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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  October 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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relief, for now. for the aftermath of the hurricane. -- after facing a 1-2 punch from a brutal storm and thieves, it could not keep one couple from saying i a long road to recovery in wayne county as storm survivors begin the difficult process of putting their lives back together. that morning. you are watching north carolina news at 6:00 a.m. >> thank you for joining us. >> good morning, kristin. >> good morning. welcome to sunday mornings again.
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a lot of places in the process of cleaning up. seeing high water in some spots. ever since matthew hit last weekend, we have been dry. we will stay dry the next several days. so we will see the sunny stretch continue with cooler temperatures in the forecast. outside, the satellite and radar not showing any clouds. we are off to a good start to the day. temperatures are running about the same. may be a few degrees cooler then we were at this time yest durham, 50. some spots in the 40s. currently 47 at henderson. pinehurst, 49 degrees. the flood warnings will continue for a lot of these spots. not only today but tomorrow as well. we are dealing with the river flooding. some roads are still closed. a lot of streams and creeks around the area are still very
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some have overflowed the banks. watching this closely for the next several days. a big area of high-pressure overhead. a mostly sunny and warmer day. after a cooler than normal -- cooler than normal day yesterday, regular levels today at noon. lunch time, 73. 3:00, 76 degrees. we have warmer weather in the forecast. a few days with temperatures above av this week -- above 80 this week. breaking overnight, a fort bragg soldier is recovering after being shot during an armed robbery attempt. police said the victim was walking home just after 9:00 in the evening when two men held him at gunpoint. the soldier was shot trying to get away. he is being treated and we are told that he will be okay. as of now, no arrests have been made. hurricane matthew is linked to 43 deaths from florida, south carolina and in our state. governor pat mccrory says 26 people have died in north
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and floodwaters. there have been 2300 water rescues since the storm. emergency operations hopes flooding from the state's three major rivers is finally starting to recede. so long-term return does recovery can begin -- so long-term recovery can begin. >> many of the citizens being impacted by this incredible hurricane that has been with us for over state's mobile hospitals. in wayne county, it is indicated that there is no coal ash in the water. the duke energy plant is located on the neuse river causing it to flood with flooding waters. the conditions were evaluated. it was determined that a minimal amount of coal ash was returned wish -- was received from
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facing such tragedy and such challenges. the situation is safe. the situation is fine. we will make repairs to the basins and return them to a good and normal state. >> officials say the coal ash will be excavated by 2020. and wayne county is trying to get back to normal after the loss of homes, agriculture and life as well. we were in goldsboro saturday as volunteers handed out a big necessity. water. >> wayne county is in recovery mode. a week after hurricane matthew came through here. many of the roads still look like this. but with a beautiful weather, people are hoping they can eventually get back on there feet. >> it is not easy. >> on saturday, william williams came to pick up clean
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he is one of many people left with nothing after hurricane matthew. >> i had to go live with another family. i had to vacate my house. since i vacated, they condemned my house. >> the neuse river hit record levels in goldsboro, rising to nearly 30 feet. >> we have a tremendous amount of losses on residential and businesses. a big impact on the agricultural community. >> it is really, really rough. you spend all your time, all your life nothing. >> since the peak, the river has dropped four feet and continues to recede. an opportunity for wayne county to start recovering. >> it could be months. people getting their lives back together. it will be very difficult for them. >> the thousands of bottles of water and bags of ice donated
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forward. >> wayne county is one of 17 counties in north carolina where home and business owners and renters can apply for individual aid. in goldsboro, cbs north carolina. >> hurricane matthew forced a couple out of their home. they were getting married. and then burglars broke and installed wedding supplies. we see how the community did not let this run their big day. >> it was the exact ending tyler ahrendsen and sharifa mattis >> we did it. despite all the troubles and tribulations. >> it has been a whirlwind week starting with wind barreling through their new home. the newlyweds fled when trees toppled and then thieves took a turn tearing through the place. >> it was a very traumatic thing happening. but we love each other and wanted to lean on each other. we have done that. >> first friends and then strangers started spreading the word about all the wedding
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was planning to wear rocky top hospitality donated dozens of cases of cups, napkins and more for the reception. a dozen other shops sent things as well. >> people we knew, people we didn't know, opening themselves up and giving from the heart. >> sharifa mattis says stress about the house helped her avoid bridezilla moments reminding her that little wedding details >> just putting everything in perspective and reprioritize why we are doing this. because we are in love. >> she says the last week put their families closer together and strengthened their relationship. >> i feel closer to you every day. >> if we can get through that, we can get there anything. >> they say they will take it easy this week and then get back in there. >> finish up the renovations. create new memories and just
