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tv   North Carolina News at 700AM  CBS  October 16, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning everyone. thank you for watching north carolina news this sunday morning. it is 7:00 a.m. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm amy cutler. >> i meteorologist kristin ketchell. you are talking about and warmer temperatures. >> we like that. it is a nice switch from rising waters for a change. >> we are starting to see some of the river heights falling a bit. from some historic levels. some we have not seen since floyd back in 1999. we are getting some relief. we are also seeing some sunshine over the next several days. so our dry stretch will continue. starting off the morning on a beautiful note. a live look from the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill
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brighter ahead of the sunrise which is about 20 men at the way. we will see a lot of sunshine today. no wet weather on the radar. the satellite looks dry as well. if you-rack clouds. other than that, we can see full sunshine for the most part of today. flood warnings continuing for the counties shaded in green until 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. that is for edgecombe county, parts of wilson, wayne, samson and cumberland counties. we have a lot of flooded roads in these areas. there are full creeks and streams dealing wither the recovery from matthew last weekend is ongoing and will continue the next several days to several weeks for many locations. right now 51 and raleigh. durham, 50. fayetteville, 53. some fog and some spots this morning. visibility down to about three tenths of a mile in roanoke rapids and henderson. rocky mount, about one mile. clear and other locations.
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temperatures, 70 by lunchtime. seventy-six and mostly sunny. the forecast for this afternoon, highs climbing into the 80s as we start the week. a breakdown of what you can expect coming up. taking overnight, a fort bragg soldier is recovering after being shot during an armed robbery attempt on crabapple circle. fayetteville police said the victim was walking home just after 9:00 last evening when two men held them up at the soldier was shot trying to get away. he is being treated at the army medical center there. we will -- we were told he will be okay. no arrests have been made. hurricane matthew islington to 43 deaths from florida, south carolina and in our state. that does not even include haiti. governor pat mccrory says 26 people have died in our state. the victims were found in their vehicles, and there have been 2300 water rescues.
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major rivers is finally starting to recede. so a long-term recovery effort can begin. samples from the neuse river in wayne county indicate there is no coal ash and the water. duke energy plant is located on the neuse river causing it to flood when hurricane matthew brought record water -- water levels to goldsboro. the state department evaluated the conditions and determined that a minimal amount of coal ash was released from one of three inactive basins on >> folks in north carolina have so much to deal with right now. they are facing such tragedy and such challenges. the situation is safe. the situation is fine. we will make repairs to the basins and return them to a good and normal state. not to worry. >> duke energy officials say the coal ash will be excavated by 2028. wayne county is trying to get back to normal as well after the loss of homes, agriculture and life. volunteers handed out a big
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>> wayne county is in recovery mode. a week after hurricane matthew came through here in north carolina, many of the roads still look like this. with the beautiful weather, people are hoping they can eventually get back on there feet. >> it is not easy. >> on saturday, william williams came to pick up clean drinking water. hurricane matthew. >> i had to go live with another family. i had to vacate my house. since i vacated, they condemned my house. >> the neuse river hit levels at 30 feet. >> we have a tremendous amount of losses with residential and businesses. a big impact on the agricultural community. >> it is really, really rough. you spend all your time, all your life building. all the sudden, it is like
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has dropped four feet and continues to recede. an opportunity for wayne county to start recovering. >> there will be months involved. people getting their lives back together. it will be very difficult for them. >> the thousands of bottles of water and bags of ice donated by corporations and locals is just the first step in moving forward. >> wayne county is one of 17 counties in north carolina in goldsboro, cbs north carolina . a raleigh couple is giving new meaning to the term perseverance. in the days before their wedding, they were forced out of their home due to hurricane matthew. when they returned, they learned rulers took advantage of their absence. a whirlwind week for tyler ahrendsen and sharifa mattis. whirling wind toppling trees on the house they recently moved
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thieves came and installed all sorts of items including many of the things they needed for their wedding day. friends and strangers donated replacements. >> we love each other. we wanted to lean on each other. we have done that. i feel closer to you every day. >> if we can get through that, we can probably get there anything. >> great to see that support. the couple says they will take things easy the next weed police scramble to find the people responsible for a crazy brawl that ended up with 15 people shot. a quick live look as the sun rises over kill devil
