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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  September 30, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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north carolina news at 5:00 starts now. rising water still out there and poses a hazard. don't drive through it because rising water is dangerous. >> yeah. we can't say that enough. right now on cbs north carolina, from driving hazards to schools cancelled, historic rain fall causes major problems for people in parts of >> an emotional good-bye for former israeli president. i'm terry in london with more on the statesman's funeral. hello, and good morning. it is 5 a.m. thanks for watching north carolina news. >> good morning to you. we do want to start with the story we've been covering for more than 24 hours here. >> historic rain fall is causing major problems this morning in the sand hills. that record rain fall brought
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county schools and fort bragg schools closed today. we do have our team coverage of the flooding. cbs north carolina's justin is in hornet county and amy cut ler in cumberland county. >> allie is keeping an eye on the roads and has details of any places you should avoid today. let's go straight to storm team meat rolgs. we just need some dry spell for a couple of days, don't we? >>e most part as we head into the weekend and early next week. this morning, we are looking at a lingering shower or two wrapping up. can't promise you a dry morning or dry afternoon, but the weekend, like i said, looking considerably drier for us. so let's get to the temperatures. if you are getting ready to head out early this morning or maybe just roll oefrg in bed, know there's very warm temperatures for this time of year. 73 in both raleigh and lilington. 71 in clinton.
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a few areas in the 60s. remember, normal overnight lows actually in the 50s for this time of year. when we finally hit those again, boy, is it going to feel nice. 69, patchy fog at 8 a.m. we'll make it to 82 this afternoon. that's warmer than yesterday. it's also humid. scattered storms later today. but it does look like the weekend will be drier. have a closer look at that forecast in about ten minutes. >> thank you. in cumberland county, the recovery effort has begun as the assess that damage. >> that's right. we continue our team coverage with amy cut ler, who is live in fayetteville. amy, what are you seeing down there this morning? >> well, at this point, russ, we have moved locations to ray avenue. behind us here is festival park. this road remains closed. and i want to show you exactly what the problem is here. you can see the force of the cross creek. it overflowed its banks just yesterday. all of that water rushing onto
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spring, all of the soot with it. the kind of force of that water really brought these gates and all of this grass and dirt with it. there's a lot of roads around here in fayetteville that are like this. that is why the fayetteville police chief, along with the fire chief and other city officials will be meeting later on this morning to discuss cleanup efforts. fortunately, though, i want to mention that some of the roads have cleared u b we are going to continue to monitor the situation out here and have another live update for you coming up in the next half hour. for now, live in fayetteville, i'm amy cut ler, cbs north carolina. >> amy cutler showing us what it looks like this morning. parts of hornet county received 4 to 5 inches of rain from those storms. today, the state is sending in people to get a better look there, as well, at flooded areas. they'll begin their tour in bun level.
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what are you seeing behind you this morning? >> well, russ, the issue out here are the roads due to the flooding. you can see right here, roads closed here where we are on thompson road, and at 9 a.m., the state's transportation secretary nick will be out here to see firsthand the damage. the road is closed, and it will be likely for weeks. the street was cut into two. crews responded to an accident where a white pickup truck fell into the hole. the driver of the truck in good condition, but the road could take some time banks at jumping run creek. our cameras caught a car there that was completely submerged underwater after an accident during the storm. the transportation secretary will see all this himself when he meets with the local dot engineer and staff when he arrives later this morning. as for the washed-out part of thompson road here live this morning, we can tell you ncdot officials estimate it could take about two weeks. the road is expected to open in about a month.