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carolina. >> the great thing about this -- maybe it was one -- maybe to or -- two or three people who did a bad thing. far more people did the right thing. outnumbered those folks. what is up with people. >> it is so nice to see them with such a positive outlook. >> it is wonderful. >> i cannot imagine what they went through. all the planning -- to have it disappear. up like that, it is really great. >> incredible. we need sunny days. we have a lot of volunteers and people trying to help people recovery. >> we have warmer weather coming our way we will have the details coming up. coming up next, it was a house party that turned into a
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neighbors diving for cover and
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. the pacific northwest is still reeling after getting pounded by severe weather this weekend. experts say an ef-2 tornado touched down on the oregon
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brought down power lines and damaged homes and businesses. further to the north, seattle wound up dealing with more rainfall in the past three days then it got in the previous three months combined. tens of thousands of people lost power. a second round of bad weather ended up not being as severe as originally expected. good news at least they are starting to clean up a little bit and get a break from the nasty weather in the pacific northwest. ever since matthew hit a week ago, we have seen more calm weather across north carolina. that will be the case over the next few days. the satellite clear. hardly any clouds popping up. nothing on the radar. that is what the radar picture will look like the next several days. which is good. we have these flood warnings that continue through 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. that is for areas that are still flooded. parts of cumberland county,
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even points further east still dealing with high water problems. some roads remain closed. dealing with some rivers coming down from cresting at historic levels. definitely good to see a break. 53 degrees in raleigh this morning. durham, 50. bill, 53. some spots in the 40s. henderson, 47. a little fog along the i95 corridor. visibility, three tenths mile. about two miles in rocky mount. mostly sunny conditions today. temperatures warmer than yesterday. he will see the warm trend continue through the start of the week ahead. expect temperatures to climb quickly today. 52 degrees at 8:00. the high, 76 with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. highs continue to rise for the start of the week. some temperatures in the 80s. the complete forecast coming up
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welcome back. it is 6:16 p.m. here is a look at some of the -- some of the top stories. residents in the eastern part of the state are dealing with the effects of hurricane matthew 26 people have died.
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governor pat mccrory says two babies were born healthy at local hospitals. samples were taken from the neuse river in wayne county. they say no coal ash was found in the water after matthew. some residents were concerned about the state department of environmental quality. they evaluated the conditions and determined a minimal amount -- amount of coal ash was recovered. and the trial of a former unc student second-degree murder and starting tomorrow. this was in the death of three people in a crash last year. he was accused of being drunk when he was involved in a wrong way crash. state troopers say he slammed head on to another vehicle that claimed the lives of two adults and six -- and a 6-year-old girl. he has pled guilty to lesser charges. police in los angeles a gunbattle -- gunbattle at a
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others hurt. police a group of people were celebrating when an argument broke out and things took a violent turn. neighbors say they were shocked that something like this would happened in their community -- would happen in their community. >> this is quiet. i have never seen anything like this. it is crazy. >> they say several firearms were recovered from the crime scene. no word on the conditions of the 12 people wounded. covering the race for the white house. week. indiana governor mike pence will stop in fayetteville tuesday. the visit comes less than a week after a stop in raleigh. mike pence will also go to wilmington that day. and tim kaine across the state thursday at an early voting rally in durham and also charlotte. hillary clinton remains in new york as she prepares for her
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>> at rallies in new hampshire and maine saturday, donald trump responded to a growing number of reports that he improperly touched women by saying they were not only untrue but intentionally dishonest. >> the intention -- is for the corrupt media to push allegations and lies in an effort to elect hillary clinton president. >> the clinton campaign responded to the comments with a statement. "the ameri and voting should be encouraged, not dismissed or undermined because a candidate is afraid he is going to lose." >> clinton's running mate tried to use donald trump buzzwords to motivate democratic voters in florida. >> we have to make sure that the margin he loses by is so big and so clear and so powerful and so unmistakable, that when he stands up and says that it was rigged against me, nobody will believe him. >> the latest round of wiki