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narrator: after twenty years in washington, richard burr has made millions... increasing his wealth over five hundred percent. no wonder richard burr was one of just three senators who voted against banning insider trading by congress. then there's medicare. richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare and got one point one million dollars from rr. twenty years in washington... serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. the pacific northwest is reeling after getting pounded by severe weather this weekend. experts say an ef-2 tornado touched down on the oregon coast with 125 mile-per-hour wind. uprooted trees, brought down powerlines and damaged a number of homes and businesses. further north, seattle wound up dealing with more rainfall in the past three days then they received in the previous three months combined. tens of thousands of people
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weather ended up not being as severe as originally expected. still a lot of damage. we are seeing similar situations. i have heard the chainsaws. >> it is a lot to deal with. you worked in oregon. i worked in seattle. seattle is used to that kind of rain. but -- tornadoes near portland is unusual. >> i did see a stat yesterday that since 1985, the weather issued hurting tornado warnings in that stretch. and then they had ten in one day. kind of wacky weather for the pacific northwest. of course here, things have been more calm. we are in recovery mode from hurricane matthew last weekend. the view outside is gorgeous as we start the day. they live look from prestonwood country club in kerry.
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over the tree line. skies getting brighter. the sunrise in about 11 minutes. we will see a lot of the sunshine today. the satellite radar looks good this morning. no wet weather on the radar. the satellite showing some-rack clouds. overall, a picture-perfect end to the weekend which is fantastic news because the dry stretch of weather will continue doing these areas specifically a chance to continue to clean up. flood warnings continue for the counties and green. that is 1030 tomorrow morning. that is edgecombe county, parts of wilson, wayne, samson and cumberland county. roads are still closed. hundreds of we are still dealing with the river flooding. of course a lot of full truth -- full creeks and streams have overflowed the banks. still seeing so many issues across the area. current temperatures, in the 50s for most of us. raleigh, 51.
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siler city, 47. patchy fog to contend with this morning. most of us seeing visibility looking okay. right along the i like a 95 corridor, we have some spots of reduced billability -- visibility due to the fog. about two miles and rocky mount. 1 mile in goldsboro. watch for patchy fog for the first couple of hours. by 9:00, no fog things are very clear. a cool morning will give way to a warmer afternoon. seventy-six is a high by 3:00 today. the normal high is 73. so a little above that this afternoon. temperatures continue to climb for the start of the week. talking about highs in the low 80s for most of the week ahead. i will have a complete breakdown of what you can expect for planning the week coming up in the complete
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it is 7:15 a.m. a look at some of today's top stories. residents in the eastern part of the state are still dealing with the effects of hurricane
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twenty-six people have died. many more have been displaced from their homes. governor pat mccrory says that two babies were born healthy and local hospitals. samples taken from the neuse river in wayne county show no coal ash after hurricane matthew. some residents were concerned that the state department of environmental quality evaluated conditions and determined that a minimal amount was actually released. jury will presume liberation's tomorrow in orange county in the trial of a former unc student, he is charged with second- degree murder in the deaths of three people killed in a crash last year. chandler kania is accused of being drunk when he was involved in a wrong way crash on i85. state troopers that he slammed head on into another vehicle that claimed the lives of two adults and a 6- year-old girl. chandler kania has pleaded guilty to several lesser charges. police in los angeles say a gunbattle at a party left three people dead and 12 more hurt at a home in the west adams area. police a group of people were
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neighbors say they are shocked that something like this happened in their community. >> i have never seen anything like this here ever. it is quiet over here. it's crazy. >> detectives say several firearms were recovered from the crime scene. there is no word on the conditions of the 12 people that were wounded. covering the race for the white house. the republican and vice presidential democratic candidates will be in the tar heel state. mike pence will be in fayetteville tueay comes to north carolina as well. thursday, he will be at an early voting rally in durham. and another in charlotte. there is a lot of talk on how the november election could impact the markets. we have more. >> how will the presidential election impact your retirement savings? data shows that since world war ii, the average compound annual