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cbs north carolina. >> all right. justin, thank you. this is from moore county. highway 690 between vass and fort bragg. the road was closed for fear of a washout there. this is a main transportation route for military members and contractors who commute from moore county to fort bragg. no word on when it will reopen. a sink hole formed a neighborhood in burlington. we showed you heavy rain out of that area yesterday morning. residents have no way in, no way out of that neighborhood. this is a private road. since that is state is required -- is not required to repair it. and you can always stay on top of severe weather alerts by downloading the cbs north carolina weather app. you'll get personalized alerts when watches and warnings are issued in your area and also submit photos and videos of the weather happening near you. the funeral for former israeli president will take place this morning. >> world leaders, including president obama and former president bill clinton are in
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terry reports on the largest state gathering in israel in more than 20 years. >> thousands of statesmen and dignitaries honored the life and work of former israeli president who died wednesday at age 93. it was a state funeral hitting for a man hailed as a champion of peace. >> he lived a life of purpose. he soared to incredible heights. >> president obama came to jerusalem with a large u. president bill clinton. clinton helped him and former prime minister broker a peace deal with palestinians in 1993. both sides won a nobel peace prize the following year. >> he lived 93 years in a state of constant wonder. >> current palestinian president said despite a break toun in peace efforts, he attended the funeral to honor his long-time commitment to the cause.
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>> he held nearly every senior political office in israel including president and prime minister. in 2012, mr. obama awarded him the presidential medal of freedom. his final resting place is at a jerusalem cemetery. cbs news london. >> he will be buried close to former prime minister and other israeli dignitaries. about 50 thousand israelis paid their respects by his flag-draped coffin at the country's parliament. good morning. 5:07 on this friday. off to a much better start than yesterday at this time. i-85 at avondale drive dry this morning. raleigh area looks good. major highways moving well. 540, 440, and 40, no reports of any accidents there just yet, taking you into durham. look at all the green. you're able to go the speed limit. nothing is slowing you down. if we take you into
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this area. numerous local road closures. a look at eastbound drive times. 540 to glennwood avenue to u.s. 64. 21 minutes there on 440 to i-40 capital boulevard about 10. back outside i-440 and wade avenue, pretty quiet at 5:08 this morning. for the first time since the deadly officer-involved shooting in charlotte sparked violent protest, the chief of police is now actually sitting down for his first one-on-one interview. >> coming
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down around portions of cumberland, hoek, and sampson counties. those are still some flood warnings that are in effect because of some rivers and some dams that may fail later today. they are still watching those closely. as far as what's actually falling from the sky, not a lot. look at this. just an isolated shower or two across portions of person county. not really amounting to much there. maybe a sprinkle or two across southern portions of grandville county. other than that, we are quiet as we start off our friday morning. something we didn't some dense fog. look at this. visibility has dropped below a mile and a half in rocky mount. still below a mile. fayetteville in particular, look at this. visibility three tenths of a mile. we keep stressing it enough. roads are still flooded around portions of the sand hill. please take it easy. planning your day ahead, patchy fog 69 degrees at 8 a.m., 78 at noon and 82 for an afternoon
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scattered storms later today. i will walk you through that chance coming up in your complete storm forecast. the time right now is 5:11. >> i'm not a quitter. i'm going to see this through. my city deserves that. >> for the first time since violent protests erupted in charlotte, the chief of police is sitting down and addressing calls for his resignation. in five minutes, hear what the chief has to say about the arrest and the narrator: deborah ross. her father was in the air force, her mother a pre-school teacher. they taught deborah ross public service can make to make his own life better. richard burr took 1.1 million dollars from the insurance industry and wrote a plan to privatize medicare. the insurance industry would make billions, while you pay more. richard burr. twenty years in washington... serving himself.
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in this morning's top brought record flooding to the sand hills. because of that, cumberland county schools and fort bragg schools are closed today. hoke county and moore county schools are on a two-hour delay. federal investigators are trying to figure out what led to a deadly train accident in new jersey. commuter train plowed through into a platform in hoboken at the height of rush hour. >> that killed a 34-year-old woman and injuring more than a hundred years. the train's engineer has been released from the hospital and is cooperating with
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new details in the case of a missing north carolina teenager. officials say they found the remains of erika parsons in south carolina. she disappeared in 2011 but wasn't reported missing until two years later. raleigh police are asking for your help in locating the man they say robbed a family dollar store last month. take a good look at the surveillance image. police say he flashed a gun and robbed the family dollar on new hope church road back on august 20th. he's about 5 foot build. you see he's wearing gym shorts here, a black tee, and a flat top hat. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. a piens man is expected in court next month after a three-and-a-half hour standoff with police. police say edward wallace was yelling at drivers and banging on cars in the downtown area. officers tracked down the 40-year-old at his home on vermont avenue. that's when investigators say he pulled out a knife, threatening officers. after hours of negotiations, officers went into the home.