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pick she says people that know the most about regulating wall street are wall street bakers -- bankers themselves. switching gears, a huge thank you to everyone that came out to support the fight against breast cancer yesterday. saturday marked the tenth annual making strides rally. a powerful celebration. look at the survivors that came forward. the best way to put our best foot forward to end this awful disease that has affected how many lives. within 10 actually several thousand were there to raise more than $134,000. we are halfway to the goal of 300,000 by the end of october. the weather could not have been more perfect. it was gorgeous outside yesterday. a lot of sunshine across the area. temperatures felt pretty good. we will be warmer than that today. starting off on a cool notes. a live picture from raleigh-
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53 degrees. clear outside for the most part. no clouds on the satellite. we saw the dry radar. that is going to be the case for the next few days which is good because we still have so many areas cleaning up from the devastation that matthew left behind just a week ago. we have these flood warnings for parts of wilson, wayne, sampson and cumberland counties. that is through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. most rivers are starting to come down from some historic cresting. we are dealing in these areas. the rivers are still running very high. a lot of the streams and creeks are overflowing the banks. we are watching the situation still. conditions are improving. we have a long way to go. dealing with a little fog this morning. visibility, three tenths of a mile at roanoke rapids. henderson, three miles. the fog is not too thick. but don't be surprised if you run into some patchy fog the
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raleigh, 53. also rocky mount, 53. as well as wilmington. fayetteville, 56. durham, 50. these temperatures will be climbing into the mid-70s this afternoon. despite a cool s t we hit 71 yesterday. we will be several degrees above that this afternoon. still not dealing with any humidity. thanks to a system of high pressure that began building in last week. it is going to stay put over the top of us today. which will mean mostly sunny skies. temperature is getting warmer compared to yesterday. as we had thousand to monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. so four days this week, the high slides to the east. turning the flow out of the south. mostly sunny still and dry.
6:23 am
our way to start the week ahead of the next cold front which will push through friday and saturday. the front will move in. a few showers are possible as the front moves and. overall, not looking too strong. a few scattered showers as the front moves in. so a long stretch of dry weather to give us a chance to clean up from matthew's devastation. sunny and warmer today. wilmington, 76. wilson, 76. goldsborough, 77. and durham, 75 for the high. raleigh, 76 today. the state fair is looking like a great day. the gates open at 8:00 a.m. the fairgrounds are open until 11:00 p.m. this evening. by noon, a temperature of 70. 75 degrees at 5:00 this evening. temperatures falling to about 64 by 9:00 p.m. we will see temperatures
6:24 am
80 degrees monday. eighty-two on tuesday. wednesday, we will see temperatures eventually falling back. and then 80 degrees by thursday. as the cold front moves in friday and the start of the weekend, temperatures fall into the 70s near normal levels by friday into saturday. that is pretty warm for this time of year. the normal high is about 73. so at points this week, we will be anywhere about 5-10 degrees above normal. kind of the la summer. >> if i am out getting pumpkins, i wanted to feel like fall. >> it is strange not to experience fall temperatures -- more like late summer temperatures the next few days. enjoy the dry weather while we have it. it has been really nice ever since matthew hit. we have been dry ever since. that will be giving everyone across the area a chance to continue cleaning up.
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and we need to reform our tax system so those at the top aren't getting tax breaks at your expense. we can start building a better north carolina. ?? ??
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good morning everyone.
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the wolfpack taking on clemson trailing 10-3 to start. the packed defense ties the game. mike stevens takes off. and here is watson. he will take it to the house. tied at 17. two seconds left, kyle can win the game. the kid is wide right. we go into overtime. the pack has to keep pace. a heartbreak for the pack. 24- 17, and nc state falls. north carolina at miami. the tar heels take a 10-nothing lead. finding austin :-colon the end zone. north carolina in control at that point. during appear of touchdowns later. and his favorite target. ryan switzer. and unc bounces back to the loss from virginia tech. north carolina central getting
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and the eagles win on homecoming. 83-3. finally, langer getting a two stroke lead in the final round of the championship at prestonwood country club. he is at ten under par on the second round. that is a look at your sunday morning sports. join us tonight at 11:15 p.m. for the sunday sports rep. coming up in the next half hour, relief agencies
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the house isn't really that important. the people are important. we all need to help each other. >> rebuilding efforts already underway across north carolina in the wake of hurricane matthew. how communities are handing together. folks in the triangle teaming up to help those we have more on how you can join in. a look at the raleigh skyline. the sun is not quite up yet on this cool sunday morning. it will get warmer. good morning. thank you for watching north carolina news. we will have the headlines in just a moment. i'm amy cutler. lets check with kristin ketchell for a look at the forecast. shorts tomorrow. >> you could get away with swords tomorrow.