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presidents and 6.7% under republicans. before you get ready to shift your portfolio, you should know that a recent academic study found that there is no systematic difference between republicans and democrats when it comes to steering the direction of the stock market. a party affiliation does not matter, what does? maybe the presidential election cycle theory can give us a clue. it says regardless of whether a republican or democrat becomes the leader oe weak in the year following the presidential election. markets improve in the second year, peak in the third year and are weak again in the fourth year. but like almost every market theory, there are exceptions to the rules. the cycle theory did not work the last known for years. that is why instead of trying to outsmart mr. market, you are better addressing what is within your control like paying down credit card debt,
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retirement plan. a big thank you to everyone who came out to support the fight against breast cancer. saturday march the tenth annual making strides at raleigh. a powerful celebration of survivorship. a way to put your best foot forward to end this deadly disease. this is a picture that i took -- of all of the survivors that came forward. we had thousands of people there who walked at north hills mall and up through the neighborhood they are raising more almost halfway to the goal. the weather was fantastic. a great day yesterday. temperatures were in the low 70s. we had sunshine all day. we will see a day similar to that. temperatures will be warmer this afternoon. starting off the day right now with sunshine. they live look from the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. you can see the sky getting a little writer ahead of sunrise. which is in a couple of minutes. shaping up to be a really nice afternoon.
7:20 am
writer has been dry the last several days. that will be the case over the next several as well, which is fantastic because it is giving us a chance in central and eastern north carolina to clean up after the devastation matthew left behind last week. it was one week ago today that we were assessing them of the damage and dealing with flooding around the area. but some of these spots continuing to experience flood problems. we have these flood warnings that continue through 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. at county, wayne county, sampson county and cumberland county. a lot of rivers still at major or moderate flood stage this morning. he also have a lot of roads continuing to stay closed here until the water recedes. we will be dry this morning. some fog here to deal with in some spots. visibility, three tenths of a mile. in south virginia, henderson and roanoke rapids. patchy fog is a possibility over the next couple of hours.
7:21 am
region. currently 50 degrees in durham. fayetteville, 53. goldsboro, 52. rocky mount, 51. temperatures climbing up to about 76 degrees this afternoon. so warmer than yesterday. high temperatures in the mid- 70s across the entire area with full sunshine all day. it is going to be a beautiful end to the weekend. and we have even warmer weather in the forecfo will spell out mostly sunny skies with temperatures getting warmer today. instead of highs around 70 saturday, highs in the mid-70s this afternoon. for tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, the high starts to slide just to the east. that turns our flow of air or out of the south and southwest. that will warm the temperatures for the next several days. still mostly sunny. still dry.
7:22 am
will push into the area friday and into saturday. the cold front will bring the chance of a few showers. but it is not a huge widespread rain event. a few showers possible as the front moves in. not looking at a whole lot of rain. still mostly dry for the week ahead. mostly sunny and warm is the forecast today. a high of 76 in sanford. fort bragg, 77. along the i95 corridor, highs around 77 in goldsboro. roanoke rapids, 75. roxboro, 75 also. durham, 75. seventy-six in raleigh. the first weekend of the state fair wrapping up. looking at temperatures in the 70s for most of the day. seventys at lunchtime. and 75 at 5:00 this evening pick temperatures falling to 64
7:23 am
this evening. down to 56 degrees tonight. mainly clear skies. not as cold as some of the temperatures this morning. calm wind overnight. the seven-day forecast has temperatures climbing the next several the -- days. 80 degrees tomorrow. tuesday, 82. wednesday, 82. thursday, back to 80 with a few more clouds. friday and saturday, as the next cold front moves in, we are watching for a few showers. and some cooler temperatures. back to 75 degrees friday. saturday is 70. at least five more days of dry weather, which is a great thing considering any areas are still cleaning up from the devastation caused by matthew. we are very thankful for the dry weather. one of the things they are fighting is her people to get in their homes and get the drywall out before black mold gets in there, which is a huge concern -- which typically happens when we have these big flood events like
7:24 am
the water to go a. >> hopefully the warmer temperatures will help to drive things out. and we will hopefully get that water receding. >> i cannot believe it has been a week. a lot of people are still not back in their homes. >> as you go further east, toward greenville, they will not get in for a while. it is 7:24 a.m. another cr borhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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good morning. both north carolyn estate and north carolina hit the road for saturday. one a confidence building win. the other, heartbreak. wolfpack taking clemson. trailing 10-3 to start. the defense ties the game. mike stevens takes off to watson. he will take it to the house. kyle could win the game. but the kick is wide right. no good. going into overtime. clemson scoring a touchdown. the pack has to keep pace. the past is picked off. number three clemson survives. heartbreak for the pack. 24- 17. north carolina state falls. north carolina at miami.