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wallace after he tried to attack them. the suspect was not hurt, but three officers suffered minor injuries. wallace faces a list of charges, including communicating threats and resisting a public officer. charlotte mecklenburg police chief says he has no plans to step down following violent protests in response to the officer-involved shooting death of keith scott. in a sit-down interview with our sister station, he says he will work to regain trust in the public. chris has that story. >> trust is fickle. i thinou that horse when it throws you off, and that's exactly what we are willing to do. >> the issue of trust with cmpd rose to a boiling point at this past monday night's city council meeting. during the evening, there were calls for the chief of police and mayor to step down. that suggestion fell on deaf ears. >> i'm not a quitter. i'm going to see this through. my city deserves that. >> since the shooting of keith scott, the issue of transparency
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even after the release of body cam footage, more criticism has come from those wanting to see additional images. however, the chief is comfortable in what he's put out for public consumption. >> what i'm not going to do is just because of comments and pressure and politics, allow for something that's not thoughtful, deliberate, and i'm not going to set a precedent that would p with the law. >> regarding the public having its say in the streets, putney is among those defending the rath -- right to protest, but coming down hard against lawlessness. >> we have to escalate, as well, to meet that -- that level of resistance and criminality and bring people to justice. >> even with the protests being loud and much to the point, charlotte's top cop says it's well past time to get beyond lip
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surface-level conversations about race and injustice. we got to really dig into that, and then we got to take action. people are tired of talking. so am i. >> that was chris reporting. putney says cmpd plans to increase their engagement with the community. he also add they will meet anyone halfway who is willing to work with the department. switching geers big time here. our local news continues to be the after math of the flooding and any possible atigsal >> there will be a small chance for rain today. i can't promise a completely dry day, but nowhere near what we received yesterday. >> good. very good news. >> i know. a lot of people, especially down around the sand hills rejoicing at hearing that. we will start off foggy this morning. we are looking from shaw university towards the skyline. you can see the tops of the buildings kind of disappearing this morning. if you are getting ready to head out the toor, know there will be fog to greet you as you do walk out. not much rain, though. that is a big change from where
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warnings, flash flood warnings that still continue are for dams and rivers down across the sand hills. there's still some flooded roadways, as well. we want to encourage you to take it easy, take it slow. remember, if you come into a flooded street, remember the saying, turn around, don't drown. we stress that a lot yesterday. we want to keep you-all safe for your morning drive again today. passing shower or two across portions of person county. other than that, on the dry side. these showers, though, really streaming from the south. very unsettled, very s we could see a shower or two through the morning. we could see a storm or two this afternoon. all in all not going to be a washout. nowhere near the amount of rain we received yesterday. let's get to those current temperatures very mild as we start off our friday morning. 72 in durham and in siler city. 73 in lilington. 72 in clayton and 70 in goldsboro. we'll be close to 69 at 8 a.m. 78 at lunchtime. isolated showers this morning.