6:32 am
mentioned earlier. as we go through this week, you might be going shopping for a pumpkin wearing a t-shirt. you have warm temperatures in the forecast. outside right now, a cool start. 53 degrees is the current temperature as we take a look to the east from the tower camera in north raleigh. the sky getting brighter ahead of the sunrise one hour away from sunrise. we will see a lot of sunshine today. the satellite showing clear conditions for the most heart. no cloud cover to worry about. no wet weather great news because we still have flood warnings and effect through tomorrow morning for the counties in green. that includes wilson, wayne, samson and cumberland county. we have flooded roads. part of i-95 are still shutdown a week after hurricane matthew hit. we have river flooding continuing. and full creeks and streams. keep that in mind if you are traveling.
6:33 am
it is 56 outside in fayetteville. some fog and some spots. visibility running about a half- mile in roanoke rapids and henderson. and 1.3 miles and rocky mount. patchy fog and some spots early this morning. the fog will not linger very long. we have mostly sunny skies in the forecast a little above that today. we will see the continuing rise on the monitor. a lot of highs in the 80s coming your way. cumberland county is still struggling to rebound in the aftermath of flooding caused by matthew. the american red cross and the disaster relief team were on hand yesterday at the cedar falls baptist church in fayetteville. a team of 75 workers handed out all sorts of things from meat, vegetables, snacks does whatever they needed.
6:34 am
mills. a small recovery team is helping one woman whose home was drenched and five feet of water. >> the house was not that important. the people are important. we need to help each other. and when my house starts drying out, i will go to my neighbor's house and help them. at the end of each of these roads, my neighbor is hurting like i was. >> relief teams have been at the homes since 9:00 yesterday morning. they will return to this house today. wayne county and full recovery mode. saturday, volunteers handed out thousands of bottles of clean water and bags of ice. the neuse river hit record
6:35 am
getting back to normal. >> it is really, really rough. you spend all your time and life building. and then all the sudden, it is like nothing. >> people getting their lives back together, it will be very difficult for them. >> wayne county is one of 17 countier owners and renters can apply for individual a. there are several ways you can help. cbs north carolina has teamed up with the american red cross. we have that information and the full impact of hurricane matthew right now on >> in the meantime, eastern carolina dealing with massive flooding. counties like haywood in the western part of the state are getting more dry. the u.s. drought monitor now has all or parts of seven counties in the far west in a severe drought. almost everywhere west of charlotte is reporting droughts or abnormally dry conditions.
6:36 am
residents to voluntarily conserve water. police are looking for a killer this morning. after officers discovered a woman's body behind the charlotte business. authorities that officers responded to a report of shots fired saturday morning where they found the body of catherine jones. the 26-year-old's body was found at a business driveway a few miles east of the uptown area. an attorney says he will repeal a judge's warning to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit against remington, in co elementary school. the gunman used in ar 15 bushmaster rifle to kill 20 children and six teachers at sandy hook elementary school in 2012. a follow-up to a story we first reported as breaking news saturday morning. a san francisco police officer shot in the line of duty is recovering this morning.