7:28 am
north carolina and control at that point. throwing appear of touchdowns later. finding a favorite target. ryan switzer. unc bounces back from the loss to virginia tech. 20-13. and quarterback malcolm -- goes over to stenson for the score. the eagles win on homecoming. 33-3. and langer with a two stroke lead in the final round of the championship at prestonwood country club. langer the second round. ten under par. that is a look at your sunday morning sports. don't forget to join us tonight for 11:15 p.m. for the sunday running -- sports rap. and talking about the department's vetting process for accepting syrian refugees into the united states. johnson says he has added social media and other database tracks to bolster scrutiny of thousands of people seeking asylum.
7:29 am
. >> again, that is on 60 minutes tonight on cbs north carolina. coming up in the next half hour, breaking news of a homicide in fayetteville. relief agencies and volunteers band together to keep up the goodwill while helping so many neighbors still reeling from the devastation of matthew. much more on the federal north carolina used to make education a priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools.
7:30 am
drop-out rates have gone up for the first time in 8 years. we're 41st in how much we pay our teachers. there is a textbook shortage. and pat mccrory has cut 3,000 teaching assistants from the early grades. he may have given tax cuts to millionaires,
7:31 am
good morning. thank you for watching north carolina news. i'm amy cutler. >> i'm russ bowen. we will get to the headlines in a second let's get over to kristin ketchell. we are happy to know that there is sunshine that will stick around. >> it will be warm over the next several days. it has been pretty nice this weekend so far. yesterday, highs in the low 70s. today, high temperatures, several degrees warmer than that. let's start with a live picture from the tower camera in n raleigh looking east but you can see the sun coming up. sunrise at 7:22 a.m. this morning. seeing the skies it a little brighter as the sun continues to rise. the satellite and radar showing dry conditions. hardly a cloud in the sky at this point this morning. that will be the case for most of the day. we do have flood warnings that will continue for the counties in green.
7:32 am
a lot of roads flooded. river flooding ongoing in the area. so dry weather for the next few days will be nice. right now durham, 50. fayetteville, 53. patchy fog and some spots this morning in the northeastern corner of the viewing area. the fog is not going to linger very long. a lot of sunshine in the forecast today. a high of 76. talking about low 80s for parts of this week. i will have the details coming up. breaking news in fayetteville. police are best getting a deadly shooting this morning. we're told a man was shot just before 5:30 a.m. this morning. officers are looking for multiple suspects at this hour. a woman that was with the victim, we are told, was not hurt. if you have any information on this, you are asked to call crime stoppers. and cumberland county, the community is struggling to rebound in the aftermath of flooding caused by matthew.