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into the low 80s. this is above normal for this time of year. also a bit warmer than where we were yesterday. as far as your future forecast is concerned, it is showing that chance, a small chance for a shower or two this morning, around lunchtime, and then into the afternoon. my best bet for you will be just to keep the umbrella nearby. i do think we'll see peaks of sun here and there. not a perfectly sunny day by any stretch of the imagination. as we head towards saturday, it now looks like the weekend will be considerably drier for us. so drier in the up, and we will see a mix of sun and clouds. looks like there will be a small chance for a shower mainly to our east, so east of the triangle 6789 if you are around wake county, orange, durham, chatham counties, looks like you will see mren oi it have sunshine tomorrow. there is a marginal risk for severe weather today. damaging wind gusts, large-size hail. we'll watch for those communities right around the virginia border to see that risk later today. and an update on now hurricane
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a category 2 storm right now with winds of a hundred miles per hour. travels west over the next day or so and then takes a northerly turn for the end of the weekend, traveling very close to jamaica and possibly making land fall near cuba as a category 3 hurricane would then travel through the bahamas as a category 2 storm. still pretty early to tell what impact it would have on us, but a storm that we'll be watching very closely. it will be late next week that we could potentially see an impact here from that storm. low 80s in raleigh and durham today. 85 tonight, 62 our overnight low. clouds gradually breaking up. here is a look at the next few days. we are looking at 81, our high saturday. pretty dry there. pretty dry for sunday as we wrap up the weekend, too. 5:21 right now. here is allie. good morning. outside i-85 at avondale drive, no problems to report to you there. nice, easy commute on this friday morning for you. we do have a crash in raleigh, just came up on our maps here.
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morning. we'll let you know when that clears. out of raleigh and down into harnett county, thompson road closed because of the flooding yet. another area where we are going to have a lot of local road closures, that is today, because of yesterday's flooding. we have a list of those on our web site. look at your westbound drive times on 540 from u.s. 64 to glennwood avenue, about 17 minutes there. clayton bypass, u.s. 1 just about 10 minutes there before it gets busy. outside to i-440 and wade avenue, very quiet out there. we'll have more news, weather,
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sunday, the carolina panthers travel to atlanta to the last time the panthers traveled to the georgia dome, they were 14 and 0. they left 14 and 1. atlanta leads the south division as the highest-scoring team in the nfl but its defense is the third worst in the league. cbs north carolina's todd has a look at other that are making sports headlines this morning. >> dennis smith arrived in nc state a year early, but he could only tease fans dreaming of upset wins and victories over
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smith will run the show for the wolf pack and was expected to be his one and only season in west raleigh. if those who know smith are krek, it will be a season to remember. he's that good. some say he could be the top pick in the nba draft. his head coach ant -- isn't shy in his praise. >> i think dennis smith is the best guard in the country period hands down. that's my opinion. he is still a freshman, and he still has to learn and there's -- ther curve even for those players who are very talented. >> yeah. that's smith. very talented. he can shoot it, drive it, and set up his teammates. enjoy him while you can. finally at the ryder cup practice round,giving the european team a business. stinson called heckler out, lays a hundred dollar bill at his feet and says have at it there big guy. his insurance salesman delivers, knocking home a putt and walking off with a $100 bill.
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morning sports. now, back to you. time right now is 5:26. here is what's coming up next. >> i'm amy cutler here in fayetteville where they are dealing with the after math of historic flooding. the latest coming up. plus, before you head out the door this morning, we have your forecast of what you can expect today and what folks are going to deal with as they are trying to clean up the mess in central north carolina. stay with us. we'll be right back. after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay,
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making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr.
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north carolina news at 5:30 start nos 30 time -- starts now. >> right now, local schools are closed after flooding hits the sand hills. a look at the damage. plus, the 14-year-old accused of killing his father and shooting three people at an elementary school in south carolina is expected to appear in court today.
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missing child case from our state. when we expect to learn new information about the erika parsons mystery. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for watching. we want to get right to our top story. it's all about the weather problems left behind in our viewing area from historic rain fall. >> yeah. the area we are focussing on are the sand hills. the record rain fall brought record flooding to the area, and because of that, cumberland county schools and fort bragg schools are two-hour delay as well as moore county schools. >> we do have team coverage of the flooding, cbs north carolina's justin is in --. >> details of any places that you need to avoid as well as a look at your morning commute. let's start with storm team meteorologist alyssa. you started with this rain yesterday. it really caused a lot of damage and a bit of a mess for people. >> yeah. a lot of heart ache down across the sand hills as this water


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