6:37 am
head friday night after responding to a 911 call of a man threatening people at a shopping center. other officers returned fire wounding the gunman. police said the bullet that hit downs just hit it -- just missed a major artery in his brain. he underwent surgery to have fragments removed from his brain. air travelers beware. don't try to board your fight with the recalled galaxy note seven. the federal government has banned the smartphone effect of this weekend. here is marley hall. >> it doesn't matter if they are off or it is does the department of transportation says air travelers cannot pack or carry smart phones and they cannot be shipped as cargo. there have been nearly 100 reports of the galaxy note seven's lithium battery overheating. they can even catch fire. that is what happened to brian greene's phone causing this southwest airlines flight to be evacuated. >> i heard some popping that
6:38 am
that was. there was smoke billowing out. >> several carriers have stocked airplanes with fire containment bags assigned to hold burning devices. samsung recalled more than to .5 million of the smart phones and sent customers by your proof boxes for returns and discontinued production. >> one more note. passengers that try to travel with the phones will be denied boarding. vendors artisans musicians drove -- drew crowds for the ge celebrating what organizers call healthy, sustainable and compassionate lifetime choices. the gathering was a chance to learn more about vegan lifestyles. 4000 people attended last year which was twice as many as the first year. >> i am vegan. i'm always looking for new foods that i can try. this gives me an opportunity to taste and sample new things. >> the triangle vegetable fest continues today at north carolina state. it is from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
6:39 am
than to thousand dollars for local charities. a reminder. the international festival wraps up today in downtown raleigh. cbs north carolina is a proud sponsor. includes amazing food, dancing and art culture. the event starts this morning at 10:00 a.m. coming up next, talking about a rough day at the pool. the crazy incident on camera that turned a relaxing day into a near disaster next big weather event. speaking of weather, we have quite weather in the forecast today. temperatures right now in the
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you probably don't want to be there when the cruiseship hits rough waters for passengers caught on camera being tossed from one side of the pool to the other as violent waves smashed into the norwegian spirit. other than losing a few
6:43 am
how about that. amazing video. goes to show you what can happen when these cruise ships do hit the rough water. but no injuries. outside this morning, things are pretty quiet. the tower camera in north raleigh looking east shows dry conditions outside. also skies getting brighter ahead of sunrise this morning, which is still about 40 minutes away. we are cool to start the day. temperatures climbing into the 70s this afternoon. we will see a lot of sunshine. drying out today. nothing popping up on the satellite or radar. just a few clouds this morning. fog in some spots. most of us dry and quiet for sunday. flood warnings continue for wilson, wayne, samson and cumberland county. also points to the east. and some points to the south dealing with flooded roads. parts of i-95 in cumberland county and also johnson county.
6:44 am
and river flooding continuing in some of these spots. temperatures this morning, in the 50s for most of us. it is 53 and raleigh. wilmington, 53. fayetteville, 56. some in the upper 40s. some patchy fog in some locations. visibility about a half-mile in roanoke rapids and henderson. this afternoon, temperatures climbing quickly. up to 70 degrees by lunchtime. 3:00, 76. that will be the high today. the normal high is 73. a few degrees above that this afternoon. falling to about p.m. warmer weather and the forecast for this week. and highs in the 80s. i will be back with the complete forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. still ahead, new options for grocery shopping are coming to the triangle. more on when a new public supermarket is scheduled to open and raleigh. talk about the one thing you
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
the city is about to get a new publix grocery store. the chain announced it secured a lease for a new location on the corner of leesville and strickland road. they will be 49,000 square feet. opening in 2018. a neighborhood has started the christmas season a little
6:48 am
because a fellow neighbor with terminal cancer may not live to see december. homes there are decked out for christmas in october because the woman who lives there will not be here in december to see it. michelle fidel loves christmas more than any other holiday. currently, she is in hospice care. one more christmas is on her bucket list. >> people usually don't celebrate dying. but i'm selfish want to get one more christmas in. at least. >> when doctors told her she didn't have much time left, she decided to spend each day she had laughing, smiling and enjoying each moment. and to the woman teaching all of us about living, merry christmas, michelle.
6:49 am
be aware of what you are trying to vacuum out of your car. last week, a woman almost set herself on fire unknowingly beckoning gasoline from her car. this shows the explosion. the woman is okay. but the vacuum as you can guess is pretty destroyed. >> thank god nobody was standing over there -- what could have happened. i don't want to think about it. >> the woman drove off and has not returned to the car wash since that incident. the car wash owner says the fire caused about $500 worth of damage. with the recent impact of hurricantt event of natural disasters. >> these apps can help you get ready in the event of a natural disaster. the red cross has several apps for earth cake, hurricane -- earthquake, tornado and hurricane situations. they help you before, and during an emergency.