7:33 am
disaster relief teams were on hand this morning at the cedar falls baptist church in fayetteville. a team of 75 workers handed out meat, vegetables, snacks, water, hot meals. since last weekend, the baptist church provided 36,000 meals. a small recovery team is helping one lady whose home was drenched in five feet of water. >> it is not that important. the people are important. and we all need to help each other. and when my house starts drying out, i'm going to my neighbor's house and help them. i know all along the street, at the end of each of these roads, my neighbor is hurting like i was. >> talk about living by example. north carolina baptist relief teams have been at that house and 9:00 yesterday morning. they will return to this home today to make sure that no mold forms inside the house. wayne county is in full recovery mode at this point a week after matthew.
7:34 am
thousands of bottles of clean drinking water and bags of ice for people who have nothing left. the neuse river hit record levels of 30 feet. it has since dropped four feet and continues to recede, giving people the opportunity to get back in and see what happened. >> it is really, really rough. you spent all your time, all your life building. all of the sudden, it is like nothing. >> it will certainly be months involved here. people getting their lives back together. it will be very difficult for them. >> 17 counties individual aid. there are several ways you can help. cbs north carolina has teamed up with the american red cross. we have that information as well as full coverage of the impact of hurricane matthew. that is right now on in the meantime, eastern north carolina dealing with massive floods or carries like -- counties like turkey and haywood are getting drier. the u.s. drought monitor has all or parts of seven counties in the far west in a severe drought.
7:35 am
or abnormally dry conditions. hendersonville plans to ask residents to voluntarily conserve water. police are looking for a killer this morning after officers discovered a woman's body behind the charlotte business. authorities said officers were responding to a short -- to a report of shots fired saturday morning when they found the body of catherine jones. the 26's remains were located in a business driveway a few miles east of the uptown area. and attorney says he will appeal a judge's ruling against remington in connection with a deadly shootsp the gunman used an ar 15 bushmaster rifle to kill 20 children and six teachers at sandy hook elementary school in 2012. a judge cited a federal statute that prohibits lawsuits against companies if firearms are used in a crime. to a follow-up on a story we first reported as breaking
7:36 am
a san francisco police officer shot in the line of duty is recovering this morning. investigators say kevin down suffered a gunshot wound to the head friday night after responding to a 911 call of a man threatening people at a shopping center. other officers returned fire wounding the gunman. police say the bullet that hit him just missed a major artery in his reign. he underwent surgery to have fragments removed from his brain . air travelers beware. don't try to board your flight with a recalled galaxy note seven. the federal government has banned the smart phone effective this weekend. here is marley hall. >> it doesn't matter are off or uncharged. the department of transportation says air travelers cannot pack or carry the smart phones. and they cannot be shipped as cargo. there have been nearly 100 reports of the galaxy note seven's lithium battery overheating. they can even catch fire. that is what happened to brian greene's phone, causing this southwest airlines flight to be evacuated. >> i heard some popping.
7:37 am
there was smoke billowing out of the pocket. >> several carriers have stopped their airplanes with fire containment bags designed to hold burning devices. samsung recalled more than 2.5 million of the smart phones, since customers fireproof boxes for returns, and discontinued production. >> that was marley hall reporting. passengers that try to travel with the phones will be denied. it is 7:37 a.m. coming up, talk about a rough day got caught on camera turned a relaxing day into a near disaster. we will explain why. willie want to be at the pool. >> we might. temperatures warming into the
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. check this out.
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place you do not want to be when your cruise ship hits rough waters. passengers were caught on camera being tossed from one side of the pool to the other as violent waves smashed into the norwegian spirit. other than losing a few cocktails, nobody was hurt. great news that nobody was hurt. but how scary -- being on a cruise ship and having a calm pool turn into a crazy wave pool like that. likely calm cause weather in the forecast. here's a look from the tower grammar at north raleigh. a nice start to the day. into the 50s. now raleigh, 51. clear outside. a few high clouds out there this morning. nothing popping up on the radar. we will be dry again for another day today. keep in mind, flood warnings are continuing across some parts of the region. we have flood warnings for edgecombe county, parts of wilson, wayne, samson and cumberland counties. although the triangle has dried out, significantly, some areas to the south and east are
7:42 am
many road closures ongoing across parts of central and eastern north carolina. flood warnings continue through 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. it is 51 in raleigh. durham, 50. a few spots of fog. mostly along the i-95 corridor this morning. visibility, three tenths of a mile in roanoke rapids. rocky mount, a half-mile. up to 70 degrees by lunchtime. seventy-six and mostly sunny this afternoon. seventy-three degrees by 6:00 p.m. today will be warmer than average. that we keep seeing temperatures rise through the start of the week. several days in the forecast have highs in the 80s. i will be back with everything you need to know for the week ahead coming up. still had, new options for grocery shopping are coming to the triangle. more on where and when a new publix supermarket is going to
7:43 am
talk about dangerous. the one thing you should never do when cleaning your car. this nearly ended in disaster
7:44 am
7:45 am
the city is about to get a new publix grocery store. national chain announced they just secured a lease for a new location at the corner of leesville and strickland road.
