us. i think the best chance for rain is going to be on tuesday as it comes moving through central north carolina. just like the past few weeks it looks liked front is going to stall overhead as we head into wednesday. providing us with another chance for rain as we head into the middle of the week. no rain in central north carolina. though there's rain and stormy weather across charlotte. look at those lightning strikes. most of this will not really reach us. there will be that small chance for some drizzle. so just keep the umbrella nearby to be on the safe side. maybe hold it up over the weekend. 63 in henderson right now.
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throughout pinehurst and rayford. you're right around 66 degrees as we start off our day. so as you're planning for your day ahead just a stray shower. 71 at noon. most of us seeing pretty cloudy conditions. the temperatures will be cooler as a result as well. 78 our afternoon high. very close to normal for this time of year. spotty shower as we head towards 6:00 this evening. now your future forecast will show that isolated shower out there this morning. most of us lunchtime and staying that way for the majority of the afternoon. just a small chance for a shower later this afternoon. as we head into overnight tonight, can't rule out a passing shower. and it looks like those showers will hang around for tomorrow morning's drive. we know when there's a rain showers in the morning. it can slow your morning commute down and a slow evening commute because the showers will be around central north carolina. in the meantime here's a look at your forecast. 78 in raleigh.
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around fayetteville. temperatures fall into the upper 60s. we'll go ahead into the next few days. that warm front around the area. thursday most of us see drier conditions and dry weather friday and for the upcoming weekend. 5:52 right now. lake boone trail but duo have a crash out there raleigh. burgundy street still seeing green on our maps near the raleigh boulevard. not seeing any major delays. we have clean up for the next few minutes on the southbound side of 401. this is because of an overnight accident and right near st. patrick's drive. that right lane to be closed. through durham major highways look good.
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area. that's -- bright and early this morning. no accidents out there. pretty nice if you're flaig out today. flying to new york, los angeles, dallas these major airports shouldn't be waiting too long. no delays there. outside not much to see here. before we go to break a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. coming up tv host bill i'm roy cooper...and my mom used to teach in this school. she was so proud to be a north carolina teacher. she wouldn't have liked how we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay... 44th in per-student spending... or that governor mccrory tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. it's why thousands of teachers are moving out of state.
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narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare.
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>> right now a group of first responders from our area are in new york to mark 15 years since the 9/11 attacks and to honor fallen firefighters. >> the group includes nine firefighters and the firefighters toured the 9/11 memorial, fire departments in the city and participated in the tunnel to towers run. the run honored steven siller a firefighter who died in the attas. he ran from brooklyn in 60 pound of gear to help. firefighters completed the run in their gear was a humbling experience to follow in his footsteps and to visit the site. about 25,000 people participated in that run. that includes about 100 from the marine corps fundraiser that was cancelled last weekend. >> as any parent who's traveled with children knows it's a whole different experience when you bring your family with you. [ laughter ] >> i bet. britain's princess charltd charlotte and prince
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saturday for their first official trip overseas as a family of four. this trip marks the first overseas jaunt for 1-year-old charlotte. george has already visited australia ya and new zealand. >> katherine and i are delighted to be back in canada. that's why we're so pleased that george and charlotte can be with us in canada this time around. beginning their own lifetime of friendship with this the see the children when they leave on october 1st. >> how cool is that? >> they're growing up so fast. >> i know, i know. 5:57 right now. >> a fayetteville teacher seen stopping on an american flag during a classroom lesson is suspended this morning. >> what he plans to do to fight that decision. that's coming up next. a live look outside. a little bit of way -- a little more than an hour. how cool it's gong to get this
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yeah. well this morning is going to start out very similar to what we finished with yesterday. a spotty . some drizzle on your morning the dry side. this is a live picture as we do start out of mourning. no fog, no rain to contend with if you are stepping out the door right now. here's that satellite radar composite as we do head throughout the morning. you can most of us are on dry side. isolated storm back to the west. charlotte starting off pretty soggy. let get to the temperatures if you're gotting ared to head out the door. the morning routine.


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