6:50 am
gives alerts from the national weather service and safety tips for use in a disaster. and also has the ability to upload photographs to help first respondent. facebook rolls out a safety check during major crises around the world. if you are in need of a disaster location, you can check on friends and family. life 360 is designed for families to keep in touch and track locations from one central app. rather than sending text messages back and forth, you can set up automatic alerts to let family knoen >> and in cary, people are doing their part to help out the rest of the state. a supply drive at the kroger on maynard. we were there for all of the sights and sounds. >> when the levees broke monday morning, people did not know what to do. everything that we have
6:51 am
together and get supplies down to number ten. -- to lumberton. be cautious. we were praying to god that we would be able to get this at least half-full. i think we will fill it up and overload. $20 can provide 4-5 cases of water. >> i was trying to mentally put myself in their shoes. i would want somebody to help me if i was in that situation. these people need a lot of help. they lost pretty much everythi sites, official city and organization sites. that is where you should be looking to make donations. we are not a nonprofit. we are just two individuals willing to do this out of our home. >> a few minutes ago, we were making light of the fact that it will be so warm. over the course of the next few days. but we truly need it. so to the sandhills. >> it will give us a chance to really dry out.
6:52 am
and some places, more than a foot of rain. we have been dry over -- ever since. but we have a long way in the recovery process because of cresting at rivers around the area. we still have a long way to go. >> and people don't probably realize that we -- where those rivers are, there are hundreds of creeks. and those creeks overflow and flooding onto the roads. which is why we have flood warnings in effect a week later. let's start things off on a nice note. a look outside from the tower camera in north raleigh looking east. sunrise, 7:23 a.m. about a half hour away. you can see the sky getting brighter. a sign of things to come as we had fast through sunday. outside this morning, as far as the satellite and radar goes, we are clear.
6:53 am
hardly any clouds on the satellite. we can expect a day today similar to yesterday. but a little warmer this afternoon. flood warnings continue for the counties you see in green. parts of edgecombe county, eastern wilson county, near wayne, samson and cumberland counties. we have river flooding ongoing. we have flooded roads. we heard a news conference from governor pat mccrory as of yesterday. 660 roads still closed across parts of central and eastern north carolina. we still e still a mess and a lot of locations. a long way to go. flood warnings for these spots continue through 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. a little fog in some locations this morning. visibility down to three tenths of a mile in roanoke rapids and henderson. and about one to seven miles in rocky mount. patchy fog possible for the
6:54 am
raleigh. 56 degrees in fayetteville. temperatures climbing. up to 76 this afternoon. right around 70 yesterday. well above that today. mostly sunny skies all day. that is thanks to this area of low pressure that began building in last week. mostly sunny. getting warmer this afternoon. this is the start of when we can continue to turn up the heat. in the 70s today. as the high slides east, that turns the flow of air out of the south and mostly sunny for monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. high temperatures in the 80s. out ahead of the next cold front which will push in friday and saturday. that will arrive with a few showers into the area. just a few showers. not dealing with a huge widespread rain event. which is good as we will get a chance to dry out this week. seventy-six this afternoon. and up to 80 tomorrow. wednesday -- tuesday, 82. wednesday, temperatures all the
6:55 am
thursday, 80 degrees. a few more clouds. as the next cold front moves in, for the end of the week and the start of the weekend, temperatures falling back into the 70s with a small put -- a small chance of passing showers. a dry and warm week with temperatures in the 80s. hard to believe we are talking about the end of october with temperatures in the 80s. >> very warm.
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welcome back. attendance is picking up at the north carolina state fair after a slow start thursday. average friday with about 78,000 attendees. the state agriculture department expected hurricane matthew to affect attendance. the storm also close -- also caused big named vendors to miss the event. the facebook ceo mark zuckerberg have an avenger become the voice of his new visual assistant. robert downey junior that plays ironman jumped at the opportunity. but there are some conditions. he wants zuckerberg to pay the
6:58 am
the money would then be donated to charity. this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's all of this, this, and this. and especially that. waaat? yep, add this and you've got strawesomeberry. "oohh!" honey bunches of oats with real strawberries.
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good morning everyone. thank you for watching north carolina news this sunday morning. it is 7:00 a.m. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm amy cutler. >> i meteorologist kristin ketchell. you are talking about and warmer temperatures. >> we like that. it is a nice switch from rising waters for a change. >> we are starting to see some of the river heights falling a bit. from some historic levels. some we have not seen since floyd back in 1999. we are getting some relief. we are also seeing some sunshine over the next several days. so our dry stretch will continue. starting off the morning on a beautiful note. a live look from the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill


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