7:46 am
open in 2018. for many adjusting to life after a big storm, it means cleaning out your car. be careful if you are trying to vacuum. look at this. last week, a woman nearly set herself on fire while she unknowingly vacuumed gasoline from the trunk of her car. surveillance video taken of the florida carwash shows the big explosion. the woman is okay. the vacuum is destroyed. >> there is a video. thma the car wash owner says the fire cost about $500 in damage. >> not good. the number of teenagers involved in a deadly car crash is rising for the first time in nearly a decade. new data from federal regulators out this morning revealed a 10% increase last year in teenage driving deaths. we have the results of the new survey. >> donovan was about to start his senior year of high school.
7:47 am
girlfriend was speeding, lost control and hit a tree. donovan was not wearing a seatbelt. he was ejected and killed instantly. >> i cannot even describe what it felt like in that moment to be standing on the crash site looking down at a yellow tarp knowing that my son was underneath it. >> almost a decade later, speeding remains the top mistake teenagers make behind the wheel. of the nearly 14,000 fatal crashes involving teenage drivers over the last five years, more than 4200 in things is that it is not getting better. >> tamra johnson from aaa said the survey found parents were more guilty of bad driving than the teenagers. 65% of driving instructors complained that parents were worse at teaching their children to drive than a decade ago. >> and parents set stricter rules for the teenagers before they get behind the wheel, they have less crashes. >> after speed, the most common mistake teenagers make is distracted driving. >> he was texting.
7:48 am
christian castellano got a ticket. >> do you text and drive a lot of clicks normally, no. i kind of quit doing it. >> the third mistake is not skinning the road for hazards. this teenager failed to notice another car running a red light. >> cbs news, rockville, maryland. i was just reading an update from greenville, north carolina, which is one of the last cities to be hit by the rising waters. they are transitioning folks out of shelters there are to other shelters that they can figure out if they will have school tomorrow. i know a lot of people would like to get back to class. >> i'm sure a lot of people just want to get back to normal. picking up the pieces. cleaning up. and assessing what they need to do to continue on with their lives. we still have high water problems in some spots. in the triangle, we have seen dry weather and calm
7:49 am
that the viewing area extends further east. we still have a lot of people in our own backyard cleaning up from massive flooding. we have dry weather to help us out. from cary this morning. a lot of sunshine. the satellite and radar looks good. we have no way weather on the radar. a few high clouds out there. despite fog good for sunday. flood warnings to continue for parts of edgecombe county, wilson county. also wayne, sampson and cumberland counties. we have flooded roads that are still out there. hundreds of road closures exist including parts of i-95 as well. a lot of streams and creeks at tank full. we are dealing with the continuation of flooding does especially points to the east around greenville as well. rivers will be falling the next several days.
7:50 am
eventually. we have issues that have been ongoing for the past week. this morning, many of us seeing patchy fog. visibility down to about three tenths of a mile in roanoke rapids and rocky mount. also three tenths of a mile at henderson. goldsboro, a half-mile. most of us seeing sunshine to start the morning. that will be the case throughout the entire day. it is 50 degrees in durham. fifty-two, rocky mount. fayetteville, 53. temperatures will continue to climb up to about 76 this afternoon. sunshine all day. heating us up quickly. beautiful to end the weekend. 76 degrees. picture-perfect for this time of year. getting warmer today thanks to an area of high pressure overhead. tomorrow through thursday, the high starts to slide to the east. that turns our flow of air more out of the south and southwest.
7:51 am
believe it or not. mostly sunny skies for the first half of the week. high temperatures climbing all the way into the low 80s. friday into saturday, the next cold front arrives. he has a chance of a few showers and a few extra clouds. plus cooler temperatures to end the week. highs in the 80s. very warm. running about 8-10 degrees above average for this time of year for most of the week. mostly sunny and warmer today. 76 degrees in sanford. also 77 in fayetteville. goldsboro, 77. wilson, 76. durham, raleigh, 76. at the state fair today, things are looking nice. yates will open in just under ten minutes. the rides open at 10:00 a.m. the fair is open until 11:00 p.m. temperatures, 75 by 5:00 this evening. down to 64 at nine -- 9:00. not as cool as what we are seeing this morning tomorrow. many clear skies continued during the overnight hours.
7:52 am
for tomorrow. we go from 76 today. and then 80 tomorrow. tuesday, 82. as well as wednesday. right around 80 on thursday and cooler weather eventually rolling back in by the time the cold front rolls and friday and saturday. it is fall after all. and the fall peak colors -- starting to see some of them popping up across the area. usually around the triangle -- late october, early november, we start seeing trees changing colors. starting to see some. seen around the area. we would love to see your photographs. >> if you're heading to the mountains does whether it is asheville, hendersonville -- the leaves are really changing along the blue ridge parkway. especially higher elevations. >> beautiful weather this
7:53 am
7:54 am
this sunday morning, a mother and daughter chat with hillary and chelsea clinton. sara jessica parker's divorce -- her new tv show, that is. listen for the trumpet. >> i always listen for the trumpet, jane polly. my whole life. i love that show. attendance picking up at the north carolina state fair after a slow start. there's beat the ten year average.
7:55 am
the expected hurricane matthew to -- to affect attendance. the storm caused several vendors which we love, tim is this year's event. as recovery efforts continue, wayne county schools hope to be back in class thursday, friday and saturday. saturday, an early dismissal. teachers will have optional work days tuesday and wednesday. cumberland county schools reopen tomoron ceo mark zuckerberg may have an avenger become the voice of his new virtual assistant. robert downey junior who plays ironman jumped at the opportunity. there are a few conditions. he wants a cupboard to pay the fees to the voice of ironman's virtual assistant in the movies, jarvis. within the money would be donated to charity. star wars fans are going crazy after disney and lucas
7:56 am
a new preview of the prequel to the original 1977 movie about the group of rebels that go on a secret mission to steal plans from the infamous death star. "rogue one" is in theaters december 16th. coming up at 7:00, a community comes together. we will show you all of that as the sun comes up. we need all of that for the communities to come together. dry weather in the forecast the next several days. talking about temperatures in the low 80s as we start the the dry stretch continuing. it looks gorgeous outside now. a live picture from the country club in cary. you are hitting the golf course or going to the state fair or the international festival downtown raleigh, a lot of events around the area. we can expect nice weather today. and the nice weather continues through tomorrow. really for the start of the week with temperatures in the low 80s. i will break that down for you
7:57 am
something else that came together. a soon to be married couple in raleigh. the aftermath of the hurricane. they were robbed. but the community says, we are going to make this better.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning everyone. it is 8:00 in the morning on sunday. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm amy cutler. thank you for being with us. >> i'm excited to have you here. it is sunday morning. it was a beautiful day yesterday. another nice d enjoy the company on the weekend, to share the good news. outside this morning, a lot of it. that is nice. we start off with a live picture from the raleigh-durham international airport. it is 52 degrees a lot of sunshine. no problems this morning which is good if you are traveling. the satellite and radar not showing any wet weather. if you high clouds out there this morning. dry conditions that will continue over the next several days.


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